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Rising Star

I’m not saying the “Traitor to Earth” sign around Clark’s corpse is wrong, but it may be A Bit Much.

I always remember liking President Luchenko.

I like that the two people who worked with Marcus the most are the ones to grieve him together. RIP to Good Hair Gang and the Danger Bros.


Their relationship has improved quite a lot since episode 15.


Not suspicious at all. This is a weird choice, I think, because in the next line he does effectively admit that the vials are in the hands of the Corps (hypothetically lol), so why even… ehhh…………..


Yeah, she’s dope.


The White Star flyover was one hell of a dramatic move.


Delenn at John’s reunion with his dad is adoooooorable. Look at that smile. Magic.

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars


This is a weird episode, and I’m not entirely certain about my feelings about it. I remember that at the time, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding whether they would get the fifth season or not (which is why Ivanova is written off - as I understand it, her contract for the fifth season didn’t come through in time, or something like that). So it’s kind of a way to put a bow on the season and possibly the series. But the extended look at the historical impact of what we’ve just seen, and a whole lot of what we haven’t yet… I don’t know. High concept TV, I guess.  

Delenn rolls up out of nowhere from her secluded home on Minbar just because these yahoos were talking shit about her boy. I also love the idea that even at a hundred and forty, her troublemakin ass is still able to harass however many other Minbari it took to get her to this location just so she could make this dramatic-ass appearance. Which she absolutely did, in all likelihood, a couple of weeks before this panel was even begun, because, you know, space travel…

I love that whoever made the decision to design the emblem on this guy’s coat just said “Eh, fuck it, let’s let everyone know he’s a fascist asshole and give him the SS emblem. Put a lil circle on it. Done, let’s get coffee.”


Hey, has that coffee gotten here yet?



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Between the Darkness and the Light

I love that Number One is such a hardass and doesn’t just roll over for the B5 crew. She has her priorities and she sticks to them.


I just like how happy they all are right now.


Yes I did gif this whole moment, fight me about it.


Such a badass fucking moment but it breaks my heart every time I see it.

Annnnnnnd I finished this episode practically sobbing.


So I’ve given this a lot of thought and basically if things had gone different and Talia hadn’t been killed off, she would have been an excellent asset on Mars. Like, her being on Mars this whole time could really have made for some interesting developments once the focus starts getting pulled there.

Lennier’s the one who gives Marcus the idea of using the alien healing device, but I can’t recall if he ever got firsthand knowledge of it - It was pretty much only ever used on humans by humans on Babylon 5. Was Delenn still in her chrysalis when it was used on Garbaldi? Franklin certainly wanted it kept under wraps, so even if someone like Delenn asked how Garibaldi came to be healed so quickly, it’s hard to imagine that she’d have been told the truth about it? Eh, I’m getting nitpicky. Moving on….


I never got a good look at the paper that Clark left on his desk - I only ever saw the “Scorched Earth” message on it, but goddamn this is a full on page of crazy. I wish I had a high-def image to share but even as it is - yikes.



AUGH the ISN anchor crying always makes me cry

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The Face of the Enemy


Love what Lyta’s doing in the back there.

Fuck the minute the music in that bar starts playing, I get chills. I remember reading somewhere that the director wanted this scene to evoke the feeling of a lion getting taken down by hyenas.

Sheridan being taken out also puts Ivanova into position for the big fight that… well. That fight.

Edgars thinking that Sheridan’s capture will set the resistance back long enough for them to do their dark work is kinda funny, given that with his capture, Ivanova is in charge, and she is uhhhhhhhhhh not someone that really DOES setbacks.


There’s something really weird about how this line is delivered - is it his programming taking over, or is it because Garbaldi has done some incredibly fast math (as is in line with his character) and decided that he’s in an incredible amount of danger and if he doesn’t tow the line, he’s even more deeply fucked than he already is.

I always forget Bester’s speculation that the Shadows had a role in the creation of Edgars’s telepath disease. And he’s probably on to something, but from a narrative standpoint, it doesn’t really feel like it adds anything at this late stage in the story. The Shadows are gone, and so is this plot line very soon, sooo… Can’t be bothered to care that much about it, I guess.

Intersections in Real Time

AKA: Angel Street

The interviewer keeps saying that he’s spoken nothing but the pure, unvarnished truth: someone ought to go through the episode and tally his lies, misdirections, and other manipulations of Sheridan’s reality.

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No Surrender, No Retreat

Fuuuuuuck I’m getting chills from this opening scene.


Thank goodness somebody finally calls that shit out.


Go off, G’Kar.


Londo’s workin SO HARD in this scene, and G’Kar is giving him NOTHING and (unsurprisingly?) I am 100% okay with Londo squirming in his discomfort (that said, he is doing the right thing, here, so points for him).


*coughs in 2020*


Hang on, let me just go try and find my shocked face…


The Exercise of Vital Powers

Garibaldi’s opening monologue really leans into the whole noir vibe he’s been on for the whole series.


Yeah, that’s not a statement that makes anyone suspicious.

So in the last episode there was a short bit between Sheridan and Franklin where he asked them to prep the telepaths captured by the Shadows - this scene here fleshes it out and puts a heffing great big neon arrow on it.


Fuck you, you billionaire piece of shit. (No gifs for billionaires)

This episode is a highlight on the way telepaths are being used as pawns by both sides. Obviously the B5 side actually gives a shit about them, but they’re still being sacrificed - none of them signed up for any of this.


Fuck you, you billionaire piece of shit.

Fucking wild that Edgars can have a member of the Psi Corps just straight up murdered after a job, no big deal. Fuck that fucking billionaire piece of shit.

I don’t know if it’s the way he’s being lighted in this scene, but Franklin has gone GREY AS HELL and that has not been especially noticeable until now.


DRAG HIM, LISE. Garibaldi’s bein all whiny about her getting with Edgars and and she just lays out all the shit form being with him. Garibaldi’s a selfish baby who was at best deeply neglectful in his relationship with her.


Fuck you, you billionaire piece of shit. How dare you try to recoup some kindness on these people you’re tormenting while using language that reduces them to animals.

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Moments of Transition

I’m back at it after a real long break. I’ve been retreating really hard lately into comforting, safe, low-conflict media (lots of Animal Crossing, y'all. So much ACNH), but I’ve been missing the re-watch and I’ve been missing the blog.

Another blow to Lyta. And Bester is all up in the mix, too.

As I mentioned before, this was the point where I realized that a lot of the gifs I was planning on making could be just screencaps instead. Mostly because a lot of the moments I wanted to capture just looked so goddamn terrible because of some of the special effects that were going on.


I love that you can see Neroon’s quiet discomfort here in a lot of these moments with this jag whose name I can’t even remember. Groundwork for his Big Moment a bit later.


My dude, you know by this point that it was your traditional greeting that spooked the humans, and also the Grey Council was fucking split on whether to retaliate - did all of the warrior caste Grey Council members vote against it? Prick.

Going to Garibaldi was the obvious move for Lyta. It’s a shame it couldn’t work out because of course Edgars has to disrupt shit. You just want to see things work out for her.


Never try to out-tradition a religious-caste Minbari.


Fuck yeah, Neroon.

It’s a very very small moment, but Neroon gets a line here that reveals that he’d actually planned this with Delenn. Which may have been clearer had it not been months in between my watch of the previous episode and this one. Oops.

“I was born warrior caste, but the true calling of my heart is religious!” Neroon’s Big Moment. He’s been a reasonably important figure in the show, at least in terms of being a figure of opposition to Delenn - I think I would have liked a clearer signs that this was coming from him, because I think the best that we get really is the clear respect he has for Delenn (which, especially earlier in the show, only goes So Far). I also wonder if this could be read as a trans allegory.

The show doesn’t give us a lot in terms of how the castes work in Minbari society with regards to children, so while there may be something in supplemental media that fleshes it out more, the best we can go off of is the assumption that a Minbari child is born and belongs to the caste of their parents. Neroon says in his last moment that he was born warrior caste - did he never have an opportunity to express or explore the impulses of his heart? Or is this just a convenient way for the show to save Delenn from her dramatic troublemakin ass, end the war on Minbar, and keep her away from Sheridan long enough for the Earth Alliance Civil War to wrap up? Yeah, I’m cynical. But I’d for real love to hear from a trans B5 fan about this subject.

The last shot of Lyta is fuckin heartbreaking.


The rebuilding of the Grey Council always gets me.


Power to the Workers.

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Conflicts of Interest

This one is sparking Emotions for me even before I start it. I can’t remember why, though. Just the title is bouncing off something in a weird way that’s hitting alarm bells.

Oh shit Lise

You ever think about how after a messy divorce and being at the lowest point in her life, somehow Lise meets a goddamn billionaire and marries him within 6 months. What was that meet cute like?

There is seriously no good reason for a billionaire OR HIS WIFE to be going on dangerous missions to acquire secret genetic research. “Oooooh William Edgars is a humanitarian, he wants to SAAAAAVE the telepaths from this huge secret syndrome that only attacks telepaths we had to have ALIENS help us unlock the secrets of this cure.” Alarm bells all over the place.

“I have some influence with the government.” Translation: I’m a goddamn billionaire and I can do what I want.

Rumors, Bargains, and Lies

This show loves to have Sheridan be weird and stuck in his own head and following his own line of thinking with zero explanation. And the giggly Sheridan doesn’t really follow a discernible through-line from problem to revelation and his subsequent outburst.

These Minbari are getting themselves so wound up about Delenn’s actions like they’ve never met her. “Oh yeah, Delenn’s totally going to surrender, she was being so nice to Neroon.” Come on, guys, you’re the Religious Caste. Have some faith in your girl.

The League is all wound up about some invisible enemy because of Sheridan’s manipulations. They eventually get to the point where Sheridan wants them, and this nonexistent threat just gets forgotten. But shit like this doesn’t get forgotten so easily. When no enemy ever materializes, it only makes sense that these folks who got so wound up will eventually start wondering why they got so wound up. [Note: this was written before everything Went To Hell with COVID-19, BLM, and Everything Else that’s gone on in 2020. So I’m leaving the note in, but also with this qualifier that, uhhhhhh maybe shit like this does get forgotten. The invisible enemy is B5’s Murder Hornets).

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Racing Mars


I wanna know who this weapons smuggler is. She doesn’t say a word, but I’d definitely be interested in seeing more of her. She should have gotten the “You seeing anybody, Ivanova?” line. And on that note…


I love how excited Delenn clearly is here. And I love that it’s partly because of all the Hot Sex, but also she’s just a huge fuckin nerd for rituals.


I can’t remember where this bit falls in the sequence, but look how fuckin cute she is!!!! Look at this horny nerd.


lol yeah Delenn tell that to your face.

Number 1 - can’t remember if she ever got an actual name here, but I was a biiiiiig fan of her back in the day.

Also can’t remember if the thing on Captain Jack is one of the Shadow servants or some other random thing.

Lines of Communication

“As long as B5 doesn’t respond, they can’t know who the message was meant for.” My dude, you are the son of a prominent Earthforce General and on the command staff of a former Earthforce outpost. If they see your goddamn face they’ll know who the message was meant for.


Go fuck shit up, my girl.


Oooh fuck him up girl.


The big scary Drakh is a Halloween mask, great big cloak, and a blur effect. God, if only this show had had money.


Good ol’ heart eyes Sheridan.

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The Illusion of Truth

Ugh, I don’t want to watch this episode. Can I skip it? I just know it’s going to put me in a bad mood.

Aw, Stephen Furst directed this one!

In 2018 they made the first steps for a lunar colony. Aww. Wouldn’t that have been nice for reals?

And the final almost completely silent closing scene. Because what more needs to be said or seen?

Not much to say on this one. As predicted, it put me in a bad mood, so I don’t want to dwell on it more than is necessary.


The Danger Bros go on assignment!

Ahhhh right Delenn is a descendant of Valen.

Dukhat is great. It’s a shame we don’t get to see much of him, but this episode does a nice job of showing his influence on her.


Hell yeah she has been.


Lol as if she doesn’t get half her troublemakin spirit from him and half from that troublemakin human ancestor of hers.


I realize now that what this moment is (beyond a callback to Delenn’s first meeting with Lennier) is Dukhat telling her “It’s okay to break the rules sometimes.”  And you can see her whole world cracking open and lighting a fire inside her.

Oh hell I forgot that she was inducted to the Grey Council the same goddamn day they encounter humans for the first time.

Haaaaa I recognize that face. See you soon, Byron. 


The look Delenn and Lennier give this guy after he ties himself in knots trying to let Delenn have her way without revealing the truth about Valen’s heritage. They’re both so done with this bullshit.

Every single Minbari in the universe: Delenn… no…

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So now one of the massive arcs is complete, and we’re only 7 episodes into this season. There’s some fallout, especially re: Centauri Prime (which also sets up the arc for good ol’ Crusade).

At no point in this previous arc did any of the other races happen to bring up the fact that Earth effectively took NO part in the Shadow War (there was also no discussion of attempting to save Earth from the Vorlons out to destroy any world with Shadow influence…). The only humans involved were those that have broken away. Earth is the ONLY significant government that didn’t participate in the Shadow War. Obviously the humans of B5 and those in the Rangers are there and doing a hell of a lot, but that’s it. Pretty sure this isn’t mentioned because it would probably serve as too much of a reminder of what is going to happen in this season. Packs more of a punch if you don’t see this coming, I suppose.


Bless you, Regent. I love this guy. He’s adorable.

And now confirmation that Garibaldi has been brainwashed.

Londo and Zack. And Bester and Zack.


This is essentially G’Kar’s whole character arc. He is closer than ever to being his best self, and that’s awesome.


The Book of G’Kar is just The Secret translated into Narn…

Lyta and Zack. He’s getting a lot of scenes this episode. And we start to see Lyta chafe under the fact that she’s basically being treated as a telepathic workhorse.


Heart eyes again. Love it.

Bester knows things about Lyta. Do we ever find out what those things are? I can’t remember, so if we do find out, it can’t be that huge a revelation.

This quiet moment here with Bester nicely shows where his true allegiance lies.

Sheridan threatening to turn Lyta over to the Psi Corps is a Mistake. I’m sure there are examples of him taking hard lines like this in previous seasons, but it really feels like he’s changed now, and has gotten much harder and unforgiving. More brutal. This is Sheridan’s character arc.

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Sheridan: Thanks, Dad.


B5 crew:

Sheridan: Why’s everyone staring at me?

Ivanova: You just called Kosh dad. You said “thanks, dad”

Sheridan: What? No, I didn’t. I said thanks man.

Kosh: Do you see me as a father figure, Sheridan?

Sheridan: No! If anything I see you as a bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me.

Delenn: Hey! Show your father some respect!

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I love b5 i really do but once you get passed s3 it really starts to take a lot of brain power to stay in the game

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Ambassador Kosh, realizing he must save Captian Sherridan’s life, colorized 2259

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Babylon 5 Rewatch Season 2 Episode 19 Divided Loyalties

Another turning point episode of the show. Ivanova finally challenges her own prejudice against telepaths by letting Talia crash in her apartment while Talia’s own is being fumigated (that classic chestnut) while at the same time Lyta returns to the station to inform Sheridan and the command staff all that the Psi Corps have planted a mole in their midst. 

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Babylon 5 Rewatch sp 2:18: Confessions and Lamentations

A more fitting episode to be watching in March of 2020 I could not ask for.

A plague has invaded Babylon 5. It preys on the nervous systems of certain aliens, specifically the  Markab. Sheridan and Franklin try desperately to combat the virus both medically and politically as the station is overrun with fear and suspicion.

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Aw heck yeah!


  • the first character i ever fell in love with:

Delenn, actually. She’s so earnest, so spiritual and yet so cognizant that history cannot be wished away.

  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not:

Garibaldi was my hero, but he loses luster with every rewatch.

  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not:

Delenn/Sheridan. Definitely my least favorite aspect of Delenn.

  • my ultimate favorite character™:

Ouch. Uh, Lennier? Delenn? Vir? G’Kar? Londo? G’Kar and Londo only when taken as a unit? Vir stands up better than Lennier in Season 5, so overall, Vir.

  • prettiest character:

Captain Lochley.

  • my most hated character:

Sheridan. I like Morden more than I like Sheridan. I like the First Ones lurking in the unknown regions more than I like Sheridan. I probably like Byron more than I like Sheridan, but it’s hard to tell because I skipped most of his scenes. Would that I could have done the same for Sheridan.

  • my OTP:

Talia/Ivanova. I would’ve loved to see more of that relationship before the bottom fell out. Platonically, of course, G’Kar/Londo forever.

  • my NOTP:

I didn’t have a problem with a lot of the plot pairings, except as mentioned Sheridan/Delenn.

  • favorite episode:

Wait, picking one? “And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place” was spectacular.

  • saddest death:

Sheridan. I don’t even like him and that episode brought a tear to my eye.

  • favorite season:

2 and 3 are both stellar and 3 builds on 2, so probably 3.

  • least favorite season:

5. If you skim the first half the remainder is comparable to previous seasons, but man, there’s some clunky stuff in there. Season 1 had trouble finding its footing but for Sinclair I’ll forgive a lot.

  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate:


  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave:

Morden. My good and dear friend, Mr. Morden.

  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave:

Vir, absolutely.

  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship:

Does Londo/G’Kar count?

  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship:

Zach Allen/anybody, really. Or Garibaldi/Lise.

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