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#baby roman

I have an art block, I’m so sorry for this ✨p o o p✨



Angst??? I don’t know. All I know is that I have zero motivation and a massive art block. So sorry but I HAD to post. Especially since Instagram’s algorithm will be the death of me🤧🙂 I’m not okay (I promise)

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Baby Roman 💕


Thank you for the likes, shares and follows!!🤧 I really appreciate all of you sm <33

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Oop— some tooth rotting fluff :)))


I always seem to forget to posts these on Tumblr :(( but at least it’s only a day late :))

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Continuation of my previous comic :))) click so you can actually read it clearly lol


Oof. Roman??? Doesn’t?? Want?? His??? Vivi??? To??? Leave??? What does that mean???

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Roman: I have no clue what I’m doing but I’m doing it anyway!

*an hour later*


Logan: Oh goodie, I’m a mother again.

Remus: *plunks Roman down in Logan’s lap*

Logan: This is mine and he is precious. I would kill for his happiness.

Remus: And I am immediately backing up.

Logan: Backing up means you’re guilty of making him unhappy. Bow, sinner.

Remus: I’m innocent I swear! It’s not my fault he got scared of me at first! It’s scary seeing someone that much taller than you!

Logan: You may live. For now.

Remus: Oh thank God.

Logan: Come play with the baby. I need to make him food.

Remus: I’m gonna be the best goddamn big brother. Aren’t I little guy?

Roan: *happy squealing as he plays with Remus’ mustache*

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The map just gives riddle I don’t know why it gave me riddle? I like stowys better they more fun!!

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Baby dragon Roman!! Where is his twin?

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Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Chapter 8: One (1) Breakdown

Summary: Roman is a child. It is now Patton’s turn to look after him.

Words: 2150

Ships: Familial everything, except roceit. Eventual familial roceit

Genre: Fluff with a side dose of angst

Warnings: A few swears, mention of the words ‘sexual innuendo’ tell me if there’s any more!

Taglist: @pricklyfish777 @sunflowerblondeuwu @itriedandimtired @draw-your-perfect-world @cemmy @battlebunnyteardropsinthesun @nonbinary-lizard-2 @fanforeveruniverse @i-cant-find-a-good-username @gabe-killed-me-with-ace-cream @7-slights-at-virgil @crazydemigod666 @tryingtobts


Is everything about to go to shit?

How did you know.


I’ve said too much!

Roman would have thought, if he were his usual age. But alas, he is not, and so the small prince just wanted a hug.

Plus, hugs usually made people happy!

And I made Mama sad! He was the only not-sad person! He needs a hug now.

And so the little prince snuggled closer to Logan’s chest.

Then he felt a tug.


Logan, it seemed, had also felt the tug. He frowned.

“Roman, I may have to leave quite soon. Is there anyone you would like to stay with while I’m gone?”

The prince’s brows furrowed as he thought about the question.


“I’m afraid he is already with Thomas.”

Who else was there?

“I d’kno…”


Logan sighed. He would have to choose for the royal.

Virgil had told him of the conversation he and Roman had had the night before. It wasn’t an optimal situation, but it wasn’t as if he could get the prince to choose between going to Patton or Janus.

The two who had hurt him the most.

But Remy wasn’t here, and Orange…

He would go with Patton.

“How about Patton?”

The princely side’s face bore a pained expression, before immediately switching to a relatively happy one.


Logan stood up, hugging the prince to his chest.

“Off we go.”


Patton was in his room, attempting to make himself some eggs and bacon for breakfast. As the only thing he could make well were brownies, it came out burnt.

Even the egg, somehow.

The moral side dumped the ‘breakfast’ into a bin, before clapping his hands together and summoning some edible food.

I really don’t know why people think I can cook decently…

I can only bake-on brownies!


Holy shit.

Get it? Like bacon?

We got it.


Oh my…


Patton had just gotten a text from Logan that he would have to look after Roman while he and Virgil looked after Thomas.

The moral side really couldn’t afford to mess this up.

Especially after seeing Remus’s reaction to how the whole situation went down.

The Duke had stayed silent for a moment, before sprouting tentacles and storming off, destroying almost everything in his path and shoving the other sides out of his room.

You could hear him screeching through the walls.

It was lucky that Roman had left when he did.

I don’t want to think about that. So, how will I decorate my room for Roman?

Ah, repression. A very useful tool, even when it shouldn’t be used.

Patton had been preparing an apology speech for the little prince after being thrown out of Remus’s room, in true princey fashion, and with this new opportunity, it would be the perfect time to put it to use.

Even though Patton wasn’t entirely sure how he would apologize to a fifteen month old child.

He’d figure it out.


Roman clung tightly to Logan’s neck. Falling off of his shoulders would be bad. Just like sad! But more hurt-y.

Roman didn’t really like hurt-y-ness.

He also didn’t like having to stay with Patton, but Mama said that he had to and the prince really wasn’t bothered to protest. Protesting would have made Mama sad, anyway.

The small royal decided not to think about how sad Da-Patton had made him.

Will he have brownies? He had brownies yesterday. Brownies are good…

“Little one?”

Roman giggled at the nickname.

“We’re here. Would you like a hug before I go?”


And so the logical side lifted Roman from his shoulders and swung him around through the air. The prince squealed as Logan then raised him above his head.


And with that the petite prince exploded with giggles, letting out a small roar.

Logan let out a sigh of relief.

Roman then hugged the logical side’s neck.

“Bye Mama!”

It was safe to say that the miniature monarch was feeling a lot happier now.


Janus had been dealing with intrusive thoughts since his last ‘interaction’ with Remus.

The one ‘person’ he thought would always be by his side.

It wasn’t annoying at all.

For that’s all they were, annoying. Being forced to live with Remus for over twenty years gets you used to these sort of things.

It was slightly worse though, as usually Remus would scream them at him from the ceiling, instead of sending them through his head. The deceitful side had somehow thought that the Duke couldn’t do that to him.

Janus didn’t even know how Remus had found out about the situation. He was literally the only person who talked to him. Aside from Logan, he supposed.

Only person who willingly talked to him.

And either way, Remus didn’t really like his brother. Why did he care now?

His train of thought was cut off as he heard a ding from his phone. Someone talking to him?

It was Patton.

Frogger: Guess who’s been invited to my room?

Ssssss: Who? And should I care?

Frogger: Ooooohhhhh yeeeeaaaah! You don’t know what happened!


Patton, while waiting for the princely side to arrive, decided to text Janus. Building up friendship was important!

He explained what happened to Roman, and then sent a few cat videos he found. Janus had seemed confused at those, they were sent kinda out of context.

And then there was a knock at his door.

The moral side leaped to his feet and ran to the door, opening it with little difficulty.

“Hey guys!”

The scene before him was adorable.

The tiny prince cuddled up to Logan’s chest with the logical side smiling softly at him.

Patton wished he had a camera.

“Salutations Patton.”

Roman waved enthusiastically and smiled, the grin not quite reaching his eyes.

The moral side felt a pang of sadness.

“Come on in!”


Roman was a bit scared.

He knew that Big him said princes shouldn’t be scared, but, the prince reasoned, he was currently not even two.

Patton’s room was cleaner than the last time he had seen it, with a bunch of toys laid out on the couch.

“Hey kiddo! Have you had breakfast yet?”

Roman nodded.

“Okay then! What do you want to do?”

Roman shrugged.

He knew adults hated it when children did that, from Thomas’s past experience, but he couldn’t help it. He really didn’t want to talk to him.

“How about we play with some toys?”

Roman nodded again.

And so for the next twenty minutes, Roman played with some toys, settling into the game and creating a kingdom.

I’m booooored. I wanna play with someone! ReeRee was way more fun!

“Pa- Patton?”

“Yeah, kiddo?”




And so for the next twenty minutes, Roman and Patton built up their empire, defeating the dragons and witchs and saving the citizens.


Roman ‘charged’ forward into the newly created pillow fort, swinging around his inflatable sword.

Then Patton wailed.

“My liege, I’m being controlled by the evil dragon witch! I’m sorry!”


Patton held his hands out.

“I’m sorry!”

And then he struck.

Roman giggled uncontrollably as the fatherly side tickled him silly, falling into the fluffy pillows behind him.

A ball of water was unconsciously summoned in his fist.

And suddenly Patton stood, absolutely soaked, with a shocked look on his face.

Oh no… he’s gonna be mad!

As it turned out, Patton wasn’t mad. He instead grinned and fell to the ground dramatically.

“I’ve been freed!”

The grin widened as Roman jumped up and hugged him tightly.

Patton hugged him back.


“Where were you last episode?

Virgil stood in his usual place on the stairs.

Remus was at the TV, a stormy expression on his face.

Well I know that ain’t good.

“Well?” Thomas questioned.

“Why do you need to know?”

Thomas sighed.

To be honest, Virgil didn’t want to tell him.

Why? Oh, just because it was literally because he and Remus were trying to beat Janus(?!?)’s high score in Just Dance.

It was pretty embarrassing.

Thomas had been discussing the wedding and moral dilemmas, had accepted a side, basically destroyed one and Virgil had been hanging with Remus, Remus of all sides, playing Just Dance.

Definitely embarrassing.

“We were playing Just Dance!”

The Duke had spoken up for the first time in two minutes. He usually would have made a sexual innuendo and five death jokes by now.


“Really? I thought you hated the Duke, Virgil.”

“I do, but I hate the snake more. Needed to beat his score. Hence Just Dance.”

“Janus? How do you even have that? Also, did you beat it?”


And so the conversation continued, with Logan eventually showing up as Thomas asked the question all of them were hoping he wouldn’t.

“Hey guys, I’ve tried summoning him a couple of times already, but he didn’t rise up. Where’s Roman?”


Why didn’t you want me to know? I could have handled it.

No, you couldn’t have.

You didn’t even know we could play Just Dance.

Speaking of that-

Oh god, here we go.

Can we just continue with the story?


Roman was having so much fun!

He was still a little appre- app-er-eh-hen-sive, but still!

He and Papa Patton had defeated the evil Dragon Witch and were now drawing. Roman had been ready to use his crayons on the table, but the moral side had managed to get him a piece of paper before it came to that.

Just a little bit there, and some more that here…

It needed more glitter, but it was good enough!

Patton was in the middle of creating his own drawing, a puppy with a crown. Very good, if he didn’t say so.

And then he looked over at Roman’s.

The petite prince had created an oil painting of the fatherly side standing princess style at the bottom of a grand staircase, complete with a glam makeup look and a meticulously styled ball gown.

What the… Holy crackers!

It seemed that while Patton had been focused on his own small piece of paper, the small royal had been summoning tools and colours and had made a masterpiece.

“Kiddo… That’s amazing! How did you do that in fifteen minutes? You deserve a sticker! And what a great idea- putting me in a dress- it’s so creative!”

At that Roman frowned.

“You okay?”

The prince nodded.


“Pe-o-ple never like Big me’s- never like Big me’s ideas.”

He blinked.



Ooooh, shits about to go down.

No shit.

Do you mean ‘no shit Sherlock.’?

Please don’t bring that back.

Too late!

“I’m sure that’s not true…”

“It is.”

Roman didn’t want to ruin the happy mood, but decided to be blunt. Big him never tried to show he needed help, so he would.

Mama Lo had said that it was okay.

“Big me tries! But no one c- but no one cares!”

The prince was standing now.

“He always comes up- always comes up with big lists o’ ida’s, but no no no! Bad bad bad!”

Roman knew Big him always put on a mask, but it was so hard to keep it all the time!

He was only (not even) two!

He couldn’t deal with that level of stress!

“Mama an’ VeeVee hate them! Big me’s always tryin’ change the ida’s for them! No fair!”

His eyes were glowing.

“An’ you! An’ you…”

There were golden tears streaming down the princely side’s face as he collapsed onto the floor. Surprisingly enough, he seemed older than he had been before. The rant had been good for him.

Patton sank down on his knees next to the sobbing royal, who, when he felt the moral side’s hand on his back, stopped crying immediately.

But he needs to cry…

Patton didn’t know what to do. Because for the first time, he realised that Roman needed help. And support. And comfort.

But not for the reasons he had thought.

And so Patton hugged the scaled down side, long and hard.

Screw the speech, this would have to come from the heart.

“I’m sorry Roman. We’ll do better. I’ll do better. I might not understand now, and maybe I never will, but I will do whatever I can to help you. I’ll try. I promise.”

Roman nodded.

But still didn’t cry.


They spent a few minutes like that.

Roman knew he would have broken down eventually, but he didn’t think it would be now. Or to Patton.

But he felt a lot better.

And so the five year old prince clung tightly to the fatherly side.

There was so much more, but Papa Patton had said that even if he didn’t understand, he’d be there. That had been a reassurance he hadn’t known he needed.

And then there was a knock on the door.

“Can I come in?”



Thank you for reading this extremely late chapter of the Petite Prince! My motivation really waned throughout the past few weeks, so thanks for waiting for this.

I also want to say, Patton being the side Roman first breaks down to was a surprise to me, too. It just felt appropriate in the moment.

I am also feeling kind of iffy with the part after ‘no shit, Sherlock’, the mood just changed completely.

(Also, this may sound odd, but Roman’s eyes are still glowing. It will be relevant!)

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Please enjoy a short, unedited addition to my Petite Prince story! It isn’t part of the main story, just a fun thing for the precious prince’s birthday!

Roman, sat snuggly atop Virgil’s head, waved to the crowd of his loyal subjects.

It was his birthday!

It was amazing!

He got to sleep in, for one, and when he woke up he was immediately showered in love and affection.

They loved him!

Mama, Mama and Papa were on cake duty, occasionally letting the little royal ‘help’ (help, meaning eating some of the batter.).

‘Not too much Roman!’

‘Yes too much!’

‘But your teeth…’

‘He’s only a metaphysical human being. It won’t permanently harm them.’

‘Plusssss, it’s his birthday. Just call it sssself care.’

‘Self care!!!’

VeeVee, ReeRee and Remy were the ones who were playing with him while the others actually baked.

Virgil let him huddle up to his neck in the soft hood of his hoodie.


‘Don’t fall asleep! Your party hasn’t even started yet.’


‘Oops. I wasn’t supposed to say that.’

Remus helped him ‘bejewel’ (stick stickers on) his crown.

‘And that one gooooes… there!’

‘Perfect! Do you want this sticker?’

‘Ewwwww! BroBro that’s yucky!’

‘I hadn’t noticed, I’m lucky you did!’

Remy told him stories of some of Thomas’s dreams.

‘And then he went ‘bitch, excuse me?’ and Thom-‘

‘Remy! That’s a bad word! I should tell on you!’

‘But will you?’

‘Hmmm. No! But only cause it’s my birthday!’

‘Fair enough.’        

And so when it came to opening presents, Roman was already overflowing with joy.

A scarf, a book, two plushies, a tube of bright red lipstick and a pair of sunglasses.

With all of the accessories piled on top of him, including the lipstick drawn all over his face (the prince had insisted on doing it himself), Roman was ready to go to the birthday parade?!?


It was amazing, but after a few of the best hours of the bean’s life, he got tired.

And so, this story concludes on a small, adorable prince asleep and cuddled by the rest of the sides, the oversized pair of sunglasses slowly sliding down the royal’s nose.

“He looks like me.”

And then a unanimous

“Shut up, Remy.”

Roman most definitely felt loved by his family on this special day.

His birthday.

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Okay so I was going to make this a mini fic, but I kinda want it to be in the main story now, it’s just so cute! So be prepared for that!

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People make acronyms for long phrases that one says a lot so I propose








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That is adorable omg

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So I know it took me longer I just didnt know what to draw!!!☹😃♥️ Then this came to mind also I’m thinking of adding stories to these images so you get to know more of the little guys. idk if you would like that? I hope you like it though and thanks for asking💗💗

Also my phone I draw on may be on the fritz I really don’t know so some may be hand drawn others not.💗

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