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livediss · 13 minutes ago
Counterfeit Handbags Are Getting Harder And Harder To Spot
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jlf23tumble · 18 minutes ago
hiiii do you have any 1d recs? Feeling meh and could use some fluff, or something hot, or someone else’s drama to focus on. Lol
Hello! This is mildly tough because I'm not sure what you've read or are into, if you want something longer, shorter, newer, older, canon, AU, etc. etc., so I'm gonna go with newer, plus an older one, and if that doesn't fit the bill, come on back! Most of what I love is really short, for one, because I love short shorts, and for two, because I don't have a ton of time, so super long fic is a tougher sell (any fandom), but I have a few long 'uns here! Enjoy this mixed bag!
First of all, start with the fics in the recent wankfest, all of which are here...multiple pairings, all of them short-ish, all of them ridiculously hot, I won't even split out my faves, 2 many 2 good. I also did a list last month with some recent ones I've read/loved, so check those out, too! Here are ones I've bookmarked around those two lists:
To Crave Your Touch, @haztobegood, 677 words. This entire SERIES, god, I love the subscription feature on ao3 [clenches fist] so much, I vote for all the rest of it, too.
the most unsuitable pet, stretchmybones, 2k. Idk if this author is on tumblr, my apologies for not tagging them, but this series caters to all my interests, another one where I'd rec the whole thing.
Baby Blues, @kingsofeverything, 11k. I know, I know, these are essentially drabbles, but I'd read them fleshed out in any form! Or as is!! Momrry, rise!
The Earl and His Duke, QuickedWeen/ @becomeawendybird, 52k. Long-time readers/first-time callers are aware that I'm not the biggest historical AU fan, but this feels like a Jane Austen-adjacent fic, and I *am* a fan of hers, this one's a win!
Among Lavender Fields, @homosociallyyours, 70k. Megan's notes say that some photos I sent helped with inspiration, and I am...not remembering that, but I'll take it! This fic feels like a movie!!!!
You were a beam of light, lit up my broken sky, CuckooTrooke/ @larrydoinglaundry, 84k. This author just wrote an incredible lactation kink chapter in a different fic, so already, they're AIMH, but this one! INCREDIBLE doesn't even cover it, one of my fave's of the year for sure.
Of Mates and Men, bananaheathen, 231k. This one's a wip, but don't let that or the word count scare you! The author updates every two weeks or so, a lovely 10k gift that has been building over time. The softest, coziest sweater--the fluff! The build up! The warmth!
...finally, this one's an old one, but having listened to Liam's CEO podcast, I can't stop thinking about it (one of the best authors, too, if you want to just read everything else they've written). Won't Get to Space Because I Haven't Got a Rocket, sunsetmog, is from 2013, and it imagines what might have happened if Liam didn't make X Factor and went back to Wolverhampton to be a mechanic. But much like Windsong, he stayed on two people's minds, if you catch my drift. Anyway, present-day Liam talked a bit about his sliding doors/what could have been situation on that podcast, and all I see is this fic (even though I HIGHLY DOUBT it woulda gone down like this, just much 2 think about, ya feel?)
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estie-references · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Céline Spring/Summer 2016 - by Phoebe Philo | Accessories
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prince-honeypaw · 51 minutes ago
♡ I should do more agere content for teachers and pro-heroes.
♡ I hold a lot of love for older littles, but I never really get requests for them so I just get kinda stuck?
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getgear · an hour ago
Plambag Large Canvas Duffel Bag Overnight Travel Tote Weekend Bag Dark Gray
Plambag Large Canvas Duffel Bag Overnight Travel Tote Weekend Bag Dark Gray
Price: (as of – Details) Product Description Plambag, Never Stop Wondering Plambag adheres to its design philosophy of ease, conciseness, relaxation, green and uses high density canvas to devise bags in lightweight, durable and fashionable style. Let’s pack our bags, start our lightweight journey to find the balance between the life of struggling and leisure, to experience the magical things…
Tumblr media
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njcrafter86k · an hour ago
Looking for one-of-a-kind tote bag that no one else has?
Then this Lighthouse themed Tote bag is for you.
Tumblr media
This canvas totebag is one of a kind. It is made of canvas material with a rope handle and has been home embroidered with a light house on the front.
But what makes this bag extra unique and special is that it lights up!
Tumblr media
The rope themed handle lights up so your family and friends can easily spot you in the crowds at night.
New release in my mercari shop. Click link below:
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honey-desires · an hour ago
“Rent-An-Incubus” | Midoriya/Reader - NSFW Series (Part I):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre/Rating: 18+/Minors, DNI; NSFW/Smut, a sprinkle of fluff, & hurt and comfort but overall, it’s a light hearted fic!
***All fictional characters written and talked about are aged up 18+/in adulthood!
Fandom: BNHA/MHA
Pairing: Virgin-Incubus!Izuku x Experienced!AFAB Reader (She/Her), use of Y/N
Part 1 CW: Sub!Izuku x Dom!Reader (x Femdom), quirkless!au, magic!au, incubus lore/world building, incubi/succubi in this society are much more evolved and empathetic/sentient just like a human is, questioning the dubious ethics of how incubi are treated (reader is concerned), Izuku putting up a confident & alluring facade to impress the reader but when it’s actually time to do the deed- he gets all shy & flustered, Educated but not Experienced!Izuku, smart reader who knows what she wants, reader who is briefly implied to have exes, reader who deserves to be loved and appreciated, boys in lingerie, boys in thigh highs,, (ty @fang-wife for the suggestion 😳), implied kinky!reader, consensual (partial) loss of virginity (Izuku; haven’t really gotten there yet in this part), praise kink (ex: good boy)
WC: 4,450+ words (oh god)
Series Summary:
When you found out that there was an underground “rent-an-incubus” operation, you couldn’t help but be curious— curious enough to find yourself summoning one of your own tonight. You went into it, not knowing exactly what to expect but you at least had a good idea. But what you got that night was far from what you were expecting. Not that you’re complaining though. No, not at all.
🎵Song: “Killshot” by Magdalena Bay (slowed + reverbed)
A/N: This is it. I have truly gone above and beyond, literally ascended. I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this monster of a fic— (I HAD TO SPLIT IT UP INTO MULTIPLE PARTS CUZ IT CANT FIT IN ONE POST AHH) If you read any of my works, pLS read this, especially if you like the content listed because omfg I had so much fun writing this, you have no idea,,, this is really long compared to the lengths i usually write so buckle up and enjoy the ride!! (I also had a lot of fun doodling that thumbnail,, I am such an artist lol)
Works/posts regarding this series will be tagged with: #honey’s rent-an-incubus series
Find my other works under #honey writes !
Taglist at the end!
© honey-desires 2021 - all rights reserved; redistribution of my work (plagiarism/copying, modifying, translating, reposting, etc) will result in me blocking and reporting. Reblogs are more than welcome, of course!
Tumblr media
There exists a “rent-an-incubus” organization in society that one can only gain access to if they dig deep enough into the dark web or if they just know the “right” people. So, you end up doing a little bit of both. And eventually, one night, dressed in your pajamas, you find yourself in your bedroom, kneeling down in front of this little ritual space you’re currently setting up, just contemplating real hard about what you’re about to do. The select people you talked to throughout your gathering of research and intel about this underground operation all had glowing praises, saying that by the end of their session with their assigned-incubus, they felt like they were on cloud nine.
Although, the only thing that differed was the incubus each person got; their first time - it was always a different one for different clients; though, if the human came back again for their services, there was a high chance that they would receive that same incubus’ special treatment, especially if the incubus liked spending quality time with their client just as much as the human did.
Your thoughts begin to grow a bit conflicted.
‘Am I really that desperate and willing to go to these kinds of lengths just for a good fuck..?’ You stew in silence for a few moments.
‘...Yes, yes I am.’ After all, you thought, it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten laid and as a result, your sexual frustration has been mounting for the better part of a few months. What you wouldn’t give right now just to either fuck or be fucked into the very mattress behind you-
Lost in your lustful thoughts, without realizing it, you had completed the ritual, unaware that you automatically added the last component without thinking. And as soon as it made contact with the patterned circle you drew on the ground, the structure began to illuminate a potent green, slowly lighting up the symbols, numbers, and phrases you etched along the outer edge.
You rose to your feet and backed up a good distance, wary of what’s to come. Not too long after, the entire summoning circle was aglow. But, as soon as it arrived, it disappeared just as quickly. And a steadily growing fog of the same hue instead took its place, rising and swirling up into the air from the center of the circle.
You held your breath in anticipation, shaking slightly from nerves. Were you scared? Excited? Sexually aroused, already?? Well, mark me down as scared AND horny You couldn’t tell.
An outline of a figure manifests deep within the viridian cloud.
You feel it before you can clearly see him; you flinch as something quickly shoots out from the heavy green fog, wrapping around your waist, preventing you from moving. You look down to see what just ensnared you. You’re surprised yet not at the same time to see a long & skinny, black tail-like appendage; its tip, the shape of an arrowhead, flicking occasionally. A typical incubus tail, if your endless research has any say on the matter.
The thick fog finally settles, evaporating entirely, and you’re greeted with a breathtaking sight, one of which you’d come to be very familiar with in the future.
Your first encounter (of many) with your incubus would be one you’d remember for the rest of your life, for various reasons and this was one of them: your incubus was nothing and everything like you expected him to be at the same time.
The demon-man stands in front of you. The first set of words that came to mind at that very moment was: ‘Wow.. he’s gorgeous,’ and the second one, barreling in right after was: ‘Oh my god, he’s in the skimpiest, most stereotypical outfit I’ve ever seen; should I avert my eyes?? Oh my god—’
You blink hard, shaking your head slightly, chastising yourself. ‘Get ahold of yourself, Y/N.’
Opening your eyes properly again, you take a look at him. Well... the adjective you’d choose to describe this man is green, just green. The fluffy-looking, tousled curls on top of his head, his big, doe eyes, and of course, the fog that appeared before him earlier— all of them: green. Upon closer inspection, you realize he also has two short pointy horns on top of his head that are a deeper shade compared to his hair. You’re surprised that his tail is the only odd one out in this monochromatic color scheme.
Scanning his face further, you note that he has at least 4 prominent freckles per cheek. ‘Cute.’
And, uh, for his outfit, the man is dressed in all black leather, the outfit being what you can only define as “stupid-sexy.” He’s wearing a two-piece lingerie set: a sleeveless turtleneck crop top with a heart-shaped boob window (to which your mouth ran dry at, pupils dilating marginally) that hugs tight across his firm chest, and bottoms that are just barely booty shorts with a high waistline, accentuating his muscular yet lean form as it curves around his pretty waist.
If you squint, you can make out some freckles dotting along those strong yet plush-looking thighs of his, some of which spills over the top of some equally black thigh high stockings. You wonder just how far those freckles go.
You feel your face heating up at the thought.
While you’re just awestruck, utterly lost for words, the incubus finally releases you from his tail’s firm grasp. Cocking his head in curiosity at your silence, curls bouncing with the movement, he gives you a proper look-over.
Feeling a blush rise to his face, his eyes widen marginally at the sight of you, taking note of your appearance. ‘O-oh.. she’s so pretty..!’
Refocusing on the subject at hand as to not let himself get distracted, he clears his throat, letting his features become soft as he smiles at you. (You dutifully take note of those fangs glinting at you). He chuckles at your seemingly dumbfounded reaction, greeting you in a lilting yet alluring tone.
“Dear human, are you just going to stand there gawking all day? Or shall we just cut to the chase and let you use my services however you want~”
You startle yet again and flush brightly, shaking your head to clear it. “You— I— what..?”
“My services? That’s what you summoned me for, right? You want to feel the utmost pleasure an incubus can provide for you, correct?”
Taken aback slightly at his lavish manner of speaking, you nod slowly. “Yeah, what, uh, what kind of ‘services’ do you provide?”
“All kinds! Your wish is my command, dear client. We can do [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], or maybe, even [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. Or we could—”
The incubus goes off on a strangely adorable tangent, sometimes muttering rather than projecting his voice clearly, as he lists every single lewd thing you guys could take part in during your session. You feel your face grow uncomfortably warm, the heat increasing with each suggestion he proposes.
“—and we could… Oh! I haven’t told you yet, have I?” He giggles, moving his fingers away from their previous position of pulling at his bottom lip during his tangent. He instead holds up that same scarred hand to cover a slightly embarrassed smile.
You cock your head, gesturing for him to continue.
“My name is Izuku,” he answers, his embarrassed smile suddenly transforming into something more feral, leaning his body forward to whisper. “You’re going to have to remember that since it’ll be the only word you’ll know by the time I’m through with you.”
A shiver goes through your body. It appears maybe this time, you’re the one who’s about to get the ever living daylights fucked out of you, right into the mattress just like you thought.
Though, something feels… off about him. You couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason as to why. Maybe it was the way his eyes never strayed far from your face, never sparing a sneaky glance at your tits, your hips, your thighs, just never looking at you up and down like a piece of meat, like if he looked hard enough, he could undress and fuck you right then and there. Or maybe, it was the way his hands stayed put, as close to his body as possible; the only time he really “touched” you was with his tail earlier but that doesn’t really count.
One could argue that he’s just being respectful but you could tell that it was much more than that; it wasn’t entirely out of respect— it was out of fear probably. Maybe more like hesitance as if he’s unsure of where to go and what to do.
You think back to when his tail shot out to grab you when he first arrived; initially, you believed it to be a show of domination and intimidation like a predator capturing its prey. Though, now, you see it as more of a cautionary step he took in order to ensure his safety; to make sure you wouldn’t tackle him at first sight. The thought is highly concerning.
The more you think about it, the more easily it is to see that his straining body language is a complete contrast to his confident words. It’s like he tries to cover up the holes his movements leave behind and fill them in instead with his fancy speech that only seems to make him look like he knows what he’s doing. This incubus is hiding something big and you’re determined to find out exactly what it is.
So, gathering courage, you take a bold step towards him, testing the waters to see how he’d react. And just as you expected, the green-haired incubus backs up in turn, doe eyes widening the slightest bit, his previously lustrous smile becoming less convincing than before, more unsure. His tail behind him moves languidly, twitching ever so slightly. Yeah, you can definitely read his body language now. He’s like a bunny, ready to take flight and run at the smallest inconvenience.
Mind set and suspicions likely confirmed, you decide to uncover what he’s really hiding behind the charming confidence he seems to exude.
“Can I ask you a question, Izuku?” You innocently bat your eyelashes at him, smiling coyly. Taking note of your boldness and the devious glint in your eyes, Izuku narrows his eyes, becoming suspicious of your intentions; the nerves getting the best of him. Trying to gather himself, he gives you an answer.
“S-sure! You can ask me whatever you want,” he purrs out, trying to sound more put together and seductive, but ultimately failing when his voice unintentionally comes out strained and a bit wobbly at the start. His palms start to sweat.
“Am I your first client—” You pause, rewording your question. “Actually, scratch that. Are you... a virgin?”
Izuku pales instantly, eyes shooting wide open to the size of saucers. ‘How did she know— I wasn’t that obvious, was I?! I thought I was hiding it well..’
He gulps, waving his hands around, vehemently denying your accusation, “O-of course not! Why would you ever think that?”
You furrow your eyebrows, frowning at his blatant lie of an answer (and, of course, Izuku can see your upset expression plain as day; something painfully tugs at his heart in response to knowing that he was the reason why that pretty smile of yours fell off your face).
Lips pressing into a thin line, you prod at him some more. “Are you lying to me?” There’s a steel firmness underlining your tone that makes Izuku want to run for the hills.
Sweat droplets bead at his forehead as he struggles internally with himself. However, he ultimately decides to come clean, knowing his lies won’t get past you, and your strangely attractive intelligence anymore; he just hopes you let him down easy.
“... Yes, I am lying.” He manages to stutter out, wringing his hands together anxiously and dropping them down to his sides after, “And, uhm, y-yes, I am a virgin, which makes you my first client, too.” His tail droops to the floor.
Dropping the whole flowery and fancy act, he feels shame pool in his belly admitting that to you, as to where it stems from- he couldn’t tell you but it might be a mix of the guilt from straight up lying or the embarrassment he feels as an incubus as if his pride and dignity have been revoked. For a bit, he lets his thoughts beat him up for ruining the moment.
‘Only a few minutes into meeting her, and you’ve already screwed things up. Nice going, Izuku.’
He pushes on, saying, “I-I’m not this whole”—he waves his hand in the air, gesturing— “sex god you probably thought I was going to be.”
Izuku sighs shakily, reaching up and running a scarred hand through his curls.
“So, I’m sorry if you were expecting more, b-but..”
He looks down and murmurs the rest. Not being able to understand what he just said, you ask him to please repeat it, just a bit louder this time. Izuku clenches and unclenches his fists by his sides, his black tail wrapping around his torso, as if it has a mind of its own, wanting to provide a sense of comfort to its owner.
A deep breath can be heard, exhaled from him as he goes on to repeat what he said, “But, even so, do you think you can still spend time with me? I can’t promise that it’ll be anything good, but—” His eyes widen unexpectedly, like he just realized something. As if asking for your permission, he looks back up at you, drawing his hands towards his chest to twiddle with his fingers. You nod at him.
Tongue darting out to wet his lips, he asks hesitantly, “..Do you think you can take the lead, like, show me the ropes, a-at least for tonight?”
Both your eyebrows shoot up at his request; at your seemingly shocked expression, Izuku jumps to the conclusion that you dislike the idea and quickly backpedals, his hands flying around.
‘I’m such an idiot! Why would I ask her to do that; that’s so selfish of me! I’m the incubus here and she’s the client who I’m supposed to take care of—!’
“Ah, uhm, never mind—! I-I mean, if you aren’t okay with that, I can try to be on t-top, or if you don’t want that either, I-I can just leave right now, no compensation required; it’s totally fine with me! You don’t have to say anything else—!”
While Izuku’s busy trying to solve the non-existent problem, you shift your eyes towards him. You nibble on your bottom lip, thinking about what to do in this situation. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing that he’s a virgin (no, not bad at all, you think), you still thought the situation would be different than this. When you went into the whole “rent-an-incubus” thing, you expected some sort of sex god like he said but what you got instead was an adorable man who’s hesitant to even touch a girl’s tits, much less fuck her. (Has he even held hands with someone before? Has he even had his first kiss yet?) You think if he took the lead, he would surely combust under the pressure.
Maybe any other time, you’d find his rambling adorable, the way he stumbles and trips over his words; you could listen to him ramble on forever. But right now, the situation calls for you to take responsibility and be serious. So, coming to a final decision, you cut off his flailing, uttering out his name soft yet firm. “Izuku, stop.”
Hands dropping to his sides again and stilling, he immediately falls silent. You smile gently at him, “Relax, ‘zuku, you’re safe here; you don’t have to act so skittish around me.” His heart flutters at the nickname you gave him, hands growing clammy. “Also.. I don’t mind taking the lead tonight.”
Izuku brightens at that but tenses a little, blushing, when you walk towards him, closing the gap between the two of you. You rest a warm hand on the exposed skin of his chest, thumbing the area in tiny circles and feeling his heartbeat quicken beneath the pads of your fingers. You further go on to say, “In fact, I’d really love to; all you have to do is say yes.”
Taking the initiative, you get all up in that pretty, steadily growing-red face of his. You slowly lean in, going past it to kiss and nibble the shell of his ear. You can feel more than see him going through a full-body shudder at your touch, whimpering quietly. You’re pleasantly surprised to be greeted at the sight of a few freckles dotting along the outer edge.
You whisper out against his ear, hot and heady, “So, it’s okay; I’ll take the reins this time. You just sit back and look pretty for me..” Eyelids fluttering, beginning to droop, he gulps audibly, breaths coming out marginally faster.
You angle yourself to look directly at him again, coming in oh-so-close to his cherry red face. ‘So cute,’ you think to yourself. You stop, hovering just in front- resting right there where your lips brush ever so lightly against his, making him adorably gasp.
You murmur against the plushness of his trembling lips, “Be a good boy for me and I’ll show you the proper way to fuck someone, m’kay?” You lock eyes with him, unsurprised to see his pretty green eyes a darker shade, a haze of lust deepening them.
“..Okay—” Izuku goes to say but you cut him off.
“Y/N, that’s my name.” At giving away that bit of info, you realize something and decide to tease him a bit. You smirk at him, echoing his words from earlier, “You’re going to have to remember that since it’ll be the only word you’ll know by the time I’m through with you.”
Tail shooting up, going ramrod straight, Izuku’s eyes widen in recognition, flustered that you memorized it. Really, he should be annoyed that you brought up that cheesy line again, but instead, his body denies him as he feels a shiver of tingling pleasure go through him. He sincerely hopes you can keep that promise.
“O-okay, Y/N, I want to do this,” He pauses. “..with you, that is..” He clarifies as if he needs to, blushing at how easily your name rolled off his tongue.
That was all the confirmation you needed.
You surge forward, cupping his freckled, blushing cheeks and capturing his lips with yours.
“Mmph—!” Izuku’s eyes shoot open a bit at the sudden movement. However, you start to tilt his head the way you want to effortlessly slot your lips against his and eventually, the two of you fall into the flow of kissing. His eyes flutter shut, letting out a hum.
Wet smacks begin to fill the room as your little make-out sesh becomes more heated, more needy. You can feel his breath rate increasing cutely, him letting out quick puffs of air through his nose that hits just above your upper lip. You dart out the tip of your tongue to drag along Izuku’s bottom lip, asking for entry. He parts his lips eagerly and you slip your warm tongue into his cavern, making him moan.
Unlike past experiences where you and your partner’s tongues would put up a fight for dominance, Izuku instead lets you take the lead as you languidly glide your tongue over his, rubbing it between each kiss (you even remember to drag the tip gently under one of his fangs which Izuku shivers at). A few moments more pass like this, as Izuku begins to grow more vocal, letting out increasing hums and quiet whines muffled against your mouth. You dare to open your eyes, taking a peek at how he’s doing.
You feel your cheeks heat up at his expression— eyes closed and eyebrows turned up in bliss, his own cheeks blushing heavily. Deciding to take things further, you inch one of your hands down towards his crotch, fingertips ghosting over the slight bulge. You part for breath, Izuku’s lips chasing after yours adorably, whining at the loss of contact. His tail behind him is wagging to and fro, twisting and curling. You nudge at him and he opens his eyes to look at you. You gesture down at his lower region to which Izuku practically squeaks at the sight of his own erection straining his bottoms and your hand hovering over, just barely touching it.
“Can I touch you, ‘zuku?”
He never nodded his head so fast in his life, curls bouncing with the rigid movement.
“Y-yes, please— Ah-!”
You palm the bulge, groping it and running your hand along the length. You dutifully note the hefty size to him already, shuddering at the thought of holding him in your hands. You wonder if one hand will be enough to fully wrap around his cock.
Izuku shivers and shudders at your actions, his body trembling as he lets out a moan when your fingers squeeze around him. Hands going to grab at your waist, his head falls forward on top of your shoulder, as his half-lidded eyes follow the movements of your hand rubbing him.
A murmur is heard from him but you ask to repeat it yet again.
He breathes out, “..P-please, t-touch me..more..”
Your blush deepens at his request.
“Okay, pretty boy; but you’re going to have to take off those cute shorts for me.”
Izuku flushes at the affectionate pet name, fumbling over his next few words. “Yeah, uhm, okay- y-yeah..” He removes a hand from your waist, reaching it up into the air and snapping his fingers. A spark of green light follows the action, glimmering around his hand. Your eyes widen as a cloud of the same color gathers and engulfs his torso, his head and legs being the only things seen.
The cloud dissipates soon after, leaving the incubus’ body almost completely bare (you look down to see that he kept the thigh highs on; your heartbeat quickens at that). Your eyes drink in the sight of him naked on display, just for you. You feast your eyes upon his chest, his nipples hard and peaking already from arousal. Your breathing gets heavier as you can practically feel your pupils being blown to hell.
You want to bite and suck on them, all over those fucking pecs of his.
Your train of sight trails down along his beautiful abs all the way to his delicious v-line. Your eyes venture further down to the viridian-colored tufts of his happy trail, then...
Low and behold, his cock goes to stand at full attention, begging to be stroked.
‘Oh, he’s big..’ You salivate at the thought of having it sit in your mouth.
Izuku’s tail is now excitedly wiggling, jerking occasionally as if in reaction to your shameless staring at him. He wants more of it, more of your attention.
Your hands itch to touch him, especially his pretty cock and that cute tail of his. You wonder if it’s as sensitive as the rest of him.
Izuku had let out an audible whimper when his cock slapped up against his navel just prior, the cloud disappearing suddenly having the same effect as it would have had if you were to actually pull down his shorts.
You lean in to kiss him again, which Izuku happily reciprocates, molding his plush lips against yours as his hands go to grip and bunch up the back fabric of your t-shirt, holding you snug to him. Now that you’re pressed up so lewdly against him like this, both of your hands resting on his chest, occasionally reaching down to rub and tweak at his nipples, he can’t help but whine loudly, shaking when you grind your clothed hips against his now bare cock.
When you two pull back for air again, Izuku brings to your attention something you should’ve probably taken care of by now. He tugs at your shirt, eyes looking directly at yours in a silent plea for you to take it off. You gladly do so, criss-crossing your arms to pull it up and over your head, shivering when a rush of air from the AC hits your skin.
Izuku chokes on a breath and squeaks at seeing your boobs, naked already; your nipples are hard as well.
‘She’s not wearing a bra—!?’
Of course, you’re not wearing a bra. You’re in your pajamas. What kind of sane person would wear that underwire, clasped torture device under their sleep clothes?? (With the full intent to wear it to bed as well? Ha! You don’t think so!)
You giggle at Izuku, whose previously half-mast eyes are now snapped open again. Somehow, his blush deepens more, now migrating down to blend into the skin tone of his chest and shoulders.
You notice his hands twitching in front of his chest, like he doesn’t know what to do with them. You smile at that, using your own to grab his and place them on your chest. Izuku startles, letting out a groan at the plushness of your breasts.
His eyes are glued to your chest, as if you were to disappear if he stopped. His big, rough hands knead and squeeze your tits, his mouth open a little in awe of how fucking soft they are. You moan at the feeling of your chest being fondled and groped. You gasp and let out a groan when Izuku bends over to suck a nipple into his mouth, wrapping his swollen lips around the hardened nub while his other hand carries on massaging your other boob.
“Mm.. ah-! F-fuck.. doing so good, ‘zuku, making me feel s’good..” you purr out down to him which he whines at, his moans vibrating against your skin as his knees buckle at your praise.
He continues this loving treatment for the next few minutes or so, alternating his hands and mouth, giving both boobs and nipples equal attention. You reach a hand into his hair to play with it, grasping it at times, which Izuku gasps and hums at.
To tell the truth, you’ve never had a person pay this much attention to your chest before, never done this much foreplay, never had a person care this much about it, about you. However, Izuku is thorough with it, lavishing your chest in wet, open-mouthed kisses and making sure to paw at it good. His skill level is rather surprising for a virgin like him but it’s welcome all the same; you’re not complaining at all.
In fact, you love the way how he pays this much attention. You love how he’s so eager about everything, so eager to please you. He’s such a sweet boy— or rather incubus, you should say. You just feel more loved and appreciated than you’ve ever been before, at least in this sense. You’re glad he’s busy closing his eyes, or else he would’ve seen the way your own started to prick with tears.
Maybe, it’s something to do with his incubus genes, something deep within his innate instincts that are subconsciously guiding him to properly please another. Either way, you’re looking forward to seeing just how far those instincts can take him.
You smirk down at him as Izuku continues to suck on your tits, his face blooming red and eyebrows tilted up in bliss.
Oh, yes, you very much plan on pushing him to his limits, to see just how far he can go before he breaks.
This’ll be fun.
Part 2 is coming soon!
A/N: The original part 1 was so long that I couldn’t fit it all in this post holy fck,,, Anyways, hope you all enjoyed the first installment of this new series!! (*Update: With the help of one of my moots, I figured out how to put the whole text into one post but seeing as I’m not quite finished with this work, I’m going to make it multiple chaps! There’s going to be at least 3 parts to this series because I felt like it would be better split up, for the pace anyways!)
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fundy enabling yogurt to be a leash kid is so good but also consider: when yogurt gets sleepy fundy carries him around in one of those bubble backpacks people use for cats :’)
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tfw you gotta buy a whole new video camera because the one you got dont take videos
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