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punkylilwitch · 16 hours ago
Check your state laws! In some states it is illegal to collect rain water!
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zwahkmuchoney · 10 hours ago
"I Bind You, You Cannot Harm Me" Spell
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This is a spell that is designed to prevent a harmful person from causing you further pain and anguish. It involves some leg work but it's worth it. I only suggest performing this spell if you have attempted everything else such as getting the law involved, talking to a lawyer, getting a restraining order and things of that sort. In other words this is the option of last resort.
For this spell you will need 2 small mirrors, a scrap of paper, a few feet of twine, a picture of the target, some powdered Cinnamon and 1 small black candle.
Write the name of the person you wish to bind on the piece of paper, if you can write down their birthday and date of birth do so. Write a command that details the horrible behavior that this person is engaging in, write the words "Bind&Block" in large bold letters all over both sides of the paper, be sure to write the words over their name at least 3 times. It's all right if the words overlap each other several times. Take the persons photo and the paper and sandwich them between the mirrors. Make sure the mirrors are facing inward towards each other.
Tie the mirrors together, every time the twine passes around tie a knot and say-
"I Bind You, You Cannot Harm Me, You Cannot Touch Me, You Cannot Hurt Me, I Bind You!"
When you are done tying up the mirrors go out to an isolated area and dig a hole at least 1-2 foot deep. Place the mirrors in the hole, be careful not to break them. Light the candle and allow the wax to drip all over the mirrors. When the candle burns out toss it into the hole and bury the whole thing. Sprinkle powdered Cinnamon over the hole in the shape of a pentagram and leave the area, don't look back.-Zwahk Muchoney (Image from Unsplash.com)
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ofthecunningflame · 13 hours ago
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Altar update today 🖤
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ruitethewingedfox · 21 hours ago
so i did something during intervention yesterday and now i have some questions
are you supposed to feel/notice the effects of spells instantly or does it take a couple days?
is it a slow increase? like it starts taking effect but takes a bit to gain strength? or is it full strength right off the bat?
are you supposed to get dizzy if you do a whole bunch within relatively the same amount of time? like, is that normal? is it supposed to last for half an hour?
am i supposed to draw sigils repeatedly to keep them working or do they just work on their own as long as they're still somewhere out there? do they wear off at any point?
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grey-sorcery · 14 hours ago
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Spell Dictation: Forward
This post is aimed at three target audiences. The first are witchcraft content creators, in the hopes that they will start publishing spells that can accurately be reproduced by their followers. The second are advanced witches, in aims to give them an idea as to what direction they can expand their crafts. The last, and most important are the fledgling witches. Let this post act as a warning and as food for thought about your craft. 100% of the spells you find on the internet do not contain enough information to be accurately reproduced.
Word definitions:
Encryption: the process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access
Cipher: a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.
Subtle Body: The energetic system that is constructed of energetic fields, nodes, and conduits that connect them.
Energetic Awareness: The ability to be aware of energetic density, volume, properties, movement, and location.
Energy Point: An energetic node within the Subtle Body
Energetic Gates: An artificial Energy Point that connects a practitioner to a specific source of energy.
Conlang: AKA Constructed language, is a language that is created by one or a few individuals. Sometimes referred to as a fictional language.
Script: A set of symbols used to represent words, concepts, and/or sounds.
Orthography: The graphical representation of sounds, The Latin alphabet is a good example.
Transcription: The act of creating a new script that has a 1:1 representation of each letter in a language’s orthography.
Headspace: The ideal environment and mental state that allows for complete focus on a single task.
What is Spell Dictation?
Spell dictation is how a practitioner describes their spells on paper, digitally, or online. It can range from writing a spell out to having nothing but encrypted graphic representations. This process seems more difficult than it actually is when just starting. In essence, all it really takes is the time to sit and think about what you want to do and how you want to do it. Throughout most of classical magic’s history it was very common to encrypt magical writing. John Dee immediately comes to mind, as he was also the official cryptographer of the queen. As such, all of his occult workings and illustrations were heavily encrypted. Which worked successfully, as many practitioners use his works as they appear, rather than decrypt them. I have made an in depth post about the process of designing a spell here.
Why is Spell Dictation Important?
Being in the proper headspace is so important when casting. For a lot of people, the aesthetics of their spell is just as important for maintaining headspace as music and lighting. Without being in a good headspace the likelihood of your spells working as intended drops significantly. And having a spell that takes up several pages will cause you to break from it and ruin your headspace. If you mark all your pages with significant information, references, symbols, and incantations, then you can check all your sources before casting in order to have a seamless spell process. If you feel that you'll be able to remember every detail about the spells you put into your books, and you don't plant on sharing any online- then just use this post as a guideline for spells you find on the internet.
Important Elements of Spell Dictation for Accurate Spell Replication.
In order for your spells to be accurately reproduced by another practitioner it is important to include enough information. There are a lot of variables when it comes to casting a spell and sadly there's almost no modern spell dictations that contain enough information. The important variables to record are:
Subtle body programing/orientation
All possible nodes. (If a memory is a node, it will not translate perfectly for another practitioner.)
Physical objects used and the process of using them
The energetic process throughout the entire spell
The required state of awareness
The variables for building headspace
The center or source of passion
The intent and focus, depicted exactly as it was cast the first time.
Prominent energy points
Energetic current flow and density as it moves through the subtle body and the paths that it takes.
Time and locations, if necessary or desired.
What it targets
How it targets and/or reaches that target
Any spirits used in the spell and their properties and roles in the casting. Potentially even how to summon or commune with them.
Psychic abilities used and how they were implemented specifically, if necessary
Any incantations, their meaning, and any sigils that were used.
Any gestures or bodily movements that were significant.
Any symbols that were used other than sigils
Thorough descriptions of any energetic constructs and thoughtforms used.
Any astral information if necessary.
Any energetic gates used.
As a neat side-effect of densely representing information, your book of spells will be difficult to read without study. This is okay, as you’ll still be able to read it clearly.
Concepts for Spell Dictation
An important aspect of thorough spell dictation is being able to fit as much information as possible onto a single page of your medium of choice. This is done by the application of magical scripts, sympathetic notations (symbols that represent a much longer word or sentence), Sigils, Magical symbols, graphical representations, illustrations, encryption, conlangs, allusions to other texts/books, and general clever design.
Using a Magical Script & Conlang for Spell Dictation
Magical scripts are special orthographies used to either write in a conlang or transcribe your chosen language. These scripts can be built on the phonetic sounds of a language or a 1:1 representation of that language's orthography. Doing so does two things at the same time: makes it difficult for others to read your work, which can be perfect for discrete practitioners; and, adds to or improves the general aesthetics of your work. Which can be extremely beneficial; for generating a headspace once you have familiarized yourself with your own methods. Using a conlang can make your spell feel more magical, especially if you design the language yourself and choose what sounds make up your language.
Allusions to Other Texts or Books
You can create a code to reference outside material that takes up very little space on your page. A simple number sequence can be used to describe the page number and line. Or you can create a code specifically for referencing in another one of your books that is dedicated to relevant information like, charts, tables, correspondences, herbs, gestures, etc. This can be done b y assigning each section in that book a letter, and each entry under that section a number. I do this very often in my second and third grimoires. Doing this allows you to include much more relevant information for casting your spell without taking up tons of space on your page.
Magical Symbols, Sigils, & Sympathetic Notation
One of the most common elements found in spellwork are sigils. These symbols pack a lot of information in a relatively small space. And if they’re designed a certain way, they can easily be reproduced from the pages of your grimoire, graphic, or online reliquary. Magical symbols work in much the same way, however they can also be integrated into your conlang or script. Sympathetic notation is when you use pictographs, code words, photographs, or illustrations as representations for magical concepts. These won't be inherently magic, but rather would signify important concepts that are to be considered when casting.
Graphical Representation & Illustration
Graphical representation refers to charts, graphs, and/or tables for important information. As much of magic exists on a spectrum it can be very simple and useful to create graphical representations for many of these concepts, especially if the magical concepts are wordy. Illustrations can work in much the same way as it often takes more space to describe a shape or design rather than just dedicating a small space to draw it out. This is a relatively common practice in online witchcraft communities, though most of which are superficial.
Possible Augmentation of Media
Sometimes, it can be very helpful to notate spells with the music you like to use to cast. The song can be augmented and written in your grimoire to look like song lyrics, alongside a short code to grab bits of information out of the lyrics. This practice can be very useful to discrete witches. The same can also be done with literature, poetry, videos, and movies by notating a time or page along with a code. Sometimes a single quote from a movie can pack a significant punch for the concept you’re trying to capture. Maybe notate the movie or series title with the range of time in which the desired dialog or scene takes place.
Ciphers, Encryption, & Code Words
Sometimes even transcriptions and references aren't enough to protect your information from being read by those that don't have your permission to read it. To solve this issue, you can create an encryption. This can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. From using conde words to creating a multi-variable cipher wheel. This way, even your transcription wont make sense. Doing so with a magical script would actually add another layer of protection to your encryption. However, doing so can be difficult to use on the fly. The only way it can used once encrypted is to take the time to decrypt your own spell onto a piece of paper or tablet/phone/computer before the spell can be done. I personally only use encryption for my curses and spells that could be dangerous if used by the wrong people or practitioners who dont have enough experience or context to safely cast.
Clever Design
As far as aesthetics and encryption go, you can get very clever with how your information is depicted. There are infinite options for you to choose from when creating your work. One of the biggest elements I would recommend taking into consideration would be continuity of design. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to the aesthetics or designs for your grimoire, I'd recommend starting by watching and reading media about Concepts in Design.
Examples from my own grimoires
The Grey Grimoire
In my first Grimoire I hadn’t really dove into the importance of in-depth spell dictation. The spells in this Grimoire are difficult to reproduce for this reason. I have to remember a lot of the variables involved when I was creating the spells.
Tumblr media
1a: A list of all the necessary items and tools required for casting.
1b: A spell circle intended to be reproduced for use in the spell and then later burned.
1c: A Sigil-chain and accommodating incantation, intended to be reproduced and burned as part of the spell.
Also, in this Grimoire, I created a complex cipher wheel that is used to decode the Golden Grimoire.
Tumblr media
The Golden Grimoire
In my second Grimoire, I started moving away from magic that required physical tools and objects. A majority of the spells in this book are purely gestural and energetic, with a few exceptions. It was here that I began realizing the importance of detailed spell depiction. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration the amount of space all of my reference tables would take up in the book. This Grimoire only has about 12 spells in it as a result.
Tumblr media
2a: A pictographic script used to describe both the gesture and energetic process of casting.
2b: A symbol that denotes the level of difficulty for the energy work involved.
2c: References to tables and infographics within the Grimoire.
2d: A 2D topographical graphical representation of how to program the subtle body and the subsequent energetic fields.
2e: The Sigils involved. In this case they are to be reproduced energetically as constructs.
2f: Symbols that are sympathetic notations of important concepts involved in casting such as: Integral energy points, key energetic properties, and what correspondences are the most important to physical use.
2g: The incantation.
2h: What may look like a spell circle, but in actuality it is a graphical depiction of the gestures and stances over time.
2i: A phrase meant to give insight into the mindset required for casting.
The Red Grimoire
In my third Grimoire, which is still very much a work in progress, I applied a lot of what I learned from the prior two about space management and densely recorded information. In this Grimoire, the spells are 100% gesture and energy based and require no physical objects at all whatsoever. Furthermore, the spells in this Grimoire are designed to be modular so that they can be combined to create spells with more specific effects, as each element within each spell is depicted in it’s entirety in terms of energetic programming, mindset, gestures, etc.
Tumblr media
3a: The title of this specific combination of gesture magic and energy work.
3b: A more detailed 2D topographical graphic representation of the subtle body’s programming.
3c: A more refined variation of the pictographic script used to describe the gestures and energy work.
3d: Important information related to the process of preforming this spell-component.
Tumblr media
4a: The beginning of this gesture is notated to begin with the spell-component page above this one.
4b: A graphical representation of the shape of the energetic constructs involved in casting.
4c: References to other books, like the prior two grimoires.
4d: graphical representation of the level and point of focus of Gnosis
4e: Important information required to maintain the proper headspace.
4f: The bodily stance that should be used through the entire series of gestures.
4g: Important Energetic points that should remain in use throughout the entire spell process.
4h: A graphical representation of how the intent and headspace should shift throughout the spell process.
Word definitions:
Encryption: the process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access
Cipher: a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.
Subtle Body: The energetic system that is constructed of energetic fields, nodes, and conduits that connect them.
Energetic Awareness: The ability to be aware of energetic density, volume, properties, movement, and location.
Energy Point: An energetic node within the Subtle Body
Energetic Gates: An artificial Energy Point that connects a practitioner to a specific source of energy.
Conlang: AKA Constructed language, is a language that is created by one or a few individuals. Sometimes referred to as a fictional language.
Script: A set of symbols used to represent words, concepts, and/or sounds.
Orthography: The graphical representation of sounds, The Latin alphabet is a good example.
Transcription: The act of creating a new script that has a 1:1 representation of each letter in a language’s orthography.
Headspace: The ideal environment and mental state that allows for complete focus on a single task.
If you have any questions or content suggestions, click here. If you’re brand new to witchcraft, I recommend checking out this post.
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moon-fairyx · 19 hours ago
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zwahkmuchoney · 10 hours ago
"Harm None" Binding Magick Oil Recipe
Tumblr media
If somebody in your life is harming themself or others and you want to bind them so they will have no choice but to stop this magick oil can help.
For this recipe you will need 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 tsp dried Knot weed, 1 tsp dried Indigo, 1 tsp dried Witch Grass, 10 drops Clove essential oil and 10 drops jojoba oil/Vitamin E oil. Start by cleansing the inside and outside of a glass carrier bottle with incense smoke. Add each of the dried ingredients into the bottle, make sure that as you add the plants you tell them it's their job to bind and restrict to prevent harmful actions from being carried out.
Heat the oil on the stove top at the low setting. Pour the heated oil into the bottle and screw on the lid, shake the bottle 7 times and set it on the counter top. After about 15 minutes add the Clove essential oil and jojoba oil/Vitamin E oil to the bottle, screw on the lid and shake it 7 more times. Say the following prayer over the bottle 7 times-
"I Bind You, I Restrict You, I Hold You Back, You Harm None, You Can Not Harm Yourself, You Can Not Harm Others."
Place the bottle in a place where nobody will find it and every night for the next 10 nights shake the bottle 7 times and say the above prayer over it 7 times. After the end of the 10th session your oil will be ready for use. You can use binding oil on ritual candles, ceremonial tools, magick bags, crystals, sigils and petitions.- Zwahk Muchoney (Image from Unsplash.com)
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wwild-witchw · 3 months ago
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Water Nymphs by @LukasWerneck
Such a happy picture! Screams three of cups.
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queenmoriarty · 27 days ago
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it’s a witchy life
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breelandwalker · 5 months ago
2022 Witch's Calendar
For all my witches out there, here's a handy list of the 2022 dates for the major holidays, full and new moons, and special events. I've listed my sources at the bottom. Dates and times for all events are calculated for Eastern Standard Time, USA, Northern Hemisphere. Adjust for your location as needed. Enjoy!
WOTY Holidays and Solstices
February 1-2 - Imbolc
March 20 - Spring Equinox / Ostara
May 1 - Beltane
June 21 - Summer Solstice / Midsummer
August 1 - Lughnasadh
September 22 - Autumn Equinox / Mabon
October 31 - Samhain
December 21 - Winter Solstice / Yule
Full Moons
January 17 - Wolf Moon ♋️
February 16 - Snow Moon ♌️
March 18 - Worm Moon ♍️
April 16 - Pink Moon ♎️
May 16 - Flower Moon ♏️
June 14 - Strawberry Moon ♐️
July 13 - Thunder Moon (aka Buck Moon) ♑️
August 11 - Sturgeon Moon ♒️
September 10 - Harvest Moon ♓️
October 9 - Hunter's Moon (aka Blood Moon) ♈️
November 8 - Frost Moon ♉️
December 7 - Cold Moon ♊️
Fun Fact: The title of Harvest Moon is given to either the September or October full moon, whichever falls closest to the autumn equinox. In 2022, that month will be September.
New Moons
January 2 ♑️
February 1 ♒️
March 2 ♓️
April 1 ♈️
April 30 ♉️
May 30 ♊️
June 29 ♋️
July 28 ♌️
August 27 ♍️
September 25 ♎️
October 25 ♏️
November 23 ♐️
December 23 ♑️
Special Events
April 30 - Black Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse (10:42pm EST)
May 16 - Total Lunar Eclipe (12:11am EST, coinciding with zenith)
June 14 - Supermoon
July 13 - Supermoon
October 25 - Partial Solar Eclipe (11:01am EST)
November 8 - Total Lunar Eclipse (5:59am EST, coinciding with zenith)
Inverse - Full Moon 2022 calendar: Dates, times, schedule, and names for the brightest nights all year
Astroseek - Full Moons 2022 & New Moons
The Pagan Grimoire - The Wheel of the Year: The 8 Festivals in the Wiccan Calendar
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mortem-muse · 4 months ago
i made a very bad uquiz
what oddly specific queer trope are you?
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capri1queen · 6 months ago
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thevirginwitch · 2 months ago
vintage headers, dividers, and other images for your digital grimoire/book of shadows
i've compiled several images i've been using for my digital book of shadows, and thought i'd share some of my favorites!
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llyrian · 5 months ago
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l-vingdeadgirlz · 6 months ago
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sea salt - though not technically a herb , sea salt is great for purification and cleansing while also helping to balance emotions .
black pepper - black pepper is most commonly used to protect and banish negative energies . it also tends to ward off evil .
basil - the magical uses behind this herb span out from protection to love to wealth to driving away the evil eye . basil is also sometimes known as the witches herb .
sage - sage is both a powerful and magical herb with varied different uses . these properties include wisdom , cleansing , lifting spirits , purification , healing and longevity .
rosemary - this herb is blessed with a variety of different uses — from purification to lust and love to good health to cleansing and preventing nightmares .
oregano - this herb is good for promoting joy , strength , vitality and energy .
bay leaves - one of the most common herb found in a witches cabinet — these are good for love , protection , money , success , manifestion and binding . they can also be used to remove jinxes .
lavender - most commonly used for protection , peace , love , purification and clarity . lavender can also be used to assist in mediation , divination and even sleep . pair lavender with a piece of amethyst for a great night sleep .
chamomile - primarily used in love , healing and stress reducing spells , but can also used for luck and gambling .
thyme - the best herb for attracting loyalty , affection and a good reputation . other properties include courage and strength . it's also believed to be a stimulant for psychic gifts .
peppermint - peppermint is a great herb for cleansing energy , rest , dreams , renewal and prosperity , passion , fluidity and psychic stimulant .
cardamom - cardamom is an amazing herb for love and lust , sexuality , building and reigniting intimacy .
cloves - commonly used to attract prosperity & friendship . some other uses include , banishing evil , attracting love , promoting home and personal protection , attracting money and preventing gossip .
ginger - provides protection from evil and is widely used to heat up love affairs and sexuality . some other properties include passion , love , money , luck and energy .
parsley - this herb is used for purification and protection . it can be used to promote fertility and lust .
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hallow-witxh · 6 months ago
"This spell needs me to burn the entire candle, but I don't want to keep an eye on it for three hours-"
Birthday cake candles.
"I can't find a candle with orange AND blue-"
Birthday cake candles.
"I wish I had broom-closet safe candles-"
Birthday. Cake. Candles.
"All the colored candles I found are scented-"
"Candles can get really expensive-"
Ya'll! They're so cheap! I can get a pack of 12 white birthday candles at my grocery store for like, $0.75. They burn in less than 5 minutes and they're great to just stick on top of a spell jar and let burn down to seal it. They come in all kinds of colors and even numbers in some places! They're unscented and if someone you're not out as a witch to finds them, they're literally just birthday cake candles! I love to use them for that exact reason. Birthday cake candle supremecy.
You're welcome.
Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi
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solfoxes · 3 months ago
candle magic ˚*✧˚*•̩̩͙✧•̩̩͙*˚✮
protection, self defence, breaking bad habits, banishing, strength,
healing, cleansing, truth, purification, meditation, innocence,
abundance, animals, family, friendships, grounding, stability, earth magic, balance,
lunar energy, improves psychic abilities, intuition, dreams, reflection,
wisdom, fortune, confidence, personal strength, enlightenment, brings financial gain and wealth, attracts happiness,
assertiveness, passion, energy, sex, creativity, courage, charm, maximises vitality, personal power, lust, health, sexual love, strong energy, balance, harmony, protection,
ambition, success, pursuits, concentration, happiness, justice, creativity, flexibility, fast action, profound change, positive energy,
abundance, intelligence, memory, confidence, mental health, charm, studying, beauty, clarity, persuasiveness,
growth, fertility, wealth, harmony, prosperity, health, luck, financial abundance, nature,
dreams, spirituality, intuition, healing, peace, loyalty, wisdom, sleep, clarity, patience, understanding, travel, communication, calm, forgiveness,
manifestation, wisdom, divination, intuition, healing, meditation, spiritual enlightenment, midden knowledge & secrets, connecting with higher self,
beauty, feminine power, romance, innocence, partnerships, joy, generosity, unconditional love, self-compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding, friendship,
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deadpoetstill-loves · 5 months ago
Only hot people go to bathroom to have a meltdown, I don't make the rules.
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gr33n-w1tch · 6 months ago
The best crystals for… Part 4 🤍
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
@lovebyluna on instagram
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queenmoriarty · 24 days ago
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pov: the local town witch invites you into her home
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