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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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it is time for me to personalize my blog a little. i’ve been on tumblr since 2011  and never posted my own photos surprisingly. i am no professional photographer or designer, these photos come from a phone camera. i’m not posting them to get likes, follows, or reblogs; i am doing this for myself. unless you like something then i mean of course do what you wish. 

thank you to anyone who actually reads this post.

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sometimes when i have a song stuck in my head i start to unconsciously kind of hum it/mumble the lyrics

so today i was basically cleaning my room while saying ‘too lazy for suicide/i just watch the days pass/hoping to die’ under my breath

i think i scared my dad to death

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I assure you, I’m very awkward. I’m extremely insecure about myself, and people assume I’m not. I think about what people have told me and what I’m doing. People say, “Your career is so easy for me.” But my career is so much more difficult and it’s still going good. I can take responsibility for that, I can get better, I can do better. And that is what it takes.

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Fandom: Marvel
Shipping: Bruce x Fem!Reader
WC: 544
Notes: I wasn’t sure about this chapter but my friends reassured me I didn’t mess up

Bruce stood in the middle of a small stone bridge passing over a lake, watching the water flow. He’s truly at peace, feeling alright. The big guy is being calm, the world is not in danger and his mind can finally be at ease. Watching the water flow downstream relaxes him immensely.
His hair is moving in the slight breeze, the sky blue and just a few clouds splattered across the blue canvas above him. It almost felt like a fairytale to him, something you’d describe to a child to get their imagination going.

A young woman with (H/C) hair, tied to a loose bun, and a very casual outfit of a slightly oversized pullover and jeans paired with black sneakers stepped upon the bridge. She walked very slowly, drinking in the atmosphere of this landscape, giving her fresh air and clear thoughts. She’s been stressed lately. Work hasn’t been going the best, in fact, it was quite frustrating. 

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