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#baby feysand
feysandandnyx7 days ago
My babies 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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cinnamonroll157 days ago
Cass teaching Nyx to fly 馃槀
*endless scream into the void*
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kellyvieiraarts8 days ago
Tumblr media
鈿狅笍ACOSF spoiler 鈿狅笍 #acourtofsilverflames "Water washed his clothes, his hair had been pulled out of the braid, and in his hand, standing there ... A head of Kelpie hung from the sheet of dark hair, his face torn in a scream. Just as the King of Hybern's head had hung from his hand. " Nesta Archeron
ig; @kelly.vieir.a
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bookstantrash8 days ago
A baby bat just got inside my house. We managed to get him out but of course I stopped to take pictures once we locked him inside our tv room so he鈥檇 not keep on flying around madly.
Meet Nyx. It was a short visit but it was nice having you here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hellogoodbye149 days ago
Cass and Az babysitting for about 2 minutes鈥. (Inspired by 鈥淔all鈥 by Kristen Callihan)
Azriel: 鈥淲e have to head out, just waiting on those reports.鈥
Rhys: 鈥淔eyre was almost done checking them, she鈥檚 bringing them down. Here take Nyx, I need to rush to the bathroom real quick.鈥
*Az holding Nyx a bit awkwardly*
Cassian: 鈥淵ou know you could put him in his crib?鈥
Rhys: 鈥淭ry it, I dare you.鈥
Az and Cass frown at one another.
A door slams, and they are left alone with twenty pounds of drooling baby who has decided that Az鈥檚 eyebrows would be better off detached from his face.
Azriel: 鈥淥kay, little man, let鈥檚 find you something better to play with.鈥
He sets Nyx down and Cass hands him some toy caterpillar.
He looks at the bug, then at Cass, then back at the bug. His little chin prunes up. Cass hears an internal warning alarm blaring, 鈥淒anger! Danger!鈥
Azriel jiggles another of the toy bugs. 鈥淔un, yeah?鈥
No, no it is not. Tears well in Nyx鈥檚 eyes, and he sucks in a deep breath. His temper breaks with an ungodly wail, his little arms flailing, face bright red.
Az picks him up immediately, 鈥淥kay, okay. Those bugs are creepy anyway.鈥
Cass, 鈥淚m sorry little man! Oh god what do we do?!鈥
Nyx鈥檚 back arches as he screams his fury. 鈥淗oly Cauldron, I thought I was emotional. What about this?鈥 Cass picks up a monkey toy, 鈥淢onkey? You want your monkey?鈥
lumpy monkey goes flying with one indignant swat.
鈥淩ight. Monkeys suck. Noted. Az move him like Feyre does.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 yell at me, Nyx is already doing it enough!鈥
Rhys strides into the room with a harried expression. 鈥淵ou put him down, didn鈥檛 you?鈥
Azriel: 鈥渨e thought he might want to play!鈥
Rhys takes his son, grabs a pacifier, and holds it up to Nyx鈥檚 mouth. 鈥淗ere you go, love.鈥
He immediately sucks it in and then rests his head on Rhys鈥檚 shoulder with a shuddering sigh like he鈥檚 just been through a long, hard battle. Clearly, one Cass and Azriel lost.
Cassian: 鈥淧lug up the hole.鈥 He slaps his forehead. 鈥淚 should have known.鈥
Rhys and Nyx shoot him twin glares.
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hellogoodbye149 days ago
Cass and Nesta visiting Feysand鈥檚 Estate because Cass has to pick some reports from Rhys.
Rhys answers the door on the fifth knock. His hair is sticking up on one side and his tie is askew鈥攂eing clutched in the merciless grip on a chubby baby fist. Nyx gives them a smile as if to say look who I made my bitch today.
Cassian: 鈥淥h how the mighty have fallen鈥
Nesta: 鈥淗old my bag, I need a picture of this鈥
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hellogoodbye1410 days ago
Nesta with Nyx
Nesta: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e all spoiling him too much鈥
Also Nesta: *notices he likes a certain kind of candy, buys the stores entire stock for him*, 鈥渉ere you go little man.鈥
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hellogoodbye1410 days ago
Cass: I鈥檓 bored
Rhys *cradling a sleeping Nyx*: don鈥檛 feather pluckin say it!
Azriel: Why can鈥檛 he say what?
Cass *trying to hold in his laughter*: Did you just say feather pluckin?
Rhys *rolling his eyes*: I鈥檓 trying not to swear in front of my toddler Cass.
Cass *biting his fist to not laugh out loud and wake Nyx up*
Azriel: okay, but why isn鈥檛 Cass allowed to say he鈥檚 bored?
Rhys: He鈥檚 going to jinx the peace
Azriel *scoffing* : there鈥檚 no such thing and even I鈥檓 bored. There鈥檚 nothing to do anymore... no fighting... no spying
Cass: TRUTH!
Rhys: Will you two shut the frig up!
Cassian: but....but....
*Amren comes crashing into the living room, nyx wakes up*
Amren: we have a problem
Cass and Az *eyes wide in shock*
Rhys *trying to lull back nyx to sleep*: you just had to jinx it
Amren: They did what?!
Azriel: ..... we said that we were bored
Amren *steps on the table near the illyrians and smacks them both on their heads*: YOU IDIOTS!
Cass: fucking ow Amren!!!
Nyx: ffff-aaackeeeeen
*Rhys glaring at an ashen Cass*
Cass: Feyre is going to send her water wolves my way isn鈥檛 she?
Rhys: Run.
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thespianbooks11 days ago
Hello lovely readers,
It really, really pains me to say this, but chapter 27 of ACONAS will not be up today and may not be up for the rest of the week. The truth of the matter is, that although I have ideas planned out for the next few chapters of ACONAS, I am struggling with the worst case of writer鈥檚 block I鈥檝e had for a while.
I love ACONAS with all my heart and while I was originally so excited to get to this point in the plot, I am just struggling to get the words on paper; metaphorically speaking. While the next chapter is currently in the works, I just can鈥檛 give an exact release date for it or future chapters either. For the sake of my mental health, for the quality the end of this story really deserves, and all of my effort, I鈥檒l be taking my time writing the upcoming chapters and posting previews whenever I can.
I refuse to give up on this story, because of my deep love for these characters and for the canon I鈥檝e developed! However, I think trying to stick to a weekly upload while also navigating my busy everyday schedule (despite being on break from school) is just taking its toll on my mental health and leaving me blocked. So, for that reason, I鈥檒l definitely continue writing, but at my own pace!
I hope you all understand, and I thank you all for your continued patience! Chapter 27 will be up soon, and I promise to make it a great one for all you lovely readers 鉂わ笍
Stay safe and healthy 鉂わ笍
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flowerflamestars13 days ago
Feel like Nyx would be the nephew that sneaks away to his aunt's house in the middle of the night and stay there for like a week straight because they are his favourites, and neither Eris or Nesta questions it when he shows up out of nowhere because they do love him but Feysand are so terrified of what they might say to their precious child but really, Nesta is the only one who treats Nyx like he didn't fall out of the sky and is entitled to have anything he wants.
Oh god yes
Baby Night Night has never had a god damned chance- that kid is equal, damaging parts unbelievably sheltered/spoiled and just like....trapped in a long shadow of expectation.
And his Autumn relatives don't cosset him!
Like, the first time he runs away he's like...hmmm...sixteen? Angry. And Neris are fine with anger. But that teen angst bullshit? No. They put the kid to work.
And while work is just helping Auntie Elain bake her wife a birthday cake, she makes him do the dishes. Without using his powers. Eris takes him along to meetings and makes him sit through all the boring bullshit that entails.
But- afterward, Eris explains what happened. Like they're equals. He asks what baby Night Night thinks. Auntie Em likes her cake so much she hugs him, like he's a little kid. It's nice.
It's actually...making him feel better.
And sure, Auntie Nesta is grouchy and terrifying. But she's no where near as bad as Night Night's parents make her out to be. Sure, she's using blood magic, but it's alchemy. Yes, she's really, really busy, just like Uncle Eris, probably too busy for kids like his mom says, so much so Night Night has to assume they're making time for him- which makes him feel...warm? kind of ashamed?- but she doesn't leave him alone.
She's there, and it's pretty funny to see how happy it makes Uncle Eris to listen to her complain about boring government policy.
When Night Court lackeys eventually show up thinking Nyx has been kidnapped- well, lil baby boy comes to understand a little bit why Eris and all the Aunts like how mean Auntie Nesta can be. She sends home the royal guard in tears- and then tells Nyx he can stay as long as he wants, but he has to tell his parents he's safe.
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drowningin-fantasies13 days ago
feysand baby shouldn't have happened until the end of the series. i get why they decided to have a kid but the timing... & she was right when she said she wanted to live first.
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hellogoodbye1414 days ago
Feyre watching Rhys play with a giggling Nyx in the middle of the living room
Feyre: I thought you were at the court of nightmares for the meeting?
Rhys: *blowing bubbles on Nyx鈥檚 belly* yeah it finished early
Feyre: Rhys... you left twenty minutes ago..
Amren stomps in glaring and pointing a finger to Rhys with death in her eyes
Amren: STOP IT, you cannot keep leaving these meetings just like that. To leave me in that horrible place out of nowhere!
Rhys: but I-
Amren: no you listen to me boy, you will not keep pulling this, you have duties.
Feyre: what happened?
Amren: Our high lord keeps bailing on meetings or wrapping them up way to quickly without any warning whatsoever. You always do a better job Feyre at your duties, he just keeps slacking when its his turn!
Feyre turning around to see Rhys smiling down at Nyx and letting him play with his tie
Feyre: Rhys you cant just..
Rhys: look I miss him okay? I like being here when he is awake and I can not not come and see him every time his mental shield brushes mine wondering where I am.
Amren: you need to be responsible
Rhys: nope, I have a second which is you for a reason. You and Mor can handle the meetings. Perhaps even better than I can. I鈥檝e never been selfish but Ill be damned if I wont be selfish now and spend time with my family.
Rhys: Now if you鈥檒l excuse me, Nyx and I are going to go flying.
*Rhys鈥檚 wings suddenly appear and Nyx squeels with joy*
Rhys kisses Feyre on the cheek before walking out the room.
Feyre looks back at Amren expecting to see her giving a death glare to Rhysands back but she turns and see鈥檚 something completely else.
She see鈥檚 Amren smiling at Rhysand鈥檚 retreating back with one single tear tracking down her face. She moves her gaze to Feyre and says,
鈥淥ver 500 years, I鈥檝e known him for over 500 years and this is the first time I鈥檝e actually seen him living for himself. For his family. Thank you Feyre.鈥
She bows and exits the room.
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faithisilliterate15 days ago
ACOTAR Things as Backyardigans Songs
I was gonna edit the character faces on but that was too much work, and I hit an image limit putting character art. Use your imagination and appreciate the mid-quality Backyardigans images, they鈥檙e a part of the charm.
1. The Bond of Exiles - Castaways
Tumblr media
Technically it鈥檚 they have a house, but it fits so of course
2. Azriel - International Super Spy
Tumblr media
This was the first one that popped into my head after Castaways
3. The Valkyries - Into The Thick of It
Tumblr media
The jungle is a metaphor for themselves, and they are getting 鈥渋nto the thick of鈥 finding themselves
4. The Bat Boys - The Flying Rock Song
Tumblr media
I like to imagine that this is how their Blood Rite went
5. Amren with the High King nonsense - Queens are Never Wrong
Tumblr media
I almost put 鈥淔eysand鈥 but I feel like Tasha鈥檚 energy in the song matched Amren鈥檚 speech more than Feysand
6. Feysand baby - Almost Everything is Boinga
Tumblr media
I remembered how much that baby Martian annoyed me so here we are
7. Hybern who died, and now Koschei - Super Heroes vs Super Villains
Tumblr media
This song is kind of how I view all ACOTAR magical political plot lines tbh
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hellogoodbye1417 days ago
Why do I picture Rowan pulling a Hopper from stranger things when it鈥檒l come to his daughter dating Nyx?
鈥淣o young lady, for the sake of your dad KEEP THE DOOR OPEN THREE INCHES. 鈥
Tumblr media
And if they don鈥檛 follow his rules
Tumblr media
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surielandiareendgame22 days ago
Prompt- Nyx tickles Rhys in front of all the hewn city members. (Rhys is very ticklish)
A Visit to Hewn City
Tumblr media
Fluff//1565 words
鈥淵ou are not taking our child to Hewn City. Absolutely not.鈥 Feyre鈥檚 arms were crossed and she had an obstinate look in her eyes.
Rhys just smirked. 鈥淔ine. You can take him with you to your art classes.鈥
Feyre winced, likely remembering the last time that had happened. Nyx had gotten into a bucket of paint, smeared his hands all over the wall in a desperate attempt to get it off, then started crying. 鈥淚鈥檒l stay home today.鈥
鈥淚 thought you were short-staffed.鈥 Rhys knew exactly how this conversation would end from the sigh that escaped his mate鈥檚 lips.
鈥淐an鈥檛 you go to Hewn City another day?鈥 Feyre asked in a last-ditch attempt to keep her son away from there.
Rhys raised an eyebrow. 鈥淲e鈥檝e both already rescheduled the last few dates we were meant to go. Keir was annoyed enough as it is to hear that only one of us could come today.鈥
鈥淲e could get a babysitter-鈥
鈥淢or is off being our emissary. Cassian and Nesta are in the mountains. Azriel鈥檚 on a mission. All of our other friends are busy in some way. Do you trust our son with a stranger?鈥
Feyre squeezed her eyes shut. 鈥淚 know you won鈥檛 let anything happen to him, I just don鈥檛 want Nyx in that environment.鈥
Rhys gaze softened. 鈥淚 know, darling. I understand. If you really don鈥檛 want me to-鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 Feyre cut him off. 鈥淚 trust you.鈥 She placed a hand on his shoulder and tried for a smile. 鈥淛ust think of the look on Keir鈥檚 face when you show up with a baby. He only found out about Nyx during out last visit, yes?鈥
Rhys鈥 lips twitched. 鈥淚ndeed. I imagine he鈥檒l be rather surprised. And hopefully annoyed too. My dear uncle deserves a bit on trouble every now and then, don鈥檛 you think?鈥
Feyre grinned. 鈥淎bsolutely. I need to go now.鈥
Rhys gave Feyre a peck on the cheek. 鈥淗ave fun.鈥
Feyre returned the sentiment and winnowed away.
Rhys gathered Nyx in his arms, ready to head off to his meeting. And really, he was the most powerful high lord Prythian had ever seen. Only Feyre鈥檚 power rivaled his own. How hard would it be to keep a baby under control for a few hours?
As predicted, the look on Keir鈥檚 face was absolutely priceless. Rhys winnowed nearby, then strutted into the throne room with a baby in his arms. Of course a few residents of Hewn City dropped their goblets at the sight.
Keir, though... he looked absolutely enraged. The first glimpse of his distantly related grand-nephew did not seem to meet his standards.
Rhys just grinned at him and kept walking. Passing occupants of the Court of Nightmares, who were all scrambling to bow, seemed to please Nyx. He was reaching out of Rhys鈥 arms at everyone they walked by, excited to meet new people.
Rhys made it to the two thrones and took a seat in his own. Nyx settled on his lap, cooing.
鈥淵ou brought the newborn,鈥 Keir commented. His voice was strained.
Rhys just smiled. 鈥淚 hope you don鈥檛 mind. Your high lady is busy today. Subjects, may I present my son, Nyx.鈥
The whole room seemed to collectively take a breath, processing the situation. They clearly hadn鈥檛 been expecting a baby to appear in their domain.
Ignoring the silence, Rhys turned to Keir once more. 鈥淎ny important updates?鈥
Keir was still frowning at Nyx. 鈥淓verything has been as it usually is. We only need to discuss how to calm down some residents who have gotten a bit worked up about some issue or other.鈥
Rhys, accustomed to the vague references to his people, wasn鈥檛 bothered by the lack of willingness to share. He was, however, bothered by the way Keir scowled at Nyx throughout this little speech. Even now, his eyes were on the baby who was currently pulling at Rhys鈥 hand.
鈥淒o you have an issue with the presence of my child, Keir?鈥 Rhys鈥 voice was icy.
Keir鈥檚 eyes snapped to Rhys. 鈥淗e has wings.鈥
Trying to keep from throttling the male in front of his son, Rhys kept his tone even. He noticed the whole room tense at his words. 鈥淒oes that matter?鈥
Keir frowned. 鈥淏eing commanded by an Illyrian and his bastard Illyrian friends was bad enough. Now the child?鈥
Rhys wanted to use his power on the man. He鈥檇 done it before. Feyre had as well. But with Nyx there... absolutely not.
Instead, Rhys smiled. 鈥淚鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e pleased with him. Now go fetch some wine for me.鈥
Keir tensed, debating whether to argue, as he鈥檇 done many previous times. But something hard in Rhys鈥 eyes had the male scampering away.
Nyx seemed totally oblivious to the encounter. He gave his small wings a flap and scooted on Rhys鈥 lap. A string of babbled baby language left his mouth.
Rhys smiled fondly at the boy. 鈥淗ello, son.鈥
The entirety of Hewn City was watching their high lord coo at his baby, but Rhys paid them no mind. He wasn鈥檛 going to be cold and ruthless in front of Nyx.
Keir reappeared with the wine and Rhys took the goblet, not bothering to thank him. Then he dismissed Keir with a wave of the hand and went back to playing with his son.
Rhys wasn鈥檛 meant to be at Hewn City for long. After a couple of hours, Rhys had the small issue Keir had mentioned sorted out. He鈥檇 also entertained the court for as long as his lordly duties required.
Ready to leave, Rhys tried to scoop up Nyx, who had crawled over on Feyre鈥檚 empty throne. The baby managed to get Rhys back on his own seat and clung to his tunic, babbling.
鈥淣ow, Nyx, it鈥檚 time to leave,鈥 Rhys said in a gentle voice, much of the court still watching curiously. They certainly had a very long attention span.
Nyx remained uncooperative. He tried to climb up Rhys鈥 shirt. In the process, his little baby fingers dug into Rhys鈥 side.
Rhys let out a startled laugh.
Pleased with the reaction, Nyx repeated the movement.
Prepared and trying to hold it in, Rhys lasted a few seconds before laughing once more. The entire court was staring at them now, entirely unsure of how to react to seeing their high lord being tickled. Keir was glaring with disapproval from the sidelines.
Nyx didn鈥檛 let up, surprisingly strong for a baby. Rhys had a bit of a laughing fit while trying - and failing - to corral his son.
Not sure if he鈥檇 be able to pick up the rascal and make it out the door, Rhys just smiled at the Court of Nightmares and said, 鈥淵our high lady and I will visit next month. Be on your best behavior.鈥 Then he winnowed away, hoping he didn鈥檛 sound as embarrassed as he was feeling.
Gods, Rhys鈥 face felt warm. He was blushing. Maybe they鈥檇 blame it on the wine.
Having appeared in his home, Rhys straightened and stepped toward the bedroom door, hoping to make inside before Feyre caught him. Nyx, still unused to winnowing, clapped his hands excitedly at the change in scenery.
鈥淲hat did you do?鈥
Rhys slowly turned. 鈥淒o?鈥
Feyre had her arms crossed. She didn鈥檛 look particularly angry; she only seemed curious as to why her unflappable mate was blushing and trying to sneak into their bedroom.
鈥淒id he get into trouble?鈥
鈥淗e was on his best behavior, actually. You shouldn鈥檛 be so doubtful toward him, darling. It hurts his feelings.鈥
Feeling entirely unhurt, Nyx hiccuped and reached for his mother. Feyre lifted him out of Rhys鈥 arms, rolling his eyes at the pathetic attempt at a deflection.
鈥淲hat did you do then?鈥
Rhys winced. 鈥淲hy do you think anything happened at all?鈥
Feyre impatiently knocked at her mate鈥檚 mental shields, not trusting a word that came out of his mouth. Reluctantly, Rhys lowered them, allowing Feyre full access to his mind.
After witnessing the day鈥檚 events, Feyre burst out laughing. 鈥淥h, gods.鈥
Rhys pouted. 鈥淪top that.鈥
鈥淏eing tickled by a baby in the middle of the Court of Nightmares. How will you ever look them in the eye again?鈥 Feyre managed between laughs.
Rhys sighed. 鈥淚 won鈥檛. You鈥檙e on permanent Hewn City duty.鈥
Feyre smiled. 鈥淩ight. Gods, I need to go tell Mor.鈥
Rhys鈥 eyes widened. 鈥淵ou need to do no such thing!鈥
鈥淎nd Cassian. He鈥檒l never let you live it down.鈥 Feyre was fighting a smile.
Rhys crossed his arms. 鈥淭hink of the child. What would poor Nyx think of his mother bullying his father so terribly?鈥
Feyre grinned. 鈥淗e seems rather pleased with himself, actually.鈥 Indeed, Nyx was stretching his lips, smiling toothlessly, tugging on Feyre鈥檚 sleeve.
Rhys sighed. 鈥淥h, well. I think I鈥檝e about given up on dignity at this point.鈥
Feyre smiled fondly at her husband. 鈥淚 love you.鈥
鈥淚 love you too.鈥 Rhys guided his wife to the bedroom so that she could set down Nyx and let him play.
Upon asking how her day was, Rhys discovered she鈥檇 had a great time with her students, teaching some newbies how to mix the colors.
Despite the lingering embarrassment, Rhys was no longer upset about what had occurred in Hewn City. After all, a little bit of sheepishness was definitely worth seeing the look on Keir鈥檚 face. Maybe he鈥檇 bring Nyx with them again next time.
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f-cursebreaker24 days ago
This fandom's hatred of women who want to start a family will kill me
I don't understand why the idea of a woman wanting to have a child makes some people so uncomfortable. Why would a woman have children make her dependent or boring? Feyre is an adult and happy woman with good mental health. She is able to provide a baby鈥檚 every need of a material and spiritual and she has a mate who loves her and wants to start a family together. What is not suitable for baby here?
And having a baby doesn't mean they'll be boring and static. It doesn't matter if they just sit and settle for 20 years doing nothing for the baby. They are immortal, there's eternity ahead of them.
I see some people even hate the baby. You might not like the idea, to be honest I didn't like the idea first, but hating a baby is ridiculous.
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thespianbooks25 days ago
A Court of Nightmares and Starlight //Chapter 26//
(tags: @thron3ofbooks, @df3ndyr, @courtofjurdan, @art-e-mis, @herondamnn, @the-third-me, @im-still-trying-here, @emikadreams, @paytin77, @mis-lil-red, @sleeping-and-books, @lucieisabooknerd, @amandaraey-sunshine, @easy-p-lemon, @azymondias05, @dagypsygirl, @makeshift-utopia, @fantasyshadowhunters) *bold tags don鈥檛 work ;-;
I hope this chapter finds you all well, please enjoy some fluffy Feysand and baby vibes! 鉂わ笍
"He's breathtaking," Rhys said quietly from his place beside me.
After the maelstrom of labor had passed, Sebastian entered the world with a resounding wail鈥攖he most heartwarming sound I had ever heard in my life. The minutes after passed in a blur; the midwife placing him on my chest as she and Madja worked on cleaning him off with damp washcloths while Rhys and I stared at our newborn babe. We were both too completely and utterly stunned to speak in those first few minutes but sobbed the second he opened his eyes and were met with remarkable violet-blue.
Every part of him was truly incredible; resembling his father in nearly every feature except for the blue in his eyes and the tiny, perfect, shape of his mouth鈥攅ven better than my own. I touched the soft, dark tendrils of his black hair as I nodded in agreement with Rhys's sentiment.
"He's amazing," I said, my voice still hoarse from my cries of agony.
But, as our gazes lingered on our son, the overwhelming relief I felt outshined my earlier anguish鈥攁ny I felt before this moment. All the worry that had grown over the last several months, all the pain I had just endured, now vanished the longer I held my son. As I touched his cheek with a tentative finger, my tattoos a stark contrast against his perfectly unblemished skin, I felt a new bond snap into place.
Rhys must've felt it too, because the kiss he pressed to my temple was tender before he whispered to Sebastian, "Cauldron save you, Mother hold you. I, High Lord of the Night Court, vow to shield you with my body, protect you with my sword," I saw his throat bob as he swallowed before carrying on. "And keep you in my heart. My son."
The tears I had been battling to hold back finally fell as he finished those sacred vows, identical to the words we exchanged when he swore me in as his High Lady. My mate pressed another kiss to my brow but didn't pull back as I met his silver-lined eyes.
"Thank you, Feyre darling," he murmured softly, brushing away my tears with his thumb.
I beamed in return, my throat still thick as I touched his face with my free hand and swept away his own tears. "I couldn't have done it without you, Rhysand," I whispered.
Sebastian mewled quietly from his place on my chest, his wailing having ceased shortly after being placed on my skin, my mate and I returned our attention to him; that all-too familiar gentle and soft glimmer pulsing through the bond that now connected the three of us in the flesh.
"We call it the Dawn of the North." Rhys began, both of us settled in bed, Sebastian covered in a light blanket and still curled up on my chest for the precious skin-to-skin contact the midwife deemed crucial for the first hour of his life.
In this first hour following the birth, my scent and touch was pivotal in aiding Sebastian's development and especially in triggering his first few instincts鈥攏ursing being the most important. It was also a vital part of the new and delicate mother-baby bond between us. So, after the midwife and Madja had cleared away the mess from the delivery and provided me with my own postpartum care; instructing me to rest and recuperate after the undertaking my body had just been through, Rhys joined my side in bed; making sure the warm blankets I had been draped and covered with remained intact. With an arm wrapped securely around my shoulders, he waved a hand, his magic turning the bed in the direction of the window opposite of us. When I met him with a questioning stare, he simply smiled and motioned to the window again; urging me to look for myself.
The sky was painted in delicate, rippling curtains of green and blue light. The stars shimmering as the veils of light transitioned from one color to the next; multiple hues ranging from pale green, to red, to pink, and varying shades of blue shining through as they moved in soft waves across the sky. Set against the mountain, Ramiel, those three stars that only appeared on rare occasions in our court now shone bright while the rest continued glimmering in the patterned light. The look of astonishment on my face caused Rhys to grin as he went on to explain its origin.
"In the ancient texts, it's said that one of the first elements that came into being was night. Nyx, the primordial, and often forgotten, goddess of night was the prelude to the creation of our world-to Prythian itself," Rhys continued, his fingers brushing along my shoulder gently as we stared out at the sky.
"She was rumored to have wings and was powerful enough to be both feared and idolized by the ancient beings of Prythian and the continent. One of the many stories I heard growing up was her love of flying. My mother used to tell me that whenever Nyx would take to the skies, she would rattle the stars just from the mighty flap of her wings as she soared through them. In the early hours of dawn that would follow, the sky would look like this," he went on, his hold around me tightening slightly.
"It could only be seen in the Northern territory of Prythian. When the lords and the courts came to be, the sky would shimmer like this almost every night, but like Starfall, it soon faded over time and became a rare occasion鈥攐nly appearing the night a new heir to the Night Court was a sign of Nyx's blessing and approval." Rhys finished with a smile, bringing a hand up to wipe at a tear I hadn't realized I shed.
"It's beautiful," I breathed as I turned my head to look at him. "So, it can't be seen in the other courts?" I asked, thinking of the snowfall that had appeared in all of the territories following Eira's birth and how it must have compared to the storm that ravaged the Winter court instead.
Rhys's grin was crooked as he shook his head. "It's exclusive to our court alone, but our allies are being treated to a shower of stars similar to Starfall, minus the spirits" he explained, his eyes returning to Sebastian as the newborn let out a small sigh.
I brushed my fingers along Sebastian's back lightly, afraid that anything more might cause him to disappear, or worse. Through the bond, I could feel Rhys's equal level of apprehensiveness.
"He almost doesn't seem real, does he?" I asked as I continued my feather-light touch along my son's spine.
Rhys shook his head. "I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not dreaming," he said. "That I have a son, here in the flesh, and it's not some cruel trick of illusion crafted by the Cauldron as punishment for my sins鈥"
My fingers halted before reaching over to grasp my mate's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "He's real, Rhysand," I said softly. "Do you remember what I told you all those months ago? How our son, our little Bash, is the culmination of all the best parts of you; of all the good you've done and are?"
The silver lining his eyes returned as he brought his lips down to meet mine with gentle ease in a chaste kiss. "All because of you, Feyre darling," he responded, his voice barely above a whisper before he kissed me again.
I smiled as we pulled apart and turned startled eyes to our son as he let out a tiny grunt. "Do you disapprove of my affection towards your mother, Bash?" Rhys asked softly.
I saw his hand twitch as if he might reach out and touch him, but changed his mind at the last second. You can touch your son, Rhysand, I promise I won't bite.
My mate's chuckle was quiet, but I felt his lingering trepidation. "It's okay," I encouraged.
His throat bobbed as he reached a shaky hand out and placed it gently on the back of Sebastian's head鈥攕o tiny and frail in my mate's large hand. Sebastian remained unfazed, eyes still closed and breathing even, as Rhys brushed a thumb along the light wisps of his blue-black hair.
"He is so small," Rhys murmured, voice still thick with unshed tears as he admired our son up close. "His nose, his lips, his eyes...they are the tiniest I have ever seen in my entire existence."
"He's perfect," I echoed before leaning in to press a breath of a kiss to my son's brow.
Sebastian let out another soft sigh at the contact and twisted his head back slightly, prying his eyes open to meet mine and my heart nearly stopped as I stared back at him. Tears immediately sprang back into my eyes as I smiled.
"Hello Sebastian. It's's mommy," I said, near sobbing. "I love you so much鈥"
Sebastian's eyes slipped back closed, head cradled in Rhys's hand, already spent from our short interaction. Rhys let out a shuddering breath as I turned to look at him, tears of joy still falling.
"I don't know how I'll ever thank you for this, Feyre," he said, shedding a few tears of his own. "For this gift, this life."
You don't ever have to, Rhysand. He is our son, our gift. I said through the bond.
He pulled me closer as he kissed me again, his brow lingering against mine as we relished in this new familial tie between us.
Once our uninterrupted hour had passed, Madja and the midwife knocked on the bedroom door, causing both of us to tense as I held onto Sebastian more securely and as Rhys sat up in the bed; wings appearing a second later and curling protectively around Sebastian and me. I laughed when I realized just how soon those feral instincts had kicked in for us and touched Rhys's arm gently.
"They aren't a threat, they're just our caregivers," I reminded him.
He nodded, tucking his wings back in as he called the healer and midwife in, but kept a hand on my back as they entered. The two females came to my side, Madja pulling back the blankets I had been covered with in order to survey my recovery鈥攎ostly making sure no post-delivery complications were arising as the midwife began instructing me on how to nurse Sebastian. Both Rhysand and I paid close attention to the midwife's direction, taking extra care to the details on how I should position him on my breast and where Rhys could help should the need arise.
It took a bit of maneuvering, including Sebastian's adorably furrowed brow that resembled my mate's own look of frustration and confusion, but he latched on and was suckling in a matter of minutes. The sensation was strange and foreign, but something deep inside of me warmed as I cradled him to my breast, running a finger along his cheek lightly as he nursed. That warmth turned to a deeper understanding of the love I had for my son, and pride in the fact that I was able to nourish him. I was enough鈥攈ad been enough in order to grow him safely inside of me, and now had the ability to provide him the sustenance he needed to survive outside of my womb.
I was enough.
You have always been more than enough, Feyre darling
I gave my mate an amorous smile, realizing he had been watching me with a level of devotion I hadn't seen before sparkling in his violet eyes. His hand rubbed loving circles into my back as we turned our concentration back to the midwife, who gave us further instruction on the nursing protocol. I briefly recalled seeing Viviane nurse and thought of how easy she made the process look, but as the midwife explained that I needed to switch Sebastian between breasts every so often and make sure he burped in between the feedings that would take place every few hours; all the while taking care of myself during my own convalescence, I couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed.
As if she could read my thoughts, Madja placed a comforting hand over mine. "It may seem like an impossible task now, my lady, but we will help you get accustomed and make sure all of your health needs are met," she said.
The midwife nodded in agreement, and so did Rhysand as he stroked the length of my shoulder. "You know you have plenty of support, my love," he said, and I knew he didn't just mean himself or the midwives.
We had our friends, a whole family, waiting for us back in Velaris once Sebastian and I were strong enough to go back. I stared at my newborn babe, wondering how they might react when they first laid eyes on him鈥攐nly to be surprised when just the thought alone made me recoil, a sense of panic rising in me. Rhys chuckled at my plight, giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze.
"Welcome to my world, Feyre darling," he teased. "Having that irrational, primal urge to keep him away, protected from everyone else, is akin to what I felt when our bond snapped into place."
I blinked; my instincts much further along than I earlier realized. "It's so odd," I mused. "I couldn't wait to introduce him to our family before, but now?"
I looked at Sebastian again as he suckled sleepily and rubbed his cheek gently in order to coax him awake. "I don't think I can let them anywhere near him yet," I admitted.
The midwife offered an empathetic smile while Madja laughed. "That is normal, my Lady, and will go away, to a degree, with time," she reassured.
"We should tell them though," I said to Rhys. "Let them know that he's here, and that we're both safe and healthy."
Rhys gestured to the window, the sky still painted with sparkling veils of pale blues and greens. "They know," he said. "I sent them a message via Az shortly after this appeared in the sky."
I sighed contentedly as I stared at the beauty of it, imagining what color paints I would need to mix in order to achieve those specific hues and what size canvas I would need. Nyx's flight I would call it, in honor of the ancient night goddess and my son's birth.
The midwife and Madja left after Sebastian completed his first successful session of nursing, wherein I reluctantly handed him over to their care for his first wellness examination. The midwife weighed and measured him, tested his reflexes and checked his overall wellbeing, all without much complaint from him as Rhys remained close to his side and talked him through the duration of the exam in soft murmurs. I watched from my place on the bed, propped up against a mountain of pillows after Madja performed her own examination of me and wiped my sweaty body clean with a warm damp towel. The magic of the Cabin presented a new shift at the foot of the bed, and the healer helped me change into that as well before helping me settle back into my semi-sitting position.
My eyes stung as I watched the midwife instruct Rhysand on how to properly place and secure a nappy on our son, before offering to show him how to properly swaddle a newborn babe. I saw my mate's enthusiastic nod, realizing he'd get to hold our son for the first time during the demonstration, and glanced in my direction for approval.
I can't do all the work, now can I? I teased through the bond.
His answering smile was just as warm as mine before he set about his task, the midwife only correcting his technique once before Rhys lifted and cradled the babe in his arms. The bundle that was now Sebastian looked impossibly tiny in my mates muscled arms; the Illyrian warrior, the High Lord of the Night Court, now enveloping his newborn son鈥攖he son he never thought he'd have, or deserved. I wiped the tears that spilled over as the older females dismissed themselves, and Rhys crossed back over to my bedside, eyes never leaving Sebastian's face as he stood. My heart squeezed as Rhys brought a hand to touch Sebastian's cheek hesitantly, his eyes growing silver lined as he marveled at our son.
"I don't think I'll ever grow tired of this feeling," Rhys murmured, gaze returning to mine.
"No, I don't think we will," I agreed, resting my head back against a pillow as I watched him.
Rhys paused, realizing. "Do you want him back?" he asked, knowing full-well that my maternal instincts were in full effect.
I shook my head. "I love seeing him in your arms Rhysand," I said. "I don't want you to leave my sight while you have him, but after months of imagining what it might look like to see you hold him...I can't picture anything better."
My mate softened at the sentiment before returning his gaze to Sebastian. "We better enjoy this time together while we still have it Bash, before your mother keeps you all to herself," he joked with a wink at me.
"I hope you warned the others," I quipped, a sleepy smile on my face as I watched Rhys make a small lap around the room, staying in close proximity to the bed.
"Mor and Cassian are already begging to come up here first thing in the morning, but Azriel, Amren and Nesta are keeping them leashed."
My laugh was quiet as I thought of their eagerness, but in reality, they all knew that it would be a while before they could be properly introduced to the newest addition of the inner circle. The midwife explained that the newborn bond was the most intense during the first week, and though I wouldn't be completely healed for another five following, we would at least be able to invite our family to meet Sebastian without the overwhelming need to safeguard him threatening to consume us and bare our teeth at our loved ones.
"They are going to love him," I said as I continued watching him move around the room, eyes growing heavier and heavier with the need to sleep.
Rhys heard the exhaustion in my voice and offered a sympathetic smirk as those adoring violet eyes turned to me. "You should sleep, my love, you've more than earned it after your efforts," he said.
I turned weary eyes to the bundle in his arms and he chuckled. "You can trust I won't leave your side, or even this room."
"I know," I said with a long yawn as he crossed back over to my side, taking a seat on the small space provided on the edge of the bed.
"I'll stay right here while you sleep," Rhys promised. "I think I can placate him until his next feeding."
I grinned languidly. "It can't be too hard if he continues to sleep like this," I said, glancing at Sebastian, who had fallen asleep almost immediately after being secured in his swaddle.
"My thoughts exactly, Feyre darling," he purred.
I was too exhausted to laugh, and instead brushed my fingers along Sebastian's cheek as he remained at peace in his father's arms. My heart squeezing as the full weight of realization hit, that our son was being held by Rhysand鈥攈is father.
To the stars who listen,
I brought my hand to his and squeezed it as his words echoed through our bond, both of us sharing a tender smile before admiring the sleeping bundle in his arms once again.
And the dreams that are answered.
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rhys-daarling25 days ago
Rhys stared up at the night sky. He had been up here for a while already, but after 50 years under a mountain, this view would never tire him.
鈥淭here he is鈥 came his mates voice, he turned his head slightly, seeing her standing in the doorway, holding Nyx in her arms.
He inhaled once , taking in the smell of the two of them.
In his dark moments, he remembered how tight his lungs had felt, suffocating in that stagnant air for all those years. As an Illyrian and High Lord of the Night Court, that air had been torture unto itself.
鈥淪ay hi dada鈥 Feyre cooed to Nyx, waving her hand and pointing at Rhys.
Nyx babbles and flung his hands up, bouncing.
鈥淲hy did you disappear鈥 Feyre asked, coming to stand at her mates side.
Rhys swallowed and smiled down at Nyx.
鈥淚 needed a minute鈥. Sat amongst his family, listening to them laugh and tease, the scent of his mate wrapped around him, it had all been too much.
For 50 years he had been alone, clinging to the faces of his family. Sat surrounded by them today, he needed to remind himself that this was real.
鈥淚 needed some air鈥 he looked into her eyes as Nyx wrapped his small first around his fathers finger, babbling animatedly.
Thought for a thought. Came her voice in his head.
He gave a small laugh, blowing a raspberry onto Nyx cheek, to his sons utter delight.
I came out here to remind myself this isnt a dream. That I鈥檓 really in a room full of people i love. That I鈥檓 not still under that mountain.
Tears brimmed in Feyre鈥檚 eyes, and Rhys kissed her temple.
Nyx squeeled and Rhys gave a small laugh.
鈥淥h I could never forget about you mister鈥 he grinned, grabbing Nyx and holding him above his head, grinning wider as Nyx continued to laugh and squeal.
Feyre pressed into his side, wrapping her hands around his waist.
鈥淩hys鈥 Feyre鈥檚 voice was hoarse, tears still lining her eyes.
I came out here to remind himself that you鈥檙e all real. That I鈥檓 free. That I was sat with my mate by my side and my beautiful baby boy in my arms.
鈥淚 have an idea鈥 she whispered, stroking Nyx鈥檚 hair as Rhys cuddled him into his chest.
Rhys felt the wind shift, his eyes widened as he saw Feyre鈥檚 wings appear.
鈥淵ou once told me about you and your mother flying togther, I thinks it鈥檚 time we carry on that tradition鈥 she swallowed, clearing her head of tears.
Her smile softened, as she watched tears brim Rhys鈥檚 eyes too. She took a step, and hovered in the air.
Rhys exhaled a breath. I love you Feyre darling.
鈥淗ere we go Nyx鈥 he looked into his sons eyes, as he took off into the air.
He tightened his arms around Nyx, feeling his heart warm as Nyx bounced, his laughter helping looses the tight fist around his heart.
鈥淟ook, look at mama!鈥 Rhys pointed to a Feyre, and for a moment his breathe caught. Against the backdrop of velaris, shining in the stars and moonlight, she looked like an angel. His angel.
鈥淗i baby!鈥 Feyre called out, and they both glided across Velaris, swooping and dropping to Nyx鈥檚 endless amusement.
Nyx鈥檚 own wings twitched, as if his very blood called out for him to fly too.
They soared across velaris, dropping low and letting the water of the rainbow spray Nyx, his little legs kicking in utter glee.
鈥淟ook at the lights Nyx鈥 Feyre spoke softly, Nyx jumped animatedly, seeing the lights sparkle and glimmer, his random babble so animated, looking into his fathers eyes as if to ensure he saw it all too.
鈥淐ome here Feyre鈥 Rhys called, and his mate hovered in front of him, wrapping her arms around Rhys neck, Nyx nestled between the two of them.
Rhys pressed a kiss to Nyx鈥檚 neck, and then kissed Feyre too.
鈥淚f I could exist in a single moment forever, it would be this one right here鈥 he inhaled the scent of Nyx鈥檚 hair, the baby so bouncy and happy both parents couldn鈥檛 help but smile at him.
鈥淚f I had to trade all my powers for it, for the ability to live like this, I would, without hesitation鈥.
鈥淭he two of you鈥 another kiss to Nyx鈥檚 head, and two to kiss away the tears on Feyre鈥檚 cheeks 鈥渢he two of you are the reason my heart still beats鈥. He swore solemnly, hoping his mate understood how she was his entire life.
You owe me a thought Feyre darling .
I鈥檓 thinking, that I鈥檇 give up my powers in a heartbeat to make you see what I see. To make you realise how lucky me and nyx and the rest of our family are to have you.
Nyx let out a garbled cry, so Rhys, tightening his hold on Nyx and banked suddenly to the side, making his son laugh.
Nyx looked so happy in that moment, the laugh that erupted from him so pure that Rhys vowed he would do everything in his power to ensure his son always had that look on his face.
Some time later, after they had circled Verlaris a few dozen times, Feyre mused 鈥淚 think it鈥檚 time we got him home鈥 watching Nyx鈥檚 eyes droop as he snuggled into Rhys鈥檚 chest.
Rhys stroked Nyx鈥檚 cheek 鈥淟et鈥檚 go home鈥 he agreed.
As they flew back, with his son in his arms and his mate beside him, Rhys sent a silent thank you to the stars, for the human girl he鈥檇 met in the woods. For not only giving him his freedom, but for every moment she had given him since.
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hellogoodbye1427 days ago
*inspired by a post I saw on Ig*
Feyre: We have got to go, we have to be at the meeting in 15 minutes, any news from Mor?
Rhys: No she hasn鈥檛 responded at all. It鈥檚 alright you go to the meeting and I鈥檒l stay here with Nyx.
Feyre: We should both be there.
Rhys: We should but one of us has to stay back with Nyx and out of the two us Tarquin and Helion like you more.
Feyre: That鈥檚 not true.
Rhys: *raises an eyebrow*
Feyre: Okay fine its a little true, they can鈥檛 help but be charmed by me *gives a little shrug*
Rhys: *shakes his head and picks up Nyx* humility becomes you mate.
*Mor winnows in*
Mor: SORRY sorry sorry I鈥檓 late
Feyre: Woah Mor what happened to you?
Rhys: Late night at Rita鈥檚?
Mor: *trying to untangle her hair and fix her rumpled dress* yeah late night.
Feyre: *eyes sparkling* oooh tell me more.
Mor: I will later, now give me this cute little man and go to your meeting.
Rhys: *hands over Nyx to Mor*, okay so his milk is stored, heat it up to the temperature written on the counter, he likes it lukewarm. Oh and give him his dragon toy when he gets fussy, he loves that one.
Feyre: He鈥檚 already taken a nap so he should be up until we come back.
Nyx: *Nyx laughs playing with Mor鈥檚 tangled hair and Rhys pats his sons head in goodbye. Nyx frowns and reaches towards Rhys* Da!
Rhys: I鈥檒l be back soon buddy *gives his son the dragon toy to distract him while Feyre gives Nyx a small kiss*
Mor: GUYS. I鈥檝e done this before, I know the drill you overbearing mother hens. NOW GO.
*Meanwhile during the meeting at the night court*
Feyre: I don鈥檛 know.... Azriel would have heard something from the human lands if it was true.
Rhys: Yes and if not Azriel, Lucien certainly would have found out by now since he stationed himself there.
Tarquin: We can鈥檛 just rely on that, my borders are closer to the human lands. I need a good portion of my force to remain in case of defence.
Helion: Be that as it may we cannot be -
*everyone turns their head towards the door which clicked unlocked by itself*
*Nyx waddles in and then stops when he see鈥檚 everyone. He shyly waves at Helion and Tarquin and then continues to walk clumsily towards his parents*
Nyx: Ma! Da!
Feyre: *reaches for him and picks him up* how鈥檇 you get here mister.
*Mor comes running in*
Mor: That damn kid keeps winnowing all over the place.
Rhys: *chuckling*
Tarquin: he winnows already?!
Helion: daw look at his adorable little face
Helion: look at your little powerful hands.... *continues to coo at him*
Tarquin: *looks close to passing out*
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