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#baby witch
alder-bos · a day ago
Stitch Witch Correspondences
Based on my interests in sewing from my other blog @tolkien-fantasy. I would also like to note that I made this while listening to my Howl’s Moving Castle audiobook lmao
Tumblr media
Canvas - Creativity, New Beginnings, Potential, Possibilities
Cashmere - Comfort, Warmth, Luxury
Chiffon - Femininity, Delicacy, Vulnerability, Elegance
Cotton - Simplicity, Harvest, Protection, Rain, Good Luck
Denim - Ruggedness, Adventure, Durability, Hard Work, Independence, Rebellion
Felt - Protection, Good Luck, Wealth (White Felt), Sacrifice, Strength
Flannel - Comfort, Relaxation, Warmth, Winter, Adventure
Flax - Weakness of Man, Prosperity, Divine Gifts, Sacred to Hulda
Gauze - Uncertainty in Wealth, Healing
Hemp - Travel, Burial, Opening Gates and Doors, Moving on, Vision, Enlightenment, Sacred to Bast
Lace - Sacredness, Rite of passage, Femininity, Privilege, Sensuality, Sexuality, Duality
Lamé - Luxury, Wealth, Royalty, Sun and Moon
Leather - Protection, Covering, Animals, Instinct, Self-discovery, Independence
Linen - Righteousness and Purity, Rest, Elegance, Luxury, Sophistication, Light, Purity, Wealth, Does not cause sweat
Satin - Lustrous, Sensual, Shine, Love
Silk - Wealth, Luxury, Softness, Vulnerability, Prestige, Transformation, Magical Insulation
Velvet - Distinction, Honor, Sensuality, Emotions, Royalty, Leadership
Viole - Secrets, Unveiling, Hidden Things, Secrets, Weddings
Wool - Hope, Renewal, Spring, Women’s Crafts and Lives, Empowerment, Durability, Comfort, Warmth
Fabrics for your Astrology Sign
Aries: Lamb’s Wool
Taurus: Leather
Gemini: Gauze, Chiffon, Viole
Cancer: Flannel
Leo: Lamé, Brocade, Velvet
Virgo: Cotton, Canvas, Chintz Libra: Silk, Satin
Scorpio: Snakeskin
Sagittarius: Spandex, Lycra Capricorn: Mohair, Cashmere, Hemp
Aquarius: Feathers, Metallic Fabrics
Pisces: Rayon, Nylon, Watermarked Taffeta
Elements and Fabric Correspondences
Earth - Leather, Wool, Cotton, Felt
Fire - Satin, Lace, Velvet
Water - Silk, Satin, Taffeta
Air - Chiffon, Voile, Gauze
Spirit - Hemp, Linen, Felt
Color Correspondences
Element: Fire
Planet/Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio, Mars, influencing Saturn
Chakra: Root
Body Parts: Bones, Teeth, Nails, Colon, Prostate, Rectum, Blood, etc...
Magic: Passion, Fire, Power, Joy, Energy, Health, Motivation, Leadership, Self-Esteem, Combat, etc...
Element: Fire
Planet/Zodiac: Sun, Leo, Sagittarius
Chakra: Sacral
Body Parts: Muscles, Pelvis, Kidneys, Uterus, Bladder, Lymph, Sperm, Adrenalin, Digestion, etc...
Magic: Relieving Depression, Self-Love, Friendship, Calming, Romance, Harmony, Passion, Physical Energy, Sex, Action, Surgery, Animals, Gardening, New Beginnings, Morality, Emotions, Femininity, Homosexuality, Compassion, Infants, etc…
Element: Fire / Air
Planet/Zodiac: Leo, Gemini, Taurus, Sagittarius, Mercury, Mars, etc...
Chakra: Sacral
Body Parts: Pelvis, Kidneys, Uterus, Bladder, Lymph, Sperm, Adrenalin, Digestion, etc...
Magic: Relieving Depression, Abandonment, Opportunities, Happiness, Alertness, Wealth, Kindness, Sealing a Spell, Harvest, Strength, Dominance
Element: Air
Planet/Zodiac: Mercury, Taurus, Libra
Chakra: Solar-Plexus
Body Parts: Lower Back, Spine, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Liver, Spleen, Digestion, etc…
Magic: Healing, Friendship, Productivity, Stopping Negative Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, Prosperity, Self-Esteem, Beauty, Life, Humility, Intellect, etc…
Element: Earth
Planet/Zodiac: Venus, Mercury, Aquarius, Cancer
Chakra: Heart
Body Parts: Upper Back, Spine, Shoulders, Breasts, Heart, Lungs, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, etc...
Magic: Love, Trust, Fae, Healing, Change, New Beginnings, Prosperity, Money / Career, Hope, Immortality / Rebirth, Nature Magic, Fertility, Luck, Courage, Peace, Relationships, Beauty, Love, Art, Grace, Luxury, Marriage, Decorating, Gifts, etc…
Element: Water
Planet/Zodiac: Jupiter, Moon, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Chakra: Throat
Body Parts: Neck, Throat, Thyroid, Lungs, Ears, Mind, etc...
Magic: Wisdom, Wealth, Joy, Opportunity, Patience, Peace, Truth, Loyalty, Meditation, Happiness, the Ocean, Calming, Travel, Education, Politics, Social Standing, Luck, Growth, Sports, Careers, Studying, Reading, etc…
Element: Water
Planet/Zodiac: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius
Chakra: Third Eye
Body Parts: Face, Nervous System, Bones, Eyes, Ears, Pituitary Gland, etc...
Magic: Clairvoyance, Relief of Emotional Pain, Protection, Pride, Spirituality, Wisdom, Psychic Power, Meditation, Justice, Forgiveness, Humility, Memory, Secrets, Intelligence, Communication, Education, Writing, Progress, etc…
Element: Spirit, Air
Planet/Zodiac: Moon, Pisces
Chakra: Crown
Body Parts: Brain, Pineal Gland, Semen, etc...
Magic: Protection, Transformation, Enlightenment, Spiritual Connection, Being Outgoing, Life, Freedom, Health, Initiation, etc…
Element: Earth
Planet/Zodiac: Saturn
Body Parts: Teeth, Bones
Magic: Balance (w/ White), Divination, Beginning, Rebirth, Patience, Absorbing Energies, Binding, Stability, Wealth, Protection, Karma, Death, Manifestation, Law, Challenge, Sacrifice, Justice, Discoveries, etc…
Element: Earth
Planet/Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn
Body Parts: Bones, Sexual Organs, Teeth, the Liver
Magic: Security, Friendship, Animals, Nature, Generosity, New Beginnings, Endurance, Grounding, Strength, Good Decision Making, Concentration, Telepathy, Finding Lost Things, etc…
Stitch Correspondences
Many of these are my own interpretation, and I would like to note that I actually researched what these stitches are used for to make these correspondences. Hope you don’t mind
Machine Stitches
Lockstitch - Community, Keeping things together, Curses
Chain Stitch - Healing, Rescue, Water, Cleansing
ZigZag Stitch - Independence, Strength, Adaptability
Satin Stitch - Hidden Things, Secrets, Love, Creativity, Manifestation
Overlock Stitch - Decoration, Luxury, Independence, Wealth
Running Stitch - Strength, Simplicity, Independence, Learning
Baste Stitch - Community, Warmth, Comfort, Love, Warding, Protection
Back Stitch - Language, Communication, Creativity, Detail-oriented, Love
Ladder Stitch - Healing, Caring, Hidden Things, Secrets, Curses
Catch Stitch - Healing, Strength, Adaptability, Hidden Things, Simplicity
Whip Stitch - Keeping things together, Love, Independence, Family
Blanket Stitch - Strength, Reinforcement, Luxury, Warding
Buttonhole Stitch - Vulnerability, Strength, Healing
Embroidery Stitch - Creativity, Love, Representation
Overcast Stitch - Strength, Secrets, Closing yourself off from others, Self-reflection
Pad Stitch - Firmness, Aloofness, Secrets, Self-reflection, Strength
Crochet (Inspired by @therestlesswitch)
Chain Stitch - New Beginnings, Manifestation
Slip Stitch - Glamours, Energy Work
Single Crochet - Simplicity, Protection, Nurturing, Relationships
Half Double Crochet - Warmth, Protection, Manifestation
Double Crochet - Freedom, Energy Work, Letting go
Treble - Spontaneity, Luck, Letting go
Front post stitches - Bringing in Energy, Glamours, New Beginnings
Back post stitches - Drawing attention away from yourself, Secrets, Invisibility, Protection, Strengthening Relationships
Stitches 'Together’ - Community, Bringing an end to things
Spike Stitch / Long Stitch - Energy work, Reaching out, Divination, Astral Work, Curses
Moss Stitch - Warding, Protection, Warmth
Granny Stitch - Family, Familiarity, Comfort, Manifestation
Ripple / Wave Stitch - Sea Magic, Adaptability, Energy Work, Calming
Shell Stitch - Vulnerability, Manifestation, Sea Magic, Adaptability
Picot - Good Luck, Trust, Truth and Certainty, Curses
Crab Stitch - Strength, Banishing, Burning Bridges, Past Life Work, Curses
Corner to Corner - Order, Logic, Sigils
Puff Stitch - Self Love, Slowing down
Popcorn Stitch - Bringing fun into your life, Community
Crocodile Stitch - Protection, Psychic Abilities, Cloaking/Camouflage Spells, Bringing softness into your life
Broomstick Lace - Cleansing, Banishing, Warding
Serpentine Stitch - Entangling Lives, Matchmaking, Perseverance, Curses
Garment Correspondences
Sweater - Warmth, Comfort, Secrets, Cleansing
Dress - Femininity, Elegance, Glamours, Strength, Curses
Skirt - Youth, Simplicity, Independence, Elegance, Glamours
Trousers - Adventure, Sports and Activity, Energy Work
Shirt - Grounding, Independence, Communication, Meaning
Coat / Jacket - Warmth, Sophistication, Communication, Independence, Secrets
Socks - Warmth, Comfort, Protection
Bra - Sensuality, Lust, Love, Protection
Swimsuit - Sea/Water Magic, Curses, Adventure, Adaptability
Scarf - Warmth, Comfort, Protection, Warding
Hat - Manifestation, Communication, Protection, Love
Gloves - Warmth, Protection, Safety, Healing
Boots - Safety, Protection, Strength
Shoes - Adventure, Everyday Life, Comfort, Communication, Travel
Pockets - Secrets, Autonomy, Independence, Hidden Things, Finding lost things
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hallow-witxh · 2 days ago
Easy Witchcraft Tips
I feel like I got a really good response to easy tips, especially from beginner practitioners and those still in the broom closet, so I'm going to put together a quick list of easy (and easily excusable) little tricks that made my practice easy in a house that used to be full of Mormons.
Leave a bottle of water on the windowsill or dresser in front of the window on nights of the full moon to make moon water. It's just a water bottle, right?
Small runes and sigils can be drawn with white crayon/colored pencil on white walls and no one will be able to see it. Plus, it can be easily removed with a magic eraser sponge. Tuck them into corners, right above the floor, or right underneath a window.
If you want crystals, and you have the money for it, there are bracelets of crystal beads that can be easily passed off as accessories.
Scented candles are still colored candles. You can use a 'smell good' candle for its color.
You can absolutely use essential oils as herb replacements. Just make sure to keep them away from pets, and do not ingest them. Tap some onto your clothes to carry its effect around with you.
If you have a wax melter: melt the wax, pour it into a tray of some sort (I use a silicone mold) and add dried herbs. No burn, slow-release spell. Easily cleaned with hot water.
If no one snoops too much, hide slices of lemon around your room. As they dry, they absorb negative energy. Once they're completely dry, you can throw them away, burn them, bury them, put them in a jar to throw away at school, etc.
Mix powdered herbs with a little bit of moon water to make a thick 'paint', then apply somewhere covered on your body to infuse your presence with its effects.
Toss in a bit of sea salt in a spray bottle and fill with moon water. Shake to dissolve. Cleansing spray! You can tell your housemates that you had acne issues, and salt dries out spots. Just keep the misting very light so it dries, and vacuum/sweep and mop often.
I'll be making a few more of these kinds of posts, as well as some other easy spells and tricks. Feel free to send me more ideas to add to new posts! Good luck, and blessed be <3
Tips and Commissions: Ko-Fi
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oracleofsaurus · 2 days ago
Thoughts on using LED candles instead of regular fiery candles? I am way too clumsy and I have two curious kittens and I'm very worried that someone could get hurt.
I have some tealight LED candles and I found a big pillar one at a store nearby and it gave me the idea of getting those instead and painting them colors and drawing sigils on them or even putting crystals on them; basically decorating them as if they were normal candles.
I know that this way I wouldn't get the variations in flames and wax patterns, but I think it could be a good solution to my problem, at least until my kittens behave better (although this is more of a general anxiety thing than a kitten problem).
Experienced witches and beginners alike, what are your thoughts on this?
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. NEL <3
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luminescentwitch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Yet another Meme Monday has arrived. Have a great week!
I got this meme from the Tarot Memes group on Facebook
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spellgazed · 2 days ago
Timing: Months I
Deities: Janus. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Carnation, & Snowdrop. Gemstones: Garnet and Sugilite. Holidays:  Moons: Wolf or Hunger Moon. Signs: Capricorn and Aquarius. Trees: Birch, Elder, and Rowan.
Deities: Februus. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Cardamom, Primrose, and Violet. Gemstones: Amethyst, and Opal. Holidays: Imbolc and Lupercalia. Moons: Snow or Storm Moon. Signs: Aquarius and Pisces. Trees: Ash, Elm, and Shami.
Deities: Mars and Ares. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Daffodil, Jonquil, and Lavender. Gemstones: Aquamarine and Turquoise. Holidays: Ostara and Spring Equinox. Moons: Worm or Sugar Moon. Signs: Pisces and Aries. Trees: Alder, Hawthorn, and Willow.
Deities: Aphrodite and Venus. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Daisy, and Sweet-Pea. Gemstones: Diamond and Sapphire. Holidays: Yggdrasil Day and Veneralia. Moons: Grass, Fish, or Pink Moon. Signs: Aries and Taurus. Trees: Alder, Fig, and Willow.
Deities: Maia and Hestia. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Hawthorn, May Bells, and Poppy. Gemstones: Emerald and Carnelian. Holidays: Beltaine. Moons: Flower or Milk Moon. Signs: Taurus and Gemini. Trees: Ash, Fig, and Hawthorn.
Deities: Hera and Juno. Elements: Air and Water. Flowers: Peony, Rose, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Moonstone and Pearls. Holidays: Litha and Summer Solstice. Moons: Honey and Strawberry Moon. Signs: Gemini and Cancer. Trees: Cedar, Oak, and Redwood.
Deities: Apollo and Athena. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Delphinium, Lotus, and Water Lillies. Gemstones: Ruby and Sapphire. Holidays: Lammas. Moons: Buck, Hay, or Rose Moon. Signs: Cancer and Leo. Trees: Hawthorn, Holly, and Oak.
Deities: Demeter and Vesta. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Poppies, Jasmine, and Violets. Gemstones: Onyx, and Peridot. Holidays: Lughnasadh. Moons: Sturgeon and Red Moon. Signs: Leo and Virgo. Trees: Alder, Cedar, and Hazel.
Deities: Cel and Astrea. Elements: Earth and Air. Flowers: Aster, Morning Glory, and Orchid. Gemstones: Sardonyx and Sapphire. Holidays: Mabon. Moons: Corn or Harvest Moon. Signs: Virgo and Libra. Trees: Vines, Hazel, and Willow.
Deities: Hecate and Vulcan. Elements: Air wand Water. Flowers: Cosmos, Freesia, and Marigold. Gemstones: Opal and Tourmaline. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Harvest or Hunter moon. Signs: Libra and Scorpio Trees: Ash, Ivy, and Oak.
Deities: Hades and Isis. Elements: Water and Fire. Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, and Peony. Gemstones: Topaz and Citrine. Holidays: Samhuin. Moons: Beaver or Frosty Moon. Signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius. Trees: Reeds, Ash, and Oak.
Deities: Zeus and Khione. Elements: Fire and Earth. Flowers: Carnation, Holly, and Narcissus. Gemstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. Holidays: Yuletide. Moons: Cold or Oak moon. Signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn. Trees: Evergreen, Holly, and Oak.
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athena-swords · a day ago
Pick a card reading
Disclaimer : okay so it's a general reading take it as u want and it's gonna be super fun so just take it with a little humor Yaa do let's start.
What type of teacher you will be like
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Pile 3
Tumblr media
Pile 1
Hello Hii what's up I felt you have a really interesting personality pile 1 it's just so interesting to tap into your energy like my type anyways let's get into your reading. I see that you will encourage your students to do more creative projects and like will encourage them to go for what they want like a guardian you will see your students like your children like literally I am seeing that you will sometimes will feel like the fuck I am doing here and I am not getting paid enough for this. You will try to control your temper like bitch calm your ass down you don't want to create a seen when you see people shouting and just being extra mischief . I see some of your students having a crush on you like look at them you will come off as a very welcoming and fun person to your students and I see that you will try to control lashing at them and will be like a guide to them. And I see that if you are a class teacher and there is a inter school competition you will cheer your students like a parents like literally the hype parents and after that even give them treats. I see that you will not see your students based on their marks and always tell them that this marks are not gonna decide you. I see you will be best teaching middle school students or secondary school student. I think you will teach a language subject. I see you as a rule breaker and will not stop your students too lol heavy sagg energy.
It was lovely to do your reading pile 1 hope so it will resonate and do give feedback it will be really appreciated.take care and be safe and healthy.
Pile 2
Hii pile 2 hope so your doing good. I see that you gonna love being around children like I am instantly seeing a kindergarten teacher like you like to escape and those kids would be your safe space they will accept you and I am getting very strong motherly vibes from you like when a new student will join your class you will give extra attention towards them and I see the children following you like a ducks kids do honestly it's really cute .They will see you like a second mother , I see that you struggle a bit in management like it will take you some time to get balanced. Maybe you like teaching and the kids make you see the positive I feel that some of you could have been neglected by your parents as kids and that's why you want to give that love to those kids as nobody feels unloved maybe for some of you. I see lots of light moments like helping them in the swing teaching them the basics of writing and art I guess you love teaching that specially painting I seem them doing hand painting and you laughing with them. They will be in your contacts even when they will leave the school. I see that your students will love to alot you are like that teacher that we want this days but rearly get to see. You are emotional. I see you being super proud on your students little achievements like when they will perform in annual function and you feeling how much they have learned it's just hard to explain suddenly maybe your not good with your words.
Okay here we are gone with pile 2 do tell me how it was and the feedback will be appreciated and take care everyone be happy and healthy.
Pile 3
Hello pile 3 hope so your doing good out there. Let's start of with your reading Yaa. I see professor vibe people picking this pile like you guys will keep it Professional you will not like to share your personal life with your students like its like teach them clear their doubts and tell about the test about to happen next Monday and get out of the classroom. Honestly you guys sound like my teachers however, I can also see that you are really helpful and if anyone will come to you with their problems you will go over to help them to get the solutions. I also see you value morals a lot so if you see any of your students going in the wrong way you will advice and more likely to guide them and it feels like this pile will be the type of teachers to call the students parents and tell them about the the track their kids are going towards. I feel you are really responsible person and justice. I am damn sure you have stand for the weak ones and when you will see someone bullying or harassing someone you will take strict action. You are like the teacher who looks very rigid strict and serious from outside but care a lot of your students. I see that you don't like to show your emotions much pile 3.your students will be scared but will respect you at the same time. They like how fair you are with your desicion and your teaching they will love you as a teacher. I see you guys are naturally charming and attractive and few people will love your intelligence.
Okay guys I am done with your reading hope so it resonated do give feedback and have a nice time. Be safe and healthy and happy.
Okay just completed my 3 pac reading really proud of myself for this one. @ukiyowi @thatshadylilbitch My love for both of you
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twilightmagick · 2 days ago
Do you have a pet?
Do not forget to collect their nail clippings and whiskers!
The whiskers can be used for wishes, manifestations, and more.
The nail clippings (and casings depending on nail type) can be used for banishing, protection, hexes, curses, and jinxes.
These items are shed regularly or need to be clipped for their health. Why not utilize something powerful that you are receiving for, essentially, free?
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watching-ostara · 15 hours ago
Mind, Body, Spirit Check-In // Pick A Pile
Wednesday, 20 October 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Disclaimer!!! This is a general reading and therefore may not be perfectly accurate. General readings are for entertainment purposes only.]
Book (Pile One)
seven of wands (upright); wheel of fortune (reversed); four of cups (upright)
You feel that your grip on your mental and physical control is wavering. You're desperate to hold on to it as it slips from you and this has caused a feeling of helplessness that is becoming overwhelming. Consider, perhaps, that this situation stems from your spiritual disconnect or apathy? Focusing on reconstructing that connection could help alleviate the strain of your situation. If this resonates, my heart goes out to you. You will see brighter days.
Kittens (Pile Two)
six of swords (upright); two of wands (upright); strength (upright)
You are a very brave individual. Recently, you've felt yourself stuck in a place of pain, but now the transition has begun. You are strong enough to move forward and progress your situation further. This setback severely knocked your confidence in yourself and now you're working through the motions and succeeding in getting it back. The road up is never as easy as the one down, but you have enough inner strength and understanding of spirit to make it. You'll go further than you ever expected.
Rain (Pile Three)
eight of swords (reversed); two of swords (reversed); six of wands (upright)
Your physical world is not aligning with your mental and spiritual world, and this is causing some minor confusions in your day-to-day life. But these little mishaps are a temporary result of life, especially when the rest of your self is looking positive. And indeed, a lot more positive than recently. Where you may have had a skewed negative self-perception, you are shedding that now into a place of acceptance. Celebrate this! You deserve it! You have conqured injury and are on the path to major positive spiritual growth.
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alder-bos · a day ago
Frau Holle / Holda UPG
Tumblr media
A figure in Germanic Paganism, protectress of agriculture and women’s crafts. She’s often associated with Frigg, the Norse all-mother. She either appears in one of two forms; that of a crooked old woman, or a shining youthful maiden clothed in white. As the maiden in white, her garments resemble the gleaming white of a fresh mantle of snow.
Other Names: Frau Holda, Frau Holle, Huld, Hulda, Water-Holda, Frau Gode, Frau Gaue, Frau Woden
Elements: Earth, Water and Air
Sacred Animals: Wolves, Rabbits
Colors: Blue, White
Spirit Allies: Odin
Plants: Holly, Elder, Juniper, Mugwort, Flax, Sorcerer’s Violet
Sacred Days: The Winter Solstice is Holda’s feast day. The twelve days between Dec 25 and Jan 6 are sacred to Holda, and you should not spin or sew on these days.
Spinning and Fiber Arts. It’s said she was the first teacher of making linen and flax. She teaches, inspires and rewards hard work, but she’s known to punish the lazy. It’s said she is a goddess and protectress of Women.
Winter. She is also strongly associated with the wilderness and wildlife. Her festivals are in the middle of winter, it’s said that snow is made by her shaking out her feather bed, according to an old German tale.
Protectress of Children. While she is mostly described as unmarried, and has no children of her own, she is a great protectress of children and youth. She is said to own a sacred pool, through which the souls of newborn kids enter the world. It’s said she would rock cradles while the exhausted mothers slept.
As Water-Holda. She is associated with many pools, wells and fountains around Germany. She haunts lakes and fountains and is seen as a fair White Lady bathing in the water and disappearing. She’s said to drive about in a wagon, sometimes requiring the help of a peasant to repair it. When he carves a new linchpin for her, she pays him with the cast-off wood chips which turn into gold if he is wise enough to take them. Young women would sometimes bathe in the icy Alpine pools in the hopes of becoming healthy fertile mothers.
Leader of the Wild Hunt. Holda is, in many German tales, the leader of the folkloric Wild Hunt. You can find much more information about this in Overly Sarcastic Productions Youtube Video about the Wild Hunt. She’s said to ride with the souls of dead and unbaptized children, as well as the dead in general. This role also gives her a connection to Odin, which can be seen in some of her other names like Frau Woden and Frau Gode.
Matron of Witches. Often identified with Diana, Hecate or Artemis in old church records, Holda was said to ride with witches on broomsticks and besoms. She was known as a leader of young women and nocturnal female spirits, who would “travel vast distances through the sky, to great feasts and battles”. Much of this seems to be a Christianization from her older, pagan worship.
One folktale with Holda says that a mother had two daughters, the elder was spoiled and idle, the younger unloved and hardworking. Every day, the younger would sit outside the cottage and spin beside the well. One day she pricked her finger on the point of the spindle. When she washed the blood away, the spindle fell from her hand and sank out of sight. When she leapt into the well after it, she found herself in the otherworld of Holda, who kept her as maidservant for several weeks. This is where the passage about Holda’s featherbed causing snow comes from by the way. Then Holda was so impressed by the girl's meekness and industry she sent her back to her family with an apronful of gold.
The mother sent the lazy daughter down the well to get more gold. Copying her sister, the lazy daughter bloodied her finger and leapt into the well. But Mother Hulda reproved her idle nature by sending her home covered with tar or, in some tellings, toads.
Offerings: (Traditionally, many offerings were put on the roof or windowsill)
Juniper Berries. These are considered sacred to her as an ancient abortive herb. Though she does protect children, she also supports mothers who do not wish to have them.
Mead or Ale
Music and Dancing
Knot magic
Devotional Acts:
Learn to Sew, Spin or other fiber arts
Learn to speak German
Dancing and learning to sing or play instruments
Collect Snow Water
Embrace and Celebrate Winter, including its holidays and sabbats
Support Women
Protect Children, Donate to Orphanages and organizations who help Abused Kids
Drop a coin in a well or fountain for good luck and blessings
Clean up local areas and protect wildlife
Honor your ancestors
Commune with nature and its spirits
Be safe in winter and bundle up, sew your own warm clothing if possible
Learn everything you can about magic
Visit Germany or learn about the culture
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hallow-witxh · 15 hours ago
Things I do when my chronic pain flares.
So like many many people, I have chronic illnesses. That comes along with the fun little bonus of chronic pain. I have skin conditions that can make moving incredibly painful, but I also have other conditions that make frequent, quick movements very painful. Sometimes I just don't have the physical energy to move around a lot for my craft, so... I have to get a wee bit creative.
One of my favorite cheats is so stupidly simple that I hate I didn't think about it sooner. It's an easy cleansing method that I've been using for a few years now, and all I have to do is hold my burning smoke cleanse behind a rotating fan with the window open in my room. If you can't walk around, this work fine too. Just be careful.
I know I've said this is a few other posts, but lemons. Lemons. Lemons. I love them so much. Slice one up, pepper around your space, constant negativity absorption. Sometimes I sprinkle on some salt, or cloves, maybe a few pinches of basil. As they dry over a few days, they absorb negativity and leave my space feeling nice and light. Once they're dried up, my flare has usually calmed down and I toss them into the fireplace to burn.
Cat purring is extremely comforting and charging energy. I use my cat for charging crystals, spells, candles... pretty much anything. I lay down, give her a few pets, and we both take a nap as she infuses whatever-i-need-charged with a calming energy.
Here's a bulleted list of just a few more ideas:
Stick a crystal to your Roomba or pet's collar
Use an electric wax melter instead of a candle so you don't have to worry about getting up to put it out
Put dried herb leaves in your phone case
Keep a spray cleanser by your bed so you can very lightly mist yourself/your bed if there's too much pain to smoke cleanse
Light incense on the opposite side of the room as the window, and keep the window open to spread the smoke
I know it can be hard to keep up when things are bad, but keep in mind that resting is just as important as practicing. You're not a bad witch for needing breaks, rests, or pauses. There's no 'minimum engagement requirements. You're allowed to recharge and recuperate whenever you need to. Please take care of yourself, and good luck <3 Blessed be.
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luminescentwitch · a day ago
Tumblr media
Characteristics: white with black/grey imperfections; shines blue iridescent under direct light similar to labradorite; usually found rough, tumbled, or as jewelry
Properties: improves intuition and companionship
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spellgazed · 15 hours ago
Tasseomancy: #
Tasseomancy or Tasseography is the practice and process of using tea leaves or coffee grounds to forecast, understand, or improve upcoming or current events. This can be used for planning ahead, or for personal growth, healing and development. One nearly finished a loose herbal concoction, and then flips the remaining biological powders onto a small plate. They then scry based off of the shapes or symbols the leaves lie in. Here are some basic shapes and their meanings.
0: Infinite possibility and capability and cycles themselves. 1: Beginnings, opportunities, determination, and independence. 2: Balance, duality, coordination, partnership. polarity, and contrast. 3: Delight, expression, communication, enjoyment and education. 4: Stability, practicality, core concepts, reality, and finding solutions. 5: Embarking on a journey, transformation, positive shifts and changes. 6: Harmony, collective influence or events, unity, healing and support. 7: Spirituality, intellect, development, progress, sanctuary, and tranquility. 8: Authority, leadership, nobility, respect, prosperity and abundance. 9: Wisdom, completion, achievement, closure and healing with growth.
Fundamentals / Animals / Shapes / Symbols
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woodlandwhimsy · a day ago
I would like to stress the importance of taking all witchy advice with a grain of salt. Tumblr, TikTok, books and videos can all be helpful and provide useful information, but you do not have to follow it to a T. It's okay to alter spells to use what you have around you. It's okay to put your own spin on things. It's okay to not have all the tools and crystals and herbs and whatnot that some people may have. All that truly matters is your intention and what your practice means to YOU.
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tolkien-fantasy · a day ago
So I’m listening to an audiobook of Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time, and so far my absolute favorite part is when she’s manifesting things with the hats she’s made. She gives one hat the power to bring ~mysterious allure~ to the wearer, another one the ability to make its owners “young as a spring leaf” and it’s directly shown how those manifestations come true. A rather ugly hat she makes has the ability to make someone of a high position fall in love with its wearer, and the owner ends up running away with a prince of some kind. Sophie doesn't even fully recognize she's doing this, but it happens anyways because she believes it will.
And damn, if that isn’t an excellent example of how manifestation is supposed to work, I don’t know what is. As a witch myself, many of us like to use herbs and crystals and such to manifest properties, which while very effective on its own, really all you need is some energy and your own intent. Enchanting is a form of witchery that’s fascinated me for a while, and as an aspiring seamstress, this is what I want to do with my work - speak to your work so that they may give wonderful blessings to those who own them. Anyways, I love this fuckin book.
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Growing up, even before I started practicing, Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays! Even now, celebrating Samhain brings me back to those wonderfully spooky vibes I loved so much as a child- except now I have more meaning attached.
What are some of your favorite things to do when celebrating Samhain?
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