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Hi! I was wondering if you could help me find a fic? It’s an AU where Peter is Tony and Pepper’s biological son but he gets kidnapped and they find him years later because of a database that Tony made. FRIDAY alerted Tony when there was a match and I believe it was called P.R.P.S? Thanks so much!!

Not entirely sure, but perhaps this is the fic you are looking for.

  • I Found You by honestchick
    • Tony had a son; he raised him for two years until someone kidnapped him. Tony was devastated and heartbroken. And who would have thought in Starks Expo, he’d be able to see his son once again?
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Single Dad AU update!

Rhodey groaned as he shuffles to the side of the bed and roamed his hand toward his night stand searching for the phone which had been persistently ringing for the past 2 minutes. Finally, he felt the plastic on his palm and slowly pulled while minding the coil that’s attached to it then pressed the speaker on his right ear and gave out a rough “Hello?”

“Hiiiiiii! Honeybear, you up?”

“Well, I’m up now… Why are you calling me at” He squints at the clock resting on the night stand beside him. “6 in morning?!” He suddenly jumps up and sits because he knows Tony doesn’t call at this hour and especially not even remotely awake either. Something’s wrong.

“Tones, you ok?” He lets out a sigh. “Is it your Dad again?”

“No no…. I mean yes but no” there was a short pause. “It’s uhh… it’s something else”

Rhodey rubs his face to his back before saying. “Well…. What is it? You don’t sound like a kicked pup-“

“I DON’T SOUND LIKE THAT!” He pulled the handset away from his ear avoiding a possible deafening from Tony’s high pitched voice.

“you kinda do…So…” Rhodey leans back and slams to his comfy bed. “Why are you calling me at this hour, Tones?”

“Ummm… I actually kind of… It’s kinda hard to explain… I mean a LOT of things are hard to explain…” his rambling again. “but umm… this I… I have… Jesus Christ I don’t… I don’t know how to tell you thi-“

“You know, tones if you don’t just spit it out already I might think that you’ve gotten someone pregnant” He chuckled.

There was a long pause.

Rhodey sat up straight. “Tones?”

“I-I got someone pregnant”


“And the baby’s here with me”


“I’m at my apartment in Queens”

“I’ll be there in 2 hours”

“Ok..” He puts down the phone and stood up. He changed as fast as he can and grabs his keys and wallet. He walks to his mother’s room and caresses Roberta’s head before planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Rhodey?” She squints looking up at her son.

“I need to go to Queens right now. Tony emergency” He whispered before giving her another kiss on her cheek.

“Ok, hon. be safe” she gave him a small smile before shifting herself to a more comfortable position.

Rhodey tiptoed out of the room. He closed the door not before hearing a soft mumble “Don’t forget to lock the door”

“I won’t”


Tony’s been staring at the little guy ever since he called rhodey. He gently fixes the angel’s hair with his fingers before pressing a small kiss on his little nose.

God I still can’t believe I have kid. And I’m not freaking out as much as I thought I would be.

The bedroom door slammed open, showing a sweaty Rhodey panting for dear life.


The little guy wailed from the sudden outburst. Which made Tony glared at the shamefaced Rhodey in front of him before picking the little guy up and cradle him in his arms.

Rhodey stared in shock looking at Tony as he comfortably rocked the baby in his arms. Never did he think that he would see Tony like this especially at 18.

“Umm… how are you doing that?” He blinked before slowly walking towards Tony.

“hmmm?” Tony didn’t look up just smiling at the sniffling baby in his arms. Rhodey sat down beside him trying not to move so much to startle the baby anymore than he had.

“You- You look so natural with… Aren’t you freaking out a bit?”

Tony looked up to face Rhodey. He opened his mouth for short while before closing it. He took a deep breath. “I don’t know…. Rhodey I was shocked at first to see this little guy in front of the door this morning but looking at him so peaceful… so innocent that it was unfair for a minute to think that a guy like me-“ “Tones” “A guy like me could have someone as beautiful as him.. I-I don’t know the girl I slept with to have him… but… she didn’t want him Rhodey” Tony hands over the paper he kept in his pocket. “I look at him and I think about how I have a mother and a father. But Howard wasn’t…” He sighed. “If I don’t take care of him… I won’t be sure if he’ll ever have a father or a mother to take care him.” Tears started falling down his cheeks as he trembled.

Rhodey took Tony’s free hand and squeezed. Tony bit his trembling lips.

“Rhodey. I don’t want this kid to have a shitty life just because I was drunk and stupid…. I don’t know if I’ll be a great at being a Dad but I’ll try the best as I can to be a good one”

Rhodey wiped Tony’s tears “Tones, I know you’ll be a great father. Deciding on taking up the role of a father and taking care of him tells me that you already are a good father” He smiled “And Tony, I want you to know. That I’ll always ALWAYS be right by your side whenever you need me… I’ll support you as much as I can before I’ll be deployed and I promise I’ll come back for you”

“But what if I’ll mess up?! What If I become my father?! I can’t do this without you!” The little guy moved a bit so Tony started rocking him again and whispering to him.

“You won’t mess up and if you do I know you’ll be able to fix it. You were always a fixer”

“I don’t know” Tony looks at the little guy and listening to the small breaths he takes.

Rhodey sighed. “Tones, look at me”

He looked up and stared at Rhodey with growing uneasiness that can be seen in his eyes, thinking about the possibilities of messing up.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course!”

“So trust me when I tell you that you’ll be able to do this with or without me and that you’ll be a great father better than any father I’ve ever met and better than yours ever was.” Rhodey squeezed his hand and stared at Tony hopeful that he would cling to his words.

“I-I…” Tony took a deep breath. “I trust you”

Tony leaned in and rests his head on Rhodey’s shoulder.

“Thank you”

Rhodey ran his fingers through Tony’s hair calming his best friend.

@loverocks888 haha I really made it sooner than expected xD

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Idea #1 (Daddy’s here)

Guys this is just an Idea so I’m not sure if I’ll ever continue but I kinda feel like answering ask if you have any for this… Because I do love the Idea of Dad Tony.


Tony had a fight with his father earlier that day and decided to take a day off from Howard and expectations in life. So he fled into the apartment he calls a “safe haven”. It was one of his lesser known apartments in a non luxurious building. No one knew this place except for Jarvis, Rhodey and a few one night stands. He had his usual rough night partying and drinking till I pass out routine which surprisingly didn’t end up with him bringing home another girl/boy home to have fun with. Well, ending up passed out in his couch was surprising enough. He had just turned 18 where he wasn’t legally allowed to drink at some bar but he had tons of celebrity friends to get into a party much cooler than any bar a regular 21 year old can go to.

So there he was passed out peacefully on his couch when there was a loud knock on his door. He groaned as he covers his ears, trying to ignore it. It was probably Rhodey, who unfortunately forgot his keys again. Although he would be happy to see him but waking him up from a drinking spree is another story. The knock grew louder by the minute.


Tony abruptly stood up and stomped towards the door. He opens his doors and expecting to see sheepish looking smile on Rhodeys face in front of him. Except it wasn’t Rhodey, there was no one around.

“What the fuck?”

There was a small sob that could be heard below him. He looked down to see a baby with brown hair and hazel eyes staring back at him wrapped with cloth and a folded piece of paper on top of it. Written on it were the words: To: Tony. Tony’s eyes grew wide as he stares at the baby in front of him.

I’m not dreaming am I? wait… am I high???

Tony jerked back to reality when the baby started bawling out. Unsure of himself, he carefully took the paper and placed the baby in his arms. Fuck. Am I doing this right? He then closed the door and went to his bedroom which was thankfully clean. He gently rocked the baby in his arms and whispered “please stop crying… please stop crying” like a mantra until the small child in his arms slowly stopped crying and started blinking towards sleep. When the baby was finally calm and sleeping, he slowly and gently placed the child in the middle of the bed before tiptoeing to the chair at the corner of the room.

He sat on the chair and stared at the piece of paper in his hands, deciding whether to open it or not but he looked back at the wrapped child on his bed. He could have ignored and closed the door when he opened the door or could have read the letter while the baby was crying on the ground. He could have decided something else. He knew the possibility of the contents of the letter. It was too obvious. But he decided to bring the crying baby in his arms and his apartment. And now he is holding the letter between his hands.

He let out a sigh and decided on reading the damn letter:


You may not remember me and I don’t want you too. We hooked up February last year at that party where fountains of wayne were playing and well…. I got pregnant, if you want to check whether if he really is your son or not, you can. I’m sure he is yours cuz I haven’t hooked up with anyone but you at that time. I can’t take care of him anymore and if you won’t take care of him, he will be sent to an orphanage. If you ever decide not to, leave him at the same place you got him same time tomorrow. I’ll take him and give him to an orphanage. I hope you don’t.

P.S. I know you have a kind heart Anthony Stark… I have faith in you.

He only remembered a few things at that party. Rhodey took him somewhere to forget about his ex. There was a lot of drinking and dancing and at some point during that time Rhodey lost him. He remembered bringing home a blonde girl who he couldn’t recognize to this very apartment that day. And he woke up with an empty bed side.

He slumped back on his chair and combs his hair back with his hand. Fuck. He was a father now. A child from a woman whose name he doesn’t even remember. What the fuck am I going to do?! Howard’s not gonna be fucking pleased with this? I’m no dad material. I’m 18 god dammit! Shit tony calm down! Calm down! Think! Tony rubbed his face and groaned in his hands. I’m not sober enough for this… He looked up at the ceiling for a moment. I could… I could just leave him tomorrow.

“I could” he whispered.

He gently closed his eyes because he was tired of thinking while he wasn’t sober enough. He was tired because he knew what Howard would say if he came home with him. He was tired because he was 18 and he shouldn’t be dealing with this so early. He was so fucking tired.

A loud cry made him jump on his seat. He looked at the baby crying and reaching out to nothing. He walked towards him unsure what to do he sat beside him and caress the child’s head. So small. He then whispered “It’s ok…. It’s alright… everything’s fine”. The baby blinked at the voice and looked up. Tony then wiped the tears and lulled “shhh… don’t cry…”. The baby grabbed Tony’s finger and brought it close to him as it let out soft yawn. He stared at the baby holding his finger with his tiny hand which softened as he whispered to the little angel like a promise. “It’s ok… Daddy’s here”


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here’s a part 2 of toddler!Peter headcanon that no one asked for 

part 1

  • You’d think Tony would have a separate room set up just for Peter
  • hella fancy big room with like top-notch decor
  • you are wrong
  • Peter’s crib is right next to Tony’s bed
  • and it’s the only reason why Tony stays in his bedroom now
  • We all know that usually when Tony can’t sleep at night, he goes and tinkers away at the lab
  • but because Peter’s crib is in his room now
  • he stays in bed, laying down watching tv on mute, relaxing with a snoozing baby peter right by his side

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A concept: Toddler Peter. I milk that shit when I find it.

you are 100% right.

  • Peter as a toddler is hella problematic
  • he’s the kind of toddler to be right by your side one second and then you look away for 0.2 seconds and whop there he is climbing up your cabinets
  • always falling on his face
  • but he doesn’t cry
  • he just falls
  • and it freaks Tony out so much
  • like what is wrong with my child

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Ok I can’t write fluff for the life of me but I have been writing some intense angst and @smarterest drew this picture and I wanted to write something. So here I guess, have some dad!Tony, baby!Peter and Steve

“No. I’m sorry, but I can’t.” Tony spoke into his phone dismissively, barely paying attention.

“Oh?” Natasha asked on the other side. “And why not? Could it be the same reason that you haven’t come to literally any social event in the past forever? That you’re just avoiding people?”

“I’m…..busy. With work. I’m just swamped with it.”

It wasn’t a bad excuse necessarily. It might even have worked had Peter not toddled up to him then demanding loudly

“The tower isn’t done yet, Daddy. We only builded one half of the tower! We need to make it so tall!” He spread his arms as wide as he could while Natasha’s laughter came loudly over the phone.

“Busy with work?”

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My teeth are rotting oh my god. More clingy baby Peter with good dad Tony featuring Papa Steve! I tagged everyone it would let me, sorry if I missed anybody! (Ps. I’ve seen this happen to parents and it’s hilarious.)

Chapter 1

Steve was standing at the sink rinsing the dishes from breakfast, Peter happily humming away in his high chair eating chopped up bananas and strawberries.

He was just putting the last of the plates onto the drying rack when he heard someone walk into the kitchen.

“Hi, Daddy!” Peter’s cheery voice rang out.

Steve turned around in time to see Tony smile and wander over to Peter in his high chair.

“Hi, Petey-Pie!”

Steve and Peter hadn’t gotten to see Tony yet today as he had to get up earlier for a morning meeting with the board. He had apparently gotten back awhile ago and had taken the time to change out of his usual three-piece Tom Ford and into an old pair of jeans and a faded t-shirt.

Peter smiled up at Tony from his chair, waving around a handful of mashed fruit.

“Daddy, look! Nanna!”

“You got a banana with your breakfast?” Tony sat down in the chair next to Peter’s, smiling his thanks at Steve when he set a cup of coffee down next to him. “Looks like you got some strawberries too.”

Peter nodded, squeezing the fruit in his hands and mashing it even more. He moved to put it in his mouth before he stopped, glanced at Tony - who was watching him with a small smile - and offered his hand to him.

“Wanna nanna?”

“No baby, you eat your banana,” Tony said, leaning forward to brush Peter’s hair back from his forehead. Peter leaned into the touch before going back to eating the mess in his hands.

(mobile, watch the cut)

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Peter hated high school. It went on and on and at the end of the day, he just wanted to shower and go home before it started all over again. Sophomore year had just started and French class was as dull as ever. His family had several vacation homes, and Peter could speak four languages fluently. The fact that he was only taking the course to help graduate from high school. He leaned back in his chair as he listened, one hand mindlessly translating what the woman was saying into French as he waited for class to be over.

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Cuantos años habrán pasado?…

Claro que no tantos ya que él era apenas un niño de seis años aproximadamente. Ahora tenía tanta suerte de haber encontrado alguien como La agente Romanoff, ¿pero cómo había llegado al lado de la Rusa?, ¿Cómo había adquirido esos poderes que tanto lo agobiaban?.

Todo comenzó desde antes que el naciera, Su padre Richard, Estaba en un proyecto junto con Norman Osborn si todo parecía normal, aquel proyecto prometía dar fructíferos resultados pero lo que Parker no sabía eran los otros planes que tenia Osborn para aquel suero que estaban creando, durante el tiempo de la investigación se dio a conocer la noticia de que la esposa de Richard estaba embarazada, para muchos aquella noticia podía ser de lo mejor pero para Osborn era solo una oportunidad para probar su suero. El plan de este era utilizar al pequeño que llevaba Mary en el vientre como conejillo de indias apenas naciera, claramente Richard se negó ante esa descabellada y terrible idea…eso no le había gustado para nada a Norman pero decidió fingir que no le había molestado*

Así continuaron con las investigaciones y experimentos durante los siguientes meses…

Pero todo sucedió de una forma tan rápida…

Nadie esperaba que el día del nacimiento del primogénito de los Parker ambos adultos murieran de forma tan repentina…

Mary había sido asesinada a base de drogas “mal” suministrada por los doctores justo después de haber dado a luz al pequeño niño que con tanta ansia había esperado todos esos meses, en cambio Richard…no había sido notificado de lo sucedido con su esposa, la única llamada que había recibido era cuando le avisaron que ella estaba en labor de parto.

Norman tenía todo planeado

Fríamente calculado…

El había mandado a alguien para que cortara los frenos del auto del científico, esto Richard no lo esperaba en ningún momento, ¿A eso había llegado osborn?…

Ahora ambos Parker estaban muertos, no habían dejado ningún rastro en el mundo, el cadáver de Richard había desaparecido junto con el de su esposa…como si nunca hubieran existido, pero la interrogante para los demás seria…y el niño de los parker?…el no podía hacer nada, apenas y podía respirar por su propia cuenta, apenas podía moverse, llorar…cuando apenas dio su primer respiro en el mundo fue separado de la mujer que le dio la vida, al parecer Norman Orborn había ganado la guerra, se había llevado al pequeño a pesar de todo.

-El proyecto estaba listo para dar inicio-

Pero no solo era el bebé de los Parker el que estaba atrapado en aquel lugar, eran decenas de recién nacidos, bebés que habían sido separados de sus padres solo para sujetos de pruebas, Norman debía sentirse orgulloso de aquel experimento..hasta que el momento de la verdad llego.

Al principio eligieron a seis niños para probar el suero…

[Proyecto 01800-Suero “S.P.I.D.E.R”

Sujetos de prueba: 6

Datos: Los especímenes las primeras 24 horas comenzaron a demostrar mejoramiento en su sistema inmune, a las 48 horas comenzaron a adquirir deformaciones congénitas, a las 72 horas los sujetos de prueba fallecieron por muerte cerebral

Resultado: Fallido]

Uno a uno, los pequeños iban muriendo por culpa de aquel experimento, aun así, Norman no se detenía, niños tras niños, tomaba la vida de los menores como si de juguetes se trataran…poco a poco las esperanzas de que el proyecto funcionara iban desapareciendo…hasta que llego el momento de los últimos conejillos en pasar.

[Proyecto 01800-Suero “S.P.I.D.E.R”

Sujetos de Prueba: 4

Datos: A los siguientes especímenes se les fue suministrado una dosis más alta que a los demás de el suero, con posteridad se les fue analizando el progreso pero como con los especímenes anteriores el resultado fue igual o inclusive peor. De los 4 solo uno al parecer absorbió el suero de forma completa y sin ningún tipo de reacción a este.

Resultado: Aprobado]

¿Acaso era una mala jugada del destino? De todos los niños a los que se les fueron suministrados aquel suero él fue el único al que no le afecto en nada, o eso creía…apenas dio positiva su prueba se lo llevaron a la segunda fase, inyecciones, agujas traspasando su piel una y otra vez durante sus primeros años de vida, acaso se merecía eso?.

Así se paso encerrado en un cuarto durante ese tiempo, siendo analizado como si de un vil animal se tratara, no sabía nada de sus padres, las doctoras le habían dicho que su propósito en la vida era el ser un simple “cordero”, podía sonar sorprendente pero a pesar de su muy corta edad el ya sabía leer y escribir perfectamente pero eso de que le serviría? Nunca saldría de aquel lugar…no con vida.

Como era de esperarse Norman se sentía feliz porque su presentimiento había sido el correcto, el hijo de Richard y Mary había sido el sujeto de prueba exitoso, el que sería la clave para curar epidemias mundiales, pero eso significaba que tendrían que matarlo tarde o temprano.

Otro año pasó

El pequeño peli-castaño era víctima de mas y mas pruebas, el odiaba esas agujas, realmente que no le gustaba ver como su sangre caía gota a gota. Su pequeño cuerpo estaba lleno de cicatrices de las agujas, de las operaciones que le habían hecho para revisar su interior, la mente del pequeño poco a poco perdía la esperanza de que alguien lo salvara, sus ojos carecían de brillo, de la vida que todo niño debía de tener.

Hasta que escucho una explosión, una tras otra seguidos de gritos de las personas del lugar

“¿Que sucede?” se pregunto el pequeño desde la habitación en la que estaba, no tenía la fuerza suficiente para moverse…allí fue cuando unos hombres armados /los policías de Oscorp/ entraron abruptamente para llevárselo del lugar, uno de ellos ya había tomado en brazos al pequeño niño pero su acción se vio interrumpido cuando una mujer entro de la nada acabando con todos los hombres de manera rápida y silenciosa.

<<cabellera roja…>>

El menor se quedo pasmado por lo que había sucedido, fue…fue tan repentino, en un abrir y cerrar de ojos el pequeño ya no estaba en los brazos del hombre si no en los brazos de la mujer de cabellera roja. Cuando esta lo saco de la habitación en la que estaban el pudo ver como todo estaba destrozado, con varios agentes de otra corporación entrando y saliendo como si estuvieran buscando algo.

Lo último que supo fue que la experimentación fue completamente cancelada y que el señor Norman había “desaparecido”.

Ahora, el menor estaba en otro tipo de lugar, no había doctores a su lado las 24 horas en cambio estaba rodeado de otro tipos de agentes que estaban frente a computadores. El podía escuchar la voz de un hombre y una mujer hablar /o más bien discutir/ fuera del cuarto en el que estaba. El estaba dispuesto a ir a ver de qué se trataba pero justo cuando bajo de la cama y se topo con el frio suelo, sintió como sus piernas le fallaban y caía de rodillas al suelo, alzo la mirada de repente cuando escucho la puerta abrirse y volver a toparse con la mujer de cabellos rojos que lo miraba de una manera…extraña?…nunca nadie lo había ayudado en nada pero aquella mujer fue el primer contacto que tuvo con alguien que no fuera de la corporación Oscorp, esta se inclino frente a él para ayudarlo a levantarse, durante todo el transcurso no había hablado por miedo pero… aquella mujer le transmitía confianza, por primera vez en toda su vida pudo sonreír con levedad, con libertad, sin que nadie lo regañara…era un niño después de todo, uno que buscaba cariño. Aquella mujer que respondía al nombre de “Natasha”, esta le acaricio con levedad el rostro haciendo que retrocediera asustado.-

“No tienes porque temer pequeño…estas a salvo” la mayor le dijo volviendo a acariciar la mejilla del menor para que se tranquilizara.

En ese momento…ese solo momento se sintió rebosante de felicidad, en el que ella le demostró aquel gesto de cariño, transmitiéndole algo que para él fue parecido al amor maternal, en un suave tono de voz la mujer volvió a hablar, esta vez diciendo algo diferente.

“Ahora estas a salvo pequeño Peter”


Al parecer sus padres antes de que murieran ya le habían dado un nombre…

*los ojos del pequeño se llenaban poco a poco de lagrimas, no lo llamaban animal, cordero, conejillo de indias, experimento o sujeto de pruebas…al fin tenía un nombre humano, cuando bajo la mirada pudo divisar que en una carpeta que la mujer había dejado en el suelo estaba su nombre completo…*

No era un experimento mas… 

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Usually, Tony hated getting woken up at 6am every morning by his screaming five month old son. Actually, it was pretty much the only thing he hated about having a kid; that, and shitty diapers.

But on Christmas morning? Especially Peter’s first Christmas morning? Tony was awake, waiting by the baby monitor hours before the little guy woke up.

“It’s Christmas daaaayyy!” he screamed, throwing the baby monitor at a still sleeping Steve the second Peter’s cries started through it. Springing to his feet to avoid the monitor when Steve hurled it back at him, he started collecting random articles of clothing to throw onto the bed. “Steve, it’s Christmas! Get up, get up!”

“Tony, I swear to God -”

“JARVIS!” Tony called, tugging on a pair of sweats and an under shirt, “drop my needle, buddy, all over the tower. Loud.”

“Certainly, sir,” JARVIS replied as Jingle Bells came on over the comms.

“I’ll go get the kid!” Tony grinned, darting for the door. “Meet you at the tree!”

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so I wrote a thing based off of crazyk-c’s drawing! I’m not even done it but it was a little Drabble. And I got inspired from another picture that had Bruce hating the yelling. So here you guys go :)


Peter stood in his crib listening to his fathers arguing. He felt himself trembling at how loud they got.
“What the hell is your problem?! You could have died!” Steve yelled, causing Peter to let out a whine, only to be muffled by the pacifier in his mouth.
“Lay off! I did what I had to do!” Tony yelled back, slamming his hand on the desk. Peter whimpered and sat down.
“What about Peter?! Do you want him to grow up without you?!” Steve yelled back. Tony stared at Steve.
Peter looked at his Captain America and Ironman plushes he got from Aunt Tasha. He grabbed them and let the tears fall, clutching the stuffed animals close to his chest. He was sniffling when he heard the door to his room open.
“Oh Peter.” Bruce sighed, hating the shouting just as much as the young boy. “I hate shouting too.” He added, carefully picking the boy up. Peter clutched Bruce’s shirt and whimpered. Bruce began patting his back as he carried him towards the rocking chair. The door slamming downstairs made both of them jump. Seconds later softer footsteps came up the steps. Tony peaked his head into the room.
“He heard you both.” Bruce said not even looking up. “He was terrified.”
“I-I’m sorry, Bruce. I’m sorry Peter.” Tony sighed, tiptoeing into the room. Peter peaked up from Bruce’s chest, and then reached for Tony. Tony gladly took his son into his arms, cradling him as close as possible. Moments later, Steve peaked into the room.
“Who slammed the door downstairs?” Bruce asked confused.
“Barton, he told us to shut up and get our heads out of our asses.” Tony mumbled, rubbing Peter’s back.
“We woke him, didn’t we?” Steve asked, leaning against the door frame.
“Yep.” Tony sighed, watching Bruce quietly make his leave before taking his seat in the rocking chair.

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