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Baby Kiro and MC 😭💔
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[CN] Kiro's 2022 Birthday Prequel
🌸 Warning: This post contains detailed spoilers for content that hasn't been released on the EN server yet! 🌸
Tumblr media
[Translated with the help of Google Translate]
[Note: The timeline for this is the birthday before he meets MC]
Tumblr media
[Chapter 1: Blessings from the Past]
The spring sun quietly spread on a corner of the quilt, falling on slender fingers, and then climbed upwards. After spreading over his firm arms, the bear embroidery on his clothes, his visible collarbone, and finally the light shadows under his eyelashes, Kiro faintly sensed that the sun was playing tricks, so he turned over to push himself into the quilt and raised the corners of his lips, content.
"Kiro wishes Kiro a happy 22nd birthday!"
Suddenly, the sound of excited blessings, accompanied by rhythmic drums, erupted from every corner. The sound of the alarm clock standing by the head of his bed even hit his eardrums.
Kiro sat up from the bed at once, and a pair of dazed eyes appeared under his messy blond hair. After a while, he suddenly wanted to hit himself again.
About half a year ago, he had added a voice prompt function to the smart home appliances at home, and he also made a timed birthday wish for himself on a whim...
“21-year-old Kiro was so stupid!"
As if he couldn't help being angry, he rubbed his frizzy hair again, and half ventured to poke his fingertips at the shutdown button of the electronic alarm clock—
"Kiro wishes Kiro a happy 22nd birthday! La la la!”
If it had felt noisy before, then the tone now was somewhat provocative. But he still hesitated to press the shut down button again.
"Kiro wishes Kiro a happy 22nd birthday! Yeah yeah! "
Almost at the same time, Kiro picked up the alarm clock, slammed the button fiercely, immediately jumped out of bed and walked out of the room.
However, the refrigerator, television, and all smart appliances that could make sound were giving it their all. Kiro put the noise-cancelation headphones onto his ears and immediately turned on the computer.
The memory from half a year ago gradually emerged clearly in his mind. This was not only a birthday wish, but also an invitation letter from the past. Only by deciphering the previous year’s code could these sounds be turned off.
Kiro raised the corners of his lips unconsciously. Since this was the case, he had to convince his past self to lose.
His slender fingertips jumped flexibly on the keyboard, and the command window on the screen seemed to have been fast-forwarded. The newly typed code kept pushing back and forth, squeezing out the previous characters.
After a while, the branches and leaves outside the window rustled, and the dim light in front of the screen reflected the lightness of his eyes at a glance. It was obvious that his current skills had already surpassed the him from half a year ago.
Finally, he neatly pressed the Enter Key, and when the sound of blessings running rampant in the room disappeared, it was replaced by a cake written in code on the screen. Within the rough lines, there was a candle with flames, but it swayed hard.
After looking at the cake that spanned time and space for a long time, Kiro smiled helplessly but tenderly.
He faced the screen and gently folded his hands together.
The invincible wish to be fulfilled was in his mind— Drifting past, he hoped that his new movie would have a good result, and hoped that his source of inspiration would continue to bring more strength to those who liked him...
But slowly, a voice in his heart gradually overshadowed his other wishes.
He curled his eyelashes and closed his eyes in prayer.
"...If the God of Wishes can hear my voice, then let me find her. "
He slowly opened his eyes and breathed onto the screen.
[Chapter 2: Birthday Party]
Ding Dong—
Kiro walked briskly to the door, leaned over to find Savin behind the peephole, and immediately opened the door with a smile.
“Kiro. Happy birthday!”
A gift box fell in a parabola into his arms. He was about to the pull the ribbon off, but was gently pressed down by a hand.
“Come back and open your gift. It's time for us to go to the birthday party. "
Kiro put the gift box on the table and hurried into the bedroom. "Since it's far away, I'm going to change clothes. I'll be there soon!"
Soon after changing into an elegant suit, he followed Savin into the nanny car in the garage. After a while, the bright sun shone through the window and they drove out of the garage.
Sitting in the moving car, Kiro looked out. When he saw himself on different giant-screen advertisements on the street, he couldn't help but be taken aback.
Although the child star had won the love of many fans along the way, but ever since last year, when he participated in his first role as Sun Ce in the movie "Three Kingdoms", the attention he would receive during this period was something he had never imagined.
Since then, as long as he appeared in public, he would be blocked inside and out, and no matter how simple his merchandise were, the entire store would be out of stock overnight.
Therefore, in the beginning, he often had an unreal sense of reality, but as the voices of those who liked him became more and more passionate, he finally slowly realized that the music he loved and the stage he loved were truly seen by more people.
It also showed that he was closer to his dream.
But he frowned unconsciously. It should have been something to be happy about, but deep down in his heart, there seemed to be more emotions that he couldn't detect.
At that moment, a red light was encountered, and the scenery that had swept by slowly came to a stop.
“By the way, there are some temporary changes in today's itinerary, so you can take a look first. "
Savin turned his head and handed over the new itinerary. Kiro took and glanced at it, and looked at it with half a smile.
In addition to the birthday party that had been arranged a long time ago, at eight o'clock in the evening, he also needed to attend a celebrity dinner party. When he continued to look at the venue, his eyes dimmed instantly.
Although the people in the organization did not notify him, he could probably guess that it had been arranged by B. S., and what was arranged was nothing more than some social activities with celebrities so that he could penetrate into the celebrity circle and become a more perfect and comprehensive chess piece.
After he closed his eyes after reading it, his blue eyes gradually recovered.
"Savin, I've finished reading it, and there's no problem~"
"Kiro, there's one more thing. After the dinner is over, there will be a quick Q&A interview."
"The interview location has been arranged by the company, and it's in the top-floor suite of the Banquet Hotel."
Savin cast a look of sympathy, "The big birthday star has worked hard today. I promise you that no one will bother you tomorrow."
"Well then, I'm going to sleep for the whole day tomorrow!"
While Kiro was stretching, the car restarted, and he fell straight to the back of the seat due to inertia.
Savin couldn't help laughing when he saw the scene, and continued to explain the matters of the party. Kiro couldn't help but look out the window in response to the advice.
The weather that day was very good. The sun was just right. Neither cold nor hot.
That way, those who came from all over to celebrate his birthday wouldn't be troubled.
While thinking about that, Kiro saw several young people holding cheering lights, talking and laughing, walking in the direction of his birthday party.
Looking at them, he couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth.
Although the people who liked him always said that he had brought light and courage to them, he knew very well that those people who liked him have also brought light to him.
[Chapter 3: Guardian of Light]
After everything was ready, Kiro walked from the dressing room to the backstage area. Listening to the surging voices in the audience, he couldn't help but look out through the gap in the curtain.
Instantly, his azure blue eyes widened slightly.
The venue for the birthday meeting in front of him was much larger than the ones in the past, but even so, the seats were full, and everyone was holding flashing star lights and looking from a distance, as if they were in a brilliant galaxy. Kiro blinked with a little disbelief.
It turned out that there were more people who liked him than he had thought.
It turned out that, unknowingly, he had already gained countless likes.
Not only the people sitting here, but also blessings from all over the world - comments on social media, videos made by fans for him, paintings, songs, and all kinds of things that could express their heart and blessings were delivered to him today.
“Kiro, get ready to start. ”
Listening to the reminder from the staff, Kiro nodded and took a step back from the curtain.
“Friends, let us invite today's birthday star, our Little Sun, Kiro!"
The lights flashed everywhere, and the enthusiastic shouts were like high-rolling waves. The deafening sound hit, like an invisible force, gently pushing him forward.
As a result, he walked faster and lighter, and when he reached the center of the stage, he waved his hand amongst the bright lights.
“Hello everyone, this is Kiro, thank you for coming to spend my birthday with me! ”
Under the guidance of the host, a question-and-answer session with fans began, in which a girl with a serene smile raised her hand.
“Kiro, why are you so happy every day?”
Kiro blinked and raised his chin thoughtfully.
In fact, he was a bit hesitant about this question in his heart. He didn't know whether he should pierce that beautiful bubble or try his best to protect it from being shattered.
But soon, he withdrew his mouth, pretending to be distressed.
“It is very difficult to be happy every day.”
“Because there are times when even the sun is forcefully covered by dark clouds. But...”
He cut a piece from the cake on the table and handed it to the girl.
“Whenever I feel that I am about to be unhappy, I immediately think about the happy things. ”
“If one thing isn't enough, then think about two things. If there isn't much to think about, then create new happiness. ”
“We can't keep being stumped by unhappy things and let their "evil plan" succeed~"
The girl took a bite of the cake in ignorance. “It's Gummy bears!” She laughed in surprise, "Why is there a slight softness to the cake?”
Kiro half-winked, pretending to be mysterious.
"That is the new happiness."
He turned around as he spoke, his eyes slowly passing over every cluster of "starlight" on the field.
In the eyes of many people, he was a happy little sun who could bring them infinite strength and support.
Gradually, he carried the expectations of many people, but he never felt that they were a burden.
It was just that... he needed to get rid of a few shackles.
Whether it was B.S. or anything else, he was going to get rid of them. Because he wanted to make his own light pure and flawless. He wanted to be worthy of everyone who liked him and had expectations for him, and he would never allow anyone to take advantage of everyone's love for him.
Thinking as such, his eyes grew determined.
He was going to guard this light, as well as these joys.
[Chapter 4: A Pawn No More]
After the birthday part, Kiro walked into the banquet hall under the guidance of the waiter. Under the splendid crystal lights, guests walked one after another, holding wine glasses and gathering in various social circles.
Kiro's appearance quickly attracted everyone's attention. Before socializing, he quickly swept around the guests in the banquet hall. Sure enough, these celebrities also consisted of B.S members.
He knew that B.S had intentions for the dinner party this time. In addition to consolidating the relationship with these celebrities, they must have also wanted to make themselves acquainted with these people who had the right to speak in society. If these high-quality celebrities could be attracted by "Kiro", then for BS, it meant more chips that could be used by them.
With that thought, he smiled faintly.
Since B.S. had a place to use him, he wasn't going to waste the opportunity to use them back.
He picked up the wine glass on the waiter's tray and took the initiative to meet the celebrities walking towards him. After a while, the people around him were attracted by his charm, unable to take their eyes off him.
It was just that this kind of social interaction would inevitably make people a little tired, so he naturally found a high-sounding reason to walk away, walked to the sofa in the corner, sat down and loosened his tie slightly.
Tumblr media
The cool air slipped in along his visible collarbone and he untied his right cufflink with one hand, took the bottle of whisky and the classic glass, and leisurely poured the liquid.
At the same time, a man sat down across from him. Kiro didn't raise his eyes, but he recognized from the corner of his eye that he was one of the members of B.S. He had met him several times before, but it was never pleasant.
"Superstars are so dedicated to their work. Just after attending a fan meeting, they are still able to work tirelessly here. It's really admirable."
The other party raised the glass in his hand with a smile, and touched the glass that Kiro had just poured.
Kiro didn't speak, just looked at him with an unabated smile.
The other party laughed differently, "...You have to remember your identity, you’re just our pawn. Do you really think you’re a superstar?"
Kiro crossed his legs with a cold expression. His elbows lightly touched his knees, and at the same time, he tilted his body slightly, giving off a strong sense of oppression.
"To be precise, we are all B.S pawns, but the weight of each piece is different."
"I believe everyone knows very well, who is lighter and who is heavier."
Without waiting for the other party to speak, Kiro stood up with a smile, and the neon night gave him a splendid brilliance, like a luxurious noble son.
“It has been a pleasure to meet everyone here today. I would like to toast everyone."
At this moment, a voice came from the banquet hall, “By the way, today is Kiro's birthday, right?!"
The next second, among those false blessings--
Kiro nodded gracefully and inadvertently looked down at the man opposite him. Then he raised his glass and drank its contents, the corners of his mouth twitching.
He wasn't a pawn. Not since a long time ago.
[Chapter 5: Happy Family]
At the end of the dinner party, Kiro received a text message from Savin.
“Kiro, the reporter who's interviewing will be here soon. You should go to the suite on the top floor to rest for a while. ”
Kiro glanced at the people in the banquet hall, turned and left without hesitation. When he opened the door of the suite, the soft sofa came directly into his line of sight, but he only glanced at it and then walked further in with tired steps.
He had seen such one-shot interviews, which were different from conventional interviews. It required the interviewee to face the camera and communicate, show a first-person perspective and break the barrier with the audience.
As a result, he began to think about how he would lead the conversation while walking, so that the signing session would not be too boring.
After he had just finished familiarizing himself with the environment, the doorbell rang.
“Kiro, I wish you a happy 22nd birthday. ”
As soon as he opened the door, Kiro saw the reporter pointing the DV at him with his hand and handed a bunch of brilliant sunflowers with the other hand. The afterglow fell on the cameraman behind the reporter. He made an “OK” gesture to himself, so he smiled and took the sunflowers and turned sideways.
"Thank you, please come in."
"What has Kiro been busy with recently?"
Kiro stopped and leaned against the counter naturally. Whether it was the bright lights around him or the angle at which he faced the camera, he was perfect on screen.
"Recently, I've been preparing for a tour."
"How many countries are you going to go to this time?" The reporter naturally followed up with another question. He opened the refrigerator with a smile, took out two bottles of Coke from it, and handed one of them to the reporter.
"Currently there are ten, but there may be more."
As soon as his voice fell, there was a crisp opening sound in the air, and the foam of fizzy drink floated to the mouth of the bottle.
He didn't know how long it took, but the Coke gradually came to an end, and the interview seemed to have also come to an end. They had used the suite for a while and finally returned to the door of the room.
"Kiro, there are two last questions before we say goodbye. Today is your 22nd birthday. How do you feel?"
"It feels great to receive the blessings from all over the world today!"
Kiro winked playfully at the camera. The reporter was obviously amused by him, and the camera vibrated up and down.
"The last question. Actually, I had done a fan survey not long ago and found that many people want to know... What kind of person did Kiro want to be when he was young?"
Kiro froze for a moment, and subconsciously retracted his fingertips hidden in his sleeves, but he still kept a smile on his face.
"At the time, I wanted to be someone who could protect others." 
The reporter nodded and continued to expand the question. 
"Speaking of which, we seem to have never heard anything about your family, and there are actually many kinds of speculations. Why don't you just share it with us today?" 
"Sorry, this question is not in the interview outline." Before Kiro could respond, Savin immediately refused. The reporter seemed to realize that he was a bit out of line, and continued to look for supplements, "We are just a little curious, after all, someone as good as Kiro must have a happy and perfect family..."
“For example, his dad may have taight him to be honest and kind since he was a child, and his would have taught him how to love...”
The sound of explanation continued, but gradually got further away from Kiro.
There was a lonely silence that magnified infinitely in his heart and seemed to have no end.
[Chapter 6: Sweet World]
By the time he got home, the clock on the wall showed 11:50.
Kiro’s original plan of binging the superhero series of movies on this day and night was also prevented by the exhaustion his body felt.
Forget it, those movies could be watched at any time. It didn’t have to be done on this day. With that thought in mind, he shuffled straight into the bathroom.
He gently lifted the switch with his fingertips and the streamline jets of water flowed onto Kiro’s neck. He raised his hand and slipped it into his hair, his chin raised, allowing the warm water droplets to slide along the clear line of his forehead, through his eyelashes, all the way down, trickling to the floor.
Perhaps it was because the comfortable water temperature gradually faded, he suddenly remembered the last words the reporter said during the interview.
Whether it was a happy family or a happy childhood...
Those were things he had never touched before, but even so, he still seemed to be an excellent person in the eyes of others.
The mist in the bathroom slowly encroached over Kiro’s sight. He raised his head and reached out to wipe the glass, but as soon as the mist disappeared, it was immediately covered by the heat, which made his heart feel cloudy. 
Just after he had wiped it again unconsciously, the words he had said in the afternoon suddenly echoed in his mind.
“Whenever I feel like I’m going to be unhappy, I immediately think about the happy things.”
Like a reminder, Kiro closed his eyes and colorful pictures flashed one by one--
Key who “buried” a treasure map for him, Mrs. Seidel who gently taught him music, and Savin who always worked with him day and night...
Suddenly, a small figure lying on the operating table crossed his mind. A long time ago, in the dim orphanage, there was little girl who raised a bright smile at him.
Slowly, the light in his eyes that had always been hazy once again shone brightly.
Those people who were very important to him in his life, were they not teaching him little by little on the path of growth, little by little, making him a better Kiro?
“In fact, you’ve received a lot of love, Kiro.”
“You have always been a very happy person.”
After he turned off the exhaust, the night breeze took the opportunity to remove the mist on the glass, and the spacious bathroom became as bright as ever. After Kiro picked up the bath towel and wrapped himself in it, he walked out with ease.
Suddenly, he paused, walked straight to the computer and sat down, then smiled and tapped on the recording microphone standing close at hand.
"Kiro wishes Kiro a happy 23rd birthday!"
It wasn't until this moment that he finally remembered why his 21-year-old self did this.
He laughed in a low voice and opened his mouth again against the microphone.
"23-year-old Kiro, have you improved? Have you worked hard to be happier and even more perfect?"
“If not, then keep going.”
“As long as you do, the whole world will become sweet.”
Tumblr media
You can read Kiro’s Mirroring Date, translated by the lovely @keliosyfan​, here!
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Tumblr media
No cause this boy literally gives me so much courage and comfort. Whenever I felt like I’m of no good, remembering his words always made me feel okay. He feels so real despite not even existing in real life.
He has helped me more than those who do exist around me in real life. :(
For those who are wondering, this is from his Question Box! The words below is his answer to the fan’s message ! <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The work belongs to the respective artists. Reblogs allowed.
A way to feel nostalgic.
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Anna: So how goes married life?
MC: Kiro got drunk and tried to set our marriage certificate on fire.
MC: he said “good luck trying to return me without the receipt!”
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Mr. Love: Ike's Choice CH5 PT11 (end)
Alright! It's the end of Chapter Five! And it only took almost a full year to finish! :D I hope you guys enjoyed! I have chapter six and the one shots all lined up and ready so stay tuned! :)
Warnings: Angst! Loads of it!! The kind that grips at your heart and leaves ya breathless. Oh yeah. That's the stuff. Also the classic cliffhanger that may make you want to kill me! :D
(Chapter Five (Kiro and Youran) Prologue and part one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten can be found here~)
((Please read the author’s note (and the beginning of the story) on chapter one part one if you’re new here :D))
(((And here is the Masterpost to the whole story for anyone who would like to dive into different parts of the adventure!!)))
Chapter Five:
Part Eleven:
“I don’t know.” Kiro worriedly tapped at his plate with his chopsticks, messing with the crumbs still left on his plate, “She’s been in there a while.”
“You think I should check on her?” Youran gripped at her dress from under the table, nervously looking at her plate of uneaten food, “The food is getting cold.”
“No need.” I made them both jump as I approached the table.
“Ike!” They both said, moving to stand.
“I’m fine, I’m fine.” I waved them off and sat back down in my seat, “I’ve just been fighting this awful headache lately. I must just be taking on too much work. I think I’ll take tomorrow off.” 
“Good idea.” Kiro said, sitting back down in his seat, “Wouldn’t want you dying of stress on us.” I chuckled weakly and picked up my chopsticks. A hand appeared from next to me and held my left hand. I looked up and met Youran’s eyes. 
“Are you sure that’s all?” She asked. A calm came over my head, quenching the pain that had been nearly insufferable just moments ago. I booped her nose with my chopsticks.
“You worry too much.” I smiled, pulling my hand from hers, “Some food will probably do me some good. I’ll be healthy in no time.” With no room for discussion, I made my plate.
We all slumped over, sighing in relief as we finally finished our food. “I’ll get this one.” I pulled my wallet from my pocket. 
“No!” Kiro and Youran yelled. I froze.
“Why? Did the way I ate the food insult you or something?”
“No, it’s nothing like that.” Youran laughed, “You just always pay for things with us. Every time I have coffee with you, I feel like I have to wrench the bill out of your hands!”
“That happened at Souvenir too!” Kiro gestured to me and rolled his eyes, “We hadn’t even gotten our bills yet and she was on it.”
“I don’t think I have ever heard people getting angry over me treating them for a meal.” I scoffed.
“I’ll pay this time.” Youran said, standing up, “Kiro can get it the next time! Then we can rotate!”
“Sounds good!” Kiro beamed. I rolled my eyes and put my wallet back in my back pocket. But Youran’s words echoed in my mind. 
Next time… 
My stomach twisted uncomfortably but I ignored it as Youran giggled. “Then it’s settled!” She beamed, “I’ll be right back!”
“Alright,” I slumped back in my chair, “Thanks, Youri.” Youran smiled sweetly then paused as she thought of something. Before I could ask, her smile blossomed as she gasped. 
“Ike! I keep forgetting to tell you!” She excitedly said, sitting back down in her chair as she tugged on my arm, “I have a nickname for you!” My eyebrow twitched.
“Is that so?” I nonchalantly said, “And what is it?”
“How do you like, 
An overwhelming peace came over my heart as images of my childhood came crashing to my senses. Images of a field of grass, an old rusty room, but ;more importantly; images of one little girl, running around carelessly, humming a familiar tune.
She was smiling.
“... Ike?” Youran egged, tugging once again on my arm, bringing me back to my senses, “Is Marie ok? I can change it if you-”
“No.” My voice cracked as I quickly cut Youran off. I cleared my throat and sat up, “Marie… Marie’s perfect.” Youran smiled brightly. Before I could stop her, she threw her arms around my neck and squeezed tightly. 
“Yay!!” She cheered, “Marie it is!!” I patted her arm lightly, cringing at my lack of self control. You moron. Accepting a nickname now? Do you realize what you’ve just done?
After a moment, Youran pulled away from me, still smiling. Before I could take anything back, she quickly turned and made her way to the front desk. I watched Youran as she left. The knot in my stomach pushed it’s way up my chest. Maybe I shouldn’t do this…
“You and Youran get along really well.” Kiro spoke softly to me. I kept my eyes on Youran at the front desk as I nodded, “How long have you two known each other?”
“...Almost a month now.”
“Really? It seems like you two have been friends for longer then that.”
“It surprises me too.” I said softly, watching Youran laugh with the cashier over an unheard joke.
“... I’ve never seen you act like this before.”
“Like what?”
“So gentle. Like, Youran makes you... soft.”
The knot in my chest tightened even further. I hummed my response to Kiro as I pulled my eyes from Youran and back to the table. Despite everything that told me not to, I had to do this. If I didn’t, who knows what might happen?... who might get hurt?...
 Kiro, Youran, and I made our way to our cars. Since Youran had lived close by, Youran and Kiro both decided to walk together. I happily accepted it. I don’t think I could drive alone with her…
They waved goodbye to me, walking heavily layered in the foggy night into the city. I waved back, holding a soft smile as I did so. I watched them as they turned and walked away, talking and laughing together. My smile faded gradually as she disappeared, walking far enough away now that she wouldn’t hear if I had called her name. I leaned against my car, watching my hot breath clearly as it steamed from my mouth and disappeared in that cold autumn’s air. I buried my head further in my jacket as doubts swirled in my mind. 
As much as you may think that it may help, it won’t. 
Youran’s the queen. She can take care of herself.
And what if she can’t?
… she’s got Kiro. And Victor. And Gavin. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t already have Lucien too.. She doesn’t... need... me.
I pulled out my phone and opened my contacts. Whatever destiny Black Swan has for us, they can’t have if we aren't together. If all I’ve done is put the people I cared about in danger...  
I stopped scrolling when I hit Youran’s contact info. Her name almost seemed to pop out of the device and etched itself in my mind. I don’t have to be with her to protect her… She will be safe. That brown haired child’s smile flashed in my mind. I sighed, and clicked the ‘edit’ button next to her name. I erased it and wrote “Youri” in it’s place, then hit save. 
Satisfied with the change, 
I blocked her.
A day had passed since I had cut ties with Youran. I delved into my work, telling the guard that Victor had assigned me to only let Bart, Minor, Victor, and whomever I had an appointment with in my office. No exceptions. This had started off swimmingly, letting me focus on my work while what doubts I held in my head. It all was just fine… until there was a knock on my door that afternoon.
“Come in.” I droned. 
I was slumped over and nose deep in a progress report from one of our filming stations, paying no attention to the person knocking. The door opened then there was a pause. I sighed, “Minor, if this is you telling me that you’re worried again, I swear I’ll pour the rest of this coffee over your head.”
“... It’s not.” The familiar, cold tone, made me jump slightly. I looked up and met Victor’s eyes. He was standing tall by my door, one hand on the doorknob and the other in his pocket, his usual poker face in full effect. I immediately straightened my posture. I hadn’t seen Victor in a month. He had been on a business trip and, me being busy with the show and… Youran... I hadn’t had the chance to talk to him.
“Oh!” I cleared my throat, slightly flustered, standing from my desk politely, “Victor! You’re back from Dubai! I apologize for my behavior. Was there a problem with the report I sent in?" Victor stood in the door for a moment, looking me up and down. Then, he hummed and approached my desk.
“You seem busy.” He picked up one of the files on the desk and inspected it. I quickly snatched it from him.
“Hey, now.” I brushed it off and placed it back down on it’s correct pile, “I’ve got things organized here for a reason. Last thing I need to happen is mix up the Miracle Writer prop list with Show Me the Honey’s. Chaos would break loose.” 
Victor folded his arms. “Have you gone to lunch yet?” He asked seriously.
“Don’t need to. Too busy. I’ll just have a big dinner later. Now,” I looked back up at Victor, already picking up the file I was previously working on, “is there something you needed from me or may I get back to work?” There was a pause as Victor looked at me with a strange look. I didn’t get a chance to ask as Victor reached out and took the file from my hands. I scoffed and tried to take it back. He pulled it away from me, holding it out of my reach. Annoyance flooded my body. Victor arched his eyebrow.
“Someone is here to see you.” He said, tucking the folder under his arm.
“Yeah, I know.” I sighed, folding my arms and pursing my lips, “and he won’t let me do my work.”
“Not me.” Victor moved, “Her.” I looked over to the door and froze. Youran was standing there, timidly waiting and nervously smiling. She wore a gray suit with a pencil skirt that lay just above her knees. Her hair up in a ponytail while light makeup brushed her face. My breath hitched in my throat.
Youran waved at me. I didn’t move. “She told me she tried to visit you but the guard wouldn't let it in anyone without an appointment.” Victor inspected my face as I stared at Youran, “She also said you weren’t answering your phone. So, figuring there was some problem with communication, I let her in.” Victor looked inside the file he took from me then placed it on top of one of the piles on my desk. “I’ll leave you to it.” With that, Victor left the room.
As he walked past Youran, she let herself in, closing the door behind her. “Marie!” She smiled, eyebrows knitted slightly, “I haven’t been able to reach you on your phone for some reason. It might be acting up again.” A sharp pain shot through my chest as Youran sat in front of me.  “I wanted to ask how your headache was doing! I have a scientist friend who gave me some remedies for migraines. And he’s a good source so you should try them!” The pain grew as she talked. Even after I blocked her, avoided her, and made it nearly impossible for her to see me. She still ended up in front of me. Talking as if nothing happened. Blaming everything else but me for the troubles. I looked down at my desk, mixed emotions pushing through my heart. 
She came back to you, They said, This is a sign. Unblock her. She’s only safe with you! She wants to be safe with you!
“Marie?” Youran asked softly, pulling my eyes back to her, “...What’s wrong?” She doesn’t blame you. Just say you lost your phone. You can have her back! She can be with you again! She would be safe again. 
I sighed, tapping my finger lightly on the desk. Youran opened her mouth to speak. I cut her off. “I’m sorry, Youran.” My tone was tactless and cold, “I’m afraid I can’t meet with you right now. If you would like to talk to my assistant about times where I am open, feel free to do so.” 
“‘Youran?’” Youran laughed nervously, “What happened to Youri?” The pain in my chest grew even more intense. I didn’t let it phase me.
“These are my business hours, Youran.” I walked around my desk and to the door, “I must keep this professional.”
“O-okay.” Youran stood up and followed me to the door, “Then, when are you open? Are we still ok for coffee on Monday?” I froze, hand held over the door handle. My heart felt as if it were about to burst in agony. Every fiber of my being screamed to accept her words but I couldn’t. I couldn’t let her mindlessly control me anymore. Even if it was unintentional. 
Keeping my back to her, I said the words I should have said the night before.  The words I hoped to avoid. The words that kept me up every night I was away from her, 
“Youran, I think we should keep things between us purely professional.” 
And, just like that, everything was silent.
Youran was speechless. But not for long.
“Wh-why?” She walked up to me quickly and tugged at my sleeve, bringing my eyes to her, “Was it something I did? Something I said??” She gasped, “Was it because I didn’t let you pay for the meal?? Marie, I didn’t mean to-”
“You didn’t do anything.” I turned around and opened the door to the office. 
“Then why?” Youran panicked, “This is so sudden!”
“Youran.” I tried pulling her hands off of me, but she wouldn’t budge.
“Marie, I need-”
“Youran!” I boomed, shutting Youran up immediately, “...Please. I need to get back to work.” Youran stood there, breathing hurriedly. After a long, tedious moment, she let go of my arm.
Youran frowned at her phone. The last texts she sent were lingering, unread, on her screen.
Hey! You’re still up for dinner tonight, right?
I’m really in the mood for hotpot. Is that ok with you?
I know you had a shoot today and I don’t want to bother you. Just let me know!
But it had been 2 hours and Ike still hadn’t texted back. Normally, Youran would leave that be but her and Ike had been talking nonstop for a week. They clicked immediately and would spend every moment together. Ike was also super good at making sure Youran knew that she wouldn’t be able to talk and for how long. Ike had also told her that the sights for the shooting had changed, so she had to have service. This behavior was off for her. 
Those unread texts didn’t matter as soon as Youran’s taxi pulled up to the studio and she saw the police cars and fire trucks parked outside of it.
She quickly stepped out of her taxi, quickly payed the driver, then ran to the building. She grabbed the knob to the front door, panic overwhelming her senses. Please let her be ok. Youran repeated over and over in her head, Please don’t let it be Ike.
“Youran.” A voice called from behind her, stopping Youran in her place. She whipped around and saw Gavin approaching her.
“What-..?” They both asked at the same time.
“I-” They tried again. Youran shook her head and ran to the officer’s side.
“What happened?” She hurriedly asked, sparing no time for games. 
“I got a call for a incident in the studio.” Gavin said, a tone of seriousness settling on his tongue, “Apparently, two people fell through the flooring.”
“Why would you be called in for something like that?” Youran asked,  “Can’t the firefighters just get them out?” 
“Foul play has been suspected from events that led up to the incident. One including a mishap with a light. It had fallen right above one of the actors. Upon further inspection by the crew, it seemed as if someone had cut the wire.” 
Youran gasped. “Is the actor ok?!” She asked quickly.
“He was shoved out of the way by one of the employees.” Gavin spoke plainly. Youran sighed in relief, “But when they hit the ground, it fell from under them. Sending them to who knows where.” Youran nodded gravely. She looked behind Gavin and at the many police cars behind him.
“Why are there so many police officers here? Is the actor someone important?”
“Very.” Gavin nodded and folded his arms, “He is a top selling artist. But we aren’t just here for him. The second person who fell through the floor is one of the producers of the company who rented the studio."
Youran gulped, "and… which company would that be?"
"... The Ike ‘n Bar Productions company.” 
Youran’s blood ran cold. "Which producer was it?” She quickly asked.
Gavin’s eyebrows furrowed grimmly, “... Ikamara Bikira.”
Youran gasped and clutched her mouth. A feeling of defenselessness crept in her chest. She had only known Ikamara for a week but she felt so close with her. Ike made her feel so safe and Youran didn’t for a moment question the strength she held. But now, what if she had gotten hurt? What if they fell and she broke something?? What if she was in danger?!
Youran’s knees felt weak. Gavin saw this and reached out just in time to catch her.
“Are you ok?” Gavin asked urgently as Youran clung onto his arms. She didn’t answer, her troubled thoughts becoming too much to bear.
“Do you know if she’ll be ok?” Yourang asked meekly, regretting the question as soon as it left her mouth.
“No.” Gavin answered truthfully, “But I promise we will do whatever we can to bring her back safely.” The panic in Youran’s heart settled slightly. Gavin could save her, just like he did for Youran not long ago. “Come on,” Gavin tugged at Youran’s side, “Let’s go back to the patrol cars. I have some water there you can drink.” Youran nodded and followed Gavin away from the studio.
Gavin stayed with Youran, standing outside of the car as Youran sat inside on the passenger seat, sipping on the water Gavin gave her. Eventually, a police officer walked out of the studio. He was holding something in his hands as he scanned the outside. Finally, he locked eyes with Gavin and immediately made his way over to him. Gavin straightened himself and addressed the officer. 
“Officer.” Gavin said, professionally.
“Officer Gavin.” The officer stopped in front of him and nodded politely, “There is still no sign of the missing victims.” Youran’s panic rose again in her chest, “We watched the cameras back and positively confirmed one of the persons as the superstar, Kiro.” Youran gasped from inside the car. “ We also confirmed the destination where they had fallen. So we pried the floor up and… and we found cement.” Gavin and Youran tensed.
“Is there a way for us to get through it?” Gavin asked.
“We have people on their way with the proper tools. In the meantime,” the officer handed Gavin what he had been holding, “This is the producer’s blazer. She had taken it off before he had fallen through. Her phone and wallet are in it, confirming her id as Ikamara Bikira.” Youran’s grip tightened on her water bottle, causing some of the water to spill onto her lap. She paid no mind to it, merely keeping her attention to the blazer. Gavin nodded to the officer.
“Thank you.” Gavin said in a grave tone. The officer nodded and headed back to the studio. Youran stared at the blazer in Gavin’s hand.
“Gavin?” He turned to her, “... May I?” She reached out her hand. Gavin looked down then, realizing what she meant,  gave her the blazer. Youran reached in the blazer pocket and pulled out her phone. She tried opening it… 
then tried again… 
it remained black. 
Youran sighed, holding her knees to her chest as she stared at the blank screen. What if she was in danger? What if she was stuck and needed help out? Kiro was with her. What if they were both stuck and-
Youran shook her head held the blazer to her face in comfort. Ike’s familiar androgynous scent drifted into her nose. An immediate calm came over Youran, making her close her eyes. Ike’s poker face came to mind. The poker face she held reminded Youran of Victor, but Victor never held the amount of gentleness Ike had. Nor the sweetness in her smile… nor the rush of peace that Ike gave her everytime they touched.
A loud bang came from the side of the building next to the studio, followed by the sound of crumbling stone. Youran instantly perked up, looking towards the noise. Gavin held out a hand, stopping her from getting out of the car. He tugged at the radio on his shoulder and started speaking into it. Youran didn’t hear him though, her focus was on the figure that walked out of the alley. It was a woman wearing tattered, dust ridden clothes. The sleeves of her white shirt were torn to shreds, revealing muscly, heavily scarred, arms. She held her hand up against the sun, blocking the light from her blue eyes as she searched the area. Her hair was messily pulled from her ponytail, strands framed her face as she locked eyes with something in the distance. The sight of her made Youran’s eyes water. 
“Ike.” Youran’s whisper caught in her throat. Gavin lowered his hand as he watched Ike as well, his eyes filling with various emotions. A man came up behind Ike, his hand raised as Ike’s was. He caught Youran’s eyes almost immediately. It was Kiro! Youran jumped put of the car with excitement. Kiro smiled and waved as Youran sighed, relieved they were both ok.
Ike finally caught Youran’s eyes. She looked shocked, mouthing something that Youran couldn’t quite read. Suddenly, Ike keeled over, clutching her head in pain. Kiro was quick to move to help her but hesitation stopped him from touching her. Youran thrust the blazer into Gavin’s hands as she ran over to Ike’s side.
“What happened?!” She quickly asked Kiro the moment she was close enough.
“I-I don’t know!” Kiro folded his arms anxiously, “She wouldn’t tell me!” Youran moved to hold Ike’s hand, but stopped as she saw the scars that wrapped around her arms. Ike hadn’t ever worn anything but long sleeves when she was with Youran and she never questioned it. The scars all looked old but Yoruan didn’t want to accidentally hurt her. So instead, she lightly held her hand to Ike’s cheek. 
Immediately, Ike snapped her hand to her’s, holding it tightly and pulling it from her face. Youran jumped. A yelp held it’s place in her throat as they locked eyes. 
Ike’s eyes had changed from their normal, caribbean blue to a dark, crimson red.
They bore a hole into Youran, sending a sense of danger and familiarity crashing into the dark parts of her mind. Sounds that sounded far away to her came reeling into her ears. Sounds of glass smashing, people yelling, sirens going off, and... screaming.
End of Chapter Five:
Next post coming soon~
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banenaz · a year ago
A continuation lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why is kiro so hard to draw fgs
Tumblr media
No one:
Me: *tries to draw victor with earrings but accidentally draws 20-year-old emo vic*
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call-me-dummy · a year ago
The One Where It's MC's Turn to Catch the MLQC Guys Dancing
Anonymous asks: a headcanon where MC catches the boys dancing (thanks hugh grant- love actually for the idea!) thank you :)
Tumblr media
The moment I saw this request, Victor was the one I pictured as Hugh Grant in Love Actually!!
So... I got a little spicy with these so definitely read with caution. Nothing too intense, but it’s definitely in the mature range. I can’t help myself. Dancing is sexy and when I have to imagine hot guys dancing, it makes me feel some type of way lololol. I’ve also included the songs that inspired each scenario. 
Also, I wanted to say HELLO to all my new followers! I hit 200 sometime this week, which is super exciting! So happy to have you guys hanging around with me and indulging in my craziness. Please enjoy the HOT mess below!
[Victor] Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like”
You are finally heading home after another long day at work. After all the fires you put out at the studio, you’re looking forward to enjoying a quiet evening on your couch with a glass of red wine from Victor’s collection.
However, when you open the door to the condo you share, you’re greeted by loud music blasting through the speakers wired all over the penthouse.
You frown as it’s not Victor’s usual classical melodies playing at a soft volume. No, Mr. “I-hate-mainstream-pop-music” is listening to… Bruno Mars?
You look around for Victor but you don’t see him in the living room or the kitchen. You head upstairs and notice that your bedroom door is slightly ajar.
You peek inside and gasp at the scene unfolding in front of you.
Victor is still dressed in his work clothes, but his tie and suit jacket are on the floor. The top buttons of his dress shirt are undone, revealing those sexy collarbones you love to drag your lips across.
His disheveled look isn’t what surprises you though. No, it’s the fact that he’s moving to the music. Victor Li doesn’t dance for fun. Ever. He’ll slow dance with you at events. But dancing to something upbeat? Absolutely not.
Yet here he is, shaking that perfectly fit ass to a popular hit song. You quietly open the door wider, hoping not to draw his attention.
You lean against the door frame as he moves his arms, really getting into the music. You always thought Victor was a stiff dancer, but your man is letting loose right now.
You bite your bottom lip, watching him roll his hips. You needed to convince Victor to do that move but horizontally… and with you underneath him.
Your private show unfortunately comes to an end when Victor spins and your eyes meet his.
His eyes widen in surprise for a split second, but he quickly recovers, giving you a cool and collected look as if you didn’t just catch him dancing his ass off.
“Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in,” he says as he grabs the remote to turn off the music. You walk over to him and he pulls you into his arms, greeting you with a kiss.
“Kind of hard to hear anything when you’re playing music loud enough for the entire city to hear,” you tease him.
He scoffs. “How long have you been standing there?” he asks as he helps you take off your blazer. You sit on the bed and kick off your heels.
“Oh, awhile. I saw the whole show.” He raises his eyebrows when you pull him towards you so he’s standing in between your legs. “Wanna show me that move you did with your hips again?” you ask, slowly stroking the sides of his torso.
You finally break Victor’s cool demeanor when he sees you looking up at him, playfully licking your lips. He’s well aware that your face is mere inches from the front of his slacks. You feel his hands softly playing with your hair.
“Normally you’d have to pay for that kind of private dance,” he jokes. Victor slides his hand down the back of your head. His fingers gently massage the nape of your neck, drawing quiet sighs from you.
You toy with his belt buckle. “Unfortunately, I don’t have any cash on me. I can pay for it in a different way though.”
His jaw drops as you lean forward and press your lips against the hardened length that’s now straining against his pants.
A desperate tug on your hair is all you need to know that Victor is willing to accept the form of payment you’re offering.
[Gavin]  Zedd and Selena Gomez “I Want You to Know”
You have plans to hang out with Gavin tonight but since you finished your errands early, you decide to go and surprise him at his place.
When you arrive at his home, nobody answers the door when you ring the bell.
Gavin normally stays home on his rare days off so you figure maybe he’s sleeping and can’t hear you at the door.
As you walk away from the house, you hear music playing from the side garage.
When you walk around the corner of the house, you see Gavin working on his motorcycle in the garage. He’s dressed in a pair of faded jeans hanging low on his hips and an old white tank top smeared with oil stains.
Nothing is unusual about Gavin spending his weekend working on his beloved Sparky. What is strange though is seeing him bop to the beat of a dance track playing on the radio.  
Gavin has his back to you so he has no idea that you’re a few feet away, admiring the way he’s shaking his hips. Your eyes linger on his muscular arms; his biceps are flexed as he uses a wrench as a microphone.
You’ve seen Gavin dance before, but his moves are always timid and shy. You could barely get him to move his hips with yours whenever you dance together.
That’s why the spectacle in front of you was so amusing. Your man is really feeling the music and his moves are anything but reserved.
You love watching Gavin let loose because you know these moments are very rare.
You hold in your laughter when you watch him bend over the seat of the bike to reach for something, ass in the air shaking to the music. 
You can’t help yourself as you walk over to him and playfully smack his butt. Gavin nearly jumps out of his skin, face red when he sees you.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” he asks as he plants a kiss on your forehead. “I was supposed to pick you up in a few hours.”
You shrug as you sit up on top of his work table. “I was bored so I decided to come over and hang out. Glad I did or else I would’ve missed out on seeing you dance,” you tease.
He sets the wrench down and stands in front of you. “Bored huh? Shall I give you something to do?” he asks while playfully stroking your waist. You shut your eyes when you feel his hands roam down your legs and under the skirt of your dress.
“What did you have in mind?” Goosebumps prickle your skin when you feel his fingers massaging your upper thighs.
Gavin’s lips are grazing your earlobe when you feel a cloth being pressed into your hands. “Help me polish Sparky?” he whispers into your ear. You roll your eyes as you push Gavin away from you, the sound of his laughter ringing in your ears.
“You’re such a tease,” you say as you hop off the table and smack Gavin with the towel he handed you.
The two of you work together until Gavin’s beloved bike is gleaming. You lean against the work table, throwing your used towel on the ground in exhaustion.
“Mmm, you’re not done sweetheart,” Gavin says, picking up the towel from the ground and setting it on the table behind you. You raise your eyebrows when he places both of his hands on either side of you, trapping you against the table. His body presses deliciously against yours. “Now, I’m going to need you to help clean me off.”
You stare at him, lips parted, as he strips off his tank top, revealing that perfectly chiseled body, glistening with sweat. You place your hands on his torso, fingers dipping into the crevices of his flexed abs. Gavin knows damn well you’re weak when it comes to his abs.
“Let me cancel our dinner reservations then,” you say as your hands lower dangerously close to the front of his jeans. “You’re really dirty and it might take me awhile to get you cleaned up.”
You yelp as Gavin picks you up and carries you into his house, no doubt taking you straight to his shower so you can get to work.
[Kiro] Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are”
You are headed to Kiro’s place after he sends you an urgent text: Miss Chips! Can you come over? I need your help with something important.
No one answers the door when you knock, but you discover that it’s unlocked so you head inside.
Kiro is nowhere to be found in the living room. You walk further into his condo and hear music coming from the large room he uses as a dance studio to rehearse.
You’re about to walk into the studio when you stop dead in your tracks as the music ends.
Inside the studio is Kiro, dressed in a pair of black sweats and a white shirt, grasping the hips of a very beautiful, very toned brunette who has her hands on Kiro’s shoulders. Their foreheads are touching with a sliver of space between their bodies.
You frown at their intimate position. You and Kiro are just friends… really good friends who flirt a lot… kiss a lot… and may have messed around a lot. Regardless, the two of you are not in a serious relationship so you really have no right to be upset that this other woman was all over him.
The music starts again and the two of them dance together, doing some kind of ballroom dancing routine. You can tell that the woman is a professional dancer. She dances with the confidence and the precision of someone who has been dancing for a long time.
You’re mesmerized by how flawlessly Kiro is executing the routine. You’ve seen Kiro dance before, but never like this.
You blush watching them dance. The routine is very sensual and you feel like you’re imposing on a private moment, but you can’t tear your eyes away. You secretly wish it was you that he was leading across the dancefloor; your hips that his hands were resting on. You are envious at the way he is gazing intensely at his partner.
They end the routine with Kiro dipping the woman, his arms flexing as he holds her around her hips. He looks up and sees you in the doorway and nearly drops the dancer.
“Miss Chips!” he says. You shyly walk into the studio. He sets the dancer on her feet before walking over to you and giving you a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here!”
Kiro explains that he’s going to be in a celebrity ballroom dancing competition and he’s been practicing his first routine for the last week. “Sherrie,” he says, motioning towards his partner, “is telling me that I’m not ‘feeling’ the dance.”
You look at Sherrie with a confused look because to you it seemed like Kiro was really feeling the music. And also a lot of her.
“You’re not,” she says, shaking her head. “You can dance, yes, but you need to let your emotions flow into your moves. The rumba is a very sexy dance. You’re doing the moves correctly, but you’re stiff,” she critiqued, poking at his hips. Sherrie looks at you. “I told him that he needs to think about something he loves when he dances. Something that will get him to really move and let loose.”
Your face is red when Kiro places his arm around you. “As soon as she told me that, I knew I needed you to come over right away. I need you to be my inspiration,” he says. He leads you over to the couch on the other end of the room. “Watch me,” he says, winking at you.  
You sit back and watch as Sherrie restarts the music and the two start their routine again. Kiro’s hands may be all over Sherrie, but his eyes are trained on you. You notice a slight change in Kiro’s moves. Every touch on Sherrie was more sensual than before, every roll of his hips was more fluid.
When they finish, you stand up and clap. “How did it look?” he asks you.
“Amazing,” you say. Kiro looks at Sherrie, hoping to see a satisfied look on her face. She nods at him. “It’s better. I’m happy with that. We can end practice there,” she says. You wave goodbye to Sherrie as Kiro walks her to the front door.
You stay behind in the studio and stand in front of the mirrors. You play the music again and soon you’re trying to mimic the moves that Sherrie did. You couldn’t do the steps, but you thought you looked pretty good moving your hips.
“Do you want me to teach you the routine?”
You look at the doorway and see Kiro smiling at you. You feel your face heat up as Kiro stands behind you, placing his hands on your hips. “Or we can come up with our own dance,” he whispers in that sultry low tone he saves for when you two are alone.
You nearly grab his hand to take him upstairs to his bedroom, but when you catch your reflection in the mirror, with Kiro’s lips on your neck, his fingers dipping under the waistband of your shorts, you stay put, letting the gorgeous blonde lead you in a dance that your bodies are very familiar with.
[Lucien] Cha Cha Slide
As you are leaving your apartment that morning, you see Lucien also leaving his apartment for the day. You wave to him and he greets you with a warm smile.
“Heading off to work?” he asks. You nod and you tell him that you are going to the local elementary school to film their annual field day for the school’s website. 
He stands and ponders for a moment.
“Want some company? I have nothing else going on today,” Lucien says. You welcome the professor’s company, especially since he is great with kids. With him around, you are sure to get good footage for the video project.
You wait for him to change out of his dressier clothes and into something more casual. He emerges from his apartment wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts, a blue shirt, and white sneakers. You’ve never seen Lucien dressed so casually before, but you like the look.
The two of you head to the school, where your crew is already setting up their cameras. You introduce Lucien to the teachers and principal and Lucien offers to help in any way he can.
The teachers have split all the kids up into different groups where they will cycle through a variety of physical activities.
You immediately lose Lucien to a group of kids who have pulled him to join them. You smile as you watch your handsome neighbor help the kids with their games. Your heart flutters when you see him smiling at them. He genuinely looks like he’s having a good time.
You spend the next hour leading your film crew to different parts of the school playground to get different shots for the video.
Suddenly you hear a loud cheer coming from the basketball court. You motion for your crew to follow you as you head towards the crowd. You hear a popular line dancing song playing through the speakers.
You can’t believe your eyes when you see Lucien in the center of a group of kids, leading them in the dance routine described in the song.
The usually reserved professor is flawlessly doing the steps while the kids mimic his moves. You’re convinced he’s done this dance before.
You’re in awe at the swagger in his steps and how well he moves his hips to the music. You grab your camera man and tell him to make sure he gets good shots of Lucien dancing.
When the song ends, there’s a roar of applause from the audience. Lucien is giving high fives to his dance partners when his eyes meet yours. The DJ starts to play another line-dancing song, one that the kids get very excited about.
Lucien smiles at you and motions for you to join them. You shake your head, embarrassed by your lack of rhythm. You would look like a fool dancing next to Mr. Hips Don’t Lie.
Lucien kneels next to one of the little boys and whispers to him, pointing directly at you. The little boy smiles back at him and heads in your direction.
“Excuse me, miss? Will you be Mr. Lucien’s dance partner for this song?” the child asks innocently. You give Lucien a look which he returns with a smirk.
You can’t say no to the little boy so you agree and follow him to Lucien. You shake your head at your neighbor. “Lucien, I’m bad at dancing,” you say.
He smiles and reassures you’ll be fine. “Just follow the song. It’ll tell you what to do,” he says. The music starts and you try to follow Lucien and kids, who execute the instructions perfectly. You, on the other hand, suddenly can’t tell your left from your right. While you know you look like a hot mess, you still manage to enjoy yourself.
You and Lucien dance with the kids for a few more songs to close out the event.
Lucien waits for you patiently as you wrap up your work. When you’re done, the two of you walk back to your apartment together.
“I didn’t know all of those moves were hiding under your lab coat,” you tease.
Lucien smiles. “Are you interested in seeing what’s under my lab coat?”
You blush at his question. Lucien has a way with words that makes your head spin. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you all tongue-tied,” he says softly, casually placing his arm around your shoulders. “I thought you were a wonderful dancer today.”
You roll your eyes at the professor. “I mean this in the kindest way Lucien: you’re full of shit.”
He stops walking and chuckles. “Well, maybe you should let me teach you how to loosen your hips,” he says. You blush when you feel his hands move down to your waist.  He looks at you with those beautiful lavender eyes. “I’d love to give you a private lesson.”
You spend the rest of you walk home wondering what that private lesson would be like.
[Shaw] BTS - Dynamite
Saturday morning is your time to sleep in. No alarms. No crazy CEOs calling you at the butt crack of dawn asking for reports. Nothing. You hardly ever got out of bed before 9am on Saturdays
However, that morning, you are roused out of your sleep by loud music. You squint at the clock on your nightstand. 8:03am. You groan and pull the sheets over your head. You shut your eyes to try and go back to sleep when you’re suddenly curious as to why a popular K-pop boyband was blaring from your bathroom.
You look over and you notice that the body keeping you warm last night was no longer there.
You sit up and stretch, your sheets falling from your naked body. You get out of bed and pick up your robe that was discarded on the floor the night before. After tying the silk belt around your waist you pad over to your bathroom.
Shaw is standing at the sink, wearing one of your towels around his waist. Judging by his wet hair and glistening upper body, you assume he just got out of the shower. Why he was taking a shower so early in the damn morning was an issue you were going to bring up later.
At the moment, you were preoccupied with watching him move his hips to the song playing from your smart speaker while he was brushing his teeth.
K-Pop was not a genre of music Shaw liked. Or at least he said he didn’t like.
But it was clear by the way he was tapping his feet and rolling his shoulders to the music that he had lied to you.
You watch as Shaw starts to shake his ass to the beat. You bite your lip as you watch the towel shifting, on the verge of falling from those hips that were rolling into yours just a few hours ago.
There was something incredibly sexy about watching your punk-rock boyfriend dancing to an upbeat K-pop song. It was a perfect mash-up. A collision of worlds you couldn’t stop staring at. 
Shaw’s eyes meet yours in the reflection of the mirror and he smirks at you.
“You’re such a voyeur” he says before he tells your speaker to stop playing the song. You walk over to him and tell your speaker to keep playing the song. You grab his waist from behind and start to move your body against his.
“I didn’t know you were such a huge fan of BTS,” you tease, pressing your lips onto his bare back. You feel his hips move in sync with yours.
“I’m not. I just told your speaker to play music and that was the first thing it started playing,” he said. Shaw turns around and leans against the vanity while he pulls you to him. The silk of your robe and terrycloth of the towels are the only barriers that are keeping you from feeling his skin on yours. 
“The way you were moving your ass to the song tells me otherwise,” you joke. You press your palms against his chest and lean in to kiss him. You feel his hands on your hips as he continues moving to the music.
“Well, I know how hot they get you,” he whispers against your lips. You roll your eyes at his overexaggerated statement. You place your hands on his arms and soon you find yourself dancing with Shaw in the middle of your bathroom. You giggle when he playfully twirls you before holding you close to him, swaying close together until the song ends.
It doesn’t take long for that pesky towel to find it’s way onto the bathroom floor. 
You have long forgotten that Shaw woke you up way too early on your precious Saturday.
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thatfanfictionchick · a year ago
I am barely keeping it together right now okayyyyy
Spoilers for Time Subway: Baby Kiro
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Telling myself "keep it together woman don't cry" was completely ineffective I was sniffling like mad.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Literal baby 😭😭😭😭😭 please give him all the reassurances.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bucephaly · a year ago
Hearing that Kiro grew up the same as the other kids made me imagine them, around age 5 or 6, getting jealous that the other kids got to eat and taste, and then trying to get their clay mouth to eat. Idk if this makes it sound as funny as it was in my head but kids that age like to get jealous over silly stuff.
Tumblr media
It doesnt bother them but they are Very curious
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flaveexe · a year ago
Happy birthdayyyyyyyy, love of my life <3
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cheesy09 · 8 months ago
OMG 😭😭😭😭
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haru-luo · 11 months ago
OMG NEW VAs! But like it’s crazy how Kiro’s new voice sounds so much like the former VA!! I love all the new voices but I think I love Kiro’s more!!
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janumun · 2 years ago
[Koi to Producer: EVOL X LOVE PV 3]
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I am weeping.
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all-things-mlqc · a year ago
MLQC Zoo Animal Themed R Karmas
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zhouqiluos · a year ago
Tumblr media
Shark boy Shaw letting MC know he wants her company in roundabout ways is endearing every time.
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