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dick is absolutely 100% a stinky older brother but with damian his parental/dad instinct takes over like “jesus take the wheel” but “damian is baby i Can’t”. this isn’t to say he doesn’t tease and banter with him all the time but he’s never done some of the meaner things/instantly regretted it so hard he could never do it again

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tim: he tried to murder me by shoving me off the dinosaur!          
/ | \              
  / \                      
 /   \            damian:         
/     \            읏 

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damian has his sword!!!!!! dc are u confirming my hc that damian is the biological child of bruce, talia, AND slade bc of genetic splicing?? it would explain how he heals so quickly pretending it’s not just sketchy writing … i mean how else would damian survive his 10 million horrible injuries EX: getting a spine replaced and being able to walk soon after ?? plus the whole “damian is slade’s son” arc other than tim bring a butt who screwed with test results as one last phuck u from beyond the ‘so called grave’ (bc he was w mr. oz) and how talia briefly supported it

(not to mention the writer priest wanted to make it canon and said that in his opinion ‘damian is definitely his son’ and that bruce is ‘just lying to himself’)

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I believe Damian's birthday is August 9th, but I'm not sure about Jon's

the only source i found that says dami’s b-day is a post on reddit w/ nothing to back it up,,

from my knowledge we still dont know damian’s birthday in canon. i looked at the dcu encylopedia online and the photos i took of the most recent one (granted theyre from about a year ago) but theres no b-day listed? so im hard-pressed not to believe the person on reddit bc theres no proof……… so :x-files theme:

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hmmm opinions people for the plot of O Lazarus, Rise Again i could either go the more supernatural spoopy occult route that has more al ghul stuff or the tech-y route that involves more of maya and suren etc

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3d? what a nerd i love him so much i dont draw angst of him at all i- *trips* *dozens of sketches of angsty earth-3 dami fall from my pockets* those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of drawings* g od no they’re not mine i dont draw him suffering i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN – 

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