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oh-opheliaa · 9 minutes ago
In the car but I just remembered that Sam is Quackitys dad so basically Quackity is just taking advantage of his father
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dsmp-as-cats-pog · an hour ago
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Let Phil have Techno back or so help me I will riot
Drawn first on 11/06/21
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chagrimn · an hour ago
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hehe I drew every Dream SMP character again cause I didnt like my old drawing anymore :,)
 (closeups under break)
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lmao Michael mcchill didnt fit w the others so he gets his own line >:)
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szatankropkaexe · 2 hours ago
Okay so some kind of dsmp crime au with normal au (i mean that all the hybrids and stuff are just humans [and also everyone being adults, sometimes young adults like 18-19 years old but still not uderage])
I mostly focused on the Syndicate because i can't really focus on others and i know the most about the anarchists i'm writing this as i go at 3am sitting on a swing sorry for all the spelling mistakes as well lol
It started when i thought of the Syndicate as a terrorist organization lmao and then i got a subway surfers ad for some reason and i imagined like-... Phil and Techno who loooong ago before becoming terrorists liked to paint graffiti on walls and still do that in their free time for fun inviting the other Syndicate members to go with them lol
Or Sam (the rest of the anti-egg guys being police people as well probably) being a cop who took money from Quackity (who's obviously a drug dealer here) for helping him amd now feels very bad about it and tries his best at work
Dream being some important mafia guy who's in prison (George and Sapnap probably being some important people there too)
Tommy, Tubbo and Wilbur (along with the other L'manberg people) trying to create their own gang and partly succeeding
Eret who was a part of some other gang thought it was just fun at first but when they actually did create an organization he went 👁️👄👁️ (i'm not sure if anyone would care about some pretty young people doing crime so he probably wouldn't like-... Report them anywhere, but still gather information so he can say that he wasn't a part of that and he was just spying on them?? I have no idea if it makes sense but if it doesn't let's just pretend it does?)
The Eggpire is a cult here
Ok google play "gangsta's paradise"
If you don't understand and want to understand something just ask me i'll try to understand and explain what 3AM me who didn't sleep for the past about 46 hours on a huge amount of redbulls and iced coffee thought
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ceykore · 2 hours ago
i know foolish just left for a week and came back, but now sam is leaving for a week or so and is gonna come back. but ponk is moving around the same time sam is coming back and probably won’t stream for a week while he gets everything set up…. 😔
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mellointheory · 3 hours ago
This is the literal best Red Banquet animation I've ever seen. The backgrounds are amazing. Every individual character design complete with smooth movement. An entire recap of the whole thing. Flawless.
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pomodoko · 15 hours ago
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a litol man
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neapolitantoebeans · 15 hours ago
Sam griefed Foolish’s land in the worst way possible.
He turned it into Florida (/j)
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farfran · 16 hours ago
listen ok hear me out.........  the fact that sam said c!sam technically didn’t build las nevadas. “awesamdude construction”. sam saying he’s gonna incorporate his character gaining knowledge from ancient books into lore. the fact that he wants his chat to be the little glyphs that spawn from the enchanting table. “don’t tell sam nook- i don’t know what it will do”. this all Has to be connected somehow. sam nook has to be some kind of fusion of c!sam’s redstone-based technology and cryptic ancient magic he’s studied i swear to God im onto something here
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ranboo-brainrot · 17 hours ago
c!sam genuinely is the saddest character on the smp imo he tries to do what he thinks is the right thing but he ends up as the antagonist in everyone’s stories
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farfran · 17 hours ago
i think maybe c!sam should reveal that sam nook was a prototype and now he’s made a whole army of evil robots that carry out his wishes and that’s what “awesamdude construction” is 👉👈
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raccooninnit · 17 hours ago
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Sam noooo don't tweet as Sam Nook it makes my heart ache!!!
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iammissingautumn · 17 hours ago
Sam Nook tweets is a blessing
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umbrify · 20 hours ago
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Warden Sam! I did a new thing with the lineart on this one, not sure if it’s better but it’s kinda neat maybe? I think it’s neat.
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serendipitous-posts · 20 hours ago
 Things I would do if I was in charge of Season Three
Because why not? Love me some Au’s
First of all, Tommy is no longer centre stage. His character arc was finally finished as of the end of Season Two, and there’s no need to keep dragging it out
Instead of getting even more traumatised, Tommy’s conflict in Season Three would be around healing, the jealousy arc with Ranboo and an arc where he’s scared about how he and Tubbo are growing apart
He is not, and I repeat, not beaten to death by Dream in the prison. To me it always felt like they were undoing all of Season Two Tommy’s work of starting to come to terms with his trauma
Quackity would still end up torturing Dream for the book after Schlatt tells him about it. Sam lets him after hearing what Dream did during exile and Quackity tells him that that book could save the whole server, and that the needs of the many outweigh the few, which is Sam’s main struggle in the Smp
Dream is not the main villain of Season 3, with that instead being the Eggpire and Quackity, both of which follow the plot so far. However, the Eggpire is the main threat, while Quackity is only establishing himself this season. Dream instead is a background antagonist, similar to the egg in the first season, there yes, but not a threat, not yet
The background Dream arc would have Quackity and Ranboo being centre stage as Quackity tries to get the book and Ranboo tries to unravel their connection, while also trying to keep his involvement with the Syndicate under wraps from Tubbo
Tubbo also has a whole other arc where he makes other friends besides Tommy, and Tommy is extremely jealous and insecure and wants things to go back to the old days. Tubbo tells him that that it impossible and that he is allowed to make other friends but Tommy will always be his best friend. Tommy comes to accept this and Ranboo is added to the benchduo
I feel like there’s a lot of untapped potential between Ranboo keeping that from Tubbo, especially as Techno killed him. Tubbo ends up learning, on the same day, that not only is Ranboo part of the Syndicate but that he’s also helping Dream. He ends up unravelling Ranboo and Dream’s connection before Ranboo does when he finds Ew!Ranboo’s book. It, uh, doesn’t go well
Tubbo, for the sake of the server and Tommy, ends up telling Sam what he found. So now Sam has to consider locking Ranboo up in Pandora’s Vault for the ‘good of the server’
Ranboo stops streaming for the rest of the season. Nobody sees him anywhere
Jack Manifold arc where Quackity starts to take an interest in him after he accidentally lets slip that he died three times. As it turns out, he is literally running on spite, and he thinks letting go of his anger will send him back to the afterlife. And Quackity pounces on that. Jackie boy ends up joining Las Nevadas
Eret and Foolish can absolutely keep doing what they’re doing, but I would make a small addition in that when Quackity creates Las Nevadas he has to go to Eret for permission for the land to no longer be considered Dream Smp land. Eret is now integrated into both the Egg lore and Quackity lore
At the end of the season, the Eggpire is gone and Quackity has achieved some sort of victory-maybe he has finally convinced Foolish to join him.
Then the final scene
All the perspective’s screens goes black and a picture of a smiley mask with a crown over it appears on every one.
That’s how I’d do it anyways!
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