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#azriel acotar
stars-and-scripts · 34 minutes ago
i am once again promoting my azris agenda: imagine how fucking HILARIOUS cassian and his brother in law eris trying to get along would be omfg
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kayla-2 · 35 minutes ago
Let’s start with the fact that majority of this fandom was married to Azriel before Gwyn and Elain. So how about neither of them. Give him back to the fandom
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musicallibrarian93 · an hour ago
Imagine being in Velaris and you see Cassian, Lord of bloodshed, one of the most famed warriors in history and Nesta, Lady death, the person who killed the king of Hybern and has so much power the high lord is scared, having an argument about being mates in the middle of the street.
I really wouldn’t know if I’d be scared, in awe or breaking the popcorn out to watch.
Tumblr media
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lightitup-1989 · 2 hours ago
Cassian: Can someone pass me my will to live
Azriel: Nesta will be back soon, she just went to the grocery store.
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musicallibrarian93 · 2 hours ago
Can someone please tell me how one creates master lists for fan fictions on tumblr?
I’m completley technology inept but I wanna post some of my fics on tumble as well as AO3 x
Any help would be greatly appreciated x
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ratabrasileira · 3 hours ago
Can Faerie tooth break? If it breaks what does happen? Is it going to regenerate? I'm believing that yes, because it's impossible that in 500 years Cassian's Rhys' and Azriel's teeth were never broke.
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hellogoodbye14 · 4 hours ago
Yo I don’t much care for ship wars but saying that its wrong to expect a SA survivor to have a sex life is just plain wrong.
Ship who you want but don’t be so problematic just for the sake of trying to win an argument over fictional characters. Your words could do harm to actual people.
Be kind to one another.
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faiurytale · 5 hours ago
Friendly Reminder!
Emerie groused, but stepped up to the dangling ribbon, grudgingly taking the sword Cassian extended. Azriel murmured over a shoulder to the priestesses under his charge as they watched. They instantly began moving again. But Azriel’s attention remained on the ribbon.
When Emerie attempted to cut the ribbon, Azriel’s attention was on the ribbon.
They fell silent again as Gwyn shifted her feet, angling the blade. The wind waggled the ribbon again, as if taunting her. Cassian glanced over at Az, but his attention was fixed on the young priestess, admiration and quiet encouragement shining from his face.
But when Gwyn was cutting it, his attention was fixed on Gwyn.
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hellogoodbye14 · 5 hours ago
Rhys, Feyre and Azriel in the same room
Rhys turns around towards the mirror while Az finishes his report, he can see himself, Feyre and Az in the reflection
After Az finishes, Rhys starts singing while looking in the mirror: “who’s that sexy thing standing over there...”
Az groans, “oh lord save me from mates....”
Rhys continues singing and points towards himself: “It’s me, standing right here”
Az turns towards a chuckling Feyre who is rolling her eyes at her mate and says: “how do you deal with his self obsessed ass?”
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silver-flames · 5 hours ago
Elriel + Solstice Gifts (then vs. now)
“Az ran a hand through his dark hair. “Are we …” Unusual for him to stumble with words. “Are we supposed to get the sisters presents?”
“No,” I said, and meant it. Az seemed to loose a sigh of relief. Seemed to, since all but a breath of air passed from his lips. “I don’t think Nesta gives a shit, and I don’t think Elain expects to receive anything from us. I’d leave the sisters to exchange presents amongst themselves.” Az nodded distantly.”
“He offered her a smile back. "I wasn't sure if I should give you your present."  He left the rest unspoken.” [...]
“It was a small, flat rose fashioned of stained glass, designed so that when held to the light, the true depth of the colors would become visible. A thing of secret, lovely beauty. 
“It's beautiful," she whispered, lifting it from the box.”
"Silence again. Then Azriel tipped his head back and laughed.
I’d never heard such a sound, deep and joyous.”
“He chuckled, unable to suppress the impulse. "No wonder you didn't want me to open it in front of everyone."
“Azriel mastered himself enough to say, “Thank you.” I’d never seen his hazel eyes so bright, the hues of green amid the brown and gray like veins of emerald. “This will be invaluable.”
“But she'd gotten Azriel one last year -- a headache powder he kept on his nightstand at the House of Wind. Not to use, but just to look at. Which he'd done every night he’d slept there. Or attempted to sleep there. ”
“Elain bit her lip and then smiled sheepishly. “It’s for the headaches everyone always gives you. Since you rub your temples so often.”
“Azriel unwrapped the box, glancing at the card that merely said, You might find these useful at the House these days, and then opened the lid.  Two small, bean-shaped fabric blobs lay within. Elain murmured, "You put them in your ears, and they block any sound. With Nesta and Cassian living there with you..." 
“The shadowsinger’s brows lifted, but his scarred hand extended to take the present. Elain turned from where she’d been speaking to Nesta. “Oh, that’s from me.”
Azriel’s face didn’t so much as shift at the words. Not even a smile as he opened the present and revealed—”
“Az tried not to look at his scarred fingers as they took the gift. She hadn't bought her mate a present.”
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feelthefiction · 10 hours ago
Look I’m here for the drama that Nyx being mated to Tamlin’s potential daughter would cause, but I think a much better enemies to lovers could happen if Azriel’s daughter was mated to Eris’s son.
Just saying
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tiny-g0d · 15 hours ago
no one asked for this, but i needed it:
every nessian sex scene from acosf:
(with links)
Chapter 19
Chapter 22
begins after "Turn a blind eye, chaperone.”
Chapter 26
begins after "She’d do anything to get rid of that look in his eyes. Even for a few moments."
Chapter 37
begins after "A knock sounded on her door...”
Chapter 41
begins after "Cassian knocked on Nesta’s bedroom door at the House after dinner."
Chapter 51
Chapter 58
begins after "He opened his mouth and tried to speak."
pls lmk if i missed any, or if i should add in the shorter bits.
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redrose2324 · 16 hours ago
New rule I’m start blocking people who are so immature that can’t even handle different theories people can have , like fucking grow up and get a life , you guys are the reason this fandom has gone to shit , news flash people are allowed to INTERPRET TEXT DIFFERENTLY IT IS FICTION NOT REAL , grow up
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hellacioushag · 17 hours ago
how are you going to say gwyn wanting to bond with her newfound sisters by honoring a tradition [friendship bracelets] her and her sister did before she was killed is something childish when fucking azriel, cassian, and rhys participate in a damn snowball fight every year!
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dreamingwmeg · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
AHHH the best picture ever!!!!
By @llibiarts on Instagram, such beautiful work!!!
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kaciefaithkress · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
My mom teaches middle school English and Literature classes and often has me draft vocabulary questions for her. I take creative liberties.
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fandomsareneverending · 18 hours ago
The part in Be My Mistake by The 1975 where he’s like “you do make me hard, but she makes me weak” is literally Azriel talking to Elain about Gwyn and you cannot change my mind
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