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When I was neck-deep in Spring Awakening a year or so ago, I ended up with a whole pile of slime tutorials, so I thought I’d make a master post. Not all of these versions are equal, but if you’re like I am and really love overanalyzing different versions of the same show, this is for you.

2006 version with the original three leads

2008 version, Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, Blake Bashoff

Deaf West, LA version

1st National Tour, Ben Fankhauser as Ernst & Andy Mientus as Hanschen

Syracuse Summer Theater version

Deaf West, Broadway version, subtitled. Act 1 & Act 2

2005 Lincoln Center workshop audio, including cut songs

Miami Stage Company version. Act 1 & Act 2

Another OBC recording, slightly lower quality

August 2008 version, Matt Doyle, Alexandra Socha, and Gerard Canonico

Broadway version with both Matt Doyle and Blake Bashoff

There are several other versions on YouTube (mostly college productions) but these are, in my opinion, the most notable at the time of my posting this. Enjoy!

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