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loudbluebirdcat · 19 minutes ago
hottest jungkook edits [instagram] dude this deserves more Likes than 179 thats just not right the good badass edits needs more likes than just 200 or 700 even like 2k this should have dude-
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fritterburger · an hour ago
Tumblr media
It’s my birthday workout!! 🤣
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bythescalpel · an hour ago
@herheroics​ cont. 
WITH THE arms that were wrapped around her waist, arizona let out a soft sigh as she tilted her head to the side. sofia was at mark’s, which meant the two moms were spending some much needed alone time. And for them, it meant they were able to drink wine in the bath tub together without any interruptions. Reaching for her glass of wine, arizona took a sip of it before placing it back down. “You know, as much as I love Sofia, I do thoroughly enjoying spending time together, you know, when it’s just you AND ME.”
Tumblr media
Calliope laughed and took a sip of her wine. “Oh yeah, great kid. Love her to pieces but sometimes we need some mommy time.” She was sat across from Arizona, their legs tangled together under all the bubbles. “I need to be able to have uninterrupted time with my wife.” She told her sternly, a grin on her face. “Can we take bets on how quickly he buckles though? I give it another hour.”
It wasn’t that Mark was a bad father. He was amazing with Sofia, but she could get cranky quickly like her mama and Mark would always end up bringing her back. She hoped and prayed that tonight he wouldn’t. 
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deerest-prongs713 · an hour ago
Lily: I wish I had the ability to make boys nervous.....
Remus: why the hell do you think James stutters when he talks to to you
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bythescalpel · an hour ago
@herheroics cont. 
IT HAD BEEN a long day at the station, longer than what the blonde would have liked if she were being honest. It wasn’t the best at the scene today but, in true Maya tradition, she tried to do what she could with what she had. But when she was heading home, she had sent the ortho surgeon a message, asking if she could come over. She wasn’t going soft but damn did she need a hug. Walking up the hallway to her apartment, Maya was glad she had a key hidden for emergencies because when she walked into her apartment, she found the brunette seated on the lounge. With a smile, Maya dropped her backpack on the ground, slipped off her shoes and padded over to where she was seated and curled up beside her “Thank you for coming over tonight. I really do APPRECIATE IT.”
As soon as Calliope had received the text just as she finished her shift. Her night had been empty, no plans apart from sitting in front of the TV for a few hours. This was a much better plan. She had followed the instructions to find the hidden key to girlfriend’s apartment and had made herself comfortable. There was only a half hour difference between their shifts ending. She had been reading a medical journal on her tablet when the door opened. 
Looking over her shoulder she smiled as she saw Maya. She really did make her days better. Her arm wrapped around Maya’s shoulders as she sat next to her, holding her close. “Anytime.” She told her, leaning down to kiss her gently.  They had only had dates before this, this was new. Something Callie liked. 
“How was work?”
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rasnak2 · an hour ago
OK so... this was an idea I had when I was cooking (though idk if I'll pen it down into a full blown fic) Maybe it can be considered a What if...
Basically it can be either Katara time travelling to the past or she's a seer who saw the future and wanted to change it.
This means, from a young age, she is waiting for taking revenge from Ozai and plans to destroy everything inside out. She often goes around saying “revenge is a dish served cold” and reveals a part of her plan to Sokka cuz he’s the plan guy and her brother and she wants the plan to be nearly flawless. The phrase becomes a code word for people who are allies to Katara.
She lets herself get kidnapped by the Southern Raiders, leaves a letter for Sokka alone, manipulates her way so that she stays with the royal family and starts to slowly influence Azula and Zuko to her cause subtly and see the error of their father’s ways. (Is Kya dead or no, idk. Probably she lives)
The influence is mostly enough to sway Zuko to her side by the time his father banishes him when he’s 13 and she sends him messages to get to Sokka cuz he knows a part of her plan and it is time to put it in action and make her own way away from Ozai. Azula is decidedly neutral? Or is kinda like... double agent along with Katara.
Katara maybe was able to save Lu Ten secretly and asks him to go into hiding until she gives word and he settles in Gaoling and secretly Adopts Toph (maybe?)
So the Avatar initial trio this time might become Sokka-Zuko-Aang until Katara meets them halfway and "deflects," finds Toph and Lu Ten, Azula is still a double agent cuz... its Azula.
Idk where I am going from there... this was all I had planned rn for the idea. Thoughts are welcome :)
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honeyy-spoon · an hour ago
acne scars and cowboy boots
part one ao3 link
vague summary? ranboo’s adventure starts a little sooner than he’d like. tw for guns and threats but no one gets hurt :]
Less than twelve hours after his departure the next morning, Ranboo finds himself clinging onto his horse’s reins for dear life, flying over the tough desert terrain, bullets zinging past his ears. His face is practically pressed into his mare’s neck, he’s hunkered down so close to her quickly-tiring body, but if he weren’t, his head would surely be shot clean off by the metal pellets that come dangerously close to grazing his delicate skin.
Three other sets of hooves pound the solid, cracked ground behind him, clouds of dust billowing into the sweltering air, accompanied by rancid strings of profanity that would rot even Technoblade’s ears clean off.
Throwing a hurried, panicked glance over his shoulder, Ranboo sees his pursuers are nearly on him, and groans inwardly, urging his horse to go faster, but he can feel her getting tired, and he knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s had enough. God, when he’d decided to take on the offer of the cowboy life, this is not at all what he’d meant.
As Ranboo whispers some sort of haphazard prayer under his breath the only thing that seems to come to mind is, how did he even manage to get himself into this situation?
Ah, right. The pawn shop. Jesus.
The shop was a small, practically rotting building, stuck next to a similarly rundown tavern, only a five mile ride from Techno’s house,if not less. The ugly little thing was a sore thumb in every sense of the metaphor- neon signs and tacky items were advertised in every available window in the store, an abhorred mash of revolting colors and patterns.
Guiding his horse by the reins, Ranboo had stopped by just to drop off what few things of value he owned, a couple golden earrings, collector coins, the occasional broken bracelet chain- things that weren’t worth much in context, but could get him a couple dollars for the upcoming weeks he’d be spending on his lonesome. He was a little reluctant to part with the earrings, but he’d be needing every penny he could get.
He had loosely tied the horse to a lone fence post outside the pawn shop, and stepped inside, carefully gripping the bag of valuables in his hands. The employee at the counter, a man in a worn flannel with a scruffy beard (Ranboo guessed he was in his late thirties to early forties) sat thumbing through a stack of crumpled dollar bills, muttering under his breath.
After a few less-than-comfortable moments of standing there waiting for the man to notice him, Ranboo gently cleared his throat, and the man’s head jerked up. Upon seeing the little velvet bag that Ranboo clutched, his face split into a wide grin, displaying the few golden fillings in his crooked teeth, their marigold color hardly any different from the color of the natural teeth. Ranboo couldn’t help but wince.
“Howdy, m’boy!” greeted the shabby-looking man, his voice gravelly and loud, but not entirely unpleasant.
Ranboo nodded his greeting in return. “Good afternoon, I’m just- here to sell a few things.”
The man leaned forward and rested his chin in his hands in earnest, nodding. “Go on.”
“Right, well-” Ranboo carefully shook the few contents of the bag into his hand, sorting through the assorted pieces. “Just a couple of gold earrings, a silver chain…” Without warning, the man jumped forward and swiped the jewelry from Ranboo’s hand, causing Ranboo to startle and step back.
Bringing a magnifying glass seemingly out of thin air, the man held up the lens to his eye to examine a small golden loop, his brow furrowed in concentration. Ranboo blinked, intertwining his hands together in an attempt to prevent his fingers from fidgeting.
After what seemed like an eternity of watching the man pore over the tiny piece of value, he gently set down the magnifying glass, and the earring next to it. He folded his hands and looked Ranboo square in the eye. Ranboo swallowed.
“Son, you mean to tell me,” the man began, his eyes flashing with something similar to what you see in a rattlesnake’s when you stare him down and that bullet on his tail begins to rattle. “That this… is a gold piece?”
Ranboo opened his mouth, struggling for words. “Yes, I mean, I assume so, I- I haven’t looked at it closely, but I thought that it was, and-” The man’s arm shot out once more, and he grabbed ahold of the collar of Ranboo’s shirt, yanking him far too close, in Ranboo’s opinion. He could smell tobacco and beer on the man’s breath, and he struggled not to wrinkle his nose at the unpleasant stench.
“Don’t play games with me, boy,” snarled the shopkeeper, and Ranboo struggled against his hand. “I think you’re tryna pull some funny little scam on me.”
“I’m- I’m really not,” Ranboo protested, trying to lean away from the man’s rancid breath.
“Don’t get smart. This ain’t no gold piece, and you better tell me that straight before I bring down all hellfire on you.”
“What’s goin’ on here, Rich?” Both Ranboo and the shopkeeper glanced up as two other similarly scruffy men waltzed into the room. They eyed Ranboo with suspicion, and all Ranboo could do was offer them a nervous smile.
“This boy’s tryin’ to scam me,” The man, “Rich”, spat, tightening his grip on Ranboo’s shirt.
“Is that so?” the other man questioned, his hand moving to a holster at his side. “”We don’t take kindly to scammers round here, fella.”
“Nope,” agreed the third man, popping the last consonant for emphasis. “In fact, we like ta eat em with Sunday dinner.” The men stalked closer, and Rich’s breath grew fouler, and Ranboo was starting to feel very much like a cornered animal.
“Welp,” Ranboo said, and with a sudden, dizzying, vwoomp sound filling the air, he suddenly found himself halfway out the door. “That sounds like my cue to leave.”
“Wha- get back here, ya filthy little-” Rich screamed, both him and the other boys springing into action, and Ranboo scrambled for for his horse, clumsily untying the knot keeping her at the fencepost, and slinging his leg over her leather saddle. “H’yah!” he shouted, and his mare broke into a sprint, the shopkeepers already clambering onto their own horses behind him.
So here he was now, having been on the run for the longest five minutes of his life, surviving based on pure luck and a sturdy horse. The sun beat down in the late-afternoon heat, but the sweat on Ranboo’s glistening forehead was the least of his troubles at the moment. He rode for his life, and he had been running for at least another minute before he noticed the absence of hoofbeats behind him and bullets in his ears.
Glancing behind him once more, Ranboo found that his soon-to-be capturers had skidded to a stop on their steeds, simply watching Ranboo slip through their fingers. Their guns were holstered, and their stances showed obvious annoyance that they hadn’t been able to catch the teenage boy.
“Ha!” Ranboo cackled, sitting up straighter and punching the air. “Couldn’t catch me if they- uh oh.” Before Ranboo could even process what was happening, his faithful mare was bucking her hind quarters up, chucking Ranboo off and right into the ravine that he had failed to notice they were coming up on. A strangled scream wrestled its way out of his throat, and by some miracle of god, Ranboo flailed and managed to grab onto a shrub firmly rooted into the ground on the other side of the treacherous scar in the earth.
Breathing heavily, he kicked against the sandy wall, trying desperately to pull himself up onto the solid ground. The jagged rocks far beneath him were not a tempting fate. The sound of cruel, ugly laughter carried through the air and into the ravine in which Ranboo currently hung. Goddamn his involuntary teleporting. He could’ve used some help.
“Look at him!” snorted one of his pursuers, as the three of them came to stand at the edge of the trench and gawk. “Hangin’ there like a strung chicken! Should we finish him off , boss?”
“Nah,” came the reply from Rich, and although Ranboo couldn’t see his face, he could hear the infuriating smirk on the triumphant man’s face. “Let him fall to his death. Maybe it’ll teach him a lesson about scammin’ people.”
After filling themselves up on snickering at the helpless boy (and maybe firing a few bullets near his dangling feet), the three thugs eventually got bored and strolled away, and Ranboo finally got a good enough hold on the bush to pull himself up and out of the ravine. He collapsed on the ground and closed his eyes for a moment, the warm sand pressing against his porcelain-pigmented cheek, still very much out of breath.
Ranboo’s head shot up at the familiar sound of a shotgun being cocked, and found himself staring up the barrel at a young boy (about Ranboo’s age, if he had to guess) with warm, doe-like eyes, and a smattering of freckles across his round face.Two tiny horns poked out from his wild mess of brunette hair to match the goat-like ears that stood in place of human ones.
When the boy spoke, his words came out in some strange combination of a british accent slathered with the familiar southern drawl that most folk took on around these parts, and if Ranboo didn’t speak any english, he would’ve thought the boy’s voice was comforting.
The next words that came out of the stranger’s mouth quickly shattered that illusion.
“You’d better tell me what the hell you’re doing here or I’ll shoot you right between your fuckin’ eyes, cookies an’ cream,” the boy snarled.
Ranboo swallowed. Oh dear.
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songofmyself · an hour ago
I'm falling in love with finding myself.
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goldstandrd · an hour ago
yeah i guess thats ANOTHER legend i have a huge fucking crush on
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fightingthosedemons · 3 hours ago
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mission-to-die · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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zombooty · 5 hours ago
i havent been able to stop thinking about that projections of killing intent thing....... sweet jesus
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