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#baby it's cold outside

Hyung, (Baby,) It’s Cold Outside

Hoseok would like to know why Yoongi won’t tell his friends they’re sorta-but-not-actually dating, but he can be happy as long as his hyung stays the night instead of going out in the snowstorm.

ao3 || oneshot/songfic || 872 words || sope/yoonseok

Tags: Songfic || Song: Baby It’s Cold Outside || Winter || Secret Relationship || Friends With Benefits || Friends with benefits Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Min Yoongi | Suga || that tag doesn’t exist?? || the other five boys are just mentioned by yoongi btw || Fluff || Fluff and Angst || Light Angst || super super light i promise || i’m a softie || Angst with a Happy Ending || btw there are no actions or descriptions just a line of dialogue for each line of the song

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18. 01. 20.

I don’t even like tea, but here I am. Because I’m cold. Like always.

(don’t mind my frizzy hair and the cut on my finger ruining the picture lol)

I already finished all of my homework, so now, I think it’s about time I get back to writing my current WIP… I keep making excuses so I don’t have to work on it, but that needs to stop. Now. I think the weather outside is inspiring me to touch up my snowy scene and really amp up the imagery in that part. :)

(sorry not sorry I stole your mug, Mom lol)

update: chai tea isn’t as terrible as I remember…

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