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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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first project yesterday vs. today’s attempt…..making Arts And Crafts

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my homework is finished i am showered my hair is leave-in-conditioned my beard is oiled & i am taking a formal snow day

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u rly don’t realize how many beads a thousand is til u sort them by hand do u

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hate being tired on fridays in the winter…. can’t nap or i will run out of time 2 do things

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this was something my mom and a friend were talking about a while ago that i keep thinking about….it really is entirely inappropriate for any government to define “marriage” as anything but a civil union not because of the arguments for same-sex marriage or anything related to it but rather because extending marriage equality to (able-bodied) gay couples just expanded a fundamentally religious institution that has no place in a government that claims (protests, insists, lies) that it cares about freedom of religion? imo?

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mutuals or people who know my blog and therefore probably my interests(?): i have to declare a major Really Really Soon what should i choose

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