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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#back door behind the scenes

there’s not much to me really. i wake up, i listen to ‘when he died’ by lemon demon and think about nie mingjue, and then the next day i do it all again

#when he DIED! they found he left BEHIND! a mansion full of other people's skulls!! the odd thing is they never found his own!!, #the untamed, #a modern au would feature when he died for a scene in which present-day nhs is alone in his apartment . probably drunk. and plotting, #NO ACTUALLY HERE'S WHERE THE SONG GOES IN THE MODERN AU THAT'S IN MY BRAIN BUT I HAVE NO INTEREST IN WRITING, #it's the first song featured. after the 'guy telling the story of wwx's death' prologue (at a bar? at a coffee shop? idk', #we see the 'nhs walking away after bribing the storyteller scene', #it's BEFORE we see wwx come back in this one and there's a specific reason for that that i'll get to, #but first we see his back. he's wearing black. one of those athletic/aviator jackets maybe. got a bit of nie to it., #we don't see his face . not yet. as he hands the bills surreptitiously to the gossiper and strolls out the door and down the street, #the song starts and we follow him around corners, #past posters that are relevant to his journey but not so much that we KNOW it yet, #into a home scattered with nmj relics. his bike (it's big and there's lots of chrome and you can tell immediately that it doesnt belong to, #our faceless friend here), #we see our boy sit down at a table or a couch . there are papers and all sorts of things scattered around (clues to his plans). the fan., #he sighs as we hit the last verse and we still don't see his face. just his hand. which reaches for the fan and taps it almost listlessly, #close-up. cut to black. the last line of the song takes us to the resurrection-aftermath scene and the music is fading now as he comes to, #but it gets loud enough for us to hear the very last 'when he died' as the main character opens his eyes, #oh i should write for TV im so good at matching music to scenes, #q, #god this post is an absolute iceberg
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