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0xeyedaisy · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sam has done a lot of things wrong but he’s no Dream Apologist
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cgnf · a day ago
crying this is my favourite conversation the hunters have had they share a single braincell that is currently on an extended vacation
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brrrridgette · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“just kill me now, then.”
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rev-pirate · 2 days ago
“I dont want you to die. y’know? I have a feeling that someone Great, someone that used to be is still in there and is fighting to come out and one day that person will come out and you will see the Shit that you’ve done to other people in this world. Alright? It’ll be much worse than death, Sam. Alright? The shit that you’ve put other people in? You’ll see one day. You’ll see one day. Goodbye Sam” … “I hope you stub your toe”
Ponk is always dropping bangers. Constantly. And i fucking love that he ended stream on “I hope you stub your toe” that’s such a savage line lmao
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testingcheats0n · a day ago
Can't find any other way to say this:
Stating canonical facts about characters, things they have said (transcriptions), events that aren't up to interpretation (unless you're in the mood for a philosophic discussion about what is real) aren't criticism. Stating facts that are objectively true, aren't criticism or negative.
A list of canon events, per example, is not criticism.
Technoblade did say "we'll burn that bridge when we cross it", Dream IS an abuser, Philza did kill his son when he was asked to, Niki helped release Dream the abuser from prison, Ranboo has gone behind people's backs which did harm them in the long term, Quackity manipulated vulnerable minors, Sam left Tommy in an enclosed space with his abuser, Jack stole a dead man's property, Tommy (unkowingly) killed a man (and that... can be applied to literally everyone else on the server but uh, you know, Tommy gets special treatment) Tubbo did execute Technoblade without trial, Wilbur is unhealthy for others, Fundy.... (what did fundy ever do lol), Schlatt is a dictator (if you think democratically elected officials can't become undemocratical then someone has to drag you by the ears to a history class), Sapnap is an animal abuser, Punz sells his morals for money, George has commited the exact same crimes as Tommy but hasn't been around a lot to get noticed, and I could go on.
That's not critical, I'm just pointing out canon.
If you think that me mentioning and acknowledging these canon facts is critical then... tough luck that's not how it works and you should stop, it's just as part of the story as the funny and cute moments where everyone is happy.
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emiartse · a day ago
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appleflavoredkitkats · 2 days ago
now that lore is up and running, i want to say that heavy aggression and generalizations of groups of fans will only cause those fans to not listen to points of rebuttal about a certain topic. i know aggression is compelling when you believe a certain group of people is missing the point of something in the dream smp, but typically, aggression, polarization, etc. only leads to the normalization of aggression as a way to deliver your points on tumblr. and usually, the same will return and be done to your own group. again - people don’t listen if they’re being insulted, or told to shut up, or told that “you don’t understand”, etc. i highly implore people to create posts that go straight to the point without needing to insult someone. you’d be surprised by how much genuine politeness and respectfulness would make others listen to your point 👍👍👍
(ps. aggressive does not mean critical, be critical of the dsmp all you like but again, be respectful)
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piningpebbles · 2 days ago
Ponk: Name one person who holds a motherfucking pickaxe with one hand, Sam.
Sam: ...I guess you do.
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wormliness · 2 days ago
transcription of an excerpt from ponk’s 30/11/21 stream
PONK: you’re not even worth the durablity on my sword. [PAUSE] [quieter] y’know, you’re not even worth that.
SAM: is that so? if you’re so angry, then just kill me. just kill me now, then. here—[he takes off his armour]
PONK: [overlapping] sam, i don’t want you to die!
SAM: [he throws his sword, Warden’s Will, to ponk’s feet] you can use the durability on my sword. go ahead!
PONK: [they hold the sword for a moment, before putting it away] you know, i might keep that. as a reminder of how much of a— [they backtrack] sam, [they sigh] god dammit. [with force once more] i don’t want you to die! y’know, i have a feeling that someone great, someone that you used to be is still in there, and is fighting to come out.
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lovejoy4k · 14 hours ago
y’know how cdream apologists try to justify cdreams actions with “he’s hot”? I am doing the same with csam but instead of saying he is hot i am saying "he's my dad”
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dreamquackity · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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green-bandana · 22 hours ago
MCYT And adjacent stances on fan fiction about them:
(Note: not being okay with NSFW/gore/shipping is taken as a default on this list, links may provide further clarifications)
Aimsey - okay with fanfics, looks forwards to reading them (1)
Awesamdude - unsure of what they are but gave the go ahead (1)
Bearbubb - okay with fanfics (1)
Captain Puffy - okay with fanfics (1), this includes platonic x reader (2)
CaptainSparklez - okay with and reacted to fanfics (1), this includes x reader (2)
Charlie Slimecicle - I think ok? I’m pretty sure? Watch the clip (1)
Cuptoast - okay with fanfics, has read a number of them (1)
Dream - okay with fanfics, has read a number of them (1)
Eret - okay with fanfics (1)
Foolishg- okay with fanfics (1)
Hannahxxrose - okay with fanfics about her dsmp character (1)
Jschlatt- not okay with fanfics (1)
Krinios - okay with fanfic (1)
LDShadowLady - okay with and reacted to fanfics (1)
Michaelmcchill - okay with fanfics (1)
Nihachu - okay with fanfics (1), has read Passerine (2,3)
Philza - okay with fanfics, just don’t send them to him (1)
Purpled - okay with fanfics about his dsmp character but not him as a person (1)
Quackity - okay with and reacted to fanfics (1), includes x reader (2)
Ranboo - okay with fanfics (1)
Shubble - okay with and reacted to fanfics (1)
Smallishbeans - okay with and reacted to fanfics (1)
Snifferish - okay with fanfics (1)
SophieTexas - okay with fanfics (1), has read a number of them (2)
Technoblade - okay with fanfics (1)
Tubbo - okay with fanfics (1)
Wilbur - okay with fanfics (1)
This list has been easier to compile thanks to the wonderful people @smp-boundaries , if you have any more info I could add do inform me
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unincised · 2 days ago
"You're not worth the durability on my sword" is such a raw fucking line.
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infernaltheblaze · 2 days ago
Loved this scene, can't wait to see where all these characters go from here
Tumblr media
+ Sketch:
Tumblr media
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rev-pirate · 2 days ago
Man when Even Ponk turns their back on Sam you know shits fucked. No more ‘when all the bad things you’ve done catch up to you i’ll be there for you to help you’ he’s just gonna watch
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simplepotatofarmer · 2 days ago
i think it's really interesting that c!dream trusted c!sam to run the prison, knowing he would be the only prisoner. he trusted sam to run the prison fairly and 'keep [him] safe' because sam was his friend and someone who he thought of as just and fair, morally upright.
but even sam was corrupted by wielding that authority.
after all, power corrupts, as c!techno said.
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