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casualavocados · 3 days ago
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At the end of the day, we were back to being lovers.
BAD BUDDY (2021-2022)
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gunsatthaphan · a day ago
"If the Bad Buddy characters had youtube channels”
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charthanry · 20 hours ago
BBS: My Favorite Pran Moments
Of all the characters on the show, Pran is probably the one many of us relate to the most. We see ourselves in Pran. We understand unrequited love, have walked in his shoes. We see how he lives inside his head and makes himself smaller for others. How he gives so much yet takes back so very little so we applaud Pat for recognizing this and setting out to compensate by loving Pran LOUDLY and unequivocally- all of him, just as he is.
Here are my favorite moments from the series of our soft architect. It would be impossible for me to put my favorite Pran moments in any kind of ranking order because I LOVE them all. So instead I’ll list these chronologically as they appeared on screen.
EP3: You seem happy when you get to compete against me.
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This is the face of complete and utter devotion to all things Pat. I go back to this scene a lot just to revisit this soft moment. Pran comments that Pat seems happy when he gets to compete against him and Pat responds by teasing Pran that he does it because he likes to see Pran’s face...when he loses. And it’s very subtle here because Nanon is a masterclass actor, but you can see the light in Pran’s eyes at Pat’s words and again see that very same light extinguish when Pat qualifies it with when you lose. Go rewatch it. It’s very subtle but it’s there and it’s a testament to Nanon’s acting.
EP4 - Ink, do you like Pat?
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Forget about Pat wrestling the gun from that goon, this was the bravest moment on the show for me. When I first watched this scene, I couldn’t believe Pran would willingly put himself out there like this, it almost seemed out of character. BUT I later realized that there’s a quiet strength in Pran that’s undeniable. It’s not ostentatious or in your face, instead it’s a soft and unassuming confidence that many might overlook and oftentimes underestimate. He’s cerebral and overthinks everything so I imagine that this wasn’t an impulsive question for him. He’s thought about it, a lot, and by that I mean all the time, probably ever since high school as he watched Ink and Pat interact from the sidelines. (Oh, Pran.) And so he asks and waits with breath held...and we can see the exact moment when he’s relieved that Ink’s answer is no:
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I love this scene sooooo much because it not only underlines Pran’s bravery but also reveals the extent of his feelings for Pat. It’s so relatable because we’ve all been here. This moment allows us to see Pran’s vulnerability and applaud his courage in the same breath. Truly masterful direction by P’Aof and incredibly nuanced performance by Nanon. Also, with the surrounding natural light, Nanon looks absolutely stunning here. Like, I can’t look away.
EP4 -  Someone like you? What’s to like? I...hate you.
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No list of favorite Pran moments would ever be complete without this iconic scene from the end of EP4. I’ve said a lot about this scene in my ranking of BBS endings so I’ll try not to be repetitive here. Except to say that I consistently come back to this anytime I feel like dying a little because honestly that’s what it does to me. How much did Pat’s yes take from Pran? Everything. Watching him fight to hold back his tears as Pat lists all the reasons why Pran (as Ink) should like him, I have a visceral reaction to it every time. And then the soft, adoring smile as he watches Pat sleep as if he’s unable to look anywhere else. Ugh, it gets me every single damn time.
EP5 - Why? Do you want us to be friends?
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This is the exact moment where Pran looks at Pat for a split-second and decides to pull him in for that second, deeper kiss. This is when he makes the decision that he’s going to allow himself to have this. To have Pat. For just this small breadth of time. And there’s just something both beautiful and incredibly sad about how much of himself he pours into this kiss. Because for Pran, this is a one-time thing. So he goes for broke and lays himself bare at Pat’s feet. It’s both a destructive and healing kiss. His face at the end reveals his turmoil as his defenses make its way back. He knows that he can’t ever really have this, not in the way that he truly wants because it was only mere days ago that Pat admitted to having feelings for someone else. And more than that, is the constant weight of their families’ rivalry hanging over them so Pran does what he has always done- locks it away and leaves behind a reeling Pat.
EP6 - We know how it’s going to end, isn’t it better not to start at all?
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Pran leaves his guitar with Wai and in the process his feelings for Pat. We know he’s very conflicted but is also resolute in his decision to finally let Pat go. But as he leaves we see him look intently back at the guitar, take a moment to steady himself and walks out the door, determined to see it through. I found this scene again so relatable. That moment when you make the decision to let go of something or someone, not because you want to but because you know you have to. 
EP6 - I should take a break. It still hurts.
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Even though this started out as Pran distracting his friends from beating up Pat, we know that Pran isn’t lying here when he says it still hurts. He knows that Ink doesn’t reciprocate Pat’s feelings, but to protect his own heart he’s decided to let Pat go. Only Pat shows up and makes it impossible for Pran to do any of that letting-going. Remember Pran is an overthinker, so imagine how long it took for him to reach this point of acceptance all for Pat to swoop in and ruin it with his relentlessness. But in spite of his irritation with Pat, we see that Pran still deeply cares, he doesn’t want to see Pat hurt and repeatedly steps in to prevent that from happening. This small moment, two lines, is so telling of Pran’s emotional state. I love how he says it quietly, almost dismissively to his drunk (unhearing) friends. 
EP7 - Why did you come? Don’t you want to win?
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The radiance of Pran’s smile can part the clouds on a rainy day, hell, it can compete with the sun on any day. I love that Pran forgets his surroundings and everyone around him as he openly beams at Pat. Even though Pat says the words and declares himself the loser, they are both winners here. The bet was Pran being careful and guarded waiting to see if Pat is as serious and committed as he is, that this isn’t just one of their games. Pat said he would sweep Pran off his feet and though he would never admit it- try as he might, Pran has never been immune to Pat. Let’s face it, Pran lost to Pat years ago, long before the bet.
EP8 - I'm done adjusting. 
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I love this scene so, so much. Because as larger than life and confident as Pat is in everything he does, he’s insecure when it comes to Pran. He doesn’t want to mess this up and Pran knows this. This small moment right here is Pran letting Pat know that you can’t mess this up, I want this as much as you do, we’re in this together. Now take my hand and let’s go forward, together. It would be so easy to deny Pat this small gesture but he doesn’t because that would mean denying himself and I love this so much for Pran that he’s letting himself openly have these small Pat-shaped moments, no longer tucking them away to quietly look at later.
EP8 - Hey, that’s love. You can’t choose the person or the time.
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Pran gives heartbroken (pfft) Wai advice on the challenges of being in a secret relationship. The layers this conversation has could rival an onion. Here Pran is telling us that he knows his relationship with Pat is imperfect. That it’s difficult to even talk or see each other when they want to, that this is not the kind of relationship he ever imagined for himself- BUT he’s in it now and despite the many obstacles, being with Pat is entirely worth it. Because the opposite? The not being with Pat? That is unfathomable and not an option.
EP8 - Let me see your big smile with squinty eyes.
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Where everyone can see that Pat loves loudly, Pran shows his affection in softer, more muted ways- neither more or less than the other just different and this is a great glimpse into that. Pran hears in Pat’s voice that he’s not fine so he rushes home to be not fine with him. We usually have Pat acting up and teasing Pran to coax out a smile, but here the roles are reversed and Pran fills in admirably by doing funny bits and being the cutest to make Pat laugh. He asks at the end if Pat is better now, he needs to hear him say it, needs that reassurance that Pran can be for Pat what he’s been for him and that’s his safe haven, where he can lay down his troubles and worries and simply, rest.
EP8 - But I care about you more.
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I love the conversation they have behind the curtain. And I love that it’s Pran who initially seeks out Pat. A total reversal of EP6 where Pat did most of the chasing and heavy lifting to get Pran to talk to him. Here Pran realizes while watching Pat play the xylophone that everything he has with Pat means more. That the whole of Pat is greater than the sum of everything else. It means if posting photos on social media makes Pat happy then Pran will figure it out, he’ll come around on being okay with it. Because for him, Pat’s happiness is non negotiable. It’s not even a question, Pran chooses Pat everytime. And I absolutely love that he makes this clear to Pat.
EP9 - But I ordered less sweet. 
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Pran recognizes what Pat is willing to do here and that is go back into hiding for him just so that his friends will talk to him again. And I think this is the moment that Pran fell that much harder for Pat (as does the entire fandom). I love that Pran doesn’t even consider Pat’s suggestion, not even for one second, the hestitation we see is Pran considering Pat. He’s asking himself how are you even real? How are you this good? Can I keep you forever? (Yes Pran, all you have to do is continue looking at him like THAT). And for once, Pran initiates the touching by placing his hand over Pat’s and grips tightly, a telling action that says thank you, thank you for being you and for caring about me this much. I’m not going anywhere.
EP10 - If I do that, how can I ever really quit?
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Pran’s reaction to finding out that Pat ran after him with his guitar on the day he transferred is everything to me. This is one of my most favorite Pran moments of the entire series and I don’t say this lightly. If I had to rank this, it would be in my top five for sure. It’s the show’s small, quiet moments that grabs me refusing to let go and this right here is one of the standouts. Again it’s small, almost fleeting and so nuanced that blink and you might miss it but it’s impact envelops me like a warm hug everytime I rewatch it (which is a lot). After Pat reveals to Pran that he ran after him, we see Pran make this face of utter surprise and contentment like he’s lit from within by Pat’s words. But more than that, we see him take a small gulp and look away because he’s choked up- I am completely floored by Nanon’s acting here. THIS tiny swallow is what gets me. He’s so moved by Pat’s confession that it chokes him up. I’ve always been grateful that Pat is an excellent communicator, that when he wants Pran to know something he tells him, but never more so than in this moment. 
EP10 - Uncle, please calm down.
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Pran sees that Ming and Pat’s conversation is escalating and does the unthinkable of jumping in between them. Pran has never been one for physical altercations, we’ve seen him try to make peace between the two friend groups. Using his wits to defuse tense situations is more on Pran’s radar, not fists. So it says something here that he bodily steps in front of Pat unconcerned for his own welfare and more intent on protecting Pat. I love him for this especially because no one would have fault him for continuing to watch from the sidelines. This wasn’t his fight to bear but he did it anyway. Pran so fucking cool.
EP10 - I can’t take it anymore.
Tumblr media
What gets me the most about Pran’s breakdown is how he holds himself back and only when he sees Pat does he let himself completely shatter. His faith in Pat to catch him in this moment is so breathtaking and raw and overwhelming. This entire scene left me completely gutted. Pran finally releases all his repressed feelings because he now has someone that he can lean on to carry some of the burden. His shoulders rack with each sob and it takes Pat holding him up for him not to fall. We can see how tight his grip is on Pat, anchoring himself to him. This moment between them is deep-rooted with trust and love and everything unspoken. 
EP11 - It’s our last night on this honeymoon.
Tumblr media
Pat’s gratitude for never leaving his side and making him happy is the ultimate affirmation for why Pran stays in their honeymoon bubble. Pat needed this time to eventually realize and accept that they’d both have to return home at some point. Pat needed to arrive at this realization on his own. Pran knows this and remains patient and present for him. When Pat finally tells him let’s head home, Pran tears up because he understands what this means, the gift Pat is giving him by acknowledging that Pran needs his mom too. And with a quivering voice and a gentle smile he says let’s spend our last night celebrating, let’s not end this time on a sad note but a happy one instead. It’s the voice wobble and the smiling through the tears that gets me.
EP11 - I wrote this song for him.
Tumblr media
This show has never had characters come right out and say ‘I love you’ and it never needed to because of scenes like this one. This is Pran's I love you to Pat and the flashbacks in the montage are all the reasons why. But what’s even more revealing is what Pran says to the bar audience (but really its words solely meant for Pat to hear) that he doesn’t regret anything because everything that led up to this point gave him Pat. These words and this song is Pran’s answer to Pat’s stairway love declaration in EP10. Without knowing it, we became two people who can’t be just friends. I wrote this song for him. And damn if this doesn’t beat all the raised boomboxes blaring ‘in your eyes’ and all the rain-soaked airport chases in all the world.
EP12 - That's for other people.
Tumblr media
This scene where Pran reassures Pat that only he has access to his home through Pran's window and everyone else has to use the front door is so simple yet so endearing and genuine. Pran is telling Pat why would you want to be like everyone else? You have me. And as long as you pay the fee (of loving me) you can have this (me) for life. This is Pran committing his life to Pat. (Sobs). We close out the series with the two of them talking and laughing and looking at each other like they always have and will continue to do - only now with the unwavering certainty that the other person will already be looking back.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading my favorite moments with our soft architect. Up next, my favorite moments with our clingy engineer as well as the daunting task of full episode rankings so stick around for both. If you missed it, please check out my rankings for all 12 BBS episode endings. Thanks again!
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fanindisguise · a day ago
What's my GPA?
Tumblr media
Pat not knowing Pran's GPA after that long period competition is like, he's been set himself free from their parents's rival history because what's left now is his LOVE for Pran.
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liyazaki · 2 days ago
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episode 5 supremacy | happy birthday, @elnotwoods! 🎂💕
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shortpplfedup · 2 days ago
Thinking about how it's actually Ming and Dissaya's fault their sons fell in love because they ensured they were ALWAYS looking at each other, always attuned to each other, and bonded in solidarity because they were going through the same trauma. In trying to make them hate each other, they made them love each other instead.
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dribs-and-drabbles · 2 days ago
I need to share these darling drawings of all of Pran and Pat's outfits made by @kimura_0201_2 on twitter that @veorulfr kindly made me aware of (since I'm not on the bird app). They're amazing! All credit to the artist, of course.
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goldenmorningglory · a day ago
god i know we've talked about the fight scene and the rooftop and the oh moment...but god...the scene in the bar in ep 5. it's a study in tension.
it's pran instantly feeling that something is off about pat. because pat isn't like this. this isn't a pat he recognises. the pat he knows is always teasing, charmingly annoying glint in his eye. this pat looks like he's frozen over there's not a crack through which pran can see what he's thinking or feeling.
and that's terrifying cause he can't predict anything now. their friends are here and while usually pat and pran are together in controlling their friends he's not sure what will happen here. it's not like pran can predict anything when it comes to pat but...this scares him. cause most of the time he's in on the story, in on the joke but it's like he's been left out this time.
this pat just looks at him blank. he'd prefer the pat that looked at him with stars in his eyes over his kitchen counter even though he'd unknowingly broken Pran's heart just the previous night. because at least then he was sure he'd been on good terms with this guy. but now he's not very sure if he's on any terms with him.
what makes it worse is that he doesn't know why.
this pat stops korn from starting shit, doesn't even rise to the bait wai hangs mockingly. this pat is simply...cold. he says "I've had enough for today" as if the whole day had been an ordeal. he walks away and pran feels worse somehow.
because sure he may have pushed pat away more times than he can count but pat has never walked away before on his own accord.
only he had. he had started to ever since pran met him at the music store and pran is lost, love sick, heartbroken just trying to have one evening without the heartbreak weighing him down but nothing ever goes his way.
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transpat · a day ago
pre-relationship pranpat and haq
the word 'haq (हक़)' in hindi doesn't have an exact eng counterpart and translates smth around the meanings of rights and entitlement. in context of relationships, we use it to describe the entitlement ppl we keep close are allowed over us. in our culture, with every bond we form and built, we owe those ppl certain rights over us. like our filial duty to our parents, supporting our siblings and relatives emotionally and/or financially, the loyalty to our friends. lovers and spouses are ppl given all the rights of a family member by choice and obv other stuff like touching u in ways others can't, sharing worries and secrets you wouldn't indulge others w, the permission to carry and lighten ur burdens.
that's why i wanted to talk about pran and pat before they began dating, when they didn't even consider each other friends. theoretically, these two don't owe each other shit, shouldn't be assuming any rights over each other. but pat continues to push into pran's room even when he's verbally told not to, and pran who bottles his feelings up from everyone else, wears his heart on his sleeve (literally) around pat. pran gives pat a glimpse into his every emotion, and pat catches them, stores it away to process later, when he uses it to channel the courage to knock on pran's door.
also. all of this starts in college. after they reach a truce and add each other's numbers. it's not there back when they were shy high schoolers, fighting in public and treading along the delicate beginnings of a friendship. back then, before their meager advances culminated into smth fruitful, it was snatched from them, ripped from their unsuspecting hands. it didn't turn their efforts null thou, doesn't return them to point zero. when they met again, they faltered and stumbled, but they make their way back to how things could have been back then. they found their way back to the path they were paving as kids.
their sense of entitlement isn't just smth they assume either. it's the haq they've willingly granted to the other. we see pran pushing pat out of his room repeatedly, but pat only walks in bc he knows if he was really unwelcome pran wouldn't open the door in the first place. bc like how pran never pushed him out of the room in his parents' house, pat is certain that once pran's fear of being discovered lessens (he doesn't know his interpretation is all wrong, that it was bc pran was in love w him and afraid for himself), he'll be welcome to stay as long as he wants. when he asks pran if he can stay the night, its bc he knows the answer might not be no. pran has a soft spot for him.
likewise, pran lashing out at him is bc he knows that unlike how it is w others, revealing his emotions to pat won't come at a price he can't afford. when he's under all the pressure of rebuilding the bus stop and saving his friends' academics careers, he smiles for his friends, assures them he's fine, he can manage. its only around pat he displays how deeply he's affected by this, lets pat see how he let him down, how much stress he's in bc of this. bc he knows pat listens, pat understands, pat wants to listen and understand. pat makes breathing easier.
in the beginning its just that. pran says they're not friends, but subconsciously hands pat every right of one. the teasing banter, the rude nicknames, the knowledge that he too wants to compete w pat in the freshy contest as badly as pat wants it. he helps him by texting his location religiously, and then when pat's friends screw up, he lets pat help him w the bus stop. here's where things get begin to get convoluted, where the lines begin to blur. letting pat sniff him, letting pat pull his head under his shirt, letting pat massage medicine onto his shoulder, cleaning pat's face for him, allowing pat to pet his head, asking him if he had dinner, asking him about his crush. obv like. none of these things r very platonic, and pran allowing these to occur isn't w platonic intentions either.
and that's bound to happen. ofc it will when pat's in love and only hasn't worked it out yet and pran's been harboring suppressed desires for years. in some ways, it's always been there, it was always hurtling towards this. the level of comfort they share w each other, how little reservation they hold towards touching the other, its as if they haven't been raised as enemies, but have grown into the only ppl who know each other so intimately.
i'm talking about these:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pran doesn't even flinch when pat's hand touches his thigh, and you could argue that's ohmnanon, but honestly it's v in character for them. pat puts his hand over pran's mouth, places it high up his thigh: pran allows it. pran tickles him, pins down on the bed: pat allows it. pran tackles him unnecessarily long during rugby matches, hauls him into hidden corridors? pat giggles about it. pat asks pran to feed him drinks, to let him stay the night? pran pretends its a hassle and readily indulges him.
pran understands what's happening. he watches it all unfold, how pat's entitlement over him grows, mushrooms, into pat constantly making boyfriend jokes, pat pushing his limits w pran in public, pat expressing his displeasure over having to pretend to be enemies, pat walking into pran's faculty w pran's shirt on. and pran lets it happen. he complains and groans about pat in his room but lets him stay, lets him have his breakfast, lets his nosy ass unlock his desktop. he draws the line at first, but always, always ends up letting pat cross it. like how at the music store he scoffs off pat's attempt to ask him about his relationship status, but in the privacy of his own room, discloses his mother and wai's dynamics when questioned, even though he finds it strange for pat to care (he misreads pat here, thinks its out of pat's desire for friendship that he wants to know more about pran, so he's happy to share).
i came to talk about this bc i was (again) rewatching bbs and now that its completed, the fight scene in ep5 hits a different way (again). pran shuts wai out (refusing to divulge the secrets of his and pat's dynamics, a direct contrast to how he freely talks about wai to pat) and sends him home, then turns and looks at pat like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
he stood there, waiting for pat to look at him and then when pat did, he let all his disappointment and anger flood into his expression. and i saw this and thought wow, that's one of the loudest displays of haq he's expressed over pat until now. he knows what he's doing, he knows this is going to hurt pat and he does it w that exact intention. (also does anyone else think this kinda looks like an owner reprimanding their dog?) its not smth he would do w wai, or anyone else in his life. its smth only pat is allowed, only pat is allowed to see how profoundly disruptions upset him, only pat is allowed inside his head.
this scene makes it clear that the way pran and pat treat each other is no longer 'friendly'. here, we're explicitly shown the haq pran's granted his friends over him, and that doesn't extend to oversharing. yet, pat's allowed that. pran would never tell his friends if and when they hurt or frustrate him, but he's stopped hiding the same from pat when pat chased him to the new dorm insisting he should move instead. pat may be the one who crosses the line when helping pran out w the bus stop, but its pran who first muddles it by avoiding pat to express how mad he is. later again, its pran who dissolves that line completely by reaching across and asking pat if he's had dinner.
back to the fight scene: earlier, when pat waited out for him, told him to 'come here' in front of wai, that too was a display of haq, of the authority he felt over pran. and pran followed. pran obeyed, moved towards him, was only stopped by wai. that's why i said: none of the entitlement they feel towards the other is overstepping, they only exercise the rights they're certain they've been handed. when pat says 'come here', he's one hundred percent sure pran will. he knows he's different from wai, that he's special, that he's someone pran could choose over wai. and so its a petty move. its such a petty thing to use the secret privilege pran entrusted him w in a moment of drunken jealousy, and pat regrets it soon.
but pran's the one who upset the balance first. by playing that song. their song. where most of the haq they feel over each other is abstract, this is the one thing put in cement. that song is one rope fastening pat to pran's side - the other being the guitar - which he's been using to steadily climb the peak pran stands on. he'd expected pran to be waiting for him above, as eager to help him up as pat is to reach him. but pran played that song with others, with wai, and abandoned that post, uncaring if pat were to fall. and pat fell. he fell, fractured his bones, and would still plow past the sharp ache had it been pran alone. bc that pain dulls, disappears, in pran's presence. but faced with wai, with pran's hurtful pretenses, with pran prioritizing wai in that moment, his resentment overflows, pushes him to hurt pran in the same manner. 'that lousy song', he calls the very first song pran wrote, the song pran poured his heart and soul into, the song he's recently realized might have been about them. and he does it, he breaks pran. now, pran's got a shattered heart to match pat's splintered bones.
then, on the rooftop, pat asks him why he played the song. pran doesn't answer him, denies the haq in his demand. telling pran he didn't like it was another haq he'd assumed. and here, pran realizes they've come too far. here, pran knows there's no pretending this is normal or friendly anymore, bc wth they're not even friends. here, he knows if he lets this continue, pat will continue to treat him like a lover while telling him he likes some other girl. so here, pran tries to build a final iron wall, and asks pat smth he shouldn't be able to answer: 'why are you doing this to me? who are you assume those rights over me?' except pat's figured it out at last. his feelings, his love. so, he recognizes what pran's doing, panics, and blurts his truth. vomits out his feelings to try and soil the line pran's drawing.
yeah and then we saw how that went. well, after that, these vague figures of their haq finally come into sharp focus during ep 6. this was the ep everyone praised pat for his respect of boundaries, but that was really always there. pat is smart and perceptive, and pran is the subject he's spent his whole life studying. ofc he'd understand when pran means business and when he's bluffing. so when pran used to push pat put of his room, they both knew his efforts were half-hearted (ofc he'd want his crush in his room, no matter how afraid he is of losing control). although pat doesn't take him srsly at first, he does respect his decision in the end. now, when pran tells him he doesn't want to talk about their kiss, pat knows he's serious, so he immediately shifts the subject.
and last about their bet? even if before these two were subconsciously dancing around the boundaries of romance and friendship, with the bet on, there's no hiding behind denial anymore. still, this is a new territory they're trudging along. esp pat, who's new to the discovery of his own feelings, who doesn't know where pran is mentally, and doesn't know what he's allowed and what not.
pran realizes this soon enough the next morning, when pat uses that kindergarten technique of 'i won't give you my snacks unless you become my bf'. and pran - who's spend years fantasizing about this very thing, who has an idea of the depth of pat's feelings - demolishes the last wall. the finger-lick is pran telling pat where they stand now, both giving and assuming every haq of a lover. and he does it so confidently bc pat's already given him that haq the night before, when he didn't refute pran's accusation of harboring a crush on him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
('fine', he says. 'let's compete then.' instead of the outright way pran had denied his crush. bc never lying to his lover is the haq pat would give them, is what pat gives pran from here on. pran continues to lie bc he has yet to give pat the same regard.)
yeah and this is before they start dating. before pran's ready to jump into a relationship. but he's already given pat every right only a boyfriend would hold over him: calling him to his room to fix his printer, cooking his favorite dish for him, letting pat stay over whenever he wants (like how he'll always return every loving act, every courageous one pat's done for him). when pat makes that unreasonable demand of bringing nong nao over to his room, pran can't refuse him bc this is the haq he's given to pat.
asking someone for help or assistance is smth that requires a truckload of pran's spirit. but pat's someone who just wants to do things for him all the time, and when pran sees that requesting help from pat is also pleasing him, asking pat becomes easy. for someone who's had to shoulder responsibility for every other person in his life, its delightful. to be loved by someone who gets giddy about lifting his loads for him, who's contentment comes from making him happy. that's what makes the printer scene so significant, why pat's eyes shift when pran tells him he wants pat to do this for him. pran gifts him that knowing how important it is to him, later uses the same knowledge against him in that scene w wai (when he asks wai to unscrew his bottlecap for him).
most importantly, he lets pat see his every emotion now, presents him full transparency. we see him let pat in freely into his room, but that was a right pat already had - pran's only hesitation was bc of his feelings. but before where pat's rights extended barely to getting a glimpse of pran's hurt, after which he would be firmly pushed away, now pran allows him to see how upset he truly is, allows pat to alleviate his mood. like a lover would.
and now pat returns that favor, smth he's never done before. pat's never let pran see him hurt before, but now bc he, too, has granted pran every haq of a lover, when he's wounded or mad, he lets it show. after the wai-guitar thing, he waits for pran to return, shows pran every aching emotion that flits across his face, later allows pran a chance to appease him when he's called to the rooftop. although, then, he knew pran probably didn't know why he was so mad, so he's sure pran's calling him for smth he needs. going anyway is bc pran has that haq over him.
these two rooftop scenes also parallel each other. each time it was wai who drove a wedge btw them, not by simply existing, but by stealing a fragment of their lives pat firmly believed was theirs and theirs alone. the song was theirs and only pat had any haq over it, till wai came in. by keeping that guitar safe w him for years, pat assumed haq over it, which was again snatched away by wai. the first time, after wai's exited, it's pran who waits for pat to look at him, so pat can see how he's hurt him, before leaving him behind. this time, it's pat who waits for pran to return, shows him his pain then shuts him out. both times it's the rooftop pran turns to, first to get away, second to fix things. and both times pat arrives later, first to explain himself, next on pran's request.
the reason the whole guitar situation wasn't resolved explicitly onscreen was bc there was no need for it to. pat's hurt and upset came from his insecurities about his place in pran's life. he understands nonverbal implications enough to know he can do this and that w pran, bc these two know each other that well. but he's the kind of person that needs blunt, verbal confirmations about where he stands in someone's life. and that pran's attempted confession gives him. ik he's hurt pran tried to use smth so personal as a winning card against him, but he's also relieved, bc pran's disclosed he definitely wants pat to be his boyfriend. pran wants him. and that's what pat needed to know.
another thing done in ep 7 was how they finally gave us clear context to pranpat's dynamics. like we understand that pran doesn't fully mean it when he pushes pat out of his room, or that he'd be happy to let him stay if it wasn't at the risk of his feelings burgeoning, but it still seemed rude of pat to neglect his pleas and saunter past his protests. ep 7 showed us that sometimes when pran or pat verbally retracted the other's haq, they would contradict themselves louder w their actions.
like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a bit more on the former: its never been flashed boldly onscreen, just mixed in naturally, but food is pran's love language. food is a large part of our cultures honestly, and ensuring someone's stomach is full articulates ur love more blatantly than the words 'i love you'. so when in ep 4 pran asks pat if he's eaten, it is a huge leap. thanks to nanon's acting, with how nervous pran looked about it, everyone interpreted it as such.
then in ep 5, pran lets pat have his sandwich. and i'm positive it was meant for pat. handing it to pat himself, so pat would know he made it for him would literally be the same as saying 'i'm in love w you', so obv pran puts on a show. but he's been up for a while, he's eaten. this was for pat.
again in ep 7, where both of them kind of know pat's the one who'll likely give up (pat relenting first was always part of their dynamic), when he calls pat over and cooks for him, he's genuinely surprised pat didn't cave. later when he goes over to pat's room with food and drinks, you could argue he was planning to play the same game, but he'd cooked enough for both pat and pha; he didn't intend to take it back this time. also in the last scene, the curry must have been cooked by pran. what pran's saying in that first scene entails both cooking and feeding. cooking for pat (and pha) must have been smth he'd already been doing.
and the latter: pat here has already caved in, and then tells pran it's smth he'd do for his 'lover' as if he hasn't already forsaken the bet, as if its still on - just in case pran isn't ready yet (bc the bet itself was for pran to adjust). 'letting his lover win' and acts of services are pat's love languages, thou the former is entirely pran-orientated. ofc for someone so competitive, relenting willingly to someone else is a huge deal, thou this has already been part of their dynamic since the watch scene in their childhood (and pran is the only competition capable of driving him). first it was out of gratitude, then it was out of guilt; but somewhere in between a more concrete reason blossomed: love. (it was also partly bc of their parents' dynamics.)
yielding is one thing, going out of his way to fix things for pran is another. conceding was smth he'd always done for pran, long before he fell in love, and although he says 'lover' in that scene, he v specifically means pran. bc this is a haq reserved uniquely for pran (like how this rivalry is unique to them. he didn't have a frenzied rivalry w any other love interest, so who else would he eagerly relent to as an act of love). the latter was smth that resulted only from his romantic interest in the other. pat cutting a pick out of his id card for pran, pat going to extreme lengths to help pran w the bus stop, pat begging the prof to let them back into the competition bc he knows pran wanted badly to participate, pat keeping his guitar polished for 3 years, pat following him to a rural beachside surrounded by the enemy state, pat continuing the play despite fearing his father's wrath: all of it was bc he was that deeply in love.
this diff is enunciated best in the first 4 eps. where first pat was unwilling to back off from his fight w wai, he later forces his friends to delete that video and manipulates them into helping w the bus stop. where earlier pat was visibly reluctant about shifting even as he offered to switch dorms (bc this was more out of guilt than love), he later gives pran his earphones w/o ever planning on taking them back (more out love than guilt).
anyway there's no purpose to this lol. i just wanted to rant about pranpat and the haq they'd assumed over each other long before the began dating bc i thought it revealed a lot about where they subconsciously intended their relationship to head down. haq is smth given only to those who play a pivotal role in your life, a loved one, a cherished friend. it's the way we daily say 'i love you' without words, it's how we continuously express our gratitude. and it's not smth enemies or even strangers can hold. pran and pat were told not to befriend each other, but gave the other every haq of a friend at age ten. when they found a safe ground to nurture their budding friendship in the dorms (and a shorter period in high school), the flower it blossomed into was that of romantic love, and it didn't come to either as much of a shock. like they'd known it was already destined, like it made sense to them that this is where they were headed. what they said about about going from two ppl who couldn't be friends to two ppl who couldn't be just friends was true.
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thisisasupergoodidea · 19 hours ago
this is something that came to me like a bolt of lightning to my brain: the part in episode 8 where pat and pran are discussing the mood of a scene in the play. it doesn’t just parallel the end of that episode. it also parallels the end of episode 11.
(and please forgive my sloppy editing skills, i did this all on my phone lol)
first of all, THIS is the scene they’re discussing:
Tumblr media
it’s literally, by name, directly referencing episode 11 which occurs in the second act (second half, second semester, take your pick) of the series. and which scene in that episode is the one where our riam finally admits that they have to go home?
Tumblr media
the infamous red shirt scene. the one that had so many people convinced that a tragedy was unfolding in front of us. and both toto AND pat in episode 8 point out that they think it’s a sad, miserable scene.
Tumblr media
toto tells them to workshop the song together. quite specifically, he tells pat to discuss the feelings they need to be conveying here. and in episode 11…
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pat sits down with pran and makes sure to let him know how appreciative he is that pran indulged him on their ‘honeymoon’. but now they’re supposed to be establishing what the core emotion is for a scene that’s considered sad. so what does pat come up with?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
truthfully, there can be sadness and misery in loving someone. we’ve seen that many times throughout the series. but those aren’t at the core of pat and pran’s relationship. those are the obstacles, those are what these two have overcome together and will overcome again, because love has made them strong enough to do so. even when they fight, when their own interests are at odds:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
when pat gets upset at pran for wanting to keep their relationship secret in episode 8. when pat gets upset at pran for wanting to go home and not being honest about it in episode 11.
(the use of ‘playing’ works a bit better in episode 8 because it’s about pat literally venting his frustration with pran through music. but i think the scene where pran goes after pat and tries to make him feel better in episode 11 has it’s own kind of venting to it, in that pat does pout and fume by himself on the shore for a while, even playing it up a little until he sees that pran is trying his best to be on the same page)
even when facing challenges that feel insurmountable, they will always choose each other. in episode 8, pran gives up the secrecy aspect and lets pat post about them on social media; but pat was also ready to give up his bragging rights for the sake of pran’s comfort. in episode 11, pran concedes his desire to go home, proving to pat beyond any doubt that he is invested in the relationship and will do whatever it takes to stay with him. so then, when pat’s frustration subsides, and he accepts that the honeymoon phase has to end at some point…
Tumblr media
this time, pat is the one to say “it’s fine. i’ll be okay. you can have what you want because i love you too much to take it away from you.”
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ohmnomnom · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thranduel · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ fluffy haired pran in his striped blue button-up shirt, my beloved ♡
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grapejuicegay · 2 days ago
How Pat thought he was looking at Pran:
Tumblr media
How Pat was actually looking at Pran:
Tumblr media
How Pat looks at Pran now: 
Tumblr media
I’m becoming more and more convinced that if Pran had stayed after this concert, they would have gotten together back then.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourmoonandstar · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She said the things that need to be said. She represents all of us. Amen.
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athousandbyeol · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"i do know that feeling."
— gram. not me the series, 2021, ep. 6, pt. 3.
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fanindisguise · a day ago
That Character Development.
From episode 1 part 1. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
To episode 12 part 4.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus : Proud Mom when Pat says, he will help clean-up the dishes.
Tumblr media
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shortpplfedup · 2 days ago
Anatomy of a Scene Coming Full Circle
Bad Buddy, Episode 12 Director: Backaof Noppharnach Chaiwimol Writers: Pratchaya Thavornthummarut, Bee Pongset Laksamipong, Best Kittisak Kongka Cast: Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee and Kim Achita Panyamang (Pat), Nanon Korapat Kirdpan and Zen Tanapatch Chanthasorn (Pran)
I'm not transcribing the dialogue here because it's really of no consequence. The genius of this scene is the return of the string can telephone; a kid-level communication device, and one that requires tension and clarity to work. In the end, tension and clarity are and always have been the hallmarks of Pat and Pran's relationship with each other, from the time they were children to the now of it all. I wonder who came up with the idea to communicate this way, who reached out first, who actually created the phone, and whether they each have one. It feels like a very Pat-ish idea in one way, that engineering ingenuity used to build a connection. But it also feels very Pran-ish, a secret way to reach out to someone he always wanted to be close to.
In terms of the way the scene is constructed, I can only applaud. To go from Pat and Pran's nonsense conversation, them saying nothing really but still happy to be talking to each other, to the sounds of their conversation fading away, to the image of them as children talking just like this, to fading in on their tiny baby voices having another nonsense conversation, just happy to be talking to each other...a full circle moment, and a perfect way to end the tale.
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dribs-and-drabbles · 8 hours ago
Yes, I'm sure it was a 'happy hour' for Pran...but also a happy 5 mins? 😏
Tumblr media
And also...because I was curious...I looked on urbandictionary and...well...
Tumblr media
@jemmo @elnotwoods
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goldenmorningglory · 22 hours ago
not to keep beating a dead horse but for me personally, Pat's realisation comes in ep4.
it starts, particularly, that night when he's with ink at that bar and ink spots pran. he sees pran, he knows instinctively that he did wrong and than pran is probably angry and/or disappointed. but this time pat feels that sting deeper somehow.
maybe it's because he's with ink. maybe it's because he remembers that shadow of a secretive smile he got when pran reminded him about coming to the bus stop via text. either way he feels worse than he usually would.
and pran's face isn't helping. his eyes look too shiny, his smile looks even more breakable and pran simply refusing to sit with him, wanting to keep up the pretense even when it's just the three of them hurts different from usual.
so instead of continuing his date with this girl he thinks he liked since high school, he gets take out and goes to pran. sees him hurt and is instantly offering to help.
every interaction in ep 4 is a slow beat of realisation. trying to help pran up then feeling anger at being refused. wanting to make sure no one tackles pran because he noticed that the shoulder was hurting. feeling frustrated that out there in the open, he couldn't help him or care for him like he did in their dorm.
then you see pran and ink talking and ink giving pran that bracelet and pran is smiling and apparently even ink gets to have that doesn't she? and pat hasn't reached there yet so he thinks he's just hurt that maybe pran likes ink too and didn't tell him.
what struck me was the way they both knew they wanted to know what the other felt about ink. we get pran because we already know his feelings and we know why he's so hesitant yet curious. but what about pat? there was nothing holding him back from simply asking pran. but he was hesitant about the answer too though he didn't have any reason to be.
if pran liked ink usual pat could've made it into a competition. if pran didn't then pat could just go ahead. but he was afraid of the answer.
the relief he shows is pretty disproportionate cause I think subconsciously, he was relieved that pran didn't like ink. he said yes because of course pat liked her right? and so he proceeds to ask if i k would like him, if pran would like him if he were ink.
but everything pat says are things pat did for pran not ink. so when faced with a pran who looks him in the eye and says that he hates him....he's super confused.
when ink says there's a lovey dovey aura around them he pauses for a second but doesn't hold the thought cause...no way right? but he's also not very disappointed when the four signs thing doesn't work on ink??? and then he finally ascends to the godhood of emotional intelligence and figures it out.
basically whole of ep 4 was pat subconsciously realising that he feels something for pran but without someone spelling out what he should look for, he keeps thinking he's doing and feeling things any old rival would. (oh lord my dumbass lovable boy).
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patshoney · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“the only thing that i want is your love”
BAD BUDDY (2021)
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