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DnD icons for my players, in my real-life campaign, that is playing out in the original setting of the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons. Will leave a short story description to the character from my viewpoint as a DM.

From up to down.

Arcal Kjallaksson - Human Variant (Luskan) - Ranger (Gloomstalker)/ Clerif of Bahamut (Forge Domain)

Orlaxan “Groovekeeper” Xaershizaranoxirian - Blue Dragonborn - Paladin (Oath of the Ancients)

Pelóri - Aasimar (Scourge) - Rogue (Thief)

Carstine Amastacia - Half-elf (High elf) - Sorcerer (Divine Soul)/ Warlock (Hexblade)

Skarlydd Nemeia Ashborn - TIefling (Bloodline of Zariel) - Bloodhunter (Order of the Profane Soul)

Its slowly looking like im doing more and more DnD stuff arent i ?! xD

Praise the sun !

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Once again, Bahamut f up when dealing humans and the deamon problem. I mean, yeah sure, only women can be the ruler of Tenebrae but why not let the men be healers and go on and do like what Ardyn did (sans the absorbing the sickness thingy)?


Less daemons means less strain or something, right?


Seriously, Bahamut you idiot.

Me: yeah THIS.

But honestly I think it’s a problem of Bahamut being 1. Not Human so he honestly doesn’t really understand how humans think beyond the surface level and 2. he’s the WAR GOD trying to FIX A PLAGUE.

Fire is usually associated with purification in fantasy and stuff so it’s LIKELY that dealing with the Scourge would have been IFRIT’S PROBLEM if the War of the Astrals had never happened, and he also clearly had a better grasp of humankind because he taught Shiva to love them and stuff. So Bahamut is literally trying to do a job he was never trained for.

And thus we get these GIANT IDIOT ROOKIE MISTAKES.

@a-world-in-grey just in case you find this interesting.

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