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#avengers x you

A/N: made it my personal mission to make you regret this request😌 (but also “queen” wow 🥺)

warnings: implied infidelity


“Have you seen Nat?”

“Hello to you, too.” The teasing smile dropped from Wanda’s lips when she met your gaze. “Sorry. I think she’s in her room.”


You ran faster than ever before down the hall to the familiar door, determined to hug, kiss and apologize to her, anything that could make up for the screaming match you got into before you left. It was hell not being able to talk to her for exactly 96 days (you counted) after that, but none of that mattered because you were here now. And you hoped it wasn’t too late.

“One second!” was called out after you knocked, and you waited with your heart in your throat until she appeared on the other side of the doorway. Her eyes widened in fear that you mistook for surprise, and you rushed to get your words out before you lost the courage.

“I’ve been thinking about this moment since the day I left and I want to apologize for what happened. I got too angry way too fast, and I—”

A crashing sound made you stop talking, and you looked past Natasha to see Carol, wide-eyed and nervously waving at you as she stumbled through putting her pants on. Your gaze turned back to Natasha, and she moved quickly to stammer out an excuse.

“We were just talking and—”

You left before she could finish, throwing your bag against the farthest wall in your room and collapsing onto the bed as the tears came. Apparently it was too late.

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A/N: thanks for requesting! sorry this is coming out so late

warnings: serious injury, hospital mention


Wanda raced into the other room after hearing a huge crashing sound, eyes widening in horror at the sight of your unconscious form beside your fearful daughter.

“Baby, what happened?” she questioned gently as she checked your pulse, breathing a sigh of relief when she found the weak beating of your heart.

“I was showing Mommy what you taught me yesterday, but I sneezed and she flew real high and fell down into all this stuff.” Your daughter looked up at Wanda again as tears spilled down her small cheeks. “I’m sorry, Mama. I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

“No no, baby, it’s not your fault,” Wanda assured her as she wrapped one arm around her, using her other hand to pull out her phone and call Cho. “It’s mine.”


“Kid’s asleep,” Sam announced as he walked over to sit by Wanda, following her line of vision to the window of your hospital room. “You know it’s not your fault, right?”

“I made her carry a child that ended up hurting her with powers that came from me,” she snapped, facing him with watery and tired eyes. “Tell me how I can’t be blamed for that.”

“Mistakes happen.” Sam shrugged nonchalantly. “And your wife can’t be forced to do anything, something you know pretty well, which means that she agreed to carry your child knowing all the risks that came with it. Now please, stop beating yourself up about this.”

Wanda turned back to gaze at you through the window as Sam left her again with a comforting pat on her shoulder. Her mind raced and her heart longed for a scenario where she could prevent ever hurting you.

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Avengers x Reader Headcanons


Originally posted by capwilsons

  • When Y/N first came to the tower, she kept her mouth shut for the first week
  • Then, she saw Sam chasing Bucky with a pan for stealing something of his
  • And Y/N laughed
  • Everyone looked up in surprise
  • She cheered Sam on, and it ended up with Bucky throwing Y/N over his shoulder and throwing her in their pool
  • You help loosen Carol up after Endgame
  • You’re the sass master
  • And the joke master
  • You somehow match Tony’s sarcasm
  • And Natasha’s
  • No one knows how
  • It’s your superpower
  • You’re the type who is academically smart but otherwise a total dumbass
  • Clumsy as fuck
  • The Avengers have caught you cursing inanimate objects more than once
  • “Why is the sky blue, though?”
  • You once accidentally drank an espresso at night
  • When you realized, everyone froze
  • Safe to say no one slept that night
  • One time you had been in your room all week and one morning you were awake at 5:00 am ready to accompany Steve and Sam on their run
  • You even get BUCKY to smile
  • When Pepper first met you she thought you were so sweet and quiet
  • The Avengers were like “just wait”
  • You overheard the conversation with an evil grin
  • You love to talk to Jarvis
  • And when Vision showed up you were stunned
  • You love to annoy Happy
  • “Hey, Nat, are you okay?”
  • “….Yes. What is it?”
  • “Theoretically, no one said Humpty Dumpty was an egg.”
  • You blurt out conspiracy theories
  • And then
  • You started the second civil war
  • One quiet question was all it took for the room to erupt
  • “Hey guys, do you think water is wet?”
  • “Yes” “No”
  • “HOW CAN IT NOT BE WET?” - Clint
  • “On Asgard we have…” - Thor
  • You kinda just sat there
  • Until you thought of something else
  • “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”
  • You nearly broke the Avengers
  • You convinced everyone to stay up to catch Santa in the act on Xmas eve
  • But you were the first to fall asleep
  • And on Halloween you loved to watch scary movies
  • No one but Nat would watch them with you
  • You made everyone do a group costume
  • Let’s not forget that time you dragged everyone to a carnival
  • Lots of popcorn
  • And spending all your money to win prizes on unbeatable games
  • Nat won most of the prizes for you
  • All in all, you loved the team
  • And the team loved you
  • Your chaotic energy made everyone happy
  • Brought the team together
  • Ya’ll were one big happy family
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A/N: thank you for reading it and requesting! (Sad Sunday)

warnings: serious injury, blood mention



You hissed as you pulled yourself into a sitting position against the wall, the shards of glass lodged in your abdomen from the explosion sending a stinging pain through every inch of your skin that was now bleeding. If you didn’t before, you definitely now regretted insisting Fury let you take this trip alone. A simple mission is never simple.

Another regret you had was not fixing things with Natasha before you left. If you had, she’d be here to remove all the glass and patch you up instead of letting you bleed out, as you are now. She would’ve remembered to pack the First Aid kit that you so desperately needed, or at least been able to improvise until you got back to the safe house.

A dizziness began to wash over you, but you managed to find her number through your blurry vision. You laid down as the phone rang because your arm refused to hold it to your ear.

“Nat!” you croaked happily when she picked up. “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Are you hurt? You sound off.”

“Hello to you too,” you laughed and turned your head so she wouldn’t hear the whimper that followed. “No, I’m just tired. I um…I wanted to apologize though, for everything that happened before I left.”

“You don’t have to do that. I was the one that—” A sudden coughing fit cut her off before you could mute the phone, and your eyes widened at your stained palm. “Okay, what’s going on? No bullshit.”

“I love you, Natasha,” you strained to speak as you held off more coughing. “No bullshit there.”

The phone clattered onto the floor next to you as the next round of hacking blood into your hand stole your energy, lying on your back as your eyes began to close. Her calls of your name went unanswered as your consciousness faded, a sense of calm washing over you with the knowledge that everything was okay between the two of you.

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A/N: decided to show the aftermath instead of the actual abuse! (Sad Sunday)

warnings: abusive relationship


Your eyes flew open when the hand around your neck was torn away as your partner was thrown to the ground, and tears built fast when you saw Clint holding them down forcefully.

“Are you hurt?” your mother questioned gently, her hardened gaze softening as she approached you, hands grabbing yours carefully.

“I’m okay.” You heard Clint and your partner struggling, and Natasha was quick to keep your attention on her.

“Look at me, love.” She held you there against the wall until the other parties were gone with the door closed behind them. “What did they do to you?”

“Nothing, I’m—”


You sighed and pulled your hands away, grabbing your shirt instead and pulling it up enough to expose your stomach. The tears you’d held back began to spill as her fingers moved carefully along the bruise, more following when she pulled away and you noticed her practically turning red with anger.

“I’ll be right back.”

“No!” You grabbed her hand to pull her back as she turned away, starting to sob as everything hit you. “Please don’t, it’s my fault! I wasn’t good enough, and I—”

Her arms wrapped around you and she followed you to the floor as your knees gave out, carefully tucking your head between her neck and shoulder as your cries increased in volume. A few tears of her own escaped as she held you, wondering if she could’ve been a better parent to avoid all this.

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A/N: as you wish, sweet wife🍓 I took a slightly different approach than what you requested, but I hope you still like it (Sad Sunday)


You quickly move your hands away from the keyboard as your laptop is slammed closed, and a frustrated sigh leaves your lips as you meet Steve’s gaze.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Making you take a break,” he retorts, crossing his arms and staring down at you sternly.

“Well, I can’t do that right now.” He snatches the laptop off the table when you reach for it again. “Steve, come on! I’m tired of you throwing a tantrum every time I need to w—”

“And I’m tired of competing with a machine for your attention!”

“As if I don’t have to compete with the whole world for yours!”

“That is not the same—”

“It’s exactly the same!” you screamed back as you stood, the echoing of your voice in the empty halls sending chills down his spine. “You go running off to save someone every time they call for help because you feel it’s your duty, and I never say a word. But as soon as I want to accomplish something for myself, it’s suddenly a problem!”

His broad shoulders seemed to sag as he averted his eyes from your angry expression. “I never said that.”

“Maybe not with words, but it’s in the way you sigh impatiently every time I open my laptop or take a work call. And I’m just expected to kiss you goodbye while you leave for the third time in the same month with a smile on my tear-stained face.”

You stepped closer, causing Steve to glance at you again when you slipped the laptop from his loose grip.

“If we keep going like this, I’m not going to be here the next time you come home.”

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A/N: thanks for requesting! (Sad Sunday)


“I see you’ve returned.”

Her bright green eyes seemed to hold genuine relief, but the smile she offered was forced. Not that you were surprised in the least.

“I have.”

“I also see you hadn’t planned on speaking to me.” A frown replaced the phony joy on her features as she watched you continue to unpack.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect you to come here when I got back.” You threw your mission bag off to the side as you faced her again. “You sure as hell weren’t around before I left.”

“Are you blaming me for being a busy Avenger?”

“I’m blaming you for ignoring me instead of just sharing your feelings like a fucking adult!” you snapped as you drew closer. “You didn’t even say goodbye to me before I left because god forbid anyone see you be vulnerable—”

“I’m perfectly capable of being vulnerable when the situation calls for it! Did you really expect me to cry in your arms over some simple recon mission?”

“I was gone for a year, Natalia.” You ignored her wincing at the name, crossing your arms over your chest. “I just want to know something. Would you regret your actions if I didn’t make it back alive?”

Her echoing footsteps in the hall as she left your room gave you exactly the answer you expected.

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A/N: thanks for requesting and I hope you have a great day too! (Sad Sunday)

warnings: reader’s death/suicide, Endgame canon, major character death/suicide


“As long as I have you, everything is worth it.”

Those were the last words Wanda spoke to you before battle, before the piece of shit that was Thanos took her life. They echoed in the silent corners of your thoughts as you traveled to Vormir with Clint and Natasha. As much as you’d wanted to give up on everything the moment your girlfriend faded from your arms, you held sympathy for your chosen family members that also lost loved ones, and you wanted to help fix everything.

You watched as your friends took in the news that one of you had to be sacrificed in order to obtain the stone, and your body knew before your mind that it had to be you. If the plan went to shit despite everyone’s best efforts, Clint and Natasha would still have each other. Living in a world without Wanda wasn’t something you could go through again.

Eyes glowing with a purple that matched the sky above, you quickly shifted into the ghostly form that you ironically used to save yourself from harm, slipping between the pair and running toward the edge of the cliff. You ignored their protesting and the arrows and weapons that shot through your transparent legs in an attempt to stop you, completely missing and landing on the ground instead. You turned to grant them one last smile and wave before pushing off, the rushing air blocking their screams from your ears as you transformed back to yourself just before hitting the ground.

It broke their hearts to come home without you, but nothing hurt worse than meeting Wanda’s questioning gaze when she returned to the battlefield and confirming her worst fear came true. Nothing but the fury and anguish of losing you fueled her to fight till the end of Thanos.

And when it was all over, she came home and took your place of staring at the empty walls of your quiet apartment, not desiring to do anything more. Until five years passed for her too, and she found herself traveling to Vormir, ignoring Red Skull and going straight to the edge. She waited for a sign from you, from anyone really, that she shouldn’t do this. When she didn’t receive one, she jumped, hoping to find you wherever you went and make everything worth it again.

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Steve : Bucky texted me “your adorable” so I texted him back and said “no, YOU’RE adorable.”

Sam : And?

Steve : And now we are dating. We’ve been on six dates. All I did was point out a typo, but I like him so I’m not gonna say anything.

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Terms of Endearment

Series Synopsis: A series of vignettes of nicknames and endeaments Steve gives you throughout your relationship.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x you

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey everyone! Sorry this took so long to post and its a bit on the shorter side. I really wanna hear if you guys have any suggestions for any enderaments I should write about, so if you do, definetly send them to me or comment them on this post. Anyways, enjoy!


The first time you met Steve, you were working as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. You had recognized him from your high school history textbooks and huge World War II exhibit that had opened recently at the Smithsonian. Never did you think you would meet him in the flesh, let alone become friends with him. It turns out Steve needed a little bit more help catching up on 70 years worth of history, world news, and pop culture, so, when Tony wasn’t giving you a headache, you took it upon yourself to help Steve acclimate.

“Alright, Steve, this week we will be covering John Hughes,” you said proudly. Steve gave you a quizzical look.

“John Hughes. He’s a filmmaker from the 80s and 90s. He’s made several classics like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Home Alone. Well, I guess he can save Home Alone for our Christmas movie binge-session. Anyway, I love these movies. They’re my comfort movies,” you said, smiling widely.

“Sounds good, doll.” You stood there frozen. Did he just call you doll?

“So…uh…I guess I’ll catch you tonight, after work”, you said, a little flustered.

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.” After that day, Steve had incorporated the new endearment every day, from “Hey, doll. Wanna watch a movie tonight?” to “Morning doll, hope you have a great day,” and everything in between. You really loved that he called you doll. It made your heart warm and always put a smile on your face.

“Hey doll, I was wondering you wanted to grab dinner?” Steve said, towering over your workspace.

“Sure, Steve. What are you thinking? Should we take out?

"No, I mean…dinner”. This promoted you to look from the magazine you were idly flipping through at your desk. “I wanted to ask you out on a date, but it’s cool if you don’t want to because I’d totally understand that too.” You thought it was really adorable how red he was turning, how he kept rambling.

“Steve, wait one second. Pace yourself. I would love to go on a date with you. I’m glad you asked”.

“Me too, doll,” he said with the brightest smile.

Check out my masterlist here!

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Y/N: Alright we have to talk

Y/N: I’m breaking up with Alan

Avengers: *Gasp*

Tony: Is there somebody else?

Y/N: No, no, no It’s just…

Y/N: Things change, people change

Wanda: We didn’t change

Steve: So that’s it? Its over? just like that?


Natasha: You know you let your guard down, you know you start to really care about someone and I just… I…

Y/N: Look I could just go on pretending-

Clint: Ok

Y/N; But that wouldn’t be fair to me, wouldn’t be fair to Alan, It wouldn’t be fair to you

Tony: Yeah well who wants fair?, I mean I just I want things back you know the way they were

Y/N: I’m sorry

Clint: Oh she’s sorry!, I feel better!

Peter: *crying* I just can’t believe this!, I mean with the Holidays coming up, I wanted him to meet Aunt May

Y/N: I’ll meet someone else, there’ll be other Alans

Tony: NO

Peter: Oh yea right!

Y/N: Are you guys gonna be okay?

Tony; Hey, Hey we’ll be fine, We’re just gonna need some time

Y/N: I understand


Alan: Wow

Y/N: I’m, I’m sorry

Alan: Yea I’m mean I’m sorry too, but i got to tell you I’m a little relieved

Y/N: Relieved?

Alan: I mean I had a great time with you, but i just can’t stand your friends


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Originally posted by sheisraging

“I really like Bucky” you tell Steve

“Well why don’t you confess be honest and tell him your feelings”

“Are you crazy? what if he rejects me?”

“I have a feeling he likes you too”

“I not sure Steve”

What you didn’t know is that Bucky was right outside you door listening to your conversation.

‘I like you too Y/N”, He thought.

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Yes!! Thank you for requesting.

Mistakes and Kittens

Summary: Natasha is hurt and mad after suspecting her girlfriend, Y/N, is cheating on her. However, it’s quite the surprise when she realizes that Y/N is really hiding.


Originally posted by ackermanwarrior

“What’s that face for?” Steve asked as he leaned against the wall, standing next to his good friend and teammate Natasha. The redhead’s eyes were trained on a figure across the room - her girlfriend, Y/N, who was emerging from the elevator, smiling at her phone.

Hearing the soldier’s voice, Natasha’s head snapped to look at him. “What? What face?” She asked him.

Steve raised his eyebrows at her, pointing his chin down. That was enough to make Natasha relent.

“Call me crazy, but I think Y/N is cheating on me,” Natasha said, her gaze turning painfully back to her girlfriend.

Steve blinked. “Are you serious? That’s Y/N - she’s head over heels for you,” he interjected, voice raising until a kick to his shin quieted him.

“I know,” Natasha said with a sigh. “That’s why I’ve been brushing it off for the past week. But I’m an elite spy, I can tell when people are hiding something. She never hides things from me.”

Steve bit his lip, thinking and also looking at Y/N. “Have you tried asking her?” He asked after a moment.

Natasha glared at him, eyes narrowing, and making Steve chuckle. She did, however, let out a breath and stand up, making her way across the room.

“Y/N,” Natasha said, and immediately the woman nearly dropped her phone in shock, before quickly turning off her phone and stuffing it into her pocket.

Natasha looked at her, skeptical.

“What’s up?” Y/N asked with a flustering smile.

Natasha thought for a moment. “Who were you texting?” She asked.

Y/N blinked. “What? I wasn’t- no. I wasn’t texting anyone, Nat, I was just … Uhhh … Checking Instagram!” She spluttered.

Natasha gave a curt nod. “Okay, well, I’ll catch you later. Maybe a date soon?” She said.

Y/N nodded. Her voice dinged and she checked it before going off, down the hallway.

Natasha and Steve’s eyes met. Her eyes reeked of disappointment.

2 Hours Later

Natasha Romanoff set off in the direction of her girlfriend’s room, anger flaring through her. She knew it. Y/N was cheating on her. Natasha had never felt this betrayed and angry and sad since the Red Room, and knowing that hurt her. Knowing that she let someone in, who was so important, turned out like everyone in her life other than the Avengers, was destroying her.

She practically stormed into Y/N’s room, not caring to knock on the door as she just opened it. Natasha saw Y/N’s back exposed as she was pulling off her sweatshirt, revealing a crop top. Natasha was too focused that she didn’t notice the scratches on her girlfriend’s back.

“You’re cheating on me.”

For the second time that day, Natasha made her jump. Y/N turned around, confusion starting to settle in as she process that was said.

Y/N only opened her mouth before Natasha continued.

“How could you?! HOW COULD YOU? I LOVE YOU, Y/N! AND YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Natasha suddenly screamed, letting go and scaring Y/N.

“NAT!” Y/N interrupted, not knowing why Natasha would even think that.

“WHAT? WHAT, Y/N? YOU DON’T GET TO TALK! I thought we were good, you know. I thought you were the ONE!” Natasha continued, her own self betraying her with the tears starting to flow down her cheeks.

“I’M NOT CHEATING ON YOU!” Y/N screamed.

Natasha paused and glared at her. A much fiercer glare than she gave Steve. “Then explain who you were texting earlier. I know that you’re hiding something from me - you’re a great spy but you cannot lie to me,” she said.

Y/N thought for a moment before picking up her phone and tossing it to Natasha. “Look at my recent photos,” she said, unable to hide her frown. How could Natasha think she was cheating on her?

Natasha did so and found pictures of … Cats.

“That’s what I was looking at. Pictures of the cat from the previous owner.”

The cat? Previous owner? What are you talking about?” Natasha questioned, looking up from Y/N’s phone.

The quiet meow drew both of their’s attention.

Natasha looked over to see a tiny feline emerging from under Y/N’s bed, looking at Natasha with it’s cute eyes.

“You have a cat?” Natasha said, eyes widening.

Y/N nodded. “I thought Tony wouldn’t like having a cat around,” she said quietly. “JARVIS has been helping me with the litter and keeping everything secret.”

Natasha looked back down at the phone. “You can check my texts if you want,” Y/N added.

Black Widow tossed the phone aside and immediately hugged Y/N. “Oh, god. I am so sorry for thinking that you were cheating on me. I’m sorry for even considering it for a moment. I didn’t want to believe it but I did and-”

“I forgive you, Nat. I see why you’d think that,” Y/N interrupted, wrapping her arms around the Avenger.

“Besides,” she continued, stepping back. “You’re not the only one who needs to apologize.”

Y/N turned around, pulling up her shirt, and Natasha spotted the scratches.

“How dare you?” Natasha joked, looking over at the cat. “No one hurts my Y/N! How can you be so cute and so vicious underneath that cute-ness?”

“Kinda like you,” Y/N joked.

Natasha rolled her eyes playfully. They kissed and then played with the cat for the rest of the day. They laughed and smiled and cuddled.

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A/N: tried my best, and I hope she’s not too out of character! (soft prompts)


“You’re hurt.”

You sighed when you caught a glimpse of Carol’s concerned expression in the mirror, dropping bloody tissue into the trash can as you faced her.

“I’m fine! It’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” she scolded as she approached the sink, picking up where you left off.

“I didn’t want you to w—”

“I’m always worrying.”

You watched in silence as she cleaned and bandaged your injuries, biting your lip nervously when she came across a particularly dark bruise on your side and froze. She suddenly moved your arm away and knelt down a bit, and a shiver rippled down your spine when she pressed her lips to the sensitive area.

“Are you cold?” she questioned as she stood again and you shook your head, feeling a bit embarrassed when she smirked at you. “Oh, I see. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of that once you’ve had some rest.”

You rolled your eyes in response, closing them as she pulled you into a kiss and smiling against her lips as you held back a laugh.

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A/N: yep! sorry these have been taking so long, but I shared the prompt list when I wasn’t busy and then suddenly I was lmao. also did 4 a couple times already, so I focused on 9 for this one. hope that’s okay! (soft prompts)


You weren’t sure when you started crying, and really, you still weren’t aware it was happening. The amount of alcohol you’d drained from the bottle in your hand did an amazing job of numbing everything. You were just about to finish it off when it lifted into air, surrounded by a red glow.

“Wanda, I wasn’t done with that.”

“I know, and that’s the problem.” She lowered the bottle onto the farthest side of the roof as she approached you, sitting directly in your line of vision so you couldn’t ignore her. “You can’t just drink your problems away. You’re not Tony.”

“No, I’m not. But I sure do understand him more after today.”

Your next sentence got caught behind the lump in your throat, more tears springing to your eyes and washing over your bottom lashes. Your hands reached out to steady your body on Wanda’s knees as a sob rippled through you, and she was quick to cup your face in her hands.

“It’s okay, let it out. I’m here.”

The two of you sat in this position, foreheads touching while you allowed yourself to release every emotion you’d pushed back. When your sobs settled to sniffles and tears finally subsided, she used her thumbs to wipe away every track they left behind, kissing your cheeks, nose and finally your lips. It brought on a fuzzy feeling that you were glad you didn’t numb away.

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A/N: hopes this turns out as fluffy as I imagined it 🥰 (soft prompts)



Wanda turned to meet your gaze and had her arms around you within seconds. You tried not to flinch when her grip tightened, which was easy to manage with your muscles relaxing at the familiar warmth. It ended up being hard to let go when Wanda finally retreated, her attention falling to your injured form.

Without a word, she led you to her bathroom, instructing you to take off your shirt while she dug out her First Aid kit. You crossed your arms over your bare torso as you sat on the counter, frowning when she gently tugged at your wrists.

“Please trust me.”

So you dropped your arms to the side, watching the way she cradled each one, kissing every cut before wiping at it with alcohol soaked cotton pads. You were convinced that the extra attention distracted you from the stinging chemical on your wounds. Once every spot was cleaned and bandaged, she packed everything inside the kit again and stepped between your legs.

“Thanks, Wan.”


Her hands cradled your jaw, her thumbs gently rubbing across your skin as she carefully turned your head. She leaned in to drop a soft kiss in the center of the bruise on your cheek, smiling when she met your gaze again.

“For good luck.”

You were quick to point out that your lips also needed good luck, and despite the eye roll she gave you, a kiss was placed there too.

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A/N: I’m assuming you mean wandanat x reader? if not, I can redo this. (soft prompts)


Wanda smiled when she felt the bed dip, placing her book in her lap as you scooted closer to wrap your arms around her waist and press your forehead into her side.

“What are you up to, daffodil?”

“Nothing, Wan,” you hummed as she wrapped an arm around you and began to rub your back slowly.

“Did you eat Clint’s cookies again? I can’t hold him off forever, you know.”

“I thought I was supposed to get middle spoon today?” Natasha protested as she entered from the bathroom.

“Should’ve moved faster, then.”

“How fast is this?”

Natasha pounced on you, holding you in place with her thighs while Wanda tickled you with her magic, the two of them finally letting you go when they feared you might pass out from laughing so hard. They sandwiched you in as you pulled the blanket over the three of you, giggles coming from all of you as you got comfortable, and it was decided that you’d let Natasha sleep in the middle tomorrow night.

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A/N: oh no, I hope you feel better soon!! (soft prompts)


Steve returned from his run as he did every morning, a smile on his lips at the thought of coming home just in time for you to wake up. Despite your grumbling disagreements, he always thought you looked the cutest in the morning, and he especially loved watching your eyelids flutter open as he walked into the room.

Today was different. You were still fast asleep when he opened the door, so he decided to head straight to the shower, making a detour to his nightstand when his phone went off. He’d just unlocked the device when he felt something pulling at the tight fabric covering his upper body.

“Hi.” You smiled up at him sleepily when he turned to look at you.

“Morning, doll.” He leaned down to place a kiss on your forehead and then your lips. “Did I wake you?”

You shook your head as you sat up, letting the blanket pool at your waist. “I was just wondering if you’d like some company in the shower.”

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