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“These people are so dumb, I’m just hanging out with pigs and dolphins when we get back.”

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Okay, listen, so basically we have missed our turning, okay, so now we’re stuck going the looong way around. Is that simple enough for you guys? Or should I get some crayons and draw this crap on the walls for you? Maybe use diagrams, little pretty colours, keep it real easy?

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having a breakdown abt matt from avenue 5 how’s everyone else’s isolation going

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i watched avenue 5 recently (or at least as much of it as is out) and i can’t lie it’s everything i’ve ever wanted.

first of all, it’s armando iannucci who i fucking ADORE!!!! just such a great comedic style that i dig very very much. also, it has zach woods who i fucking adore. he’s such a weird, cryptid celebrity. he’s hilarious and just so unendingly odd and i love him just so much. (if u haven’t seen him on silicon valley ur missing out). ALSO HUGH LAURIE!!!!!! WHO IS FANTASTIC BUT I RLY DON’T LIKE DOCTOR THINGS AND I CAN’T BRING MYSELF TO WATCH HOUSE BECAUSE JUST DOCTOR THINGS GIVE ME THE HIBIE GIBIES BUT HE’S IN THIS AND HE’S GREAT AND ALSO IN A BISEXUAL POLYAMOROUS MARRIAGE WHICH IS JUST A DETAIL IN THERE!!!!!!!

ALSO it’s SCI FI COMEDY which i’ve been wanting my entire goddamn life!!!! like the show is a comedy not a drama or whatever. i’ve always LOVED sci fi cause my mom loves sci fi, but i’ve always found a lot of it to be a little TOO dramatic especially considering like a lot of the drama usually doesn’t come from things which are relatable and so it just makes it hard to really CARE all that much….. BUT NOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s just really funny but also set in space which is always a good thing!!!!! 

also the whole show is just making fun of like rich entitled white people who go on cruises and shit which is great cause i ALWAYS make fun of those ppl

but yeah 100% would recommend to anyone looking for a show to watch, it’s fucking fantastic!

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Tagged by @daenerys-the-unburnt Thank youuu!

Rules: pick 5 shows, then answer the following questions. don’t cheat. tag 10 (or however many) people.

1. Westworld

2. Stranger Things

3. 911: Lone Star

4. The Rookie

5. Avenue 5

what’s your favourite character from 1? 

Maeve!!!! Hands down!!!!

who’s your least favourite character in 2? 

Honestly…….. Mike.

what’s your favourite episode of 4? 

Probably 2.11 “Day of Death.” Lucy fought for her life. Tim fought to rescue her. The Chenford feels were REAL. Bonus points for The Angela/Wesley moments <3

what is your favourite season of 5? 

Well that’s easy since there’s only been one season so far! So, season 1 lol.

what’s your favourite couple of 3? 

Grace and Judd. Omg they are so adorable and committed and there for each other even when they’ve got some shit to work through. My heart is so warm when they are on screen together. As for ships, I’m probably the only one in the world who sees something between Marjan and Paul, but I just think they would be soooo cute together <3

what’s your favourite couple in 2? 

Jonathan and Nancy. Such a great teen couple, they compliment each other really well, and I love how they can have serious moments about their differences (like that scene where Jonathan was like “sorry Nancy you just don’t know what it’s like to be poor” and Nancy was like “sorry Jonathan you just don’t know what it’s like to be a woman”). As for ships that aren’t canon (yet), Joyce and Hopper for the win!!!!!!

what’s your favourite episode in 1?

“Kiksuya.” Hands down. Wow. One of the best episodes ever in television history imo.

what’s your favourite episode in 5? 

Hmm I guess the season finale?? But I love every episode tbh.

what’s your favourite season in 2? 

Definitely season 1.

how long have you been watching 1? 

Since the very first episode premiered <3

how did you get into 3? 

I loved 911 and saw they were doing another set in Austin and decided to give it a shot. Tbh my expectations weren’t super high because I thought they were trying to appeal to a more conservative audience. Boy was I wrong! This show feeds me so well! I actually love it way more than the original 911 now <3

favourite actor in 4? 

That’s tough because they all do so well! I think in terms of pure acting, I am usually most impressed by Eric Winter and Alyssa Diaz because they act with a lot of nuanced emotion that really showcases their personalities in subtle ways.

which do you prefer? 1, 2 or 5?

Wow that’s tough because they are such different shows! I guess because I’ve been needing more lighthearted stuff in my life recently I’ll say Avenue 5.

which show have you seen more of, 1 or 3? 

Westworld, because there are more episodes lol.

if you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? 

Wesley. I mean, I don’t wanna be a cop and if I was gonna be a lawyer, I’d totally want to be a public defender. Also, he’s rich. I mean….. who doesn’t wanna be rich? I know he distances himself from his family’s money but at least the option is there if he’s in a rough spot. He’s super cute AND gets to be loved by Angela Lopez who is a total goddess <3

would a crossover of 3 and 4 work? 


pair two characters in 1 who would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple? 

Hmm I’m gonna go with a triad relationship between Maeve, Hector and Felix. Just toss Felix in the mix. He’s a cute sub who needs some lovin from mama Maeve and daddy Hector. Meow!

overall, which show has the better storyline, 3 or 5? 

Maybe Avenue 5 just because it’s got a really interesting major plot whereas 911: Lone Star has been more about the episode plots.

which has better theme music, 2 or 4? 

Stranger Things, hands down. That show has such a cool score.

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Watching “Bombshells” reminded me of a very sweet Hilson dream I had the other night that I forgot to post about…

It’s a bit blurry now (I’m awful at remembering dreams) but I know it involved Wilson getting sick or something. The thing is that House being a dick but secretly a softie decided to take care of him, while insulting him and being more hell than actually helping… Very in character my dream lol

Side note: Wilsons “apartment” looked sort of like Judd’s room in Avenue 5… Gold everything (it had more red tho), super extra furniture, and his bed was kind of like Judd’s, with the chunky gold frame, but it had the 4 posts going up to the very high ceiling…

Now Wilson couldn’t leave his bed fot some time (was he out of surgery? did I take the plot from that episode where he donates part of his liver or whatever? who knows… probably), so House was supposed to be staying in his old room at Wilson’s to cook for him and keep him company. He makes dinner and goes to take it to his room, and sits on the bed chatting while Wilson eats (I don’t know if in my dream House had already eaten or what but there was only one plate). He stays there, laying next to Wilson cause they where watching TV or something and then there’s a cut in my dream cause they both fell asleep and missed that little chunk of time (very imersive, I missed it too lol) and then House gets woken up by Wilson hand on his stomach, looks around and sees him drooling really close to him so he wakes him up. I don’t remember how the conversation went but it was something along the lines of “we fell asleep, I should be going to my room” to which Wilson, half asleep, replies something like “you’re taking care of me, shut up and go back to sleep”, and takes House’s hand and rolls over wrapping it around him.

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