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when you’re reminded of the fandom connection you have to one of the most virulently dogshit lib accounts on this website

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when i saw that tma episodes are only half an hour at most i had to stop myself from going oh great that means i can just listen to them all starting right now at 2 am

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Immune system like “hey u gotta pathogen in here, u want me to microwave your skin for ya? Ill just go ahead and microwave your skin for ya”

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Last Line Meme

I was tagged by @troyebakers ty big secksi!

I’ll do two…👀

Mari gave Xavier a leveled look in which he merely shrugged while craning his head to look behind him. Her gaze followed, and she could’ve kicked herself for doing it. Rian was busy packing the bag he had in front of him. No doubt preparing for their journey out of the settlement to search for the medical supplies she so desperately needed.  

She grinded her teeth in annoyance when he finally decided to look up. Rian’s gaze flickered from Mari to Xavier, and upon seeing the other man, he gave him the finger while her cousin muttered some kind of profanity under his breath.  

He turned back to her then as he leaned back in the chair. “You got bad taste in dick, Conception.”

She threw the rag at him which only made him laugh.

“Nervous?” His eyes snap to hers, blue eyes taking in her form before he glances away. “Never been to a formal event before?”

Alex represses a scoff, opting instead to look around before saying, “Would you be surprised if I said no?”

Talia scoffs, observing him closely as she says, “Nothing about you surprises me very much.”  

He didn’t know whether to accept that as a compliment or not. He’d only known her three months now, but even then, the walls she had carefully placed up refused to fall. The first lady was pleasant enough when he joined, but as far as pleasantries went, it was more forced than anything else. She never asked more about his life and he never offered the information. He was here on a job; nothing more, nothing less.  

tagging: @deandomino @chuckhansen @tyvians and anyone else!!!!

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oh no. i just realized i’m wearing my dad’s shirt that he got at a 5k held by his health insurance… the irony is that i can’t run bc disability, and also once i’m 26 and kicked off his health insurance i won’t be able to afford my medications because in the US healthcare is tied to employment for no reason and i can’t work full time also bc disability

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holds kavalier and clay and the yiddish policemen’s union and gentlemen of the road and maps and legends in one hand, and picard the show in the other: chabon what

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