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moyoco anno’s memoirs of amorous gentlemen || 安野モヨコの『鼻下長紳士回顧録』

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machiko kyou’s mitsuami no kamisama || 今日マチ子の『みつあみの神様』

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Vladimir Tatlin | Monument to the Third International

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New York City
The Temple of Dendur is a first-century BCE Egyptian temple that originally stood along the Nile in southern Egypt, near present-day Aswan, and now located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was also commissioned by the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, around 15 BCE. Jan 8, 2021

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eiichiro oda’s one piece || 尾田栄一郎の『ONE PIECE』

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usamaru furuya’s the music of marie || 兎丸古屋の『marieの奏でる音楽』

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