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hello-yue-here · 23 hours ago
what the gaang & co. would dress up as for halloween.
aang: aang decides to be the michelin man. no one knows why. he refuses to explain his decision process.
katara: katara handmade an exact replica of the broadway cinderella gown that transforms from the rags to the ballgown. HANDMADE. AND ITS A FLAWLESS TRANSITION. she also added a feature to make it deteriorate when the clock strikes 12 at the costume party but instead of going back to rags she becomes zombie cinderella. THREE IS ONE PEOPLE. katara did not come to play.
sokka: elton john. sokka ALSO did not come to play. he has an exact replica of elton’s iconic white suit with the feather shoulder pads AND a costume change into the bedazzled dodgers costume. the water tribe siblings take halloween very seriously.
toph: john cena. she trusts katara to get the costume for her. everyone says “hey toph, why john cena?” her response you ask?: “i cant see you so now you cant see me.” major creativity points.
zuko: okay listen… this manz dressed up at the blue spirit for shits n gigs during his stint as a vigilante as an outlet for his teen angst. who is the real world equivalent of the blue spirit? the phantom of the opera. im so sorry but you know this is who zuko would go as. he then takes off his mask and someone says his scar makeup is rlly good. zuko is torn between saying “thanks my dad helped do it” like the little shit he is or punting them across the backyard.
suki: the bride from kill bill. this needs no explanation.
yue: an old lady. she looks fantastic. she was like old ladies have white hair. i have white hair. old ladies wear cardigans. i love cardigans. its perfect. she goes all out for her makeup. its a really good costume. she even has an old lady accent and walk that she uses the whole halloween party. what a legend.
jet: spike speigel from cowboy bebop. i have never seen cowboy bebop. but ive seen spike before. jet could pull it off. he has the hair. yes i did have to do research into figuring out spikes name and what he was from because i saw pictures of him before and it took me a while but i did it. so jet is spike. thats it.
haru: jack sparrow. its the only time his mustache has come in handy.
azula: elizabeth swann. she is FURIOUS when she sees haru because now everyone is going to assume they are there together. she looks great tho. but she is mad. mad mad mad.
mai: ty lee. she lost a bet.
ty lee: mai. she won a bet.
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sailorsmoon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I want you to experience just how hard fire nation prison life can be, fighting your fellow prisoners for miserable scraps just to stay alive.
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girluncle · 2 days ago
i think azula would stop wearing makeup post redemption. make up gave her some sort of control, she felt older, more powerful when she wore it. she’d apply her lipstick and she’d think of her mom, and in some ways it would infuriate her, but in some ways she’d see ursa in her herself and she’d think ‘i’m better than you, i look like you, but you’re nothing like me. i had to learn everything without you, everything that a mother was supposed to teach her child’. azula never particularly liked makeup, it was just an intimidation tactic really, it made her feel higher up. ty lee sometimes applied the makeup for her, maybe mai would do it, and after the war, azula didn’t like applying it without mai or ty lee there. so she didn’t. she stopped. it was strange. and she spent one whole day with her hair down, her face bare, and when she came back to her room she didn’t break down crying but it was a sure thing. she would hear ursa’s voice in her head, ‘you have such a pretty face, my darling, such nice hair’ and she stopped. she stopped wearing makeup
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low-budget-korra · 2 days ago
TikTok audios and trends, Avatar Edition
Things that feel gay and homophobic at the same time
Tumblr media
A single mom who works two jobs. Who loves their kids and never stops... 
Tumblr media
Maybe it's better this way. We'd hurt each other with the things we want to say. We could have been so good together... 
Tumblr media
Ooh I'm mentally ill *laughs* 
Tumblr media
It's time to cosplay as a person who got their shit together 
Tumblr media
Something LGBT just happen to me just now, i can't even make this shit up 
Tumblr media
Excuse me , excuse me . Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?
Tumblr media
"But you don't look gay/ *insert a nationality, physical condition, cultural or social stuff - and in this case, blind*
" oh I'm so sorry, hold on, let me just...
Tumblr media
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eshusplayground · a day ago
THEM: Azula's a complete psycho and always has been! Look how she acts in "Zuko Alone"!
ME: Have you ever interacted with a human child before?
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maripolifan · a day ago
Tumblr media
Welcome home, Zuzu!
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wingsfreedom · 22 hours ago
Put more weight on how Mai and Ty Lee are traumatized by their own families than they were by their childhood friend
Ty Lee: "Do you have any idea what my home life was like? [Frontal view.] Growing up with six sisters who look exactly like me? [She stands.] It was like I didn't even have my own name. [Side-view. Kneels down, crying.] I joined the circus [Close-up side-view.] because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least I'm different now. [Frontal view, she lifts her head; angrily.] "Circus freak" is a compliment."
Mai: "What do you want from me? You want a teary confession about how hard my childhood was? Well, it wasn't. [Close-up.] I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted ... as long as I behaved [Cut to shot of the sky.] and sat still, and didn't speak unless spoken to. My mother said I had to keep out of trouble. We had my dad's political career to think about."
This is what Mai and Ty Lee complained about either tearfully or in emotionally repressed way, certainly not about Azula whom they casually snapped at in this scene, something they never apologized for nor she chided about.
The control people claim Azula imposes over Mai and Ty Lee is overstated, in Book 2 she did that within a certain context i.e the mission -- and she was an asshole and a bad friend there, but aside from that she was content with them living their lives, Ty Lee being in a circus of all places is enough proof of that.
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boomerangguy · 4 hours ago
Old Azula: Did your grandparents ever tell you that their first date was a prison break?
Azula: Well it was. Would you like to guess who locked up your Gran-Gran Suki in the first place?
Azula: Me. So basically, I’m the reason your mother exists and therefore the reason you exist.
Azula: Kill one Avatar, induce the conception of another. Ironic, isn’t it? I wasn’t there of course, but——
Korra: So where’s the part in this story where I learn lightning?
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azula is eleven, and cleverer than anyone in the palace. most of the officials scoff when she tries to join them at strategic meetings. she's just a young girl, what does she know?
azula is eleven, and has spent far enough time in the palace to know how to get in to any room undetected. she listens to all their plans, and analyzes them all, and tears them apart and makes them better.
azula is eleven, and ozai realizes the time has arrived. she walks in, smiling at everyone, prepared to win. she fixes everyone's battle plans - including her father's. without him asking her to. no one likes that.
azula is eleven, and she's prepared to face anyone one of those stuffy officials to prove them wrong during the agni kai. but she didn't expect her own father standing in front of her.
azula is eleven, and a better fighter than most expected. she fights bravely, swiftly, but as much as she was been born lucky, luck is nothing compared to skill. ozai takes her down.
azula is eleven and zuko is thirteen, yelling desperately on the sidelines for this to stop. iroh is barely able to hold his nephew back as ozai's flaming hand goes and marks azula forever.
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born-lucky-zine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🔥 Born Lucky: An Azula Zine Leftovers Open! 🔥
Leftover sales for Born Lucky: An Azula Zine are now open! You can find all of our remaining zines and goodies here! ⚡ The Zine ⚡
🔥 Lightning Bundle (Physical Zine) - $25 ⚡ 80+ pages of fantastic works at your fingertips! The physical book comes with a PDF of the digital zine.
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⚡ The Merch ⚡
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🔥 Enamel Pins - $8 ⚡ We have an adorable 1.25” enamel pin! Leftovers will run until October 31st or as supplies last. All proceeds will be donated to NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness. Thank you all for your support! We hope you love the zine as much as we do!
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eshusplayground · a day ago
Head canon: Azula more strongly takes after Ursa than Ozai.
Yeah, yeah, we hate the comics, but some of this stuff is too ripe with possibility to pass up.
"Ikem: "You remember when we were six, how you kicked me in the stomach and pushed my face in the dirt?"
Ursa: "How many times do I have to apologize for that? Sheesh..." —The Search Part One
Doesn't that remind you of an eight-year-old someone shoving her friend in the dirt for landing a somersault better than her?
Ursa: "Boo!"
Ikem: "AHHH!"
Ursa: "Ha ha ha!"
Ikem: "You scared me half to death, Ursa!" —The Search Part One
Is there someone we know who, in their youth, liked to tease and prank her friends? Who thinks it's funny to get a rise out of people?
Ursa: "No, Avatar, I'm the one who should be sorry. I'm embarrassed I overreacted like that. Now, if you'll excuse me..." —Smoke and Shadow Part One
Isn't that similar to how a certain royal somebody who'd also apologize for "losing control" (twice)?
It doesn't stop there!
Who else prefers to use cunning, finesse, and precision to achieve her ends as opposed to brute force?
Who else can carry herself with poise and have superb etiquette yet won't hesitate to kill a dude?
To Ursa, watching Azula as a child must have sometimes felt like looking at a mirror.
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seyaryminamoto · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fic-to-Art #12.2: The Spicy Ramen Challenge
It was a matter of time before this one happened... xD
Alright, so this month's artwork from the Fic-to-Art project is the long-awaited scene I wish I'd gotten around doing sooner, but I really never pulled it off (and thank the universe that it worked this time xD). It was a lot more complicated than I initially intended for it to be, but showing Azula and Sokka sitting across each other as they were in the actual scene required some tricky perspectives... and a lot of wacky effects that hopefully convey that the two dorks are struggling over their 10-course spicy ramen meal for very different reasons xD It's honestly kinda funny to give Sokka all those fire effects instead of Azula x'D
As many Gladiator readers would know, this scene is right out of chapter 192, where Sokka and Azula's romantic getaway takes an unexpected turn when they stumble across an inn where the Spicy Ramen Challenge is held. Ravenous Sokka and spice-loving Azula are terribly competitive by nature, as anyone would know... but one of them isn't equipped to handle the wildest Fire Nation spices, and the other one isn't prepared for 10 whole ramen courses in a single sitting. Oops xD
It was a hilarious scene to write, one of my absolute highlights in that arc (which was full of highlights anyway xD), and drawing it was tough but I really hope it looks good for everyone xD
If you want to be involved in the creative process behind these pieces, even a $1 pledge is enough to make you eligible for offering prompts and voting every month on the winning theme for the monthly artwork! :D feel free to join in!
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colour-of-moonlight · 6 hours ago
Royal Fire Academy for Girls
I have some questions about RFAfG; please enlighten me if you know any canonical information that I miss. (I've already read the Kyoshi novels.) And I would love to hear some headcanons.
-Why did Azula go to RFAfG? Aren't there any special teachers for the royal family?
-What about Zuko? If he got educated in the palace, why didn't Azula?
-Is there a Royal Fire Academy for Boys? And if it is, why are boys and girls are separated?
-What age do the students start school, and how many years does it take to graduate?
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