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holdingforexo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
holding for junmyeon: day [501/640], holding for baekhyun: day [144/640]
EXO’s SUHO and BAEKHYUN for Nature Republic’s Green Derma Cica Line, October 2019
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icequeenbae · a day ago
Love Coach [Lev.1] Ch.0-1| BBH
Tumblr media
Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader
Nerd!Baekhyun, virgin!Baek, goofy!Baek, YES this was heavily inspired by the Get You Alone MV, slow burn, humor, fluff, smut (later on!)
Warnings: some confidence issues, explicit content (in later chapters), unprotected sex, Baek is basically a virgin so don’t expect him to not come in three minutes lol, Sehun and Chanyeol as Baek’s chaotic bffs
Word Count: ~18k in total (~3.4k for this part)
Summary: Motaesolo [모태솔로] – single since birth. Baekhyun was still one in his late… mid- twenties. Failing to get anyone to even go on a date with him was becoming increasingly more depressing, and his friends seemed useless at teaching him how to channel his charms. Out of sheer desperation, he reached out to a stranger. And maybe it was the best decision of his entire life.
© Please do not copy/ post on other platforms without permission.
Chapter list
Intro. Ground Zero
Chapter 1. Smile
Chapter 2. Distance
Chapter 3. Muscle
Chapter 4. Manners
Chapter 5. Mood
Chapter 6. Scent
Chapter 7. Get her alone [final]
Author’s Note: I cant’ believe I’m finally posting this!! How long has it been since the Get You Alone mv came out? 9 months?? That’s when I conceived started this story... It was literally waiting in my dusty folders for this day to come... I’m super excited to share this!! I haven’t decided how I’m going to post this (strictly 1 chapter per post or combine some of them) but it’s all finished, so I can promise you that it’s gonna be a fun ride if you love the fluffy IT nerd Baek! But who am I kidding? If you don’t now, you sure as heck will. Before we begin our journey, I wanted thank @baekshoney for her super detailed comments on every chapter (luv u) and everyone who shared their anticipation with me, I hope we'll interact a lot while this story's coming out~ Remember... the more excited your author is, the sooner the next chapter’s out haha Just saying! Anyways, let’s begin^^
Tags: @superm-net  @exo-writers-net  @bbh-net  @blahblahblah-boo  @pvtbbh  @namecannotbblank @puli2things  @cupreoussyzygy​ 
Tumblr media
Intro. Ground Zero
‘Will you date- No-no-no,’ Baekhyun deleted the text he typed previously and tried again.
‘Do you want to d- No, what the hell.’
He shook his freshly dyed blond head and chewed on his lip some more. His palms were getting damp, so he wiped them anxiously on his light grey sweatpants. This was harder than it should’ve been. He even had to put his glasses on for this, and his head already started hurting from the sheer stress of it.
‘Would you like to go on a date with me?’
He sighed. The phrasing was super cliché, it was already obvious what the answer would be. He had to try anyway. Was he a grown ass man who knew how to get what he wanted or a complete wuss?
Sadly, Baekhyun wasn’t the former.
‘Hey, would you go on a date?’ He managed finally and pressed ‘send’.
The girl he was texting was a new acquaintance from work. She joined the strategy department as a junior and seemed nice during the office lunches. Baekhyun had obtained her number after one of their corporate outings (read – corporate drinking), where she was kind enough to offer him help with his liquor. It was well-known (almost legendary) that Baekhyun was a lightweight, so she basically saved him from experiencing toxic shock by hijacking some of his drinks in the course of the evening.
Naturally, he asked around for her number to thank her for being gracious. She told him that she took pleasure in it and offered to have lunch together. ‘See you at lunch’ couldn’t have meant anything else, right? Baekhyun found her pretty cute, and she was a few years younger, so it seemed like the odds were in his favor. And now, a couple weeks later, he finally gathered up all of his courage and decided to ask her out.
The reply came.
‘With whom?’
Baekhyun’s mouth formed a tiny ‘o’. What did she mean ‘with whom’? Wasn’t it obvious? Maybe she was simply rejecting him. He sighed, eyeing his text once again. But wait…
‘Hey, would you go on a date?’ He read out loud and threw the left palm to his face. ‘I’m so dumb, no wonder she didn’t get it!’
He felt relieved somehow, seeing that it was his abrupt sentence that threw the potential ‘date partner’ off.
‘Oh… Sorry. With me, I meant with me’
Baekhyun inserted a shy emoji and pressed ‘sent’, instantly frowning. ‘Idiot. That was too much.’
The response came, but he felt too anxious to read it right away, so he covered the screen with his hand. While he was getting it together, two more texts had his phone vibrating.
‘I don’t think so’
Boom. That was it. He was rejected again.
‘Dammit. Must’ve been the emoji,’ Baekhyun plopped on the bed, facing the ceiling, and whined. ‘It’s official. I’m never going to get a girlfriend!’
As if to take the piss out of the situation, his phone startled him by an incoming call. Baekhyun jumped back into a sitting position (as if the girl could’ve changed her mind all of a sudden and call to tell him that). Another heavy sigh followed.
‘Sehun-ah…’ He began. ‘Couldn’t you’ve waited another 5 minutes to call?’
‘What’s up, hyung? You sound stressed.’
Calm, Oh Sehun was always calm. ‘Of course he is,’ thought Baekhyun bitterly. ‘Easy when you’re the biggest flirt around. And actually have a girlfriend.’
‘Girl problems.’
Another voice came from the speaker. ‘Who’re you talking to? Shit, did Byun fail at dating again?’
‘Shut up, Chanyeorie hyung,’ Sehun took the word’s out of Baekhyun’s mouth. ‘So, hyung, what happened?’
There was another heavy sigh.
‘I don’t know. Maybe the emoji…’
‘Oh, come on! We’ve been through this!’ Chanyeol exclaimed and was shushed by the younger.
‘Go buy some beer or something, hyung!’ There was some hushed swearing and then Sehun was on the line again. ‘Don’t listen to him. He’s been dating his girlfriend since high school, I’m sure his skills are not up-to-date either. I mean-’ he caught himself.
‘I know what you mean, Sehun-ah,’ Baekhyun sounded crushed.
‘Hey, don’t give up! You know I wasn’t always the flirtatious king that I am now, right?’ The smug voice made Baekhyun scoff. ‘I’m saying that you should ask someone for help.’
‘Like who? You tried teaching me, but it didn’t work. Maybe that’s just me…’ He trailed off.
It probably was. Sehun was tall and attractive, just like most of his other friends. They were all nerds initially, but for some reason puberty decided to do everyone justice. Everyone but Baekhyun. He still couldn’t style his hair without looking ridiculous, he wasn’t tall or particularly well-built, he had to use bb-cream more often than he’d care to admit and he was a motaesolo (single since birth). The latter was the most horrifying for a man in his, ahem, late twenties. What girl would want to date him? A nun? Well, he wasn’t entirely sure he’d refuse anyone at this point…
‘It’s not you,’ Sehun sighed. ‘They don’t know what they’re missing. Girls always say they want someone who can make them laugh, and you’re probably the best boyfriend material out of us all.’
‘Yeah. That’s why I can’t get anyone to even have dinner with me.’
‘Maybe… Maybe you need a girl’s perspective on this?’
Baekhyun waited for him to elaborate.
‘I mean… You can ask a girl to help you out.’
‘Like who? Your girlfriend?’ His voice reeked of skepticism.
‘Nah, that’d be weird. Don’t you have anyone in mind? Oh, I know!’ Sehun suddenly sounded excited, as if he’d had a brilliant idea. ‘Ask- what’s her name… That hot sunbae from work! The one that used to make the entire IT floor buzz when she visited you for the project you ran with her department. Wasn’t she the one your colleague was going on about when we met up for lunch a few weeks back?’
Baekhyun instantly remembered. It was hard to forget someone like you. You were the walking image of perfection. Even your hair messed up by the wind looked beautiful. You were always elegantly dressed, you skirt a bit on the shorter side, but never too much. Baekhyun could even recall the scandalously red shoes you were wearing the first time he saw you in his office wing. You were professional, yet hard to miss. There was also an aura to you… A film of confidence. And a bit of coldness. You were always polite and friendly to Baekhyun in your few interactions, but still seemed a bit cold to him. Not in a bad way, but in a rather noble way, perhaps? Like a princess.
‘Uh- yeah, you mean Y/N… But I don’t think she’d be up for it.’
‘Hey, you know you can handle rejection. And you mentioned that she’s nice. Just tell her the truth, maybe she’ll take pity on you.’
‘Hey! You little-’
‘And don’t forget to prep her. Maybe buy her lunch or something. Bring her coffee or flowers, I don’t know. Make it hard for her to decline.’
Although Baekhyun wanted to smack the little bastard, what he’d said sounded sensible. Bribing you with something before asking for a favor.
‘You might have a point.’
‘Of course, I do. Now, what do you think about some chicken and beer?’
Naturally, Baekhyun took Sehun’s advice to heart. Maybe… overdoing it slightly on the ‘prepping’ part. He’s been leaving coffee on your desk for a whole week. Two times a day even. And then, by Friday, he finally mustered enough courage (or desperation) to call you, using your office extension.
‘Y/N-sunbaenim? It’s Baekhyun from IT, do you have a minute?’ He sounded a bit off from the very beginning. That was because he was trying to have this conversation in the tiny window of lunch break while his other colleagues were away.
‘Ah, Baekhyun, hi!’ He almost shuddered, hearing a polite smile in your response. ‘Can I help you with something?’
‘Um- actually, yes,’ he swallowed, trying to pace himself. ‘I need your help with something. Can we discuss after work? I can find us a dinner spot.’
He fell silent, mentally swearing at himself for being too fussy in his speech.
‘Oh- dinner?’ You lowered your voice. ‘Was it, perhaps, you who was leaving me c-’
‘Yes! It was a bribe!’ Baekhyun blurted before catching himself. ‘I mean, no… What I meant to say… I need your advice on something, sunbae. It’s a p-personal issue. That’s why I suggested dinner: less likely to have colleagues around than during lunch.’
He was actually kind of proud of himself for the solid reasoning he’d managed to provide.
‘Okay,’ you hummed. ‘See you at 7.’
Baekhyun was so ecstatic that he didn’t notice how the day flew by. He was so deep in his thoughts that he forgot to even tell Sehun about his small progress. And now, at exactly 7:24 PM he was sitting right across from you in a reserved corner of a café near your office building and staring at his food blankly.
You played with the ring on one of your fingers leisurely, watching him gather his confidence.
‘So,’ you began, clearing your throat and casually brushing your locks away from your face. ‘Did you ask me to come here for any particular reason?’
Ripped out of his thoughts, Baekhyun began:
‘Ah- yes, sunbae!’
‘You don’t have to call me that off work, Baekhyun. Speak comfortably, you’re older than me anyways,’ you gave him a small smile before taking a sip of your water. ‘What was the personal issue you brought up earlier? I assume you still want to talk about it.’
‘Yes, the issue… I’m sorry, sunb- Y/N,’ he corrected himself. ‘It’s going to sound like a very strange request and you can definitely say no, but I’m really, really desperate for your help.’
For the next hour he took the mic, telling you all about his problem. You listened close, maintaining a neutral expression, yet Baekhyun could catch the vague traces of shock in your otherwise blank features. The conversation quickly became informal, with you inserting small questions that had him reveal more and more about his love life (or lack thereof). By the end of the dinner (which he insisted on paying for), Baekhyun was an open book. He was like a live heart – raw, pulsing and hot – in front of your eyes. Vulnerable and in need of help.
‘I’ll think about it,’ was the only thing you said before nodding at him and getting into your cab.
‘I’m definitely screwed,’ Baekhyun muttered, head low as he waited for his own ride. 
Chapter 1. Smile
Baekhyun had the happiest smile on his face today. It was a bit scary even, since he was completing his tasks for today, maintaining the non-stop crazy grin in front of his computer. His colleagues found that creepy, especially because he didn’t explain what the reason for such behavior was (and gave a brusque hug to the first person who asked, so others weren’t willing to try).
He did have a good reason to be blissful. It’d been almost an entire week since he last talked to you. The torture it had been was indescribable. It was irrational how stressed he got over the wait, even though he wasn’t rejected yet. His patience was running thin, and he planned to call you by the end of the day. But lucky for him, you beat him to it.
‘I’ll do it.’
The text he received was concise, yet it filled him with all of the hopefulness he could ask for. You texted him again the next day.
‘Meet me in the park after work. We’ll discuss the first step of your program.’
First step? His program? Baekhyun had no idea what you were talking about, but he instantly reassured you that he’d be there.
‘I was a bit taken aback by your request,’ you clarified as you strolled down the road to find a quieter spot for a chat.
Baekhyun avoided looking at you, determined to learn every detail of his shoes and the ground underneath them. For some reason he didn’t feel like he had the right to look at you. Not only for being embarrassed that he had to ask you, essentially a stranger, for help with such a… delicate matter, but also because you were so far out of his league that he was fearful of giving you the wrong impression. He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable with the slightest suspicion of him taking an interest in you or something. Baekhyun was eternally grateful for you agreeing to help him as it was.
‘Y-yeah, sorry for that. I’m so very thankful, sunbae.’
‘Please, I told you to call me Y/N.’
‘Oh, right, I’m sorry.’
You gave him a prolonged look that he didn’t catch, still facing the ground, and sighed.
‘I think you need to work on that eye contact.’
Baekhyun glanced at you, slightly surprised, and lowered his head again, chuckling dryly.
‘That… really isn’t my forte. I guess you’ve noticed.’
You touched his shoulder, guiding him to sit on the bench before joining him, and smiled.
‘Don’t worry. It’ll be easier once you’ve built some confidence.’
Polite and friendly, just as Baekhyun noted before.
‘Actually, that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about,’ you paused, waiting for him to turn his head towards you. ‘What are you confident in?’
Baekhyun was silent. What was he confident in, really? His gaming skills weren’t bad. Not a full pro level, though. He had the 4th master dan in hapkido, but he hadn’t practiced much these days. He had a good head of hair, yet the styling was always off, strands poking out in all possible directions. His height was pretty average and his weight and body fat ratio weren’t ideal.
He was stuck in his thoughts for so long that you had to clarify.
‘Hey, it can be anything. Physical, intellectual, you name it. If you play an instrument well or appreciate how high your nose is or something.’
‘Uh- I do play the piano,’ Baekhyun offered, and your eyes found his hands.
‘Oh, you must be good, your fingers are very long. Your hands are nice, don’t you think?’
‘I’ve been told…’ Baekhyun’s cheeks became rosy. To fill the momentary silence, he blurted out: ‘My mom used to give me a manicure while I was asleep because she thought my hands were pretty.’
‘Huh. She must be fun,’ you chuckled, a ghost of a smile staying on your lips. ‘Isn’t that something you’re confident in? Pianist hands?’
‘I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it this way,’ he shrugged, tapping his foot on the ground.
‘Well, keep that in mind. Do you still get manicures?’
‘What? No! Why?’ Baekhyun jumped, making you snort.
‘Alright, chill. Not great at taking compliments… I see. Your nails look neat, that’s all.’
‘I cut them myself,’ he mumbled.
‘Okay, nice hands, what else?’ You changed the subject to avoid making him any more uncomfortable. ‘What are you good at? Besides your job, because, frankly, there aren’t many girls that are drawn to IT talk.’
‘Um- well, my friends say that I am loud and funny.’
‘That’s good. Means that you aren’t always this reserved. Although you don’t seem certain about your humor, maybe that’s something to keep for later.’
‘Yeah, maybe you’re right,’ Baekhyun cracked a small smile.
‘Oh, what about that?’ You exclaimed, and he gazed at you in confusion.
‘About what?’
‘Your smile! Do it again.’
He was perplexed by your request. You wanted him to smile for you? He tried doing so, but you only pursed your lips.
‘I guess it only works when it’s genuine,’ you sighed, but then your eyes lit up. ‘Or maybe you just need to train yourself!’
He was still totally confused.
‘Okay, here’s your first homework. You should smile more.’
‘Smile more?’
‘Yes. Not just while with friends, but like… when you’re out and about. When you commute to work or walk around the office. Anywhere people can see you.’
Baekhyun hummed, barely able to imagine that. Wouldn’t he look like an idiot with a smile plastered over his face 24/7?
‘It’s good. The ladies like a charming smile. You don’t have to show your teeth, it can be a little smirk. Or a half-smile. Try it in front of a mirror like this!’
You got your phone out to see your ‘reflection’ and imitated a few types of smiles. Baekhyun watched closely, almost wanting to write it down as an algorithm:
1. Get a mirror out.
2. Tilt your head 43 degrees to the right.
3. Lift one corner of your mouth 8 mm up.
‘Try doing it often and check the reactions. I want to hear your observations on how people behave when you do this by next Wednesday, okay?’
‘Yes, got it, sun- Y/N!’ Baekhyun nodded rapidly.
He got pretty excited about this, so it could most definitely become the first big step towards making him loosen up.
Baekhyun… really took what you said seriously.
During the next few days after your chat he dedicated all his free time to the training you’d suggested. Beginning with him trying out all kinds of smiles in front of a mirror and a camera during the weekend (safe to say those selfies should’ve been destroyed with no delays). And then carried on for the first half of the week, when he wore some kind of smile at all times unless he got too immersed in work to have any control over his face.
The reactions he noted were rather diverse. While the IT guys mostly didn’t even notice his attempts to wear an agreeable expression, some colleagues gave him perplexed or frankly alarmed looks whenever he’d do that. He wanted to give up after one day, and even his face started to ache from the exercise received by previously underused facial muscles.
Nevertheless, he persisted, and during day two nothing short of a miracle happened. A cashier in the canteen smiled back at him! Baekhyun got so happy and flurried that he almost dropped his tray while giving her multiple polite bows.
He could barely contain his excitement till the time you set up to meet at the chicken place after work. Barging through the door he spotted you instantly, taking a few wide strides in your direction before laying a few stapled sheets of paper in front of you.
‘That’s not the menu,’ you noted, looking up at him as he shook his jacket off before sitting across from you.
‘I prepared a report!’ He informed you, downing your glass of water after you nodded at his silent ask for permission.
‘The smile training report by Byun Baekhyun. Is this your name in hanja? Nevermind. Day one. Total number of attempts. The reaction pie chart,’ you read out. ‘This is… detailed.’
‘I wrote down everything I could. Day one wasn’t a big success, but positive reactions during Day two were over 38%! Day three was amazing, I was asked whether something good had happened twice.’
‘O-kay,’ you nodded slowly, taking in his glowing face.
He still wasn’t looking you in the eye, but the smile, the smile was there. Baekhyun was a quick study.
‘Why don’t you place the order while I go over this? I like my chicken spicy.’
‘Gotcha!’ Baekhyun beamed, and you turned your attention to the first page of the report, chuckling to yourself. He did overdo it just a tad, but it was good that he had commitment.
Once the table was set, you discussed his main findings.
People reacted positively to him smiling. Furthermore, females showed more response to the change in his expressions. Baekhyun also noted that overall women he wasn’t acquainted with demonstrated a more positive reaction as well. You assumed that was because they didn’t have any previous impressions or judgements of him, thus, there were no behavioral patterns to be expected from him. No prejudice, so to speak. Only real-time opinion.
‘I didn’t think anyone would pay attention. But this was fun! I tried taking pictures from different angles to see which worked best. And various distances, too,’ Baekhyun rambled from his spot across the table.
‘Funny you should say that. Distance is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about next.’
Tumblr media
A/N: So, the transformation has begun! Fallen in love with the ITnerd!Baek yet? Haha I adore him tbh How do you like the OC at this point? You’ll get to know her more in the coming chapters, so stay tuned^^
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washingtons2 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤଘִ ་ ࣪˖ ₍ couple - exo w. itzy ₎་ ་ ࣪˖ଓ ୭
⠀⠀ ⠀꒰ ♡ ꒱𝅄˚ ་ Ꮺ ࣪˖for this my boo..
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀་ ࣪⠀๋ ₍ ✎ likey and reblong ᭡
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀by: washington or violette
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happybbh · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
may b six | do not edit (1,2)
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koreanwstuff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like if you use - do NOT repost
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holdingforexo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
holding for jongdae: day [335/546], holding for chanyeol: day [181/548], holding for baekhyun: day [143/640]
EXO’s BAEKHYUN, CHEN, and CHANYEOL during DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO Fansign, November 2018
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gothicnakamoto · a day ago
morning comfort (android!baekyun x f!reader)
Tumblr media
description: your android, baekhyun, comforts you as you’re having a fever.
authors note: hiii i am once again writing abt android baekhyun BTW any feedback will be greatly appreciated because english isn’t my first language and while i was writing this i felt kind of insecure abt my writing skills TT. reblogs and likes will also be very appreciated!’
“good morning, y/n.” your android greets you with a bright smile plastered onto his perfectly molded face. he sits down on the bed, next to you, analyzing your temperature, your eyes, your expressions and everything.
“it seems as if you have a fever, y/n. your tempature has reacted 102 F, which tells me you’re not feeling good right now. may i go grab some medication in order to treat you?”
you nod your head yes, absolutely mesmerized by the way he can tell how you’re feeling in a matter of seconds. he’s an android, after all. you’ve always been mesmerized by the incredible technology that makes him. baekhyun leaves the room in order to look for medicine that can help treat your fever. a few minutes later, he comes back with a glass of water, acetaminophen and a small fan to keep you cool. he sets the glass and the acetaminophen on the table, sitting down next to you as he turns on the small fan, holding it close to your face in order to try to relieve your body’s hot temperature.
you sit down on the bed, grabbing the glass of water and the pill that were both on the nightstand, swallowing the pill with help of the glass of water. once you’re finished, you turn to look at baekhyun, baekhyun greeting you with a beautiful smile. he lays down next to you, still holding the fan over you as he analyzes your expressions in order to check for some other type of discomfort.
“baekhyun, won’t you get tired from holding that fan?”
“y/n, im an android, you silly girl.”
baekhyun laughs, placing his hand over your forehead, moving it towards your hair so he can leave a soft, delicate kiss on your hot forehead. once you feel the kiss, your cheeks are painted with a soft pink, a very delicate blush that baekhyun notices, laughing softly since he found you absolutely adorable and charming.
“never knew humans could be this cute.” he whispers to himself, his sweet smile widening as he notices that your eyes slowly closing. he analyzes you again and notices that you’re really tired and sleepy as he lays down next to you, caressing your hair in order to make you feel more comfortable. once you doze off, baekhyun leaves the room in order to make some delicious food to spoil you once you wake up from your nap.
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exol-line · a day ago
They looks like they're signing their marriage paper 👀
Tumblr media
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subaek · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
to the 9 members of EXO, the legends and kings of K-Pop, the Nation’s pick, the kings of EXO-Ls’ hearts, congratulations on your 9th anniversary🥺🎉 It’s been 9 long years filled with happiness, iconic and stunning music, warmth, precious memories, tears, achievements, friendship, struggles and LOTS of love. Thank you for being a source of comfort for me and thousands of others, for being bright lights who shine no matter what ✨ It’s been amazing to watch EXO grow over the years, together as a group and as wonderful and talented individuals, as well as see the lovely EXO-L fandom grow more and more! 9 years and counting, here’s to many, many more years!! Thank you for everything, Let’s Love each other for a very long time, to infinity and beyond! 엑소, 사랑하자 💖
#9YearsWithEXO #9ToEternityWithEXO
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happybbh · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
diamond dust | do not edit
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