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Sometimes with close friends I’ll call them babe or maybe schmexy. And with other friends I might call them ladies, girlies, darling, hun, sometimes babe, friend, schmexy, swicy, swanky, saucy (or one friend is saucy fred (which is not his name)), sweetheart, etc.

What I just now noticed is. I’ve been on tumblr so much that now I want to call people that aren’t even close friends baby, which before now I have never wanted to call anyone.

My best friend who has been my best friend for ten years is babe or wifey. Nothing else. Ever. Last week I accidentally called her by her name and it was. So strange. Then the other day, I called her baby. It was so close to normal but kinda wrong? But also I like it?

I don’t think I ever liked calling someone baby before. It always felt condescending or weird. But I don’t really think that anymore. I think it’s cute.

So I blame you all on tumblr and also bl dramas.

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