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#awkward bakugou

i imagined his explosions as pompoms and just think of what a badass cheerleader bakugou would be, like he’s got spirit, strength, agility, he’s perfect

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Mom Friend Bakugou:

with a side of dad friend jirou:

aka im obsessed with bakujirou and you cant stop me:

  • bakugou is a lot like his mom when it comes to showing affection, tough love and yelling
  • but in rare moments, his dad’s influence shines through
  • its in one of those moments when the first bakusquad member called him mom
  • it was kirishima
  • bakugou froze and kirishima started freaking out, apologizing insistently
  • meanwhile bakugou is just kind of taken off guard before shrugging and saying, “its fine shitty hair” or something similar
  • when kaminari, sero, and ashido hear about it, they dont stop teasing kirishima about it
  • until they get the Disappointed Mom Look from bakugou
  • soon the bakusquad (minus jirou) starts calling him mom regularly
  • the reason jirou doesnt is because she quickly takes on the role of dad
  • more like she was forced into it by her friends calling her dad
  • bakugou and jirou tag team a lot when it comes to their idiots and can communicate through looks like actual parents
  • the class was confused in the beginning, but soon got used to kiri, kami, sero, and mina referring to bakujirou as their parents
  • its not the weirdest thing thats happened
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Jirou: hey, guys, what are you doing?

Bakugou: arguing

Momo: we are not arguing! we’re just having a disagreement

Bakugou: yeah, that’s called arguing, ponytail!

Bakugou and Momo: *continue arguing*

Jirou: alright then, I’m just gonna go…

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