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"Please don't go." ft. Octavinelle
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kinda spoilerish
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illustrating my favourite moments from chapter 6
close-ups ⬇
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I love the attempted kidnaping hcs soo much! So if you're okay w it can I request how the dorm leaders or vice dorm leaders react when their S/O got kidnapped? (Lets switch sweet little bby Ortho w Floyd or whoever you like to do) cuz am kinda currious and... you can pick whichever you like or do 2 parts.... well... all I've got to say is.... as long as you have fun then we good! XD
Dorm Leaders reacting to their s/o who got kidnapped (1/2)
Hello! Thank you for requesting! For now, I’ll do dorm leaders.
Part 2 (Vice Dorm Leaders) to be added later.
Riddle Rosehearts
First of all, he would turn red from anger. Who could’ve done this?! He will absolutely become furious.
Other sides of his thoughts are flooded with worry, pacing around the Heartslabyul dorm lounge as Trey had to let him cool off.
He wasn’t reckless enough to look for your current whereabout, but nothing will stand on his way, burning everything down in his path just to get to you.
Leona Kingscholar
There is not a chance Leona would know that you’re a target for kidnapping, but let’s just say that he was blind enough to not notice.
He thinks it’s another pain in the butt, not expecting that an incident like this could also be something he has to worry about.
Nevertheless, he does want to get this over with, coming to just carry you out of the mess surrounded by the perpetrators that had passed out, and becomes extra secure with you.
Azul Ashengrotto
One reason for your kidnapping may be because of how students who seem to hold a grudge against Azul knew that you’re in a relationship with him. Because of so, they’ve taken you away so they could manipulate Azul into their favors.
Azul seemed calm about it at first, but his fists are balling tightly as his teeth gritted without baring them.
Naturally, he’d use the tweels to bring you back. Followed by caressing you in his arms, apologizing that you’ve been brought into his affairs only meant to him.
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim is overwhelmed. His first instinct is to recklessly find you.
Of course Jamil steps in to stop him from doing anything further. Beyond this point, Kalim could only ask everyone’s help to search for you.
Because of how he’s carrying his family name, he felt absolutely helpless that he can’t do anything with his own hands. But as soon as you were embraced by his figure, it felt as if he never wanted to let go. He was worried sick! And he’ll make sure that you’re safer.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil is fuming in irritation. Just why would someone take interest in you? And to what extent that made them do so?
Vil might use Rook for his reliability on his unique magic, surely he can find you easily.
Once everything was safe and sound, be prepared for times that he’ll be a little clingier than usual; accompanying you to every class, making sure you’re not walking home alone, staying by your side as if he’s your bodyguard. Though you seem to think that he should be the one who should be looked after…
Idia Shroud
There’s an obvious chance that he’d use Ortho on this incident. Of course he’d ask Ortho for all these data and mine down every CCTV footage there is that exists just so he could get ahold of you.
He’d get anxious, wishing for your safety. Pacing back and forth in his room looking for any information to pop up about your whereabouts
And when he does finally have you back, he’d be a lot more like a hawk watching you with two eyes. He doesn’t mind you away from his sight, but just so you know that he could be watching you from afar… because he just cares for you and hope this incident doesn’t repeat.
Malleus Draconia
He’d be perplexed at the incident. But deep inside, he is filled with rage. To think that he could be toyed by taking away what’s precious to him.
His expression has clearly changed; if looks could kill, anyone who gazed his way would fall into a trance and pass out.
With you finally back, please don’t be surprised if he suddenly starts teleporting to you just to check on you. His excuses are mainly just “I just feel something off. But please don’t mind.”
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Hello and happy new year! I was wondering, could you possibly do the ‘s/o drawing twst boy’ headcanon request again, but this time with Malleus, Idia, Azul, and Floyd? Thank you!
You can read the original “S/O asks to draw [TWST boy] headcanons” (ft. Vil, Rook, Lilia, Jade, and Leona) here!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Your request doesn’t surprise Malleus. He has been asked to be drawn on more than one occasion for various Briar Valley artists—usually for various celebrations, or to produce a new work of art to decorate the castle corridors. What’s one more, really?
He treats the entire affair as a very formal event, going so far as to dress as he would for a royal portrait painting for your reference. Imagine your shock when Malleus pulls up in flowing black robes—the color favored by the Draconias—and his hair swept back to reveal the glittering pattern of scales on his forehead, usually concealed from sight.
Malleus perches as you direct him to, almost statuesque with his regal beauty. His agreeableness and the ease with which he composes himself... it truly speaks of his experience doing this sort of thing many, many times over. Suddenly, that lonely look in his eyes as he gazes into the distance makes sense. How often must he have done this as a part of his duties? How often was he reminded of his crushing solitude? You purse your lips and, pencil in hand, you work to retell a tale as old as time.
Malleus falls silent when he sees your final product. He’s never seen anything quite like it. Though not an exact replication, it’s still very distinct and recognizable as Malleus Draconia—but it carries a soul and a passion in it that wasn’t present in similar works. Whatever was missing before, you had somehow caught it within your fingertips and infused it into your drawing.
“My, is this the sort of magic that you’ve kept hidden from me all this time?” His attempt at humor is dry, but it comes with a slight smile set on his lips. “Fufu. You should perform it more often, then. I rather enjoy these displays. They may lack the grandiosity of more powerful spells, but there is certainly something to be said of spells capable of grabbing one’s heart and mind.”
Your drawing is mounted in the Diasomnia common area for all to see. (Malleus thinks it makes a welcoming sight for his students and guests alike.) Of course, Sebek sheds tears of joy and shouts a speech about how the drawing “perfectly portrays the Young Master’s commanding presence”, however... many Diasomnia students often remark that “Malleus-sama looks a little happier somehow in that artwork.” They wonder if the artist had any influence on it—but they suppose that they will never know for certain.
Tumblr media
Idia is super against your idea. He doesn’t like to be seen, and he wants to keep it that way. There’s a lot of back and forth (plus interjections from Ortho) in an attempt to get Idia to change his mind. He eventually does so (although begrudgingly), making you first swear on your save file that you’ll 1) make it quick and 2) you won’t spread your work of him around.
It’s awkward trying to get Idia to hold a pose for you; he’s constantly twitching and his eyes keep darting around nervously, as though a monster’s about to pop out of his closet or from under his bed any second now. (On multiple occasions, Idia also expresses concerns about checking on his gacha games to make sure his energy isn’t maxed out; it’d be a waste of resources if he didn’t consistently use it up before it caps!)
You end up compromising: while he sits and plays a handheld game, you can stare all you like to get the his details down. Idia tries his best to ignore your hovering presence as he plays his latest gacha obsession, Warped Looking Glass, but it only makes him more hyper aware of you. You swear that every time you glance at him, his face and his hair grow hotter and hotter—redder and redder, and sweatier and sweatier, too.
He releases a deep, relieved sigh when it is all over, hurriedly wiping his clammy hands off on his pants and flapping the opening of his hoodie to cool off. It’s not long before Idia’s cheeks flame again, though. He nearly topples over when he sees how you’ve drawn him. It’s so dreamy, he barely even recognizes it’s himself!
“E-Eeeeeeh?! Th-This isn’t me, is it? I-It can’t possibly be...! Th-There’s no way that a gross, introverted shut-in otaku like me could look like a total bishounen straight out of an otome game... It looks like I-I’ll start shooting sparkles from my eyes and it’ll start r-raining rose petals in the background or something! Seriously, you took too many creative liberties with this...!! N-Not that it doesn’t look nice, but... I-I just can’t see myself in this cool looking and confident pretty boy, n-nope!!”
Idia might not necessarily agree that this is how he actually looks irl, but he’d be a fool if he didn’t laminate your art for safekeeping! He’ll scan it and upload it to his computer on a super secure drive, too! Loot like this has gotta be protected from adventurers—and Idia’s the fierce boss they’ll have to defeat before they can pry your art from his cold, dead hands.
Tumblr media
Azul is visibly hesitant when you ask if you can draw him. He’s still self-conscious about his image being depicted in any form (no thanks due to his childhood, which was wrought with peers who bullied his body), so it definitely takes some convincing before Azul’s comfortable with it.
He makes sure to set some ground rules in advance before you start drawing—including no sharing with others whatsoever! This stays a secret between the two of you, and for your eyes and his only. It’s an informal contract, sealed with a brief peck instead of a binding signature, but he can trust you with this much as his partner.
Knowing that he’ll be observed for the day, Azul comes dressed in his sharpest suit and tie. He lets you sit in his office while he goes about scrutinizing contracts and meeting clients. Azul carries himself in a very refined manner, his words and motions poised and practiced. Whether he’s concentrated on reading a paper or a customer, he’s always got a calm smile on. It sets you at ease as you draw your pencil across a blank page, hoping to recreate the delicate curve of his lips upon it.
He’s more than pleased with the results. It’s no secret that Azul puts great value in appearances and his personal image, so to see himself drawn in such a flattering light is a massive ego boost. You’ll earn a chuckle, a smirk, and perhaps even a bashful blush, if you look carefully enough.
“Such artistic ability. I’m honored to be the subject of one of your works. Or would it be more accurate to say that I was your muse?” Azul laughs softly to himself. “Well, no matter. Either way, this is an extravagant piece. True, it may lack monetary value, but it more than makes up for it in sentimental value. Fufu. I would be more than happy to call this my own. It’s worth its weight in sunken treasure.”
Azul purchases a special little frame for your finished piece. He keeps it on his desk, facing him, so that whenever he glances up from his work, he’s greeted by your artwork, and the familiar flourish of your signature in the corner of the page. It gives Azul the motivation he needs to power through particularly rough or long days!
Tumblr media
You want to draw him? Go for it! Floyd doesn’t mind! In fact, he’s kinda curious to see how it’ll turn out! He doesn’t even care if it’s good or not, or how long or how little time you spend on making it—he just wants to see something fun~ “Go crazy! Go wild!” Floyd tells you encouragingly.
... Well, he says that, but he certainly doesn’t help in any way. Floyd’s so random and sporadic in his behavior that it’s hard to catch him holding still or in one place for long enough to even sketch him. Even when he’s relaxed, you’ll find that his facial expressions are constantly shifting—a lift of the lips, a glint in the eyes. That’s a part of his charm, you realize. Ever-changing, never quite the same from moment to moment. A challenge to capture on the canvas.
You spend countless evenings observing him, both at the Mostro Lounge and at various basketball games. Floyd, you notice, is most beautiful when he’s in motion, when he is free to act as he wills. He moves with a sort of deadly grace, feral and wild, so erratic and yet strangely captivating. What’s that thumping in your chest? Is it exhilaration from watching him? A spark of inspiration on the cusp of breaking free? You seize it, and let it guide your hand.
Floyd gets a impatient waiting for you to finish! He constantly asks you “Is it done yet?” while poking you or leaning his head against you. His eyes light up with such delight when you finally say yes, and he practically rips the sketchbook out of your hands, eager to witness the fruits of your labor. A warbling, raspy laugh tickles the shell of your ear as Floyd takes it in, reveling in the lines, the colors, the shape of himself.
“You finally finished me, huh? Took you long enough~” he jokes, purposefully holding the drawing out of your reach. You jump to retrieve it, and Floyd bops you on the nose with a finger. “Ahahahah! It looks cool, so maybe I’ll let’cha off the hook this time for making me wait all this time. Ne, ne, what else can you do? I wanna see you make all kinds of stuff!! You will, won’t you?”
Floyd sticks your creation up on his wall, right next to his shelf of snacks and other miscellaneous items! Because of its haphazard location, the art suffers a lot of injuries—tears and rips, chip dust, smudging, etc. Floyd’s really careless around it, but he’s not really distressed that it gets damaged. In his eyes, the more worn something is, the more well-loved it is! And besides, you can always just whip up a new one for him to replace it, riiiight?
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mishkakagehishka · 2 days ago
Are orders open? If yes, can I ask Yanderes! Malleus, Riddle, Leona and Azul with a reader is dating them to annoy or annoy their parents, maybe the reader's parents are not the best parents and with that there is always a conflict between them, where the reader being a rebel and what better way would it be if the reader dated the yanderes that her parents disapprove of the relationship ((secretly the parents even though they are not good parents still care about their daughter and disapprove of the relationship because they think it's strange the way boys act close of the reader or with people around always light up red flags))
Hi, first of all, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this concept. Second of all, 🥺 orders is a cute way of calling them. As I said before, they're always "open", you'll just have to gamble on whether I get to them in two days or two weeks;;;;
Tried playing around with a different format, by adding a little ~quote~ at the end lol I hope it looks nice
Warnings: abusive and toxic relationships, gaslighting, unhealthy amounts of jealousy and possessiveness, controlling behaviour, violence and deception
I write the yandere trope as horror, not as romance. It's not meant to be romanticised, as it's just the short word for unhealthy and abusive relationships
Malleus Draconia
Malleus won't get it at first
Even if you outright tell him you're only dating him to spite your parents, he's choosing to ignore that
He believes you must love him back, if you're willing to date not only a busy prince-heir, but also a fae with quite the intimidating aura and appearance
Malleus is perfectly content with living in his make-believe world in which you love him, and don't mind his greed and possessiveness, in which you don't mind how he isolates you and makes you depend completely on him
But… the fact that your parents don't approve of him is a thorn in his side
He's a man of tradition - he wants the current queen of Briar Valley to approve of his choice, and he wants your parents to approve of yours
He already convinced his grandmother, so, all that's left is your folks
Malleus can act nice, as nice as a fae can be, with them, offering them reassurance that he would never see any harm befall you, but he skillfully avoids directly answering the questions about his own treatment of you
He will do his best to persuade them on his side, luxurious gifts from Briar Valley, trinkets and riches humans can't even imagine
Malleus will even offer to show them around the castle, so they can see where you will live, so they can see you will be happy, safe and want for nothing - if they let you marry him
Unfortunately, most of his promises and big talks only reinforce the image of him your parents disapproved of in the first place: that he's treating you as an object, a treasure to own and keep only for himself
He definitely miscalculates, so swept up in his delusions that you love him back, and doesn't consider that, if you'd date him out of spite, you'd also break up with him out of spite
But good luck breaking it off if he gets both your parents' and the queen's blessings. You didn't think you'd be able to run away or, bless your soul, hide from a fae you've given your name, did you?
"It's okay, even if your parents don't approve of me, you love me, right? That's all that matters. You love me, and you're already mine. Nothing will take you away from me."
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle understands what it's like to have parents who disapprove of everything you do, he does
So he will probably see nothing wrong with the fact that your parents think of him as terrible
"Too controlling" and "So hot-tempered", they're being too judgemental, just because they're your parents and think they know best
He would never hurt you, you know that (right?) so what does it matter that he asks you to abide by some of his very simple, tiny little rules
What does it matter if he yells at you every once in a while when you break them? Everyone does that, it's normal
Those are all the excuses he gives himself
Riddle won't try to change your parents' mind, but he will listen to you vent and rant about them, condoning and probably planting his own seeds during
Not exactly prepping you, but just giving you the idea of cutting contact
Riddle most definitely knows that, by the rules, he should seek your parents' approval, but if you go no-contact, it wouldn't be needed
It's the simplest solution
He'll use that to further isolate you, because you only need him, after all
There's no need to be nervous, as long as you listen to his every word, he can take care of you
If you tell him you're only dating him to spite your parents, he doesn't take it too well
Riddle will insist you're lying to him
Will absolutely hate being confronted with that fact. He can't decide whether he hates more that you lied about loving him, or that you merely used him to spite your parents
But Riddle believes feelings can be changed, altered and influenced
He believes that your love story can - will - become one of those stories wherein the couple was fake dating, but still ended up falling in love
He can make you love him, if he just makes it another rule
"It's an unwritten rule that you shouldn't date someone you don't love, right? So, are you lying to me, or are you admitting to breaking another rule? Even if you did break the rule, it doesn't matter. You can learn to love me, and I'll start your training immediately."
Leona Kingscholar
Leona's got quite the issue with being rejected, so he doesn't take it well in the least
Your parents disapprove of him? Who the hell do they think they are?
Saying it's worrying that your wrists and neck riddled with finger-shaped bruises and that you flinch every time he makes a sudden move, what do they know? Haven't they ever heard of couples play-fighting?
Everyone gets jealous sometimes, sure, he gets jealous often and easily, but it's normal, he insists
He cares about you so much, he "loves" you so much, of course he worries if he sees you hanging around other men
Wouldn't do much more than tsk at being told he is not good for you, but he wants to prove them wrong
He won't grab you as roughly, not in front of them at least, and he'll make sure that his "play-bites" don't leave marks
He'll play up his princely side, showing off the manners he hated being taught, and even dropping the fact that he has means of making you live in luxury, worry-free
Though he grits his teeth while saying it, the fact that he's not the heir also means that you'll have all the riches of royal life with almost none of the stressful responsibilities
If he finds out you're only dating him for spite, however… oof
He admires your feistiness and the willingness to almost literally cut your nose off to spite your face, but he's not happy about being used
Leona will stop caring about your parents at that point, realising that you'll continue to be with him for as long as they hate him, and he wants that to be as long as possible
And he's happy to play along and make your parents hate him even more
"Hu~h, your parents are so bothersome… just cut contact with them already. It'd be easier than dating a man they hate. Now come here, my marks are fading and we can't have that. After all, you want them to really hate me, right?"
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul has pretty clear feelings about this
He's just happy to be here
When you (finally) said you reciprocate his feelings he was over the moon
Despite his classy and confident businessman facade, he never really grows out of his insecurities
So he was always worried you'll think of him as some ugly useless octopus bastard, and, even if he was obsessed with you, that insecurity was the only thing that stopped him from being overly aggressive towards you during the "courting" phase
That said, he doesn't really show it unless he's going through a particularly bad episode of insecurity
Usually, he's very calculated and cunning, making sure you follow his every word, and he tries to always somehow keep you indebted to him and dependant on him
Your parents would probably notice how he's the one who insists on paying for everything when you're together, and, despite sounding like a joke, the way he smiles as he says, "Let's just say you owe me a favour now, okay?" to excuse it was worrying
He'll feel rejected if your parents disapprove of him and, if they don't make it known why they disapprove, his old insecurities might swim up to surface again
He tries to play up his suave businessman persona, attempting to make them think of him as the perfect man who would be able to take care of their child
But if he finds out that you're dating him just to spite them…
Azul wouldn't be Azul if he didn't take full advantage of that
Of course, he's disappointed. He wanted to believe that you loved him, but a part of him is happy you think of him as useful, and another part of him thinks of the possibilities
He finally has a reason, and a way, to tie you to him. He will confront you about it, and offer you a deal
Either he breaks up with you right then and there, depriving you of ammunition against your parents
Or he continues being your horrible sly boyfriend. If you act now, he'll even throw in the bonus called "I'll have the twins help"
The catch being that, if your parents ever start approving of him, you have to marry him
But that would never happen, right? He even said the twins would be helping
Well, not like he ever said whom they would be helping. Maybe read the tiny print next time
"Oh? Why are you complaining? Was this not our deal? I never told your parents anything good about myself, and it's not as if I can control the twins. But a deal is a deal, so, would you rather have a summer or a winter wedding, my love?"
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underqualified-human · 2 days ago
Yandere dorm leader when their darling overblots
Ayo request cuz im bored.
Yan dorm leaders with overblot darling found out that their parents where dead in original world. (headcanons)
By @thatonedummysimp
A/N: Kinda just assumed they died while mc was in twisted wonderland
Fandom: Disney: Twisted Wonderland
Genre: Yandere Headcanons
Pairing: Yandere Dorm leaders/leader (separate)
Warnings: Yandere behaviour, mentions of death
Pronouns: They/Them
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts:
I firmly believe most of these men would aid in the cause of the overblot
After he hears the news of your parent’s death he might be more lenient with the rules
The suddenness of their death makes him worry about his own loved ones
So after a while, he’ll become much more possessive over you, and want to be close to you
He is absolutely distraught when you overblot, he isn’t sure how to handle it at all
He might give you some space after your overblot has been dealt with, but soon he’ll double down on his possessive tendencies due to his paranoia being through the roof
It might get to a point that he decides to abduct you
Leona Kingscholar:
He too would aid in the overblot
He’s pretty distant when he first hears the news, he isn’t very close to most of his family so he can’t quite relate to your grief
Will probably just use you as a pillow cuddle you more often
He’s not very eager to fight you when you overblot but he is willing to do what is necessary
He’ll actually be very distant after your overblot but does soon become very clingy and possessive over you.
Azul Ashengrotto:
His relationship with his parents is slightly rocky he still couldn’t imagine them dying and him not being able to say goodbye
Your grief sends him into hysterics himself so needless to say he wouldn’t be all that good at comforting you
Though after seeing the state that you’re in he calms down and tries his best to comfort you, probably buys you stuff and gives you hugs. Again not the best at comfort
When you overblot he’ll actually be very distraught but the more angry type
Afterwards, he definitely abducts you. The room he keeps you in is pretty okay for a cell.
Kalim Al-Asim:
One of the more normal guys on this list.
He’s on pretty good terms with his parents so he can properly empathise with you.
Since he’s a pretty delusional yandere he’ll be pretty ok at comforting you.
Whatever you need he’ll be happy to provide, hugs, kisses, food the only thing he wouldn’t be able to provide would be space, he’s very smothering with his affection
Is almost hysterical when you overblot, he’s already had one person close to him overblot now you
He would be practically glued to your hip after the overblot, he is very clingy and desperate
Another one that would abduct you, he would still treat you similarly you just can’t leave.
Vil Schoenheit:
He’s a pretty good actor so he would probably be really good at manipulating you to feel better
He does feel bad seeing you in the depressing state that you’re in
He feels sad seeing you overblot, he doesn’t want to harm you but he knows the long term effects would be much worse
After your overblot, he amps the comfort up to 11
He would think about it a lot but in the end, he would decide to use a potion to erase your memory
Idia Shroud:
Does not know how to handle the situation at all
Might break down with you
The only form of comfort he would be able to provide for you would be snacks and cuddles
He would be freaking out when you end up overbloting, he’s not really all that useful during the whole ordeal
After you return to normal he feels very scared that you might hate him for fighting you and is afraid that you will leave him
He’s pretty manipulative and he might gaslight you into caring for him but he also may back off after a while
Malleus Draconia:
He can definitely relate to losing parents so he would be the best at comforting you.
He may also use this as an excuse to lock you up in a tower
Is pretty willing to fight you, I mean he wouldn’t enjoy it but thinks of it more of a necessity
Some of the time is spent trying to prevent Sebek from killing you outright
If he hasn’t already he would abduct you afterwards
He would actually be quite gentle and comforting, he knows your emotions are still high and wants his future queen/king to be relaxed. And like him
Tumblr media
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honey-milk-depresso · 20 hours ago
First time I saw the octo trio my first thought was “god damn it of course they're hot”
That being said could you do the octo trio reacting to their crush saying that (just you're instead of they're) the first time they're properly introduced/meet?
basically- me@/trey-
"Too good of a first impression" (Octavinelle)
Azul Ashengrotto
Was it the wavy curls of his hair and charismatic poise, or his charming smile and perfectly framed words that fall out of his lips so smoothly and a calm ocean's wave that made you instantly swoon?
Honestly, it's probably all of the above-
"Why good afternoon, s/o. Welcome to the humble lounge of Octavinelle~"
"H-holy crap, you're the most beautiful man I've ever met," you gasped in awe as you looked at Azul as if he was some sort of god.
Holy shit was Azul caught off guard so badly that he almost choked.
The twins were sure gonna tease him non stop once you leave, but-
oh my god- he was so caught of guard that he spent the rest of his day just thinking about it while blushing hard.
He was so embarrassed, but at the same time really proud that you thought he was- you know- h o t-
Maybe... maybe it wouldn't be so bad to just... talk to you and get closer to you. I mean, you already had a good first impression of him right? Maybe too good... <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya?~
How amusing~
Was it the way he presented himself towards you and that charismatic smile of his? The way his mismatched eyes glint with such enigma? Or maybe his deep and smooth his voice can be when he flashes a grin with pointy, jagged teeth?
Maybe all the reasons? Probably-
"Why, if it isn't the s/o we keep hearing about. Any honor to have you at Monstro Lounge," he smiles.
"O-oh my god... you're so hot..."
He blinks. My oh my~ how straightforward~
Jade was pretty caught off guard by your response, and he has much of a good impression on you as much as you have on him. A pretty funny one, too.
Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to get to know you more, no? Maybe he'd find you... "hot". Fufufu~ He's only teasing~
He found you endearing- <3
Floyd Leech
I mean, he's cute and hot at the same time- I get you-
Floyd, in his own way, has his own charms. His carefree yet captivating grin, his jagged jaws that gleamed white, his droopy mismatched eyes that somehow made him endearing and beautiful, his iconic laugh... who could blame you?
"Ehehehe~ So this is the magicless student? You're so tiny like a little shrimpy~"
You stared at him, mouth open subconsciously. "You're so cute, but you're so hot-"
Like his brother, Floyd just blinked and took a moment to digest your words in his head.
Then, he grins, flashing once again his sharp rows of teeth at you. "Awww~ Isn't that funny? You're a hilarious little shrimpy~"
He thinks you're so funny. Based on just first impression alone? That's hilarious!
But maybe it wouldn't be all that boring to pester talk to you.
Maybe he's gonna have tons of fun with you in near future~ <3
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ristoranteivorykeys · a day ago
the first time you held his hand - headcanon
Tumblr media
- ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛ 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐮𝐥𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐭: first time holding hands headcanons ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌ ft. all the dorm leaders
╰┈➤ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: hello! i know i’ve been a bit silent for a while because i was working on two things, one of them being this hc. since this is self-indulgent, i wanted to write all the dorm leaders in this scenario, but please don’t take it as a sign that you can request for more than 4 characters if ever I do open requests again. 
╰┈➤ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: idia’s part contains themes of suicide. 
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𝐑𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬
✧˚ · . The first time you held his hand, Riddle was going to dry himself off.
✧˚ · . Someone had accidentally drenched Riddle with a bucket of water, and while he vowed to punish him, he has to think about the laws of the Queen of Hearts. As rule 124 states, he has to run around in the middle of the ocean to dry up, and he was prepared to make the trip to Octavinelle to start his laps. 
✧˚ · . You stop him, telling him he has to dry off the normal way, and this infuriates him. He has to abide by the law! And afterwards, he will punish the student who thought it would be funny to drench him! But the slight fear in your eyes makes him remember the time he lost control because of his obsession with the rules, and so he stopped. 
✧˚ · . When you take off his gloves, your hands brush his skin. Riddle visibly stiffens from the sudden contact. It’s been ingrained in his mind that having his hand held meant that there is a ruler waiting to be slapped on his wrist. He thought he was over those days, but by the way his hand stiffens in your touch, it appears that he hasn’t completely moved on. 
“I’m sorry, Riddle. Did I make you uncomfortable in any way?” 
✧˚ · . Riddle lets himself breathe and reassures you that he’s okay. He’s not in his house but in school, and the one in front of him is not his mother but you. And so, he won’t let go. Because there’s no ruler waiting to strike for breaking the rules, but instead, there’s someone who prioritizes him over the rules. There’s no punishment waiting on the other side, but love that he deserves.
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𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫
✧˚ · . The first time you held his hand, Leona was not getting up for class.
✧˚ · . Part of your relationship dynamic is you nagging him to go to class on the daily. Leona knows the things you say by now, and it makes him less and less motivated to go to class. There’s no point of him going to class, anyway. He already knows what will be taught, so he’ll just be bored. 
✧˚ · . Leona is surprised when your hand clasps his own instead of his wrist, ankle, or tail. Despite being in a relationship, neither of you initiated any sort of hand holding. He’ll chuckle afterwards, commenting on how you lost all ideas if you resorted to holding his hand. He won’t complain, however. He enjoys the way your fingers intertwined with his. 
“Leona, if you don’t go to class, I will break up with you.” 
✧˚ · . Leona would open his eyes wide when he hears those words. He’ll laugh at first. You don’t mean that, do you? You don’t actually have the heart to do that, right? 
✧˚ · . When he finds that you’re not joking, Leona finds himself mentally panicking just a little bit. He’s already lost the recognition he should have gotten because he was second-born. Losing you, someone that he grew to care for a while, is not something he’s prepared for. 
✧˚ · . Leona hides this of course, grunting about how it sounds like a pain, but he will stand up and go with you to class. His hand will be in yours the whole time, and he will hold onto you tightly. He is not going to lose you when he can help it. 
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𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐥 𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨
✧˚ · . The first time you held his hand, Azul was asleep in the library, exhausted from the day.
✧˚ · . Azul is perceived to be a man of many talents: intelligent, charismatic, good with business, wide range of magical skills. But behind the scenes, he works tirelessly, and day by day, his exhaustion slowly grows.
✧˚ · . One day, when he was studying together with you, his exhaustion got the best of him, and he ended up asleep. But he was momentarily roused by the feeling of a hand hesitantly brushing his own, and he would have reacted if he didn’t know that it was you beside him. 
✧˚ · . Azul would find amusement in this. You, his crush, wanting to hold his hand? Did you perhaps wait for this moment so that he wouldn’t know and ask you to pay up for holding his hand? Well you thought wrong, and he’s going to collect the payment for it. If you want to cross the bridge, you have to pay the toll, after all. He’ll pretend to stay asleep just to see what you would do. 
✧˚ · . To his surprise, you placed your hand on his own, leaving soft strokes with the thumb. Azul almost broke his act from the flustered feelings and happiness swirling in his chest. Do you feel the same way he does? Did you want him to be a part of your world the same way he wants you to be a part of his?  
“I’m glad you’re resting, Azul. You getting tired really worried me.” 
✧˚ · . Azul doubts that you mean it. Are you just saying that because you want to sound like a saint? But at the same time, there’s that part of him that wants to believe that you mean it. That you truly care about him. And when he does fall asleep, there’s a smile on his face as he dreams of a possibility with you. 
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𝐊𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐦 𝐀𝐥-𝐀𝐬𝐢𝐦
✧˚ · . The first time you held his hand, Kalim danced with you in a party.
✧˚ · . He invited you to one of Scarabia’s parties, where everyone can enjoy a taste of a faraway place, where caravan camels roam in fabled bazaars with cardamom-cluttered stalls. And since it’s always made him so happy, Kalim wants to share this happiness with all. 
✧˚ · . Kalim isn’t ashamed to dance with anyone while holding their hands. Why should he, after all? Dance is something to be enjoyed with people, a time where you won’t dare close your eyes, as you move like you are enjoying a thrilling chase. 
✧˚ · . But when he took your hand, Kalim felt something. It’s not bad at all, but rather, it felt exciting. A feeling that wants to take off and take flight, that is sure that your hand is the hand that will take him to a whole new world. He doesn’t get it, at all, but the more you smile and laugh, the more he wants to listen to you. 
“Kalim, this party is amazing! Thank you for inviting me here!” 
✧˚ · . In a haze of pure delight, he continues to dance with you under Arabian night skies. Food, music, stories, Kalim will give it all to you if it means bringing that liberating smile on your face. 
Tumblr media
𝐕𝐢𝐥 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐭
✧˚ · . The first time you held his hand, Vil was on his first date with you.
✧˚ · . Vil wears a disguise on his dates so that he doesn’t attract any media attention not only towards himself but towards you. He knows how brutal the internet can be, and he doesn’t want to subject you towards any of that. 
✧˚ · . Vil won’t ever admit it, but he doesn’t know what to do. He’s acted in romance movies before, and some of them involved being in a relationship with somebody, but since he always got the villain roles, he never had a chance to act in a loving relationship. What does he do, does he try to kiss you, wrap an arm around your shoulders? Does he even do anything? It’s annoying how the usually initiative Vil Schoenheit is frozen on what to do. 
✧˚ · . A light touch on the back of his hand will bring Vil out of his thoughts, and he’d see you bashfully looking away as you kept your hand close. He’s not stupid, he knows just what you were attempting to do, and he will find your flustered face cute.
“S-sorry Vil! This, well um, is just new to me, and I...”
✧˚ · . And it’s new for him too, but he knows now what to do, so he extends his hand out to you. And when you place your hand in his, he immediately notices how different it feels holding your hand versus the hands of other actors. It’s not merely a spark of excitement, it’s an indescribable feeling of thinking that he found the one. A love that has possessed him, and now he wants to make sure he holds it tightly. And he’ll hold you tight to him. 
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐝
✧˚ · . The first time you held his hand, Idia was pulled out of the room because of you.
✧˚ · . When you (and Ortho) kick down his door, Idia would jump from the shock of the loud sound. “You’re coming with me, Idia. I’m making you eat real food, whether you like it or not.” He would struggle, but you and Ortho successfully bring him out of his room, with you taking hold of his hand.
✧˚ · . Idia would mumble under his breath in annoyance. Really, what happened to consent? Is this what society has become? Why can’t you leave him alone to waste away as he watches his favorite waifus on screen? Why do you always have to team up with his brother to get him out of the room? Do you not know who he is? He’s a Shroud, a boy cursed with a fate he can’t escape from unless he hides himself in a room to rot away and never be found. 
“Idia, please take care of yourself more. There are people like Ortho who want you to live, so please try.” 
✧˚ · . And he stops mumbling, shocked at the way you squeezed his hand. Why would you care about him that much? There’s no point in living when you can’t go anywhere. If you cared about life so much, why couldn’t you stay in the spring where you belonged like Persephone did? He’s not Hades who would force you to be by his side, so why? 
✧˚ · . But at the same time, maybe it’s a hope that stubbornly refuses to be extinguished like the hair on his head. He never resorted to other quicker means to board a passage to the River Styx because he’s afraid of what would happen if he does. So he’ll stop resisting and let you and Ortho feed him some actual food because deep down, he wants to live.
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐚
✧˚ · . The first time you held his hand, Malleus let you drag him off to town.
✧˚ · . Malleus carries esteemed titles. One of the top 5 strongest mages in all of Twisted Wonderland. Crown Prince of Briar Valley. He was never bothered by them. They were titles to describe him, after all, and all his life, he only knew how to meet the standards of each one. It didn’t matter what others thought about him, just as long as he carried himself with dignity and grace. And when people don’t share that same poise, be it in disruptive behavior or in the mere forgetfulness of extending an invitation towards him, only then would he be angered. 
✧˚ · . It hit him one early morning. He saw you in the halls with friends around your age, saw the way you laughed around them, saw the way they smiled in your company. And in that instant, he wants what they have, he wants what you have. He looks around all the people conversing with their friends, and he realizes that he never had that. All his closest people are guards who revered him and Lilia who nurtured him. 
✧˚ · . Ah. So this is loneliness. The dislike of being uninvited no longer became about the impoliteness of the other party but about not being cared about. The titles he worked hard to uphold become burdens to him. Strong and revered, but at what cost? The fear that freezes people like frost on roses every time they think of him?
“Malleus, I want to bring you somewhere. I heard you really like ice cream.”  
✧˚ · . He’s surprised by the sudden warmth of your hand in his as you pulled him along with you. On one hand, Malleus almost feels offended. How dare someone pulls him, a crown prince, around like this. But on the other hand, he couldn’t be angry because you’re dragging him to a place that served his favorite food. I thought about you, the way you squeezed his hand seemed to say to him. And it made him happy. 
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• We can’t be together malleus •
Character : malleus you and other ;)
Summary : it looks like the queen doesn’t like you at all. And she try to ruin your relationship and curse you.
Genre: fluff? Maybe?
Warning : grammar errors misspelling
Tumblr media
“Malleus! please.... just accept the truth that we can't be together!” you cry at him “y/n...” he looks at you with betrayed looks,
it so painful to look at, you wanted to scream, you want to hug him close, you wanted to kiss him, you want to cuddle with him until you both fall asleep, but this relationship has to end you can't stay with him you're just a normal person that accidentally picked his interest, and him? Oh, he is malleus draconia the top 5 strongest magicians on twisted wonderland and a crown prince! How could you be on his side! How could you a commoner… become his queen! Not only his queen you gonna be a queen to his nation! How could you?... The thought and love for malleus ruin you little by little just like a curse whos like a rose vine, they're pretty but hurting you little by little until you die gradually
“Malleus you know why right? I know you know it... tsunotaro… I can’t, I can’t do it anymore it's too hard…”
He let out a sigh, holds you close caressing your hair gently
“Shush... even if it costs my soul
I will always find a way so we can be together”
You nodded.
“forever, not even death can separate us“
You wonder what kind of expression is on his face right now... His word was so gentle but the way he says it... they kinda feels off...
“So stop thinking about it okay, we will get through it together”
Then he smiles... It is always so breathtaking to look at...
The smile you always adore... But today's smile was... Weird..
“Ck... We failed your majesty, should we do the plan b ?” a man with a robe tells
“Hmm... Yes, execute the plan as soon as possible we don't want our nation to be harmed by a greedy human”
A gentle wind pushes the man robe to reveal their face it was
Tumblr media
[my other fanfic]
A/n: dude it has been 2 months since my last post lololol I Hope this ff does not suck hehe~
A/n 2.0: I just check the grammar on Grammarly lololol it has 38 things that suppose to be corrected but I'm not a premium :((( anw I hope you like it
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Say what now?!
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Being a father was surprisingly difficult Azul had come to realize. After taking Faye from you he and the twins had made their way towards Mr. Vargas's class. The muscled teacher had quickly taken note of the five year old and already knowing the situation was quick to find activities that one so small could do. Faye quickly took to the small game she'd been given, her giggles sounding out from the bleachers were she played. Azul couldn't help but smile at the sound, his heart melting at how sweet the little girl was. Jade and Floyd noticed the smile on their friend's face and snickered.
"Oya, you've really taken well to this whole dad thing haven't you Azul?"
Jade mused a sharp smile on his face.
"Ehh it honestly suits you Azul, you and the guppy are quite a pair."
Floyd chirped his sharp gaze focused on Azul. The octopus merman felt his cheeks go red at his friends teasing, gripping his broomstick tightly.
"And we're not the only ones who think you two make quite the pair. I believe (Y/N) has also seemed quite taken with the sight of you and Faye."
Jade teased his bicolored eyes lighting up with mirth.
"Hehe she sure was if that kiss said anything~"
Floyd cooed just as amused as Jade. Azul's face exploded in red as he was finally being teased by the twins. Gritting his teeth he tried to keep his cool.
"You two are really pushing it today."
Azul said trying to sound authoritative however due to his embarrassment it came off as frazzled. The twins snickered some more and said a few more teasing things before finally giving Azul mercy. Azul let out a deep breath trying to calm his racing heart. He could still feel your lips on his cheek, soft and sweet. It was better than he could have ever dreamed of. The merman was taken out of his musings by Mr. Vargas calling attention to the class. Once give instructions on what their assignment was Azul and the rest of the class paired off. Jade and Floyd were quick to become partners for the exercise leaving Azul alone. The merman scanned the class to find a partner and quickly caught sight of the tall, awkward form of his fellow club mate Idia.
"Idia want to partner up? I think it'd be beneficial for the both of us."
Azul asked him making the other teen jump at the sudden appearance of his friend. Idia gave Azul an awkward smile before nodding.
He said softly his stutter kicking in. The duo then began to do their exercise, stumbling around their brooms as they helped one another. Azul kept looking off to the side of the yard to check on Faye who was now watching Azul with childish admiration. Catching his eye Faye waved happily at him.
"S-she's a very cute kid."
Idia's voice snapped Azul's attention back to him. The demigod of death shimmied on his feet nervous that he'd drawn attention to himself.
"She really is, she's an absolute sweetheart."
Azul said a bit of pride hitting him. Faye was indeed a very sweet little girl and she was incredibly smart too. He couldn't help but feel fatherly pride for the small toddler. Idia gave a somewhat amused smile at Azul's obvious affection for the girl.
"So is it true t-that she's yours?"
Idia asked curious. He'd heard about Azul and Faye from the cameras he'd hacked and the whispers from the other students. But he wanted to ask the source personally. Azul's cheeks went slightly red and he gave an awkward nod.
"Yes she's mine. According to the headmaster she's from the future. Until she can return to her own time, me and (Y/N) are responsible for her."
Azul explained making Idia's eyes widen.
"(Y/N)....the Ramshackle prefect....? The one that you-"
Idia began to say only for Azul to nearly tackle the poor man and cover his mouth with his hands, cheeks blazing much to his embarrassment and irritation.
"Yes! That one! Great Seven does everyone in this school know about my....ya know???"
Azul asked his tone frustrated. Idia just gave him a look before nodding awkwardly and pushing Azul's hand from his mouth.
"Y-yeah the whole uh.....school knows in someway, shape or form. If....if I remember correctly I-I think some of them even have bets going on....."
Idia said not daring to look at Azul not sure of how his friend would react. Azul stiffened at the information dumbfounded. The school body were making bets on him and you.......
Great Seven he was going to kill someone. He was going to hunt them down and bury them in the school courtyard.
"Is that so.....Idia can you give me a list of who these people are?"
Faye Ashengrotto watched as her father and the tall man with flaming hair talked and did their flying exercises. Her father while looking nervous was doing rather well. Not much different from her father in her time, Azul hated flying to the point where not even her mother could get him to get on a broom. Faye brushed her (H/C) curls from out of her face as she continued to watch and do her activity that Mr. Vargas had given her. She was so lost in her concentration that she didn't notice that one of the brooms had been flung towards the bleachers.
Straight towards her.
It happened rather quickly, she heard shouting from the field and she snapped up her head only to see the broom heading towards her. Faye let out a terrified scream and covered her head.
She screamed terrified before she felt two arms grab her and yank her up into the air away from the bleachers. The broom zoomed hitting them with a sickening crack making the entire field go silent. Faye felt the arms around her tighten and a she slowly opened her eyes to see who her savior was. Big blue eyes went wide with awe and shock at who was staring down at her.
Her daddy was the one holding her, his own blue hues wide with concern and panic. The merman was on the broom that he'd been exercising with, the man who was next to him staring at the duo in shock. Azul didn't hesitate to steer the broom back to the ground, making sure that Faye was seated securely on it. As soon as his feet hit the ground the man was frantically checking the girl.
"Faye are you alright?!? Are you injured little one?!?"
Azul asked her searching her small, chubby frame for any signs of injury. Faye still slightly shaken by the events gave her father a shake of her head showing him that she was fine. Azul let out a sigh of relief pulling her into a hug. Faye was quick to return it and Azul picked her up, placing her on his hip. The field had then erupted into chaos several voices asking them if they were okay. Jade and Floyd had practically pushed through the crowd to get to them, the other man right behind them. Faye buried her face into her father's neck overwhelmed.
"Is Guppy-Chan okay?!?"
Floyd asked sounding somewhat stressed which was rare for him.
"Faye, Azul are you two injured??"
Jade asked next his own gaze scanning the two of them for any signs of injury.
"T-that was scary! I n-never seen Azul move so fast-!"
The tall man said sounding stunned by Azul's behavior. Which made sense given that the usually serious merman had gotten on a broom and literally zoomed towards Faye to get to her. However the trio's questions were left unanswered as they were met with steely blue eyes that held a dangerous fury to them.
"Who. had. the. broom?"
Azul asked his tone low and furious. The twins exchanged looks knowing full well that Azul was going to make whoever threw the broom at Faye would have hell to pay.
"I wasn't paying attention unfortunately."
Jade said sounding remorseful for missing such a critical detail.
"Ehhh I was paying attention either."
Floyd said his usually calm smiling face now a hard angry frown at what had just occurred under his watch.
"I-I didn't notice anything either...."
Idia said biting his lip. Azul took a deep breath trying to calm down from the adrenaline rush he'd received. He was going to respond but Mr. Vargas had finally gotten to them and class was quickly calmed down by the teacher. After explaining what had happened the older man cut the exercise short and the rest of the class was spent doing things like running around the track. Azul was given permission to sit out and stay with Faye. The young girl laid in her father's lap, his hand brushing through her thick curls and glaring at anyone who dared to look at them. Faye watched her father awed by him.
"Daddy......thank you for saving me. You're a hero."
Faye said a slight lisp in her sentence. Azul paused in his movements giving Faye a baffled look.
"There's no need to thank me my little seashell. You're my daughter, I'm always going to keep you safe."
Azul said, his eyes sincere.
"You promise...?"
Faye asked her face tilted up to look at her father better. The older merman gave her a small nod and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.
"I promise, as long as I'm here nothing will hurt you."
Azul said his tone soft and soothing. Faye gave him a small smile, making Azul's heart melt at it before she snuggled into her father's lap and closed her eyes. The two stayed like that until the end of class, where Jade, Floyd and Idia went to greet him. Picking up Faye gently Azul and the trio made their way to their next class but not without saying something.
"I want you three to help me figure out who did that stunt. I refuse to allow them to continue going on without being punished."
Azul said his tone professional and harder than diamond. Floyd and Jade gave shark like grins at their friend.
"But of course, we completely agree with you Azul."
Jade said smiling his polite smile however his gaze told a different story.
"Neee I'll gladly squeeze 'em when we find them."
Floyd cooed excited at the prospect of dealing out judgement to the culprit who did such a thing.
"I-I don't really want to be apart of this but I'll keep a l-lookout for the person who did it. I'll even have Ortho h-help me."
Idia said his golden gaze determined. Azul gave his friend a small shocked look before giving him a smirk.
"Fufu, you really are the best Idia."
Azul said making his companion preen at the compliment. They'd find out who did it, and they'd better hope to the Great Seven that it had been an accident. Because if not......
Azul would personally make them regret going after his daughter.
*Protective daddy Azul yes please feed me some of that good shit! Since I'd updated my one series with Elliott I'd decided to update this one as well given that Faye deserves some love too and I'm a major simp for Azul so yeah lol. It appears that someone is out to start shit and Azul is gonna be kicking some ass like the good dad he is lmfao. Anyways if any y'all read this I hope you enjoyed it!!!!*
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"This might be my warmest recipe yet." Azul sighs, setting a meal before you. The aroma of seafood against tamarind as well as leafy vegetables stewing in it.
"Eat up." He says, removing his apron from his waist. "It will take me some time before I can get used to the food from your world." He says ehol washing his hands. "But nevertheless, you should at least enjoy a taste of home while you're here."
"Tell me what I need to improve on later."
Anon ksnjnbjsbgjsg I actually got this ask a long time ago but I typed the first 2k words in the first week I got this and left it alone for who knows how long because my motivation to write plummeted 😭 and it was only recently that I even got the will to write again knsnfknkksngsd 
Thank you for making me write 3k+ words on a brainrot fic about sinigang 🤡 sobs so hard This has been in my drafts for more than 6 months, and I feel a little embarrassed about that, but I hope you guys enjoy ahahaha :”) 
Tumblr media
Feet dragging on the stone path of Main Street, I walked with a groggy pace past the statues of the Great Seven, whose unmoving eyes sent a cold feeling on my back that only judgmental stares could give. My eyelids threatened to lower until my vision turned black, craving for the comfort of thin blankets and a firm mattress. 
I yawned. A hand went up to cover my open mouth, lingering until the yawn passed. It dropped to the area of my stomach, where a hollowness ached to be filled. I sighed, inserting another hand into the pockets of my school blazer, and upon feeling the wrinkled texture of old bills, I let myself smile slightly. 
Hmm... I’m gonna be passing by Sam’s shop on the way. Maybe I should buy some things on the way. I do need to restock the cupboards. I planned in my head. 
I made my way down the staircase and through the path that led to the short tower in front of the Mystery Shop, a bit more energy in my steps from a small goal being set. But upon stopping by the shop itself, my legs felt reluctant with moving towards the door.
Hnngh, I’m too tired, though, to interact with anybody. I thought to myself. Maybe tomorrow. I still have some eggs there. I can make a scrambled egg for dinner. Hopefully, it will be enough to keep me sustained for a few hours.
And with empty hands, I walked away from the shop. 
Not much time passed before I arrived at the fork in the road that either led to the Hall of Mirrors or to the Ramshackle dorm. A groan escaped my lips. “Ugh, I’m so tired,” I complained to the air. “I just want to rest already. Why is Ramshackle so far from the school?” Tempting as it is, I didn’t bother to stop and rest, knowing that I can rest for a longer time later. And so, I turned left towards Ramshackle. 
Another grumble emanated from my stomach. I must look miserable right now, with my groggy way of walking, heavy eyelids, and hand over an empty stomach. I miss having a car, I thought. Having a driver to bring you home sounds so nice right now.
At the thought of a car, my mind started taking its own walk down a path, except it’s not dragging itself down a dirt road but wandering through a road of movies playing memories. It felt so long ago that I would wear a long skirt that would flutter from my movements as I picked up my things and walked to my car. Afterwards, I would either be brought to my piano lessons or to my home, depending on what day of the week it was. Should I be brought to my lessons, I would be there for an hour before being brought home. The roads would be filled with eager cars driving home, and I myself would lean on the car window, watching a once blue sky shift to oranges and occasional pinks then to dark blues. Sometimes, in these car rides, dinner would occupy my thoughts. On some days, I would think about simply filling up my stomach after a long day. But on other days, I would envision a certain meal, from its familiar bowl on the dinner table down to the aroma it exuded. 
Right now, as I headed back to the dorm, my mind’s eye could visualize the dinner table filled. Placemats would be laid in front of each chair, where plates and tableware sit. A bowl of rice would sit on the middle of the table, and beside it would be a larger bowl of a tamarind broth filled with leafy vegetables and cuts of pork. The vision was vivid in my mind, to the point that the fragrance of the broth felt real under my nose. 
... Hold on. 
I sniffed the air. 
There’s no way that I just smelled the exact same dish I was thinking of. 
But I sniffed again, and the scent was still there. I frowned in confusion as I looked around for where the smell could possibly come from, and my nose pointed to the Ramshackle dorm that moved closer in my sight. 
“Huh?” I uttered out loud. “Who would be cooking sinigang right now?” 
I wanted to think the ghosts decided to try their hand at cooking, but I knew they barely knew anything about the culinary world. Heck, they probably might not know of a native dish that may or may not exist in Twisted Wonderland. 
Nevertheless, the smell itself rejuvenated me. My pace quickened as I opened the gate and climbed the stone pathway leading to the front door. Turning the knob and pushing the door open, I could smell the familiar sourness of the sinigang, which was now much stronger than it was outside. This time, a subtle flavor accompanied the aroma of the broth, a certain kind of salt that only the ocean could possess. The lights of the corridor, lounge, and kitchen were turned on, bathing the recently painted walls in yellow and white light. 
“Oh, you’re home!”
Appearing through the wall, the three Ramshackle ghosts who resided in the dorm along with me approached me. “Oh hi!” I greet, my voice brighter than earlier. Their goofy smiles brought a smile to my own face before I asked: “What’s going on? I smell food here. Are you cooking something?”
“Oh…” A cheeky smile started forming on one of the ghosts’ faces. “About that...” 
“Hihihi~” the second snickered as a wider grin makes its way onto his face. “You should see for yourself!”
“Go to the kitchen and find out!” The third ghost pointed to the direction of the kitchen.
I look at their expressions with growing suspicion. “Erm… okay…?”
I hesitantly made my way to the kitchen. It doesn’t sound bad exactly, but what if I’m being lured to something, my mind said. A horrible thought to have entered my mind. 
What if it’s a killer waiting for me? Wait, but this place is protected from intruders. Oh no, what if Trein paid me a visit because I missed something that I didn’t know I missed? Or even Crewel? Or what if it’s something else–
As I approached the open threshold of the kitchen, I kept my body by the wall, taking a peek from my hiding spot to see who was there.
A sharp inhale went through my nose. 
Hold the fuck up—!
I immediately retreated and leaned on the wall, my earlier exhaustion gone entirely, replaced by the fast beating of my heart and the butterflies flying about in my stomach. There is no way in the world that he would be there in my messy kitchen, cooking a meal that I hadn’t eaten since arriving in Twisted Wonderland.
But I recognized the silver hair and the undercut below it. That hair is undoubtedly Azul’s. 
“I know you’re there,” his voice echoes from the kitchen. My heart seemed to jump from its place at the same time my breath hitched.
Slowly, I approached the kitchen. Part of me wondered if I was dreaming and if I was going to wake up soon. Standing by the stove, Azul seemed to be stirring the pot of sinigang, with his back faced towards me. He seemed to be in his dorm uniform, judging by the black straps of the suspenders he wears. The familiar coat was absent, however, and so was his black blazer, leaving him in a long-sleeved white polo. From the purple ribbons coming from the front that were tied together, he appeared to be wearing an apron.
Azul always looked like someone of high authority, whose confidence and smugness left me gazing at him with mad love. But here he was, with an unusual domestic-looking appearance, and I felt my already exhausted knees nearly buckling from the shock.
He turned to look at me. The sight of his beautiful face, paired with the apron over a white polo, made me inhale sharply through the nose. “Is there something on me? Why are you simply standing in place?”
His voice shook me from my stupor. “Wait, why are you here,” I finally asked. “I thought you had the Mostro Lounge to take care of.”
“Jade and Floyd are taking care of the lounge in my stead for today,” Azul replied as he picked up a large bowl. “I apologize for intruding into your home and using your kitchen without your knowledge. I simply wanted to try out a new recipe for the Mostro Lounge.”
I raised an eyebrow at that. “Huh? Why here, though? Aren’t the stoves in the lounge better?”
There was a pause in his movements before he scooped up a ladle of the soup dish into the bowl. “Well... I wanted to let you taste test it since you are familiar with the dish, yes? I would have called you over to the Mostro Lounge instead, but it seemed like you were busy, so I decided to cook here instead.”
His words made my heart race. He’s trusting me with something so important, and it drove my mind crazy knowing that he’s asking me for something. Yet skepticism weighed in my head. Something about the reasons seemed a bit odd. His voice, usually so suave and stable with a touch of sass, seemed slightly shakier, though it’s so subtle that I found myself wondering if I must be imagining it. 
The sound of a switch suddenly resounded across the kitchen, causing Azul to move his head to a white rice cooker whose switch is set to warm. “Ah, perfect timing,” he exclaims. His voice regained its usual elegance. “Have a seat while I prepare the food. You must be tired from walking all the way here.”
Again, the butterflies fluttered in my stomach, but this time, an overwhelming feeling of warmth grew in my chest. It was a ball of light that seemed to glow so ardently that I felt my knees might weaken to the point I fall on the spot. Unable to handle it without possibly making a mess of myself, I pulled out a chair with a plate and tableware set in front of it. My gaze immediately landed on Azul, and I watched as he scooped up the white rice into another bowl. The warmth in my chest seemed to grow while gazing at each movement.
“This might be my warmest recipe yet,” Azul spoke up, setting down the bowl of rice on the table before the larger bowl of sinigang with a sigh. Upon closer inspection, a whitish meat floated on the broth with a distinct black skin in the middle of it.
Bangus, I noted with surprise. There is bangus around here?!
He walked to the counter to grab the bowl of rice and arrived back to the table to set it down. Wisps of smoke visibly flew into the air from its soft whiteness, a sight I thought I’d never see again.
I knew my tummy was aching for food a while ago. I knew that. Yet I couldn’t pick up my tableware, and instead, I could only stare at the food with an agape mouth. The feelings within my chest continued to grow, soon spreading to my gut and throat like a fire set ablaze. They threatened to spill out of me into a bunch of ‘I love you’ and ‘why do you always find a way to make my heart beat fast’, but my lips suppressed any form of sound that would let it all leak out. I couldn’t let Azul know how I truly felt for him, not yet. 
“Eat up,” he said as his hands traveled to the ribbon on his back. With an elegant grace, he unraveled the ribbon and lifted the apron from his body, folding the clothing in half in the air before setting it down on a chair with another set up plate in front of it. He then walked to the sink, turning on the faucet with slight difficulty and placing his hands under the running water. 
Despite the shock of seeing Azul in my dorm that still left me stunned, his words moved me to grab a few spoonfuls of rice, my mind mentally calculating how much rice I need to fill myself up before stopping. I got the spoon for the sinigang, scooping myself some kangkong — there’s kangkong around these parts!? — and bangus before scooping the broth and pouring it over my rice. Each grain soaked up the soup, almost reaching the point that it would spill over to the plate.
“I hope that this is to your liking,” Azul spoke up. He approached the table and pulled out his own chair before taking a seat. “This is my first time making this, after all.”
“It…” I paused for a moment, trying to gain enough composure to speak properly. “It’s already smelling the way it’s supposed to! And you even have the kangkong and the bangus, and that’s pretty accurate, and I- I didn’t know you had these things here in Sage Island!” I stopped myself before I could say anymore compliments. Slight embarrassment joined the butterflies in my stomach from letting my excitement leak out. 
He softly chuckled in reply. “We don’t, but I have a few connections that enabled me to buy the best quality ingredients.” He smiles, but there’s a mischievous charm to it. All the same, his voice and his face left me breathless and my chest tight from the intense feelings I felt towards him.
“I see,” I said with a nod. Immediately after, a quiet grumble emitted from my stomach, reminding me once more of my famished state. Wordlessly, I quickly turned my attention back to my plate, relieved for a distraction from Azul. Using my spoon and fork, I cut the bangus into small pieces, a task not difficult thanks to the softness of the fish. Once I was satisfied with the pieces I cut, I moved on to cutting the kangkong leaves and stems to smaller pieces as well, occasionally having to apply a bit more force to cut the fibers completely. 
“Do you always take your time in preparing your meal,” Azul asked as I nearly finish cutting the kangkong. 
I turned my head up back to him, perhaps a little too excitedly. “Oh well, yeah,” I answered. “I don’t usually do this with every meal, but when it’s sinigang, I like cutting the bangus and kangkong and mixing them together with the rice.” 
He nodded with a hum. “I see.”
From the corner of my eyes, I noticed the still empty plate in front of him. “Aren’t you going to eat, Azul?”
“I will,” he answered. “I simply wish to know your thoughts first before trying it. Tell me what I should improve on later.”
My thoughts matter to him? The mere thought caused that ball of warmth and light in my chest to grow more. If I had been paying attention, I would have noticed the subtle tautness of his voice that was there earlier, but I was too caught up in that thought that in some way, he was being considerate of what I thought. 
Okay, calm down, he’s probably just sweet talking you, I told myself. Plus, you still have to eat.
I returned to my food, and I started mixing the food with my rice, taking care that everything is uniformly mixed. And once that was done, it was finally time to satisfy my stomach. 
I’m about to be trying Azul’s cooking for the first time, was the thought weighing in my mind as I scooped a decent amount of rice and viand into my spoon. As I lifted the spoon to my lips, a part of me wondered if I will be let down. Even if it smelled the way it did, even if the ingredients are accurate, will it be delicious? Will I actually be able to genuinely compliment it? And will I end up with an okay stomach or will I end up having to take stomach medicines? There was a time that I had sinigang that caused my stomach to hurt badly, and I didn’t wish for a repeat of that time. I didn’t want to make Azul feel bad by saying that it’s not good. 
But more than that, I was more occupied by the thought that Azul actually cooked this for me, even if it’s for simple taste testing for an upcoming menu item for the Mostro Lounge. What being up in the heavens decided that I was worthy of this? That I, an ordinary human in this world of magic, would let me be blessed with not only the unexpected presence of the most beautiful boy I’ve ever met but also be graced with his cooking just because he wanted to run it by me? 
And that’s why, I quickly told myself, I need to taste this before he gets suspicious about why I’m hesitating!
I put the spoonful of food in my mouth. The spoon barely left my mouth when a my eyes bulged slightly from the undeniably familiar sourness of the broth that coated each grain of rice and each piece of fish. The bangus was soft, and much to my relief, it contained its distinct flavor that I never knew I missed until now. A soft crunching sound reached my ears as I bit into a piece of kangkong stem, adding a texture to the softness of the mixture of rice and the fish. 
A hum of delight left my throat, and a smile formed on my face as I felt my shoulders slackened from the taste of the sinigang. It’s not just good. It tasted like home. 
I scooped myself another spoonful of my meal as I chewed, ready for me to eat once I swallow the food in my mouth. But once I swallowed, I looked at Azul, whose eyes were looking at me expectantly. “It’s so good,” I exclaimed to him. 
His face seemed to relax at my words, a relieved smile forming on his face. “I’m glad to hear that,” he spoke. For what felt like the nth time that evening, my breath nearly hitched from his smile and voice. The genuine relief that he displayed was exquisite. 
As I took my second spoonful of the food, he moved to get his own rice and sinigang. His eyes scrutinized the rice on his plate, getting what seemed to be a cup exactly before getting his own fish and veggies. He got his own spoonful of rice and fish, with a bit of leaf atop of it, and put it in his mouth. His eyes lit up with what seemed like pleasant surprise, a look that made my heart jump in place, and soon, he swallowed, a smile forming on his face as he said, “It does taste good.”
“Yeah,” I exclaimed, “because–” it was you who made it, Azul, I almost said but stopped myself in time, “– the ingredients are correct and everything. It was easy to tell from the smell that this was going to be good! And this is your first try too!” 
His smile grew. “That’s good to hear.”
We continued to eat our meals, but as I ate, I couldn’t help myself and occasionally glanced at him. There was a refinement to the way Azul enjoyed his meal, and my eyes could not leave him or any of the small movements that he made. I knew this feeling: that when you’re in love, every single mundane action that the one you love does brings all the brightest colors in the world in your vision. In that moment, the kitchen lost its drab dreary look, and all I could see was a homey place. The flickering light above gave a nostalgic charm, one that I never noticed. The walls and cupboards seemed brighter, no longer grey or light brown in my vision. The smell of the broth filled my nose, and the taste of the food in my mouth made me melt further in my seat. And in the middle of it all was Azul, the reason why everything was so bright around me, the reason why my heart continued racing even as I ate, the reason why I could be happy no matter how tiring the day may be. 
I felt no arms wrapping around my body, but it felt like I was receiving the warmest hug I ever had. One that brought even a tear to my eye, a tiny bead of water that contained all the emotions that warmed me from within. 
Before I realized it, I was already inserting my last spoonful of rice into my mouth, chewing slowly to savor the flavors before swallowing. A contented sigh left my lips as I propped an elbow on the table and rested my head on my hand, a lazy smile forming on my face. “That was so good. I haven’t had sinigang in so long.”
“I’m very pleased to hear that you enjoyed,” Azul replied, having finished his meal as well. “Is there anything that I could have improved?”
“Mmm, not that I can think of,” I said in reply. “It was really good.”
He nodded. “I see.” He then stood from his seat, picking up his plate while doing so. He reached a hand out to me, and I sat up straight and alert. Is he reaching for my hand, I thought excitedly, but that thought quickly died when he spoke: “Give me your plate.”
“E-eh?” I stood up from my own seat. “No, I can wash the dishes, it’s ok! You already did the cooking.”
“Don’t worry about it,” he says. “I want you to relax for today, so let me do this for you.”
No reply left my lips. I froze in place. unable to stop him as he approached my side of the table and took my empty plate. His blue eyes seemed to twinkle in amusement at my sudden silence, and his lips quirked up in a smile before taking his leave towards the sink. 
“W... why,” I finally asked as the sound of rushing water from the sink filled the kitchen. “Why are you doing this much for me all of a sudden?”
He didn’t respond at first. Instead, I received the squeaky noise of a sponge rubbing a plate first, and that, alongside the running water, was the only sound in the room for a few seconds. I couldn’t see his expression from my spot, only the back of his head and his hands washing the dishes. 
“Well,” Azul finally spoke. For once, he didn’t sound like he’d start talking in palavers and haughty tones, but rather, there was something honest in his voice. “Truth be told, I wanted to do this as a form of payment for everything you’ve done for me.”
I frowned in confusion. “Eh? What for?” 
There was a pause for a moment. “... Remember back when I took your dorm as the collateral for freeing the students from the Mostro Lounge,” he asked, though it seemed like a rhetorical question. Nevertheless, I replied with a hum of approval. 
“I fully expected you to hate me or insult me after everything that happened,” Azul spoke. My eyebrows raised in surprise at his response, but I remained quiet. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. After all, anyone who signed my deals come out of it calling me names. Not that it bothers me, since I benefit from our deals more than they do.” A certain smugness accompanied his latter words. 
“But you... you called me a hard worker.” The faucet was turned off, and Azul placed a plate on the rack for wet dishes but made no move to continue washing. “I’ve been meaning to find a proper way of paying you back, and after learning a little bit more about you, I thought that this was the best way to do it. You should at least enjoy a taste of home while you're here.”
No words left my lips. There was no sound in the room except for the beat of my heart thrumming in my ears. My own voice was gripped by the shock that I feel, yet there is a whole speech forming in my head that wanted to make itself known. You shouldn’t be paying me back, Azul. You’re the one who’s done so much more for me. You made my school year so much more beautiful and gave me a reason to keep on going despite me being far away from home. I should be the one doing something for you.
A hand landed on my shoulder. Jolting slightly from surprise, I looked up to see Azul right beside me. At the close proximity, the butterflies in my stomach fluttered even more wildly. “There’s no need to pay me back,” he spoke with a reassuring smile. “For once, I'm letting you take my services for free.”
“H... huh?!” I exclaimed. 
“Of course, I wouldn’t complain if you do decide to repay me,” he adds with a mischievous smirk, a kind of smirk that I want to punch for how much it makes my brain short-circuit from how much it affects me.
“W-well...” I don’t mind paying you back. I wanted to say, but I felt like saying that would be walking onto a landmine. “Tha... thank you, Azul.” 
For a short moment, he appeared stunned by my gratitude, before his face melted into a smile that nearly made me crumble to my knees. “You’re welcome.” 
Tumblr media
The students of Octavinelle dorm felt something different when they watched their dorm leader enter. Usually, they’d feel a slight sense of fear from the sharp tap of his shoes and serious face, but at this moment, his feet had a lightness to it, and his eyes looked softer as a smile accompanied them. 
Azul no longer looked like a dorm leader or a businessman who snagged a win in that moment but a boy who seemed genuinely happy for once.
He made his way to Mostro Lounge, the happy aura he radiated never fading. As he entered the VIP Room, he encountered Jade, who smiled in amusement while he watched Azul sit on the leather couch. 
“So how was your time in Ramshackle, Azul,” he asked. 
The smile on his face widened, and his sky blue eyes gleamed with pure glee. “It went well,” he said with an even voice. 
Jade chuckled. “It seems like it went more than well, Azul.” 
Azul didn’t argue back. Because Jade’s right. It went more than well if it means he got to see that beautiful smile on his beloved’s face. 
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Hiiii!!! This is the first time I’m requesting so I hope I’m doing this right. If possible could you do a head cannon with S/o reader who sucks at cooking but tries to cook for the boys and excitedly gives them her very….. questionable food. With Leona, Malleus,Vil, Jack and Azul please. Thank you so much💕💕
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Surely the taste will be an improvement over the presentation, Malleus tells himself. He has had Lilia’s cooking many times over and managed to survive those near-death experiences—so this couldn’t possibly be as bad. These are the mantras he repeats in his mind to calm himself as he brings a forkful to his lips,
Malleus is at such a loss for words, he doesn’t quite know how to react—but one look at your eager face, and he knows if may crush you to be told the truth so brazenly. And so, he dons a mischievous smile and adopts a plot on the spot to pull the wool over your eyes.
The trick to being a great magician is knowing how to best utilize one’s abilities. In Malleus’s case, a simple teleportation spell creates the illusion of chewing and swallowing every last morsel of food you pile onto his plate. As soon as it disappears from your sight past his lips, poof—it’s gone likely reappearing in Leona’s lunch.
“It has an interesting flavor. Certainly unique, unlike anything I have ever had, even the dishes provided by my royal chef,” he declares with a croon, spooning another mouthful—and, naturally, magicking it away. Malleus is tactful with his wording, careful to not offend, but also offers his wisdom. “Fufu. With more practice and study, you have the capacity to improve even more.”
Was it wrong of him to trick you? Maybe. But did he spare your feelings? Definitely. You’ll continue on in blissful ignorance, your smile preserved thanks to Malleus’s clemency. And, with any luck, perhaps you’ll be able to hone your culinary skills over time, with Malleus there to push you in the right direction.
Tumblr media
Leona outright rejects your food, and he is not graceful about it. It’s clear from the way he turns up his nose and scowls that he has no intention of even trying a bite, or of sparing your precious feelings. (And if you include vegetables in the dish? Well, then he’ll just catapult himself several yards away.)
“You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no way I’m eating that,” Leona growls, inching away from the plate. “Despite how I may look, I’m a delicate prince with an even more delicate stomach,” he tells you—although his sarcastic, mocking tone doesn’t do him any favors. “Eating food that’s economy class is beneath me.”
Following his harsh rebuttal, he realizes that he’s still hasn’t had anything to eat. In a bout of cranky hangriness (that’s hungry and angry), Leona drags you with him to the NRC cafeteria. There, he tears through a crowd of mon students and returns (looking quite disheveled) with a coveted premium menchi-katsu sandwich in hand.
You sit in the shade of the courtyard’s apple tree as Leona tears his prize up and hands you half. He looks smug about it, as though you should be thanking him, the great and powerful predator, for his kindness and generosity. (If you don’t immediately accept the sandwich, Leona will just stuff it in your mouth himself and gruffly instruct you to “shut up and eat”.)
He reclines against the tree trunk with his own half of the sandwich. Leona tosses you an irritable look before muttering, “Oi. From now on, don’t bother cooking. It’s pointless to even try. Just sit back and let me do it. I’ll be the one to take cafe of you, got it?”
Tumblr media
One look at your dish, and Vil gingerly pushes it away with the shake of his head. He’s not one to hold back when it comes to critique, so his comments, while fair, are also brutal and brimming with tough love.
“Stop, stop. I appreciate your efforts, but... efforts alone can only get you so far. I can tell at just a glance that you’ve yet to master the fundamentals.” Vil indicates various points on the platter. “Just how do you think you can pull off a dish this complex if you lack a solid foundation to build off of? You must begin with the basics first!”
It quickly becomes evident to him that you have no clue where to start. Fortunately for you, Vil’s willing to tie up his hair and guide you through some simple things, from kitchen safety to common cooking and cutting techniques. His focus is, of course, on simple, quick, and healthy recipes which suit his busy, on-the-go lifestyle (and are so foolproof that even you can’t mess them up).
Ever the perfectionist, Vil’s not going to let you quit midway through! He’ll give you skill drills and make you practice over and over until you’re entirely comfortable and confident with handling a knife, playing with fire, and seasoning. It’s partly for his own safety (and for the safety of anyone else you want to serve food to), but he also genuinely wants to see you grow and improve yourself.
He wears the most proud smile on his face when you really nail a test or make a considerable improvement. To Vil, it’s like watching the pieces of a puzzle slowly fall into place, finally making a coherent and beautiful image that is you at your full potential. He’s sure that, no matter what you make for him next, it will be something worth a standing ovation.
Tumblr media
Every single one of his senses is screaming at him to not to eat your food. Taking a single whiff tells him that the dish is foul, something rotten, despite your best efforts to polish it up. Heck, the fur on his tail stands on end from just looking at it.
Jack brushes away his apprehension and pats down his fur. He refuses to back down from this! He won’t be defeated by food, especially since he knows you out your heart and soul into preparing this for him! Jack vows that he won’t let it go to waste!
He has to hype himself up like he’s doing warm-ups for an important track-meet! Deep breaths, stretches, jogging in place, even mumbling a pep talk to himself under his breath! Staring down at the (potentially) deadly dish only rips open a fresh can of fear in Jack, and only exercise can provide a rush of adrenaline strong enough to fight it off.
Jack tries to conceal the questionable taste and texture of your cooking by wolfing it down as fast as he can. The sooner it is down his throat and into his belly, the less of an opportunity his taste buds will have to fully process it all... right? (Well, that’s the logic Jack is running with.)
When the deed is done, Jack raises a fist in the air almost in slow motion, as though he is a champion proclaiming victory over a powerful adversary. He gives you a dazed grin, his head swimming from the sensory stimulation. “I... I did it. Are you proud of me? I—” aaaand he careens over, his exhausted, heavy body leaning against yours. “... Looks like I was’t as strong as I thought I was. S-Sorry. I’ll have to borrow you for a while...”
Tumblr media
Azul understands the pain of putting your time, energy, and resources into making something new—so he wouldn’t want to waste them by rejecting your kind offer of free food. He decides to sample at least one bite out of pure courtesy... and he instantly regrets it.
To Azul’s credit, he hides his repulsion well enough. He covers his disgust by coughing and pretending that the food went down the wrong pipe, then washes out the taste with a considerable gulp of water (he drains almost the entire cup in a few gulps).
Azul has a way of twisting words to persuade others to act in his favor, and now is no different. He puts that silver tongue of his to use and manages to sweet talk you out of letting him off the hook for the rest of the meal! But what will you eat? you wonder—and with a smirk, Azul seats you where he once was.
Shedding his blazer and rolling his sleeves up, he enters the kitchen himself with your plate of food in hand. Not too long after, he exits with that same dish, modified and dressed up to look like a fancy menu item. Azul pulls up a chair across from you and gives you a smile so charming that it makes you forget that you had intended to cook for him in the first place.
“Let me be the one to treat you today,” he insists, offering a spoonful or a forkful. “and if you enjoy it, I can demonstrate exactly how I made this for you. In fact, consider my tutoring services at your disposal. No, no, please—it’s no trouble at all, really. Food is something that is simply better experienced when it is shared with someone you love.”
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rosalaxia · a day ago
Azul Ashengrotto 🐙
Tumblr media
Have this old drawing cause I wanna post anything here lol
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phantasmiafxndom · 2 days ago
What about Leona or Azul getting tazed in the test subject au? :O
It happens as an experiment. Because Leona is so passive and apathetic, a test to see what it takes to make even him respond to stimuli is a worthy pursuit. Instead of proper tasing, it's a shock collar— designed to deliver varying levels of jolts ranging from little more than a tingle to what feels like it burns. And while Leona is able to ignore it for a while (in the hopes they'll just leave him alone), even he starts listening a little better when the collar is on its higher settings. The shocks soon become something he dreads, and they're used a little more than what's "necessary".
In Azul's case, it happens when he gets truly hysterical. He's prone to panic even normally, now that everything is truly out of his control, but when that panic spikes to something completely out of control, the tasing winds up being just a means to get him under control. The fact that it's done while he's in the middle of a breakdown really doesn't help anything, though, and it only serves to reinforce just how easy it is for the scientists to do whatever they please. The shock and pain also end in Azul reaching new levels of fear. So in the end, it only makes him panic more.
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zancorvid · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto - Twisted Wonderland @ Anime Los Angeles/ALA 2022 (Sun 1/9)
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yanmaresu · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
I made the time 👀 I've been wanting to draw the overblots.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Maybe a certain kind of stimulus may stop the overblot from killing them?
The PoV's can be considered the different endings
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hope you like it♥ Thanks for requesting.
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fisheem4mmal · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TWSTxFFXIV parody!
After Idia went and assigned mmo classes to them I couldn't get these out of my head ajskdhaksd
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vanrougess · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
lets play dnd !!
the second one is old now but I’m in a dnd phase rn so… inflicts it on my twisted wonderland + wanted to put it all in one post
((rbs appreciated!!)
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