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Aight. So. He’s small and skinny and has the look of someone who was starved as a kid so his cheeks aren’t really filled out and his clothes kind of just hang. He has a really hard time gaining weight.

He starts out about 13 or 14 doesn’t know his age. He’s got kind of pale skin, littered with small scars here and there. He has really thick scars on his neck and wrists from shackles.

He’s got brown hair that he likes to keep a big long. It’s a light brown with kind of a mousey tint to it.

His eyes are brown, but like cows eyes if you know what I mean. They’re deep and dark and warm when he’s open. When hes closed off, you kind of can’t see his eyes I guess. He likes to wear layers of clothes and thick boots. He especially likes scarves and beanies (something he probably picked up from Kiera).

He moves without wasting energy and seems kind of hesitant when walking into a place he doesn’t really know. He’s very still snd quiet. He’ll talk to you, but won’t tell you everything and often leaves out details if he doesn’t know you very well.

He is baby and I love him. I just want to hug and protect. He deserves all the forehead kisses.

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