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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.


Identity is so weirdly fluid in dreams, especially my own but also other people’s. there’s something truly fucked up about watching biden organically transform into an entirely different, fictional character my brain made up, who gradually morphs into spongebob while trump abruptly transforms into plankton and be totally fine with it, swept up in their rivals to star crossed gay lovers arc, devastated when the universe itself conspires to keep them apart and restore the status quo, none of this ever striking me as the least bit strange. the most fucked up thing in that dream wasn’t even that no one had a consistent defined identity, it was me for some reason going out of my way to praise and defend trumps interior decorating skills to his face even while attacking him. to be fair though in the dream… i was kind of right. Itself fucked up

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Omg, that sounds like a hell of an adventure with the couch!  My apartment also has a narrow L-shaped staircase, but luckily most of the heavy stuff I’ve had to drag up them by myself have been in flatpack boxes or storage tubs, so awkward, but somewhat maneuverable.  (At least you had somewhere to crash when you were done?)  And I have yet to make it to an IKEA (the closest one is at the other end of the state, I think), but I have assembled a fair amount of similar furniture, and I very much like to look at the instructions.  XD  I may need them less the further along I get, but I like being able to double check what I’m doing (unless it’s something like my dining room table, which was literally “screw the legs into the table top.”)  Although it does remind me of some of the displays we get at work that don’t even come a picture of what it’s supposed to look like when assembled.  It’s like “here’s a bunch of large cardboard pieces with pre-marked ridges, but we’re not gonna tell you which way they’re supposed to fold, or at what point in the process.  we believe in you.  godspeed, spiderman.“  Apparently I’m decent at it, though, because they keep asking me to do it.

I only saw Friends for the first time last year (or so?), because it was on Netflix, and I was just like "what the hell?  let’s see what the commotion’s about."  I never did quite finish it.  I liked parts of it, but never did get the allure.  And Ross is a piece of shit, Rachel’s not particularly likeable, and they’re toxic for each other, so I REALLY didn’t understand that whole thing.  But the pivot! pivot! thing pops up a lot on tumblr, so when I think of moving furniture, that’s where my mind immediately goes.  Fun story: in one of my apartments, we had to pop the screens out of an upstairs window to pass a mattress and box spring up because it wouldn’t fit up the stairs.

My tree (whenever I get it up; probably next week because I close the next few nights) is a wild mish-mash of cheesy Hallmark ornaments I stole borrowed from my mom’s collection, and weird, nerdy ornaments I’ve picked up over the years, for the most part.  It’s topped with an angel I found at a vintage shop that’s an almost identical, but smaller, version of the one my mom has used since before I was born (possibly since before my parents got married.)  And definitely multi-colored lights, the kind that you can make twinkle in different patterns and speeds if I can manage, but I can’t always find those.  To swing into headcanon land, I feel like Chris would prefer warm white lights, because they’re more elegant, Noah would like the multi-color because they’re more cheerful, and Peter could kinda go either way depending on his mood.  Luckily, with that many kids, they pretty much have to have two trees, so everybody’s still happy (or depending on the size of the living room, maybe they just have one gigantic tree and decorate it with both.  XD )

Speaking of headcanons, I thought of a few for your Noah post:

1. My instinct would have been drums over guitar, but I like both.  Either way, he was definitely in a garage band in high school (possibly why he quit scouts?)  They were actually decent, but mostly just doing it for fun (and in his case to not be at home), so it didn’t really go anywhere.

2. Since we don’t know his exact age in canon, it’s hard to say for sure, but it’s possible that he might have been part of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq towards the tail end of his enlistment, which would make a nice parallel for Jordan having been in Afghanistan.

3. He definitely scheduled leave time to attend Live Aid in London in ‘85, because like hell he was missing out on the chance to see both David Bowie and Queen in the same concert (Peter is jealous not only because of that, but because Wham! was there, too.  XD )  He definitely has a t-shirt from then, too, carefully hidden so neither his son (nor Peter) can steal it.

4. I feel like he has at least one tattoo that he got while in service, I just can’t decide what.  I’d say on his left shoulder, either an oak tree (referencing his time spent out in the preserve and unknowingly the Nemeton/druids/etc), something to do with the band he’d been in, or something like one of the tanks from Combat! or Battlezone (both Atari games).  I’m also all about him and Stiles eventually getting Hale pack tattoos.

5. I think he gets back into crochet by making things with thicker yarn and a larger hook, because those tend to show a result faster, and give the sense of accomplishment that makes you want to keep going, and works his way down into more intricate stuff from there.  (I want to say that Chris prefers macrame because he has more experience figuring out knots from his hunter training, but feel it might come across the wrong way XD )

That’s all my brain has for now on the subject, though I’ll try to think of more.

And yay, I did interpret the letters correctly once I figured out what they were!  And I very much look forward to seeing Lahey get what he deserves (and how they find out, since obvs no kanima this time.)  Oh shit, I’m definitely gonna have to buy another bottle of wine then.  I foolishly thought we were moving past the drama, but I see we’re just transferring who it centers around.  XD  That hurts on so many levels already.  (Also, I’m very curious about why?  Why keep it a secret?  I know, I know, I have to wait. ;D )

Thank you, again!  I’m just glad other people are liking it, too!  I really need to starting working on my WIPs again, but work has been stupidly crazy lately for a lot of reasons, and I pretty much just come home and crash lately.

Thankfully the dishes were still okay, and today was pretty chill for the most part.  Felt weird to be eating Thanksgiving food by myself, but I wasn’t going to risk it, even if me and both my parents are all still working.  I am also clearly not someone who will judge someone else for rambling (nor for being up far too late despite an early morning), so no worries. :D  And I very much look forward to the GIFs.  Take care!  *Hugs!*

So I don’t have much energy right now but I just wanted to say I very much enjoyed your post and headcanons and I really love reading these messages. I do have a bit of a gift for you and I hope you like it. A little preview of what I’m working on for the DILF Club Once Upon a Time gifs.


Although now I kinda want to do a short cutesy vid XD. Hey I might make that and then gif it. I have enough material for it, god knows.

I just hope your shift was okay and that you’re okay as I’m kinda worried about you. And though I don’t have much energy rn, I kinda want to cheer you up. <3

Hope you’re doing okay and big hugs from me and Mo <3

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Looking back on things and reflecting on last year.

I almost forgot all the shit that went down lol.

To think at one point I was about to risk it all just to see you. Just to fly over and say hello.

I must have been delusional to think that things would turn out okay. Especially after years of things never going my way before, what was supposed to make the situation different?

The way you talked to me? The feelings you supposedly had? The fact that you didn’t want to be with her anymore? You always regretted your decisions and you always came back to say hi. What made this time different?

I’d like to believe that it wasn’t all a lie. That you didn’t waste my time and you really were conflicted and confused. But yet you choose to stay with someone you depised. It’s like you want to torture yourself. Like you think you deserve to stay complacent.

There’s a cynical part of me that will always believe you’re full of shit and you just wanted some drama to amuse you. Something to pass the time because maybe your life was boring.. Not sure really why but there are people out who like that stupid stuff.

But there’s another part of me who knows that there were still feelings there. A lot of unresolved feelings.. There probably still are some to be honest.. I mean we don’t talk and we haven’t said a word to each other in months. I don’t doubt I’ve crossed your mind at least once. I mean you’re only human. You’ve crossed my mind once or twice, I’m not afraid to admit that.

But after all this. I still wish the best for you. I know things about you. I know about the person you wanted to be. I know how you wanted to push yourself to achieve all your goals. You want to succeed. You want a good and simple life. I wish I could see how you were sometimes. Just check in.. To know you’re not just going through the motions and actually doing well. You were always honest about it, and if you lied I usually could tell and pry the truth out of you lol.

But it’s not worth it to check in and make a mess out of things again. Your life and mine will continue to be separate. You were my friend before anything else and I really want you to get all you want out of life. And although we may never speak again, I understand why. Not just for you but for me too. We both must move on and stick with the decisions that have been made.

I wish you the best B. I really do. Maybe you’ll never read this and maybe you will. All I know is you control your happiness and your life. I hope you’re doing well kid. Take care ❤️

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over the past couple weeks i’ve been binging scrubs, and man. the last season is REALLY bad, but it also feels like a weird fanfic where you’ve just crammed your established characters into an already-established universe

like every new character acts as if you’re supposed to know and get them, they all feel like characters from a show 3 seasons down the line. and at the same time, the characters we DO know who are still present feel… wrong? like, their basic attributes are there, but the way they act and react doesn’t track with the way they’ve been laid out for the past 8 seasons

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Senin kırık kalemindeki mürekkebin kanlı.

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