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#babylon 5

I’m laughing because this is pretty bad but also extremely B5… it’s not really B5 if it’s not weirdly philosophical and a little heavy handed. When they pull it off I’m sobbing when they tip over into too much it’s. Well. Too much

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The minbari are so pretentious I can’t wait for them to start getting challenged. Right now it’s just unity this minbari do not lie that… worker caste who…. where is Neroon. Where are my angry minbari. Where is Delenn breaking the staff of the grey council in half. Cmon already

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Incredible that with everything else going on B5 managed to fit both someone searching for the holy grail and someone who thinks they are king arthur into this show

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White Star Translation Team

Ivanova: our only hope right now is this kind, selfless, amazing nerd. think about that.

Lennier: do you have to call me a nerd so much?

Ivanova: I said a lot of other nice things, okay? toughen up, nerd.

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Something something, pride goeth before a fall, their pride became their undoing.

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Sheridan: she made fun of me for getting Capri-Suns

Sheridan: and then she drank EIGHT of ✨my✨ Capri-Suns!

Delenn: are you telling me THAT’S the cause of your divorce?


Sheridan: well… when you put it like that, it sounds bad

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Ivanova: you have no idea how much self-control it takes to not yell at all of my coworkers every hour of every day

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As cheesy as season one can be it’s really remarkable how much you can tell that JMS already knew what he was doing. Almost every episode introduces something that’s going to be critical later on or is at the very least clearly grounded in things that were already planned. I almost wonder if he would have rather started right in on plot, but weaved it into the monster of the week type episodes because that’s what people were used to at the time, because that seasons-long storytelling style hadn’t really been done before. This sounds obvious to modern TV audiences but remembering that it wasn’t normal at the time just makes it so much cooler

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Cover art that I made for alexcat′s fanfic “The Perfect Date” on AO3. [Done for the #8 Challenge of Snowflake 2021 on Dreamwidth. :D]

Fandom: Babylon 5 Pairing: Delenn x John Sheridan Rated: General Word Count: 525


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General, your son is one of the finest doctors I have ever served with. He will bend or break every rule there is if there’s a life to be saved or pain to be soothed. And he’s a holy terror when his principles are challenged.

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<div> Sheridan's first day on B5 </div>
Oh my god! The station is in danger! Everything's falling apart! This is horrible!
Ivanova and Garibaldi
ah, yes, tuesday.
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Another one which I need to watch in depth is Babylon 5. I remember it had some interesting plot points and it was an interesting universe but then it kind of lost me in the middle and now I can’t remember how it ended. Although now that I think about it, I hated how they handled the Narn storyline. It was actually a massive turnoff, maybe i’ll skip it.

It’s so hard to find good sci fi.

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