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I’m so done with organic avocados 😂😂

Day 1-3: not ripe

Day 4 for 15 mins: RIPE, RIPE, USE NOW!!! 🤩🤩

Day 4 on the 16th minute: Spoiled :(

Give me the GMO joints

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~Galleryyuhself~ I found this a very challenging advertisement, as the first glance could make anyone believe that Tatil Life is all about sweets. 

You have to read the text to get the real message, which reads as follows-: With more and more companies adding delivery to their services, access to all the ‘forbidden foods’ just got easier. If you’re a diabetic, please remember your health comes before your cravings. 

 So this morning, they finally did the image above instead, Much better, with the message below.

Today Tatil Life has done the above image where they include the text… Great news diabetic avocado lovers! 🥑🥑🥑 Avocados are perfect for people with diabetes as it’s a great source of fibre and doesn’t cause spikes in your blood sugar. So go ahead and add a few pieces to your salad! Visit our website to learn more…..a much better approach.

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I personally happen to LOVE avocados and am in an ideal geographic position for their consumption on a not-exorbitant level. Now, trying to actually cut open an avocado and release it from the literal pit of despair - still working on my technique, not having grown up with avocados. I figure it’s a low barrier to access all that mushy, fatty goodness that can be turned into guacamole with jalapenos and consumed at an alarming rate. 

I think they’re that way because someone or something wanted us to enjoy life, and also have a ridiculous reason to blame millennials for their lack of house-buying, savings, retirement funds, etc. (Which, I find hilarious. First of all, the oldest millennials are pushing 40 and secondly, when the economy burns, why shouldn’t you enjoy a tasty avocado toast with pepper and eggs and lettuce and tomatoes? Mmmmmm….avocado.)

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Legit one of the yummiest smoothies I ever made! This is an avocado smoothie I got off of a Facebook Filipino cooking group and I thought I’d try! The ingredients are so simple! 1-1 ½ cups of ice, 1 avocado, ¼ cup of milk, ½ cup of half and half, and 2 tsps of sugar. Y’all should definitely try <3

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Today we ate sunlight, wind & Wholistic comVersations for breakfast… .
. & We’re now wrapping up this #brunch .. The #papaya filled me up in ways that eye couldn’t have imagined (that little guy packed a mean punch).. couldn’t consume the #banana till hours into the future & still awaiting the tummy space for these #avocados .. One thing for certain, it’ll all fit in my tummy…even if eye must take it slow😊😊😊 .

What’s on your plate for lunch/brunch? 👀 .

Whiles you’re here. . REmember 👉 ComVerse Wit ‘ReRa. . today at 3pm. due to a minor neighborhood electricity interruption. .. Talking.. comFidence Booster!! See me there ONLY via #FacebookLive ✊🏿🙏🏿

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