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zoeykallus · 18 hours ago
Hunter/Tech/Echo/Crosshair x Pregnant Reader + Toddler HC's
Tumblr media
What I want to get into in these HC's is how do our favorite clones act while "we" are pregnant, what is the first time like with the kids, as babies and toddlers? Be warned, there is fluff but there is also hurt and tension in this aswell as comfort. I didn't see any point in making up all fluffy, it's jut not how I see this in my head.
I maybe will do this with Wrecker and some other clones too, we'll see.
Tumblr media
Hunter: You can't hide from him that you're pregnant, so don't even try. He immediately smells the change in your hormone levels and asks you nosy questions until you give in and tell him what's going on. Or, of course, you tell him directly. He will be happy, very happy, he is made to be a Dad and he knows it, at least since Omega came into his life.
Hunter will take care of you as best he can, he won't be afraid to ask for advice or maybe even to ask Tech to get him some reading material, so he can help you in the best possible way and ease your circumstances. It's less fun when you get cravings, because he'll be meticulous about what you eat to make sure you and the baby get only good and healthy things. So when you get cravings for fast food or something like that, you have to somehow get rid of him for a little while first. And don't let him catch you trying too hard, especially when the baby bump is starting to show, from that point on you're a raw egg.
In the first days and weeks after birth, he is the proudest guy in the universe. He tells everyone he meets whether asked or not, that he recently became a father, absolutely EVERYONE. And his love for his child underlines everything he says and does about the baby.
Changing diapers Hunter rarely does, you can't blame him, his senses make it hard for him, he perceives unpleasant smells much more intensely, yet he does his best and relieves you of as much as he can for it in other areas. He loves to feed the little one, to rock it to sleep and to bathe the baby. However, the little one cries a lot, for a long time you are helpless and tired almost to the point of despair, until Tech suggests that your child might have inherited Hunter's senses and the sensory influences are just too much for the little one. The first months are very exhausting, but together you are an unbeatable, even if tired team.
Toddler: Physically the child develops quite fast, motor skills are developed early and you always have to keep a watchful eye, also a thing that Hunter has passed on with his genes. The toddler is shy and rather reserved, just because of the heightened senses it prefers a certain quiet. Favorite uncle is Crosshair, the rather quiet sniper is the child's favorite babysitter, he doesn't talk much but is attentive and provides security without making the child feel crowded. Hunter starts early teaching the little one how to best use heightened senses, protect himself and use that heritage wisely. He is a patient, loving father and always willing to learn.
Tumblr media
Tech: "Oh," is the first thing you hear from him as you deliver the news. It takes him a little while to collect himself and finally a smile appears on his face, "A baby? We made a baby?"
Tech already knows a lot of things anyway but he plunges into even more information to really find out everything. He makes himself nervous by doing this, because he reads about a lot of things that could happen to you during pregnancy. He is hyper vigilant, accompanying you to every doctor's visit and putting together a nutrition plan for you. If you have cravings, he still can't deny you anything, he wants you to be happy so he gets you everything you want.
Just before and after the birth you don't have to worry about anything, Tech does EVERYTHING. He suffered with you when the baby was born, no information in the universe could have prepared him for that, shocked to the bone and worried every millisecond he might lose you, he held your hand and allowed you to almost break his fingers when the contractions hit you, and he wants you to rest.
He is a proud, very caring father. He has always been a busy workhorse but as long as the child is so young, he will prefer to be with you and the little one to take care of you instead of tinkering with his projects.
The toddler speaks very early, shows tendencies to a particularly high intelligence very early, something that makes Tech happy beyond measure, a pretty child that looks like you, has your kind-hearted nature, but his intellect. As soon as it can speak, it pesters its father with questions, MANY questions. Tech is only too happy to answer them, but you need to have a conversation about what the child should already know and what not....
Tumblr media
Echo: Is completely overwhelmed at the first moment. "Father, me?! How could this happen... oh, yeah, sorry, of course I know how this happened".
He is super nervous but once he realizes his behavior makes you sad, he finally catches himself. He is looking forward to having a family with you, his first reaction was just automatic fear of not being enough.
He takes loving care of you, bringing you your favorite snacks from the road, little pretty things to make you happy and as compensation when he couldn't be with you because of work. Echo tries to free up as much time as possible for you, he wants to support you and be with you when you need him.
During the birth he collapses in the delivery room, he was exhausted just before, organizing everything, then the warmth of the delivery room plus the already existing excitement and his system collapses. He cries when he holds his child in his arms for the first time, something he never thought possible, a family of his own, a child.
The baby is loved and cared for, Echo, contrary to his expectations, is completely absorbed in being a caring father. He changes diapers, he feeds, he bathes, he even sings the little one to sleep. His heart overflows with love and joy. But don't let the baby cough - PANIC. You've been to the doctor more often than the rest of the universe.
As a toddler, Echo takes your child with him more often when he is on harmless missions. All batch members are uncles and the little one is protected and loved from all sides.
Tumblr media
Crosshair: He just stares at you when you tell him you are pregnant. He can't handle it at all and you should be prepared for that. He didn't want kids and he told you that from the beginning, but now it's happened. He is acting distant. Crosshair doesn't blame you, he knows it takes two to tango and he has as much responsibility in this as you do, he won't run away but joy looks different. This is a bitter pill.
He hasn't touched you for a long time, has generally kept his distance, of course you are depressed and many a night you have cried yourself to sleep, feeling lonely and suddenly very anxious about becoming a mother.
But one night, as you are getting changed for bed, he happens to come in and there you both are, frozen in your movement, he sees the beginnings of the baby bump and something happens to him. He blinks, his hard, usually stern expression softens. Crosshair steps closer to you, his hand, his long fingers, gently rest on your belly. You can't help it, you start to cry, the hormones, the fear and the relief as he finally approaches you again open the dams. He presses you against him and whispers "I'm sorry that I left you alone". He realizes that you must be afraid and he regrets how he has behaved up to this point. He is suddenly much more quick to be jealous and also much more protective, almost too protective.
Crosshair cares for you, more than usual, but still don't expect him to overcare, it's just not in his nature. In the first few months you are already happy when he holds the child, he is desperately trying to feel a bond, but it is hard for him. However, as the child gets older and he can play the first games with him, he finally thaws out, he pays attention, takes care, makes food for the child and loves to play with the little one. When you come into the nursery to get your child ready for bed, you hear them both say in unison, "Five more minutes!"
Tumblr media
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lyrisei · a day ago
Tumblr media
current WIP for pirate!hunter. bro his pecs. his honkers. bro
i WILL be continuing his tattoo all the way down i promise you that
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Unsure if your requests are open. but for physical affection prompts may I request 16 & 25 under physical affection prompts with Hunter x Readet?
My requests are still open, yes! It just took me a while to get through them all! And I love writing for Hunter 🥰 Here you go, my friend!
"When We First Met"
16. Kissing knuckles
25. Playfully biting someone
Pairing: Hunter x fem reader
You and Hunter had been together for a little while now and he never ceased to make you feel special. Whenever you had a moment alone with him, his first priority was always you. He asked how you were doing first and made sure you were okay and then would ask if there was anything you needed. He would kiss your forehead or your lips or anywhere he could reach to show even more how much he loved you. He was kind, loving, protective, brave and encouraging. To you, he was the kind of man that any male of any species in the galaxy should strive to be like.
One night, the two of you were lying in bed facing each other, just looking into each other's eyes. He held your hand in his and was running his thumb over the back of your hand.
"Do you remember when we first met?" he asked you wistfully, looking down at your hands briefly.
You snickered, amused. "I could never forget. The brawl at the bar with a guy who wouldn't leave me alone. I punched him when he got handsy with me and when he tried to hit me back, you stopped him and got your brothers to handle him." You also glance at your entwined hands. "I broke that hand punching him." Then you looked back at the Sergeant. "Then you tended to my hand and bandaged it with the most tender care I've ever seen."
Hunter took the hand you had mentioned and pressed the back of it to his lips, softly kissing your knuckles.
"It was all worth it," you commented.
"You know...I had actually had my eyes on you for a while that night before that happened," he admitted to you. "I just wasn't sure if I should approach you or not, but once that man started bothering you, I couldn't sit back anymore."
Grinning, you then asked, "You want to know something?" You sat up just a little and leaned forward until your lips were just grazing his ear. Then you whispered, "I knew you were watching me." Knowing that would tease him and wanting to push him a little further, you gently bit his earlobe, eliciting a tiny, startled cry from him. He jerked back a little to look at you as you giggled playfully.
"Wait, you knew?" he asked back.
With a nod, you replied, "You're not exactly subtle, Hunter."
A sheepish expression crossed his face.
You went on, "I saw you watching me...and I was hoping you would come over to me. I just didn't think it would take an idiot who couldn't take 'no' for an answer giving me a hard time and me hurting myself first for you to do it."
He gave you a timid grin, but then he said back, "Well...it gave me the push I needed. Things still worked out, though, wouldn't you say?"
You inched closer to him and placed a loving kiss on his lips, lingering long enough for your action to answer his question on its own.
Yes, things had certainly worked out, indeed.
Physical Affection Prompts
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When the fandom creates a fanon for a character that's so bad you begin to resent the canon for that character too.
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003mm · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit to @Bribinart
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crosshairscyare · a month ago
Tumblr media
them 🔥
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donkey-rider · a month ago
*The Bad Batch watching a nature documentary*
Tech's S/O: If we were both penguins, would you bring me rocks for my nest?
Tech: of course my love
Omega: awh that's so sweet <3
Crosshair: I want to leave
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chopper-base · a month ago
Hunter: Cross, where are you going?
Crosshair: to get ice cream or commit a war crime. We'll decide in the ship.
Hunter: ...'we'? Who is 'we'?
Omega: *following Crosshair* it'll probably be ice cream-
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lornaka · a year ago
Tumblr media
Star Wars does it again 
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shadestepping · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve been editing beards onto clones for the hell of it, because we really just need more bearded men in our lives 🥵
@same-heart-same-blood @rylothcaptain @its-capt-traitor-to-you @tbbs-best-hair @exceptionally-minded @superiorsniper @lula-and-the-cavalry @the-echo-in-the-room @obiwanshusband
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(The Bad Batch) He Reminds You To Eat
Author's Note: In NO WAY do I wish to glorify not eating with these preferences. My anxiety has caused some issues with eating, so I understand the struggle and know it is not fun. Please, please, please, remember to take care of yourself. My beliefs are based on the Bible, and there are actually verses about treating the body well. Anyway, I hope that you're all doing alright and that you enjoy this!
Hunter: He doesn't miss the fact that you skipped lunch, too preoccupied with tasks around the ship. He doesn't miss how your stomach growls or when you fumble your words or miss a detail because you're lacking in sustenance. The last thing he wants is to embarrass you in away way, or come across as a nag, so when there's a quiet moment he'll just quietly slide a place over to you across the work desk, flashing you a pointed look with lifted brows. He won't take "no" for an answer. In the end, you're grateful he gave you that extra nudge.
Wrecker: His concern is not very masked. Though he won't point anything out in front of the squad, he'll still spend the whole day offering you food. It may get annoying because no matter how many times you refuse and insist that you're fine, he won't give up and keeps asking in a good-natured way. Wrecker will come out and say that he's just worried and mumbles that he cares very much for you. He will gladly dine with you when you decide to have something.
Tech: Notices and goes into medic mode, gently reminding you that it's important to eat and stay hydrated. His concern increases the longer you go without heeding his advice to try and have something. He is a bit of a nag in the end, but he nags you with facts, so it's hard to argue. He'll eventually get you something anyway even if you refuse enough times.
Echo: He'll take note, but will wait for an opportune moment to speak to you about it later. He gets it, he really does. He's had days where it's tough to take care of himself, but you're there to help him out in those times. He doesn't want to get all up in your business, but he does care and wants you to at least have a little something. He offers to go get you something to eat that you'd be more in the mood to have.
Crosshair: Nothing escapes those sharp eyes. He quietly notices, but won't say anything right away. He won't try and plead with you or negotiate. At the end of the day, he just gives you food that he knows you'll want and stares at you with narrowed eyes like, "that's right, I'm onto you" while he chews on a toothpick. He will sit there the whole time and make sure you have something before he's satisfied.
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zoeykallus · a day ago
Hunter – Dirty Little Thief 6 – Scorching Hot
Tumblr media
Hunter x female reader She/Her (Enemies To Lovers)
Warnings: Suggestive 17+
Strongly Suggestive (No actual sex)/Strong Language/ Physical Contact/ Tiny Bit of Fluff
Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Hunter and you aren't very good at communicating, but you still know how to show each other how attracted you are to one another.
What Happened Before:
Dirty Little Thief
Part 2 -Fairplay
Part 3- What We Do Not Admit
Part 4 - Provocative
Part 5 - Fighting And Loving
Part 6 - Scorching Hot
Tumblr media
After you finished the laundry and dodged Crosshair's prying questions, it was almost noon. As you walked down the ramp into the open, an uncomfortable heat hit you. The day had heated up tremendously.
Wrecker was working with Echo to get a huge pop-up pool ready. A wonderful idea, especially in this heat, you thought. Hastily you went back to the Marauder. It was a day off, it was hot, a perfect excuse to dress in something civil, breezy, maybe even slightly revealing.
You put on a white slightly shorter, loosely falling skirt, along with an emerald green V-neck shirt with slit sleeves, and underneath your only bikini and a pair of chic but comfortable sandals.
When you went back outside, Wrecker was already standing in his swim trunks next to the pool that was just filling up very slowly. He was discussing with Echo that it would take too long to fill the pool if they didn't tap more water sources.
But what you were really looking for was Hunter. You couldn't see him anywhere, obviously he wasn't back yet, wherever he had gone.
"Does anyone know where Hunter is?" you asked innocently.
Echo and Wrecker turned to you, both pausing for a moment to look at you in the unfamiliar outfit.
Echo was the first to regain his composure and said, "He was at Cid's earlier, I think he changed there and went to the market, he said he would be back soon."
You wondered what he was doing at the market.
"Ey, Ad'ika" Wrecker brought you out of your thoughts "Echo and I are going to get something in town for a barbecue and drinks, for a relaxing day and evening by the pool. Is there anything in particular you want us to bring you?"
Hunter, you thought silently, but then said, "Those big fat mushrooms that I can't remember the name of"
Behind you, Tech cleared his throat. "Red lorath caps, that's what the locals call it".
"Thanks Tech" you replied and to Echo you added, "That what he just said".
Tumblr media
Tech, Wrecker and Echo went to town together, you stayed by the pool and watched the water level slowly rise.
"Nice new outfit, don't think I've seen you in it before".
Startled you turned around, Hunter was standing behind you, he was wearing shorts, a shirt and sandals. A very unfamiliar image.
"I can only return that," you said with a grin.
"Where is everyone?"
"In town getting stuff for the barbecue".
Hunter laughed, "Let me guess, Wrecker's idea? Why wouldn't it be, the weather is perfect, the pool is already up I see, it will be full soon too. The day has started well and seems to be holding at this level"
You nodded in agreement, a dreamy permanent smile on your lips. Neither of you said a word about the kiss, about how attracted you were to each other. You were determined to talk to him, but now you were face to face and you didn't know what to say. He seemed to feel the same way.
Hunter helped you put up a sun shade for the pool and the camp table where you would eat later. Neither of you said a word.
Hunter took off his shirt, it was warm enough and he would be walking around in just swim shorts later anyway.
But you couldn't help but stare at him. He looked like a painted man, hard muscles under tanned skin. He had a little chest hair curling darkly and you saw his happy trail that started just below his belly button and ended somewhere below the belt, beyond his waistband.
Your pulse quickened a little.
Hunter smirked as he noticed your gaze and the change in your pulse.
"Do you see something you like? Do you need a cold shower, maybe?"
You blinked and felt heat rise in your cheeks, felt caught. On impulse you took off your shirt, after all you had your bikini on underneath. Hunter's smile froze and he couldn't move for a moment. You could see him swallow, finally he muttered, " Ye fightin' rough".
With a grin you said, "See something you like? Do you need a cold shower maybe?"
You deftly grabbed the hose from which water was still running into the pool and pointed it at Hunter, soaking his hair and chest and parts of his shorts.
Hunter let out a startled grunt. When you took the hose back down with a laugh, he wiped the water and wet strands from his face. He looked at you in disbelief.
"You little rascal!" he growled with a wry smile "Well wait till I get my hands on you".
He grabbed you faster than you could prepare to run away. You let out a small yelp as he held you against his wet body and had to laugh.
"Got you, a lot easier than I thought," he teased you with a smile, his hands on your hips.
Your pulse quickened again, so close to his beautiful body, his dazzling smile looking at you, his hands on your hips. Heat rose in your cheeks and ears and other places that were much more omnipotent.
Quietly he said to you, "There it is again, the rapid pulse, temperature rise and that sweet heavy smell."
He leaned his forehead against yours.
"Smell?" you asked barely louder than a whisper.
"Your arousal, it smells sweet and heavy with a very slight bitter undertone, like one of those sour fruits you soak in honey and sugar before you eat it" he painted you a picture of what he could smell on you.
"Hunter," you said a little breathlessly.
"Yes, mesh'la?"
"The kiss....," you began, but couldn't get any more words out, your mind blank again.
You sighed softly but Hunter smiled unperturbed and asked, "You want another kiss?"
Blinking, you looked up at him as he leaned back a little to look at you.
"What?" you asked uncertainly.
He smiled, his expression soft and his eyes so full of anticipation.
"Tell me again to kiss you," he demanded softly.
You felt wonderfully breathless as you said, "Kiss me, Hunter."
The next moment his lips were on yours, soft warm, gentle yet demanding. His tongue, slipped into your mouth as you moaned softly, velvety touching yours and sending an impulse through your body that echoed between your thighs.
One of his hands wandered over the bare skin of your back, pulling you even closer. A soft, quiet, expectant sigh came from your mouth and moved into the kiss as you felt his slowly hardening length against your thigh and his free hand very slowly moved under the hem of your skirt.
You wanted this man, like crazy, here and now, all of your senses, every fiber of your body seemed to be electrified and drawn to him.
Before you could stop it the words came across your lips, "Fuck me..."
Hunter moaned, his hands gripping tighter and he broke away from the kiss. He looked at you, pupils dilated.
"You want me to...?"
You nodded feverishly "Yes, very much so."
He swallowed, nervous, pleased and excited all at once.
"Maybe we should choose another time for this" he said uncertainly.
It was so hot that your body heat had already made you sweat without much happening.
You tried to clear your thoughts and agreed with him, finally.
"The others could come back anytime," you said.
You slowly broke away from him and looked at him breathlessly.
"Nice" someone said dryly in the background "Too bad the peepshow is already over, but it was nice while it lasted".
"Crosshair!" exclaimed Hunter and you in unison, startled.
The Sniper leaned back on the camping chair at the table, chewed on his toothpick with a grin, and said teasingly, "Maybe you two hop in the pool now and cool off quick before the others get back."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Damn toothpick :d
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tis-the-marmot · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Grumpy rat spending time with his family c:
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sketchyjellyfish21 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Drew Hunter, had a breakdown, nice I like all the cool accessories Hunter has now, I love the scarf and the red arm bands. The pauldrons are different, the teal I like it goes with the red, and I like the holsters and straps it looks 👌🏽
Im trying to draw the whole batch but there are like no clear references whyyyy
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middimidoris · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring…
Well, Omega stirred, got hungry and took a bite!
Happy Holidays! 🎁🎄
Twitter and Instagram (@middimidori)
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rebekadjarin · 8 months ago
That time Hunter thought Rex and Anakin were✨fruity✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nahoney22 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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scruffylookingpiratecaptain · 10 months ago
Bitches these days just willing to be a ho for any man in a helmet.
It’s me. I’m bitches.
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chopper-base · 25 days ago
Hunter: you kiLLED HIM?!?
Crosshair: he deserved it.
Hunter: HOW?!?! What did he do that warranted you shooting him in the head?!?!
Crosshair: he insulted Omega.
Hunter: ...shoot him again for good measure-
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