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Yes yes! Thank you for the request.

The Super Spy and the Reporter

Summary: Natasha Romanoff is dating an ordinary young woman who works as a Reporter. When Y/N drops by Stark Tower to say hello to her girlfriend, the Avengers are shocked.

(Sorry that this is a little shorter than normal!)


Originally posted by vormirjumper

Natasha Romanoff and Y/N Y/L/N met when Y/N had been arranged to come to the Stark Tower and interview some Avengers on their latest mission. She had gotten to interview Wanda, Clint, and Natasha - and she and the spy had really hit it off. So much so that Natasha dropped by Y/N’s place of work, they exchanged numbers, and now they had been dating for two months. No one knew.

Until Y/N dropped in on Stark Tower.

Natasha had thought the Avengers were going out, which would give her and her girlfriend a stay-in date, until it had started raining. Natasha had forgotten to text Y/N to schedule their date somewhere else.

“Avengers,” Tony’s new A.I interrupted their game of monopoly. “Y/N Y/L/N is heading up the stairs now.”

Natasha’s eyes widened, quickly remembering, as the rest of the Avengers looked at each other in confusion.

“Did you schedule an interview and then forget?” Steve asked Tony pointedly, and the latter cringed with a shrug.

“Maybe it was Pepper,” Bruce added.

Their theories were cut off when the elevator opened and Y/N walked out.

“Hey, Nat. I know I’m early but-” Y/N began to say until she looked up and saw all of the Avengers. Her shock cut her off.

The Avengers turned to Natasha.

“Nat? What’s going on?” Clint asked, narrowing his eyes at his best friend.

Natasha slowly stood up, putting on a smile. Y/N was frozen in her place. “Everyone, meet my girlfriend, Y/N,” she said, going to stand by the young woman and putting her arm around her. In a whisper, Natasha added, “I forgot to schedule our date somewhere else.”

Y/N nodded, scared. These were the freaking Avengers, man.

There was a moment of silence.

“You got with the reporter?” Tony asked after a moment.

Natasha glared at him. “Yes, and she’s a lovely person,” she hissed.

Y/N couldn’t help but smile at Natasha’s protective nature. “Hi, guys. Like Nat said, I’m her girlfriend. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you before,” she said, guesturing to Clint and Wanda. Wanda waved. “But I’d love to get to know you all better!”

Sam couldn’t help but laugh. “Wow. Who thought scary Romanoff would get with a nice girl like this?” He joked, making everyone (except Natasha) share a laugh.

“I dunno,” Y/N said bubbly with a shrug.

Nat tugged on Y/N’s hands and led her to the couch. Y/N immediately leaned into Nat’s side, smiling with a slight blush.

“Well, I’m sure you know a lot about us,” Clint said. “How about you tell us about you?” He smirked at Nat.

“Sure!” Y/N said. “I’m an only child and I live in an apartment with my pup. I love plants and flowers! Even though I have a bad fear of bees. I’ve always been interested in writing and reporting. I mean, it’s really dangerous to do what you guys do, but I wanted to help people and doing it through writing, my passion … It just feels right.”

The group nodded and Natasha couldn’t help but grin. She loved her girlfriend.

“You’re certainly really positive and upbeat,” Steve noted.

“Yeah!” Y/N agreed. “I mean, why not? I have an awesome job and an awesome girlfriend.” She pecked Natasha on the cheek.

The team smiled.

“Who would’ve thought the super spy would end up with a sweet reporter like you?” Wanda teased.

Natasha knew what they were thinking. Wow. They were surprised. How could they not be? Natasha was usually reserved, a little too sarcastic, and able to kick anyone’s ass. She had managed to land a girlfriend who was so friendly and extroverted, who seemed so innocent but so intelligent at the same time.

However, she didn’t mind it. Y/N was good for Nat, and Nat loved her. Y/N brought out the more positive and enthusiastic side of Natasha, and Natasha was able to bring Y/N down to earth. Black Widow felt safe with her. She felt like she could do the most cheesy of couple things and they would love and enjoy it.

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My Incorrect Universe #74

Stephen and Me: Sorry we’re late, we were…. doing things.

Loki and Bucky: *entering the room, his head through the door looking like a disaster with flirty smirk on their faces* we’re things


Tony: uhhh you do realize that we all saw you two falling down the stairs trying to ‘yeet yourselves’ don’t you?



Vision*to us*: how was the petting zoo??


Stephen*sweating*: GOD DAMMIT Vision you were supposed to keep it a SECRET !!


Wanda: why didn’t you take Loki and Bucky with you anyways?

Me: *war flashbacks that I’ll never tell you about*

Me: meehhh just didn’t feel like it….


Originally posted by kawaiipaii


Originally posted by readytocompli


Originally posted by dailyavengers

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bucky: I HATE YOU!


steve : *sighs* bucky? give sam your $200. you landed on his property


sam : wELL yOu’rE a wAr cRiMniAL aND tOnY sTilL pAyS yOu!

bucky : *flips board game off of the table* you take that back

steve: *leaves*


(i think i am gunna write a longer one shot of this general idea with y/n involved and all of the other avengers?? 🥰 - also yes this party was a sound from tiktok, i adapted it to fit the scene :)) i just thought it would be funny to do it as the trio :D )

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Avengers x Reader Headcanons


Originally posted by capwilsons

  • When Y/N first came to the tower, she kept her mouth shut for the first week
  • Then, she saw Sam chasing Bucky with a pan for stealing something of his
  • And Y/N laughed
  • Everyone looked up in surprise
  • She cheered Sam on, and it ended up with Bucky throwing Y/N over his shoulder and throwing her in their pool
  • You help loosen Carol up after Endgame
  • You’re the sass master
  • And the joke master
  • You somehow match Tony’s sarcasm
  • And Natasha’s
  • No one knows how
  • It’s your superpower
  • You’re the type who is academically smart but otherwise a total dumbass
  • Clumsy as fuck
  • The Avengers have caught you cursing inanimate objects more than once
  • “Why is the sky blue, though?”
  • You once accidentally drank an espresso at night
  • When you realized, everyone froze
  • Safe to say no one slept that night
  • One time you had been in your room all week and one morning you were awake at 5:00 am ready to accompany Steve and Sam on their run
  • You even get BUCKY to smile
  • When Pepper first met you she thought you were so sweet and quiet
  • The Avengers were like “just wait”
  • You overheard the conversation with an evil grin
  • You love to talk to Jarvis
  • And when Vision showed up you were stunned
  • You love to annoy Happy
  • “Hey, Nat, are you okay?”
  • “….Yes. What is it?”
  • “Theoretically, no one said Humpty Dumpty was an egg.”
  • You blurt out conspiracy theories
  • And then
  • You started the second civil war
  • One quiet question was all it took for the room to erupt
  • “Hey guys, do you think water is wet?”
  • “Yes” “No”
  • “HOW CAN IT NOT BE WET?” - Clint
  • “On Asgard we have…” - Thor
  • You kinda just sat there
  • Until you thought of something else
  • “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”
  • You nearly broke the Avengers
  • You convinced everyone to stay up to catch Santa in the act on Xmas eve
  • But you were the first to fall asleep
  • And on Halloween you loved to watch scary movies
  • No one but Nat would watch them with you
  • You made everyone do a group costume
  • Let’s not forget that time you dragged everyone to a carnival
  • Lots of popcorn
  • And spending all your money to win prizes on unbeatable games
  • Nat won most of the prizes for you
  • All in all, you loved the team
  • And the team loved you
  • Your chaotic energy made everyone happy
  • Brought the team together
  • Ya’ll were one big happy family
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Yes!! Thank you for requesting.

Mistakes and Kittens

Summary: Natasha is hurt and mad after suspecting her girlfriend, Y/N, is cheating on her. However, it’s quite the surprise when she realizes that Y/N is really hiding.


Originally posted by ackermanwarrior

“What’s that face for?” Steve asked as he leaned against the wall, standing next to his good friend and teammate Natasha. The redhead’s eyes were trained on a figure across the room - her girlfriend, Y/N, who was emerging from the elevator, smiling at her phone.

Hearing the soldier’s voice, Natasha’s head snapped to look at him. “What? What face?” She asked him.

Steve raised his eyebrows at her, pointing his chin down. That was enough to make Natasha relent.

“Call me crazy, but I think Y/N is cheating on me,” Natasha said, her gaze turning painfully back to her girlfriend.

Steve blinked. “Are you serious? That’s Y/N - she’s head over heels for you,” he interjected, voice raising until a kick to his shin quieted him.

“I know,” Natasha said with a sigh. “That’s why I’ve been brushing it off for the past week. But I’m an elite spy, I can tell when people are hiding something. She never hides things from me.”

Steve bit his lip, thinking and also looking at Y/N. “Have you tried asking her?” He asked after a moment.

Natasha glared at him, eyes narrowing, and making Steve chuckle. She did, however, let out a breath and stand up, making her way across the room.

“Y/N,” Natasha said, and immediately the woman nearly dropped her phone in shock, before quickly turning off her phone and stuffing it into her pocket.

Natasha looked at her, skeptical.

“What’s up?” Y/N asked with a flustering smile.

Natasha thought for a moment. “Who were you texting?” She asked.

Y/N blinked. “What? I wasn’t- no. I wasn’t texting anyone, Nat, I was just … Uhhh … Checking Instagram!” She spluttered.

Natasha gave a curt nod. “Okay, well, I’ll catch you later. Maybe a date soon?” She said.

Y/N nodded. Her voice dinged and she checked it before going off, down the hallway.

Natasha and Steve’s eyes met. Her eyes reeked of disappointment.

2 Hours Later

Natasha Romanoff set off in the direction of her girlfriend’s room, anger flaring through her. She knew it. Y/N was cheating on her. Natasha had never felt this betrayed and angry and sad since the Red Room, and knowing that hurt her. Knowing that she let someone in, who was so important, turned out like everyone in her life other than the Avengers, was destroying her.

She practically stormed into Y/N’s room, not caring to knock on the door as she just opened it. Natasha saw Y/N’s back exposed as she was pulling off her sweatshirt, revealing a crop top. Natasha was too focused that she didn’t notice the scratches on her girlfriend’s back.

“You’re cheating on me.”

For the second time that day, Natasha made her jump. Y/N turned around, confusion starting to settle in as she process that was said.

Y/N only opened her mouth before Natasha continued.

“How could you?! HOW COULD YOU? I LOVE YOU, Y/N! AND YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Natasha suddenly screamed, letting go and scaring Y/N.

“NAT!” Y/N interrupted, not knowing why Natasha would even think that.

“WHAT? WHAT, Y/N? YOU DON’T GET TO TALK! I thought we were good, you know. I thought you were the ONE!” Natasha continued, her own self betraying her with the tears starting to flow down her cheeks.

“I’M NOT CHEATING ON YOU!” Y/N screamed.

Natasha paused and glared at her. A much fiercer glare than she gave Steve. “Then explain who you were texting earlier. I know that you’re hiding something from me - you’re a great spy but you cannot lie to me,” she said.

Y/N thought for a moment before picking up her phone and tossing it to Natasha. “Look at my recent photos,” she said, unable to hide her frown. How could Natasha think she was cheating on her?

Natasha did so and found pictures of … Cats.

“That’s what I was looking at. Pictures of the cat from the previous owner.”

The cat? Previous owner? What are you talking about?” Natasha questioned, looking up from Y/N’s phone.

The quiet meow drew both of their’s attention.

Natasha looked over to see a tiny feline emerging from under Y/N’s bed, looking at Natasha with it’s cute eyes.

“You have a cat?” Natasha said, eyes widening.

Y/N nodded. “I thought Tony wouldn’t like having a cat around,” she said quietly. “JARVIS has been helping me with the litter and keeping everything secret.”

Natasha looked back down at the phone. “You can check my texts if you want,” Y/N added.

Black Widow tossed the phone aside and immediately hugged Y/N. “Oh, god. I am so sorry for thinking that you were cheating on me. I’m sorry for even considering it for a moment. I didn’t want to believe it but I did and-”

“I forgive you, Nat. I see why you’d think that,” Y/N interrupted, wrapping her arms around the Avenger.

“Besides,” she continued, stepping back. “You’re not the only one who needs to apologize.”

Y/N turned around, pulling up her shirt, and Natasha spotted the scratches.

“How dare you?” Natasha joked, looking over at the cat. “No one hurts my Y/N! How can you be so cute and so vicious underneath that cute-ness?”

“Kinda like you,” Y/N joked.

Natasha rolled her eyes playfully. They kissed and then played with the cat for the rest of the day. They laughed and smiled and cuddled.

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Welcome to my Marvel Masterlist!

~Link to my Main Masterlist~

Disclaimer: All of these are a work of fiction and imagination. None of these works are real. Characters, names, places, businesses, incidents, and events are purely coincidental.

Fluff - ♡︎ ︎ Songfics - ♫

Angst - ☽


✍︎︎ Peter Parker


Incorrect Quotes


✍︎︎ Loki Laufeyson



You were just a normal girl living in a normal world. But at the simple snap of someone’s fingers, your world goes upside down to the point where fiction becomes reality.

Incorrect Quotes


✍︎︎ Avengers


Random stuff

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Summary: There are worse conditions to find yourself in during a blizzard

Rating/Warnings: All (some foul language)

Challenge:  "25 days of Christmas" Challenge by Sweet-n-Chaotic on Lunaescence Archives.


It wasn’t often that your cozy apartment found itself occupied on an early weekday afternoon. You had no pets to speak of, and no way to get off work that early. A quick dusting of snow in the wee hours of the morning normally wouldn’t have caused your employer to shutdown either. With the weather stations all declaring a need to bunker down, however, even your boss had to remove the stick up his butt long enough to admit requiring his employees to traverse the streets just to get into a helicarrier likely to soon be grounded wasn’t worth it. So there you were, enjoying the quiet at about 2:00…until you made the mistake of looking out your apartment window.

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After This, There is Us | Bucky Barnes


Originally posted by maxximovssolo-deactivated202009

There she stood, alone, keeping distance between her and her teammates. Or, what had once been the avengers.

Fewer of them remained. This was Tony’s funeral after all, hence the lowering numbers. Natasha had died too, sacrificed herself for the greater cause.

Bucky couldn’t help but feel pity for this woman. She seemed to only be here to honour her friend, not converse with anyone else about what had happened.

Instead of standing by people, she looked out upon the lake. The atmosphere was calm, and the closest that she would ever get to reaching peace.

“She’s broken.” Sam came to stand beside Bucky, watching the woman with a hurting smile. “She said people would die, she knew it. And yet the price was still paid.”

“That was down to Thanos.” Bucky spoke, well aware that if that Titan had not been so hellbent on getting the stones, many lives would have been spared.

“Tell her that.” That was the thing too, Bucky knew of whom the woman was, yet they had never conversed. It was a mutual silence, that and the fact that they had never had such an opportunity to strike up a conversation.

It was always down to the end of something, whether that be the team, the world, or heroics. If only they could speak, then things could feel normal.

Neither of them would be trapped in this eternal loop of regret, and disturbing instances. This was cruel, and he knew that he shouldn’t talk to her, it would only be another person for her to care about and lose, but he was tempted.

Too tempted even.

As Bucky began to move forward, Sam grabbed his arm, earning himself a brooding glare from the super soldier.

“What are you doing?” The Falcon hissed, prying with interest and concern for how said woman would react to interaction.

“Reassuring her, I may not be her friend but I understand loss. I fought in a war, and now so has she.” He slipped from Sam’s grip, taking agile footsteps towards the woman by the lake.

He would have to speak first he noticed as he came to stand beside her. If she wasn’t daring to speak to her comrades, he had no chance, or so he thought.

“He didn’t die in vain.” James spoke, and although him and the man at rest did not see eye to eye, there was still a hint of respect of his tone.

“Tony and Nat still died.” (Y/N) replied to the man for the first of times. “Everyone leaves, it’s a cycle that never stops. One second they’re breathing, the next they sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But tell me, where is the good if not everyone gets home.”

“Because after this, there is us. The survivors, those who will still fight for what is right.” The former Winter Soldier answered. “And if it’s closure that you need, speak to Steve before he goes back to return the stones.”

Turning, she saw him send a small and subtle wink at her, causing her mind to overload. “Why? Tell me what he is going to do.” (Y/N) insisted, afraid of being parted from yet another friend.

She hadn’t spent years by years fighting alongside these people to have them all go elsewhere. The plan was the world would eventually not be in need of the avengers, but until that day came, the rest of them had to stick together until the end.

“He’s going home doll, to his home. It’s been a long time coming, but he deserves a happy ending.” At the thought, Bucky expressed a hurt yet truthful smile.

It was no question that he would miss Steve, but he had been fighting for the right things for so long. He could have a life where he wasn’t fighting aliens and corrupt agents.

“He’s not returning, is he?” As she was about to storm off and confront her team captain, Bucky held onto her arm to stop her from causing a scene.

“Don’t.” He warned (Y/N). “Let him, he’s done enough for this timeline, it’s time he gets to take part in the one that he missed out on.”

Shooting her gaze guiltily to the ground, (Y/N) glances briefly at Bucky. “You and I never had time to speak before, but what is it that you’re searching for?”

“Peace, but I need to find that within myself first. A part of me needs to be fixed from what hydra did to me, it’s still twisted, although momentarily dormant.”

“That makes two of us.” (Y/N) smiled lightly. “Fancy a drink?”

“I’d love that doll.”

Sam watched fondly as he could see the pair open up to each other. It had been difficult dealing with the two of them individually, but perhaps letting them gravitate together was the perfect thing.

“Do you think they’re going to be okay?” At Steve’s question, Sam raised an eyebrow. There seemed to be an underlying meaning to it, but however he didn’t pry.

This funeral was enough heart ache, and then there was the stress of returning the stones.

“I think those two are going to be just fine.” He clapped his hand onto Steve’s shoulder, watching as the pair took off inside, passing Happy on the way.

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Walking in the Wind

Part One 

Warning: Swearing, mentions of rape and not being able to have children. If you are sensitive to any of these subjects please don’t read <3 



2 days until your wedding and you and Bucky were sitting under a tree watching the sunset as it melts into the horizon. It was true what they say; Wakanda does has the best sunsets in the world. 

Sitting in between his legs whilst he leans his back against the tree, softly playing with your hair, you hum.

“What’s going through that pretty head of yours doll, hmm?” He softly speaks

“Do you think we will live forever?” The question threw him off a bit. 

“What do you mean?”

“Because of the way we are we cant age or are we just ageing really really slowly?” You ask now playing with his fingers. Bucky stays silent, thinking about his answer. 

“Also you are kind of a peodofile. You’re 101 years old dating a 20 year old” You glace up to look at his reaction while smirking, relieving the tension of the conversation a little bit. He lets out a loud laugh. 

“You are technically 44″ He reasons while still laughing. 

After a long comfortable silence you decide to speak up again. 

“I don’t know if I ever told you this”

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Walking in the Wind


Warnings: Swearing and mentions of kidnapping 


Two years ago you lost your family, your only family that made a promise to you, that they would never leave. But I guess all promises are made to be broken.

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Summary: Loki finds the reader amongst the chaos of war and provides reassurance that all will be okay.

Loki had not been eager to return to Asgard. Facing off against Hela surely meant defeat and gruesome death. If it were up to him, he would have stayed on Sakaar, meddling and creating mischief, before eventually returning home after everything had been settled. Yet, the best of plans rarely turn out the way one expects or desires them to. Not one to miss the opportunity for grandiosity, he took the change in stride, dubbed himself the savior of Asgard, and guided the frightened people to the safety of the alien ship. Despite his innate sense of self-preservation, there is an important reason that he could not idly stand by, waiting for the war to finish. The safety of one individual on Asgard is of the utmost priority to the trickster god.

His eyes scan the rainbow bridge in search of your blazing spirit and deadly accurate combat skills. The multitude of undead Berserkers greatly outweighs and out-powers the small group of Asgardians and allies who can fight. It is overwhelming. He is losing focus, unable to handle the onslaught and search his surrounding for your familiar figure.

A blinding light catches his eye. It gleams off the steel of a blade he knows so well, the one he gifted you not too long ago. Pointed towards the heavens, it shines like a lighthouse, beckoning him closer and guiding his feet in your direction. As you bring it down upon an enemy, he loses sight of it momentarily. His heart lurches as he pushes bodies out of the way. Your back is turned to him, but he knows it is you. No one else can wield that sword but you. Now that he knows you are still alive, he can finally release the shaky breath of uncertainty. Cutting down soulless foes, he makes his way towards you, calling out your name.

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*Loki’s first dinner with the avengers*

Loki : *arrives half an hour late*

Tony : the dinner should have been over by now..

Loki : How am I supposed to know? Can’t see into the future, I’m not a witch..

(Y/N) : Yeah, because you’re a bi-

Steve : (Y/N)!

(Y/N) : *pouts* Sorry..

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Originally posted by 3intheam

Hey there lovely peeps! I’m back with angst-y drabbles this time because we all need some angst and a good cry in life sometimes. (Or is it just me) And I hit 400 followers (still hard to believe) so celebrating with heart wrenching drabbles makes sense eh?

Send in one of the Marvel character I write for, with one or more of these prompts for short drabbles will ya?

Read these FAQs if any difficulties or questions ;))

Also writers, feel free to use any of these prompts to write stuff if it tickles your fancy ;))


  1. Unrequited love
  2. Insecurity/Jealousy
  3. Losing a loved one
  4. “I’m leaving.” “Of course you are, that’s all you know how to do.”
  5. “I love you.” “No you don’t.”
  6. “Don’t you dare walk away from this!”
  7. “Let me go.”
  8. “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”
  9. “It’s pouring rain why are you here?”
  10. “You’re losing a lot of blood.”
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Sure sure!

I’ll Take Care of Her

Summary: Nat and Tony bring Y/N back to the jet. When the others want to take care of Y/N, Nat becomes protective, nervous they might hurt her. She insists that she can take care of Y/N.


Originally posted by kevinfeiges

After a couple of minutes of sitting in silence with Tony and Y/N asleep against her, Natasha shook Y/N’s shoulder.

“Y/N,” Natasha whispered. “Are you okay, love? We shoul get back to the team?” She glanced over at Tony.

When Y/N didn’t respond, Tony whispered, “Just carry her. She needs the sleep.”

Natasha nodded and gathered Y/N up into her arms. The redhead carried the (Y/H/C) back to the jet, with Tony behind her. Tony opened the door for Natasha and she took Y/N inside, seeing the rest of the team already back.

“Is she unconscious or-” Bruce began to ask, standing up from his seat. Clint glanced over at his shoulder from his pilot seat.

“She fell asleep,” Natasha reassured the team.

Bruce nodded and looked at Y/N. “Everyone’s already had a med check except for you three,” he said to Natasha and Tony. “Want me to check Y/N first or wait until she wakes?”

Natasha looked down at Y/N’s peaceful figure. Her heart warmed because god, Y/N was adorable. The intelligent part of her knew that Y/N should be looked over - what if she was hurt? Got injured and no one knew? What if it was serious? However the protective part of her wanted to take care of Y/N herself - what if Bruce accidentally hurt her somehow? What if Y/N’s powers acted up? Natasha was always protective, but after this mission, it was heightened.

“Yes, please. Thank you, Bruce,” Tony’s words drew Natasha from her thoughts.

Black Widow bit her lip but knew not to argue with her girlfriend’s father. She followed Bruce into the medical room, still carrying Y/N.

“Clint,” Natasha said, pausing before she entered. Clint looked up. “If you fly the plane and it so much as jostles or endangers Y/N a bit, I’ll kick your ass.”

Clint’s eyes widened a bit before nodding, unable to hide a small sly smirk, and focused on lifting the jet from the ground.

“Just lay her on the table,” Bruce instructed.

Natasha glanced at it, skeptical. Y/N started to stir in her arms. “It doesn’t look that comfortable,” the superspy noted.

“What’s happening?” Y/N mumbled.

Natasha smiled. “You fell asleep, Y/N. Bruce is about to check you for any injuries.”

Y/N nodded, and Natasha wasn’t even sure if Y/N had listened to her, because Y/N just wrapped her arms around Nat’s neck.

Natasha then looked at Bruce and the table again, not wanting her girlfriend to be uncomfortable. Reluctantly, she laid her down.

“Uhh, Nat?” Bruce asked, after he grabbed a new tool he and Tony designed - it acted as a scanner and then, since it was hooked up to a computer, the computer would display a list of diagnoses.

Natasha got the hint. “Just let me hear her injuries and then I’ll leave, okay?” She said, not even sure if she would leave. Y/N would be safe with Bruce, Natasha knew, but something could happen - something could fall or be knocked over and, well, Natasha didn’t want to risk it.

Bruce sighed and nodded. He held the tool over Y/N and pressed the ‘start’ button. It scanned Y/N from head to toe, as she listened to the Hulk and Black Widow’s conversation.

Bruce then looked over at the computer. Natasha studied him carefully.

“Whatever that girl did to mess with our heads, I can already tell you it has some side effects. It’s weakened Y/N a bit. Other than that … just bruises and cuts, mainly. Y/N will be sore. There’s nothing serious,” Bruce said.

Natasha nodded. However, even the bruises and cuts worried her. She didn’t want her girlfriend to be in the slightest bit of pain, and made the decision that she would shower Y/N with care and some protective-ness.

A knock on the door got both their attention. “Come in,” Bruce said, thinking it was Tony.

Instead, it was Steve.

“Tony didn’t want to but he fell asleep,” Steve told Natasha and Bruce before looking at Y/N. “I can carry Y/N to the bedroom on jet if everything’s okay with her, so you can get checked, Nat.”

Natasha frowned. What if Steve dropped her by accident? Or bumped her into anything? “I’m fine,” she suddenly said, catching the doctor and the soldier’s attention. “I’ll take her.”

“Nat-” Bruce began to say.

“I’m fine, honestly,” Natasha insisted, and she was. The woman barely got bruised. “Let me take her.”

Bruce shared a look with Steve before nodding.

Natasha smiled and took Y/N in her arms again - the latter silently watching her teammates - and carried her to their ‘bedroom’ - literally just a small room with a bed no one really used.

Natasha laid her down and sat beside her.

“Let’s cuddle,” Y/N said, still a little sleepy. She smiled at her girlfriend.

Natasha looked at her and couldn’t resist Y/N’s cute face. She got under the covers and wrapped her arms around Y/N, as Y/N leaned into her.

After a couple of minutes, Y/N noticed a pout on the redhead’s face. “What’s that for?” She asked, poking Natasha’s face.

Natasha couldn’t help but smile a bit. “Just thinking about the day,” she admitted. “I’m frustrated that you’re bruised and cut. I’m frustrated of what that stupid girl did to you. I’m frustrated that I almost didn’t take care of you.”

Y/N chuckled. “Don’t be,” she said. “I’m with you - nothing is wrong.”

Natasha sighed and then continued. “I’m also jealous, Y/N.”

“Jealous?” Y/N asked. What did she have to be jealous about?

“I’m a trained spy and I’m smart - Steve wasn’t offering to carry you because Tony fell asleep. He doesn’t know that we’re dating and he … has a crush on you,” Natasha said.

Y/N blinked in surprise momentarily. “Oh,” she said. “Well, I’m yours and only yours. You have no reason to be jealous, I promise. I only have eyes for you.”

Natasha nodded but still pouted.

Y/N rolled her eyes playfully and sat up. “I’ll prove it to you - turn that frown upside down,” she said before kissing Nat and putting her arms around her.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” Y/N repeated over and over again in-between kissing Natasha’s cheeks and forehead, making Natasha let out giggles beyond her control.

“There’s the smile I know and love!” Y/N said, and began to tickle the spy.

Natasha laughed. “You know I’m only letting you do this because you’re injured, right?” She said.

Y/N grinned. “Sureeee,” she said sarcastically. “Now do you believe me? You’re the only one for me.”

Natasha nodded and let Y/N tickle her and kiss her and hug her until they reached the Avengers Tower.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Universe: Marvel
Requested: Yes/ofc not
Warnings: Swearing, fluff mostly
Summary: Secret✌🏻😘
Type: Social Media!AU, Fluff

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Hi so I’ve gotten a lot of likes towards this story??? Like I was only expecting 5 like and then maybe having the confidence of posting a second part???

Anyway, I would just like to say THANK YOU AND IM SORRY THAT I HAVEN’T POSTED PART 2 YET. I’m still playing around with it, and college has been kicking my ass since October started….that being said, I’m gonna try to finish part 2 during American Thanksgiving, since I live in the US and that’s when my classes are finally going to give me somewhat of a break :’)

In the meantime, I’m still willing to write some smol blurbs and drabbles if you guys want them!!! My only rule atm is no smut rn, it’s still no nut november ;)

Again, thank you so much for interacting with my blog!!!! Thank you for staying patient with me, and hopefully I can get some blurbs or drabbles within the blog to at least curb your anticipation for part 2…

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