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#azriel shadowsinger

I know SJM said that Mr Brightside reminds her somehow to Azriel but the lyrics has nothing to do with him… just the melody and the mood.

But all I can see and hear is Azriel singing while watching Mor and Cass flirt…. so…..

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ACOTAR characters and their zodiac sign:

Feyre: Sagittarius ♐️

Rhysand: Scorpio ♏️

Nesta: Virgo ♍️

Cassian: Leo ♌️

Elain: Cancer ♋️

Azriel: Aquarius ♒️

Morrigan: Libra ♎️

Tamlin: Taurus ♉️

Lucien: Piscis ♓️

Amren: Capricorn ♑️

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I’ve seen a few people say that based on the teasers they think Azriel is out of character or different. I don’t think he’s out of character that mf barely talks and in our heads we make him out to be a “smol bean that needs to be protected” now we’re seeing that side of Azriel his enemies see. He tortures people for a living people. He’s not out of character if anything he’s embracing his role

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I read Crescent City and was so confused why people were shipping Aidas and Bryce. But now I’m an Azriel x Emerie shipper and I look back and I’m like now I get why😭

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Azriel doesn’t need to resort to poetry or to threats to prove a point or to get what he wants.

You know what this means?

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Little details from the seak peek:

  • The three of them casually drinking tea.
  • Nesta calling Azriel “shadowsinger”.
  • Azriel calling Cassian his “brother”.
  • Nesta gave Azriel a smile. A SMILE. (When was the last time you have seen Nesta smiling!!!???)
  • Azriel being over protective of Cassian. (My dude, that will come back to bite your ass when Nesta finds out you like Elain because she wont be nice about it, specially when she finally has control of her powers).
  • Nesta’s personality being hella different from ACOFAS. She’s ready for a fight here, she’s ready to throw hands.
  • Nesta really said “bitch ain’t nobody scared of those shadows. You wanna fight? Come on, let’s do it”.
  • Meanwhile Cassian is just observing the two of them like “I’m not getting in the middle of this.”
  • Nesta and Azriel exchanging more than a few words between them. (I’ve never seen them talk except when Az saved Elain back in the war camps).

For one, Az will definitely know he’s in love with Nesta, which will make his teasing to Cassian 10000% worse. And for another, Nesta will rip his head off if he so much fight her battles for her.

I need to read this book. Like fucking now. Please and thank you.

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They’re going to be friends!!!!!!!!!!


Excuse me while I fucking lose my shit over these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And she callled him Shadowsinger!!!!


Meanwhile Cassian looking at both from the corner like:



ONLY 6 WEEEEEEEEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the lost angel - Azriel fic-2

⚠️ mentions of family violence and murder ⚠️

to start off 2021 with some az fanfic. Hope you all are staying safe during this time. Enjoy



It was dark by the time Nyx arrived at the Dawn court. There were a few guards surrounding the palace keeping watch for possible threats. She walked along the paved path to the back entry of the palace. None of the high lord’s guards could know she was there. She turned the corner of the building and there he was, standing like a mighty warrior. His arms were crossed and his white feathered wings were tucked closely to his back.

 Nyx smiled as her eyes filled with tears, it had been so long since she had seen her uncle. She ran forward closing the gap between them, throwing her arms around him and sinking into his warm embrace. “I’ve missed you.” she sobbed, he rested his chin on her head the way her mother used to. 

“I’ve missed you too kid.” he pulled out of the embrace and held her at a distance. He narrowed his eyes and turned her around to examine her wings. 

“They haven’t touched them since, I promise.” Nyx spoke. Her wings were shaped like normal Illyrians; the only difference being they were white and used to be covered in feathers to protect them. It had been two years since that incident and there was now a new thin layer of white feathers, although they would never be the same as once before.

“I’d hope not.” Her uncle frowned, Nyx’ wings were protected by a contract her father signed after her uncle had found out her father had taken her feathers to begin the process of clipping her wings. 

Nyx turned around and faced her uncle. “It’s good to see you uncle Syrus, but i can’t stay long. My father is on the search for me and I need to get back to Talon.”

He nodded his head slowly as if he was deep in though. “ follow me.” he opened the large stone door ushering her in. The palace hadn’t changed since she was a child, the stone pillars still stretched through the hall and the view from the open windows was still just as beautiful. 

They walked into his office shutting the door behind them. “Are you sure you want to do this Nyx? You can stay here and i’ll go get Tal,-” he sat behind a large quartz desk.

“Don’t.  Please, This is something I need to do myself. I owe it to my mother and brother.” she said cutting him off. He said nothing else, he pulled out a cotton drawstring bag. 

“This should be enough to last you a few months.” he opened it showing numerous amounts of gold. “If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to come to me. Thesan and I would be happy to have you and your brother around, all you have to do is ask and I’ll be there in a heartbeat” he stood and passed her the small bag. A sad smile played on her lips. 

“Thank you. For everything.” she gave him a brief hug for this would be the last time she’d see him.



“We have got to stop meeting like this’’ Azriel smirked at the scowl on her face. She was covered in dirt and being restrained by one of his shadows. There was a trail of blood following behind her. “Damn firecracker you’re a messy killer you know that?” he signaled for his spy to let her go. Azriel’s spy had been following her since the dawn court. She had managed to make it to the Illyrian Steppes a little after three days; she had run into trouble with one of her father’s men who had found her.

“He got in my way.” she shrugged, brushing dirt off her pants with the palms of her hands “anyway the stupid prick deserved it after what he did to my wings.” Azriel’s gaze narrowed on her wings then to her face. The girl in front of him was nothing like he imagined. “What?” she glared at him.

“I’ve never met someone with such little remorse after a kill.” he admitted. Her brow shot up as if surprised by his answer.

“You haven’t have you?” she looked down at his feet with a smirk.  “I’ll have you know mr observant, you are standing in my vomit.” he looked down at his feet, his stomach turned he quickly moved away wiping his feet in the leaves trying to get the excess of her breakfast off him. “Yeah you should have seen me once I pulled that dagger out of his chest, I haven’t thrown up that much since my mother accidentally gave me and my brother food poisoning.” she chuckled. “So where’s the other one? You know the slightly more tolerable one?”  She looked around the bushes and trees.

Azriel rolled his eyes. She clearly didn’t know Cassian enough. “He’s busy.” he didn’t take his eyes off the girl. Her wavy brown black hair blew around in the wind and her brown skin had a sweaty glow to it; most likely from the fight.

“Right. Well good to know. See you around.” she gave him a quick smile and sped walked past him. 

“I know why you’re running.” he said in hope that he’d get a reaction out of her. She paused and turned around to face him. He could sense the breathing quicken. 

“You, know nothing.” she seethed, her once teasing demeanor had vanished into a ball of anxiety and anger. 

“Oh Please,” he rolled his eyes. “I am surrounded by a world of pain, you know what my job is. I know when someone is scared for their life Nyx.”  He knew first hand what it was like to be scared, to live within the four walls of a monster who claimed to love him, the one who helped give him the man whose job it was to protect him not hurt him. 

“I’m not scared.” she pushed out her words, as if they were lodged in her throat. A silence grew between the two.  “You were right about one thing though, I am running, but not because I’m scared, no . I am just tired of being used as nothing more than a doormat for my father and his men to walk all over.” her words were sharp but she quickly shut her mouth and her green eyes darted to her boots she bowed her head, as if she had said too much. She rocked on her heels and shoved her hands into her back pockets.

“I could help you, you know?” she lifted her head at the sound of his voice and looked at him once more. “ let me train you.” 

“And why on earth would I do that?”

“Like I said, you’re a messy killer. I could help you clean up your act; for… if you are ever in this position, again that is.” she raised an eyebrow “ you’d have more time to plan for whatever it is you’re doing out here.” he waved at the scenery around them. “ not only that but you’d have mine and the high lord’s full protection.”

“I do not need your help shadows. I do not wish to know of your sadistic ways and I sure as hell don’t need you or the high lords protection for that matter.” she turned to leave once again. It was difficult for him to not step forward and top her from going. “Besides it’s not as if the high lord would even care for my life if it weren’t for the fact my father has been all up in his business, wanting you and your friend to track me down. And don’t I don’t for a second believe you actually care for me either” she clenched her jaw shut. Azriel merely nodded.

He expanded his wings preparing himself for flight. “My offer will still be there when we meet again.” her eyes followed to where he stood. “ until next time firecracker.”


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The people who keep saying that Nesta doesnt deserve Cassian because he’s kind and softie, and he has such a light heart while Nesta is a cold bitch and can’t appreciate the good things in life.

Ahm, honey…have you forgotten the part where Cassian has literally killed people? Killed and tortured an entire village out of rage?

Dont get me wrong, I fucking love Cassian but some of you really need to stop ideolizing men just because they’re hot while brushing away all their crimes.

Or when people say Elain doesnt deserve Azriel because he’s such a soft boi and he has suffered a lot and Elain is useless.

Baby….have you forgotten the part where Azriel tortures people for a living?

Dafuq is wrong with all of you!!!!???

Is the reason some of you pick and brush away things in this serie that fucking pisses me off.

First of all, I love evil people in books. I love a good villain, and I love a good moral grey character. I love when characters have that balance of having kind moments while also being capable of murdering people so easily.

However, all of you “GOOD-WASH” every bad thing a character has done just because he’s hot or your favourite.

Every person/fae has killed people in this serie, whether was because of their job, their instant rage, self defense or vengeance. BUT ALL OF THEM HAVE KILLED PEOPLE.

All of them are moral grey characters. There’s no bad and definitely not good people in this serie because everyone has a damn good reason to justify their actions.

Feyre has killed people.

Nesta has killed people.

Elain has helped to kill people.

Rhys has torured and killed people.

Azriel has tortured and killed people.

Cassian has tortured and killed people.

Amren has tortured and killed people.

Mor has tortured and killed people.

Lucien has tortured and killed people.

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Just a quick announcement.

In this house, we stan:

✨ Eris Vanserra ✨

And no, I will not accept any criticism.

We also stan:










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Azriel is the biggest Nessian shipper and no one can’t tell me otherwise.

“Nesta spoke as if you’ve been up at the House … often. You’ve offered to train her?” Cassian’s hazel eyes shuttered as he crossed a booted ankle over another, stretching his muscled legs before him.

“I go up there every other day. It’s good exercise for my wings.” Those wings shifted in emphasis.


“And what you saw in the library is a pleasanter version of the conversation we always have.” Mor’s lips pressed into a thin line, as if she was trying her best not to say anything. Azriel was trying his best to shoot a warning stare at Mor to remind her to indeed keep her mouth shut. As if they’d already discussed this. Many times.

As the shadows wreathing him cleared, Azriel sized up Nesta and Cassian, then threw a vaguely sympathetic look in my direction. “I need to start our lesson early.”

“I dropped Amren off at the House on my way in,” Azriel told me as we landed at the shore of a turquoise mountain lake flanked by pines and granite. “I told her to get to the training ring immediately.” A half smile. “After a few minutes, that is.”

I snorted and stretched my arms. “Poor Cassian.”

Azriel gave a huff of amusement. “Indeed.”

Az and I made a point not to mention Nesta. Not amongst each other, and certainly not in front of Cassian. I didn’t let myself contemplate it, either. Neither did Mor, given her unusual silence on the matter since the war had ended.

Azriel chuckled. “You two need a chaperone up here?”

Azriel and Elain throughout ACOSF:

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That satisfying moment when you know….YOU JUST KNOW that Azriel will tease the hell out of Cassian when it comes to Nesta with that sassy sense of humour.

Cassian and Nesta: Bickering and fighting while trying to hide their sexual tension.

Azriel in the shadows watching them:

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here have some more of cassian&azriel being in love 

you can find the uncensored version on my nsfw twitter (it’s at kayrakhan_nsfw)

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