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#bad fairies

Day 24 and Day 25 of my Poisonous Flower Fairies (…and etc) are Vetch and Webcap Mushroom! Folks of a certain age may note that Lala Orange was my fave Color Kid.

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Day 6 is another mushroom, and actually another amanita, the Destroying Angel. Definitely a life-wrecking drama queen.

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Day 5 Poisonous flower fairy is Castor Bean! This is what ricin is derived from x…x and also castor oil. Not a bean to eat. The cutie here is mostly trouble, too!

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As the sound of Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee fills the air, the mansion is assailed by spring-fueled flower fairies. Giant swarms flow down the halls, decorating everything, and everyone, with flowers. None are spared, and the swarm is seemingly endless. After 10 minutes, they eventually relent, leaving in their wake millions of flowers and hundred of thousands in property damage.

Well, now this is not what you were asking for, at all! Doing it once was fine, but infecting the Mansion like this?! It destroyed the balance and harmony the few flowers from before managed to create.


“Here goes the joy!…” Now you will have to ask Miyuki or Meiling to take care of this…

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i got so fed up at the side mission ‘invading terrors’ which is a mipha solo where you have to defeat like 17 guardians of varying levels in like 10 minutes or less or something and i just kept failing it (but it was mandatory to revive terrako)…

so i decided to grind her way too much and cook the most op meals out of rage, thinking this time it’d be too easy, but it still wasn’t enough…

so then i literally maxed her out and made an insanely powerful trident for her and cooked the most powerful meals in the game…

and even then, i beat that mission with only 15 seconds to spare…

so now i just have a ludicrously op mipha?? just hanging out? i just needed her to be stronger for that one mission but now she’s too strong…

she’s not even inherently a great character. she doesn’t have any ridiculously powerful and quick and easy to pull off moves. there’s no instant win button like with some characters (*cough cough* impa *cough cough*) good job, mipha. hard work and dedication gets it done.

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“The note of the fairy utterance always is, ‘You may live in a palace of gold and sapphire, if you do not say the word “cow”’; or ‘You may live happily with the King’s daughter, if you do not show her an onion.’  The vision hangs upon a veto.  All the dizzy and colossal things conceded depend upon one small thing withheld. All the wild and whirling things that are let loose depend upon one thing that is forbidden.…the true citizen of fairyland is obeying something that he does not understand at all. In the fairy tale an incomprehensible happiness rests upon an incomprehensible condition…. Remember, however, that to be breakable is not the same as to be perishable.  Strike a glass, and it will not endure an instant; simply do not strike it, and it will endure a thousand years.  Such, it seemed, was the joy of man, either in elfland or on earth; the happiness depended on not doing something which you could at any moment do and which, very often, it was not obvious why you should not do. Now, the point here is that to me this did not seem unjust….it seemed to me that existence was itself so very eccentric a legacy that I could not complain of not understanding the limitations of the vision when I did not understand the vision they limited.  The frame was no stranger than the picture.  The veto might well be as wild as the vision; it might be as startling as the sun, as elusive as the waters, as fantastic and terrible as the towering trees. ”

G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, “The Ethics of Elfland”

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I really appreciated the main plot of Marauders 17, it was great to see Storm get some time in the spot-light.

The good:

The whole “fight” and relationship between Callisto and Storm was beautiful, I really loved how it all went down. 


Love it.  Also LOL at everyone hating the Fenris Twins.  I guess Duggan hasn’t forgotten about them after all.

I’d really like to know why Callisto is still shown with her eye-patch after her resurrection, though.  I know they don’t want to change the character’s iconic look, but shouldn’t that be “fixed”?  Unless the missing eye is something that she was born with. 

Also appreciated this bit:


This is VERY interesting, and suggests that, while maybe complicit in some of Sebastian’s dirty dealings, Shinobi didn’t know about his father’s involvement in Kate’s murder.  (Maybe he didn’t even know that his ship was attacked as a lure, which would mean Sebastian put him in danger as bait.)  I like a more sympathetic take on Shinobi, who is an interesting character and could always use more development. 

The bad:

Emma can’t stop twisting that knife into Sebastian, can she?


I’d feel differently if Sebastian had been presented as more of a genuine threat, but he’s been such an incompetent strawman that Emma has easily bested throughout this series, and he’s so beaten down at this point, it really needs to stop.  Like this scene doesn’t really make me think “Yes, Queen!” for Emma, because it’s like she’s kicking an injured dog.  Also, as far as I know, Harry Leland was less of a “rival” and more of an old friend to Sebastian.

Also, it has been…………7 issues now that Iceman and Pyro have been either MIA or background wallpaper.  And Bishop hasn’t had much to do other than stand around and watch the plot happen around him.  I thought maybe Emma and Kate would take a backseat after the last arc, but no such luck.

The next issue had better be NOTHING but Iceman and Pyro having an adventure and getting some real significant character development and possibly fucking  and maybe Bishop also getting to do something.  No little sidebars with Emma picking out outfits or planning the gala, she has already had PLENTY OF TIME IN THE SPOTLIGHT, PLEASE PAY SOME ATTENTION TO THE REST OF YOUR MAIN CAST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DUGGAN!!!

At this point Callisto and Jumbo Carnation have had more development than Iceman and Pyro, which wouldn’t be a bad thing (I love the development we’ve had for Callisto in particular) except that Iceman and Pyro are supposed to be part of the team and “main cast members.”  I really think that the cast for this book was chosen largely by editors, because Duggan has made it quite clear who he prefers to write, and who he doesn’t give a shit about. 

Sorry if I sound bitter, Emma fans, I don’t actually hate her.  She’s a great character, she’s just…..taken up way too much of this book, while consistently winning in an over-the-top way that’s not even fun to watch at this point.  You are all free to disagree, of course.

Overall, I actually liked the issue because of the Storm and Callisto plot, which was great.  And I’m glad that Duggan is picking up earlier plot threads like Shinobi and Christian, and the Fenris Twins (still waiting for them to get that ass-kicking……).  If he could just stop treating half the cast like cardboard cut-outs this could be really enjoyable.   

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I think if supernatural did an episode in North Carolina it should have been another x-files ripoff about the brown mountain lights. But also there IS so much untapped pirate ghost potential like with THEE blackbeard and if any shitty tv show should’ve done that for 15 year old seelie fanservice it’s spn

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#something i see a lot is people getting annoyed at lwj for getting between jc and wwx#like saying that lwj shouldn't be so defensive and try & keep jc away from wwx bc how can they reconcile then!!#and it's like sweet yeah if you want a reconciliation that can definitely get in the way of it#but look at it from lwj's pov#he was told by everyone that jc killed wwx and jc never said anything to contradict that#(i think?? i dont remember that part very well??)#and then jc proceeded to spend the next thirteen years torturing and killing demonic cultivators#and while that could just be jc wanting to stop any demonic cultivators from fucking things up#it's pretty clear by the way that jc reacts when wwx comes back that he's killing them all on the off chance that one of them is wwx#jc then proceeds to spend the rest of the novel actively antagonising wwx#from trying to kill him to trapping him in a room with fairy#jc doesn't once show any hint that he wants to get along with wwx again and that he's not a threat#until the truth comes out#and say what you want to about whether they should or shouldnt reconcile#but lwj isn't being unreasonably when he's being cautious about letting jc near wwx#so no lwj trying to keep jc away from wwx isn't him being a 'bad' character#it's him being protective over someone who has been repeatedly hurt time and time again by someone who just a few weeks ago would have#killed wwx on the spot#from jc's pov it's a lot more complicated than that bc that's his brother who he loved and then lost#and he was betrayed by wwx and lost so much bc of him (so to speak)#and he carries that rage with him for 13-16 years and then he finds out the truth#& learns that he never actually lost his brother#and he wants to make up to him#but lwj isn't going to know that!!#and if you want to write a good fic/draw some good art that is loyal to the characters and realistic#lwj isn't going to step aside unless jc proves that he's not going to hurt wwx#and that's the nuance that would be nice to see#reconciliation between jc and wwx is hard work and part of it is *proving* that things will be different if you have a second chance:#that wwx won't hide things from jc and that jc won't keep trying to hurt wwx#and that's even before you actually reconcile
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So i got pokemon sword like 2 weeks ago and i caved and made another pokemon oc! Her name is Riata and she likes to cook. She is assembling a team of food pokemon and is a MESS (aka i bred a shiny applin and got attached to Hop and i wanted to make a trainer to go with them)

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#long time no post! and what a way to return lol- just a stupid poke oc#well TOO BAD you get what you get. this is what my monkey brain dictated i draw at....2:30 in the morning yesterday#im out here trying to finish coloring the piece for the winter wonderland zine and my brain just goes NO WE GOTTA MAKE HER *NOW*#SHES GOTTA BE COLORED. SHES GOTTA HAVE POKEMON. ITS GOTTA HAPPEN DUDE ITS GOTTA HAPPEN#and so i did. im posting rn just to take a break from coloring again lol because it SUCKS#i remember why i do most of my work in varying shades of grey. sigh =m= but i gotta do this to improve. and i want to improve!!#...also uh i got accepted to a zine for the first time in my life and im super pumped abt it lol ^^;#WELL that was a lot of useless talk but i suppose i should get back to it. expect a preview possibly...tomorrow night??? hopefully >o>#uh. thanks for stickin with me if you read through all those lmao. talking to a brick wall really gets me to just yammer on huh#ALSO HANG ON I HAVE SOME *THOUGHTS* ABOUT SWORD/SHIELD'S PLOT. WHAT W A S THAT SHIT#i knew it was gonna be bad going in but godDAMN i dont think it couldve been worse???#i was (of course) immediately attached to bede. rich snarky fairy-type using orphan bastard boy?? exactly my type#but DAMN DUDE WHAT???? IF ROSE WAS HIS SURROGATE FATHER WHY DID HE NOT KNOW WHO BEDE WAS AT FIRST. WHY WAS BEDE SO LOYAL TO HIM THEN????#AND THE WHOLE DARKEST DAY THING- DUDE. JUST GIVE GALAR AN ON-GOING ENERGY CRISIS. POSTPONE A GYM CHALLENGE OR TWO DUE TO POWER OUTAGES#GIVE ROSE A *REASON* TO BE LOOKING FOR NEW RENEWABLE RESOURCES. trouble in the future in 1000 years needs to be fixed right now my ass#OK now i'm done i promise. SIGH i'm just. hoo boy i'm angy at that game lol
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                   LONELY GHOSTS  CALLING  FOR  ME.

                    indie original character. inspired by mythology & fairytales.
                    written and created by richard,   est. 2016, rebooted 2021.

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do you like wolves? do you like original lore? do you like giant monsters that are surprisingly sweet?

if you said yes to any of these, may i interest you in fenrir? he’s a wolfshifter oc i created back in 2016 with original lore and inspiration from fairy tales & mythology. he’s a giant being supposed to create chaos and destruction but instead he’s honestly just a grumpy overgrown puppy, at least most of the time. so yeah— if you’re interested in giant wolves able to turn into a humanoid shape kindly consider LIKING or REBLOGGING this! thank you!          - richard.

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