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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#b99 quotes

[In Jail]

Logan : We will make sure to meet you again Remus, but for now, Remus, it’s important for you to “play it safe” as some would say. *nods* Remus.

Remus : Why are you saying my name like that? That’s pretty often

Logan : Remus, I do research. One of the worst parts of your situation - Remus- is the constant dehumanisation by being given a number, Remus. In order to help you realise you’re still a person with the name ‘Remus’ and an identity, I shall address you by your name a lot, Remus.

Remus : Wow, totally makes up for jail

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Kalim: You’re gonna ace this test.

Jamil: You think that because you love me, and love has made you dumb.

Kalim: I disagree. If anything, love has made me smarter. Remember last week when I boiled that egg?

Jamil: That was big. I was really proud of you.

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Kuroo: Hey, Daichi, check it out. Bokuto got a tattoo.

Bokuto, showing his tattoo: Mr. 99!

Daichi: why are you putting a gun in your mouth?

Bokuto: I’m only blowing the smoke from the barrel. It’s cool.

Daichi: the barrel is fully inside your mouth. You’re clearly about to kill yourself.

Kuroo: You’re just jealous because Bokuto got the arrest record and you don’t.

Bokuto: yeah! Suck on this! *pretends to put a finger gun in his mouth and pull the trigger* Pow. *blows imaginary smoke*


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So I had this idea just randomly pop into my head, let me preface this by saying yes I realize B99 is copaganda and has many issues pertaining to its portrayal of cops vs real life, that being said it had it’s funny moments and I watch it for Rosa cause I love her. Anyway back to my original thought. The first time Kara meets Nia and decides to mentor her and realizes what an adorkable woman she is the scenewith Rosa and the puppy popped in my head but with Kara holding Nia on her hip and Nia’s arms wrapped around her neck looking shocked while Kara is pointing to everyone at Catco saying “I’ve only had Nia for a day and a half, but if anything happened to her, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.” I realize I’m combining another meme of Angell Conwell holding Kevin Hart on her hip. Anyway I’m rambling but I would absolutely love to see a drawing of this. Thing is I’m currently jobless and waiting on my unemployment to get straightened out. If there’s any artists that would be willing to do just a doodle of this stupid idea of mine it would absolutely make my day.

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Katara: I wanna show you a picture from last night that really upset me.

Sokka: Okay, but in my defense, Zuko bet me 50 cents that I couldn’t drink all that shampoo.

Katara: That’s not what I wanted to- you drank shampoo?

Sokka: What? No. You’re the one farting bubbles.

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