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I painted Beheeyem on a 4” x 4” canvas for the Poke-fan club group on Deviantart. I used silver glitter paint for his background! If I win this round, I’ll call for Taillow.

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I made a phone screen background for myself. It is a quote from the song “Mind Flowers” by Ultimate Spinach, which is currently my favourite song right now as it captures how I feel pretty nicely. Great song, for any who want to listen.

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New AU time! 🧜‍♂️ It’s Mermaid Andre!

Kriss wanted to do some painting at the beach after a storm began to pass, but he seems to have found something more important washed up on shore… Oh, it’s Andre! A badly injured merm.. Will Kriss help him?? :) Yes, he will, he will! Here’s a towel, uhhhh,,, don’t worry, he can help!

Kriss takes Andre to his lil beach house and takes care of him as he heals. And also maybe…….. Falls In Love! 😍

Kriss is @duck-n-clover’s oc!

blood tw

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You wanna know something? I didn’t realise the anime was over until after 2 days
Good thing from it, I can read the manga now since I was waiting for the anime to end
Actually, when I started watching it I thought I wouldn’t like it, turns out I liked it so much I ended up doing fanart of it 😂
Here we have Yashiro being a victim to my attempt at backgrounds e.e
Hopefully I will start drawing more of them

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