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What are you doing to prepare for Trask's arrival?
  • cleaning
  • haircut
  • buying stuff for disney (like extra toothbrush and stuff)
  • buying clothes that will be comfy and fit right
  • setting up the laptop specifically bought for the disney trip (WE’RE GONNA VLOG AND JUNK in the evening he can’t say no)
  • saving money
  • saving money
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I'm sorry if you've answered this already or it's a weird question i was just wondering how you and trask met and stuff cuz i always see the truddle timer and like i was curious and it's okay if you don't answer oh gosh i'm sorry.

no no no don’t worry about it!!! ouo I like this story

I found his videos a long time ago (when he had 500 subs) and he made a video like “I’m taking a break I feel like crap” and I commented and said he was rad then he sent me this super long nice message and offered to add me on skype so I got skype and then we talked from time to time on skype and I had a big crush on him aaAAA but he wasn’t interested ahhaah

time passed and we just messaged because one time we did a skype call and I was too scared to say anything

then then then we both started having rough stuff going on and talked about stuff things for hours and hours and hours into the night and I’d fall asleep on the line like every night it was really embarrassing..

then then then after hanging out for a long time I was like “hey wow it turns out I still like you” and he was like “yeah yeah I like you too” but we never said it, it just kinda happened and I have no idea when it started it just kinda did ahaha wayy before we “made it official” though on april 6th 

and now the truddle timer is for when we meet up on june 17th and go to disney world and i’m gonna blog about it because hello

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