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#baby daddy fic
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baby daddy passed 600 reads on Ao3 without me noticing and I just wanna say to thank you to those who read and reread my fics. when inspiration is a cold, selfish bitch, y’all keep me going

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I am trying to read your Baby Daddy fix, but am confused by the titles. Can you tag me and let me know what’s part 1, part 2 etc??

Hey I’ll add you to the tag list for future updates but here are the links for the first three parts. The rest can be found on the ‘baby daddy fic’ tag on my blog.

If you have any more trouble let me know and I’ll reblog + tag you on the chapters.

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Do you have face claims for Baby Daddy ?

Yes! I do!

This is the lovely Ruby


This is her twin sister Ruth


This is Oliver (Ruby’s baby daddy)


And this is Erik cause I couldn’t resist


The baby is still cooking so we’ll see what they look like once its born.

Also my inbox is open for any cute ass baby pics if y'all want to send some

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I wasn’t gonna post about this, because, well it’s not really related at all to TMP, but I do remember in the past when some of us Mindy Projectors were talking about shows we liked, if I"m remembering correctly, some mentioned one of their guilty pleasure shows was “Baby Daddy.” Which to me is like junkfood. I just gobble it up fully aware of how cheesy it is. I can see the jokes coming a million miles away, and yet I still laugh every time (Melissa Peterman is mostly to blame for this, and Tahj Mowry), I can see the pining coming a million miles away (why must Derek Theler be so effing bangable? I’m pretty sure it’s in his contract to be shirtless in every episode :O) and I still sigh and ship it vigorously, even though I know this show will jerk me around until it’s over or gets cancelled. And I just binged season 3 because it was just posted to Netflix. I watched it entirely too fast, but the episodes are only like twenty minutes long. Anywho, the point of this post was… I did a silly thing… I’m writing a Baby Daddy fic :O


Take a look if you have even the faintest interest in that show :P

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omg for which one? Please give us some insight I'm begging 😫

djdjfjfj this was for winyiniq, towards the end of the smut scene when it’s turned Soft but still feral and louis’s just fucked out and can’t do anything but quietly whimper while harry holds him down and grinds into him and keeps whispering nasty shit into his ear and fjgkfjfjfkfk

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[pt. i] [pt. ii]


The way he sees it, Steve’s got two choices.

And he’s got to pick one pretty much now. He can’t just keep sitting here, frozen, while someone vulnerable and a little scared is waiting in front of him, needing him to respond. Steve is at a crossroads and he’s got to pick which way he’s going — which way they’re going, actually — because between the two of them Steve is older, and Steve is supposed to be more responsible, and the ball is in Steve’s court and it’s up to him to make the right choice for the both of them.

Because right now, Steve’s got a pretty young brunet straddling his lap and looking down at him through thick lashes, biting his red lips. Bucky Barnes is sweet and beautiful and wide-eyed and and he smells like Steve’s shampoo and he looks like every little thing Steve has ever wanted in his life but never let himself have.


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Words: 570

Warnings: N/A

Taglist: @agalaxyofselfships @galaxy-of-stories @obipoelover @carietrekkie @shydragonrider


Previous: (1

(2): You are Here

(3): Coming Soon 



The rest of the day passed without incident and when night fell, I went back to the room I shared with Poe.

“Oh hey sweetheart, there you are. I got us good from the mess hall, I figured we should have a holo-movie night, what do you think?” Pow greeted me when I got back.

“Sounds good to me, though before we do there is something we need to talk about.” I began

“Sure thing babe, whatever it is I am all ears.”

“I also think BB-8 needs to hear this too, as what I am about yo tell you is big, and I mean life-changing big.”

As I said this Poe’s ever loyal, trusty and practically droid best friend BB-8 rolled into the room.

“Are you listening BB-8?” Poe asked his droid.

BB-8 beeped in response.

“Now what is it you need to tell us?” Poe’s attention turned to me.

This was it. No going back. The point of no return. The cliff edge.

I thought for a moment about how to tell him that he was going to be a father.

Pursing my lips together, I placed Poe’s hands and my hands on my abdomen, roughly where my womb was.

“There is no easy way to say this Poe, but I’m pregnant. I’m going to have a baby. Your baby. I know the situation is far from ideal and the timing couldn’t be worse, but there are no two ways about it I’m carrying your child.”

This was followed by a seemingly eternal moment of silence.

Poe stared at me, the brown eyes I loved so much wide.

“Say something Poe, please anything. I know this much be a shock to you as it to me but…”

I never got to finish that sentence because the next thing I knew, Poe’s lips collided with mine.

I kissed him back of course, before letting out a playful scream as he picked me up at the waist, spun me around and placed me back down on my feet.

“Oh, Emma you have no idea how happy I feel right now.” He grinned as he spoke at last.

“So does this mean you want this baby?”

“Hell yeah I do, I love you babe and now I have a mini you or a mini-me to love too.” He told me

A weight felt like it had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt so relieved to know Poe wanted this baby as much I did.

When I bought up the issue of the timing and the whole on-going war with the First Order, Poe took my hands in his.

“I swear to you, I won’t rest until the galaxy is a safe place for you, and for our baby” He promised, “No one will hurt either of you and I will fight for you, for our child, for us.”

That was my Poe. A warrior and a hero.

One of the many reasons I’d fallen for him and why I would always love him.

The two of us kissed again, before realising the food was going cold.

We let out a laugh and warmed it before climbing into bed, where we ate, watched a holo film and for the first time, the three of us slept together.

Poe, me and the baby.

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