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Hey all! I was on vacation this weekend so no @babylon6comic page this week :( check back next week for a new page!

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Another page is up at @babylon6comic. Here’s another featured G’Kar from the page :) 

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I posted a new page to Bablyon6 at 0am last night so I took a moment this morning to make a little eyecatch and let you all know there’s a new page up, and talk a little but about Tulann!

Tulann is of the Worker Caste. She’s been a model servant her entire life, doing everything that was required of her with exacting precision. Her specialization was engineering and problem solving, which helped her rise in ranks until she became a department manager and spontaneously a politician when Delenn broke the Grey Council. 

As a person, Tulann believes in a thing done properly. She’s inflexible while following instructions, but also the first to throw them out the minute she realizes that they aren’t working. Every problem has a solution and if the one provided is insufficient she will make one.

In terms of her appearance in the fancomic, I generally don’t like to invent new characters when Babylon 5 already has such a robust cast of different characters – be they fringe cast or one-episode appearances – that I should never want for candidates. Unfortunately this isn’t true of the Worker Caste aside from the five named to the Grey Council, and I knew I wanted Delenn’s replacement in the ISA to be a Worker so Tulann lives! I hope she fits in well.

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My guest page for @babylon6comic, summarizing the events of A Call to Arms! (It wound up being way too big for tumblr to handle, so click above to view the full page!)

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My attempt at a guest cover for the wonderful @babylon6comic! Lyta and G’Kar travelling the universe, encountering… sparkles, apparently. 

Thanks to @jenniferstolzer for helping me correct some of the more egregious anatomy errors!

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More Babylon 5 rendering

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