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love those time travel shenanigan concepts where some ~quirk bullshit~ sends adult pro-heroes back to UA

because like IMAGINE the potential of sero, kaminari, and bakugo all getting blipped back into the past during a battle and they just have to fucking hang until they get blipped back

they decide early on that they won’t give any spoilers to their younger selves about how their lives have turned out but kami thinks it would be Funny if they just came up with a bunch of lies

so they’re chilling with the class and teenkiri asks them how their lives have turned out and kami, out of nowhere, just says “well bakugo’s been divorced twice!”

and sero fucking ROLLS with it he’s like “yea but the dude hasn’t given up hope y’know? he just got married again a few months ago, third time’s the charm, right?”

bakugo of course has started blasting but kami cuts in with “the last one was lit because it was finally my turn to be the best man!” and then he and sero go back and forth adding on more lore to bakugo’s ex-wives

eventually bakugo decides to go along with it so he’s like “yea the second one was rough but at leat i don’t have to deal with sero’s rampant infidelity.”

(who am i kidding the rest of this is a quotes post)

sero: i thought i told you never to bring that up

baku: i told you not to talk about my ex-wives!

kami: guys. relax. we won’t talk about sero constantly cheating on people OR bakugo’s failed marriages.

baku: whatever.

sero: just like we wont talk about your crippling addiction to gambling

kami: …….it’s not an addiction i can stop whenever i want-

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