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cc-cobalt-1043 · 2 hours ago
Tech turned Joey into a tablet kid:
*Joey is propped up against Gonky reading his datapad with a very Tech-like frown on his face*
Cobalt: how long has he been sitting there
Daniel: an hour and a half, he's barely even moved for anything, he's even starting to frown like uncle Tech
Cobalt: *muttering under his breath* note to self, kill Tech for turning Joey into a tablet kid
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donkey-rider · 2 days ago
Yknow what's so funny.
That I'll wake up sometimes and look in the mirror and think, "Hunter would call me a pretty boy" or look at my academic achievements and think "Tech would call me a smart boy" and it makes me happy and warm and fuzzy inside
And somewhere some transphobe is absolutely LOSING IT because I, an afab person, is calling themselves a pretty boy
Trans people are just that powerful sorry not sorry
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nahoney22 · 7 days ago
I feel like Tech would own a pogo stick
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xoxo-40782 · 7 days ago
3 Clones and a Baby after the wonderful modern Au of @sskim-milkk wich you can find here:
Tumblr media
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moonpawz · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tech, but he’s a black foot ferret! Had this idea called The Beast Batch, where it’s the Bad Batch…but…well…animals! ❤️ I guess this is a alt universe then, haha!
More art to come!
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exceptionally-minded · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Notes from Repose on Beach, Stardate 829340
Location: Redacted
Average Ambient Temperature: 28 Celsius
It appears that ultraviolet ray exposure on a planet with two suns is not precisely double that of one sun. I have not gathered enough data to discern the relationship. This merits further study.
Omega's waterskiing abilities have improved markedly over the course of the day. This appears to be furthered mainly by Echo's clear instruction and steadfast patience, and not at all by Hunter's shoulder shrugs and "you can do it, kid."
I have explained to Wrecker multiple times that given his size, weight, and the average speed of his body at the point of impacting the water surface, the expected water displacement from a "cannonball" maneuver is approximately 5.2 metres. However, he continues splashing me with water no matter where I sit. Is he doing this on purpose?
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mabrego0714 · 9 days ago
Here’s a bunch of sketches that turned into more complete drawings of a study I did of Tech. He’s the hardest out of everyone for me to draw cuz I can’t draw bespectacled characters. I actually kinda like how they came out (especially since I think I draw him different each time-I have a hard time staying on model). While doing this I was thinking about his character and how he really got sidelined with Echo during Bad Batch. I also can’t stand that he has a British accent—like to me, that makes no sense. I know a lot of people see Tech as autistic, but me personally, I see him more as OCD, but that’s my personal headcanon. There’s a particular scene in CW s7 (that I can’t find a gif/still of) where Tech assists Crosshair with the sniper’s shot by letting the latter place his rifle on his shoulder. That was a cute little moment of the Batch combining their skills together and I really wish there were more moments like that. Spoiler—there was a trailer uploaded by a fan that attended the SW celebration that showed a more extended clip of BB s2 where Omega is with Tech on the beach. The convo is mostly domestic-Omega arguing about ‘homework’ during the mission while Tech scolded her. It’s cute and I really love more domestic scenes within SW. I believe there was also a moment where Omega is upset about something and Tech is talking with her. Definitely hope Echo gets the same amount of screen time with Omega as Tech.
Ps—I saw a HC where Tech has goggle lines on his forehead and I fell in love with that lol
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ann-i-inthestars · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Bad batch beach day! They came prepared with a giant umbrella (to protect Cross's skin. He has albinism, he needs the shade. Tech and Echo tried to get him in a sun hat. He refused) A huge blanket to attempt to keep sand out of Echo's prosthetics (though it does get everywhere!) and plenty of snacks and water toys! Omega insisted the boys pose for a holophoto, and of course they cant say no to her!
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cc-cobalt-1043 · 3 hours ago
Attack me:
Tech: attack me, I can take anything
Trix: 1+4=6
Tech: *sobbing* I meant physically
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derivative-house · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Drawing on the Flipnote is hard…)
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neppy-33 · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
I drew tech as lain cause im mentally ill
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rainydaydream-gal18 · 16 days ago
(Bad Batch) How You'd Spend a Warm Summer Evening With Him
Hunter: Cruising around on a speederbike with music turned up. He'd take you wherever you wanted, whether it be a ride through downtown to see the lights and all the activity, or curving down some back roads where you see a whole lot of open sky as the sun sets. It's so lovely, wrapping your arms around him, pressing yourself against his broad back to hang on, and feeling the wind just whip through your hair and clothes. At some point, you two might end up at an ice cream place for a quick treat.
Wrecker: He'll take you to some little summer fest where there's popcorn, live music, and games. You two simply enjoy being close, holding hands, hugging, and loving kisses. It's a very laidback kind of evening. He'll for sure help you pick out one of those pretty boho dresses they sell at one of the tents.
Tech: You may end up in the woods somewhere to explore and take samples. Tech likes taking advantage of the diverse flora that usually show themselves in the warmer weather. It's slow-paced and rather peaceful. You get to catch up on each other's day if you haven't gotten the chance, and after the task is done, you both may linger after the sun goes down to catch lightning bugs/fireflies.
Echo: You'd both end up huddling close together in front of a cozy campfire. Echo brings a few big fuzzy blankets for you to curl up in on his lap. It's so soothing to be close to him, feeling his arms wrapped around you and the gentle heat of the fire. It's a great time to talk or simply sit and enjoy a comfortable silence while you listened to the crackling fire.
Crosshair: On a lovely summer evening, he still likes the idea of not going too far. The less of a chance of encountering other people, the better. He'll just want to take a walk in a quiet neighborhood later when everyone goes inside. He'll hold your hand the whole way and listen to you tell him about your day. You talk casually, but on the inside, you can't get over the sight of him in a hoodie.
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moonstrider9904 · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He is so pretty?! How?!
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bellsarefun · 18 days ago
The Bad Batch Headcanons [Older Sibling Reader]
Tumblr media
【@buddee asked:"Can you do headcannons for what it would be like to be the younger/older ( your choice ) sister of the bad batch?"】
【rating:pg-13 and sfw! Slight angst.】
【warnings:Slight angst. The request was written with she/her pronouns in mind, but this is gender neutral! These are completely platonic headcanons as well.】
【a/n:So, in this headcanon the reader is the older sibling figure to the rest of the Bad Batch and is canonically older than them. I would assume they've been around since they were children as a representative of the Republic on Kamino as a scientist.】
Tumblr media
Hunter always looked up to you when he was younger. He was surprisingly quiet in his youth and didn't take on the role of leader of his brothers on his own. He was quite shy and reserved, opting to take on a more silent nature. It required a little encouragement on your part.
Nala Se expressed to you once that she was worried about Clone Force 99. Without a leader of the squadron to organize and unify, the project of the enhanced clones may be scrapped entirely due to inefficiency. They needed to show promise or at least impress the higher ups in order to convince them that the project was worthwhile.
That's where you came in. You recognized that Hunter was the best choice out of his brothers. Wrecker was not disciplined enough and Tech was to focused practicality—a leader needed to take risk but focus on the task at hand. Crosshair was the second choice, but you worried that he wouldn't communicate with his brothers. But, Hunter was loyal, extremely so, and was quick on his feet. He just needed some encouragement.
"They need someone to lead them, Hunter." You had told him after a particularly bad practice with the rest of his brothers. "They need you to show them the best way. They trust you. Believe in you."
After that, Hunter seemingly took your words to heart. He started talking more, acting as a voice of reason, and soon enough, the brothers started to listen to him—although, they often solved their problems in their own unique way.
When the Republic was no more and the Empire gained control of the galaxy, Hunter thought of you first. You were a representative of the Republic. When they fled Kamino, Hunter looked for you only to find you had vanished.
Tumblr media
Crosshair often felt left out and it was no fault of your own. He often saw how his brother Hunter and Wrecker often got special treatment from you. This feeling grew into a resentment for his brother Hunter in particular. He didn't understand what you exactly saw in his brother, he could be just as good as his brother and even better. He was determined to prove it to you, that he was a better choice.
In his youth, he decided that he would prove to you that he was good enough. He tried the hardest out of his brothers, but it frustrated him greatly that the rest of his brothers did not take their training as seriously. He often took this frustration out on the rest of his brothers and you tried talking to him about it, but he appeared that he did not listen to him.
"You have to work together with them, Cross. You can't do everything by yourself. They are your brothers, work with them." You had said to him after a training session where he had gone off by himself once again. Even though he scoffed at you, he took the words to heart but he never let go of the resentment that you chose Hunter to lead instead of him. He tried harder in working with his brothers, developing his sarcasm and snarky personality to deal with his frustration and anger.
During their final training session, you had gifted him his sniper and was a gift solely for him. He had never gotten a present that wasn't for everyone in the squadron. You believed in him, his brothers believed in him, that was enough he didn't need anyone else's approval.
When the Republic fell and bhis inhibitor chip enhanced, Crosshair was the first to find you before his brothers could. Finding you in your personal research lab, he threatened you and wanted you to join the Empire for your own safety. When you refused and told him that this was unlike him, he arrested you in the name of treason against the Empire. He never saw you again.
Tumblr media
Wrecker considered himself your favourite, by default. Even when the brothers were younger, they all agreed that he was your unintentional favourite. The second being Hunter. When he realized that he had an older sibling that wasn't his brother, he stuck to your side like glue for most times of the day.
He was a rather clingy child, preferring to always be near you or Crosshair. You in fact even made him a tooka doll plush as a birthday gift that he named Lula. He was your little shadow until he grew taller than you and then he became your large shadow. But, even when he was older, he looked to your for comfort and a securing presence that he expected would always be there.
Of course, you weren't afraid of punishing him either, particularly when he could be rough with his brothers when he was younger. "You have strength, Wrecker, it is your gift. But you must be gentle with your brothers, mindful that they don't have the same gift." After awhile, he learned to control his strength and instead focusing on those who would do his brothers harm. He hoped it made you proud as it made himself proud.
When the squadron left Kamino after the Republic's fall, Wrecker wanted to stay and find you—maybe Hunter hadn't looked hard enough for you. You needed to come with them. Crosshair wasn't, so you simply had too. He wouldn't lose both of you. But, when the Marauder fled off planet, all he had left of you was Lula, the tooka doll you had made him.
When he noted how much Omega missed you and how much he wanted to be an older sibling just like you had been to him, he decided that Lula would be better off with her. After all, they would all see you again, he was sure.
Tumblr media
Tech often felt comforted by your presence. He calculated that it was due to a stable sibling attachment, specifically an older sibling relationship of which he was the younger sibling looking up to the older one. He also discerned that most of his brothers also had the same attachment, even Crosshair which surprised him and was not in his original hypothesis.
You were the first to notice that Tech needed glasses. He would complain of his eyes being blurry and after you tested his eyesight he returned a few hours later with a diagnosis. He concluded he needed glasses after a long explanation of the eye and how it worked. Of course, you already had his glasses or really goggles readied for him.
You listened, even when he was younger. He knew he was a talkative child, even when he grew up he still wanted to tell you how everything worked. You never complained, never said anything, and just nodded along with interest as he described a complicated equation. The topic of science you both could converse comfortably on, holding a conversation easily when your profession was a scientist.
He wasn't as physically capable as his other brothers, he knew this. But, your encouragement and carefully placed kind words did boost his confidence and he noted a significant happier feeling whenever you would speak to him. Again, with research, he understood the feeling was attributed to the sibling attachment.
When the squadron left Kamino, he was the only one to assure his brothers that you were most likely alive. You were always smart, not as smart as he was, but enough that he was sure you would survive and maybe even got off world before things went south. But, he could not deny there was a chance percentage that the Empire had gotten to you first or Crosshair.
Tumblr media
The last brother to join the fray, Echo didn't truly meet you until he joined the Bad Batch. He had seen you around Kamino whenever he came home after a mission, particularly with Nala Se but never interacted with you enough to say he knew you. So, when he joined the Bad Batch and learned of your importance to the rest of the squadron to say he was was nervous to meet you was an understatement.
But, he need not worry. You were openly happy to have another member and assured him that he would fit right in with the rest of them—even knowing his name after making sure you at least knew that particular factor about him.
You never asked about what happened to him, but instead there was a silent understanding between the two of you. The understanding started when he awoke from nightmares in the med bay after a particular mission, you calmed him down and assured him that he was safe. You encouraged him to share, but only if he wanted too. He chose not too, you accepted that, and he asked why you hadn't read about it in his report.
"It's really not any of my business. I'd prefer to hear it from you, only you." You said with a smile, hands rested behind your back. "When you're ready and if you never are, that's also fine." He respected you a lot after that and slowly but surely grew to understand why the rest of Clone Force 99 cared about you the way they did.
When the Republic fell, he was the first to note that this new Empire wouldn't take kindly to a Republic Representative and convinced Hunter and the rest to find you immediately. Finding you gone, Echo feared the worst and when they were forced to flee, he dreaded what could've possibly happened to you.
Tumblr media
You were there when Omega was born and practically helped raise her as Nala Se was...inexperienced in raising a normal human child. Omega adored you, preferring you to Nala Se, and would often listen with interested eyes as you spoke of her brothers. She never met them, Nala Se preferring to keep her away, but you would constantly tell them updates about them.
Once, you had managed to sneak her into a training practice with the rest of Clone Force 99 and she had never been so amazed in all her life. You wished that you could introduce her to them, but Nala Se had threatened to remove her from the project if you did. You never understood why, but you never had asked either.
Omega was particularly interested in learning about other planets, your home, and everything that basically did not exist on Kamino. You told her of dirt, plants, and animals that did not life on the sea covered planet. She listened to every word of it with and hung on to your every world. You told yourself that one day, you'd convince Nala Se to at least take her off Kamino to experience the world.
"Be curious Omega. One day, I'll show you my home planet. You'll love it there, I'm sure. So much to see." Omega listened and repeated those words over and over and nearly everyday she asked if you had inquired to Nala Se about her getting offworld. But, that day never did come.
When Omega ran away with the rest of Clone Force 99, she made sure to grab the small doll you had gifted her for her birthday. She begged that they find you, if they were leaving so should you. But, forced to leave unless they be captured, Omega was forced to finally see offworld without you.
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moonpawz · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tech’s workstation.
I did this illustration very early this year, so it a bit old…but I still really love how it looks! :)
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hunterssecretrecipe · 20 days ago
Just more tech on the iron throne ❤️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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myspacerebels · 22 days ago
Tech: You can live without an arm. They can always bolt on a new one.
Wrecker: What about my head ?
Tech: Like I said, they can always replace nonessential parts.
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