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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#back to school

Finished Back to School, it was great. Chiwoo is such a sweetheart and I hope he’ll move on from his past trauma and live happily with Kyuujin. After seeing Chiwoo’s and Jihyun’s backstory (not the one were he fucking beat him up but the one from their childhood) I felt slightly bad for him, but he’s still an abusive asshole, so idfc

I loved the coloring so much, but the way the bodies were drawn was a bit weird cause they all kinda looked like Gru with their thin legs and the buff torsos yk 😂


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19/100 days of productivity
hello there, I´m back! It´s been a while.
I was in kind of a slump the last few days having to finish a project for university but I finally turned it in today so yeay me~
Also I rewarded myself by going journal supply shopping afterwards.

And I couldnt quite keep up with the reading these last fews days, maybe because of mental health issues or because Walden by H.D.T is kinda hard to read

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Yes, you’ve probably looked at the textbook once while making notes or doing mandatory reading for class. But chances are that you don’t go back to them after that one time which was even dent from a poll on my Instagram acc( second image).

But, every time to read and learn from the source/ textbook, your understanding increases.

🔹Next time you’re making digital notes, add in a page with a scanned copy of the topic (preferably in the beginning or end) so that you can look it over once.

🔹Alternatively, you can have a pdf file with all topics of a chapter so that you can refer to it even if you don’t type or digitally write your notes.

Hopefully, this might remind you to re-read certain topics more.

Whatever the case, DO NOT FORGET to mention the PAGE NUMBER + TITLE OF TEN TEXTBOOK or website URL so that you can refer it.

❓How many times do you refer to your textbook/ information source❓

Ideally ( tbh, not always the case for all topics),

I prefer to ready it before class, while making notes, if I don’t understand a concept ( I read the text before approaching a Prof so that I’ve put enough effort before I ask) and then after revising the topic.

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