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blurryken · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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guiltygearofficial · 4 days ago
Which Guilty Gear characters are tops or bottoms?
This is quite the unusual question Dear Gearster, however I will answer it to the best of my abilities!
Sol is neither top nor bottom, he sleeps on the ground, outside, in the dirt.
Ky sleeps in the bottom bunk bed together with Dizzy because Sin gets grumpy when he doesn’t get to sleep in the top one.
May sleeps on the 4th level of the Jellyfish Pirate 14 Etage Bunk Bed and Johnny sleeps on the 14th. Most people consider it “A huge safety risk” and “A really stupid idea”, Johnny however thinks it’s “Wholesome fun for the whole family!”.
Eddie makes Zato sleep in the bottom bunk bed
Millia needs an entire bunk bed to herself, one for her body and one for her wig.
Potemkin has wished to sleep in the top bed for all his life and for his birthday Gabriel finally made his wish real, creating a Bunk Bed that can handle 30 megatons of force, on which Potemkin can properly sleep. The lower bunk is always kept empty however, for safety reasons.
Chipp doesn’t sleep in a bunkbed, however, he does sleep in a racecar bed.
Faust sleeps in both the upper and lower part of the bunk bed at once, coiling around both like a snake.
Axl Low sleeps in the british equivalent of a racing car bed, which is a red double decker bus bunk bed. He sleeps in the bottom one.
Testament and Kliff used to share a bunk bed. Testament was heartbroken after his father died, but quickly got over it when he realized that this would mean he finally gets to sleep in the top bed.
Baiken sleeps in the bottom bunk bed while Anji sleeps in the upper one. She doesn’t actually care which one she sleeps in. 
Anji sleeps in the upper bunk bed. He claimed that he desperately wanted to sleep in the top one to start shit with Baiken, only to find himself dissapointed when she didn’t care.
Venom sleeps in a double bed, hoping that he could one day convince Zato to share it with him. This has so far been unsuccesful because Eddie refuses to sleep in anything but a bunk bed.
Bridget shares a bunk bed with his brother who is definetly a real person. Bridget got the top one after winning at rock paper scissor.
Slayer sleeps in the top part of the double decker Coffin he and Nagoriyuki share because he’s the older vampire.
Zappa doesn’t sleep in a bunk bed, he passes out on the ground whenever the ghosts feel like it.
I-no, Jack-o and, Raven and That Man share a bunk bed because cause Jack-O imported expensive candy from overseas, using up most of their budget. I-no, Jack-o and That Man all share the lower bunk because no one wants to share one with Raven “I got a spike in my head” GuiltyGear
Bedman and Delilah will be returning as the Bunk Bed Buddies in Guilty Gear Strive. They’ll have a stance change mechanic that changes which one has the top and which one has the lower bunk bed.
Elphelt wanted to get a bunk bed with Ramlethal, Ramlethal however doesn’t need a bed. Whenever she feels tired she simply closes her eyes and stops moving for 8 hours, something that dissapoints Elphelt greatly.
Leo bought himself a bunk bed, in which he always sleeps in the top one, because he was forced to sleep in the lower one that he shared with Ky during their holy order days.
Answer owns a bunk bed, however he hasn’t slept in the last 3 years.
Giovanna doesn’t own a bed because Rei doubles as a comfy pillow.
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guiltygearofficial · 4 days ago
In honor of 4/13,
Which characters have and havent read homestuck
Sol read Homestuck when he was young but has become very good at denying that he knows anything about it. He says it sounds like something for “gay nerds” despite, behind his jock facadé, being a gay nerd.
Ky has not read homestuck: He refuses to consume any piece of media where they say the f-word.
May and Bridget have never read Homestuck but has seen some of the characters on the internet and thinks they’re neat
Zato has not read Homestuck, however he made Venom read it, specifically because Eddie would not stop calling anything he does a Homestuck reference. Eddie has also never read Homestuck.
Potemkin has read Homestuck and he has written a 3000 word essay on his mixed feelings on Equius character.
Chipp started reading Homestuck because he was promised it was like an anime. Unfortunately there were too many big words and not enough fight scenes so he quickly got bored. Answer can recite all of Act 6 from memory.
Faust has not read Homestuck and everyone agreed to keep it a secret from him because he’s already suffered enough.
Axl has read Homestuck and constantly subtly references it around Sol, for no other reason but that Sol cannot call him out on it without revealing that he has also read Homestuck.
Kliff does not know Homestuck exists and it’s probably for the better
Testament knows Homestuck exists and it’s the reason he has a grudge against humanity
Baiken doesn’t know what Homestuck is and has stabbed people in the past for trying to explain it to her
Anji gets into vriskourse with a different opinion every time just for shits and giggles. Has gotten stabbed in the past trying to explain Homestuck to Baiken.
Johnny refuses to consume any media that does not contain atleast two (2) tiddy and/or ass shots of every female character
Dizzy does not know what Homestuck is and it’s probably for the best
Zappa wrote a dissection of Homestuck’s cultural impact as his college thesis
You know that book A.B.A. reads in her intro? That’s a physical copy of all of Homestuck.
Slayer hasn’t read Homestuck but knows enough about it to hold a conversation about it. This is true for every piece of fiction in existence, except for How I met Your Mother, which he to this day refuses to learn more about.
Robo-Ky has “read” all of Homestuck, meaning he looked at the pictures without actually opening a single pesterlog. Has no idea what it’s about but he liked that therer were robots.
Sin hasn’t read Homestuck because Ky think it’s too violent and Sol thinks it’d probably blow his brain up
Raven reads Homestuck because no form of torture can compare to the psychic damage it inflicts.
I-no says that she’s too Sexy to know what Homestuck is. Once tried to kill Anji for calling her “A Vriska”.
Bedman has read Homestuck when he was thirteen and that’s why he’s Like This now. Kins Dirk Strider. 
Elphelt got into Homestuck because she heard Axl talk about “Troll Romance” once. Has tried to explain Troll Romance to multiple people who were already not interested in a regular Romance.
Ramlethal read all of Homestuck at Elphelt’s request in a single sitting. After finishing all of it she simply stated that “She didn’t get it.” before moving on with life.
Leo got half his dictionary entries from Homestuck. He is the only reason anybody in the year  2187 knows the word abscond.
Jack-O technically has not read Homestuck, however she roughly remembers half the plot from when she was Aria. Does the exact same shit as Axl whenever Sol is around.
The pope did the juggalo facepaint thing in Guilty Gear Revelator because she kins Gamzee.
I hope these answers were satisfactory to you dear Gearster! Always remember to Gear on Gearsters!
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bloodsadx · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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broken-clover · 6 days ago
Realizing that Anji’s and Baiken’s main colors are blue and pink respectively. Trans colors. An interesting detail.
I suppose in a way, they’re both pretty GNC. Perhaps another reason they fell in together? Also Anji is there a reason you’ve always got your titties out? Trying to show off your top surgery? I mean that sounds like something he would do
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theartofsalient · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
2021/04/11 - Baiken
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broken-clover · 7 days ago
Your GG hobbies answer remember a few I had, specifically Baiken practicing calligraphy because of her IK being a calligraphy term. I think she does it to practice accuracy at first before she just does it to pass the time. Anji begs her to teach him and she complied eventually, they do it together once a week
That’s a really neat idea! Even though running around and getting into fights seems like it makes up most of Baiken’s time I imagine there’s still some downtime. And as capable as she definitely is it is probably kind of tricky to find hobbies that can be done one-handed. And the idea of her teaching Anji is adorable, it’d be lovely to see them just having some downtime, even if it isn’t quite relaxed it’s at least a bit calmer than what we see with them in canon. Ah, well. That’s what we have your fics for! Gonna have to go reread Sword and Fan now
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valentinecult · 10 days ago
You have an opinion on Baiken?
As someone who loves samurais in fiction, Baiken is a cool character in Guilty Gear. I dig her unique fighting style of using one arm to fight, it is badass to say the least.
Although, I wouldn’t really say she is one of my favorites in Guilty Gear. She’s okay in my book, just at times I feel like she is a bit overrated. Like, if she is not in a Guilty Gear game, people threaten to not buy it or play it. Not to be mean, but that’s kind of being close-minded. 
There are a lot of unique and interesting characters who in my opinion are cooler than Baiken. I mean, there’s nothing wrong trying out new characters or getting out of your comfort zone.
Take me for example, I was more hyped to main Nagoriyuki than Ramlethal. There are various reasons, he has a badass design and fighting style! He even has this enigmatic aura about him! 
So yeah, I like Baiken a lot, she is cool and kind of her own rough around edges sort of way. Just I think she is a bit too overrated.
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mr--link · 14 days ago
So yeah, Baiken’s been on my mind lately.
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nomorecolour · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
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guiltygearofficial · 17 days ago
To be a samurai within the world of Guilty Gear two requirements need to be met.
1. Huge badonkas
You are now qualified to be a samurai.
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nomorecolour · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
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guiltygearofficial · 20 days ago
how does the cast play during mario party
Sol plays Mario because he’s the default on the character select screen. He doesn’t bother doing anything during his turns except take the most straightforward path. Barely pays attention to the game but still somehow wins half the minigames
Ky plays Mario because he genuinly wants to play Mario like some kind of freak. Actually likes the Mario Party 9 and 10 kart.
Insists on only playing Mario Party 8 because that one has blooper in it. Similarly, only plays on the beach board. Is an absolute menace under these specific circumstances but hasn’t touched any other Mario Party, ever.
Millia is dragged into it when the Assassin Guild has their monthly Mario Party Tournament to decide who has to revive Zato’s corpse the next time he dies. Plays peach. Gets really competive because she does not want to have to deal with Zato’s corpse
Zato does not play Mario Party, instead letting Eddie play, who exclusively plays as Bowser Jr because he can relate to being a little gremlin. Lands on bowser spaces all game on purpose. Isn’t even trying to win, is just trying to cause as much havoc as possible. Spams the Mario Party 6 Taunt Button constantly.
Potemkin has been banned from Mario Party Wednesday after accidentally breaking Gabriels limited edition Resident Evil 4 Gamecube Controller
Chipp only wants to play Super Mario Party because that one has Pom Pom which is the closest he can get to playing a ninja
 Faust brings about complete madness to any Mario Party game he is invited to. Not even on purpose, him being nearby seems to mess with the RNG somehow. He somehow ran into two hidden star blocks in succession before running into a Chance Time, which ended up letting Chipp win a 50 turn game. Faust now has political immumity thanks to the Eastern Chipp Kingdom
Axl plays yoshi because yoshi is british. I will not elaborate.
Kliff plays Donkey Kong in the original Mario Party. He likely would’ve loved the other Mario Party games as well, had he not bled to death from the spinning minigames in Mario Party 1
Testament plays Boo because he’s an edgy little hot topic boy. Puts way too much effort into capsule placement. Considered the local Mario Party tryhard together with Leo
 Justice exclusively plays Sonic Shuffle
Anji is the true wildcard. Sometimes he will go out of his way to go after other players in minigames, he passes up stars, purposefully lands on bowser and DK spaces, anything that causes other people to shout “What in the FUCK are you doing”
Baiken shouted “What in the FUCK are you doing” loud enough during a heated round of Mario Party 6 to lose her voice for two weeks. Has refused to play ever since. Their shared wii has a katana lodged in the disc slot.
Venom plays Hammer Bro. Puts way too much thought into the game, where to go, what the best capsule placements would be, etc. Tries his best to win, but always loses horrendously due to luck simply not being on his side. 
Johnny plays Daisy because he thinks she’s hot. That’s it. 
Jam doesn’t really care for playing Mario Party, but usually provides the snacks for whoever is playing.
Dizzy plays Peach because she thinks peach is nice. Usually plays together with Ky in a team in Mario Party 5. Trying her best to have a good time with everyone and to mediate before Sol throws his controller at Ky’s head
Bridget plays toad. He’s just trying to have a fun time, but ends up winning most of the time because everybody else descends into screaming and throwing controllers while he’s having fun
Slayer used to be a Mario Party 1 Speedrunner back in the day. Once held the world record for minigame island in 2014. Wario main.
Zappa is somehow even worse than Faust in regards to messing with the RNG. The second Zappa joins in, it may as well be considered gambling. Tries to main Waluigi, but the ghosts keep moving his cursor over to Boo instead.
I-no doesn’t play Mario Party. She instead plays Drunk Mario Party, where she gets together with the rest of That Man’s Funky Bunch and gets wasted watching 4 easy CPU’s play Mario Party. Mains Birdo as an AI because she’s a bad bitch like that.
That Man mains Wario in drunk Mario Party because he is aware of how intrinsically important Wario is to the Guilty Gear Universe at large. If Drunk Mario Party with That Man’s Funky Bunch were to end, so would the universe.
Sin plays Luigi. Has probably played Mario Party more than anyone but the tryhards. Has a good time, no matter whether he wins or loses, especially cause he usually films the carnage that ensues around turn 15 and puts it on the internet
Raven plays Waluigi during Drunk Mario Party in an attempt to flirt with That Man. It’s usually unsuccesful. Gets uncomfortably horny when landing on a bowser space.
Bedman believes games such as Mario Party to be beneath him. He has already taken every possible calculation by the time the board lands in, on how the game could possibly go. Still mad he lost to Zappa and Faust that one time despite calculating a 99,97% win chance for himself
Ramlethal plays Mario Party single player content. Mains Yoshi. Actually teared up during Mario Party 5′s credits
Elphelt plays whichever female character hasn’t been selected yet. Tries to flirt via Mario Party. Is Suprisingly enough, unsuccesful in doing so. 
Jack-o is usually the only person still conscious by the end of the Drunk Mario Party party of That Man’s Funky Bunch. “Plays” Wario. Is in charge of turning off the Dolphin Emulator after everyone else is out cold. Raids I-no’s fridge afterwards and blames it on That Man
Answer plays Super Mario Party with Chipp. Tries his best to hard carry Chipp through the game. Tryhard.
Haeyhun plays Donkey Kong. Used to play Mario Party competively but has since retired. Actually enjoyed the Microphone Mini Games in 6. 
Leo plays Mario Party almost daily, to make sure he’s better at it than Ky is. Mains Wario to contrast himself from Ky. Practices with Hard AI’s in an attempt to get an edge up. Still ends up losing because of bonus stars.
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guiltygearofficial · 22 days ago
It's my birthday in a few days, what would the cast get for me?
Sol does not get any gifts until the actual birthday, at which point he will go “oh shit right this is happening today”, followed by him punching in the display the nearest gift shops display window and handing you whatever he grabbed
Ky will extensively research a proper gift, wanting it to be the perfect gift to give, based on relationship, familiarity, worth, etc. Unfortunately, all of that is filtered through the lense of a french piece of white bread, so he’ll probably get you a pair of socks
May puts money together with all the other jellyfish pirates, to steal  buy a nice gift
Millia does not believe in the concepts of birthdays ever since Unfunny Daisuke (My evil twin that runs the Arc Sys Twitter Account) assigned her the weed day as a joke
Zato hands you a wildly inappropriate gift card that says something like “Congratulations on passing that kidney stone!” on which Eddie has crossed out enough letters to change it into Happy Birthday five minutes before they arrived at the party
Potemkin and Chipp get together to gift you a box of colorful pencils and a How To Draw Anime book. 
Axl travels forward in time to find out what the best gift you received was, only to travel back and hand it to you, causing a timeloop that crashes the universe for two weeks
Faust gifts you a 50$ gift coupon for Doctor Sensei so you too can wear a stylish gucci bag on your head
Testament gets you a cool keychain he found at hot topic before fucking back off to the grove for another year
Kliff gifts you free tickets to his funeral
Justice gifts you a head start
Baiken gets you a One Time Use “Not Getting Stabbed” Coupon. It’ll run out in 20 minutes so you better make it count.
Anji lets you smack his tiddy. Once.
Venom buys you a gift card. He has no idea what to get people for their birthdays, this is the best you’re gonna get
Johnny tries to pull a “I’m your gift ;)” how quickly you beat him to death is up to you Dear Gearster
Jam Kuradoberi bakes the birthday cake. She’s still going to charge you for it
Dizzy hands you a little chipmunk. Dizzy hands you a chipmunk. Dizzy hands you a chipmunk. Dizzy hands you a chipmunk. Dizzy hands you a c
Bridget teaches you how to do a cool yoyo trick in a god honoring way
Slayer gifts you a randomly generated haiku that will likely move you to tears
Zappa tries to hand you a gift, which is quickly interrupted by you being cursed by seven different jealous ghosts
I-no gifts you a coupon for a special night with her. That night is going to consist of her beating the shit out of you with her guitar
Robo-Ky gifts you a packet of AA Batteries because he took “Do unto others what you want them to do to you” to heart
Sin gets you a puppy because hey it worked on Ram
Ram hands you a puppy because hey it worked on her
Elphelt hands you a “I’m your gift ;)” giftcard and hopes it’ll work better than it did for Johnny
Leo also pulls an “I’m your gift ;)” but in contrast to the other two he isn’t one bit horny about it, he genuinly thinks getting to spend a day with him is a great birthday gift
Answer spies on your social media accounts for two weeks, trying his best to come up with the ultimate gift. This isn’t weird, he promises. It’s his job
Haeyhun gifts you your own Old Man Mecha so you can be Old Man Mecha Buddies
Bedman says that Birthdays are entirely meaningless human concepts which are a pointless way to measure time and to reward people for simply existing, something that fundamentally opposes the concept of progress as a species, because of which he refuses to participate in silly antics such as birthday parties. He then hands you season one of BIg Bang Theory on blue-ray
Nagoriyuki hands you an onigiri. Nagoriyuki hands you an onigiri. Nagoriyuki hands you an onigiri. Nagoriyuki hands you an onigiri. Nagoriy
Giovanna takes you out for dinner to celebrate your birthday! Which sounds wonderful until you realize that she’s taking you to eat brazillian pizza
The pope guns you down. As a gift.
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