jaubaius · 4 months ago
I absolutely love this trend, their faces. Lmfaooo
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They were not feeling it
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wwxsslut · 3 months ago
people who are like "heartstopper is so cringe" my brother in christ that is literally the point
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swagginmun · 4 months ago
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Your Scar Is Sorry: Never Again Part 12
Please don't ask me again.
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cassianandfenrysaremyboyos · 6 months ago
"Try to get between them and you'll get a refresher course on why he was called the Umbra Mortis"
Ruhn out here flying the quinlar flag saying no one comes between Bryce and Hunt!!
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ginaporterr · 4 days ago
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RICKY & GINA High School Musical: The Musical: The Series | 3x02 – Into the Unknown
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candyunicornsateme · 2 months ago
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They talk too🧡
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myakkun · 8 months ago
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chifuyu has never been very good at this whole romance thing.
“did you ask them?” baji smirks, throwing his arm around the blond’s shoulder, staring at the sight before him with a knowing little look.
“no,” chifuyu grumbles.
and he hates the way his cheeks heat up, how he can’t even find it in him to shove his best friend off, how he can’t seem to tear his eyes away from you. it’s the most mundane shit too, you’re just talking with mitsuya and smiley, laughing at something they’ve said and covering your mouth with your hand like you always do. it makes butterflies erupt in his stomach and he feels sympathy towards all the people he made fun of in his mangas for this.
“what’re you, scared?” his friend teases, and this time chifuyu does shove him off, fighting the urge to stick his tongue out like a little kid.
“no!” he retorts. he juts his lip out instead, yanks on his earring, and looks down at his shoes.
clearly lying, but surprisingly baji eases up on the teasing regardless.
“dude,” he huffs, patting the blond’s back and shaking his head. “there’s literally nothing to worry about. it’s not like it’s some one on one date, it’s just a dinner. with toman. so it’s basically the daily routine anyways.”
“i know that.” he groans as he shoves his hands in his pockets. but it’s not just a dinner. it’s the stupid annual toman dinner where they all dress nice and save up their money to go to that fancy restaurant in the nice part of town and yeah, the guys all bring their significant others as a date.
which, granted, you aren’t his significant other but..
“look, just breathe,” baji levels, palm pressing to the middle of chifuyu’s shoulder blades. and for a second it’s comforting, he thinks the bastard might be acting wholly nice for once. then baji chuckles, pressing so hard it sends chifuyu flying forward and whisper shouting a “don’t be a wimp!” after him as he tries to stagger to regain his balance.
he catches himself a few feet away from you, and the new disturbance doesn’t go unnoticed in the slightest as your eyes flicker to his. his heart lodges in his throat, lungs shriveling up and brain turning to mush as soon as your grin widens at him.
“hey, matty!” you beam, and he hates that stupid nickname. hates that that’s what you choose to call him. not something basic—fuyu, fu, chi, the mundane ones he’s heard his entire life, the ones he’s gotten used to—no. matty. matty matty matty. no one else calls him that.
it makes him sick in more ways than one.
“h-hey,” he clears his throat, biting the inside of his cheek as he takes another step closer. mitsuya and smiley—heaven love them—must catch on that something’s up because they sneak off somewhere else. “what’s up?”
“nothing at all.” and the way you look at him, all sweet and warm and—god he’s so fucked. “did you need something?”
“no. yes! wait,” he sighs, mentally cursing himself for how his tongue ties in knots. you always do this to him, drive him up the walls in four different types of crazy. and the worst part is you don’t even know you’re doing it! “i just.. forget it. nevermind.”
but as he goes to turn away, he’s stopped by your hand gripping onto his, tugging him back to you. there’s a gentle look on your face; the way your brows tilt down slightly has his stomach dipping to his toes, the slight pout on your lips jumbling his head.
“matty, what is it?” you ask, voice soft and low.
and chifuyu’s never been good at this whole romance thing—never been well versed in smooth talk or charming ease or anything of the like. so maybe that’s why it comes out the way it does.
“the toman dinner. you. me. we’re going together.” and it takes him a mere millisecond to register that he worded it as a statement instead of a question, so as a heat licks up the back of his neck he adds a meek little “okay?” on the end.
you’re quiet for a moment, chifuyu wants to bury himself in the ground. his palm is burning where your fingers are still clasped around it. his heart is thrumming so loud in his ears he thinks he might just go deaf this instant. and then,
“oh thank god,” you laugh, “i was worried you weren’t going to ask me. i thought i was gonna end up having to ask baji to give me a pity date!”
it takes a solid three seconds for chifuyu’s brain to catch up to your words and suddenly the entirety of his flusteredness is seeping out of his body and he’s gaping at you as if you’ve wounded him.
“baji? you’d pick him of all people?!” which, to be fair, if he were in your position his option would probably be baji too. but like hell he’d ever admit that. “no, forget it. you can go with baji. no longer my date. i don’t even know you.”
“aw c’mon, matty. don’t tell me you’re jealous,” you tease. and your hand is still in his and you’re leaning closer and he’s never really been good at this whole romance thing but he is always pretty good about thinking of ways to shut up your teasing.
so he jolts forward and places the quickest peck to your lips as possible and smirks at how your eyes go wide and every word dies on your tongue.
and he refuses to ever tell baji about what you said.
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reblogs appreciated <3
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touyahoedoroki · 8 months ago
Toga watching shiggy writhing in agony like
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absolute-snzaster · a month ago
sometimes someone I have a snzblr crush on calls one of my posts hot in the tags and I just sit here vibrating
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ray-fen · 6 months ago
Lavinia is the teen lesbian rep we need. Sexless. Absolutely no appeal. Just a girl with pink hair in a world of pink hair deniers. I’m tired of sexy lesbians (esp if they’re teenagers) she looks like she was put in the dryer and came out a little fucked up.
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copias-thrall · 5 months ago
Still got it
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jaubaius · 4 months ago
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omgcheez · 2 months ago
I'm hoping they make Bruno when they inevitably have him at the parks weird and awkward pls Disney I beg
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gorejo · a month ago
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plantanarchy · a month ago
happy pride, lads. I've spent years and years trying to parse the weird mess of intersection between my gender, sexuality, and neurotype and at this point it's just like. Queer. But anyway, also asexual, which is a new one.
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frogkeyboard · 11 months ago
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vicious cycle
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princessanneftw · 2 months ago
Princess Anne speaking at an event to mark 40 years since the Falklands War on 7 June 2022
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