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Hannah Bronfman got a assist from a former president Barack Obama by announcing the birth of her first child.

Hannah took to Instagram Thursday writing, “A convo with none other than THE President Barack Obama!”

She’s added, “No need to adjust your screen, you are seeing this correctly!! I know, I am in shock too!”

Bronfman writes, “It would have been a lifetime goal to just say hi to @barackobama and you’re telling me I’ve got 5 minutes with him!? I was given the opportunity to ask him one question and with everything that has happened this year it seems appropriate to ask his advice on how young black men and women can embrace their black excellence.”

Hannah even added, “In classic President Obama fashion his response was nothing short of amazing so I hope all the young black men and women watching this take his advice and know that any adversity you may face only makes you stronger and well rounded - something my mother (also from Chicago) taught me from a young age.”

Hannah, “Okay I’m going to go cry now while I read his memoir, A Promised Land! Check out his book in my stories @barackobama​ @michelleobama.”


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Perfection like his father. It drives me crazy. But I love them. Around Christmas for sure. I am barley allowed in the Kitchen as it is. But around this time of the year. It’s basically blocked off from me. I tell my Husband well your Making Dinner then. Sh** like an idiot I am they make sure the Kitchen is spotless by the time It comes around. His older sister Tries to help… But my son says “ She’s doing it wrong” When I look at it… I tell him it’s perfect. And he says “ No it’s sloppy messy”. My husband just smirks. I glare at him until he says “ Let your sister help”… My husband tells me Our son is all about baking like our daughter is about hunting. Tho My husband’s never turned Down on of our daughters baking creations yet. Tho once In a while I see the evidence in the trash. And our son will barley go near his sisters baking…. Personally I don’t blame him since she’s like me who needs instructions… But everything they make is always good. And Oh My husband knows what I like… and training my son to. As he made Cheese buns almost as good as Peeta’s… Our Son is so Much Like Peeta. The Curls in his Hair. His charm. His baking skills and our Daughter is like me. My hair. Her stubbornness… Oh the horror. And her hunting. On days around Christmas time. Peeta tries to involve me. So I say “ Oh your letting me in the kitchen it’s been a while”. He rolls his eyes. As we make baked goods for the neighbors. I am not bad in the kitchen Peeta just wants it to be his way if I am eating it. For his sake I follow instructions. Well since they are going to other people best I do. He also hates How I try to eat everything before it’s baked… Sometimes my daughter and I sneak in and eat some cookie dough. We always get caught. He tells me he wont bake for me anymore… Liar…. But it always results in a messy kitchen. But we make up at the end of it. The children Bicker back and fourth… and we just laugh stopping it before it gets out of hand. On this time my daughter and I decided to strike again. As Peeta and our son went out to the store to pick up more supplies…  We Sneaked into the Kitchen where the cookie dough was in a bowl, Covered by a tea cloth. I thought I was so smart doing this for years to make it look we didn’t take. When Suddenly they come into the Kitchen door and Busted. Only this time they were ready…

Soon the kitchen is a huge mess. All of us covered in flour. Not sure who won…  The children fight over it. Peeta is chasing me around the kitchen…. And when he catches me. We slip on the flour and end up on the floor. He says his Prosthetic leg Is hurting. Instant I go to check it out and next thing I know I have a Pie in my face. Shocked for a minute but  I get over it quickly. But I pretend to start crying. And Peeta says “ Alright enough”… and comes to me and Our daughter put a pie in his face too… He mutters something and I am laughing so hard real tears come to my eyes… After his shock he walks over to me… Both ready for the next one. But he just kisses me. A Pie. Flour .Ginger. Sugar covered kiss.  The kids didn’t get the hint because before we know it we have the plan B pies at us…. After we have this baking war for a while … We are all covered in pie flour ginger sugar and cookie dough.…  and A huge mess to clean up. We spend the next hour cleaning up the mess and taking turns to shower… which takes a while…  After we have some of the baked goods. Peeta had the sense to bake in the early hours and hide them from me…  or well he knew it was coming plus I know all his hiding spots… 

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NOBU x EDELPEREIRA. por Edel Pereira
Por Flickr:
. Photography: @edelpereiraphotography Location: Fundación Sales Xardin, Vigo, Galicia. Twitter: @EDELPEREIRA © All Rights Reserved.

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