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cc7567 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ok this outfit/design is the best thing to come out of tbb season 1 I'm obsessed
+ bonus sketch :)
Tumblr media
references used are under the cut:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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003mm · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit to @Bribinart
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donkey-rider · a month ago
*The Bad Batch watching a nature documentary*
Tech's S/O: If we were both penguins, would you bring me rocks for my nest?
Tech: of course my love
Omega: awh that's so sweet <3
Crosshair: I want to leave
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creme183 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I love echo so much. I also love chickens. Let’s combine the two!
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echos-newlegs · 5 months ago
could you write something about how the members of the bad batch would react to being called pretty 👉👈
Oml yesyesyes sorry for the delayed response to this but YEAHHH-
Warnings: none
The Bad Batch Reacting to You Calling Them Pretty:
Tumblr media
The first time he heard it he was a bit surprised.
Pretty? That wasn't the first time someone told him he was, but from you it felt.. Different.
You were his everything, even if the two of you weren't in a relationship yet. Everything that you said to him meant the world to him.
So when you called him pretty he was standing there with a lost expression on his face.
"You think so?" "I know so."
He would make it in his best effort to compliment you back. Where it be with a simple endearment, or with acts of kindness. Letting you know that he greatly appreciates everything that you do for him.
He would also swoon no matter how many times you call him things like 'pretty,' 'handsome', or literally anything that's a compliment to his looks. He needs the hype.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?"
This sweet boy hasn't been complimented on his looks a lot. Let alone called pretty.
His heart would be beating a hundred miles a minute while he internally screams. Raking his brain for any sort of information to help him process.
"Pretty? That's not what I would call myself." "Then what would you call yourself?" "Well.. I don't know, but not that."
You would ask him if he wants you to not call him that.
"What? No! I mean, it's fine. I like the compliment. Thank you, you're very pretty yourself, so much that words can hardly express it."
He'd be flustered because you'd be flustered at his sudden admission.
If you kiss his cheek there will be a 404 ERROR going on in his brain. He will just sit there and stare for a good 20 seconds before being all,
"Wait, did you kiss me? You kissed me." And then he would overthink everything.
So please do not just leave him sitting there.
My man will seek any sort of validation or kind comments from you
They remind him that you like him and aren't mad at him. Or that he annoys you.
When you call him pretty, he may just kind of stare blankly at you for a second, but then he breaks out into this big grin.
He's pull you in for a huge hug, because dammit you made his whole week with just that simple compliment.
"You're pretty, too!" He'd tell you with a chuckle. Putting you back down onto the ground.
He expects you to tell him how pretty or handsome he is anytime you get the chance now. This is now your job.
He'd brag about it to everyone, too
"Yeah, y/n called me pretty. Which means I am prettier than all of you." "Technically, Wrecker, it would be 'more pretty,' not 'prettier.'" "Tech, I don't care."
"What did you just call me?"
You would have to repeat yourself. And he would still stare at you like you just called him hideous.
You would ask if you did something wrong, but he would shake his head 'no,' and just walk off.
He isn't one for compliments. They scared him. They make him feel more attached to the person that is giving them to him, and he hates them for that.
Okay, he doesn't actually hate you, but it does scare him, and he may end up avoiding you for a bit.
Even if he did kind of like the compliment.
No, he really liked it, it even went to his head a bit..
"Hey, Crosshair, I'm sorry about calling you pretty.. I didn't mean to upset you, I won't do it again."
He would be upset with himself for making you think he was upset with you. Sure, you scared him a bit, but he wasn't mad. He couldn't be mad at you.
He would half-ass explain the situation and why it startled him. That he wasn't used to being called anything positive. That he did appreciate it though.
If you smile when he says he enjoyed it, you'll get a smile out of him, too.
"Well, it is true, Cross'"
He'd be giddy with joy, but just roll his eyes at you.
This is definitely feeding his ego for the next few weeks.
He would be smiling so shyly when you tell him.
Rubbing the back of his head bashfully, and looking everywhere but at you.
"You don't mean that.." "Oh, but I do."
He'd look at you like you hung the planets in every system.
he would feel absolutely lucky to have you in his life, too.
"Can you tell me everything about me you think is pretty?"
He would be thrilled when you tell him everything you think is pretty about him.
Also from now on, expect him to come to you when he feels insecure so you can hold him and assure him he is in fact pretty and an amazing human being.
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shadestepping · 2 months ago
Reblog to cup your hands over Echo’s cheekbones and tell him he’s handsome
Like to kiss his implants when he deflects
Tumblr media
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badbatchecho · 7 months ago
When I say Echo is the “heart character” of The Bad Batch, let me explain because frankly I’m tired of him not being appreciated 🥺:
Echo is the only one to stick up for Gregor and to take the risk to save him. Echo is the first one to jump on board with saving Hera’s parents. He’s also the one that comforts Omega when they are going into Nala Se’s lab.
He teaches Omega how to shoot, and we see that he takes an interest in the things she does when we see him examine her clone trooper doll. He watches out for Omega and makes sure she doesn’t get into trouble.
Tumblr media
He lets Wrecker know he was proud of him for making Omega a room — that he did good. He is also protective of those he cares about and tries to protect them when he can i.e. the zygerrian episode.
He goes around fixing the ship for the bad batch a lot it seems with very little help at times. Which I know I would be frustrated about too personally.
Tumblr media
He doesn’t just complain for the sake of complaining. He’s pushing for decisions to be made or calling out bad behavior. He asks Hunter what they are going to do with Omega because she is a child. He tells Hunter that they should have gone with Rex because he doesn’t see longevity with Cid— which he isn’t necessarily wrong about seeing as a few episodes later someone tries to take out Cid.
Tumblr media
Echo also wants the batch to go with Rex because he knows that Rex is helping people and all Echo really wants to do is help people and fight the Empire. But he isn’t going to leave the batch to do so.
Tumblr media
The only time we see him pout or even get slightly upset is when they are sent to go rescue a Separatist Senator — the same group of people that tortured him and treated him like he was just an object. Like he wasn’t a person. The fact he was still able to carry out that mission at all is something to be admired despite his objections. And he then at the end of the episode we see him put it aside for the greater good.
Also keep in mind this is what Jennifer Corbett, the head writer of TBB, had to say about Echo:
Tumblr media
I would also like to urge anyone rewatching TBB season one to watch Echo’s expressions and mannerisms. A lot of his characterization really shines through there I promise.
Tumblr media
I think a lot of people make the mistake of writing off Echo as the “grumpy” one because often he is the first to express his displeasure with a situation but I don’t think that is a bad thing.
But also? If he is just grumpy I say let him be. Echo is fucking traumatized. He has everything taken away from him. His body, his mind, his thoughts. He had nothing. Imagine having everything taken from you and being forced to use everything you know against those you love most and not having a choice. I don’t understand this double standard people have for Echo and not liking him because he is “grumpy.” I really don’t.
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wolveria · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Soft and spicy
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rainydaydream-gal18 · a month ago
(The Bad Batch) He Reminds You To Eat
Author's Note: In NO WAY do I wish to glorify not eating with these preferences. My anxiety has caused some issues with eating, so I understand the struggle and know it is not fun. Please, please, please, remember to take care of yourself. My beliefs are based on the Bible, and there are actually verses about treating the body well. Anyway, I hope that you're all doing alright and that you enjoy this!
Hunter: He doesn't miss the fact that you skipped lunch, too preoccupied with tasks around the ship. He doesn't miss how your stomach growls or when you fumble your words or miss a detail because you're lacking in sustenance. The last thing he wants is to embarrass you in away way, or come across as a nag, so when there's a quiet moment he'll just quietly slide a place over to you across the work desk, flashing you a pointed look with lifted brows. He won't take "no" for an answer. In the end, you're grateful he gave you that extra nudge.
Wrecker: His concern is not very masked. Though he won't point anything out in front of the squad, he'll still spend the whole day offering you food. It may get annoying because no matter how many times you refuse and insist that you're fine, he won't give up and keeps asking in a good-natured way. Wrecker will come out and say that he's just worried and mumbles that he cares very much for you. He will gladly dine with you when you decide to have something.
Tech: Notices and goes into medic mode, gently reminding you that it's important to eat and stay hydrated. His concern increases the longer you go without heeding his advice to try and have something. He is a bit of a nag in the end, but he nags you with facts, so it's hard to argue. He'll eventually get you something anyway even if you refuse enough times.
Echo: He'll take note, but will wait for an opportune moment to speak to you about it later. He gets it, he really does. He's had days where it's tough to take care of himself, but you're there to help him out in those times. He doesn't want to get all up in your business, but he does care and wants you to at least have a little something. He offers to go get you something to eat that you'd be more in the mood to have.
Crosshair: Nothing escapes those sharp eyes. He quietly notices, but won't say anything right away. He won't try and plead with you or negotiate. At the end of the day, he just gives you food that he knows you'll want and stares at you with narrowed eyes like, "that's right, I'm onto you" while he chews on a toothpick. He will sit there the whole time and make sure you have something before he's satisfied.
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nahoney22 · 5 months ago
Touch Starved with Echo
Echo X GN!Reader
word count: 2.6k
Tumblr media
The fourth instalment of the Touch Starved Series and this time it’s with the handsome Echo who feels as though he’s not worthy of any comfort.
warnings: This ones a little angsty as Echo is super insecure about his relatively new ‘modifications’. Reader comforts Echo so fluff will be expected too.
Masterlist 🤍
My Ko-Fi 🤍
Echo being touch starved was not a surprise to anyone. Echo knew he was and so did you and so did his vod to be honest.
The only problem was that he did not like to be touched. At all. The only contact he had recently was with Tech who makes adjustments to his newly modified body and the thought of anyone else touching him made him feel sick.
Sick because he no longer felt like a human and sick at the thought of someone being disgusted by him.
When he met you however, he saw no signs of disgust on your face when you first met in that hangar. However, he stayed way back from you whenever it came to physical contact.
In fact, you thought that you had insulted him when you stuck out your hand to shake his but as he went to put his hand towards you he winced silently and just nodded instead.
But, the two of you got along and that’s all that mattered.
It was a quiet day for the squad, drifting through space as Hunter and Crosshair took control of the cockpit, Wrecker was snoozing in his bunk meanwhile Echo and Tech were tinkering away in the main hull of the ship.
Echo was calibrating something for Tech, the use of his scomp being a valuable asset to the task but Echo noticed that it began to malfunction. He pulled it out of the socket and gave it an experimental twirl but sighed as it got jammed. This wasn’t the first time either, it had been happening at least three times a week and it happening in the middle of working wasn’t great.
“Hey Tech,” he called over to the goggled clone who was head down in his datapad and scanning through the ships files, “my scomp is jammed again.”
He looked up and frowned. “I’m afraid I can’t assist you at the moment.” Then, you walked in and a lightbulb ignited in his brain. “Y/N can help you.”
“Help you with what?” You question, surprised at the sudden task being put on you as soon as you entered.
Echo felt a little nauseous. “Oh, er- it’s nothing.”
“It’s not nothing when we need your help with repairs on my ship. Now let them help.” Tech said almost dismissively as he stood and went to speak with Hunter about whatever which just left you two alone.
You immediately sensed his slight hostility about you helping but you were now adamant to tend to whatever he needed and so sat on the swivel chair next to his and smiled. “Is it your scomp?” You nod towards his arm and he arches a brow.
“How did you know?”
“Heard you were having trouble with it a few days ago is all.” You tell him, grabbing some of Tech’s tools that he left on the side by his workbench. “I probably won’t get it working perfectly but I could have a nosey at it.”
Echo chewed on the inside of his cheek, tossing the proposition of you helping him up in his mind until he sighed and nodded. “That’ll be helpful.”
“Not a problem, just place your arm up on here.” You pat the workbench and Echo does as he is told, begrudgingly laying his arm or what was left of it on top and watches as you inspect it before grabbing a small scalpel.
“I’m just gonna see if it’s jammed with dirt first.” You figured telling him what you were about to do with his body was the best step to take, not wanting to do something that might make him snap at you which if you were being honest, didn’t think would ever happen. Echo was always so kind to you and made you caf in the mornings but you soon began to realise you didn’t know much about him. You knew he was a ‘reg’ but you were not told the whole story of how he joined the squad in the first place.
You only joined a month or two after he did as a medic who also knew their way around a power converter and repairing engines so Echo knew he was in somewhat good hands.
You scraped the scalpel alongside the socket, gently tugging at any dirt or oil residue that may have slipped in and cleaned it on some tissue before putting it back in.
Echo sat still but rigid. Your hand not occupying anything came up and gently rested over the crook of his elbow and his heart jittered a little at the odd warmth sensation that traveled along his upper arms. He didn’t mean to but he let out a sharp exhale which caused you to look up with panic stricken eyes.
“You okay? Did I hurt you?” Your voice was so soft yet so fearful Echo instantly felt bad at his randomness and he quickly shook his head.
“N-no, I uh…” he tried to think of a lie in his head but nothing could come through. As his mind raced for an answer, you had softly rubbed against his upper arm again as if to show comfort and his heart stopped. “I like you touching me.”
You blinked rapidly at his rushed words and Echo instantly realised what he said probably came across as super odd or super weird… or both.
“O-oh.” You squeak in surprise, cheeks burning pink as you were now unsure if you should let go of his arm as you looked back and forth.
“Wait! I meant as in I like that you’re helping me.” He rubbed the back of his head, cursing internally at his lack of grace in his words.
Sensing his embarrassment, you ease the atmosphere with a soft laugh and nod in understanding. “Well good. I’m glad I don’t make you uncomfortable.” You tell him, swapping for a bigger tool this time as you began to unbolt a screw that attached the scomp to his arm, wanting a closer look. You tell him this of course.
Echo relaxed a little more then. Glad that he didn’t creep you out as that would never be his intention. Especially with someone he kind of had a small crush on.
He didn’t want to admit it to himself at first. He thought it was foolish to be so attracted to someone they’ve only just met but as weeks went by and then months, his attraction to you grew stronger and so did his starvation of touch.
But now you were sitting across from him, your fingers delicately fixing a device on his arm that he never thought he would have. That’s when a twisted feeling settled in his stomach. What were you thinking about as you fixed this foul modification on his arm? Did you see him as a man or a mere machine? His jaw clenched at the thought that didn’t go unnoticed by you as he turned his head away and closed his eyes.
You watch him for a moment and a horrible feeling sets in your stomach as you just had an inkling you knew what was bothering him. But, being the slightly inquisitive person you were, you just had to ask: “Echo? What happened to you that made you end up like this?”
Your question was hushed in the fears that Echo didn’t want anyone else to overhear. If anyone else had asked, he may have dismissed them but with you? His expression softened just the slightest.
“I, uh, got blown up.”
Although it shocked you, you kept your face neutral. Echo wasn’t one who wanted pity or sympathy so you just nodded and carried on your maintenance on his arm. “Oh… and you lived?” Dumb question, obviously but this earned a small laugh from the Clone.
“I did… and I didn’t…”
Eyes flickering up to him with a quizzing look, Echo began to tell you the horrific tale of how he ended up being used as a war-tool for the Separatists. You pushed halfway through your work to listen with intrigue and a part of you wished you never asked him the question as your eyes began to slightly water and a dejected look crossed his features.
“Echo… I’m sorry that happened to you.” Ever so gently, the hand that was resting on the crook of his elbow travels up to his cheek where a jolt of warmth shot through his body at your sincere touch.
Echo hisses, so unfamiliar with such a lovely gesture but as you quickly go to pull away due to his reaction, his flesh hand comes up and hovers over yours to hold it back to his face.
The gesture was sweet and unexpected but you kept your hand there and tilted your head to the side as he began talking again. “I don’t know how you can do it.”
“Do what?”
Echo gulps a little and gestures down to his scomp that was now in little pieces on the workbench. “Act like this doesn’t bother you.”
You frown and stare at him. “I’m a medic, Echo. Things like this don’t bother me at all.” Your voice is a little stern and you feel your heart sink momentarily as you hear him scoff.
“Come on, don’t do that.” You shake your head at him and this time pull your hand away, the warmth of your touch vanishing from Echo. “If this kind of thing bothered me I certainly wouldn’t be in this profession.” You began welding some pieces together, very aware that he now had a slightly strong gaze on you.
“Why doesn’t it bother you?”
You chuckle. “I’ve treated many soldiers - I’ve seen worse. I’ve… dealt with worse.” Your chuckle subsides as the thoughts of men you have tended to during battles, some never making it back home to Kamino. You weren’t sure Echo was particularly lucky but he was lucky to still be alive.
“I suppose. But doesn't seeing a Reg like this bother you?”
You had reattached the compartments back onto his scomp, using a small welding tool to forge it together for more durability when he asked the question. “You’re different from the Regs.”
You pull away from his scomp and swivel round in your chair, rummaging through a toolbox as Echo settles on your words. “Different how?” He questions, sensing that it wasn’t just his appearance you were suggesting too.
Glancing over your shoulder, you idly look him up and down and your mouth ran dry at what you really wanted to say. “W-well, you’re a lot kinder than a lot of your brothers. You’re not arrogant like some I’ve met.” You mumble, looking away as you try to hide how you truly felt about him.
“Huh, really? Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?” He crossed his arms over his chest, suddenly looking a little smug.
His words surprise you and you turn to him with slightly wide eyes as you try to read what he was suggesting. Did he know that you liked him? Your stomach twists at the thought and you try to shake out your nerves.
“Shut up.” You say almost bashfully, grabbing a small tool and facing him fully. “Now give me your hand again.” Outstretching your hand to him.
And he did.
You instantly looked down to see his flesh hand take a hold of your own and you let out a small breathless laugh. “I meant the, uh, other one.” Cheeks turning pink a little as he smiled warmly at you, his digits gently grazing against the skin on the back of your hand.
“I know what you said.” He replied casually but he just had to feel your touch once more. In fact, he found himself longing for it as you had pulled away, begrudgingly, after a few moments and reached over for his scomp for some final touches.
You were silent for the next few minutes and Echo began to feel unnerved, as if what he did had bothered you as you refused to meet his gaze from then on.
His apology made you look up but nothing but confusion crossed your face. “What for?”
“For uh, the hand thing.” He mutters, running his hand over the back of his neck. You offered him a small smile.
“That’s okay,” you reply, setting your tools down after finally finishing up, “I don’t mind holding your hand.” Okay, you definitely didn’t mean to say that out loud as you believed it was just an internal thought.
Echo almost chokes on air and your eyes went comically wide as you both looked at each other awkwardly. Neither of you knew what to say so you settled on just slowly turning your chair away and placing everything away before standing to your feet. “I should go and see… see something.” You pointed in the direction of the cockpit.
As you go to move past, from the corner of your eye you see Echo quickly stand and turn to you. Instinctively, you gaze back upon his tall frame and watch as he takes a few steps towards you. There was a conflict in his eyes, one you hadn’t seen for some time as he decided on his next set of actions but his flesh hand slowly raised, a little shaky if you really took the time to analyze it and extended it out to you. “I don’t mind holding your hand either.”
Your heart thumped crazily against your chest, a grin spreading onto your lips as your hand slipped into his own, watching him physically melt under your touch as he slowly brought you to him, scomp resting gracefully on your waist. “Echo.” You breathe his name softly, a small gasp emitting as he brings you flush against his chest.
“Is this alright?” He says so quietly that you weren’t sure if he had even spoken at all. The hand that held yours let go and soon trailed up towards your cheek and you inhaled sharply. Echo eyes shone with warmth, his breathing a little ragged as he trailed his fingers over the softness of your skin that felt like heaven to touch for him. So long he had wanted to embrace someone like this; someone like you.
“It’s perfect.” You close your eyes as you bathe in his hold, allowing him to explore your features. “You’re perfect.”
Echo felt his heart about to explode in his chest. Eyes wide in disbelief at your words but you had been nothing but honest with him since you met.
“I’m not-.”
“You are to me.”
Echo's mouth closed and a small smile flitted onto his lips. “I feel like it’s fairly obvious now but I may as well tell you cyare… I have feelings for you. Have done for a while.”
You hum, eyes opening to meet his own and a smile of adoration graced your features that made his knees shake. “I think I gathered that.”
His warm chuckle filled your soul as he embraced the warmth of your body you were kind enough to share. “I should thank you for helping me too with my scomp. Can be tricky to do but you seem to have no problem with it.”
Both of your hands move up his body, tracing over his chest plate until his arms wrap around the back of his neck. “And how do you plan on thanking me?” You purr softly, hoping he would get the hint that you wouldn’t mind sharing a little kiss with the clone.
Echo tilts his head to the side, a little bit of nervousness evident on his face at your indirect suggestion. Your fingers tickle the back of his neck making him shiver and subconsciously bringing you nearer to him. Your noses practically touching.
“You don’t have to kiss me if you don’t want to.” You tell him sweetly, easing him but he quickly shakes his head.
“No, I want to!” He said, a little too eager for his liking but this only satisfied you as you lean into him.
“Good… because so do I.”
Your lips brushed up against his and Echo felt his whole galaxy collide. Explosions erupted in his chest as his eyes closed and he embraced the sweetness of your kiss.
He cups your jaw, finding the confidence to finally move his lips along with yours and testing the waters. A heat courses through his veins, the sweetness of your lips doing nothing but filling his mind with clouded thoughts of how perfect this situation was. But, unfortunately and horrifyingly for you both, you’re both interrupted by someone clearing their throat.
You both snap away from eachother, yet the hold is still there as you both spot Crosshair leaning against the wall with a smirk on his lips. “Interrupting something?”
You blush a deep red and you shyly pull away from Echo, whispering a ‘I’ll talk to you later?’ To which he nods. Once out of sight, you giggle a little to yourself at what just happened but laugh even more as you hear Echo complaining to Crosshair.
“Kriff, how long have you been stood there?’
“Long enough.”
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… Touch Starved with Wrecker …
… Touch Starved with Hunter …
… Touch Starved with Echo …
… Touch Starved with Tech …
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heythere525 · 4 months ago
First Kiss- Bad Batch Members x Fem Reader
Tumblr media
Just a small little thing i thought would be cute to write, so this is how your first kiss goes with the BatchUwU
You and Hunter had been finally dating after months of obvious feelings for each other, and Hunters brothers were happy you all were finally together because they totally ship it. But they also see how happy he is with you so they are glad he can be happy with someone in this peeiod in their lives. It had only been 3 months of you two dating and things were great even if you all were running from the empire and keeping a low profile. But the latest mission wasnt so easy on you guys. There was nowhere to run or cover this time.
So you decided to do a risky move to make sure your boys and Omega got out safe, youd find your own way out, you were pretty good at getting out of stuff in a clutch. So much to Hunters dislike you caused your distraction enough for everyone to get on the ship, but Hunter was not gonna leave you. "Im going after y/n, the rest of you start up the ship and be prepared to leave" Hunter said and they all nodded except Omega. This is how you ended up in a cell. You hadn't thought Hunter would come after you so your plan was messed up, the rest got away on time by order of Hunter and were no doubt planning a rescue.
You both had been in the cell for a few hours and you could tell Hunter was upset by the way he wasn't really talking to you and giving you short answers. You scooted closer to him on the cell bench you were both sitting on. "Love, listen Im sorry about doing something reckless like that, its my fault we are in this mess" you said. Hunter sighed, "its not all your fault, if i hadn't messed with your plan it probably would have worked", "not PROBABLY, it WOULD have worked". Hunter chuckled, he then faced you, "just promise you won't do anything like that again, i can't have you get hurt or worse". You kissed his cheek, "ya, ya i got it Sarge" you said, Hunters eyes widened and senses kicked in like a ton of bricks. The warmth of your lips still lingered on his cheek that he wanted more of that feeling.
Before you could completely pull away he quickly caught your lips in a kiss. You squeaked in surprise, but soon kissed the Sargent back. It was passionate and so loving, the kiss lasted just long enough to leave you two breathless. "I mean it y/n" he smirked, "well maybe i should do it again if it means i get more kisses", Hunter laughed and pulled you close, "you know" he spoke "maybe being in this cell isn't so bad after all". You smiled, "ya but the others are probably worried, especially Meg", Hunter sighed "i just hope she doesn't try to do anything you just did in the future". "She'd be really cool if she did", Hunter turned to you and smiled "stop".
You all had landed on a planet because the ship needed supplies, and fixing, which left Tech and Echo to fixing the ship and the rest of you to go into town. It was just going to be you and Hunter, but then Omega wanted to go and explore too, and Wrecker didn't wanna feel left out so he joined you all too, Wrecker could never leave your side especially if you were all on a weird new planet. He had just gotten you as a girlfriend and was NOT losing you now. "Remember what we are here for, supplies only" Hunter repeated over again, Omega and Wrecker nodded but of course they both would not listen.
And you had had to admit you were very curious too about the planet you were on and wanted to experience it all. "Wait does this mean we cant get mantell mix?" Wrecker asked, "what if they don't have any here?" Omega said looking up at him, "a planet without mantell mix is a planet i never wanna live on". You laughed and Hunter sighed, "don't worry honey we'll find your mix" you told him, "No we won't, remember supplies only y/n" Hunter once again stated. "Well ya but if theres time we can-IS THAT A FAIR?" you stopped in your tracks and looked at the fair that was going on around the town.
The rides, food, smells, families, and prizes brought you all back to when you were a kid and you remembered all the times you had gone to fairs. "Wow that looks amazing!" Omega said eyes wide, "what's a fair?" She asked. You explained to her as you all walked in town and Wrecker couldn't take his eyes off you. He loved how you treated Omega and he loved the way you talked about what you were interested in, he remembered times when you had talked to him about the fairs you used to go to when younger. He knew you loved it so he had an idea, "hey what if we came later and...ya know enjoyed the fair?" He asked bashfully grabbing the back of his neck as looked at you. "That would be great Wreck!" You smiled.
"Can i come too?" Omega asked, "of course! We wouldn't leave ya behind" Wrecker said putting her on his shoulders. Later you all came down to the fair much to Hunters dislike, but he couldn't say no to Omega. And as promised you go Wrecker his mix and he was so greatful, "this is the best mantel mix ever!" He smiled and continued to munch down on his snack, you gigled, most of the day was all of you trying new and diffrent snacks, but as you continued walking is when you finally saw it.
You gasped and everyone turned, it was the cutest stuffed loth cat you had ever seen, he was hanging at a games booth. "HE IS ABSOLUTELY THE CUTEST!" you exclaimed, "do you have to win it?" Omega asked, "yup, once you win the game the prize is yours, but sometimes they are rigged and impossible to win". "What do you have to do?" She asked, "well you have to hit that target as hard as you can so it activates and pops the ball, then you get the prize" you explained. Wrecker could see how much you wanted it and was determined to get it for you, it was the least he could do.......plus he wanted you to kbow your boyfriend was really cool.
"Here hold this for me" Wrecker said to Omega as he handed her his mix, he then gently grabbed your hand and led you to the game booth, "Wreck? What are you-" "im getting you that cat if its the last thing i do". Sure enough Wrecker paid the man and hit the target a liiiiiiiitle too hard that the ball loudly popped, the man at the booth looked terrified, he had never seen someone hit it that hard and handed Wrecker his prize. Wrecker turned and handed you the cat, you squealed and hugged the cat so tight. "Thanks honey! Your the best!" You said, "awwwww it was nothing love-" you cut Wrecker off by yanking him down and kissing him, the sweet taste of the mix hit you.
Wrecker had never been happier than in that moment, he pulled you closer and deepened the kiss. Once you both ran out of air you both pulled away, you could see the faint blush on Wreckers cheeks and kisses it. The whole day was then filled with Wrecker winning you prizes and him getting more kisses.
You and Tech had worked close together for a while now, you were always so curious to how things worked and were put together. Tech was happy to explain and show you new things, or explain what he was working on. You soon became his little helper with all kinds of things around the ship, well you and Omega since she was very curious and wanted to learn too. But when you and Tech worked it was like you could read his mind, "y/n could you pass me the-" "got it" you cut him off passing him the tool.
"Thank you darling" he smiled, Tech loved that you could read him so well, no one else could. He loved you, but couldn't really say it, Tech was great with explaining many things but when it came to how he felt about you, well it was one thing he didn't want to say. Tech wasn't sure if you really liked him in that way, he didn't want to ruin the closeness you both had. Tech was snapped out if his thoughts when he heard Omega run onto the ship, "y/n! Look how Wrecker showed me how to disarm a bomb! Wanna learn?" She asked.
"Sure Meg, Tech are you-" you were cut off by Tech, "I'll be fine, you can keep Omega company now". You then walked off listening to Omega ramble, just then Echo walked on the ship glancing at you then Tech. "Don't be jealous" Echo said, "jealous of what exactly?" Tech asked, "of Omega for taking y/n away". "I am not jealous", "wow its painful to see you lie" Echo laughed. Tech sighed and continued working, "just talk to her and tell her how you feel" Echo said and walked off.
Tech thought about it, what if he told you how he felt and you rejected him? Everything would be ruined between you and awkward. But if he didn't tell you he would always have regret. What if one day you met someone else? What could he do? He sighed again. He had considered many times talking to you and telling you but he was just too neevous, you made him feel ways he didn't really understand. But he knew he loved you, maybe it was time to tell you. But he would say it when the timw was right.
Later on when everyone was in the ship Tech made an excuse for your help by "repairing" the ship from the outside away from everyone. "Y/n there is something i need to tell you" he said, "is something wrong with the ship? Can you not fix it?" You asked, "the ship is fine, plus i am sure that there isn't anything i can't fix", you laughed. "Y/n....i was wondering if, um...i hope you don't mind but it seems i have.....feelings for you" he said and your eyes widened.
"I've had these feelings for a while now and i can't seem to make them stop, when i am with you i feel...diffrent than how i feel with the others, i feel myself attracted to you in many ways. You are intelligent, beautiful, brave, energetic, your look on life and things is absolutely lovely, i am positive you bring out the best in me, and you care for others and for myself so much i-" you cut Tech off by smashing your lips on his. Tech let out a tiny gasp, he was prepared for two outcomes, one you hate him and only look at him in disgust forever, or two you actually by some miracle reciprocate his feelings and talk about where to go from here.
He had not calculated you kissing him this passionately right now. As you and Tech pulled away you smiled at his now read blushing face, "i love you too Tech, i always have. Ive been wondering when you were gonna tell me how you felt" you smiles, "i apologize it took me so long", it was worth the wait.
The batch have been on a mission for a few days and Echo couldn't wait to get back to you, he needed you right now. He just needed a moment of peace and calmness and with tou he found it. Which is what made him tell you how he felt about you a couple of weeks ago. You worked with Cid, you worked as a bartender and sometimes a cook, when Echo found out that someone like you wasn't disgusted by him he couldn't help but fall for you.
As they landed and headed to Cids Omega noticed how eager Echo was, "you've misses y/n a lot haven't you" Omega smiled. "Echo's got a crush!" Wrecker teased, "actually Echo has a partner which means its not really a crush anymore" Tech added. The boys entered Cids to see you weren't there, Echo looked around the room hopping you'd appear, "business first Echo, it won't take long anyway then you'll see her" Hunter said seeing how his brother was already lost in why their here. Hunter wanted Echo to see you and didn't want to come off as mean but the sooner they met with Cid the more time Echo had with you.
As the boys entered the office Omega went to look for you in the kitchen and saw you basically running around trying to cook. "Y/n!" She said scaring you but running up to hug you, "hey Meg!" You said returning her hug, "what are you making?" She asked. "Well im making proper food for you all" "proper?" "Yes because you all can't just survive on rations and mantel mix, so im making you all a proper dinner with everything you SHOULD be eating". "Does that mean that green stuff too?" "You mean vegetables? Yes" "Wreckers not gonna like that" she laughed.
Omega begged to help so you had her wash some stuff and prepare a table for all of you, "Omega can you help me get this out the oven?" You asked and she gladly helped, "smells great in here" Echo said coming in and his brothers behind him. You smiled, "y/n said we need proper food so she made us dinner, which also means vegetable's" Omega said making Wrecker groan, "I hate that green stuff!" He huffed. "Well Wreck if you don't eat it you dont get to have the sweets i made for dessert" you laughed, Wrecker gasped "you made dessert?! Alright, alright i'll eat everything".
Omega led the boys to the table but Echo came and slid an arm around your waist as you finished up. "You really made all this just for us? You shouldn't have" he said, "well what can i say, i love you and missed you". Echo's heart lept out of his chest hearing you say that, "i love you too" he said. Echo brought his face closer to yours but hesitated on what he should do, and if he should do it at all. What if he reacted weird and upset you? Echo still wasn't that used to physical contact. So you broke the distance between you two and kissed him, Echo's mind went blank and everything he was thinking vanished as he melted into your kiss. You pulled away and both of you blushed, "come on handsome its time for dinner" you smiled and he helped you go set everything on the table.
The misson went wrong. Crosshair could see it from the position he was in, you had been in the middle of an explosion. His heart dropped as he rushed down to see you in Wreckers arms, luckily you had taken cover under a few peices of borken ship but it still didn't protect you well. "Get her on the ship now!" Hunter ordered as Wrecker and Tech ran off in the direction of the ship. The rest of them did their best to complet the mission, but all Cross could think of was you. He was praying you'd be okay. He couldn't lose you.
You had been with the batch for years now but like Cross you were a very quiet and observant person. You listened to everyone when they talked and kept quiet when they told you things. You were a vault of secrets and the batch trusted you with everything. But when it came to you and Cross you were still more talkative then him. But thats how he surprisingly got along with you, the rest couldn't believe how tight you two were. There were even nights that you both couldn't sleep so you crawled in bed with Cross, both your nightmares would soon disappear when you were in each others arms.
This would definitely mean he'd wake up with his brothers looking down at the two of you smirking and Wrecker giggling, "don't you dare say ANYTHING" he'd quietly threaten them as you slept. He quickly developed feelings for you, though he'd never admit it to anyone. He just never told you because....well because its him. How could he ever tell you? Now here he is running back to the ship with his brothers hoping your ok.
As they ran in the ship Echo started it up, and Cross bolted to your bunk to find Tech doing his best to patch you up. "How is she?" He asked, "she's in bad shape, she took a lot of damage, she lost quite a bit of blood, but she will be fine" Tech said. Crosahair sighed in relief, "thats good to hear" Hunter said coming in the room. "She will need some time to heal but she will be fine, she just needs rest" Tech said and left the room. Hunter watched as Cross looked down at you sleeping, "you finally gonna tell her when she wakes up?" Hunter asked crossing his arms, Crosshair turned to face him.
"Tell her what?" Hunter sighed "your really going to say that like the rest of us don't know you love her? You even know it too" Hunter said. Cross rolled his eyes and sat next to you, "its pretty obvious how you two feel", "nothing is obvious" Cross hissed. "Well if i were you....id tell her, you almost lost her today, don't make it seem like you don't care" Hunter said and walked out of the room.
2 days passed and you still hadn't woken up, Cross never left your side. He wanted to be there when you woke. He barley slept and his brothers were worried, but just as he was falling asleep your eyes slowly opened. You coughed a few times and turned to see him, his face lit up, "Cr-Cross?" You whispered. Your voice hurt and your body felt like it had been slammed through so many walls. Crosshair couldn't take it he slammed his lips against yours so fast, you squeaked. He held your face in his hands deepening the kiss and only pulled away once he was sure you both couldn't breath.
Your eyes were wide, "i....i died didn't i? We're both dead aren't we?" He smirked, "nope your not leaving me yet sweetheart". Maker he loved you
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middimidoris · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring…
Well, Omega stirred, got hungry and took a bite!
Happy Holidays! 🎁🎄
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Tumblr media
The Clone Wars Echo = The Bad Batch Echo
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cc7567 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think Echo would be really good at teaching even though it didn't really look like it in the show :/
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theclonesaremysons · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reasons why I love Echo 1/∞
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chopper-base · 3 months ago
Omega: Hey Echo!
Echo: what's up, kid?
Omega: you should put rocket boosters in your legs so you can fly!!
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Bad batch + Halo
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ashxdragon · 26 days ago
CST-7567 Clone Sparten Trooper Captain Rex @CM_Productions
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not gunna lie...this is sick as heck.
(Not my art but the artist is available on twitter)
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Sleeping Echo from College AU.
He deserves a nap with Lula, okay!?
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rainydaydream-gal18 · a month ago
(The Bad Batch) Imagine: Morning on the Marauder
It's morning on the Marauder. Tech landed on some planet to fill up on supplies, and the ship stayed on the ground overnight.
You wake to see the pale light of dawn creeping in through a viewport. Stretching, you let out a yawn and try to shake the remaining sleepiness away. After freshening up a bit, you pad down the hall, passing by your squad. Wrecker's snoring can be heard from any part if the ship. As you walk by, you catch a glimpse of him shifting in his sleep. Echo is still out, most likely getting a little extra sleep in the early hours after a restless night. You reach the cockpit, smiling as you take in the sight of Tech leaned back in the pilot's chair, head turned at an awkward angle, while his chest rises and falls with each quiet snore. He is one for being a nightowl, so it isn't unusual for him to sleep in. Hunter's just stirring in one of the other chairs. You offer him a quiet "good morning," and he returns the gesture, though you know by now that it's best to leave him to his routine so he can wake up fully. He tends to be a little on the gruff side if anyone tries to engage him too early. You know that Omega is still fast asleep in her room, or else the ship wouldn't be as quiet as it is yet. She's usually the most chipper in the morning, already asking questions or starting conversation when she gets up. You pull your outer cloak tighter around your form and don your boots before heading down the ramp outside. Crosshair is standing a several feet away from the ship, his back turned to you, sipping caf out of his favorite travel cup. He's so very quiet, but you know he was the first one up and is wide awake. Gravel crunches beneath your boots as you approach. A small cloud of warmth leaves your lips with each exhale in the cool, morning air.
You stand beside him to watch the sun rise, and neither of you say a word. He gives you a sideways glance before holding out another cup full of your favorite morning beverage, made just how you like it.
You accept it gratefully, squinting as the first orange beams of sunlight rise over the treeline.
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