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Two workouts this week. First cardio I’ve done in ages. Felt really good besides my shins hurting.

Shelter at home sucks, but it’s necessary. We’re getting by. My lottle is almost 3 months old. Normally I’d be going back to work from maternity leave, but we’re closed until at least the 6th. I’m guessing we won’t open until April 24th, if the shelter at home month actually ends.

I’m scared. I don’t know what to expect and that’s hard for me. My husband and I have never spent a month home together, and certainly not with a baby. We’re doing okay so far. We have multiple rooms so we can get away from each other, we take turns when the baby is fussy so neither of us get overloaded. I’m still scared though.

I applied for unemployment this week as I’m laid off. Thank goodness for that. I haven’t been paid the last six weeks of maternity leave and have been going through my savings account quickly. America sucks in that regard.

How is everyone coping?

I’ll keep trying to post daily. I’m still on this fitness betterment journey, but it looks a lot different these days. I can’t work out like I used to because I herniated two discs. I was working out 6-7 days a week. Cardio everyday and weights 3-4 and I LOVED it. I did yoga the last few months of my pregnancy until it got too hard the last few weeks. Since then I’ve done almost nothing except care for my baby and myself. I’m trying to walk more again as I so need the escape and vitamin d for my mental health. I’ve lost the baby weight I gained, but now am struggling with loose hanging belly skin. I’m incredibly proud of what my body did, but it’s an adjustment to see myself now. It’ll just take time.

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