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hello! no rush or need to do this if it doesn’t inspire you, it was just a thought i had for a azriel x fem!reader and i wanted to share. :)
so i was thinking that something goes wrong on a mission and azriel & the readers hands are like handcuffed together with magic? (i’m not sure if i’m explaining well) and at the time they aren’t very fond of each other but they’re obviously forced to spend time together. so when amren is trying to figure out how to get them off they both get frustrated and it ends in smut while they’re still ‘handcuffed’?
just a thought i had. have a great day!
I absolutely LOVED this request and was so excited to write it. It turned out way longer than I intended, oops. I hope you like it. And if you just want to read the smut without everything else, scroll through most of it till you find a line with several *. Things get heated around there.
Azriel x Fem!reader
Word Count: 5766
Warnings: smut, obviously(at the end), biting, rough sex, bondage, hints of sad Azriel?
Sat around the oval table, I crossed my arms over my chest. By the way, Rhysand was explaining this upcoming mission. I knew exactly what he was going to ask. The two best people for the job are me and Azriel. It’s not that I dislike Azriel; it’s that he dislikes me.
In all my years with the inner circle, working under the High Lord and Lady, he’s never offered a kind word or even a hello. More than not, he dismisses my ideas in meetings and shoots me looks I can’t quite decipher.
“Absolutely not,” he says in a low steady voice, but I can detect the anger behind it, “I’m not taking her on the mission. I can go by myself.”
Rhys has just explained his plan and considering Azriel’s outburst, I decided not to say anything.
“You could use her talents, Az,” Feyre chimes in, “unless you’ve suddenly learned how to speak their native tongue?”
“And are willing to dress up as a female and seduce the prince.” Cassian helpfully chimes in with a smirk.
Azriel shoots them both death glares before turning the look to me. I think for a second that he might kill me just so that he doesn’t have to bring me along, but instead, he just stands and walks to the door.
“You better be ready by dawn; that’s when we leave,” he growls over my shoulder before finishing his route to the door and storming out. I can still feel his hot breath on my neck; it sends shivers down my spine.
“That went better than I thought it would,” Rhys sighs, relaxing into his chair.
“He hardly ever acts so dramatic,” Cassian says, “what is it about you, Y/N, that makes him act out?”
Everyone’s attention suddenly turns to me-it’s unnerving. “Uhhh, I don’t know,” I offer helpfully with a shrug.
Their attention quickly fades and turns to less important matters, allowing me to slip out undetected and prepare for the mission to come.
I wake an hour before dawn to clean up and finish packing; knowing I may not be able to shower for a while has me scrubbing extra clean. I leave my room a quarter before dawn, my pack slung over my shoulder, and walk toward the dining room, excited for the mission-even if it’s with Azriel.
“You’re late,” Azriel growls from a corner near the balcony when I arrive five minutes later.
“No- no, I’m not,” I say nervously as he steps out from the wall and turns to the open doors.
“Let’s go,” he barks-an order.
I swallow back the lump in my throat and follow him onto the balcony. I allow him to stiffly pick me up and shoot into the air. Usually, I don’t mind silence, but with him holding me so close, I can’t help but stiffen and feel uncomfortable.
We don’t land for hours, though. We’re barely inside the night court now and land at a pub for lunch, which is also uncomfortable until we start talking about the mission. I don’t bother offering many ideas, knowing if I do it’ll just make him angrier. Even when I tried tweaking one small part of it, he huffed in frustration and glared at me. I held my ground, though, and he reluctantly agreed to add my idea.
In the afternoon, we make it to the coast and set up a small camp for a short break.
“Why’d we have to fly all the way here?” I ask.
“Because I have to winnow us across the ocean. I need to preserve my power.”
“I can winnow,” he freezes at that. Maybe he hadn’t thought of that, I wonder giddily.
But a second later, he’s in motion again, “have you ever been to Vallahan?”
“I-” I cut myself off, “no,” I finish, lowering my head and continuing my job of collecting water.
The mission continues smoothly after that. We get to Vallahan and camp on the outskirts, in the woods, for a couple of weeks. I mostly just wait as Azriel collects information. It’s not time for my job yet. When the time finally does come, though, I can’t help but smile. Azriel and I formulate our plan: brother and sister, come from our small village for the festival and to visit the king.
It doesn’t take long to infiltrate the city and get settled into an inn. I make friends with as many people as possible, attempting to gain their trust, but Azriel is quick to pull me back to him. He scowls at practically everyone, which unnerves me. He could blow our mission if anyone gets suspicious.
“What are you doing?” he growls when we get to our room the first night.
“What are you doing?” I snap back, “we need these people to like us if this plan is going to play out.”
He looks away from me. He’s angry, I can tell, but when he turns back to the door to unlock it, it’s clear he agrees. The door swings open, and I storm in to drop my pack but freeze when I only see one bed.
Azriel freezes next to me, the door shut at our backs. “I requested two beds,” he says, simply, “The male said this was their last room available, though.”
I huff a breath but shrug, pretending not to care as I sit on the bed, “you can sleep on the floor then,” I try to offer, but he just laughs darkly.
“Like hell, I’m sleeping on the floor, sweetheart. If you’ve got a problem sleeping next to me, sleep on the floor yourself,” he says, plopping down on the bed next to me.
We sleep next to one another for only one night before I decide to sleep on the floor. Azriel takes up so much of the small bed that I rolled out in the middle of the night and woke to the feeling of falling. I could have sworn I heard him chuckling too, but I just grabbed my pillow and curled up on the wooden floor.
Other than that, though, we continue to successfully gather the information we need. Whenever we encounter someone that does not speak our tongue, I do the talking. It is absolutely wonderful to see Azriel so helpless, but it only makes him angry at me later.
It’s only a week before we get invited to the large party at the castle and formulate the rest of our plan to successfully steal the king’s staph-which Azriel refuses to tell me the use of.
And when we conduct the plan and walk into the stone castle, everything is still going more than smoothly. It was when I was running through the woods in a tattered ball gown and heels that things went especially wrong.
Only ten minutes prior everything was fine, but then as Azriel and I were sneaking away from the palace-out a servant’s door- we were caught red handed. It didn’t take more than two minutes for the warning bells to sound, but Azriel and I were already in the forest. We didn’t need these people’s trust anymore anyways. We just needed to get away, so it wasn’t that bad. What ruined the mission, though, is when a witch stepped into our path.
I know nothing of witches, and therefore, nothing of how it happened, but one second I was running with Azriel by my side, and the next, we were stopped before a female, and my right wrist was burning. Azriel dropped the staph from his left hand, and before the witch could grab it for herself, I caught the staph and swung with my left hand, smacking her in the face with it.
I gripped the item as tightly as possible in my hand and ran with Azriel at my side still. As soon as we reached the edge of the forest, though, he grabbed my wrist and winnowed us away.
When we land in the Night Court we’re on a dark beach attached to the east coast. Here we are practically at the border to the Day Court, and just a hundred yards south, I can see where the black sand turns white.
It’s night here too, but earlier, and the stars are brighter. Besides me, in the sand, Azriel pants furiously. His breaths are shallow, and I only notice a few fragments of sentences ‘my hands’ ‘…fire’ ‘everything burns…’
I realize suddenly that my right hand is still burning, and I’m unsure why. It must have been the sorceress from the woods. Did he feel it too? Why is Azriel so frantic?
“Azriel, it’s okay.” I try to comfort and lift my right hand, but it feels heavier. Then I hear Azriel gasp, and his gaze locks on my wrist. His wrist. Bound together by a vicious glowing red rope. I tug at my wrist and try to pull it from the magical bind, but I am stuck. Stuck to Azriel.
I look up at Azriel to see what we should make of this situation, but he is just staring at his hands. I peer at his face, and for a second, I think I see tears in his eyes, but then he whips his head to the side, and I can only see the tousled mess of dark hair.
“I’ve sent word to Rhys of our predicament. I can’t winnow anymore, and I think I injured my wing. You shouldn’t winnow either since you’ve used so much magic already, so someone will come to get us.
Less than five minutes later, Mor appears on the beach. I don’t notice her at first because she’s several paces behind us, but she quickly winnows a second time and lands in front of us.
“Hello,” she says with a bright grin. She runs her gaze over both of us-assessing for injuries but finds nothing and halts when she sees our bound wrist. The glow of the rope is dimmer now but still red. She kneels beside us and attempts to grab our hands to see it, but Azriel finally snaps.
“Will you just take us home, Mor. Your curiosity isn’t doing anyone any good.”
Mor flinches back at his furious tone and looks hurt but quickly replaces the expression with another smile. She grabs each of us by our unbound hands and quickly winnows away.
We land again, but this time on a hard surface: the marble floor of the river house. Rhys and Cassian are already waiting on the floor, and I notice both of their faces turned to Azriel, and somehow they grow more worried. Is something wrong?
Feyre and Amren walk through the door, and you look over Azriel at them, but then your view is blocked by Cassian kneeling before Azriel. The first male whispers something into the latter’s ear, but you can’t hear it, even at my proximity.
Cassian runs a soothing hand down Azriel’s back and continues whispering something to him. I can’t help but notice the way Azriel relaxes. I hadn’t even realized how tense he had become. Worry floods through me suddenly, but when Azriel turns to meet my eyes with a glare, and I realize I have been staring, worry is replaced by shame, and my cheeks heat with a blush.
A moment later, Amren is kneeling before our bound hands, analyzing the magic.
“Can you undo it?” Rhys’ deep voice sounds from over her shoulder.
“I’ll need to do a bit more research, but I should be able to fix it. Feyre, I’ll need your help too; the magic you inherited from Helion will be a great help,” Amren replies as she raises to face the High Lord and Lady.
“Can’t we just ask Helion to fix it himself?” I raise my pleading face to them, dreading having to be attached to this male and his glares any longer.
The look Rhys gives me is a sad one: as if he knows exactly what I’m thinking and feels bad. “I’ve asked Helion for enough recently. If we can prevent it, I wouldn’t like to request anything else. Or give anyone reason to believe we were in Valehann and are now vulnerable.”
I nod, understanding, and make to stand, but my hand touches Azriel’s, and he rips it toward him, knocking me down and pulling me toward him in the process.
He attempts to shove me away, but it’s difficult when we are bound so closely, so various body parts start to hurt. My head hurts from knocking it against the ground, and my shoulder aches from Azriel pulling me so suddenly toward him. The pain there only gets worse when Azriel suddenly rises, and I’m left in a painful position on the floor.
“Ow,” I whimper, tears pricking my eyes while I struggle to stand.
“Azriel.” Feyres’s voice cuts through the room like ice. I finish standing and look up suddenly to see everyone’s pitying and cringed looks on us. Cassian starts saying something to Azriel, attempting to calm him. He doesn’t stay to listen, though, and starts climbing the stairs.
He moves quickly, but slow enough that he is not entirely dragging me with him. I can only assume it is to barely evade Feyre scolding him again. Which makes me smile widely; Feyre scolding this male like a child makes me want to giggle. And I do. We’re in his bedroom now, and he’s pacing a few feet while I am practically forced to walk in circles around himbecasue of our bound hands.
“What are you laughing at?” Azriel’s tone is dangerous enough to stop my laugh immediately.
“I just had a funny thought, is all,” I explain. “Will you stop pacing? My wrist is beginning to hurt, and I wish to sit.”
Azriel ceases his pacing, so I walk to his bed placed in the middle of the wall. He does not sit beside me but rather remains standing at the end of the bed. So I look around the room and try to figure out what he likes. The walls are dark and so is all the furniture. Almost everything is black or blue, the only other hint of color coming from the many bookshelves lining the walls and the few paintings-obviously done by the High Lady herself.
“Stop that,” Azriel’s gruff voice cuts through my thoughts.
“What?” I ask, brow furrowed in confusion.
“Analyzing me with your devious little brain. Stop.” He says with a new glare, so I look at my hands instead, not wanting to cause trouble.
I think instead about why he is so upset, but come up with nothing. Then a moment later, Madja knocks gently on the door and walks in. The healer only spends a short time in the room: quickly wrapping Azriel’s wing and looking over my now bruised shoulder. Azriel pulled one of my muscles.
After another look over Madja packs her things and prepares to leave, but not before offering Azriel a small scowl. “You need to be gentler with her, that shoulder of hers shouldn’t be strained anymore. And I doubt I need to tell you to keep off the wing?” She phrases the last part as a question but they both know the answer so she leaves.
“I’m tired…” I say, drawing his stoney expression to me, “can we just sleep?”
His expression changes at that. He looks upset, distressed, then nervous, and suddenly his expression is stone again and he’s scowling. “You’re a mess. We both are. We are not going to make my sheets reek of this filth.”
I realize suddenly he’s implying a bath, and my eyes widen with shock as he starts moving toward the bathing chamber.
“No,” I say sternly, stopping him in his tracks. “I am not-I’m not going to… with you.”
His brow furrows. “I wasn’t implying we get in the tub together.”
“Well, what do you suggest we do?”
“One of us will bathe at a time while the other waits at the edge of the tub.” He says it like it’s obvious, but I’m still uncomfortable. Then, we are in the small room, and Azriel is cutting his shirt sleeve so he can remove it from the arm bound to mine.
“Do you wish to go first, or shall I?” he asks the question plainly, peeling the mud-caked shirt from his hard abdomen.
“No. No,” I say roughly, turning my gaze to the tiled floor. “I am not bathing in front of you.”
“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” he says, leaning to turn the water on.
“Excuse me?” I practically shout and look up as he starts removing his belt.
“I mean- not you specifically. I’ve seen plenty of female bodies. It’s not that big of a deal.”
I fight back the urge to yell at him and say that it is a big deal- to me. Instead, I turn away from him as much as I can and attempt to hold back the frustrated tears while he attempts to pull his pants down with only one hand.
Eventually, the task becomes too difficult, and Azriel pulls our bound hands to his hips to assist himself. I squeak as my knuckles graze the leather covering his body and clench my hand into a fist, angling it closer to myself.
I can feel him watching me but ignore it as best I can while Azriel pulls his pants down and climbs into the large tub. I move to sit on the tub, our arms resting on the edge, and turn my head to look away from the bubbling water. It proves a more difficult task than I wish it were. My curiosity nearly gets the best of me multiple times, but I refuse to look at Azriel’s body. It would only make things worse.
Azriel finishes washing quickly, and I follow suit once he’s wrapped in a towel and the tub is filled with clean water. I refuse to take too long and keep my eyes glued to Azriel's back as he stares at the wall.
When we finally step out of the bathroom, both wrapped up in fluffy towels, Azriel takes no time to drop his towel. Unprepared, I quickly turn away but not before glimpsing his butt. It was kind of adorable, honestly.
My shoulder hurts from the quick move, and I take a shaky breath in, but I can’t escape Azriel. He turns toward me in nothing but underwear and gently grabs my shoulder.
“You need to be more careful,” he murmurs, then quickly drops my arm and looks down at me covered in the towel.
Self-conscious, I raise my left arm to hold my towel up more and turn toward the door, tugging Azriel with me.
“Where are we going?”
“To my room. So I can get some pajamas.”
“Right,” is all he says, still not looking me in the eyes.
We arrive in my bedroom, and I quickly grab clothes from the drawers and plop down on the edge of my bed to attempt putting them on. Making Azriel turn away, I struggle for a minute to pull on underwear and shorts. Then, with a t-shirt in hand, I sit still and try to figure out how to put it on.
“Unless you cut a sleeve, you’re not going to get into that shirt,” Azriel's voice, dark and smooth, draws me back to the room.
I grumble something in return and go back to my dresser and pull out a lacey nightgown instead. It’s the only comfortable pajamas I own that’s also strapless. So, quickly, I take off the shorts and shimmy into the silky shift that clings to curves I never wanted Azriel to see.
“Okay,” I say, my voice coming out squeakily as I stand and move toward the door. The sooner we get back to Azriel’s room and under the covers, the sooner I can start pretending he never saw me in this dress. What I didn’t realize, however, is moving in front of Az gives him a view of my barely covered ass.
A choking sound leaves his mouth, and when I turn back, Azriel is staring at the ceiling, muttering something under his breath that even I can’t hear. So I start walking instead, and we leave my room behind.
Our rooms just happen to be across the house from one another, so it’s a bit of a walk, and when we pass the stairs a shout comes from below.
“Damn Az, nice outfit, Brother.” Cassian.
Azriel just growls in response, and I keep walking and don’t stop when I get to Azriel’s room. I climb onto the right side of his bed and lay down on my back under the covers so that he can lay to my right.
I’m staring at the ceiling, unsuccessfully pretending Azriel isn’t there. “Um…” his voice comes hesitantly. He’s kneeling on the bed, not yet laying down. “I don’t mean to disturb you, but can we switch?”
“What?” I grumble, confused.
“My wings…” he trails off, “I like to sleep on my stomach because of the wings. It’s more comfortable. So…”
He still isn’t looking at me, and I can’t figure out why so I stop my scowl pretty quick and just move over to the other side of the bed and turn onto my front. Azriel crawls into bed right where I was and turns his head away from me. So I do the same. We face away from one another, our bound hands on the mattress between us.
The next day passes in a blur. We spend most of it trying to work side by side, but it’s a struggle since I can’t exactly write with his left hand tied to me.
Feyre and Amren haven’t made any progress on the spell to undo the binding, and things with Azriel are only getting tenser. When we’re alone again the next night and have just slipped into our pajamas, I move toward the bathroom. I grab the brush I had left there this morning and start coming through my hair. I can feel Azriel watching but don’t say anything. Then, suddenly, he whips his head away.
“Fuck,” I can just barely hear him mumble under his breath.
“What?” I question.
“Nothing,” he growls, pulling us to the bed. After five minutes of staring at the back of his head, though, I’ve had enough.
“Why do you hate me?” I say it loud enough for him to hear, but he doesn’t respond. That only makes me angrier. “Hey! I asked you a question.” I’m almost yelling now, and I take our bound hands and hit him in the head.
“Don’t hit me,” he growls, whipping his head back to return my glare.
“I didn’t. You hit yourself.” His eyes glow with fury at my response.
“Really? You’re going to act like a child?” is his reply, edged with anger.
“You’re the one that ignored my question. Why do you hate me so much?”
He stares at me for a moment, stoney expression completely emotionless. And it remains that way while he says, “I don’t,” and lays back down, looking away from me.
“What?” I raise my voice slightly.
“Will you be quiet? There is no reason to shout; I can hear you perfectly well without it,” he says, turning back onto his side to face me.
“Well, then stop ignoring me. And don’t lie.”
“I wasn’t lying. I don’t hate you.”
“Well, you certainly like to act like it.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Yes, you do. You’re upset right now.”
“You’re interrupting my rest.” That only fuels my anger, and I turn onto my side, lifting onto my forearm to face him better.
“You got upset in the bathroom. Why?”
“No. I didn’t.”
“Stop with all the denying. Why are you upset?” I growl.
“I’m not,” he growls right back.
“You keep lying! It’s pissing me off!” I’m nearly shouting again and shove him with our bound hands.
In only a second, I’m flipped onto my back, and my hand is being held above my head. “I told you to stop touching me,” he growls, but I’m too focused on what’s pressing into my thigh to respond.
Realization hits the both of us at the same moment; my eyes widen, and my mouth gapes as Azriel pulls himself up to his knees.
“You’re- Why are you hard?” I whisper, shout as if someone is listening.
“I can’t always control it,” he whispers back, turning his face away from me, his cheeks reddening.
“500 years, and you haven't figured out how to control your own dick?”
His face goes red with embarrassment at my words, “shut up!” he grumbles quietly.
“No. Explain yourself.”
“Explain myself?” he’s shouting, now, “I think this is enough explanation.” He looks down at me in my silky lace shift.
I blush darkly under his gaze. “So you can’t control yourself when there’s a girl in a nightgown in your bed?”
“Can’t control myself?” he growls, moving forward to lean over me again. “I haven’t touched you. Do you have any idea how much control that takes?” His eyes are dark now, and my tummy is doing flips at him being this close. Fuck!
“Azriel,” I murmur breathlessly, lifting my free hand slightly, but in a flash I can barely register, he moves my hand above my head to rest with the other. I try to pull it away, but his grip is firm.
“I am controlling myself! So why do you have to push me? Why do you have to tempt me? Touch me?” His words trail off, and he pushes closer to me, pressing his hips into mine. His bulge is even more obvious now.
“Azriel,” I murmur again, and this time he lifts his head to look into my eyes, blown wide with lust.
One second Azriel is above me, and the next: we’re connected, more than just at the wrist. His lips press to mine roughly, and his tongue dips into my mouth taking every ounce of control away.
I’ve never been kissed like this. Touched like this. Azriel’s free hand begins roaming my body. Over my hip and up to my breasts, he feels my hard nipples through the fabric before quickly pulling it down and pulling his mouth away from mine to latch onto one of my hard nipples.
With his left hand holding both of mine hostage above my head his right continued moving across my body and his mouth never left me for long. His lips moved from one breast to another, back to my mouth, then to my neck. My jaw. The valley between my breasts.
I arch against him, pleading silently with my body for more. Only barely obliging, he ruts his hips against mine and nips at my ear. He doesn't say anything, breathing heavily, and for a second I have a moment of clarity. Should we really be doing this, I think?
But then his teeth are gently biting my collarbone again, and his right hand is traveling past my hips. I gasp when he rubs me once through my panties and growls at the wetness pooled there. After that, he doesn’t waste any more time. Yanking his underwear down so that his cock has enough room to spring free, he moves his hand back to my panties and looping a finger into my panties right where they cover my clit, he lets a knuckle graze the bundle of sensitive nerves and pulls the fabric to the side, giving his cock enough room to nudge at my soaking folds.
He thrust into me slow and steady the first time, stretching me wide and seating himself comfortably to give me a chance to adjust. After I catch my breath, though, and motion to him to continue, he’s no longer gentle.
Pulling out to the tip, he thrusts back in roughly, sending the entire bed lurching forward slightly so that the headboard hits the wall. A loud gasp leads my mouth combined with a dark moan. Azriel continues brutally thrusting in, pulling out, and thrusting back in again. He hits the spot I need him to every time, and within a minute, I’m clenching around him and moaning with the need to cum.
He chuckles softly from above, drawing my gaze, and our eyes finally meet again. “Going to cum already?” he asks in that dark sultry voice of his, his lips nearly touching my own.
My only response is a moan, and with his next thrust, a scream erupts from my lips the same second the headboard slams back into the wall. I cum all over his cock, drenching him with my cream, but he’s not done yet. Not even close.
Flipping me over so that my left hand is trapped underneath me, Azriel gently pulls my bound hand to rest across my back, where he presses it firmly with his. His cock is back at my dripping pussy as soon as we’re settled, and he immediately starts nudging and rubbing his tip about and down the slit of me. When he roughly pushes his tip against my clit I can’t help but start shaking.
“Oh, do you like that, baby?” he purrs into my ear, continuing to nudge his cock to my clit. He rubs and thrusts along my folds, torturing my clit until I’m clenching around nothing, nearly about to cum. That’s when he pulls away.
I grumble at the lost friction but stop complaining when Azriel pulls back slightly, lowering his face to my ass, his left arm stretching to stay with mine against my lower back.
He lays down on the bed between my legs, and a second later, his nose is nudging my wetness. Then his tongue is darting out, and he’s collecting me on his tongue, licking up my cum and swallowing it. He presses his face closer until I’m pushed forward slightly. His face is buried in my pussy, and he just licks and sucks and bites, bringing me closer to an orgasm.
He doesn’t stop when my legs start shaking. Or when my hand starts clawing at his. Or when I start screaming and moaning. He just buries his face deeper and moves his tongue so expertly against my clit that I cum harder than I ever have before, squirting my release onto his face and panting into the pillow beneath me.
Azriel doesn’t come up for several more minutes, and I’d think he may have drowned if it weren’t for the feeling of his tongue lapping up my juices and depositing them into his mouth.
When he does rise from the sheets, it’s only barely. His face drags up my ass as he presses kisses and licks there, moving up ever so slowly. He begins sucking and kissing his way up my spine next, surely leaving bruises. When he reached my neck, he nudges my face to one side, and his cock nudges at my folds, seeking the hole it so desperately wanted to return to.
When his tip started pushing into me, he let his tongue lick one long lick along the bottom of my neck where it meets my shoulder. Then, without warning, his cock shoves into me to the hilt, and simultaneously Az bites down on the spot he liked. He bites hard enough to draw blood and make me groan from the little bit of pain.
He doesn’t release his mouth, his teeth stay buried in me, and his cock wastes no time in moving in and out, seeking endless pleasure. He drives in and in, pushing limits no one has pushed before and bringing me to pleasures I’ve never seen.
Again and again, in and out, and in seconds I’m releasing a screaming moan from my throat, my legs trembling and pushing together squeezing Azriel’s cock which stays buried in me, not moving as my pussy clenches it too.
Finally, his mouth releases my neck. And his tongue licks up the little bit of blood from his rough bite. Nothing but the sounds of our breath echo in the room, mine far more labored than Azriel’s. Then I realize he hasn’t cum yet.
“Azriel,” I say as he starts to pull out of my aching core, thinking he’s leaving. But then his hand tightens on my wrist, and his other pushes me back toward the bed as I had tried to sit up. In a quick motion, he begins thrusting in. He’s moving fast, almost too fast for me to notice as he doesn’t push in enough to hit that spot inside of me. Only grazing it.
I’m whimpering beneath him as he huffs and groans loudly, his pace beginning to falter. Then, pulling out to the tip, he shoves back in harder than before and hits my spot so hard I'm cumming again as he fills me with his own hot cream.
We stay like that, again, for many minutes before Azriel pulls out and sits up, gently flipping me back onto my back in the process. Moving as far from me as possible, he picks something up off the floor-some sort of fabric. I watch as he wipes himself off and then moves the fabric-his underwear- to my pussy and starts cleaning off the cum that's already spilling out.
A smirk crosses his face while he stares at me. “What?” I ask, confused by his expression while he looks at my core.
“Nothing,” he continues smirking and glances up at me, “I just like watching my cum spill out of you.”
My cheeks heat, turning a dark shade of red and I turn my head away, but a second later Azriel’s lips are there, pressing gentle kisses all over my face. He wraps his arms around me and lifts me up with him. I don’t notice where we’re going until I hear the water of the tub turn on in the dark room. A second later a small light fills the room, barely lighting anything, but allowing for a relaxing environment without leaving us in complete darkness.
When the tub is full Azriel slowly steps in and lowers us into the large basin, still nuzzling into my neck while I straddle his lap.
“Az,” I murmur, but he shushes me quietly.
“Let's not talk about it yet. I just wanna sit here with you.”
His expression looks so hopeful so I just lay my head against his shoulder and let him gently clean me off with the washcloth.
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5.7k Celebration Blurb Weekend!!
Here I am!! Celebrating 5.7k - a follower count I didn't think I would ever get. I am so grateful for you all. Thank you so much for every read, reblog, like and comment. I treasure them all. 
Welcome to my Blurb Weekend celebration!! I hope you like!
Tumblr media
Send me an ask with the character you desire and no more than 3 prompts from the below lists.
No smut requests. 
This is running all weekend; you can send in requests until midnight on Sunday 23rd January (GMT). After that, I won’t accept anymore requests and will post the ones that were sent in before the deadline.
Harry Potter - Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, George, Fred, Neville, Cedric, Oliver, Luna, Sirius, James, Remus.
Bridgerton - Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Simon
Shadow and Bone - General Kirigan, Kaz Brekker, Matthias Helvar
Peaky Blinders - Tommy, John, Michael, Alfie
ACOTAR - Cassian, Azriel, Rhysand, Morrigan
Stranger Things - Steve, Jonathan, Nancy
The Originals - Elijah, Klaus
The Witcher - Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Jaskier
“I love you.”
“You’re so cute when you blush.”
“Kiss me... Kiss me like you mean it.”
“Marry me... Marry me and always be mine.”
“Dance with me?”
“I adore you.”
“Do you love me?”
“You make me a better person.”
“I don't want to be alone tonight.”
“I think I’m falling in love with you.”
“I’ll keep you safe.”
“I believe in you.”
“You’re important to me.”
“If I kissed you, I don't think I’d be able to stop.”
“You still give me butterflies. After all this time, you still reduce me to butterflies.”
“We don't need to talk, okay?”
“Let me be there for you.”
“I didn't know where else to go.”
“I am not leaving you.”
“I’ll keep you safe.”
“I can always count on you.”
“You look happier.”
“You left without saying goodbye.”
“Will you hold my hand?”
“Promise me you’ll still be here when I wake up?”
“How many times am I supposed to forgive you?”
“Can we talk?”
“I can’t do this anymore.”
“I don't believe you.”
“Some things just aren't meant to be.”
Types of Kisses:
A kiss on the cheek
A kiss on the hand
Forehead kiss
A kiss on the neck
Morning kisses
A goodnight kiss
A ‘just-because’ kiss
A kiss to shut them up
Giggling/smiling whilst kissing
A goodbye kiss
Hard kisses
A passionate kiss/ a breathless kiss
A relieved kiss
A kiss on the jaw
A welcome home kiss
Tattoo artist
Regency (excludes Bridgerton characters)
Fake dating 
Next door neighbours
Coffee shop
Secret relationship 
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Morning routine
Azriel x reader
Mornig routine
The librarian
Not a so secret relationship
The dinner
My masterlist
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oops i fell for the dark-haired immortal not exactly human boi with a tragic backstory once again
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Wrongly Accused  - Azriel x Reader (smut)
Tumblr media
Fanart by LadyCamafeo on DeviantArt
Request: “angst to smut and then fluff” - Reader is a healer working for the Inner Circle, convinced that Azriel doesn’t like her.
Tags: @lillysugarsxx
Warnings: smut!!!! don’t read if you aren’t 18! also angst
Word Count: 6,000 (sorry)
A/N: Here’s another Azriel one! Sorry it took me about a week to write, I’m not amazing at writing smut and didn’t want it to be horrendous. I have a few more Azriel fics to write that people have requested, as well as one about Cassian! Feel free to request other stuff, but know it might take me a little longer to write it. I hope you enjoy! :)
Your father worked as an apothecary in Velaris, running a small shop to sell medicines and offer treatment when needed. You’d helped him ever since you were little - stocking supplies and bandaging small injuries. Over time, you developed a genuine interest in medicine and the chemistry behind it, working with your father as he developed new treatments for the common illnesses and ailments in the City of Starlight.
One night while your father was out on a house call, the High Lord of the Night Court himself had winnowed into your house after a mission had gone awry. He’d been seeking your father’s medical attention, of course, but he wouldn’t be home for hours, leaving you to tend to Rhysand’s wounds as he collapsed on your kitchen floor. While cleaning out a large cut on his arm you’d realized he’d been poisoned somehow, his skin far too pale for the minimal amount of blood he’d lost, his veins a startling shade of green. Despite your panic you’d been able to find a suitable antidote to the poison, calming down only when his complexion returned to normal. You wrapped his wounds, dragged him onto your couch, and called it a night.
In the morning, he’d been shocked that you’d been able to heal him, explaining he’d been struck by a poisoned arrow in a remote part of the Night Court. Apparently the poison was quite obscure, and Rhysand had praised you for what he deemed was “superior medical knowledge.”
You’d chalked it all up to a lucky guess, and after a once-over from your father you sent the High Lord on his merry way. A week later, he returned and offered you a job as a healer in the House of Wind.
You’d been hesitant to accept - you didn’t want to leave your father to run the shop alone - but at the end of the day, Rhys paid you more, allowing you to buy more supplies and medicines for your father to use. Plus, the library in the House of Wind was humongous, and you’d be able to learn more about medicine and healing there.
In the end, you’d taken the job, getting a better paycheck and the best friends in the whole world at the same time.
The Inner Circle was more than a family, and they’d welcomed you into their lives as if they’d known you for centuries. Rhys and Amren dedicated themselves to furthering your education, with Rhys frequently leaving new books outside your door and Amren inviting you over to her apartment to study. Cassian had convinced you to let him teach you self-defense, and Mor brought you with her to Rita’s almost every weekend.
There was, however, one member of the Inner Circle who hardly acknowledged your presence. After years of living in the House of Wind, you were confident Azriel hated you.
What other explanation could there possibly have been for the way he treated you? He hardly talked to you unless it was necessary, giving you answers and replies that hardly qualified as sentences. And you didn’t miss the looks he gave you during dinners and meetings that, in your opinion, were borderlining on glares.
What really sucked was how badly you wanted to be his friend. On the rare occasions you saw him smile or even laugh, you wanted nothing more to make him as happy as the other members of the Inner Circle did. But deep down you knew that would never happen; he simply wanted nothing to do with you, and that hurt.
But you ignored it, ignored his side-eyes and curt answers and obvious dislike of you. You understood it, you were a stranger who started living in his house and joined his centuries-old friend group. So you pushed all your own feelings aside and pretended that being in the same room as him didn’t spike your anxiety.
The most you’d ever done was ask Mor about it on your way to Rita’s one night. She’d dismissed you with a laugh and a wave of her hand: He’s just quiet, she said. But why did it feel so much more personal than that?
You didn’t want to cause any more trouble than you clearly already had, so you stayed out of his way, only asking him for anything when absolutely necessary.
But as months and then years went by, the anxiety he gave you only worsened. You’d stopped going to their weekly dinners, electing to stay up in your room or visit your father, and only attended meetings when your presence was necessary. Amren had asked you once if everything was okay, but you’d plastered a happy smile on your face and assured her you were just busy. You knew she didn’t believe you, but she didn’t pry.
What really sucked was that you’d stopped going to the library to avoid Azriel. It was one of your favorite places in the House of Wind, though apparently also one of his, considering he was almost always there when you were. Rhys brought you enough books for it not to matter much, but it wasn’t the same as reading in the library’s cozy chairs. You would move them near the windows, admiring the view of Velaris whenever you put your book down. Your room did not match the library’s aesthetic at all, but you were not willing to subject yourself to Azriel’s unfriendliness.
You still trained with Cassian once or twice a week, still visited Amren occasionally, still went out with Morrigan most weekends. But other than those few hours with your friends, other than the weekly trips down to your father, you kept to yourself.
You mostly stayed on your floor, studying on your balcony or in the sitting room a few doors down. Some nights, after everyone had gone to sleep, you’d creep down to the kitchen and read while you made yourself a midnight snack.
That was how you’d chosen to spend tonight, your books and notes laid out across the table while you stood in front of the stove, waiting patiently for the kettle to boil. You’d decided to make yourself tea, picking out a nice herbal variety so that you wouldn’t have any trouble sleeping when you decided to go to bed. You were humming to yourself softly, studying the designs on the mug you’d chosen, when you heard a small rustling behind you.
You glanced over your shoulder, eyes widening at the sight of Azriel sitting at the table, head propped up on his hand as he read a page of your notes.
He glanced up at you, your eyes meeting briefly, and you turned back to the stove. Perhaps you were having visions? You turned around again…
Alas, he was still there. Not a vision, you decided.
You bit your lip, looking between him and the kettle as your pulse quickened.
“Would you, uh, like some?” you asked, gesturing to the now boiling kettle and hoping he wouldn’t pick up on the slight shake in your voice.
He gave you a slight nod.
“There’s, um, black tea,” you offered, grabbing another mug from the cabinet above you. “But that’s caffeinated so you might stay up for a while if you drink that. I’m having herbal tea which doesn’t do that as much...there’s also green tea.” Your voice trailed off as you picked up the kettle, giving Azriel a cautious glance.
He shrugged. “I don’t know much about tea.”
“Okay!” you said rather shrilly, Azriel jumping a little in his seat. You pretended not to notice, focusing instead on pouring water into the two mugs on the counter. Your brows furrowed in concentration, yelping a bit as a bit of the boiling water spilled onto the counter.
You heard Azriel move in the chair behind you but held your other hand out to stop him.
“It’s good, I’m good,” you rambled nervously, setting the kettle down. You grabbed another tea bag and dropped it into his cup.
“You have to wait a bit before you drink it,” you explained, picking the two mugs up and turning towards the table. “It has to steep, and cool down.”
You set the two mugs on the table, pushing one over to him. He wrapped his hands around it slowly, as if afraid it might break.
You stared at your tea silently, hesitant to say anything else. This was the first time you’d been alone with Azriel in...weeks? Months?
Surprisingly, he was the one who broke the silence.
“Your notes are very detailed,” he said awkwardly, gesturing to the piece of paper he’d been reading before.
“Oh, thank you,” you replied, cheeks heating up a bit. “I spend a lot of time on them, maybe a bit too much.”
“The drawings are very realistic, I like them.” He brought the mug up to his lips and took a small sip. You gave him a small smile and glanced down at your hands.
“I haven’t seen you in the library in a while,” he continued.
You shrugged as if you had no idea. “I guess I’ve been busy.”
“Busy?” Azriel asked incredulously. “Doing what, may I ask?”
You frowned at him. “I’ll have you know I do quite a lot around here. Rhys is having me modernize a bunch of old medical texts. That’s a lot of work.”
“Enough to justify you staying out of the library for two months?” he asked.
“Quit stalking me,” you muttered quietly, grip tightening around your mug.
“My job is to watch people, Y/N,” he said easily.
“To watch people who could be threats,” you clarified, sending him a pointed glare. “Which I am not.”
He just stared back at you, and you felt a stab of betrayal at his silence.
“You think I’m a threat?” you asked, hurt evident in your voice.
“I never said that,” he replied quickly, but you were already standing up from the table.
“You also didn’t say I wasn’t.” You began piling your books and notes together, him standing up as if to stop you.
“You’ve been distant for months,” he stated, grabbing your wrist. “Missing meetings, avoiding people.”
“And?” you hissed, pulling your hand out of his grip.
“I’ve noticed in my line of work that people tend to withdraw from others when they’re plotting something,” he said bluntly. You gasped, taking a step backwards from him as if he’d slapped you across the face.
“You think I’m plotting something?” you seethed, no longer trying to keep your voice down.
“What other reason would you have to elude all of us?” he asked.
“To avoid you, Azriel!” you shouted, stepping forward and slamming your hand on the table.
His eyes widened in surprise, mouth opening as you grabbed your stack of books.
“Do not think,” you interrupted, “that I haven’t realized how you’ve regarded me these past few years.” Your voice was steady despite how angry you were.
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh come on,” you seethed. “You glare at me like I’m some lowlife at every meeting, every dinner, every time I see you in the library.”
“I don’t glare at you,” he said incredulously, giving you a confused look as you shook your head.
“You do glare,” you maintained. “And you don’t reply to me half the time, you’re the only person in this whole house who's never gone out of their way to talk to me. But then again, you think I’m some scheming infiltrator, so that all makes sense now.”
“I don’t think that!” he yelled.
“You just accused me of plotting something!” you reminded him angrily. “I literally avoid you because I don’t want to make you hate me more than you already do and you think I’m planning some act of betrayal!”
He just stared at you, mouth opening and closing wordlessly.
“Do you not care that I have spent every day of my time here terrified of upsetting you?” you shouted. But he remained silent.
And your whole facade crumbled.
“Do you not care?” you asked again, quietly, eyes widening as hurt replaced your anger. You let out a shaky breath, tears forming in your eyes, and turned towards the doorway.
“Y/N-” Azriel started, but you were already walking out of the room. He called after you again, and again. You did not turn around.
You were halfway up the stairs when you bumped into Rhys, tears spilling down your face as you let out a choked sob.
His eyes widened in shock. “Oh my gods, Y/N, what happened?”
You stepped back as he reached out to you, shaking your head at the confusion on his face. “I can’t do this anymore, Rhys,” you rambled, voice shaking. “I can’t, not when he ignores me for years and then accuses me of fucking treason.”
“What? Who?” Rhys asked frantically, brows rising as Azriel appeared at the bottom of the stairs. You let out another sob, and then shook your head.
“I quit,” you managed between sobs. “I quit.”
And then you were racing up the stairs to your room, slamming the door behind you and collapsing on the bed. You heard several different knocks, but you answered none. Instead, you gathered up all your things and shoved them into the bag you kept under your bed. You left the books Rhys had given you in a stack near the door, left the dress Mor had let you wear one weekend laid out on the bed.
Before the sun rose, you snuck out of your room, out of the house, and walked down the ten thousand stairs leading back to Velaris.
You’d been away for a whole week, working long hours at your father’s shop and spending the remainder of the day asleep. It was easier to push aside your feelings that way, easier to throw yourself into work than think about how badly Azriel had hurt your feelings.
It was early one morning while you were bandaging a young child that Azriel had walked into the shop, glancing at you as he made his way over to the waiting area.
Your eyes widened in shock and then narrowed into a pointed glare, half of you wanting to curse him out and make him leave. But the other half of you knew that would terrify the child in front of you, so you took a deep breath and plastered a fake smile on your face.
“That man looks scary,” they whispered to you, eyes wide with fear as they took in Azriel’s wings and the shadows that wrapped around him. Azriel turned towards you slightly, no doubt listening to your conversation.
“It’s wrong to judge others by their looks alone,” you murmured, tucking the ends of the bandage into place.
You glanced towards the front door as your father walked in, obviously struggling as he carried in a stack of supply crates.
“Good morning Y/N!”
Wordlessly, Azriel walked over to help him. You hadn’t told your father why you’d come back from the House of Wind, so his eyes lit up at the sight of the tall Illyrian.
“Ah, hello spymaster!” he greeted cheerily. “How can we help you today?” “I came to talk to Y/N, actually,” Azriel replied carefully, sending a cautious look in your direction. “Where would you like me to put these?”
You scowled as your father directed Azriel into the backroom, pushing yourself up from where you’d been kneeling on the floor and patting your patient on the shoulder.
“You’re all set!” you smiled, helping the child out of the chair they’d been sitting in.
“Thank you!” they exclaimed, giving you a bright smile and prancing off towards the door.
“Be careful!” you called after them, walking over to the supply cabinet and returning the bandage roll to its drawer.
You stiffened as Azriel walked out of the storage room, watching out of the corner of your eye as he made his way over to you.
He stopped a few feet away, looking at you almost nervously.
“Yes?” you asked, turning your head to glare at him.
“I’ve come to apologize.” His voice was soft.
You laughed humorlessly. “Did Rhys force you to come?” You scoffed as Azriel nodded, rolling your eyes and turning to face the bookshelf by the window.
“I did want to apologize of my own accord,” Azriel replied quickly. You could hear his unease. “Rhys just...urged me to do so sooner rather than later.”
“Ah, does the mighty High Lord miss my presence? Did he think I’d be moved by your apology and want to come back?” you said sarcastically. Azriel looked down at the floor in front of him.
“Everyone, not just Rhys, misses you.” His voice was quiet. “And Cassian is convinced he’s going to get wounded during a mission and die because you won’t be there to fix him up. He keeps complaining about it, actually.”
You chuckled at that, the corners of Azriel’s mouth turning up slightly.
“I don’t want to beg you to return, but I will if I must,” Azriel continued. “Amren demanded I bring you back.”
You remained silent, weighing the options in your head.
“You can tell Amren I’ll be back tonight,” you said finally.
“I can bring you there now, if you want,” he offered. You shook your head.
“I’ll be there tonight,” you restated bluntly, grabbing a few pieces of parchment off the bookshelf and walking towards the backroom. You cast a dismissive glance back at him. “Goodbye, Azriel.”
Hours later, after you’d repacked your belongings and helped your father with his weekly shopping, you began the long trek up to the House of Wind.
If ten thousand steps going downhill was a challenge, ten thousand steps in the other direction was practically impossible. But you were too stubborn to accept help from Azriel, and too prideful to ask Rhys or Cassian either.
It was the middle of the night when you finally finished the climb and made your way into the large living room. Rhys was sitting on a large couch - obviously having stayed up waiting for you - and sent you a rather mean glare as you walked over towards him.
“I’ve been sitting here for hours,” he frowned.
“Hello to you too, gracious High Lord,” you feigned a bow, plopping yourself down in an armchair across from him. You groaned in exhaustion, reaching down to rub your sore leg muscles.
“You do realize Azriel could’ve flown you up, right?” Rhys asked bluntly, clearly unamused by your stunt.
“I don’t need his help,” you retorted, “nor do I want it.”
“I take it you haven’t accepted his apology?”
You shook your head. “It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than some forced apology for me to forgive him.” Rhys sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“He really is sorry.”
“Oh, I’m sure he is,” you retorted. “He all but accused me of treason, he’d better be fucking sorry.”
“Even before this whole accusation thing, he’s never been nice to me,” you interrupted, throwing your hands in the air. “That alone is hard to forgive, let alone suggesting I was plotting against you all.”
“Perhaps it’s time to turn over a new leaf,” Rhys suggested. You gave him an incredulous look.
“Oh, should I bake him cookies?” you suggested sarcastically. “Here you go Azriel, after years of treating me like crap, I’ve come bearing gifts in the name of friendship!”
Rhys groaned, throwing his head back against the couch in defeat.
“All I’ve ever wanted was to be his friend,” you huffed. “Do you know how jealous I am of all of you? You make him smile and laugh like it’s no big deal, meanwhile the only reactions I can get out of him are mean looks and psychological analyses.”
Rhysand gave you a curious look. “Jealous?” he asked. You shrugged.
“I want to be able to make him happy, too,” you admitted defeatedly. “That’s why I started avoiding him. I figured I just made him upset.”
“That’s not true!” Rhys insisted, but you shook your head. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” you said, standing up and grabbing your bags from off the floor. Rhys just gave you a scandalized look as you made your way towards the stairs.
“You can’t just go to bed after saying something like that!” he called after you. “All of that was completely untrue, we have to unpack that!”
“Goodnight, oh mighty bat man!” you called back as you climbed up the staircase.
Rhys cast a sad glance at the far corner of the living room. You’d failed to notice the winged male standing in the shadows, a broken look on his face.
---- You’d started reading in the library again.
Something about the whole last week and a half had given you a much needed reality check. You lived in this damn house, for crying out loud! You could read a book in the library if you wanted to.
And who were you to care about bothering Azriel? You scoffed just thinking about it - there was no use trying to tiptoe around him anymore.
It was raining outside. You were sitting at a table, reading a book about muscle healing techniques, when two scarred hands slammed down on the wooden surface in front of you.
You glanced up, furrowing your eyebrows at the rather angry look on Azriel’s face. “Can’t you see I’m busy?” you asked rhetorically, redirecting your gaze to the book in your hands.
You shouted in protest when he pulled the book away from you. “Give that back!” you yelled, lunging across the table.
He took a step back, out of your reach. “Not until you explain...this.” He gestured towards you briefly.
“What the hell do you mean?” you asked incredulously, eye wide in confusion. “Give me my book back!”
“Why were you avoiding me?” he asked. You groaned.
“I didn’t want to bother you! Can you just give me my book back?” He shook his head, lips pursed together in thought.
“See, that’s where you’ve got me confused,” he said, hazel eyes fixed on you intently. “When did I ever give you that idea?”
“That I bother you?” you asked, raising an eyebrow as he nodded. “Oh, I don’t know Azriel, maybe all the times you’ve glared at me during meetings or given me half-assed answers when I asked for something?”
He glared at you, jaw clenching. You rolled your eyes and stuck out your hand.
“I answered your question, I want my book back.”
He shook his head. “I don’t glare at you. I’ve never glared at you.”
“You certainly don’t give me happy looks!” you retorted. “I’ve lived here for years and you’ve never once smiled at me or something I’ve said. I know I’m funny, everyone else likes my jokes!”
“Does that bother you?” he asked lowly.
“Of course it does!” you replied, eyes darting between his face and your book.
“Why?” he asked, hazel eyes boring into yours. You opened your mouth, then paused. You bit your lip, face heating up as you realized you didn’t have an answer. “Why?” he repeated.
“I don’t know!” you stammered. “Azriel I just want my book back, I walked all the way up here yesterday and my legs are very sore, and I’m trying to figure out how to make them stop feeling like jelly…”
Azriel kept his gaze fixed on you as he moved around the table, looking far too predatory for your liking. You took a step back nervously as he approached you, then another, grimacing as your back hit one of the large marble columns holding up the ceiling.
“Why does it bother you?” he asked again, voice softer but even more intense.
“Would you back up a bit?” you hissed, heart pounding as he kept drawing nearer.
“Answer my question,” he growled, stopping right in front of you. He reached out and gripped the marble on both sides of you, effectively trapping you against the column.
You gulped, looking up at him and taking in his strong jawline, his darkened eyes.
“I don’t know!” you cried again. You pushed your hands against his toned chest, frowning when he did not budge. “Move!”
He chuckled lowly, and your eyes went wide.
You stammered for a second, giving him a confused look. “Did I make you laugh?”
“I wouldn’t consider that a whole laugh,” he said with a small smirk. “Maybe a half.” Your jaw dropped.
“What is happening?” you spluttered, frantically looking between his face and his hands and his damn smirk.
Gods, you could get used to a view like this.
“You don’t bother me,” he said finally, gazing down at you with glazed over eyes. “I don’t know where you got that idea.” You leaned your head back against the column, bewildered. “And I do laugh at your jokes.”
“I...I thought you didn’t pay any attention to me,” you clamored, mind spinning when he shook his head.
“On the contrary, Y/N, I pay too much attention to you,” he answered with a gorgeous grin. “Half the time I can’t keep myself from staring at you. Perhaps you’ve been mistaking those looks as glares.”
“That can’t be,” you whispered, brows knit together. “I thought…” You trailed off, speaking proving to be too difficult as you lost yourself in his eyes.
And then he was leaning down, your heart practically leaping out of your chest at the realization that hit you. He was leaning down...leaning…
“Azriel,” you whispered.
And then his lips were on yours, and all you wanted was him.
You pushed yourself up into him, mouths meeting in a heated battle as he moved his hands to cradle your face. You moaned, head reeling as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, as he trailed a hand down to your hip.
You threw your arms around his neck and jumped, wrapping your legs around him as he slammed you back into the marble column. You moaned again, tilting your head up as he began exploring your neck with his mouth.
His name was like a chant on your lips, a cry leaving your mouth as he bit down on the skin between your neck and your shoulder. He growled, bringing a hand up to fondle one of your breasts.
“Azriel... Azriel please,” you begged, arching into his hand.
“What do you want?” he murmured, eyes dark as he watched you writhe against him.
You moaned loudly, the obscene noise echoing throughout the library.
“Touch me,” you managed, your core clenching as he groaned.
He whisked you away from the column, turning around and laying you on top of the table you’d been reading at minutes ago. You pulled him down on top of you, lips colliding in a sloppy mix of tongue and teeth. You didn’t care.
You trailed your hands down the broad expanse of his back, fingers brushing against the base of his wings. He shuddered against you, shadows tickling your skin sensually.
“Take this off,” you murmured, tugging at his shirt.
He was happy to oblige, pushing himself off you and pulling his shirt over his head. You groaned, trailing your hand down your body at the sight of him.
You grabbed at the laces that held the front of your dress together, undoing the knot as Azriel helped you shimmy out of it. He let out a wanton moan at the sight of your bare breasts, surging forward to capture one in his mouth and cupping the other in his hand.
You threw your head back, moaning as he made his way down from your breast to your stomach.
He looked up at you, hands gripping the fabric now bunched around your hips. You bit your lip and nodded, heat pooling in your stomach as Azriel slid the rest of the dress off of you. His eyes darkened at your body, displayed for him on top of the table.
“Let me just admire you for a moment,” he murmured, hand tracing a line from your navel to your thigh.
You gasped, arching your back as his fingers ghosted over the apex of your thighs. You were dripping.
“What do you want, darling?” Azriel drawled, grinning as you moaned loudly. “Use your words for me.”
“Please,” you panted as he dragged his hands down your sides, grinding desperately against nothing, relishing in the heat of his hands and the cold of his shadows.
“What do you want?” he whispered again, and you spread your legs.
“I want you here.”
He let out a strangled groan, dropped to his knees, and pressed his mouth against your aching core.
“Azriel!” you cried breathlessly, hips lurching as pleasure jolted up your spine. He snarled, throwing your legs over his shoulders. You moaned loudly, writhing in pleasure as he sucked your clit.
“Keep these still,” he growled, draping an arm over your hips and lowering his head again.
Your breath hitched as the coil in your center began to tighten, shaking legs clenched around the sides of Azriel’s face.
You glanced down, taking in the sight of Azriel going down on you as if his life depended on it - his nose rubbings against your clit, little pieces of his hair clinging to his forehead.
Azriel’s gaze snapped up to yours as a breathless moan left your lips, eyes blown out with lust. He thrust his tongue into you and you gasped, back arching off the table.
It was Azriel’s languid moan against your heat that spurred on your orgasm, your cries ricocheting throughout the library as waves of pleasure crashed over you. Azriel kept working you as you came, forcing you to push his head away when it finally became too much.
“Tapping out?” he asked cockily as he pushed himself back onto his feet. You glared, ignoring the way your heart swelled at the signs of your pleasure glistening on his face.
“Was that all you had to offer, shadowsinger?” you teased, sucking in a breath as Azriel’s face darkened.
“Gods, no.”
Azriel made a move for the string of his pants, glancing up at you as if he half-expected you to stop him.
“Keep going,” you urged, smiling as you propped yourself up on your elbows to watch. He gave you a small smile, undoing the knot and ridding himself of his pants and underwear.
Your eyes widened as his size; apparently, the saying about an Illyrian male’s wings was true. He was more than endowed, and your mouth practically watered at the sight of him. You trailed your eyes back up his toned body, melting at the nervous look on his face.
“I want you inside me,” you said with a smile, reaching your hands out for him.
A look of relief washed over his features as he moved forward, grabbing your outstretched hands as he bent down over you for a kiss.
You flung your arms around his shoulders, tongue moving against his as your mouths collided. He groaned, trailing his calloused hands down to your thighs.
He spread them apart and wrapped them around his waist in one fell swoop, pulling back to ask for your permission one last time.
“Are you sure?” he asked softly.
“Gods, Az, just fuck me,” you replied, throwing your head back against the table as he thrust into you.
He groaned, pushing into your heat until he had bottomed out. You gasped, trembling as you basked in the searing pleasure of him inside you.
“Is...do you feel good?” he huffed, clearly making a large effort to not start pounding into you.
“Move,” you panted, eyes closed as you rotated your hips frantically. “Please move.”
“My pleasure,” Azriel moaned, pulling back slightly and snapping his hips forward.
You were a moaning mess as he started a slow but steady pace, moving your hands to grip his biceps as he thrust into you again and again.
“Faster,” you breathed, moaning as Azriel pressed his forehead against your and quickened the pace. You admired the sounds coming from him, the shaky breaths and occasional groans.
You cried as he hit that one spot deep inside you. His hips stilled for a moment.
“There?” he asked, giving another experimental thrust. This time your back arched, toes curling as he grinned.
He began speeding up again, stroking the flame inside you as he hit that same spot with every thrust.
You were reduced to wordless cries, jolting every time he sheathed himself within you. Your eyes snapped open as Azriel let out a true moan, pulling yourself up crash your lips against his.
He grabbed onto one of your legs again, hitching it above his shoulder as he continued fucking into you. You cried into his mouth, body tensing up with anticipation as he brought his thumb to your clit roughly.
“Are you going to cum?” he asked breathlessly, hips snapping into yours at an almost inhuman speed.
As if in response your core tightened, back arching off the table as you came with a sob. Your hips writhed against his as you rode out your second orgasm of the night, entire body trembling as you clutched onto him for some kind of stability.
You felt his grip on your hip tighten, felt something within him snap as he pulled out of you, letting out an animalistic roar as he came. You gasped, hot ribbons shooting onto your stomach and breasts.
You felt dizzy as you opened your eyes, immediately blushing at the way Azriel was studying your body from above you. You glanced down, biting your lip at the sight of his cum painting your skin.
“That’s hot,” you grinned, chest heaving as you tried to catch your breath. Azriel let out a strained chuckle, grinning as he pushed himself up and collapsed next to you.
“You’re hot,” he replied bluntly, closing his eyes as he combed his hair back.
You fell into a contented silence, save for the two of you panting as if you’d just worked out. Though, you supposed fucking could be considered a workout in some regards.
“I suppose you don’t hate me as much as I thought you did?” you asked finally, turning your head to gaze at him.
He shook his head with a smile, stretching his arms above his head on the wooden tabletop. “I never hated you.”
“Well, that would’ve been nice to know,” you laughed. “Gods, we could’ve been having ridiculously hot sex for years!”
Azriel laughed, really laughed, deep voice sounding throughout the room as you smiled brightly. His laugh had always been beautiful, but it sounded so much more special now that you were the one who caused it.
“I suppose the whole house knows we’ve reconciled,” he hummed thoughtfully.
You nodded, lips pursed. “We were indeed quite loud.”
He turned to face you, smiling as your eyes trailed down his body.
“I do own a small cabin in the woods north of Velaris,” he said slowly, a jovial smirk on his face. “I’m sure it wouldn’t matter how loud we were there. Hypothetically speaking, of course.”
You grinned. “I think we should ask Rhys to send us on a retreat to further explore our new friendship. For purely professional purposes.”
“Yes, I’m sure that would have a significant effect on workplace morale,” Azriel replied, biting back a smile as he reached out a hand to stroke your face. You hummed, leaning into the touch.
“You know, I haven’t taken one vacation the whole time I’ve worked here,” you said, watching Azriel’s face contort with realization.
“I don’t think I have either,” he stated alarmedly, a suggestive look quickly overtaking his face. “I think now would be a great time to invoke all the vacation time we’ve earned.”
You grinned, rolling on top of Azriel and kissing him again.
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oliviajdjarin · 15 days ago
Azriel Shadowsinger: On The Floor
Pairing: Azriel Shadowsinger x fem!reader
Summary: with the inner circle outside your door and a broken bed, desperate times call for desperate measures….
Warnings: SMUTTTTTT, Az is so hot, mega dirty talk, kinda dom!Az, bruises, bites, and blood are mentioned, unprotected sex (but they’re both on potions) Az is fucking kinky. Please practice consent and safe sex!
A/N: so this is definitely the smuttiest I have gone, so please let me know what you think! Thanks @leahkenobi for making me not feel like a weirdo and being just the best ever.
Once again my requests and asks are open, and so I’d love to start a conversation with anyone!! Enjoyyyyy.
If you’d like to leave a like, comment, reblog, or ask, it would be much appreciated <3
Azriel Masterlist
(pic gotten from Pinterest)
Tumblr media
“Quiet,” Az scolded as he pressed his palm to your mouth, silencing your whine.
“Do you want everyone to hear how desperate I make you?”
Your eyes rolled into your skull at his husky, sex-drunk tone.
“You want them to hear us, don’t you?” he whispered with a smirk. “Dirty.”
He then kissed up your neck, still keeping your lips sealed with his tight hold on your mouth. He had you pinned underneath him, letting his broad body and large wings cover your frame completely.
He hit the spot that he knew would make your head spin, and he purposefully sucked just a little harder than he should. Your entire body clenched and shivered.
“Gods,” he mumbled, “is this all you need from me? Do you want more, baby?”
You nodded underneath his hand, not feeling an ouch of shame at the desperation in your eyes. He smiled devilishly, and removed his hand from your mouth to replace it with his lips.
If your body wasn’t already on fire, it sure as hell was now.
He kissed you with fever, so much it made the oxygen in your lungs completely useless. He wasted no time with entering his tongue into your mouth, and he mapped out every inch. He grabbed onto your hips, hard, and couldn’t help but rock forward to help ease the pressure of the erection he had been carrying since dinner.
Instead of your hot and desperate breaths filling the room, a high pitched creaking sound came from the bed posts. The bed lurched forward, and you froze, staring into each others eyes.
“Did we just…” Az asked.
“I think we did,” you responded, breathless. “We broke the bed.”
Az’s still lust-filled amber eyes had a drop of humor in them now, and one of his dimples appeared on his right cheek.
“Well,” he said, “that was very sexy of me.”
You managed a laugh before saying, “It’s still useable.”
Az looked at you darkly before leaning his body forward. The wooden frame grumbled loudly, and a high-pitched squeak echoed through the room.
“Not in the way I want to use it,” Az said, still meeting your eyes, and you exhaled erotically.
“Too bad we have to stop.”
“No,” you said. “No Az. Please no.”
And there was that smirk again.
“You’re that desperate for my cock, aren’t you?”
“Mhmm,” you responded, feeling your insides heat up, and he licked a line up your jaw. Your eyes fluttered shut.
“What do you propose, my love?” he whispered into your ear.
Your mind instantly started racing, thinking of any possible way you could get Az inside of you without causing even more of a scene.
The house you were staying in with the inner circle was tiny.
All you wanted to do was get away for a weekend and enjoy a couple nights in Velaris all to yourselves. The group of you had been working more than you had in years, and a group get-away was more enjoyable than you ever expected. Having weekly dinners together had become few and far between, and you all finally had the chance to catch up again.
You felt like a family, and that’s all you could have asked for.
However, a sturdier bed would have been a plus.
You knew people were still in the dining room, and you knew they would hear the bed rocking once you and Az got into it. They could probably tell by the way you two were looking at each other all night that that’s what you were doing in your bedroom, but you both wanted at least some privacy.
Az was the type of male who didn’t care if his brothers knew he was good, but he didn’t want them to know just how good he was. And he definitely didn’t want them to have the whines and groans you made underneath him anywhere near their ears.
Those were for him.
You bit your lip to silence yourself as Az sucked a hickey on your collarbone, still trying to come up with some way to fix your situation. He was being fucking brutal, hitting every spot on your neck that you loved. He was making your mind spin on purpose, and you could barely formulate a thought.
Suddenly, as Az moved from one side of your neck to the other, and idea popped in your head. It had been something you had fantasized about for a while, probably too much, but had just never brought it up.
“I know that look,” Az said, raising his face up to look into your eyes. “What is that beautiful brain of yours thinking about?”
You smiled at his compliment, but the arousal and lust was still present in your eyes.
It was a look that could make Azriel crawl for you.
“On the floor,” you said, and Az’s face darkened significantly.
“What?” he asked. He was the breathless one this time.
“I want you to fuck me on the floor, Azriel.”
You didn’t even have a chance to blink.
The kiss you were met with was messy, completely filled with tongue and teeth and desperation. It was the most aggressive, vicious, luscious way he had ever kissed you, and it only lasted a couple seconds before you felt your body rise off the bed, and you were roughly rolled onto the floor. Az’s wings caught your fall before he sat you down on his lap.
Something in Az had snapped, you could see it on his face, and the flames in your belly erupted up your back and down your legs. His lips were already beginning to swell.
“I fucking love when you talk like that,” he said, unable to keep his lips away from your skin. “Don’t ever stop talking like that.”
You smiled seductively and nodded, before groaning when he rubbed his hips against yours.
“Tell me if it gets too much,” he whispered, mouth still against your skin with intense puffs of air, but your mind was so fogged you barely heard him. You just continued hopelessly rubbing your heat on his bulge, trying to find any sort of friction or relief.
“Hey, look at me,” he pulled away from your neck and held your jaw with his hand, forcing you to look into his eyes.
“Tell me to stop and I’ll stop,” he said, and the Az you knew shone through. He was sweet and gentle, looking into your eyes for any sort of hesitation. You blinked, trying to recollect yourself, before nodding.
“I will.”
And Az didn’t hold back.
He kissed you with the same vigor as before, rubbing you up and down his clothed erection as he did it. He ripped your shirt off, ripped it off, and slid your pants off as well. He unclipped your bra and tossed it behind you, still refusing to let his tongue leave yours, before placing his hand on your underwear.
“Oh Y/N,” he said. “You’re already ready for my cock, aren’t you? I can feel it.”
You nodded with a smile, and he smiled back. His gorgeous, genuine smile. Dimples and all.
“Gods I love you,” he said, before kissing you deeply.
“I love you too Azriel,” you responded against his lips, and brought your hands underneath his shirt. You felt the goosebumps arise on his skin, and he released a hot breath.
“See what you do to me Y/N,” he said. “Fuck.”
You rose his shirt over his head, stood up on your knees so you could unbutton his pants, and slid his pants and underwear off at the same time.
And there he was. Your Azriel, Illyrian member of the Night Court, Spymaster Shadowsinger, one of the most powerful Illyrians in Prythian history, panting, sweating, and stripped bare on your bedroom floor.
Seeing him like this was proof enough that there had to be some sort of deity in this fucked up world.
“Stop staring,” he said teasingly, before bringing you into another kiss. He started to rub you through your underwear, and your pants and whines started to become less controllable.
“You still have to be quiet, baby,” he said. “You don’t want me to stop, do you?”
“No. No don’t stop.”
“That’s what I thought,” he said, so arrogantly you would have smacked him under any other circumstance. Instead, he pulled down your underwear so slowly and torturously it had you squirming.
He spread his fingers through your slick, and groaned at how much there was.
“I thought of having you like this all of dinner,” he whispered huskily into your ear, still rubbing near your clit. “This soaked and desperate for me, squirming from just my fingers. The noises you’d make. How soft and tight you’d feel around me as you came.”
You bit the inside of your cheeks so hard to prevent a moan that you drew blood. Az could feel you shaking on top of him, and his own hands were shaking as well.
“Fuck you’re so beautiful. I can’t even eat fucking food without thinking of you—”
“Az, please.”
“—can I fuck you now, beautiful?”
“Please Az,” you said, and dug your nails into his back.
He lifted you into the air, and slowly sunk you down on his dick, gripping your hips so hard you were sure there would be bruises.
The pleasure was so intense that he bit into your shoulder to stifle his own moan, and you gripped his hair to stifle yours.
He repeated the motion, and started to snap his hips into yours harder and harder. Even though you were on top of him, he was still the one in control.
Faster and faster he fucked into you, and waves and waves of pleasure coated your entire body from every one. Your head couldn’t even stay upright, and you buried your nose into Az’s neck, kissing and biting when he would hit a spot inside you that made your toes curl.
As silently as possible, Az continued this until you were on the brink of orgasm. He felt you getting tighter and tighter, and he was determined to have you come before he did.
“Where—where should I touch you?” he asked, moving his fingers down to help you coast into your release. His voice was choppy and rough.
“Where you did—where you did before,” you said, and your eyes rolled back when he complied.
The final wave of pleasure hit you, and you broke.
You scratched down his back completely, and bit down on his shoulder to hide your scream. Your entire body pulsed and your legs shook, and your body went limp against him.
Az, of course, was there to hold you.
You slowly got feeling back into your body after a few seconds, and you felt Az’s twitching cock still inside you. You sat up and looked at him, and saw how anguished he looked trying to hold back his own orgasm.
“Can I—” he began, but couldn’t finish due to his lack of breath. His entire body was quivering.
“Can I flip you over?”
“Yes,” you said calmly, “use me.”
And he did.
He used his hips to flip positions, so now you were the one touching the hardwood floor, and he laid you down before rocking into you as hard as he could.
Your head rolled back, and almost slammed against the solid floor. Az was still in enough consciousness to catch your head with his left hand before you did hit the floor, and you made a note to thank him later.
Right then, however, you let Az thrust into you harder than he ever had before, and it look less than 30 seconds for the both of you to finish at the same time.
Az lowered your head to the floor delicately, before completing collapsing on top of you, breathing heavily.
It took quite a while for you both to completely catch your breath. Your vision was blurry and you could feel how much the both of you were leaking onto the floor.
Az kissed around your jawline after a while, before mumbling. “They definitely heard us.”
“Really?” you said breathlessly, sweat still dripping down your forehead. You really tried to be as quiet as you could.
“It’s ok,” he said, and propped himself up on his still shaky arms. “I’ve seen Cassian do worse.”
“During sex” Azriel was one thing, but post-sex Azriel was the same if not better.
His hair was a frizzy mess from how hard you gripped onto it, his body and face were coated with a thin layer of sweat, and his eyes.
His eyes were completely blissed out with adoration and love. They were closed slightly from exhaustion, and it made him look that much more endearing.
He had to be the most beautiful male you had ever seen.
“I told you to stop staring,” he said, and you smiled.
“Then you have to stop,” you replied, and ran your knuckles across his jawline, feeling his smooth and sculpted skin.
“You’re beautiful too, Azriel. So handsome.”
The love in his eyes only grew, and he leaned his head down to kiss you one more time, passionately and slowly. You ran your hands down his back, feeling the marks from your nails.
“I’m sorry,” you said.
“Don’t say that,” he said. “Don’t be sorry. I fucking love it.”
The arrogant smile returned to his face once again.
“It means I did a good job,” he said, and kissed your nose.
“Asshole,” you responded, and you both laughed.
“Am I good to pull out?”
“Mhmm,” you said, and exhaled shakily when he exited your body.
“I love you Y/N,” Az said, settling into your neck, letting his full body weight lay on top of you. His wings relaxed as well, encompassing you.
“I love you, Azriel.”
Silence filled the room, and sleep started to overtake you.
“You have good ideas,” you heard Az say, before sleep won its fight.
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gothicbabydollz · a month ago
Can you do an Azriel pwp plz :)
ofc ofc :)
pairings: Azriel x gn!reader
warnings: 18+, smut under the cut, dom/sub dynamics, dom!az, rough sex, pet names (little one), Az having a sir kink ;)
a/n: this isn’t proof read so forgive me if there’s any mistakes
your knuckles had turned white from how hard you were gripping the headboard, desperately needing something to hold on to as Azriel took you how he wanted
he was relentless and rough
each thrust sent the bed slamming loudly into the wall, combining with your lewd moans and Az’s grunts
your head spun with pleasure, your eyes fluttering and jaw hanging open.
sweat, drool and tears wet your face
azriel succeeding in fucking you completely dumb
“you take me so well, little one”
he groaned lowly, eyes glued to where you two were connected, watching your tight hole sucking him in
you clench around his cock in response, a small fuck slipping out from under his breath
azriel’s grip on your waist tightened, using it to pull your hips back to meet his thrusts
you already knew his fingerprints would be staining you for days
his cock barely grazed a sensitive spot inside you but still, it had you keening
azriel grinned, pausing to grind his hips against you, pushing the head of his cock into that spot
“right, there?” Az practically cooed
your breath had caught in your throat at the overwhelming pleasure, unable to do more than nod
he wrapped a strong arm around you and pulled you up, back flat against his chest, slick with sweat
you held onto his forearm to keep from wobbling
ou whined loudly, grinding your hips back when his own remained still
his deep chuckle sent a shiver through you
“need something, my little one?” he asked, breath fanning the side of your face
you only pushed back against him further
Az growled, “Use your words.”
looking back at him, the sight almost had you coming undone alone
messy hair damp and falling over his forehead
hazel eyes peering at you from under his narrowed brow
tongue darting out to wet that bottom lip you loved to bite so much
he really was the most beautiful male you’d ever laid eyes on
“fuck me, sir,” you panted, “Please.”
his grin returned
azriel drew his hips back to rut into you, moans falling from both of you
you let your head drop back onto Az’s shoulder as he began fucking you again
the noises of skin on skin is music to your ears, you tugged your lip between your teeth at the downright filth and lewdness of it
having been on the edge for a while, it didn’t take long for Azriel to bring you back to it
your stomach was coiling but you needed and wanted that extra push
you turned your head, nuzzling your nose against his neck and inhaling his scent
“mm, sir…”
azriel let out a hum, his breath coming out in harsh pants while he moved his hips into yours, “yes, little one?”
you kissed his neck, nipping at the skin
the noise Azriel released was sinful as he pushed you back onto your hands and knees
“you want it harder, little one?” he mused with a harsh thrust that had you lurching forward to grip the headboard once again, “as you wish.”
he pounded your poor hole just as you’d asked, putting his weight behind each deep thrust
“azriel!” you cried out his name, the only warning you could manage to let him know how close you were as
he already knew, of course
you were like a vice around his cock, pulsating around him so much, he was amazed at how he was able to keep fucking you
“that's it, take it…” Az’s words were barely more than a mumble, he too ready to burst from pleasure, “take my cock little one, it's all yours!”
“now, cum”
one last snap of Azriel’s hips sent you both spiralling
a faint splintering sound could be heard over the ringing in your ears
not that you cared, even when your bodies toppled to the side
azriel was spilling into you as you came with an shout, your own release staining the sheets beneath you
his arms were wrapped tightly around you, holding your trembling body against his
the two of you panted heavily, coming down from your highs
azriel began pressing his lips to your shoulder in featherlight kisses
soft praises tumbled from his mouth
you’re okay, little one
did so well for me
i’ve got you
you almost whimpered when Az pulled out from you,
cursing under his breath as he caught sight of his seed dripping from your abused hole
it took all his might not to scoop it all up on his tongue and fuck his cum back into you
he tore his eyes up to your face, “yes, little one?” he ran a scarred hand soothingly up your back
you smiled softly at his change in demeanour before gesturing to the slant in the bed
“we broke the bed” you couldn’t help but laugh as you watched Azriel study the snapped wood that would normally hold the right corner up
he shook his head, “you can explain to Rhys.”
he laughed at your reaction to that before pulling you into his arms
both of you laying in awkward comfort due to the new positioning of your bed
you practically limped into the dining room the next morning
Azriel gladly let his proudness slip knowing he did this to you
Cassian’s face said it all, he was holding back a shit eating grin as he watched you and Az take your seats
Nesta simply looked at you, “You’ve made your point. We’ll keep it down.”
her words set Cassian off earning a vulgar gesture from you as you groaned, heating with embarrassment
“bullshit, you’ll keep it down.”
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moonbeam-b0o · 2 months ago
Cuddle with Azriel
(Character x reader)
Azriel prefers to be cuddled in bed, naked and wrapped in bedsheets with you. He likes to feel you against his skin, your warmth and scent that will remain on him until he decides to take a bath.
He’s obviously the big spoon, because he would be very uncomfortable to be the small spoon the thought that the massive wings would be in the way. You fit perfectly in his arms and he feels protective when you are wrapped in his arms.
If you are a person who moves a lot in your sleep, Azriel will haul back to him when you roll out of his embrace.
The more times you roll, the tighter he will hold you.
Your back will be tightly pressed against his chest, and if you wiggle a decimeter down you will feel this thing, warm and hard. It is exactly what you are thinking about, because he is sleeping naked.
But are you really willing to arouse the inner horny male in him?
Azriel also likes when you sleep on top of him. No, you’re not too heavy and he can breathe.
It's actually the only way you can cuddle with him when he's lying on his back with his wings outstretched. Because illyrian wings are sensitive, I don’t think he wants you to lie on his wing.
His hand is placed on your lower back, sometimes he gives you back rubs until you fall asleep. The hand can also mistake your butt for your lower back on purpose.
Azriel is usually the last to fall asleep, but during sleepless nights he’ll just stay awake watching you sleep. You look very peaceful, beautiful and cute at the same time.
His fingertips will trace your features and give you random kisses on your cheeks or forehead.
If he accidentally wake you, he will mumble an apology and give you another kiss on the forehead.
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sylenciio · 3 months ago
Azriel Bedroom Headcanons
🎶 dirty minnnd 🎶
will regularly give you ✨that look✨ with a smirk which suprises you every damn time
will act bored and random while touching you and saying the dirtiest things in your ear in public
totally able to rail you 30 times a day without being tired
wingplay. Literally. Omg.
he's very sensitive even if he likes topping you A LOT.
yeah and don't plan on taking control bc he won't let you. He likes the power he holds over you way too much
teasing 🙈
very observant so he knows each one of your soft spots.
"oh you're not horny?” you will be in a minute.
s h a d o w s
he may be ashamed of those hands but holy Mother he knows how to use them-
he's very much aware of his angelic goddamn pretty face and knows you can't resist his lips 🙄
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gothkawaiigirl · 3 months ago
Azriel’s Kinks (Headcannon)
Warning(s): Bondage, BDSM, master/sir kink, edging
-He loves to use his shadows as restraints. He loves it especially when he goes down on you, typing your legs open to the bed post and arms above your head. You have a habit of shutting your legs when he sucks your clit and makes you feel a little too good. Boy, did he fix that.
-That’s not the only thing he uses his shadows for. In public, in front of his brothers, anywhere, he has his shadows caress your nipples through your shirt, going in between your legs.
-He’ll tell you to call him only master/sir. If you fuck it, he will put you over his knee and spank you until your ass is red and tears are flowing down your cheeks.
-Nothing brings him more sinister joy than edging you for literal hours. His ribbed, scarred fingers feel oh so good dragging up your cunt, circling on your clit. He rubs and pinches it until you’re right on the edge of the cliff, then stops suddenly, administering a slap to your clit. “Bad girl.” He growls, that low voice making you clench down on nothing. “You cum with I say you can.”
-He is a masochistic sadist. He enjoys receiving and giving pain. Please, please run your nails down his back while he pounds you into oblivion. He also loves to humiliate you in front of Cass and Rhys, commenting on your arousal after he grabs your ass when they’re not looking. “Any male could scent your dripping cunt from across Velaris.” He smirks. Cassian and Rhys only chuckle darkly, hardly feeling sorry for you when your scent only heightens after his words. 
-He is very possessive, but in a way that makes you rub your thighs together. He always keeps a hand on the small of your back, giving any male that eyes you a deathly stare.
-King of aftercare. He’ll sweetly caress your body with his shadows, shielding you in his wings like a cocoon. The poor Illyrian baby is touch starved of affection, and he needs the time to just hold you in his arms after so much relentless fucking. He even rubs cream on your bruises that he gave you, but leaves the love bites on your neck visible, obviously.
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cahrilean · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Bye- 😮‍💨🥵😳
reposted - Nesta’s fantasy by @ goldshadedart on instagram 🤩
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nazyalentsov · a month ago
Waking up - Azriel x reader fluff
Tw: None. Just fluff
Azriel and his mate wake up.
The sun was shining brightly through the windows. It was already past dawn, meaning you had finally slept a full night.
You could feel Azriel’s warm body pressed against yours. He was sleeping with his face in your hair, his breathing even and soft.
You were happy Azriel was still sleeping. Normally, he would be awake or starting his day at dawn, since he couldn’t sleep. You hated that he had those sleepless nights. You yourself were familiar with them.
Last night, the two of you had gone to bed early. Normally, you would spent the evenings working, training, reading or many other things. But it was needed, a night alone.
You two had spend the night cuddling and sharing kissing while talking softly about everything that happened the past few weeks.
You were snapped out of your thoughts by Azriel, who tightened his grip around your waist. You turned around in his arms, now facing him.
“Hello.” you whispered softly. Azriel’s eyes fluttered open. He gave you a soft smile.
Even though he had slept the entire night, he still looked tired.
You put your hand in his hair, moving your fingers through it. He closed his eyes again.
“You know we have things to do today, right?” you laughed softly.
Azriel put his head against your chest. “I don’t care.” he murmured.
You let out another soft laugh. Azriel lifted his head and met your eyes. “I don’t want to get out of bed.” he said with a grin.
“I know.” you felt his arms pull you closer, if that was even possible. “I don’t think Rhys would like it if we didn’t show up.”
“I don’t care about Rhys. It’s not like he’ll barge in or something.” Azriel said. You snorted.
“He’ll let Cassian do that.” you could feel Azriel’s grin against you.
You stayed like that for the next few minutes. Azriel’s head against your chest and his arms around you while you moved your fingers through his hair.
“Did you sleep well?” you asked softly, not sure if he fell asleep again.
“I always sleep good when you’re next to me.” he said.
You felt your lips tug upwards, a soft smile forming on your face. Azriel lifted his head and pulled you into kiss, his hand behind your head.
You deepened the kiss, your mouth moving in perfect sync with Azriel’s.
Azriel groaned into your mouth, and you knew you wouldn’t get out of bed any time soon.
The moment he placed a hand on your stomach, the door flung open.
You immediately pulled away out of shock. It was stupid not to lock the door. The people in this house didn’t care about anything, they always barged in.
Cassian stood in the doorway, looking at you and Azriel.
“You two are late.” he said. You could hear how he tried to keep his voice neutral.
Cassian sighed, “I pulled the short stick.” he said.
You burst out in laughter, even though he had almost walked in on you and Azriel.
“Sorry for interrupting!” he yelled while he closed the door, leaving you and Azriel alone again.
You could read the shame he felt in his eyes as he sighed. Both of you knew you wouldn’t hear the end of it for the next few days.
“Well, there goes my fun.” he said as he stood from the bed.
You pulled him back one more time, placing a quick kiss on his lips. “Don’t worry, I still love you.”
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arizona2004 · 2 months ago
Heyy! Can you do azriel x fem reader fluff that Azriel really likes to kiss her. They like to be connect with each other in every situation like even if it’s a hand touch on waist / arm. I just saw a gif that the boys kisses front of her shoulder ,back of her neck, side of her breasts like close to her back and inside of her thigh etc. I know it’s oddly spesific but I just can’t stop imagine how beautiful it would be in headcanon stuff. So can you please write something that includes these or these kind of intimacy💖 I’m okay with +18 stuff as long as you’re okay with it but I would love to be heartmelted by sweetness and love in the piece💖💖 Thank you even if you will do it or not 💖🥺 Love you!
okie dokie, I hope you like it. And sorry it took a little while
Pinky Promise
Azriel x fem!reader
"Warnings": I wouldn’t call this smut… there is some content, though, that may not be for younger viewers, per se, mostly it’s just kissing… and fluff...
word count: 960
As we walk down the street to the river house, Azriel’s hand brushes mine for a split second before his pinky hooks itself through mine. The first time Az did this, it caught me off guard; I knew he had an extreme hatred of his own hands, and he mentioned that he didn’t like hand-holding, so I never pushed it, but deep down: I wished he would hold my hand. And every day after that first time he would grab my pinky with his own, and with that little touch, he stole my heart.
Falling in love with him was the easiest thing I have ever done. The day I met him and every day since have been the best of my life. His kind words are music to my ears, and his gentle touches are all my soul needs to sing a response. He makes me want to smile forever and forget what sadness even feels like.
He isn’t one for big displays of public affection. He didn’t like bear hugs or kissing where other people might see, but he loved touching me in small gentle ways. And he loved kissing me when no one was looking. When we stood around the dining room table discussing plans for the upcoming war, Azriel stood behind me: an unmoving, unyielding force-just what I needed. He draped his arms gently on my hips and placed a light kiss on the back of my neck, reminding me of his presence even as I feared for his life in Rhys’ hands.
When I walked back to our house alone, my body missed the delicate touch of his pinky in my own more than anything else. My heart aches for his warmth against me. Tears nearly well up in my eyes, but I push them back down. I’m being sensitive for no reason at all; he isn’t even leaving yet. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still hate his job, even while I love him.
When I arrive home, alone, I collapse into our bed without him and stare at his pillow. Anxiety rushes through my body. What if he doesn’t come back to me? I know how powerful and capable he is, but this is one of Rhysands riskier plans.
It’s an hour later when I lay, still awake, on my back. I’m staring at the ceiling, making things worse by imagining all the horrible things that could happen, so I don’t even notice Azriel’s arrival until he’s kneeling on the bed near my feet.
I look down at him without moving and know he sees the worry in my eyes by the expression he returns. A second later, though, he’s placing a kiss on my ankle and making his way up my legs, pulling the blankets away from my body with him. I close my eyes and let my head rest on the pillow while Az makes his way up my body. He places a soft kiss on the inside of my thigh, sending shivers up my spine, and the next kiss lands on my hip bone as he lefts himself over me.
His nose brushes my naval as he pushes my shirt up. Another kiss lands above my belly button, making me giggle and squirm. I can feel Az’s smile widen against my stomach as he crawls further up and moves to the right. The next kiss, accompanied by a gentle bite, lands on the side of my left breast. I giggle again and lift my arms to rest above my head. His hands follow them, pinning my wrists to the bed as he re-centers himself to hover just above my face.
The next kiss is placed on my right shoulder, and the following one is a nip at my collarbone. I lean my head back, arching my neck up for him, and now he’s the one laughing, “eager, are we?”
I grumble something but am cut off by my moan as Azriel gently bites the side of my neck. He spends many minutes marking my neck and decorating it with bruises before his lips find my own. And as he kisses me: soft and slow, his hands leave my wrists and travel down my arms. When he reaches my shoulders, his right-hand moves toward my neck and the left continues its path down to grip my thigh, pulling my leg up to wrap around his waist as he presses closer to me.
His right hand is gently wrapping around my throat and pressing against the fresh bruises. And when a grin spreads across my face at the pleasurable burn, Azriel leans down to kiss me again but slowly pulls away while he does so.
A moment later, his hand is no longer wrapped around my throat; he isn’t holding my leg to him or grinding against me. He’s lying at my right and pulling me to face him. My face is in an expression of confusion, so he leans in to press a kiss to my nose.
“I love you,” he murmurs against my lips, “that just isn’t how I want to spend tonight. I’m tired; it’s been a long day. And all I want is to fall asleep with you in my arms.”
Pushing closer, I press my face into the side of his neck and wrap my arms around him, “ I love you, too,” I mumble, holding him as tight as I can, “promise me you’ll be careful on the mission.”
“Pinky promise,” he whispers back, a smile spreading across his face as he lifts his hand between our bodies. So I pull one of my hands back too and link my pinky with his, and we fall asleep like that: pinkies linked and hearts in one another's hands.
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azaideen · 4 months ago
My Love
A/n: okay, so this is what I came up with. Really hope you like it!!
Summary: Azriel and you are mates, but you were taken away from him.
It has been years already. He hadn’t felt the bond for more than a century. It simply went blank one day and hadn’t changed since.
You had been mates for almost three hundred years.
You were Mor’s friend from the Hewn City. The only one she trusted there.
And when your parents decided that you would marry one of the High Lord of Autumn’s sons to ensure the alliance with their court, since Mor hadn’t married Eris, you ran away.
Mor, of course, received you with open arms. She welcomed you in her city and helped you to find a house. One of your own.
Rhys, who you’ve known since you were a child, just like his cousin, gave you a job so you could have your own money.
You would help in the relations with other courts. Since living in the Hewn City made you know how to be extremely polite when needed, you would accompany Rhysand in the meetings and be the emissary when messages needed to be received.
They both presented you to the rest of the Inner Circle, as they called.
Once you arrived Mor invited you to dine with them. Even before settling in the city.
You met Amren. She was a little shorter than you, but not really that much. Her short black hair made her features sharper and the look of distaste she gave you when you arrived made you sure you both would be good friends.
There was also Cassian. He was playful and funny and a lot louder than you would like. But Mor was too, so you just made sure not to stay long when they were together. But he was sweet too. He trained you to fight since your parents didn’t let you back in the Hewn City. He would always joke with you about your hight and you would punch his face for that (because you were a good learner). But in the end you both cherished your friendship.
Azriel was… complicated. He would always be around, was it physically or through his shadows. But he never seemed to talk much. Being like that yourself made you want to understand him more than the others. So you kept your eyes open. And you kept studying his manners through some months. Until one evening, when you went to train in the middle of the night, because you had a nightmare with your parents and wanted to punch something, and found him there.
He didn’t look at you when you arrived at the House of Wind’s training match, but you knew he was well aware of your presence, since his shadows were circling your body.
You took a step closer and he stopped punching the training sack. He turned to you and his eyes were so intense that your knees almost gave up. But you kept yourself up.
He gave you one last look before taking some straps of cloth and handing them to you, to protect your fists, and then he went behind the sack to hold it for you to punch.
You didn’t know how he knew what you needed, but simply went along with it.
You started punching and soon you were sweating.
He held the sack in place, not even shaking when you hit, and looked at you.
He never took his eyes from you.
“What are you looking at?” You asked, still punching. Not bothering to be polite, he knew you didn’t mean to be rude.
He ignored the question.
“Why do you pay so much attention to everything I do?” He asked, not mad, just curious.
You stopped.
Of course he knew you were observing him.
Then looked in his eyes.
The tension was high.
“We are too similar,” you said calmly. “I just want to understand you.”
He seemed to be thinking about it. He knew what you meant. You wanted to understand yourself too.
You could see a ghost of a smile forming on his lips.
“All you had to do was ask.” He said playfully.
You blushed. He was right. You just had to get to know him, not observe him from afar.
Since that day you started spending a tiring amount of time together.
You did everything together. You would sometimes read together, talk, or just do nothing, taking in the peaceful silence as you would rest your head on his shoulder. You ate together too, when everyone was out and you both would stay at home, not wanting the other to be alone.
Until one day during Starfall.
It was already late night. The show hadn’t started yet. And you were dancing to the music in the streets of Velaris.
Mor was dancing with Rhys and Cass with a citizen around you both. Amren was at the corner, just watching.
Azriel had asked you to dance with him, since it was your first Starfall in the city.
He took your hand in his scared one and slowly began dancing, holding your lower back with the other to guide you.
It was magical.
You finally felt at home.
So when the stars started to fall on the sky and the bond clicked into place for you, you started crying.
Azriel only smiled sweetly at you, but you could see the fear in his eyes.
He was afraid of being rejected. He had known for some time and had decided to wait for the bond to click for you. He wanted you to be with him by option.
You looked him in the eyes, the tears still wetting yours.
“Do you want me?” You asked. You also wanted for him to have the choice of not accepting the bond.
“Gods, I think you are the only thing I ever wanted.” He breathed and you almost fell to your knees by the pure love that his voice held.
But you stayed still.
Your tears finally falling and running down your cheeks.
He held your face tenderly then. Azriel leaned in so your noses were almost touching.
“And you? Do you want me?” He murmured, so low that you almost didn’t hear.
You could faintly hear the people around you, but didn’t pay it any mind as you covered his bigger hands with yours on your check.
“Always” you breathed. And then you got on your toes and kissed him.
Since that day you had been mates. Never got separated.
Until you had to go to the Hewn City while Azriel was away on his duties. He would always go with you. He knew you weren’t comfortable there. But Rhys needed Keir’s updates in the city. So you went alone.
What you wouldn’t expect was to have a trap waiting for you on your way back home.
Now it has been hundreds of years, and you were still there, imprisoned by the Autumn Court. Beron’s son had chained you to the lowest floor of the castle, so nobody could hear your screams of agony when you were tortured by the brother you were supposed to marry. He was the only one who ever went down there.
He had become so angry by having their alliances broken by you and Mor that he wanted revenge. Him and the Hewn City. They were up to this together.
He would torture information out of you. Especially about your mate, the famous Shadowsinger. You resisted as much as you could, but with the years passing by your hope faded and you gave up.
At one point your skin was so marred that even he decided it was enough and let you rest. Your body was covered in scars now. And the only thing keeping you from losing your mind were the thoughts of your mate and his scarred hands.
Azriel, on the other hand, never lost his hope. He still believed you were alive. He had become so angry at Rhysand, for letting you go to that place alone, that they had spent years in a constant fight.
He couldn’t feel you anymore. The bond was silent. But he couldn’t lose his hope, otherwise his mind would go with it.
He had been away spying and when he returned, and didn’t see you, he panicked. He tried tugging at his side from the bond, but you never answered. He tried searching for you in every single place, but it was useless. You had been taken and couldn’t come back.
He became more close than he already was. He talked less and was more brooding than ever. Till Amarantha surfaced and he wasn’t able to search for you anymore. Rhys was gone, and he felt bad for the time he lost with his brother because of his lack of control. He almost went mad.
The only thing keeping him sane was Cassian, who would spar with him to relieve the tension.
The first thing he did when Amarantha was brought down was restart his search. But never successfully.
He met Feyre and, later on, her sisters. She was a good friend and High Lady. But to see his brother and her so happy together with their bond made him sick of his stomach. He needed you. More than anything.
Elain had tried to have him sometimes. She had never known of your bond, Azriel couldn’t bring himself to talk about you without almost crying, especially with a stranger to you.
Some time later Cassian finally settled his bond with Nesta and that was enough to bring his sadness to the verge of anger. He was more explosive than ever.
Why could everyone be happy with their mates but not him?
So when Rhys told him they were visiting Autumn to settle alliances after the war he also asked Azriel to stay as calm as possible. Because he knew that Beron and his sons always got to that side of him.
They entered the Autumn castle to be met by Beron and the Lady of Autumn on their thrones. The High Lord’s one bigger and higher.
They changed to a room with a table for them to be able to talk properly.
Eris was the only son present.
Later the others joined, keeping their distance on the further side of the room.
But when one of them made a remark on how Night Court ladies were all whores Azriel snapped.
He was in front of the red haired male within a blink of an eye. Keeping himself and the son behind a blue ward coming from his siphons and pinning him to the wall through the throat.
And then Azriel smelled it.
Your scent.
This male had your scent all over his body.
He had kept his distance because of that.
You were here. Somewhere. He had to find you.
“Why do you smell like her?” He asked. Voice rough from anger.
The male had the audacity to laugh, even with Azriel’s had around his throat. His grip tightened and the laugh turned into a choked sound.
Azriel unclamped Truth Teller from his side and pressed it to the male’s throat right under his hand. Ignoring the people behind him trying to break through his shield.
“You tell me where she is or I’ll rip your throat and watch you bleed to death in front of me and your parents with such delight.”
This brought fear to the male’s eyes. A fear that Azriel was glad to see. He wanted his fear, he wanted him to know what was waiting for him after he found you.
He ignored the others behind him telling that nobody was in their custody.
“She’s in the dungeons.” The male strangled out. Wise.
Azriel would let him have this last minutes of peace with his family while he went to get you. He wanted the male’s fear to get him so desperate at the expectation that he would go mad, just as he went.
You were lying on the floor. It had been only some hours since the last punishment and you didn’t have any strength left. Your eyes were heavy but you tried to keep them open as much as you could.
Then you heard footsteps outside your door. But your vision was already fading. You tried to focus when the door opened. It wasn’t usual for your torturer to visit you twice a day. He would usually keep his distance between punishments, a week or so, to starve you.
So you tried as much as you could to see properly.
But what you saw.
You may have fallen asleep. Because you were having that same dream.
Azriel entering your cell, kneeling in front of you, holding you close to his chest. You could feel his warmth, that was new, and it made your eyes fill with tears.
But then you felt something warm and wet fall on your cheek. A tear. But it wasn’t yours. You opened your eyes to see Azriel still there. Crying. It was real.
You brought your hand up to touch his cheek. You had to make sure he was real before rebuilding your hope.
With your touch he opened his eyes. And you were sure it wasn’t a dream. Because those hazel depths had those same patterns you had memorized so long ago.
“Azriel.” You breathed. Your voice was rough by the screams. The only time you used your voice here.
“My love.” He sobbed. His own voice was rough from the crying. He touched your foreheads. “I’m so sorry. I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too, mate.” Was all you could say before drifting to sleep.
You woke up a few days later. Azriel was at your bedside on a chair, sleeping as well. He was holding your hand as his head rested on his arms, using them as a pillow.
You trailed his scars with your thumb and tears pricked at your eyes. You were finally home.
Azriel jolted awake by your caresses. His eyes were blown wide. Also full of tears.
“My love.” You whispered.
He stood and with a swift motion sat by your side on the bed.
He carefully pulled you up and sat you on his lap like a baby, always thoughtful of your injuries. You sobbed burying your face on his chest as he held you tight against him. He combed your hair with his finger until you stopped crying. Then he held your face in his hands and kissed away the tears that rolled down your face. He looked deep into your eyes.
“Never again.” He said. His voice stern, determined. “Never again will you be separated from me. I won’t let it happen.”
You could only nod and touch your foreheads.
He kissed you then. Sweetly but firmly. Expressing all his sorrow and pain and grief by the time you’ve spent apart from one another. He showed you all his love and care. All his passion and desperation. In that one kiss.
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bloodycassian · 3 months ago
Looking for something - Az x reader (slight NSFW - mention of lust. 
Prompt - I would like to request a Azriel story. The reader is a healer and she saves azriel's life. Then, when he get better, he comes back to thank the reader and they find that they are mates
The empty potion bottle cracked against the other empties in the bin. You hurriedly grabbed another, hoping that you’d have enough to last the night. Several soldiers had been ambushed on their scouting mission under cover of night. And almost all of them had come back badly injured, the only reason they had even made it back was because of the high lord’s spymaster winnowing. 
But you hadn’t seen him since he had dropped off the first few soldiers. Your hands worked diligently on the male under you, setting his leg back into place. He groaned softly, but the potion seemed to be working, dulling his pain. The clatter of tables moving and people gasping hardly registered behind you. 
“Help him.” A gruff male voice barked. When you turned, you gasped with the rest of the healers. 
The shadowsinger’s notoriously blue siphons were gray, dull and lifeless. His hair clung to his neck with blood and sweat, his tanned skin was a shade too pale to be normal. Lord Cassian’s face was gaunt, stricken with worry as you stood there stunned. “Fix him - now.” He ordered, resting the limp male body on an empty table. You grabbed one of the few potions left.
 “It’s alright Az, just drink it.” Cassian said softly, brushing the hair from the injured male’s face. Azriel. The name sent a thrill through you.He was always known as the spy, the shadow. The Angel of Death. Watching his eyes squeeze in pain at the adjustment to drink the potion made your blood run cold though. Seeing the pain there was a different kind of pain for you.
“What happened?” You asked, helping Cassian to pull Azriel’s body into a more workable position on his side. 
Your hands were alight with healing magic, and stronger than ever. Strange. You didn’t mention it to the lord of bloodshed though, how the light seemed to grow brighter on Azriel. How he just felt different while you healed him. “He’s dying. His siphons were drained getting all of the soldiers out of there.” Cassian explained. Shit. Illyrian’s siphons were never meant to be spent beyond repair. If they used the entirety of their magic they could stop in time, but if they asked more of the mother…. It was destined to go badly. And she would claim what rightfully belonged to her. 
You tried not to swear. Tried not to shiver in the presence of death hovering so close. Far above you could feel the power of the High lord  arriving for his fallen friend. 
You swore the ground shook as he landed. His leathers were cut, and he smelled of blood, just as his brothers had. He gave you a nod, and you tried not to flinch as those curling claws grasped your mind gently. “What do you need?” he seemed to ask it habitually. As if he didn’t know he wasn’t speaking aloud. With him in your mind, you could glimpse at his as well. And you saw what lingered there, constantly. The guilt, the despair… but also the pride, and the love he shared for his family and community. His love for the brothers before him. The terror that lit every one of his nerves on fire watching one of them die in front of him.
“Magic. I can’t repair siphons, I can only repair his body.” You didn’t realise you were shouting it in your mind, until you felt his recoil.
“How much magic?” He said aloud, summoning a glowing potion from the air. You were sure it was worth more than your annual pay, but you had no time to appreciate the delicate bottle before a surge ripped through Azriel’s beaten body. 
“I have no idea.” you replied, letting them both hear the fear in your voice. You pressed a glowing hand to the center of his chest. And could have collapsed to the muddy ground at the struggle that presided in him. 
He groaned, and you could feel his heart galloping, straining for the last bits of life it could clind on to. Cassian took your hand, and without a word placed a cold object in it. Rhys stared at him, completely astonished. You opened your palm to see his bright red siphon glowing proudly in your grasp. “Cassian.” Rhys breathed, nearly unhearable. 
“Are you sure?” You gave him a long look that told him there was no taking this back. There would be no regaining the portion of his power. 
He gave a short nod, never taking his eyes off his brother. Before Rhys could offer a different solution and risk time, risk death clutching Azriel’s beating heart away… You placed the siphon in the center of the spymaster’s chest. And began chanting. 
The healing process had been slow, and very very painful. But eventually he had been able to fly again. After months of training in the house of wind to just pick up a sword, he was ready to be out of the cool manor. The wind in his hair was a welcome distraction from the aching in his chest where you had imbued him with Cassian’s siphon. 
It wasn’t red anymore, to Cas' dismay. He would have loved making proposal jokes about it to the others. Alas, it was a muddled blue instead. Sometimes it would turn purple, if the light hit it right or if his power seemed to surge and wait to strike. His shadows would roam his body everywhere but there. They didn’t like it at first, but stopped grumbling about it after a week. 
He could have howled at the freedom of flying. He could have done loops and flown across the sea. If he had the stamina. He found staying aloft too long to be strenuous on his chest, and landed when he hit Velaris’ streets. He stopped at the best apothecary and was led to the back, where the darkest yet most potent spells and potions were held. 
He offered the gold marks without flinching, and made his way to where Rhys said you were known to work. 
The knock at the ragged old door was light, but commanding. You rolled up the last of the dirty sheets and tossed them into the laundry bin. You heard the assistant nurse greet whoever it was with a chipper “Good afternoon.” Before you heard her hurried footsteps heading towards you. 
Haven’s eyes were wide, and worry lit every feature of her lovely face. The face of a caring, kind being. Yet she seemed so afraid. You wondered if the injury at the front was truly that bad, or if another trade merchant had just tried to shake her down for any money again. 
“It’s him! You go out there, I’m leaving!”
“Who?” You whispered back, following her as she gathered her things. You’d never seen her in such a rush before. 
“The one you healed a few months ago! The High Lord’s friend!”
Your stomach dropped. Why in the hell would he be visiting? What if he hadn’t wanted the siphon Cassian had insisted upon? What if he had lingering pain? You couldn’t stand it. The anxiety of not knowing dug a crater of worry into your stomach. 
“What did he say?”
“He asked for you. Get out there, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She slipped out the door with the grace of someone running for their life. You swore under your breath after she left, the quiet of the shop settling without her scuttling feet. 
Walking to the front desk, you put on your brave face. You gathered a small bundle of clean rags to put out, a welcome distraction for your hands to focus on rather than clawing at your palms. 
“What can I help you with today?” You said in your most casual tone you could manage. 
And there he was. Decked out in pitch black leathers that didn’t show that siphon, and his shadows lazily snaking around him. A chill ran down your spine, feeling the coolness of them in the room. His hazel eyes seemed to be hiding something, or holding back. 
“I think I owe you that question.” He said, his voice charming and sultry. His teeth gleamed against his dark skin, if it were in any other situation it would have seemed predatory. A wolf taunting it’s prey. 
“You owe me nothing.” you waved a rag at him and placed it inside one of the desk drawers. 
“I owe you my life.” He scoffed, taking a step closer. “The least I could do is thank you.” 
“You’re welcome.” You smiled, trying not to look up at that gorgeous face. Trying not to twist yourself around those shadows and play with them like fog. You crouched and began placing more towels into the empty drawer on the bottom shelf. You folded them carefully, hoping he would go away if he deemed you unworthy of his time. Your hands shook as you folded the last of the rags.
He placed something hard on the desk and you couldn’t help the reaction to look up. To see him towering above you, just on the other side of the desk. His massive wings nearly touched the floor. His scarred hands placed the small box on the wooden surface with delicate awareness. 
“Again, you owe me nothing.” You couldn’t help to smile though. The dark plant he had chosen to gift you was one with healing properties, as well as it smelling lovely. The box was a dark velvet, that seemed to eat light entirely. The brass hinges on the end made it look ancient. 
“Just open it.” He said, and you could almost hear the eyeroll behind the words. 
You glanced at him finally, and noted how his cheeks seemed darker. How his shadows wrapped around him tighter. Oddly enough, you found yourself wanting to pull away too. To pull away from the polite conversation that felt exhausting. You saved hundreds of merchants and soldiers every battle. He’d been one of the few to ever thank you. Why -especially with his ranking- would he bother? He’d surely been healed before. You wondered if he did this kind of thing for every healer. A token of appreciation. 
The box nearly shook out of your hands when you eyed the bottle inside. The deep blue liquid that shone and glittered with every movement inside its crystalline bottle. The lid was made of an ornate glass that could be tied and hung from something. 
“This is…”
“I owed you that much. I get carried away in battle and don’t watch myself sometimes.” 
“I cant-” 
“You can… perhaps you can gift it back to me when you find out what to do with it.”
You sputtered 
“What exactly am I to do with a liquified siphon?!” You squeaked, placing it back in the box with the same careful steadiness you showed your patients. 
“Maybe we can brainstorm together. Tomorrow at lunch?” The shadows swirled happily, fluttering a few of the papers on the desk. “Sorry.” He muttered, his cheeks going that dark red again.
“Youre insane.” You couldn’t tear your eyes from the glittering liquid before you. How he’d even managed to find such a thing was beyond you. 
“Is that a yes?” 
You couldn’t help but laugh.
He nervously picked at the napkin laid before him. Thinking of if he’d picked an appropriate outfit for the occasion. If he seemed too casual for the small outside seating area. His wings tightened when footsteps approached. 
“Thanks for coming.” He said, trying to get his shadows to calm. He was nearly speechless at the sight of your hair, and the outfit. He’d never seen you outside the nurse’s uniform. The cloth hugging your body sent a hot rush through him. Something primal seemed to let loose inside him. He clenched his hands at his sides, nails biting deep into his palms. The way he wanted to ravish you at that very moment. The roiling urge to let his shadows whisk you away together so he could see what you would do with him alone. He pushed the thoughts away. 
“I didn’t bring it. If you were wondering.” You said, pulling up the chair opposite of him. 
He had nearly forgotten about the siphon with you in front of him. “Of course not. We’re here to discuss it.”
“We could reforge it. I dont know what else we could do with it.”
“Some Illyrian stories say the mother herself forged every source of Siphon magic.”
He stirred the tea, adding a bit of honey to it. “Some also say they’re the tears of a magic Wyvern.” He said with a smirk. 
“So we find a Wyvern-”
“Absolutely not.” He laughed. “But like those stories, we could use it to create some very powerful… objects.” 
“Like….?” You led, letting him explain it for you. What he was seeking may be impossible, but you had a good feeling that he was trying to get at something. You bit into the warm breakfast roll and let him continue.
He gave you a tentative look before saying anything further, and when he did he leaned in close. Close enough that you could feel those shadows snaking around you. “Like something powerful enough to resurrect the dead.”
You tried to hold back the surprised look, but from his wicked smile you could tell it still showed.
“The consequences of that..” you breathed. No one had ever attempted such a thing without the Cauldron present. And now… without the cauldron even at your disposal.. It sounded unfathoabmlely stupid to even attempt such a thing. He saw the fear in your eyes and waved a hand, shooing it away as if he hadn’t just proposed an outrageous theory.
“Could be awful, yes. It’s just an idea… one that may save us from another war.” He leaned back in his seat, his wings folding around the chair. You stared at him, shock still lingering. “I trust you won’t mention this to anyone.” He smiled. Yet you underwood the treat behind those words. You would stay silent about it. Or there would be consequences from the Angel of Death himself. 
“Why give this to me? I’m sure theres a thousand other mages all over that could help-”
“Because I like you. Because I owe you a life, and I’ve given you the prospect of possibly saving more than just one.”
You tried to hide the blush that crept into you cheeks. His stare was unflinching and dark as he surveyed your face. The corner of his mouth tugged up in amusement. The thoughts he had that were once all business completely evaporated at the sight of that red hue on your face. His longing savored that look, wondered what else he could do to make you blush. He wondered how red your face would get if he-
“I can just throw it into the Sidra though, why trust me?”
He took a second to recollect himself, to pull himself from the thoughts of lust and desire. “You wouldn’t do that. All mages and healers alike have the baseline of being genuinely good to the core.” 
You shoved your plate aside and crossed your arms over your chest. If he was so damned charming how could you say no? Especially when he was giving you that look that you swore were heavy bedroom eyes. And if proceeding with his insane idea meant you’d get to spend more time with him… then why not? 
“I’ll consider it.” You obliged, collecting your bag and readying to leave. You knew if you stayed and started talking theories you’d never get up. 
He stood as well and gave a short bow. “That’s all I ask.” 
A week later he knocked at the door again. After hours when he knew that the other healer had left, leaving you alone to close up shop for the night. He landed with less grace than usual, leaving him stumbling forward a few feet and nearly into the door. He steadied himself before you opened the thick wood door, preparing to see the rejection that awaited him.
But your smile was bright, despite the blood spattered on the white apron you wore. His immediate thought was ‘protect protect protect’ and his shadows skittered through the room, trying to find the threat so he could eliminate it. His heart raced, and before he could say anything you laughed.
“It’s just training. Not actual blood.” You explained, licking one of the red coated fingers. He sniffed lightly, still worried. There was no familiar smell of warm blood coming from the room. And you were smiliing, so surely there was no threat. Still, his heart sped. 
“And why are you eating it?” He cringed away, using the concern as an excuse to let his gaze admire your body. He didn’t linger on the finger you licked, knowing there was no way in hell that he would be able to control himself if he watched that.
You waved him inside, and shut the door behind him. The soft faelight overhead twinkiled in the breeze, mixing the sweet smell of sweets and food coloring around. “Because I’m a Vampyr, cursed to never see the sun again and immortal as Fae.” You joked, dipping a finger into the icing at the training station. There had been three potential healers to show up to the class. A surprising turnout. 
Only one of which may have had the potential to actually be able to handle battlefield healing. The other two panicked and had either made a fatal error or had frozen in place at the simulated stress. “It’s just frosting, Azriel.” You rolled your eyes at his returning glare at your joke. “Dont believe me?”
“No, I just dont like Vampyr.” He tugged down the collar of his tunic to reveal a faded scar of two definitive bite marks on his collarbone. “For a good reason.” 
“Touchy subject. Noted.” You held your finger out to him, offering some of the sweets. “Try it, maybe you’ll feel better.”
He didn’t budge. You smiled wickedly, and it made his stomach flutter. Despite his adrenaline and the expected disappointment with his spies on the continent this morning, you had managed to lighten his mood.
His shadows danced around you, following your every move as you came closer. “I dont bite, promise.” You winked and he could have fallen to his knees at that very moment. They nearly shook to do so. Like a command whispered by the Mother herself, he wanted to. But he stayed in place, weakly. He knew he could jeopardize the entire working relationship with you if he dared do any of the things his body ached for him to do. 
He watched you come closer and closer, silently begging you to stay where you were. He wasn’t strong enough to stand so close, to bear the weight of desire and admiration and whatever the hell he was feeling when he saw that soft smile you tried to hide when you thought something was amusing.
He caught your wrist just as you were about to wipe the frosting on the back of his hand. Without thinking, without considering the implications of it… He brought your finger to his mouth and lapped at it, long and slow. Letting his teeth dig in slightly at your knuckle. 
When he opened his eyes, the world was new. 
You stared at him, mouth agape. And he’d never seen color so vibrant before. The brightness to your eyes, the flush of your cheeks, the delicate way your hair played around your ears. His breath left him, and he fell a step backwards. Straight into a cabinet of books and trinkets. He used it as support as he staggered, his world falling from what he’d once known into something new and utterly terrifying. Yet somehow far more delightful and warm than what it’d once been. His shadows nearly took all light from the room. They swirled and avoided your two bodies all together.
You couldn’t move. You couldnt think, couldn’t even let your hand fall from where it’d been inside his mouth. Your stomach fluttered and heart raced as fast as his shadows seemed to be spinning. Something snapped, achingly inside you. And a new portion formed in your mind, a link down some kind of bridge that was full of warm darkness and shadows. Speckled with golden light that glowed against the inky blackness. 
“Azriel.” You breathed. You didn’t know if it was a thought or if it had been aloud, but he fell to his knees before you. His hands trembled when he reached for you, weakly. You still couldn't move. Shock and astonishment still locked you in place. His eyes never left yours, despite the silent tears that rolled down his cheeks. 
Deep down that new bond, there was a crack and an echo. Then, finally his soft words came. “Mine.”
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arrantsnowdrop · 5 months ago
The Hewn City - Azriel x Reader
Tumblr media
Fanart by rosalynnart on DeviantArt
Summary:  As a member of the Inner Circle, Rhys has requested you accompany them for their routine visit to the Court of Nightmares. You’re terrified - enter protective Azriel.
Warnings: crappy parents, brief mentions of violence
Word Count: 5,000
A/N: I love Azriel, that’s all. Requests are still open, and my request guidelines are linked on my masterlist. I hope you enjoy, please consider liking/following and all those things! :)
You hated the Court of Nightmares.
It was the place you’d been born and raised, tormented by your greedy parents and their fake friends. It hadn’t taken long for you to become disillusioned and disgusted by life in the Hewn City; you hated the way everyone was watched and judged, the way any and all relationships could be sabotaged in a matter of seconds all for a little bit of power.
You ran away when you turned 18, right as the War began. Everyone important (including your parents) was preoccupied with funding and logistics, and so no one chased after you. You weren’t surprised, you hadn’t expected them to send a cavalry after you. Of course you were a little hurt by their lack of interest in you, but it only reminded you why you were leaving in the first place.
You walked for days with hardly any food or water, until you were so exhausted you thought you might collapse in the woods and die. So be it, you had thought, I’d prefer death to living in that Cauldron-forsaken city, anyways. 
It was pure luck that you stumbled upon a camp of Night Court soldiers, all of whom were shocked by the appearance of your starving, disheveled self. None of them had jumped to help you, save for one Illyrian soldier with long hair and bright red siphons. He’d caught you as you all but collapsed onto him, carrying you to the healers’ tent and then to his own, where he fed you a really disgusting, genuinely awful stew.
“At least it’s warm,” he said with a shrug, handing you a bowl of steaming grayish slop.
You frowned, prodding a particularly chunky bit with your spoon. “What’s this supposed to be?” you asked, pointing to one of the lumps.
“Rabbit? Maybe deer?” he tried. “I have no idea, I’ve stopped asking.” You sighed, shaking your head as you brought the spoon to your mouth.
And that was how you met Cassian. Though it took all your effort not to throw up whatever it was he’d given you, you were still grateful for the meal, learning a little while later he’d given you his only dinner ration for that night. You were being honest when you told him that was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for you.
Cassian convinced his commander to let you stay with the legion. You were more than happy to help the healers tend to the many wounded, often collecting herbs for them since they had very little time to do so.
After a few months you began to befriend the seemingly brute soldiers, all of whom were actually quite funny and caring in their own way. You had assumed wrongly that they were only fighting out of obligation to the Night Court - on the contrary, many of them genuinely cared about freeing the humans, and were willing to fight and die for such a cause.
You began helping them advocate for themselves, acting as a messenger between them and their superiors whenever they needed anything. They’d been moved when you convinced the commander to get them waterproof bedding. You were just happy to help your new friends.
As the war progressed your legion became quite well known for its strength and enthusiasm in battle. Eventually, they caught the attention of the High Lord, who was eager to know how your commander kept them all so motivated. Your commander never told you that in his response, he attributed the soldiers’ high morale to you.
You didn’t find out about it until the High Lord himself summoned you to his encampment, wanting to meet you for himself.
“Y/N, is it?” he asked. You gulped and nodded, hating the way all the High Lord’s advisors were just staring at you.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, walking over to you and clasping your hand. “You’ve made quite a name for yourself.”
“Oh, not really,” you replied dismissively.
“On the contrary, your commander attributed most of your legion’s success to you,” the High Lord said. Your eyes widened.
“He did?” you asked meekly.
“Yes, he did.” The High Lord led you over to the large table in the middle of the tent, covered in various maps and reports. You quickly recognized the different markings noting the enemy’s various armies in relation to your own.
“Their reinforcements are closer than I thought they were,” you said, pointing to an enemy group only half a day’s travel away from the front lines.
“Straight to the point, eh?” he chucked. You shrugged.
“Their proximity is worrying since our own reinforcements are two days away,” he continued. “I’m hoping my son will be able to urge them faster.”
“Your son?” you inquired. The High Lord nodded.
“My son Rhysand is the commander of this legion,” he said, pointing to one of the markers on the map. “He does a good job, though his troops are not as eager to fight as yours are.”
“Our soldiers want to see the humans freed,” you said. “Many of them have told me they would willingly die to win this war. I believe that has helped them stay strong when the fighting gets rough.”
“Very admirable of them,” the High Lord said thoughtfully. “I wish all our troops thought similarly.”
You nodded, still looking down at the table. “This map is very impressive, sir.”
“Thank you,” he replied. “It’s the most accurate information we have.”
“How often do you update it?” you asked, looking up at him.
“We track the enemy’s movements down to the hour. Every shift, every change is reflected here.”
“Down to the hour?” you exclaimed, eyes wide. “How do you accomplish such a thing?”
“You’d have to ask him,” the High Lord replied, gesturing behind you.
You turned around, eyes landing on an Illyrian man clad in black leather. His hair was shorter than Cassian’s, wielding blue siphons instead of red. The biggest difference between the two, however, were the dark shadows that circled around him slowly. Your cheeks flushed as his gaze met yours, hazel eyes piercing. You smiled and gave him a small wave, but his face remained the same.
“That’s Azriel, the official shadowsinger of the Night Court,” explained the High Lord. You nodded slowly, turning back towards the table.
“Go introduce yourself, if you’d like,” he added. “He’s quiet, but perhaps he’ll enjoy some conversation.”
“Yes sir,” you said with a nod, looking again at the shadowsinger and walking in his direction, pushing through the swarm of advisors and generals.
“Hello,” you said softly as you stopped in front of him, craning your neck upwards a bit to meet his eyes. “I’m Y/N.” His eyes widened as he looked down at you.
You bit your lip nervously and offered him your hand, though he kept his clasped firmly behind his back. You dropped your arm awkwardly, grabbing at the bottom of your shirt.
“I’m from the western legion,” you added, trying to make conversation. His eyes softened somewhat at that.
“Do you know a Cassian?” he asked quietly, voice deep and rumbling. “Yes!” you replied brightly, trying to ignore the way your stomach had flip-flopped when he spoke. “He was the one who rescued me, actually, and convinced our commander to let me stay. He’s a close friend of mine.”
“Rescue?” he inquired. You nodded, not really wanting to elaborate.
“Well, any friend of Cassian’s a friend of mine,” he said, giving you a small smile. “I’m Azriel.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Azriel,” you said with a grin.
“It’s nice to meet you too, Y/N.”
You met Rhysand a little while after as he’d been giving a report to his father. When you returned to your legion and asked Cassian about both of them, he told you the story of how they’d met and became friends. You were shocked by all the horrors they’d endured, and a little mad at the High Lord for separating them.
“We probably could’ve won this war months ago if he let you all fight together,” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Damn right, Y/N,” Cassian replied.
When the war ended, you were there to watch their reunion. You’d become a little emotional at the sight of them together, all smiling brighter than you’d ever seen before (even Azriel). You had tried to hide your teary eyes from them, only to start bawling when they grabbed you and pulled you into the group hug.
Rhysand had left soon after for the Court of Nightmares with his father. You’d urged Cassian and Azriel to go with him, insisting they needed some time to catch up with each other. You had opted to stay with the soldiers, helping them sort through their belongings and figure out where to go next. Like you, not all of them wanted to return to where they were from. You’d ended up in a small Illyrian camp with several of the soldiers from your legion, where you helped them settle in and begin navigating the ins and outs of running what was essentially a small town.
The next time you saw Rhysand, he was High Lord.
With his father dead, Rhysand was appointing a new Inner Circle with different values and morals than the one before it. He had asked you to be his advisor for social affairs, and you’d very emotionally accepted (“Do you cry at everything?” he teased, wrapping you in a hug as you nodded dramatically).
You were thrilled to learn Cassian and Azriel were also a part of the Inner Circle, as well as Rhysand’s cousin Morrigan and friend Amren. You were thrilled to have female friends for the first time in your entire life.
You also loved your job. As social advisor, you helped the various camps and smaller settlements throughout the court communicate with the High Lord, negotiating financial agreements and the like. It also meant you got to visit all your old friends, many of whom were starting families and working to change social standards in their towns.
The only part you did not like were the mandatory visits to the Hewn City once every few months, just to make sure everything there was running smoothly. For the many years you’d been working for Rhysand you’d managed to get out of every single visit, claiming you had scheduled trips to check up on camps and emergency meetings with different war-lords.
You had, however, run out of excuses.
“Y/N, I cannot allow you to miss another one of these trips,” Rhysand said sternly over breakfast. You glared pointedly at the plate of eggs in front of you, refusing to make eye contact with Rhys. Azriel and Cassian were sitting silently at the table, watching the two of you argue.
“Don’t you think,” you seethed, “that after years of trying to avoid this, I might have some reason not to go?”
“All of us have reasons not to go,” Rhysand said plainly. “No one enjoys these visits, but they’re mandatory. And you’re the only member of the Inner Circle who’s never visited. People have started talking.”
“Let them talk,” you scoffed, stuffing a forkful of eggs in your mouth. “I don’t want to let them talk,” Rhys countered. “I don’t like them calling members of my Inner Circle weak, or negligent, or cowardly.”
“Well, I don’t care what they think of me,” you dismissed with a wave of your hand. “Amren hasn’t gone on the last few trips, either. I hope you’re planning on having this conversation with her as well.”
“First of all, I’d be a damn fool to try and tell Amren what to do,” Rhys stated, Cassian and Azriel nodding in agreement. “Second, she’s been to the Court of Nightmares before. Like I said, you’re the only one who hasn’t gone.”
You sat in silence, staring blankly in front of you. Rhys sighed.
“Y/N, I’m going to have to remove you from the Inner Circle if you don’t make this next trip,” he said finally. Your head snapped up, staring at him with wide eyes.
“You wouldn’t,” you hissed.
“Rhys,” Azriel warned softly, glancing between the two of you.
“I won’t have anyone thinking my Inner Circle is weak,” Rhys said, throwing his hands up. “I don’t want to remove you, but don’t think I won’t do it.”
You sat back in your chair in defeat, thoughts of your childhood and parents racing through your mind. Your breaths became faster, the three Illyrians at the table looked at you in concern.
“Y/N-” Cassian started, but you stood up abruptly, hoping they wouldn’t notice the tears forming in your eyes. “Fine,” you choked. “Fuck you, Rhys.” You stormed out of the room, racing up the stairs, leaving the three of them staring after you in alarmed confusion.
You didn’t talk to anyone until the day of the trip, when you met them downstairs to leave. You were wearing a tight black dress that draped down to the floor, hair and makeup done nicely. You would be able to fit in without calling too much attention to yourself.
“Hi,” Rhysand started hopefully, but you just stared at the ground in front of you, refusing to acknowledge him. He sighed.
“I’m sure you know already, but you’ll have to play the part when we get there. Acting all cunning and ruthless, bowing to me, those sorts of things.”
“I’ll behave,” you replied numbly. Azriel moved next to you, grabbing your hand as you prepared to winnow. You didn’t miss the slight rub of his thumb against the back of your hand, the slight squeeze as you closed your eyes.
When you opened them, you were standing in a dimly lit room, stone walls covered in black banners, no windows to be seen. You breathed heavily, hoping Azriel hadn’t noticed how much your hands were shaking.
“Mor will send for us when the Court’s assembled in the throne area,” Rhysand said, taking a seat in a large plush chair.
“Y/N are you alright?” Cassian asked, concern evident in his voice. You hadn’t once looked up from your feet.
You shook your head, no you were not alright. In fact, you were far from alright, seeing as you were back in the one place you’d never wanted to return to.
You stiffened as Azriel wrapped his arm behind you, rubbing your shoulder comfortingly. You relaxed immediately, leaning into his side.
The room remained silent for a few minutes, Azriel trying his best to comfort you. You were almost sad when he pulled away as Mor walked into the room. You could’ve stayed nestled against him for hours.
“They’re ready for us,” Mor started. “Y/N, your parents are waiting outside. They want to talk to you.”
You felt Azriel tense up next to you as Rhys and Cass looked at you with wide eyes. You felt like breaking something, rage quickly replacing your fear. How dare they want to speak with you, after letting you walk out of their lives into a war?
“I’m going to wring their necks,” you muttered, stalking past Mor with Azriel following closely behind you. You didn’t need her to lead you to the throne room, you knew well enough where everything was in this damned city yourself.
You kept your eyes focused in front of you as you walked through the doorway, shoulders pushed back, features neutral. You ignored the figures waiting by the wall, ignored the calls of your name.
“You filthy runaway!” you heard your mother shriek from behind you. You ground your teeth, refusing to acknowledge her. Azriel caught up to you within a few strides, moving beside you as you continued forward.
“I didn’t know you had family here,” he said, eyes fixed forward just as yours were. Everything was a careful performance here.
“I was born here,” you said coldly. Azriel was silent next to you.
“I had no idea,” he replied finally.
“I never told anyone.”. The entrance to the throne room was now in sight. You could sense Cassian coming up behind you, moving to flank your other side.
“I’m sorry,” Azriel added. He glanced at you, grabbing your hand and squeezing it before dropping it quickly. “I would’ve argued with Rhys about you coming if I had known.”
“I know you would’ve,” you said, watching him adopt the emotionless soldier persona once again. “Thank you.”
The three of you entered the throne room together, walking in sync past the crowds of Hewn City residents to the opposite wall. They fell silent as you approached. It almost made you smile, them at least pretending to respect you for the first time ever. You almost hoped someone would dare to say something out of line, just to see what Rhys and Cassian and Azriel might do. At the same time, you wanted to curl up into a ball in your bed and never see anyone again. Your confidence, as convincing as it was, was still an act.
You stood between them, waiting for Rhys to enter. You watched Mor saunter past her parents, giving them a taunting smirk. Maybe one day you’d be able to do the same.
You straightened as Rhys walked in behind her, purple eyes gleaming despite the terrible lighting of Hewn City.
“Your High Lord, ladies and gentlemen,” Mor announced, dropping to one knee as he sauntered into the room. You did the same, admiring the way Rhys emanated power and control. A quick glance to your left and you made brief eye contact with Azriel, whose muscular thighs were only accentuated by his kneeling. Your eyes widened, gulping as you looked back towards Rhys.
“My subjects,” he drawled with a grin, making his way up to the throne and sitting down casually. He scanned the room for a moment, then nodded. “Rise.”
You stood up slowly, watching Mor’s father step forward to deliver his report on city happenings. You weren’t really paying attention, choosing instead to let your gaze wander over to Azriel again. He was wearing all of his siphons, wings folded behind his back neatly. He looked somewhat relaxed, though his hands were positioned to draw his weapons if needed.
You loved Az’s hands, the hands he had tried to hide from you for months. When you finally asked him why he hid his scars, he’d reluctantly told you about his childhood. He’d been surprised when your reaction was not one of pity, but rather one of immense anger. How dare anyone do that to him? Azriel, who was so selfless and giving, did not deserve such pain.
“You’re staring,” Az muttered, a small smirk on his face.
“Am not,” you replied with a glare, fixing your eyes in front of you as your face heated up.
“Are too,” he teased. You rolled your eyes, hoping he didn’t notice the blush tinging your cheeks.
Kier was just finishing up his dull speech. Rhys looked beyond bored, though you knew it was all just a front. He would probably spend hours reviewing whatever information Kier had told him when you returned home.
“My Lord,” Mor’s father drawled. “I noticed the sixth member of your Inner Circle has joined you today.”
You stiffened as the whole room glanced in your direction.
“Y/N?” Rhys said, gesturing to you. You took a step forward and bowed, quickly returning to your place between Az and Cass.
“Welcome home, Y/N,” Kier said, a twisted grin on his face. “We missed you.”
“I’m sure,” you replied cooly, voice echoing off the stone walls. You picked out your parents rather quickly in the crowd, almost shuddering at the way they were glaring at you. You raised your eyebrows, taunting them to say something. They remained silent.
“If there is nothing more to discuss, I’ll be going now,” Rhys announced, pushing himself up from his seat and making his way towards the door. “Thank you for this, truly. You’re all dismissed.”
You waited until him and Mor had left to follow, making your way through the crowd with Azriel and Cassian on your heels. You failed to see your mother stalking towards you as you approached the doorway, failed to see her until she was right beside you. She grabbed your shoulder, stopping you in your tracks and turning you to face her forcefully.
Your heart skidded to a stop, face palling at the furious look on her face.
“You ungrateful child,” she hissed, nails digging into the skin on your shoulder.
“Let go of me,” you whispered. “Let go.” The whole room had stopped to watch the two of you.
“How dare you align yourself with him,” she screeched. You pulled away from her, heart pounding as she continued moving towards you.
“You’re pathetic,” you spat defensively, wanting nothing more than to push her away from you. She only cackled, eyes blazing as she lunged at you.
You gritted your teeth, bracing yourself for impact, but a leather-clad arm reached out from beside you before she could reach you.
Azriel, who you’d almost forgotten was with you, had grabbed your mother mid-air, pinning her to his side as she struggled in his grip.
He looked more furious than you’d ever seen him, a rarity for the shadowsinger who hid his emotions like secrets. His massive wings were unfurled, jaw clenched as he looked down at her like she was a criminal Rhys had asked him to torture. You almost smiled at how fearful she looked as she glanced up at him, powerless.
“If you touch her,” he said, his voice a deadly whisper, “I will gut you, and throw you off the mountain again and again until you stop screaming.”
Her face blanched, looking around nervously as she tried to get away. Azriel did not let her budge.
“Let me go,” she asked, voice shaking. “Please, let-”
“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t break every bone in your body right here in front of everyone,” he said, voice calm despite the rage so clear on his face.
“Please,” she begged again. “Please.”
He looked back at you and you nodded, watching as he threw her to the ground in front of you. She let out a shaky breath, carefully drawing herself up from the floor…
She was not expecting your punch, eyes widening as your fist connected with the side of your face. Neither was Azriel, if his look of pleasant shock was anything to go by. You admired the way her body crumpled back onto the ground, grinned openly at the frightened look she gave you.
“I hope you die a painful death,” you said, almost cheerily. You turned, seeking out your father in the crowd and pointing to him. “You too,” you shouted, watching as he paled.
You turned on your heel and stalked out of the room, giving Mor a thumbs up as you passed her in the doorway. She gave you a small smile and an approving nod.
You waited until Rhys winnowed you all back to Velaris to let yourself relax, your shoulders slumping as you collapsed into a chair. You were exhausted.
“I’m fucking starving,” Cassian grumbled, lumbering out of the room just as quickly as you arrived. You smiled a bit, opening your eyes to see Rhys watching you intently.
“Y/N,” he started, but you raised a hand to silence him.
“I don’t want you to say anything,” you said flatly.
“I had no idea,” he continued anyway. “I would have let you stay…”
“What’s done is done,” you sighed. “Besides, if I hadn’t gone I never would’ve gotten to punch the shit out of my mom.” He chuckled and you gave him a sick grin.
“I can arrange to have Azriel torture them, if you’d like,” Rhys offered, the same option he’d given Mor when she’d returned to the Court of Nightmares. Azriel nodded earnestly, as if he’d be happy to do it.
“Thanks, but I’d like to do it myself, when the time is right,” you replied. The two of them nodded in understanding. Rhys gave you a small smile and disappeared from view, probably to join Cassian.
Azriel walked over towards you carefully, sitting down in a chair next to yours. He reached his hand out, slowly brushing a stray hair out of your face. You hummed and leaned into his touch, so soft and caring despite the scars.
“I wasn’t expecting you to punch her,” he said quietly. You chucked.
“I wasn’t either, but I’m glad I did,” you replied, opening your eyes and finding his hazel ones gazing at you fondly.
“You’re staring,” you teased lightly, quoting him. He smiled but didn’t look away. You blushed, biting your lip and looking down at your lap.
“Thank you for keeping her away from me,” you almost whispered. “I don’t know what I would’ve done had she actually, you know…” You trailed off, remembering the fear you had felt when she grabbed at you. “It was like I was frozen, I couldn’t move.”
“I think I would’ve actually killed her if she had gotten to you,” he said. You glanced up at him, his face carefully neutral as he thought about his words. “I was just...so mad at her, for calling you filthy and ungrateful, for insulting you in front of everyone.” He met your gaze and his face softened.
“Az,” you said gently, reaching out and gently taking his hands in your own.
“I’m sorry if it was out of line-”
“No,” you interrupted, “no, thank you for doing it. It gave me enough time to remember how little I care about her opinion of me.”
“She still shouldn’t call you such things,” he said, jaw clenching. “You’re one of the bravest people I know, running away from home and joining an Illyrian war camp, of all places.” You laughed, giving his hands a small squeeze.
“That place wasn’t home,” you said with a shake of your head. “That’s why I ran away, I wanted to find a place where people actually cared about me.”
“Did you?” he asked softly, eyes darting nervously between your face and your hands, still intertwined with his.
“Yes,” you whispered, heart surging as he smiled at you.
“You don’t have to go back, ever,” he said, looking at you intently. “I won’t let him force you again. I promise.”
“Thank you, Az,” you said gratefully.
“And I swear,” he continued, “if either of your parents steps one toe out of line I’ll make them regret every minute of their lives.” You grinned.
“Well, if that happens let me know,” you said, “I wouldn’t want to miss any of the fun.”
He laughed then, truly laughed, scooting his chair closer to yours.
“I won’t let anyone touch you,” he murmured, your heart almost stopping as he leaned forward and pressed his forehead against yours.
“Az,” you breathed, stomach fluttering.
“Y/N,” he replied, voice husky with some emotion that made your head swirl.
“Az,” you giggled, sticking your tongue out, licking the tip of his nose.
His eyes widened, a smile spreading across his face. “Gross,” he joked, bringing a hand up to cup your cheek. His eyes became serious, searching your face for any hesitation.
You leaned forward, closing your eyes as you pressed your lips against his. You could’ve sworn you felt his heart leap as he began to kiss you back, reaching around you to pull your body onto his lap. You couldn’t ignore the sparks of joy you felt as his hands roamed your back, nose pressed against your cheek as his lips molded against yours again and again.
You were the first one to pull away, needing air, heart melting as you opened your eyes and saw Azriel watching you with such obvious adoration. You admired the small smile on his face, the flush of his cheeks and his tousled hair, the quickened rising and falling of his chest…
And then something clicked, something deep inside you, and your eyes widened with immediate realization.
“It’s...it’s you,” you gasped, overcome with emotion. He gulped and nodded, looking at you hopefully.
“Yes,” he breathed. “Yes.” He paused, panting heavily. “Is that...okay?” he asked, looking more nervous than you’d ever seen him before.
“It’s perfect,” you choked out, grabbing his face and pulling him in again. He groaned, your stomach doing flip flops as his hands came up to cradle the back of your head. He tucked his thumbs under your ears, claiming your mouth as his own.
“How...how long have you known?” you asked between kisses, your hands exploring the firm expanse of his chest.
“Since the first day I met you,” he mumbled against your lips, breathing heavily as you pulled back again.
“You’ve known for that long?” you asked incredulously, eyes wide. He nodded, grinning like he was the happiest man alive. “And you still waited for me?” You were touched.
“I would’ve waited until the end of time for you,” he said, ducking his head down and nuzzling your neck with his nose. “Though, I will say, it took you forever to realize.”
You swatted his shoulder playfully, resting your chin on the top of his head and closing your eyes. “I’ll cook dinner tonight, okay?” you said softly. You felt his whole body tense.
“Are...are you sure?” he asked thickly, as if you still might reject the mating bond.
But how could you ever think of such a thing, when you were sitting in the lap of the most protecting and caring person you’d ever met?
“I’m positive,” you murmured, tilting his head upwards and pressing a kiss to his forehead.
“Well in that case, I’m quite fond of chicken,” he teased.
“You’ll get whatever I feel like making,” you huffed, relishing in the way his whole body vibrated as he laughed.
“And I will happily eat whatever that is,” he replied lovingly.
“Even toast?” you asked.
“Even toast,” he grinned, capturing your lips in another kiss.
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oliviajdjarin · a month ago
Azriel Shadowsinger: Book Worm
Pairing: Azriel x fem!reader
Summary: a long day of work can always be cured by your mate.
Warnings: sleeping on Az, reading, softness, descriptions of skin and body heat, allusions to sex and arousal. Also kissing and cuddling, Az is sexy (duh), and the two of them have a communicating mating bond (I’m so lonely).
A/N: this is definitely a blurb, and not really well thought out, and maybe the most self-indulgent one yet haha but I still hope you all like it! Thank you for any support, and thank you all so much for almost 500 followers!! I truly can’t believe it. Thank you :). And Merry Christmas Eve to all those who celebrate!! I hope you all have an amazing holiday. I am grateful for each and every one of you.
Disclaimer: this gif in no way illustrates how Y/N is “supposed to” look. Y/N is completely up to your own interpretation! I just liked how the gif fit with the fic. Thank you for understanding!
If you’d like to leave a like, comment, or reblog, that would be much appreciated <3
Azriel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Even though every inch of your mate was indescribably gorgeous, you always found his mind to be the sexiest thing about him.
The way he thought things through, only spoke when he felt it was needed, and observed everything with the sharpest eye you had ever seen was just…
It was so hot.
His intelligence was actually the first thing you noticed about him. How he spoke at meetings, thoughtfully and methodically, always bringing up details that everyone else seemed to miss. You could see his intellect behind his golden eyes, and his desperation to understand everything that went on around him. A need for it.
You related to that. Your own mind frantically reached for complete and total comprehension of the world around you, and it frustrated you completely when you couldn’t get there. Especially when it put the people you love at risk.
Thank the cauldron you mentioned the similarity between the two of you to Az. If you hadn’t, there was a possibility that you would have never found him.
Truly found him.
Your mate.
You should have known by the size of the bookshelves next to his bed that he was the one.
Every single cracked spine and folded page felt like a piece of Az’s soul. You found yourself going through the books when he wasn’t around, seeing what pages he marked, trying to dissect why exactly that page stood out to him. Maybe it was because the information was important to come back to later, or the plot of the book was starting to pick up, or the rare occasion of the two lovers finally confessing their feelings.
You loved it, not only because they were beautiful, but because every speck of ink belonged to him.
Your absolute favorite thing, however, was when he left little notes in the margins. Whether they were just definitions to an unfamiliar word, or a broad comment, or when he corrected the author’s grammar.
You cherished those leather-bound pages so much. More than you cared to admit.
And Az knew that.
You swore he put his books next to your shared bed just so he could catch you looking, or in his words, “snooping.” He would constantly tease you about it, but would blush faintly when you caught him doing the same thing to your own books.
Az was a blusher. It was so endearing, and yet another detail about him you felt blessed to know and feel under your skin.
Still, no matter how much you adored Az, it was almost nothing compared to how much he deified you. Especially at night, in his own bed.
One specific night stands out to you the most, and it makes your mating bond tingle with affection every time it pops into your mind.
It was so simple, but yet so perfect.
Az had gotten out of the shower only a few minutes before you were due to arrive home, and he decided to spend that time alone laying in bed and catching up on some reading. His hair was still damp, and he threw on only his boxers before climbing under the sheets. He had a singular lamp on, which encapsulated the entire dark room with golden beams. It was his favorite type of lighting, no matter the situation.
He especially loved how you looked in it, however.
The sheets were pulled up to his waist, allowing his taut stomach to still be revealed, and he propped himself up against the bed frame. He exhaled, finally feeling some sense of peace and serenity from the long week he had just experienced. Using his book to destress and escape for a while was exactly what he needed.
He got so lost in the feeling of the paper against his calloused hands, and the images he painted in his mind, that he didn’t even check the time until thirty minutes later.
Which meant you were over thirty minutes late.
He eyebrows creased up and his jaw clenched.
How could he not notice?
He sent a strum down the mating bond, and tried to keep it as calm as possible.
Almost home?
He waited for about a minute for you to respond, and he felt a sense of anxiety start to creep it’s way up to his shoulders.
You never came home late under your own accord. It either meant that work had been crazy good, or crazy bad.
And Az really hoped it didn’t mean crazy bad.
Almost, you said down the bond, and a deep exhale of relief came from his mouth.
I’m sorry Az, you said. I promise I’m almost back.
Don’t apologize Y/N, he said. I get it.
He, more than anyone, would understand.
His body relaxed back into the bed frame, and he continued his reading once again. He wanted you home, desperately, but he wanted you safe more than anything. And if you were safe, what else was there to worry about?
He let himself enjoy the words in his lap for a few minutes more, sending comforting strokes down the bond every time he thought of you, and you would of course send one back.
He had been listening for the little squeak of the front door opening, and your quiet footsteps to echo throughout the house, and he laid his head back in relief when he finally heard them.
His mate.
You opened the door to the master bedroom, and he could already see from the look of you that work had been crazy bad.
You looked as beautiful as ever, but when you closed the door and leaned your back against it, he could see the exhaustion settled in your shoulders and the outline of your swollen eyes.
He could read you just as well as the pages in his hand.
“Long day?” he asked, and you nodded. You had closed your eyes when you leaned your body weight against the closed door, but you could hear him marking his page and setting the book down.
“Don’t stop on my account,” you said with a chuckle, referring to his reading. He scoffed back, and you finally opened your eyes to see him.
He looked…radiant.
The sheets were still pulled up only to his waist, letting his defined muscles and gorgeous tattoos shine. He had obviously showered, which always made his hair slightly frizzy and fluffy. All you wanted to do was run your hands through it. His jawline was still as chiseled as it was when you left that morning, and his eyes were still as piercing.
You really loved him.
“Do you need help getting changed?” he asked, but you shook your head.
“Thank you, but I’m good,” you said, and walked over to your side of the bed. You picked up your pajamas, and moved to the corner of the room to get undressed.
Az picked his book back up and looked down at it, trying to subtly respect your privacy as you pulled your shirt over your head. You giggled.
“Did I say something?” he asked, still staring at his pages.
“Nope,” you said with a laugh. “Nothing.”
He had seen you naked hundreds of times, and so you thought his chivalry wasn’t needed, but still very cute. 
You got yourself completely changed into comfortable clothes, aka Az’s shirt and sweatpants, and admired Az reading for a few extra seconds.
You loved how focused he looked when he read. His face was completely neutral, but his eyebrows were creased every so slightly. His features looked carved from marble.
You called it his “focus face.” There was something so charming about a feared Illyranian warrior like Az being focused on a simple little book.
“I’m done,” you said, and Az looked back up at you with a wide smile.
He patted the bedding next to him, and you crawled under the sheets. You laid your head on his chest, and he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. His body was so warm. You didn’t know if it was from the shower or how long he had been laying in bed, but either way, you loved his body like this. It lulled you right to sleep.
You closed your eyes and said, “Read to me. Please.”
You felt Az’s chest rise underneath your head. “Are you sure? You seem tired baby.”
“Please Az. I just want to hear your voice.”
The skin on his chest under your fingertips heated up at your words, and you were willing to bet that if you opened your eyes, his face would be blushing as well.
You grinned.
“Ok,” he said, and reached for his book on his nightstand. He opened it with one hand, holding it in the air, and massaged your hair with his other hand.
“Are you sure you’re not just jealous that I got to read today and you didn’t?” he asked you teasingly.
You grinned. “Maybe,” you said, and he laughed.
“You’ve got to be the biggest book worm I’ve ever met.”
“You have exactly fourteen more books than me, Azriel, so I beg to differ.”
He laughed softly and brought your hand to his mouth to kiss, before he set it back down and started to read to you.
You had no idea what was happening in his book, and to be honest, you didn’t care. It was never about the book in moments like this. It was about hearing Az’s deep, baritone voice articulate each word, emphasizing and pausing when he saw fit. It was about the feeling of his hands in your hair and his warm chest against your face. It was about the deep breaths he took, and just how much his voice seeped into your skin. It gave you a blanket of comfort, and you felt truly at home.
It was never, ever about the book. It was always about him.
After a few minutes, you felt your body begin to fail its fight against slumber. You tried to stay awake as long as you could, soaking in this intimate moment with your mate that was long overdue, but it was no use. Your body started to win.
You were inches away from completely falling when you heard Az stop his reading, and set his book down once more. He gently lifted you off his chest and set you on your own pillow before he walked across the room and turned off the lamp. Total darkness surrounded you, and you knew this was going to be some of the best sleep you got in your life.
Az walked back over to the bed and slid under the covers. You felt his breath against your cheek, and he pressed a faint kiss to your cheekbone.
“I love you,” he whispered, and pulled away.
You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling.
“That’s all I’m getting,” you said teasingly, and you opened your eyes to see visible shock on Az’s dark face.
“I didn’t know you were awake,” he said in a whisper, and you only laughed harder.
“That ought to be the most anticlimactic kiss ever! I know you can do better—” you said, but were cut off when Az pressed his lips against yours.
It was passionate and hard, like he had something to prove to you. He glided his right hand over your side, and you pulled him in closer by the back of his neck. It only lasted for a couple seconds, but your heart-rate rose nevertheless.
He molded his lips against your own for one last searing kiss, before pulling away and mumbling against your lips.
“Was that better, baby?” he said teasingly.
Your deep breaths when he pulled away was proof enough that it was.
You nodded and smiled tiredly, and he smiled back.
“Now go to sleep,” he breathed against your mouth and pulled you against his chest. You snuggled into his warm body, and pressed a chaste kiss against his collarbone.
“Hey Az?” you said.
“Yes?” he whispered.
“I love you too.”
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gothicbabydollz · a month ago
Pairings: Azriel x f!reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, oral (m and f receiving), rough sex, overstimulation/multiple orgasms, dom/sub dynamics, pet names (pretty girl, little girl, sweetheart), slight exhibitionism, some angst
Summary: You and Azriel are distractions for each other. Yet you can’t help but want more. You’ve long past broken the rule of no feelings.
Word count: around 2.5k
Azriel was riled up.
In addition to his sleepless nights - thanks to Cassian and Nesta - and the lack of information reporting back from his spies, he was already on edge.
You knew what he needed.
You found him prowling around the library, having skipped dinner. He’s been more quiet and distant than usually so you got up and left the other two to go seek him out.
"Az?" You closed the door behind you, spotting Azriel's sigh of relief when he'd saw it was you. He bowed his head in greeting, inviting you in.
You knew what was going to happen even before you'd left the dinner table. The primal tone in his voice when he then spoke your name confirmed it, your thighs squeezing together at the sound before he beckoned you to him, "C'mere."
Months ago, Azriel and you had become each other's distractions, often tangled up together a few nights a week. It was nothing more than that. He was always gone when you woke the next morning. Usually distant if you were to see him again that day. No feelings. Though secretly, you had broken that unspoken rule and as much as that had began to hurt, you couldn't stop yourself going back to him every single time. You scolded yourself for it, continuously promising not to give in.
But tonight he needed comfort. He needed you.
Azriel's mouth collided with yours the moment you were close enough. "Don't wanna talk about it," He mumbled against your lips before kissing you deeply. Desperately. You only moaned into his mouth in response. The kiss was messy, a clash of tongue and teeth. Azriel's tongue battled yours into submission as his hand found your throat, squeezing gently and pulling a whimper from you. Gods how he loved those noises he pulled from you, never shying away from telling you so.
Azriel allowed his shadows to envelope you, pulling you into his darkness. He trusted you enough to show every side of him. And you didn't back away in fear at any. It felt as though his shadows were clouding every part of your mind so you gave into him completely.
Stumbling impossibly closer, your hands slid behind him, reaching to stroke the inside of his wings. Azriel's hips bucked against you as his breath hitched in his throat.
Azriel's hand moved to tangle in the hair at the back of your neck. He pulled your head back, baring your neck to him. You looked up at Az with wide eyes, watching his parted lips and the wet string of salva connecting you both. He dipped his head, attaching his mouth to the space below your jaw to begin a trail of slow, hot kisses that set your skin on fire.
You pulled away when you were sure he'd littered your neck in marks. Az cocked his head but you simply smiled in response before laying your palms flat on his chest and pushed. You walked Azriel back until his thighs hit the table in the room and his wings flared behind him.
Your mouth watered at the sight of his hardness confined beneath his leathers. The look Azriel gave you as your hands slid down was enough to have your panties soaked with arousal. His eyes dark with lust. Your fingers worked on undoing the strings of his pants, a triumphant hum sounding when you finally worked them open.
Shooting Azriel one last look of feigned innocence, noting how it made him growl at the back of this throat, you dropped down to your knees.
You couldn't help but wet your lips as Azriel's cock slapped against his stomach after you'd tugged his pants down. "You want to suck my cock, pretty girl?" Azriel ran his thumb over your parted lips, "Are you going to take me down that little throat of yours?"
"Please," You whisper against his thumb, "Yes, please, sir." He smirked in appreciation, slipping his thumb into your mouth. Your lips closed around his digit, sucking just like it was his cock. He retracted, tugging on your bottom lip before landing a harsh pat to your cheek muttering for you to, open up.
You do as you're told, the corners of your mouth quirked up from the light stinging of your cheek. "Like that?" Azriel's hand found purchase in your hair, guiding your head towards his cock. You almost whimpered when he slapped his length against the side of your face, smearing pre-cum on your skin. "Filthy little girl."
You whine at that, wrapping your fist around the base of his cock. Squeezing, you hoped he'd give you what you wanted.
"Desperate are we?" Azriel chuckled darkly, he loved seeing you all whiney, wet and needy for him. And he could smell your arousal flooding from his teasing. Your cunt must be soaking, his cock twitched in your hand as he imagined burying his face in your wet heat. Azriel could taste you already.
A pathetic please from you brought him back and he just had to give in. You looked and felt like you were about to cry, so desperate to make the male towering over you feel good. Desperate to make him love you.
"Go on, pretty girl, suck my cock."
Taking his bulbous tip in your mouth, your tongue swirled around his salty skin, drool already beginning to slip onto your chin. "Fuck, that's my girl. Make a mess." You wrap your lips around his cock, pushing your head down to take as much of him as possible. You'll never get used to the size of his cock. He was huge. Barely halfway and your mouth was full.
You pumped what you couldn't fit, the spit spilling from your lips let your hand slide easily. Yet you wanted him deeper. Willing your jaw to relax, you bobbed your head. You gagged as his cock hit the back of your throat causing your eyes to water. The groan rumbling from Azriel each time the muscles of your throat contracted around his length told you he enjoyed your pleasurable suffering.
Squeezing and twisting your fist around the base of Azriel’s cock, you moan around him, lost in the feeling of him in your mouth and throat. You felt him bulging there, surely an outline of him if you were to lay your hand on your neck and still, his cock didn’t fit fully.
Azriel’s fist tightened in your hair. He was close. “You can do it, little girl, come on,” He urged through a throaty sound of pleasure, fighting the urge to fuck your pretty, tear-soaked face. Your responding whimper told him you were trying. Of course you were. You were always such a good girl for him. “If your little cunt can fit my cock, sweetheart, so can your throat. We’ll make it fit.”
Determination swelled you. You bobbed your head faster, harder. You felt the drool dripping onto your chest, the feeling had you squirming. Your hands travelled around to Azriel's ass, nails biting into his soft skin as your forced his hips forward.
You choked on a moan and your nose brushed against the dark swirls of hair at the base of Az's cock. You swallowed around his length while looking up at him, his proud expression sending another flood of arousal over you. "That's my fucking girl," Azriel bit out, the light scrape of your teeth on his cock and your gagging sent him hurtling into climax.
Azriel lost it. His built up tension beginning to unwind. He trembled above you, hips rutting and fucking your throat through his orgasm. Azriel then retracted his hips, the last spurts of his release landing on your now outstretched tongue. Az almost came a second when he saw your lips curve into a smile.
You were already lightheaded when Azriel pulled you up. He didn't care about his release still coating your mouth when he kissed you into a state of dizziness.
You hardly realised you had been spun around and bent over the table until your jaw collided with the wood. Your yelp only had Azriel tearing your clothes off faster. You didn't care.
Nor did either of you care that you both were naked in the middle of the library. A filthy part of your mind hoped the house was enjoying the show.
Scarred hands spread you apart, baring your drenched sex to Azriel's gaze. The first swipe of his tongue had you preening. He moaned deeply into your cunt, "So sweet," He sighed with another firm lick through your folds, "So beautiful."
The sight of you both must have been gorgeous.
You. Bent over the dark oak table, hands scrambling for purchase as your nails dug into the wood. Mewling and squirming from pleasure, your toes barely grazing the floor as Azriel held you up and spread open, all for him to feast. He knelt behind you, eyes closed in ecstasy as his favourite taste coated his tongue. His lips, tongue and teeth worked in unison to make you see stars, so much arousal seeping from you, it soaked Azriel's face.
Azriel had made you cum on his tongue three times, a puddle of drool had pooled on the table by your face. Your moans have fell to whimpers, Azriel's tongue never halting.
You felt his fingers slipping to prod at your entrance, "No," You used all your quivering might to lift your hips away. "I want to feel it," You panted, sensing Azriel raise to his feet, "Feel you."
"I'll ruin that pretty pussy, little girl," Azriel growled, his hands were on your waist, sliding up your body, your arms. His hands wrapped around your wrists, bringing them behind your back. "You sure you want that?" Azriel kept your arms in place with one hand as his other pulled back to land a slap on your ass.
"Yes!" You push back when you feel his cock nestling against your cunt, "Use me, Azriel, please."
"Yeah, use you?" Azriel ran the tip of his cock up and down your slit, pausing to circle your over sensitive clit, drawing out a whine. You nod, "Take it out on me. Fuck me hard, I beg, let me feel all of you please!” You heard Az mutter either a curse or a prayer under his breath, his grip tightening on your wrists before snapping his hips forward.
Whether you screamed or moaned, you weren't sure. You were filled to the brim with Azriel's cock after one harsh thrust. He groaned through gritted teeth, your cunt suffocatingly tight around him, it was almost difficult for him to pull out and rut into you again. But he did.
Not giving you time to adjust to his size before he found a rough and relentless pace as he fucked you. Used you. Just as you asked. A hole for him to take his tension out on. "Azriel!" You mewled, already feeling close to another release due to the oversensitivity that made your legs shake.
"I know, pretty girl," Azriel leaned over you, kissing up your spine as his hips slapped against your backside with each thrust, "I know." He was throbbing inside your hot heat, feeling his own high creeping up on him. "Let go for me," Azriel moaned, burying his face into your neck and inhaling your scent.
Your jaw dropped in a silent scream as you let go. Stars clouded your vision, your high wracking your entire body. Your already tight cunt was clenching around Azriel's cock. The feeling made his hips stutter, his own release taking over him.
He fucked you through it and after. Continuing to thrust his still hard cock in and out of your pulsating pussy. The mix of your releases making a mess off both of you.
Sometime later, you and Azriel had made it back to your bedroom. He'd taken you against the door before you both tumbled inside and onto the bed.
The pair of you were spent from countless orgasms, one after the other but still it wasn't enough. Still you both needed more.
You'd long forgotten how to speak more than a few words, ranging from 'I can't, it's too much' to 'don't stop, please don't stop'
And now, the only sound leaving you were pathetic moans, passing from your mouth into Azriel's. His lips were slanted over yours, breaths mingling together. His thrusts were sloppy, though his cock still managed to hit a sensitive spot inside you with each one. Your legs were tight around his waist, just as his arms were around your body, holding you to his sweat slicked chest.
You were lost in each other. Nothing else in the whole of Prythian mattered at this moment. Azriel's beautiful eyes bore into yours and you couldn't help your mind wandering. Imagining yourself able being able to stare into them every day.
You weren't sure if it was the overwhelming amount of pleasure you were enduring or just plain stupidity. But you couldn't help your feelings slipping past, the words slipping past. "I love you," You whispered those three words against his lips, there was no way he couldn't have heard. Tears brimmed your eyes when you realised what you'd admitted.
"And I love you."
Had you heard him correctly? Azriel had spoken so fast, you almost missed it. You let out a quiet sob into his mouth as a tear slipped down your cheek. Did he really love you? Or did he say it to save you from embarrassment?
He must've meant it. From the way he finally kissed you. Filled with so much desire and longing, almost as if he was saying 'i love you' again. Please. Please Azriel. Say you mean it.
His next thrust sent you spiralling into another high. The orgasm having snuck up on you and sent all the thoughts in your head flying away.
You didn't know when Azriel stopped fucking you. You couldn't remember how many times either of you had fallen over that sweet torturing edge. The both of you had been trembling in each other's arms, passing out from the amount of pleasure coursing through your veins.
"I love you."
Your body ached. A pleasurable one but an ache all the same. A small groan left your lips as you shifted beneath the sheets, stretching out your sore legs with a hiss.
You finally let your eyes flutter open, sunlight brightening your bedroom. The sound of steady breathing could be heard next to you and your heart swelled. He was still here. You smiled softly and inhaled his scent that filled your room.
"And I love you."
Stifling another groan, you turned around, reaching your hand out to feel him. You were met with cold.
The cold of the empty space next to you. Azriel wasn't there. He'd left. Just as he'd done every other time. And you'd been so delusional, you thought you'd heard him, smelled him, felt him.
You sat up. Holding the sheets to your naked, now shivering body. The marks Azriel had left already beginning to fade.
Allowing the tears to fall, you nod to yourself. Azriel did not love you. You're a distraction for him. You had distracted him last night and now he doesn't need you anymore. Won't need you until next time.
Next time.
There won’t be a next time. There can’t be.
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a-court-of-messy-break-ups · 4 months ago
Rhysand: What.... in the fuck....
Azriel frozen from neck to toe:
Cassian: Feyre lost control while training
Feyre: I'm sorry I didn't mean to....
Cassian: It's okay sweetie you're doing great
Azriel: How tf do I get out of here
Cassian: *takes out a huge ass sword* Let's hack you with this
Rhysand: Cassian no!
Cassian clearly dissapointed: *lowers sword*
Rhysand: *brings out even bigger sword thats on fire* let's try this.
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acourtofbooksandfantasy · 24 days ago
Request: Azriel x Reader
Hi!! After my long break, I’ve been working on some longer pieces but took a break from them to write this request! Send me some more ideas if you’ve got a request as well. This one is just over 1.5k words, very fluffy. Thanks to @decadentpalaceshoeknight for this request!! I hope you enjoy it! 🥰
Request: “Hi! I saw that your request are open and I really like your writing so I was wondering if you could do an Az x yn where Az is on a mission and told Cass to keep her safe but both Cass and yn get captured and Cass is trying to get her out ( bc they mostly torture her) bc he feels really guilty that he couldn't protect her and then Az finds them after a long time and it's very fluff thank you”
As the mate of the Night Court’s spymaster, Y/N was well-aware of the attention others gave her. She often felt as if she was being watched, observed, envied, and occasionally, plotted against. Azriel worried often about her safety, insisting she never go out anywhere on her own. As the only member of the Court of Dreams with little combat knowledge, Y/N was also the most vulnerable.
A disturbance in the Illyrian camps had come to Rhysand’s attention, and he asked Azriel to accompany him to investigate and speak with Devlon about what was going on. It plagued Azriel to leave Y/N, so he approached his brother the night before they left.
“Cass, you know how much she means to me,” Azriel begged. “I understand brother, I know that you would do the same for me if I needed to leave Nesta. Not that she needs much protection…” Cassian chuckled, thinking of his mate’s aggressive tendencies, “I won’t leave her side.” Azriel breathed a sigh of relief and went to spend one last night before the mission with his true love.
Y/N and Feyre stood at the entrance to the river house, ready to tell Azriel and Rhysand goodbye before their mission. Azriel hugged her tightly, pressing a gentle kiss to her temple, “Stay safe, angel. I’ll be back soon.” She looked up at him and smirked, “Come back in one piece, please.” He chuckled and released her from his grasp. He stood back with Rhysand and in a flash of darkness and shadow, they were winnowed away.
It had been several days since Azriel left on his mission. He had sent little messages down the bond to let Y/N know they were safe. Unrest in the Illyrian camps as not uncommon, they were merely playing referee between two groups that had a disagreement. In the meantime, Y/N had taken up playing chess against Cassian, which became more of a strategy lesson for her because playing against the highest General in the Night Court army was quite the challenge. In a too-much-wine-induced accident, Y/N had cut herself on a broken glass. The river house didn’t have any bandages left after Azriel and Cassian’s latest sparring session, so Cassian and Y/N left to fly and get some. It should’ve been a quick, easy trip. It should’ve taken no time at all. It was such a little deal that Y/N hadn’t even sent a message to Azriel through the bond. Until Azriel heard her shrieking in the back of his head. Cassian had been shot down with arrows while they were flying. They were being taken.
When Cassian awoke, Y/N was whimpering in the corner of the stone cell they were in. Her feet shackled to the floor; arms held above her by chains. He attempted to stand but found himself pinned to the wall behind him by the wings. Every little tug he made to free himself sent excruciating pain down his spine.
A masked man emerged from the shadows chuckling, holding a large blade. “We were really hoping for the Shadowsinger himself, but his mate and the High Lord’s general will work nicely until he arrives.”
“You can keep me,” Cassian begged, “You can do whatever you like with me. You can beat me, torture me, hell, you can even kill me if you want.” He turned his face towards Y/N, “But please,” his breath hitched, “Let. Her. Go.”
The masked man chuckled again, “We figured you would say that. Which is why we’ve decided she will be the perfect way to get you to give us the information we want. Tell me a secret of the High Lord’s, and she stays unharmed. Withhold information, or worse, lie to me, and I will tear her apart.” He walked towards Y/N’s shackled, limp body and lifted her off the ground by the waist, holding the blade to her neck. “So, general, what would you like to tell me first?”
Azriel and Rhysand had immediately winnowed home following Y/N’s panicked thoughts she had sent down the mating bond. They had searched and searched, attempting to figure out who could’ve taken them. Azriel had sent message after message down the bond in an attempt to hear something, anything from Y/N. All left unanswered. They had been searching for a week with no leads, and Azriel was exhausted from lack of sleep. Rhysand had suggested they pay a visit to their friends in the Court of Nightmares to see if they perhaps knew anything. When they were about to leave, Rhys squeezed his brother’s hand, “We will find them. We will not stop Azriel. I promise you.” Rhys could almost see tears forming in the Shadowsinger’s eyes.
It didn’t take them long when they showed up to the Court of Nightmares unannounced to realize that Keir was hiding something. His flustered, annoyed state led Azriel to believe he knew more than he was letting on. Rhysand was keeping Keir and the rest of the court occupied while Azriel searched under the mountain for something, anything. Azriel stood in a hall after searching, sending a message to Rhys that he had found nothing, when he felt a strange shiver inside him. It was as if someone was standing directly behind him, making the hair on the back of his neck stand straight up. He turned towards the stone wall next to him, and the feeling became intensified. His shadows had begun shooting around him, knocking into the wall. He pressed his hands against the cool stone, and when he pushed the largest stone, the wall retreated back to reveal a thick stone hallway. The strange feeling followed him as he went into the hall; Azriel sent a message to Rhys to get to where he was immediately without others following, having a feeling he would need backup.
When Azriel reached the room at the end of the hallway, he was speechless. In the corner laid a lifeless female body, covered in bruises and cuts and dried blood. Against the opposite wall sat Cassian, hanging by the pins holding his wings into the stone. He groaned and lifted his head, exclaiming when he saw his brother. Rhys ran in through the doorway behind Azriel, “We don’t have much time. I sent Keir on a wild goose chase but we need to…” he trailed off when he saw the girl in the corner. Azriel knelt down beside her, sweeping the hair away from her face, “Y/N,” he sobbed. “Y/N,” he cried again, “please. It’s me. We’re going home. I’m here now. I’m so sorry,” he whispered. She slowly opened her eyes, with the little strength she had left. Rhys helped Azriel remove her shackles, then carefully unpinned Cassian. “I’ll come back and deal with Keir and his court later,” Rhys stated, “Let’s get them to Madja.”
Madja had worked hard to mend Y/N’s wounds and heal Cassian’s wings. Both were resting, looking much better after bathing and receiving some elixirs to speed up their recovery. Azriel sat at Y/N’s bedside the entire time, never once letting go of her hand. When she had finally gone to sleep, Azriel left her for a moment, Mor had offered to keep an eye on her while he went to see Cassian. When he entered Cassian’s room, his brother immediately began to cry.
“I…” Cassian sobbed, “I am so sorry I couldn’t keep her safe brother…” Azriel stopped him, “You are not to blame for any of this, Cassian. I would’ve been in the same situation if the roles were reversed. Faebane takes everything out of you, there was no way to overcome that.” He smiled, “While I wish this hadn’t happened in the first place, I am glad she was with you. You helped keep her alive. You helped bring her home to me.” He hugged his brother and gave him a gentle pat on the back, avoiding the bandages on his wings.
When he returned to Y/N’s room, she had woken and was talking with Mor. He leaned against the doorway, watching as his beloved shared her experiences with his friend. “It seems someone would like your attention, Y/N. I’ve loved chatting with you, I’ll be back to check in soon,” Mor grinned as she stood from her chair. Azriel thanked her for staying while he was away. As soon as the door closed behind Mor, Azriel was at Y/N’s bedside. She was fully awake, somewhat rested. He took her in his arms gently and brushed his fingers through her hair. “I thought I lost you, sweet girl,” He frowned, “I have never been so afraid in my entire life.” She giggled, “That’s very serious, for someone who’s been alive 500 years.” He smiled at her, “I’m serious, dear. I do not want to exist in a world where you are not there. You are the light to my darkness, the wind to my wings.” He pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead, then another to her temple, another to her cheek, before hesitating and hovering over her lips. “I love you,” she hummed against his mouth, and he pressed his lips gently to hers.
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