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So, I don’t know how, or why, however this blog now has 100 followers. Thank you guys so much! I’m in shock and completely dumbfounded. Just shocked to the max. I didn’t plan on reaching this so i have nothing planned, but would you guys like a part 2 to Lessons in Pleasure? It’s my most requested and I wasn’t originally planning to, but I think it’s well deserved! I also added The Witcher to my requests. I recently fell back into the fandom for it due to the Netflix series. This won’t become a Witcher blog, promise. Another thing added was the ability to request character pairings, without the reader involved. Just ships. I hope everyone enjoys!

Also! If there are any suggestions please message me. I’m doing my best. I’m not quite sure where to go from here. And, if you feel in any way thrown off from a detail in a story, when it’s supposed to be neutral, don’t be afraid to message me. These stories are for everyone and although I have to get specific with certain things, if at any time I give a non-descript character a specific feature please tell me. I wanna be inclusive here.

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You know what time it is! Good grief, time really flies, doesn’t it? Anyway, we’re starting a new month which means it’s time for me to set aside the fic I’m curently working on (Bride of the Demon King) and pick up a new story to work on for the duration of October.

First off, let me say I am pleased to report that I did meet my primary goal this month of getting the story to the point where Bilbo finally remembers Thorin. Yay! I made progress! So, that has happened (at the point to where I’ve written). I didn’t quite get Bilbo out of his little quarentine of sorts (my secondary goal), but he is meeting more demons and making some friends. In fact, he’s just met Dis and the princes … he’s not amused. (Haha You’ll understand when you get there 😆). But Thorin is working on safely granting him more freedom within the castle.

Since, I got a good number of chapters written, BDK will be getting added to the regular update schedule. So everyone who’s been waiting for it to continue, your wait has ended. It’ll be getting updated monthly starting this month.🥰

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get to either of the two remaining fics (Husband Mine & Creatures of the Night) that are still waiting for me to work on them because I have a few fics running low on chapters. I am super excited, though, because this month I’ll be tackling The Song of My Heart again!

I know I’ve said it before, but SMH is one of my absolute favorites of all my fics, and I’ve been waiting to get to work on it again. I really don’t know how far I’ll get. My primary goal will be to get to the wedding, but there’s a lot that will be going on in the time leading up to that. I mean, Thorin has three weeks to figure out how to live with his husband before they’re official hitched and Lobelia’s still in the mix. Imagine all the potential squabbles!😆🤭 Don’t worry though, they are slowly, but surely, getting closer. 😉🥰

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my dad: why is thorin such a jerk to bilbo though?

me: *cracks knuckles, clears throat, and proceeds to have a 2 hour discussion with him on how thorin’s first impression of bilbo was doomed and why his initial distrust and dislike of bilbo was justified, and how the only other times he is a “jerk” to him at all is when he’s suffering from dragonsickness + when bilbo betrays him in the worst possible gaslighty way but it doesn’t matter because in the end they forgive each other because they love each other*

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“Some might suggest that this is in conflict with my dignity as a king,” said Thorin mildly, as Bilbo settled more comfortably on Thorin’s shoulders and held an imperious hand out for his apple basket. 

“I suppose some might,” Bilbo sniffed luxuriously and plucked a beautifully ripe apple from an overhead branch. “But then you might respond by asking if your dignity can bake those pies you so enjoy.” He tucked the apple primly into his basket. 

Thorin stroked Bilbo’s ankle, “I suppose it is too much to ask for dignity and pie.”

“I’d be happy to reverse our positions, if I could lift you, umral. Ooh I think I’ve just felt a drop. Did you feel that?” 

Thorin smiled at the endearment, “Mm, I felt nothing, but I have a very excellent umbrella.”

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“You would tell me … if I was … something other than human, wouldn’t you?” There was no doubt in Thorin’s mind that Bilbo would know.

Bilbo stared, his face carefully blank. “If you asked it of me … I would tell you anything that you want to know,” he finally answered.

Stepping closer, Thorin studied his One. “Am I human?”

“Yes, of course, you are, Thorin. That’s a silly question,” Bilbo huffed patiently, breaking his expressionless mask to give his hunter a reassuring look.

Thorin felt no less confused. He knew Bilbo spoke in riddles sometimes, but his answered seemed pretty straightforward. “I felt … different,” he admitted softly, squeezing his fists and stretching his hands.

Bilbo closed the distance between them and reached up to cup his hunter’s jaw in his hands with a small sigh. “That man is an idiot. Don’t let his words bother you. You are human.”

Thorin nodded and grabbed one of the vampire’s hands to redirect it to his lips. “I felt … more though. For a moment,” he sighed. Maybe he was just perceiving things that weren’t there because of what Slayer had said, like the suggestion of enchantment.

“Well, I never said you weren’t,” Bilbo huffed.

“Weren’t what?” Thorin narrowed his eyes.

More than human. You asked if you were human, not if you were only human.” Bilbo pointed out.

Thorin’s brow furrowed as he considered that. “What?”

Sighing, Bilbo slid his hands down Thorin’s front, settling them on his waist as he pushed against him.

Thorin was almost distracted. “Are you saying I’m more than just human?”

“All I’m saying is that you didn’t ask.” Bilbo deflected, pushing against him harder. Thorin stumbled back from the vampire’s force until he hit a tree. Bilbo rubbed against him, and heat shot to his groin.

~~Excerpt from chapter 71 of Of Cold Hearts by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Oct 5th. Subscribe now! ❤

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Thinking of expanding my request options to include moodboards and banner images (basic ones for now - I’m not practised enough for advanced edits just yet) etc alongside gifsets.

Could incorporate neo-khuzdul into them, if its single words or a translation has been done (I’m not confident enough in my use of the Dwarrow scholars translation tool to be able to do sentences yet).

Is there an appetite for those kind of things?

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Bilbo trotted to the council tent with Dagan at his side. He wasn’t happy about not being summoned for the meeting. Throwing the tent door open, he barged in. “Dagan said you’re not sending a trading party out today.”

“Unfortunately. Come sit, Ghivashel.” Thorin beckoned him in.

“Why not?” Bilbo took a seat next to his mate. “And why didn’t someone come get me?“

“You were resting,” Dis answered. “We didn’t wish to wake you.”

Bilbo snorted indignantly. “This is important.”

“I’m sorry, Amral. It wasn’t our intent to leave you out.” Thorin ran his fingers through Bilbo’s growing curly mane.

“What’s going on? Why no trading party? Are there no more settlements nearby?”

“On the contrary, there are still two settlements within our reach, though we’d likely only be able to make contact with one more before we move on,” Balin replied.

“It’s the good’s that’s the problem.” Gloin took over. “We’re out of things to trade. We ain’t got nothin’ left that we don’t need.”

“But we can’t stop,” Bilbo insisted. “Trade relations might be the only thing keeping us from delving into an all out war.”

“We understand, Amral, But we simply have nothing left to offer. It’s the excuse of trade that has granted us what interaction we’ve had so far. Without something to offer, our approaching the settlements will likely be found suspicious,” Thorin reasoned.

Bilbo thought for a few moments, his face scrunched up in concentration. “So, you just need something to trade, right?”

“Aye, something the humans would take an interest in,” Gloin confirmed.

“All right.” Bilbo stood. “Come, Dagan.”

“Bilbo? Where are you going?” Dis wondered.

“Fishing.” Bilbo disappeared out the tent.

~~Excerpt from chapter 65 of The Herd of Durin by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Oct 5th. Subscribe now! ❤

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“How did you come to take an interest in such a large vegetable, umral?” Thorin smoothed the last handful of mulch with his trowel and sat back on his heels to wipe away a trickle of sweat from his brow.

“Oh there’s a little everyday glory to growing something bigger than yourself, isn’t there!” Bilbo offered Thorin his handkerchief, but held it out of reach til Thorin had tugged off his dirty gardening gloves. “And anyway, think of the food!” Bilbo shut his eyes rapturously and pressed one hand to his heart, “Pumpkin mash, roast pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pickles, pumpkin ale, pumpkin punch! Oh Thorin, pumpkin ice cream!” Bilbo was in such a state at the idea that he was compelled to brace himself against the pumpkin and sip from the glass of cordial he’d brought out for Thorin’s refreshment. 

“That is rather tremendous pressure on my appetite,” said Thorin, somewhat gravely as he was enjoying himself far more than would be advisable to let on. “Though I suppose the biggest is destined for the fair and some Sackville Baggins comeuppance?”

Bilbo wisely did not hear the last bit, “Oh my love, I have every faith in your appetite.” 

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One of the side effects of reading all the bagginshield fics I have is getting to know the dwarves so much better.

The way fanon has built on the characters we’re given to develop them into such rich personalities is incredible. It also has the side effect of hitting my weakness for the found family trope and group banter hard, meaning I now love them all and feel like I want to indulge Fíli and Kíli’s antics myself and hang out quietly with Ori and go drinking with Nori and Bofur.

They’re such a gang and it pleases me greatly.

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I’ve realized I have a weird sub-category of fic I like to write which is “Completely ridiculous Hollywood trope played utterly straight and fully explored” like 

- The Amnesiac Nicky fic (coming soon) - classic Hollywood amnesia trope. Nicky gets bonked on the head, and thinks he’s still in the Crusades while Joe and the others struggle with the ensuing hijinks. Except there’s actually quite a bit of legitimate angst in the story on Joe’s part (I mean, this is me after all) and true fear he’ll never get his soulmate back the way he was. Still, everyone in the story is fully aware that this entire situation is nuts and they’re just trying to cope with it from minute to minute. 

- Death by Flowers - Hobbit, Thorin/Bilbo, my sex pollen fic (and first foray into fem Bilbo). I mean, it’s sex pollen. It’s ridiculous. Similar to the Amnesia fic, everyone in the story is in a state of incredulity that this insane situation is happening and they have to seriously say aloud things like “If we don’t fuck, you’ll die.” while also dealing with things like their actual relationship and feelings and how truly terrifying it is that this pollen could kill Thorin if they don’t do something very personal and humiliating to stop it, and the relationship actually advances because they’re forced to talk about things they’d normally be too stoic to bring up!

- A Sharp Dressed Man - Pacific Rim, Newt/Hermann, classic mistaken identity comedy. Hermann gets a makeover and suddenly Newt doesn’t know who he is and starts hitting on him! It is just…the dumbest, most unbelievable trope, it could never happen outside of a sitcom. But the story actually goes into a lot of serious stuff about Newt and Hermann’s relationship and why they struggle to speak openly with one another without fighting, where the mistaken identity allows them to bypass their daily rivalry and speak honestly with one another for the first time in years. But also the whole premise is just fucking ridiculous and even the characters know it by the time the reveal happens they’re both like wtf no this doesn’t happen in real life

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