unfinshedsentec · 23 hours ago
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texting them “I haven’t been fully honest with you”
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a/n: I’m just posting something to post while I procrastinate
type: smau <3
characters: Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano, Ken ‘Draken’ Ryuuguji, Baji Keisuke, Chifuyu Matsuno, Kazutora Hanemiya, Rindou Haitani, and Sanzu Haruchiyo
tw: cursing
Tumblr media
Mikey Baji Chifuyu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kazutora Rindou Sanzu
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kiluvent · 2 days ago
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✧ "just be friends" ✧
ft. kazutora, mikey, chifuyu, baji, draken
[angst, some swearing, unrequited feelings/rejection]
a/n: here's @sunnyophelia 's request. next time maybe remember to not add hashtags!!! i can't post your request directly if you do- anyway sorry this took so long but this was fun to write <333
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♡ kazutora ♡
always had a more one track mindset with how when he thinks one way, it's nearly impossible to change his mind on it- ex. "...if you kill people, that makes you a bad guy. but if you kill your enemies, that makes you a hero" thing
soooo.... he had really built up in his mind that the feelings he had for you for all those months were always mutual,,,
yeah, it didn't go over very well lol 😐 he ended up victimizing himself and shit-
"fuck, they want to be just friends??? 'just friends' my ass! it's all mikey's fault i got rejected, i bet-"
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
what...? huh? just friends???? what??????
i mean, he's a great friend, 10/10 of course, but he could be an even greater boyfriend... i think 💀 honestly who knows on this one lmfao-
mmMmmMmm... time to have some good old denial about it :D
"they're probably just shy and embarrassed so they are scared to say how they really feel because it's embarrassing right??? right. so true. yep."
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
bro ngl i have no clue how this guy would react to you saying "lets be just friends" exactly,,, i just feel like he would end up taking it EXTREMELY personal
Chifuyu: ✨Pick Me Version!✨Now with all kinds of classic pick me boy sayings for a perfect guilt tripping experience! Fun for everyone!"
says the stereotypical sayings like:
"that's fine, nobody wants me anyway 😔"
"i knew it, you're just like everyone else- i'm sorry i even tried. who am i to think i could ever be good enough for you after all 💔"
shit like that lmaooooo- 💀
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
"well fuck you too."
- baji, probably
idk if regardless of your offer to continue being friends if he would actually want to because you didn't want to date him-
"imagine rejecting me, how lame ://"
Tumblr media
♡ draken ♡
as per usual, the most chill about the whole thing- 75% cool about it and 25% salty about being rejected
mostly just shrugged it off; he was excited about the possibility of you guys being together ofc, he had a whole list of outings for you two in his notes app that he had planned out... so yeah,,, he was pretty hurt
told himself, "well at least they want to continue being friends with me, so that's good i guess..." he won't let something like this bring him down too much but it was disappointing- don't worry though, draken's not going to hold it against you
"oh... i didn't know you felt that way, draken..."
"y-yeah, i kinda have for months, actually-"
"ummm, well, please don't take this the wrong way but i really appreciate our friendship and i don't want to lose it... i'm so sorry...."
"nah, don't worry about it, i get it. you're loss though-"
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softbajis · a day ago
Baji Keisuke would be the type of boyfriend who'd say he's trying to pat your head but does it too hard and it feels more like a slap.
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wearepurplejackets · 2 days ago
❌ Incorrect Tokyo Manji~ ❌
Chifuyu *reading a manga*: God, I always get attached with the one that dies first.
Mikey: Like me?
Takemichi: Mikey, you are not dead.
Takemichi: I mean, in the outside.
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spiders-angel · a day ago
Hi! Can i request a Baji friends with benefits headcanon/imagine with a female reader? The type of girl who doesn’t really believe in love and is very practical and focused on her corporate job so she just initiated it with baji for convenience?
Hello love 🖤
Baji Bear 🥺 this will be tragic and im sorry (on this Blog Baji never died and he's a happy adult)
Baji x fem!reader - friends with Benefits
Tumblr media
Baji and You knew each other since youre 14
Now youre adults and friendship Kind of evolved into something more
Not as Much as Baji had hoped since He has a hopeless crush on you ever since He first laid eyes on you
But He agreed to just Sex, no Strings attached because You dont believe in love
You were too busy to climb up your career ladder to have of make time for a Partner
In your eyes it would be unfair to them since you will always put your Job and yourself first
Baji however didnt care About it that much, to him your occasional "Meetings" were enough
You usually met up once a week, sometimes more
It's always the same, Baji picks you up from work, your place, You do the deed and He leaves
For You it's just some sort if stress Relief and just because You dont want to be romantically involved, doesnt mean you dont have other needs and wants
For Baji...Well this was definately Strings attached
He hopes every time you finally ask him to stay
He always wonders Why he's not good enough for You
"I cant do this anymore Y/N" He says one time before You two Start anything
You just nod, suspecting that He might caught feelings and to be honest, You might love him to but You just...cant
"Can You still stay? Spend the evening with me? I dont want to be alone" you ask him shy, not Sure where that even came from
He shakes his head "im not a toy... You know i loved you since we were children. I accept that youre busy with your life but the bit of time we had together would be enough for me. I would Support you in your career....but i cant let You play with my heart"
He got Dressed again and left
Will you call him? Will you give him a Chance?
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yk102090 · 2 months ago
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Happy Birthday, Keisuke Baji
Illustration by Wakui Ken on Twitter
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rin-haitani · 2 months ago
to commemorate Baji Keisuke's birthday (November 3)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and tiny mikey outside :'))
Tumblr media
the translation pLS draken and baji are backstabbing mikey LMAO
Tumblr media
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hosikas · 7 days ago
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hot things the tokyo revengers boys do
attractive things they do without trying/ being aware of it
trigger warning: nothing
Tumblr media
he hums softly whenever you talk to him. it's hot because it proves that he's listening to you, but it's also hot because his low tone seems to resonate into your whole body, curling around you like a snake would curl around his prey.
the way he knows he has you wrapped around his finger. the confidence he has whenever he's asking you to do something for him and the way he smiles knowing you can't say no to him.
he gets super close to your face whenever you're saying something that has anything to do with your romantic feelings toward him. "oh really? that's really sweet of you to say." he usually answers, in a voice that seems like velvet to your ears. he often looks at your lips with lewd eyes after that but move away before you can kiss him. yes he's a piece of shit.
always touch your hips to move you a little whenever he passes behind you. (bonus point when sometimes he quickly kisses you under your ear or on your neck.)
he willingly becomes your personal heater whenever you're cold. you don't even have to ask him to hold you, as soon as he sees the tip of your nose and of yours ears starting to get red you're already in his arms.
his.fucking.smirk. it's almost imperceptible, a little smile cross his lips and he slightly nods in your direction. it lasts a few seconds but it's enough to make you fall on the floor. he usually does it when he sees you during a gang meeting, when he can't talk to you for the moment. or when he has to go because mikey called him, before he's out of sight he turns his head and smirks at you.
he's so mature and responsible. he handles every conflict with calm and rationality and never loses his temper, you know you can rely on him, (bonus points bc he's good with kids and nice with your family too)
sometimes, when he's really tired, he just lifts your hoodie/shirt and pass his head under it. "you're really warm, I like it." you can feel his breath brushing against your skin and you're even more warm if it's even possible. the best part is that he does it without any ulterior motive, he just really likes being this close to you.
idk man he's just so nice to everyone, and respectful, he gives his seat to a pregnant woman in the train, he helps an old man to cross the road, he offers his hand whenever you're walking together, totally husband material, green flags everywhere, he would treat you better than your shitty boyfriend
he loves to talk to you really close to your ear, he says the most innocent and random shit like asking you if you want to eat italian food tonight and let out a surprised laugh when he sees your blushing face.
he kisses your knuckles, then the back of your hand, and he slowly raises up to your shoulder by tracing light kisses all over your arm, when he's at your shoulder he lifts his head to smile to you and god wouldn't be nice to be in a relationship with him-
he unconsciously licks his lips whenever he's hungry and sees some food he likes yes it also applies to you
everything he does is hot, and yes it is objectively said by a professional baji's slut
but enough of exposing myself, baji acts like he owns every place he goes to. when he sits somewhere, he makes sure to spread his legs and extend his arm against the back of his sit. he looks down at everyone even if they're taller than him, he just knows how to look scary and intimidating. a confident queen
"look at me" you hear these words pretty often, like when you're anxious and too busy over thinking, he asks you softly to look into his eyes and calm you down. or whenever you act shy around him, he really can't help it, he wants to stare into your eyes
moans like a slut when he stretches. he's not even ashamed of it. when you hear his soft whines you usually drop everything you have in your hands while he's looking at you with an innocent smile. this man truly doesn't know the power he holds
this mf smells really good. it's not even perfume, it's his own body scent, and it just makes it 10x times hotter. sometimes you nuzzle your head into his neck, drowning in his scent while he laughs a little because your hot breath against his skin tingles him.
you know the famous fuck me eyes trend on tik tok? we found the winner you can stop searching. I know that he has like, gigantic eyes that seem to want to swallow your soul but he can make them look really soft when he wants. his big ass eyes usually soften when he's looking at you, staring without realizing it.
he falls asleep on your shoulder or lap pretty often. he feels at peace when he's around you, and this shows how much he trusts you, letting his guard down and being vulnerable around you.
Tumblr media
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druighoney · a month ago
Half love, half regret
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
༄ Mafia! Draken x reader ft. Mikey, Baji & Mitsuya
You've been acting up all day, being a spoiled little brat. That guaranteed a punishment from your boyfriend.
ㅤ— Warnings. AFAB reader, all characters are Aged Up to 21+, Exhibitionism, daddy kink, choking, manhandling, humiliation, slight possessive Kenny, pwp, dacryphilia, cervix kissing, dom/sub dynamics, size kink, prelude to gangbang lmaoo, very subtle hints at draken x mikey, creampie, mean boys :(
ㅤ— WC: 1.1k
Tumblr media
ㅤ— Request. @lem0nsquizy said "mafia! Draken punishing his girl who's been talkative and spoiled all day long by fucking her in front of his friends at a meeting"
Tumblr media
ㅤ— minors don’t interact.
#Tags. @manjiken @eibby
Tumblr media
reblogs and comments are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
"Kenny this, Kenny that." Your cheeks burn from shame, Draken's mocking tone not helping your situation,"How about a Kenny please? Hmm?" He has you bend over the table, his huge hand holding your wrists behind your back. Your dress lay in shambles on the floor, naked body exposed to the prying eyes of his friends perched around the table,"I don't want to hear anything out of your mouth unless it's a moan." Draken's chest rumbles with a groan when you clench his cock upon his command.
"Aw, are those tears on your face, doll?" Baji's voice borders on a humiliating bite. Your eyes squeeze shut, it's all too much, teeth gnawing at your lower lip.
"Look how flustered you are, how cute." A soft hand warms your wet cheek and your lower lip is tugged free by a gentle thumb. You're met with the smiling face of your boyfriend's boss. Mikey leans over the table to kiss you. It starts out sweet and passionate till you're whining in the blond's mouth. Soon his tongue's in your mouth, gliding smoothly over yours before he's pulling away with a teasing nip on your lower lip. A whimper shakes your shoulders and you bury your face under your forearm on the table as soon as Draken releases your wrists to grip your squirming hips.
A sudden yank on your hair has you yelping. Your head's pulled up, eyes staring into Mikey's dark ones,"Eyes on him, brat."
"Ken-chin, don't be so mean to her." Tender fingers curl around your chin when Draken let's go at his friend's words.
"You wanna cum, angel?" You nod,"Words, y/n." He reminds.
"Wanna cum, Mikey, Please." You knew Mikey would pamper you. He always has been taken with you since you met him,"That's cute," Draken's voice tore through, giving you a particular deep thrust with the tip of his cock kissing your cervix,"Are you forgetting who's fuckin' you, princess?" His hand sneaks around your shoulder to wrap around your neck, fingers threatening to crush your throat. The deep thrust had you biting back tears which eventually overflowed.
Mikey brushes away the tears cascading from your boyfriend's rough treatment with a comforting coo,"Why don't ya' ask him, angel?" Dark eyes flick up to meet his friend's,"Y'know, you can get anything when you use that sweet voice of yours." His characteristic smile playing at his lips,"Right, Ken-chin?" Draken's cock throbs inside you.
"The sexual tension between the two of 'em." Baji scoffs, leaning back on his chair,"Be grateful we're getting to watch, Baji." Mitsuya's purple eyes are on you. He wonders if you'd make pretty noises for him like you do for Draken,"I'd like to fuck her." Baji muses, fangs peeking with a grin.
"Too bad, only 'm allowed to touch her." Mikey pushes his thumb past your lips,"Suck." And you follow, licking and swallowing around his digit. Mikey's cock twitches at your suction,"Ken-chin, make my pretty angel cum."
"Beg him, y/n." Pulling out his wet finger, Mikey mumbles against your lips,"Please Kenny," You push your hips back into his,"Please make me cum, daddy," As soon as the title left your lips, you felt Draken moan. Thick fingers squeeze softly around your neck before pulling you up, naked back pressed to his chest, his expensive suit smooth against your skin. Palms pressed on the table as you find your balance, toppling over towards Mikey with every thrust from Draken. Baji's brown eyes are fixated on your bouncing breasts. He wonders if you'll cry when he sucks on them and bites on your nipples. He'll leave all the prettiest- cruelest- crimson hickeys on your skin; his tongue pushes against his fangs at the thought.
Draken's hand comes up to your breast, thumb and index finger tending to your taut nipple while his hips continue to slam into yours with wet slaps. As his grip loosens and you lean forward- again, Mikey's hands are back on your burning body, cradling your cheek while it's twin teased your neglected breast. His fingers working in tandem with his friend's. Mikey thinks you've a pretty face, like an angel. He loves watching your expressions especially his friend is fucking you so good that your can't help but lose your mind.
Mitsuya's mind burns the look on your face, eyes rolled back, tongue lolled out slightly with drool glossing your lips, to his memory. If he had his way, he'd put the most beautiful lingerie he can design, on you and fuck you in it,"You gonna cum, pretty girl?"
You're nodding, face tucked in Mikey's palm,"Yes," It's a broken moan tangled between your whimpers as Draken drilled his swelling cock inside you. You're getting impossibly tight and he can't last any longer,"Fuckin' cum for me then, brat." Heavy hands moved down your body, nails raking stings on your skin before he gripped your hips,"Cum for me, let them see your pretty face as you cum on my cock." You wanna hide, be anywhere but here because Baji's taunting snickers are oddly arousing,"Gonna cum in front of your daddy's friends?"
"Go 'head n' cream on your daddy's cock," Even Mitsuya joined in on the teasing.
Tears of humiliation pricked Mikey's palm who smiled at the sight, a deep sadistic gaze falling on your face,"Don't mind 'em, angel." He's kissing away the salty dews,"Cum for daddy." Draken's breath hitches at his boss' words,"Cum for me." He growls into your cheek.
Draken stutters when he felt you spasm around him, a clear liquid washed over his cock and drenched his balls,"Fuck- baby," With another snap of his cock, he's spruting deep inside you. Your eyes are droopy but your ears pick up the comments passed around in the room,"Holy shit, she squirted." Baji exclaimed.
"I'm going next." Mikey's voice resonated nearby with a chirp, his signature close eyed smile on display.
"I don't know 'bout Mitsuya, but I need to fuck her or I'll set this fuckin' room on fire."
"Hmm, maybe I'll tie her up if Draken allows."
Your slumped form is nudged by your boyfriend, his big hand resting on the small of your back,"Whad'ya say, princess?" He gives one last thrust into your abused cunt and groans from his own overstimulation,"Wanna have them take a turn at you next?"
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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chosofty · 2 months ago
Chifuyu bought disposable camera 🎞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sxishirou · 7 months ago
Tokyo Revengers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤㅤofficial art; icons.
like or reblog if you use/save.
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baji-san · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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leepoon-06 · 2 months ago
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future baji
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hanmabae · 4 months ago
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hllokttyairhead · a month ago
" 𝗔𝗿𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗰𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗯𝗶𝗴 𝗯𝗮𝗱 𝗪𝗼𝗹𝗳 "
Tumblr media Tumblr media
★ WARNINGS : SMUT, DUB-CON, groping, BIMBO!reader, public sex, degradation, getting caught masturbating, implied exhibition and oral, baji calls you "little lamb", rough sex, choking, spitting, readers skin color is not mentioned, all characters are over 18
★ SUMMUARY : Baji bullied you, day in and day out. but you still had a little crush on him..and baji also has a little crush on you but he hates that you both were in relationships, and when he catches you humping the edge of his desk he won't try to hide how bad he wants you
Tumblr media
baji was bad at expressing his emotions, and he had a crush on you. a big one.
he didn't know how to tell you, so he just talked to some friends who knew you, and that's how he found out that you have a boyfriend.
he didnt like that
and baji took his anger out on you. bumping into you with his shoulder making you trip and fall, he would also drop something in front of you if you would bump into him and say “you bumped into me.” to which you would stumble over your words trying to apologize “i-im sorry- i-” “yeah, yeah. you didn't fucking see where your dumb-ass was going, will you pick that up for me now?”
he basically just did that to see you bend over and see your ass. sometimes he would also just grab it in the process of you picking his things up, taking it out of your hands, and whisper with his deep voice in your ear “better watch out next time, little lamb, yeah?” and give you a smack to the ass before he left.
on very few occasions if he saw you with your boyfriend he waited for you to be alone again, drag you by your arm and trap you in the male bathroom with him, locked the door, and made you take his thick and heavy cock down your throat while his friends watched. you would whine and grab at his pants desperately gasping for air when he began to slap it on your face. he would just laugh and scoff at you “pathetic slut, can't even take cock without gagging and choking, or am I just too big for your filthy whore mouth, hm?” he was so mean!
but you did enjoy those parts, it really soaked your panties whenever he would do that, and you didn't even mind him humiliating you not just in front of his friends but making you go into your class with his cum still in your mouth, waiting for him to tell you you can swallow it. it really turned you on for some reason, the only thing you were bummed about was when he would walk in the halls with his girlfriend clinging to his arm, (she wasn't even really his girlfriend. she was just some casual fling that he was fucking when he was bored and was way too clingy.) push you and then leave without grabbing your ass or even making you get on your knees while he pulled your hair and made you apologize to him.
and you don't know if this was just your empty and horny brain or if you always saw him pitching a tent in his jeans, whenever he would be around you.
today after classes were over, baji forced you to do his and his friends’ cleaning duty, and you did, obviously. you were all alone and almost done till you got to baji’s desk. you knew it was his cause there was Grammarly incorrect writing (that even you could catch) all over it. it weirdly smelled like him.
and immediately you got horny. you walked to the door, making sure no one was around, closed the doors, and walked back to his desk. you looked at it and already felt embarrassed but the feeling of being ashamed didn't overtake your horniness so you just sat on the edge with just your clothed cunt pressing against the edge of the table and began to hump it like a bitch in heat.
unbeknownst to you, baji was still in school to wait for you to finish cleaning, he decided he should maybe finally ask you on a date. baji thought that would be the perfect time to ask you, I mean you were all alone and didn't have his cock in your mouth. he pushed the door open “are you done yet brat-” 
you jumped up and off from his desk, you looked down and saw a little pool of slick on it, baji really didn't know how to fucking to react. so he reacted the only way he knew how. be mean to you.
baji started walking towards you and yanked your hair back, making you look up at him “I fuckin’ knew it, you’re a dirty fuckin’ slut” he grinned and let his face come closer to yours ‘till his breath fanned against your quivering lips “humping my desk like a whore, don't you have a boyfriend for that?” you gulped and your legs began to shake at his words 
“or could it be that he ain’t fuckin’ you right?” the hand that was yanking your hair was now on your neck, that oh so perfectly fit in his big and strong hands “answer me, little lamb.” his face softened a bit and so did his voice but not his grip.
“i-i-” your stuttering annoyed baji so he slapped you across your pretty face “speak clearly.” he demanded “mhh..need you, k-Keisuke” your whining was always music to his ears, and hearing you beg for him hardened his cock even more 
“you need me, huh?” his grip on your neck went to your nape and pulled your body closer to his “close your eyes, lamb” he muttered as his gaze softened even more and just as you did as he asked and thought he would kiss you
“ah!” he turned you around to slam you on the desk, lift your ass and rip your panties apart, exposing your bare ass and pussy to him 
“aw, my little lamb is so wet because she humped my desk” he scoffed grinning and spanking your ass harshly “ke-keis- ahh!” a loud smack rang through the classroom followed by your moaning “can't remember allowing you to use my first name.” your eyes shot open “I'm so-sorry baji-AH!” this smack was even harder and louder. “that's not what you call someone who is above and older than you.” you tried to remember what to call him correctly 
“s-sir..” he smiled, being pleased with your answer “so your brain does still work, huh?” his rough hand began to pull at your roots again 
“But I can change that” he whispered against your ear lobe before delicately biting it with his sexy sharp teeth that he always flashed you whenever he would bully you. “aahnn, s-sir!” you whimpered and clawed at his desk while he pressed his prominent bulge against your ass 
“ya would like that? ya want me to turn you dumb?” he huffed out as he was grinding against you, obliging you to moan out loud “ya gotta answer with words, not sounds. I didn't turn you into my dumb pet yet.” baji growled, his voice was so deep and guttural, almost like a wolf.
“yes sir! I would like to-that!” you whined as your need to be filled up by your dangerous and hot bully grew bigger with every second that passed. Your plump ass involuntarily wiggled against his grip and erection. Earning yourself a harsh slap across your ass that will most likely leave a bruise
"Dont fucking tempt me, little lamb" he pushed you further onto the desk, placing your leg on it to get a better view of the mess between your thighs
"Unless you wanna be crawlin' outta here" you whimpered at his Dominant and dark tone "u-uhm..no, sir. I wanna be your good girl!"
Fuck, do you even know what you were doing to him? Baji's pants began to feel way too tight and his heart was pounding so hard against his chest he thought it was going to jump out.
"Yeah? You wanna be my good girl, lamb?" He smiled against your ear "y...yes.." baji was so surprised at your quick submission.
"Then you will take me raw and whole, right? Let me fill that pretty cunt up and make you mine?" He growled again as you heard him unzipping his pants and then felt his warm, heavy, and fat cock make a lewd wet slapping sound as it landed against your soaked pussy lips. "Ahh~" you whined "y-yes! Wanna- wanna be yours!"
Baji immediately prodded his tip against your hole after he heard your consent and bullied his way through your wet and tight warmth till he was in all the way, and his tip brushes against your cervix ever so slightly. "Shh..that's a good pussy-such a good, nasty hole ugh-"
Bajis growl was so guttural and dark, it made your pussy clench down hard on him.
Make him chuckle and suddenly snap his hips against your ass a single time before pulling your hair and making your teary eyes look up into his dark ones. "You're such a dirty slut for me, ain't that right." You started to whine and moan when baji suddenly rolled his hips against you in a wave-like motion and dragged his hot and hard cock drag across your overly sensitive walls "s-s-sir! Please faster mhngg!!" Your pathetic crying Was so adorable that he wanted to spit in your face, and he did. Baji puckered up his lips and spit a glob of spit into your pretty face "ahh!"
And don't think he didn't feel your slutty pussy tightened on his cock. "Dirty bitch.." he scoffed begore doing exactly what you asked. He might not seem like it to you, but he would do anything you tell him and just because of your stupid pretty face.
"Nhh- aaaah!!" Your moaning was so pornographic and pretty, is he really fucking you this good? Because he pretty much feels the same as you do. The lewd sounds of your disgusting sopping wet pussy, skin slapping, your sobs, and heavy breathing made him feel like he could cum any second and propose to you on the spot.
Your cries were getting louder and your brrathing became more rapid, signifiying that you were about to cum. "Ya gonna cum? Gonna cream on my cock and make a mess, yeah?" Your clit throbbed, feeling so neglected "s-sir! M-my clit!" You babbled as spit ran out of your useless mouth.
"Yer so needy, ya know that?" He huffed out and began thumbing your sensitive bundle of nerves. "Y-yes! S-sir, I feel so good- ah!"
Baji was getting impatient and didn't want to wait any longer for you to cum, so he just flooded your pussy with his hot n sticky cum "fucking take it, yeah..just like that..ugh" leading to some of his load squirting out of your pussy and making it drip down his length and your thighs as you came as well.
"Ah-ahh!! F-f-feels so good!! AH!" Baji waited for your pussy to stop throbbing and clenching before he pulled out and slapped your greedy pussy "AHH!"
he turned you around, making you stand on your wobbly legs and squishing your pretty cheeks and placing two fingers in your mouth to pry your lips apart and spit in your mouth "What do you say after someone gives you somethin'?" Baji asked as you obediently swallowed his spit "th-thank you!" Your dumb, fucked-out smile was so heartwarming to him
Leading to him suddenly smiling so softly at you "good girl." He whispered and then kissed your pretty and wet lips "k-Keisuke?" You asked hesitantly "hmm?"
He hummed, seeming actually interested in what you had to say.
"W-will you go out with me?" You asked enthusiastically with your sparkling up at him and hitting him right in the heart.
"I-i-" this is the first time you saw baji stutter or seem flustered "i..would like that.." he mumbled and taking your hand.
You smiled happily but then realized something "what about the mess?" To which baji just shrugged and pulled your panties up "let someone else clean it up or somethin'..or I'll just let the mess you made on my desk stay there." He grinned up at you before getting up and taking your hand again.
"Where should we go?" He asked you, rubbing his thumb over your smaller one.
"Mhh..can we go to your place?.." you asked looking all cute and embarrassed. "Don't tell me ya wanna get fucked again!" He complained as a pretty pink hie painted his cheeks.
He's so soft now! You loved it.
"Pleaaase!" You grabbed his arm and pressed your cheek on his shoulder. Baji rolled his eyes and sighed "greedy fuckin' pussy..but let me see you break up with your bitch of a boyfriend first!" You nodded and smiled happily "okaay!"
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violetarks · 2 months ago
pretending to be their girlfriend
anime: tokyo revengers
characters: sano 'mikey' manjiro, baji keisuke, matsuno chifuyu, mitsuya takashi
warnings: afab! reader, use of she/her pronouns
Tumblr media
Sano 'Mikey' Manjiro:
"Ugh, I hear so much about Emma from you..." Mikey groans, waving his hand at his best friend, who squints at him.
"Maybe you'd understand if you got yourself a girlfriend." Draken claims, crossing his arms over his chest as he sat back in his seat. He watches as Mikey rolls his eyes at that. "And maybe you'd have a girlfriend if you weren't so overbearing."
The other blonde makes a face at the insult before shaking his head at his friend. "Wow, I am not overbearing! I'm a fucking catch!" He exclaims, facing away from Draken, "You just always wanna' see my sister, kinda' hurts when you ignore me."
Draken glares at the pout on his Commander's lips. He rolls his eyes at it and tilts his head. "You're such an attention-seeker, Mikey." He groans out, "I bet all the girls are either scared of you or annoyed by you."
Before Mikey can refute that statement, he gets interrupted by the call of his name. He looks over to see the barista holding his hot chocolate. He turns to Draken expectantly, who drinks his own coffee with a raised brow.
"I'm not gettin' that for you, Mikey, you fucking catch." Draken calls out, rolling his eyes once more.
Mikey glares back at Draken before standing up and walking to the counter. He makes eye contact with the barista, who seems to be around the same age as him. She's really pretty, and is looking about cluelessly, trying to figure out who this 'Mikey' is.
He smiles gently, standing at the counter. "That would be me." He says, taking the cup from her, "Um... I have a little situation."
He's nervous, trying hard just to prove Draken wrong. Because Mikey is fucking great. He's cool and he's attractive. What's not to love?
Maybe the fact he's Toman's leader. Hm.
"Is something wrong with your order, sir?" She asks, tilting her head.
Mikey shakes his head. "Ah, no, no." He chuckles out, looking over his shoulder to Draken. His friend is raising a brow, seeming to be suspicious of the blonde. He reads the barista's name tag. "Actually, Y/N, my friend is trashing me for being single, and I don't believe I'm that bad, really."
Y/N blinks at him. She rubs the side of her neck with an awkward smile. "I'm guessing you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?" She questions, getting a nod of his head. She looks to her coworker, who has been eavesdropping. He just shrugs his shoulders and prepares the next order.
"Go ahead. Tell me what happens later." He laughs back, taking her spot as she rounds the counter, giving her friend a smile.
Mikey sips his hot chocolate and whispers to her, walking slowly to Draken. "Okay, we've been dating for a month, we met the convenience store, I was getting dorayaki." He informs her, making Y/N blink and memorise it all, "I never introduced you because I'm a part of Toman, which is actually true—"
"What?" Y/N murmurs, feeling Mikey slip his hand into hers.
"And you have to pretend not to know me because of that. Call me 'Manjiro', if you want. Maybe." Mikey says, dismissing her adlib, "Got it, beautiful?"
She gulps at that before humming out, "Uh, yeah... h—handsome."
He chuckles at that, squeezing her hand tightly, "Speak like that, beautiful, and I might actually ask you out."
Draken leans back and raises his brows. He clears his throat, "Oh, hello. Who's this friend you brought back with you, Mikey?"
"Y/N." He responds, tilting his head up with pride as Draken squints, "My girlfriend, so be nice, Kenny."
But instead, Draken laughs, tears nearly pouring out of his eyes at the implication, "Oh, shut up! That's just some girl you convinced to play 'family' with you." He looks back to Y/N, who looks down at her shoes, face burning up. "Sorry about his idiocy, miss. You can go back to your job."
Mikey feels his plan go to Hell as he sits down, letting go of Y/N's hand and holding his chin in his palm.
"Um, excuse me...!" Y/N says abruptly, lifting her shoulders at Draken, "But Manjiro is telling the truth. I'm really dating him, albeit only for a few weeks. He just didn't want to tell people to keep me safe."
Draken raises a brow, scanning Y/N as she stands with her hands at her side. He wants to ask on about it, but she then wraps her arms around Mikey's neck, setting herself down beside him.
She huffs, "I'm sorry for not saying 'hello' when you came to the counter, I really wanted to. Which is why I asked Mikey to introduce me now." She sees how Draken switches his gaze from Mikey to her. He looks to be buying it, maybe only a little. She gives a small grin. "But it is really nice to meet you!"
He decides not to say anything, only nodding his head at this situation. "Well, whatever this shit is, it's good to meet you too, Y/N." He says, seeing Y/N loosen her grip on Mikey and just sitting down beside him politely. She has a wide smile on her face. "Name's Draken."
She blinks. "'Draken'?" She mumbles, furrowing her brows, "Shit—We went to the same Middle School! How could I forget that tattoo?"
Mikey feels his hope drop at that. No, no, not someone else who will not pay attention to him.
"What's your last name?" Draken questions.
"L/N." She responds.
"We were in the same class!" Draken laughs out, leaning forward with a surprised look, "Shit, I can't believe that... Mikey, your girl and I were friends until we split in high school. I got a lot of stories for you, Y/N, about your dear baby boy."
Mikey is now pouting, just as he was before. He watches as Draken and Y/N begin to talk about old memories and such. He then lays his head on her shoulder, wrapping his arms around Y/N's and tugging tightly.
"You're supposed to be my girlfriend..." He grumbles out, making her furrow her brows.
She chuckles, "We can figure that out after my shift, Mikey."
Draken only sips from his cup, a knowing smirk on his lips. "Fucking knew it."
Baji Keisuke:
"Kei, do you really not understand this or are you just wanting to hang out with me?" Y/N huffs, furrowing her brows at her best friend beside her.
Baji pouts at that, looking away from Y/N as she sips her drink. He scoffs, "Excuse me, Y/N, I can hang out with you whenever I want!"
She laughs at that, bumping her hip with his as they near to his street, "That's a whole ass lie and you know it, Keisuke! Your mother won't let you out of the house unless it's school-related, all the other times, you sneak out." She rolls her eyes as Baji crosses his arms over his chest. "But don't worry, we'll be able to go out places after you get your grades up."
He gives her a hopeful glance as he opens his door for her.
Y/N was a great tutor, having been at the top of her class for ages and always being friendly towards her 'students'. Baji was an exception; they were best friends and he purposely put her off task whenever he could. She had to keep him in place whenever they studied together. Next month, there would be a test worth about 40% of their final grade.
She takes off her shoes at the front, taking the slippers from Baji as he slid on his own. He calls, "I'm home, Y/N is over too."
Before Y/N can greet her, Baji's mother comes to the entrance, smiling sweetly at the girl. "Y/N, it's great to see you again, it's been a while." She speaks, then turning to her son, "Honey, do you two have something planned?"
He can feel his cheeks burn at that. Of course he loved his mother, so he told her everything. Well, most. Y/N was one of those things that she knew about.
Y/N blinks and then begins to speak, "Oh, me and Keisuke are going to study—"
"We're going upstairs!" Baji interrupts, speaking over her. He waves his arms in front of Y/N, covering her from his mother's view, "Gonna', um, go to my... my room."
He couldn't tell his mother that he was getting tutored. He said he was doing so good in class and that he was caught up on everything. If she knew what Y/N was really here to do, then he'd be so embarrassed and afraid.
The two girls in the room widen their eyes. Y/N's face begins to heat up at that, looking over Baji's shoulder. "Actually, that sounds really—" She says, voice in a higher tone in anxiousness.
"Oh? Did you finally ask her out, Keisuke?" His mother gasps, placing hands on Baji's shoulders. He nervously nods his head. "Oh, that's great! I'll let you two go now, please stay for dinner, Y/N."
She blinks, clearly about to space out. She then nods at his mother. "Uh... right, thank you for having me over." She says, smiling as much as she could, "Your son is a really good person."
"Only because you help him to be, Y/N." The parent retorts, tilting her head, "You're both adorable together."
Baji feels Y/N hold onto the back of his shirt, making him shiver. She giggles out, "I'm sorry we didn't tell you sooner, we wanted to wait a few weeks before speaking out about it."
This is the point where he knows she's caught on. Thank goodness, that could've gone so bad.
His mother is already holding onto Y/N's hands, swaying them a little as they spoke. "So how did he do it? Keisuke said he had tons of ideas!" She informs Y/N.
Baji's best friend widens her eyes a little before explaining, holding his mother's hands just as tightly, "Well, he was super romantic about it, all cheesy and all!" Baji gasps, reaching forward to stop the fake memory. "He asked me out on the rooftop at school, gave me these chocolates and flowers, oh Keisuke even cried!"
"Okay! That's enough!" Baji exclaims, pulling Y/N away from his parents and wrapping arms around her shoulders. He covers her mouth, making Y/N grab his wrists and laugh silently. "We should get going!"
"Right, right! Don't worry about me, I'm staying downstairs." His mother says, nodding her head.
"And thank you for raising him so well." Y/N says, wrapping an arm around his after getting free from his hold. Baji freezes. "He's really amazing. We're both very lucky people to have him in our lives."
He can see the way his mother's eyes light up. She's so proud of Baji. "Ah, you're wonderful, Y/N." She sighs out with a wide smile, "You treat her right, Keisuke."
Baji nods his head at that and begins to drag her upstairs, trying to get to his room as quickly as possible. He can feel the sweat drip down from his neck, only stopping when he closes the door behind them. A sigh leaves his lips, looking more relaxed now.
Y/N sits on his bed, tilting her head with a large smirk. "So, what was that about?" She questions.
"Mm... don't wanna' tell her about tutoring..." Baji explains, twiddling his thumbs as he stands in front of her, "Sorry about that, Y/N."
"Not that, Kei." She chuckles out, standing up and lifting her chin up, "I mean about you 'finally asking me out'? Hm...?"
Baji is blushing profusely, looking away. He really does not know what to do. "Do... you want to go out with me?" He questions, knitting his brows at her.
"I suppose, if it means we can hang out more." She jokes, shrugging her shoulders at Baji. He pouts, leaning down towards her. He looks disappointed. "I'm kidding, Keisuke! Yes, I'll go out with you."
He smiles widely at that before gaining his composure, giving a sharp exhale. He holds her hands tightly in hers, looking as determined as always. "That's... good! I promise I'll take good care of you!" He states, bringing her closer into his chest. She blinks before closing her eyes. "So... we should probably pretend until I take you on a real date."
She can't help but laugh, wrapping her arms around his mid-section, "I suppose so. But I guess I won't mind playing along."
Matsuno Chifuyu:
"You've got really pretty eyes, you know that?" The girl in front of Chifuyu claims, looking dreamily at him.
He shifts in his spot, placing the cat food on the counter. "Uh... thank you, I guess." He murmurs out, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, "Just this, thank you."
The girl then grins, winking at him as she slowly takes the food from the counter in front of her. She sighs out, "I wish someone as cute as you went to my school." Chifuyu already wants to leave. "It's sucks having these dudes ask you out, and they don't even like you that much, just how you look."
'The same could be said for you', Chifuyu says in his head.
Originally, he was supposed to be back by dinner. Peke J had run out of food from lunch and Chifuyu made it his mission to get some more for his friend. This was the nearest store, and usually Baji picked up the food along with his own for that stray that comes in and out of his room.
But at this point, he'd be late to Peke J. This girl needed to pick up the pace or else Chifuyu would start getting antsy.
He huffs out, "I'm in quite a hurry, actually..." She blinks at him, tilting her head with a small smile. He looks away, uninterested. "Do you mind speeding it up a little? Sorry, I just—"
Her giggle interrupts Chifuyu. And he can't help but wonder why this random cashier won't leave him alone. Is it her job to speak to every customer like that?
"You're just adorable! Do you hear that often? Or am I the only one confident enough to tell it to you straight?" She calls out, voice filling the store at that point. Chifuyu ducks his head, looking around just in case he'd be embarrassed. But he was anyway, this girl was making such a big deal out of literally nothing. "Hey, my shift ends in 10 minutes. We can go to that cafe around the corner and get to know each other."
She puts the cat food down before scanning it, making Chifuyu close his eyes and give a loud sigh. She only winks at him again, leaning her chin in her palm over the counter. She looks up to him suggestively.
"I'll let you know everything about me, hot stuff." She says lowly, watching Chifuyu with lidded eye.
Damn, was she not taking the hint?
He opens his mouth, his temper getting the best of him, to say something to the girl who should be doing her job. But he feels someone bump into his side, arms wrapping around his.
She has a cute little frog hat and a bell collar in her hands, presenting it to the boy. "You think that Berry will like these? He loved wearing the last hat we bought for him, wore it around the house the whole time." t was very obvious that she meant to be talking to Chifuyu himself. "Look at what I found!"
She has a cute little frog hat and a bell collar in her hands, presenting it to the boy. "You think that Berry will like these? He loved wearing the last hat we bought for him, wore it around the house the whole time." She hums out, leaning her head slightly against Chifuyu's shoulder, "I wanna' take some more pictures with you and Berry in his new accessories. You looked so cute in the last ones!"
The smiles she gives him make Chifuyu not argue with the idea. Or the implication that they were a couple. He only looks away with a blush forming on his cheeks and nose. "I thought you deleted those." He clears his throat, playing along.
She giggles at that, thanking him that he wasn't stupid enough to ask who she was, "I may have kept some. I won't tell your sister, I promise." She holds her finger to her lips, as if it wasn't that secret that wouldn't be told.
Chifuyu is sure that if he did have a sister that this girl would be showing these photos to, that would be the least of his worries at the moment.
He blinks, not knowing what to say. When she hears the silence, the mystery girl glances at the cashier — who looks ultimately pissed by her presence — and at the cat food on the counter. She then smiles widely, placing her items on top of them.
"Ah, thanks, I needed to get those for Berry. How sweet of you to remember, I'm always the forgetful one out of the couple of us." She claims, pulling out her wallet. She looks at the cashier expectantly. "Oh? Is this someone you know, babe?"
Chifuyu only shrugs his shoulders, feeling his cheeks heat up at the nicknames. He's never had anyone call him those things before. It was very... cute, coming from someone who sounded and acted like her. So casual.
She holds out a hand to the worker. "I'm L/N Y/N, his girlfriend. It's so good to meet you." She says, getting a lame shake of her hand in return, "And you are?"
The cashier glares slightly at her before scanning the items. Instead of answering, she tells them the price and the mystery girl hands the money before Chifuyu can react. The things are placed in a bag before the worker waves them off.
Chifuyu exits the store, holding the bag in one hand and having his other being held by the saviour beside him. When they round the block, she lets go, making Chifuyu raise his brows.
"Sorry about being abrupt and making you uncomfortable." She says, stepping away, hands behind her back, "That girl just seemed to be too pushy and you weren't having it, so I had to step in."
Chifuyu grins at her voice. The same as before. So she wasn't just playing pretend in another way. He retorts, tilting his head down a little, "No, I wasn't uncomfortable. Thank you by the way, L/N. I'm Matsuno Chifuyu, but you can just call me 'Chifuyu'."
Y/N can't stop the smile taking over her face. She nods her head and continues to walk with him. "Well, you can call me 'Y/N'. It's good to meet you, Chifuyu." She states, noticing the bag in his hands, "Ah, you can keep those. I was in there to apply for a job, but I don't really want to work with someone like her anymore."
Chifuyu chuckles at that, nudging her side, "That's good. And, uh, if you're a fan of cats, I could take you to see the one this food is for." She raises her brows, really wondering if that was okay. They had just met. "My cat's been needing a new collar, actually, the other is getting too tight. And the hat is really cute, I'm sure Peke J will look cute in it."
He watches as Y/N brightens up. "That'd be cool!" She claims, bumping arms against Chifuyu's. He smiles at the contact.
Maybe he could get to know her better. At least pretending to be dating her didn't sound half bad.
Mitsuya Takashi:
"I'm sorry...?" Mitsuya says, finding himself puzzled by what the manager just said to him. He stands in front of a rack of fabrics, the particular ones he required for the newest project of the Home Economics Club. "I don't understand..."
The manager doesn't let up, crossing her arms over her chest with her heels clicking the floor as she stepped towards the rack. She puts her hand against the materials.
"You see, kid, these are reserved for my regular, high-paying customers." She claims, raising a brow at Mitsuya's school attire. He had come here straight from last period. "I don't believe you could handle the prices I have these situated at."
His classmate had suggested this shop since it was always on magazines and had really good quality fabric. All kinds, you could find there. Mitsuya was excited, until he talked to the manager about which fabrics he wanted to buy. Of course, he knew it wouldn't be cheap so he had the money saved for months.
But this woman just didn't want to give it to him. No matter what money Mitsuya had.
"Tell me the price, I'm sure I can manage." Mitsuya challenges, tilting his head up with a confident smile. His headphones lay on his shoulders, hands in his pockets as he puffed out his chests.
The woman raises a brow at him. She glances to the price tag and retorts, "It comes to ¥62616.950." She watches as Mitsuya's widen ever so slightly, making her smile a little. "That is the lowest price we have, for this fabric."
The manager lifts her chin as if she's won. "Well, if that is all, I will have to greet my other customers." She claims, beginning to walk off. Mitsuya stands there in silence, looking at the fabric. He could've done so well with them...
He's about to turn around to the exit when he hears a call.
"Oh! You're already here!" Someone says, catching Mitsuya's attention.
He turns his head to see a girl walking towards him in a slight skip, all smiley and such. It seems that she emerged from the back room. He goes to step out of the way for her, wanting to be polite in his sour mood, but she stops in front of him. Mitsuya raised a brow before she jumped into his arms, wrapping hers around his neck tightly.
"Um, miss, I don—" He begins to say, but she only hugs him closer, making him lean down so she could talk to her silently.
"What's your name?" She whispers, making him get shivers up his spine.
"M—Mitsuya Takashi, miss." He responds, awkwardly placing his hands to ghost over her hips. He felt his cheeks heat up.
"I'm going to call you 'Takashi' and some cheesy nicknames, okay?" She says, earning a confused nod from him, "Call me 'Y/N'."
He doesn't get time to respond before they're interrupted. "Excuse me." The manager of the shop interrupts, standing in front of them with her hand on her hips. She raises a brow at them. "Do you know this boy, Miss L/N?"
Y/N pulls away from Mitsuya, hands hovering ever so slightly over his chest as she turns to the owner. A reassuring smile on her face tells the owner that there's nothing to worry about. "Hm? Of course!" Y/N calls out, lifting her shoulders a little, "This is my boyfriend, Takashi, I've been waiting for him to show up to your shop all afternoon."
The manager seems taken aback by this revelation. She tilts her head to the side with furrowed brows, watching the two 'lovebirds'. Y/N slides her hand into Mitsuya, squeezing a bit to tell him it was okay. She claims, "He said he needed something for a new dress he's making, so I told him to come over so we could sort things out. Is that alright? I only want him to use the best in town!"
Mitsuya can't help but chuckle at the way the owner is suddenly regretting her decision. He leans against Y/N a little more, only adding more salt to the wound. He claims, "Sorry, sweetheart, I didn't know you were already here."
His eyes trace Y/N's expression as she holds her breath for a moment, looking a little affected by the nickname. He would almost regret it, if it weren't for that cute reaction.
"My apologies, I didn't know you were... an acquaintance of the L/N's." The manager says, bowing her head in shame. She turns to the fabrics. "I'll be happy to give him the discount your family has, Miss L/N."
Y/N grins, nodding her head. "Yep, that'll be fine!" She states, looking over to Mitsuya. He looks a little confused. She then tugs his shirt shoulder and points to the material. "You'll only have to pay a third of the original amount on the ones you want. Is that alright?"
He widens his eyes at the statement before wordlessly nodding his head. He quickly takes the ones he wants and goes to pay for them, the manager doing the transactions. She again apologises for her behaviour before allowing the two to leave.
Outside the store, Mitsuya grins widely at Y/N. "Thank you so much, Y/N. You've helped me so much today, I'm sorry for all the trouble." He says, bowing down a little at her. She stands there, hands in front of her with a grin. "And if you don't mind me asking, what was that all about? That woman changed her whole demeanour as soon as your swooped in and helped me."
Y/N waves her hands, buying a drink from a nearby vending machine and handing him a soda. "Oh, uh, my parents actually own that franchise." She claims, making Mitsuya's jaw drop, but she acts cool. As if she wasn't the daughter of a well-known clothing materials shop. "I stop by to help sort out sales and shit. Got bored and saw the store manager treating you how she did. You seemed really nice, so I decided to help you out the only way I knew I could."
Mitsuya drinks from his can and raises his brow. "By pretending I was your boyfriend?" He hums, making Y/N roll her eyes.
"Oh trust me, it was either that or saying that you were my cousin or something. I doubt she'd believe that." She explains, shrugging her shoulders as they sit down on a park bench, "Plus, if she tells my parents, I'll just say it's something new. No biggie."
She's very kind. Mitsuya really liked that, how she was genuine. Not looking for anything in return. She just wanted to help.
He clears his throat, placing the bag beside him, "Well I want to repay you. Do you mind if I take out on a real date?"
"Oh? You want to go somewhere with me?" She says in a slight chuckle, glancing over to the boy, "So you can get more discounts?"
Mitsuya shakes his head at that. Of course not, the both of you knew that it was anything but that. He hums out, beaming at her, "Just want to do something nice. And maybe get to know you better."
She nods her head at that. "Sure, I'd love to get to know you better too, Takashi."
He squints at that before bringing the can to his lips. "Alright. Meet here tomorrow at 3, sweetheart." He tells her. And he can't help but laugh at the way she looks from him and says that it was unfair.
'Thank God for overpriced clothing materials', he tells himself.
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tokyo-fukushu · 3 months ago
hello there!! well I've been thinking abt a request lately and I know you have the requests closed! but I don't know when you'll open them so i'll just leave this here ^^ and obviously feel free to ignore it!
And well the scene I've been thinking about lately is a toman x fem reader (specifically baji, mikey chifuyu draken and mitsuya) in which they see the reader with a boy, who turns out to be his older brother (maybe 2 years older like 17) who study abroad (they don't know and misunderstand everything), maybe they are leaving a cafe or they are just hanging around and suddenly they see the reader in a corner meeting with a boy while he smiles and grabs his arm with a smile of incredible happiness, something like what happened with emma and mikey and they're just like "WHAT THE– WHO'S THAT" and maybe they try to follow you or just ignore you for a while until they go to your house because they want to know about your "relationship" lmao sknfksjd
;; it’s not that they don’t trust you, they just saw a pretty boy with you and that just broke their heart and also light up the anger from betrayal
🥛 — baji keisuke, sano manjirou, matsuno chifuyu
🧾 — female reader, second pov (you/your), cursing, fluff, humor, violence, au - modern, au - high school, established relationship, imagine
Tumblr media
Imagine talking to your bro about your girlfriend whom you loved very much as he sighs and smiles, listening intently despite you saying this to him for the hundredth of time already. Then, you look outside the cafe you’re hanging around in to see the same girlfriend hugging another man.
Baji Keisuke saw stars.
It was not the good kind.
Nope. It was more of the kind of stars that twirls around your head and whispers fuck like a broken record. The same kind of stars that look like it’s about to bring the end of the world.
There is no such thing but that was what Baji was definitely seeing now.
“Baji-san?” Chifuyu questions, looking over his shoulder to see what got his best friend so shocked only to look back at Baji again. “Oh shit.”
Silence passed for a few seconds with Baji frozen, still glaring at the scene right in of the glass pane, before Chifuyu finally got the courage to speak up in hope and look behind him again. “Maybe, they’re friends, you know-”
He sees you kissing the unknown male on his cheek.
Chifuyu clears his throat. “...There are better girls out there?”
Baji’s glare broke, replaced with such a heartbroken look resembling the young teen Chifuyu met years ago and not the confident, untouchable, sixteen-year old Baji Keisuke he knows now.
He holds his breath, picks up his things, stands and grabs Baji’s arm. “Let’s go?”
“Fuck yeah.”
The cafe door almost slams into the wall, flying off its hinges with the force Baji opens it and Chifuyu can’t help but wince as his best friend marches up to you.
You were always so kind, and everyone knew that you loved Baji so damn much. Chifuyu was sure that literally no one imagined you to even think about cheating on Baji. You who always looked at him with caring eyes and a softer smile as you murmur, “Keisuke”.
People are two-faced after all.
Until Chifuyu trails after Baji and hears the conversation.
“Keisuke? This is my brother!” The smile on your face was unknowing, obliviously introducing your struck boyfriend and your pretty… brother.
Baji looked horrified seeing as he almost punched your brother if you hadn’t seen him first and spoke up about the male beside you in excitement. He almost fucked up.
(You were so going to break up with him if you knew.)
Clearing his throat, Baji bows his head, giving Chifuyu a quick glance, the blond also doing the same. “Nice to meet you…”
A quick look at your brother and this duo immediately knew that they fucked up. Because as oblivious as you were to the situation—gushing about your brother finally coming home and meeting your dear boyfriend (that you won’t shut about)—your brother clearly wasn’t.
Tumblr media
There are boundaries that Mikey would cross.
Yes, he will cross those without any feeling of guilt inside his stomach or anywhere in his body. Guilt and shame were merely words to him especially when it came to you.
Beating people up that he sees with you is just one of the many lines.
Beating your brother up is not.
Mikey was just going about his day, hanging around the park with a lazy demeanor, head lolling tiredly as he leaned on the trunk of the biggest tree. Draken had shooed him off before going on a date with Emma and Takemichi was busy doing shit with Baji, Chifuyu, and Kazutora—those four make a terrific subgroup.
His grandpa had chased him out as well when he unknowingly taunted a little kid at the dojo because he was bored. And you texted him earlier in the morning that you couldn’t go on a date today which was the very thing that pissed him off the most.
Frowning, Mikey rolls around the grass only to freeze in an awkward position.
You were sitting on a bench, alone and idly looking at your feet in deep thought. You told him that you were busy so why were you just sitting there and doing nothing? Mikey frowns even deeper.
Nevertheless, he can scold you later when the both of you are at his place, lazing around while watching a movie.
His mood getting better, Mikey pushes himself off, not bothering to shake off the grass tangled in his hair, too deep in the thought of getting to hold you again-
An unknown boy wraps his arms around your shoulders from behind, grinning widely as he places his chin on your shoulder. You startled and Mikey almost sprinted there but you suddenly stood up and embraced the boy with a loud laugh.
Mikey could hear his heart breaking into tiny pieces for one short moment before his own scream clawing at his throat, begging to be let out, distracted him. His steps were long and quick, fists already drawing blood in that short moment of time.
You were chatting, still holding onto this male that Mikey couldn’t recognize no matter how hard he looked.
Busy, my ass. You were cheating on him. But what had hurt more was that you looked happier when you were with him.
He didn’t notice that he had stopped walking, your head turning to look at him. He almost feels sick looking at your smile, even worse was that it was directed at him as if you weren’t just hugging someone a few seconds earlier.
Mikey turns his back and walks away.
“What- Wait! Mikey!” You call, shuffling over and before he knew it, your hand was wrapping around his wrist, pulling at him as he continued on, dragging you with him with miniscule effort. “Mikey? I’m sorry I didn’t introduce you! I thought that he was coming home later and that you would be busy! I didn’t expect him to be home- like now-now.”
Manjirou pauses, blinking at you and you blink back at him too.
“What? This is my brother.”
The male waves from the bench, looking at the both of you with a smile despite the tired eyes and the confused quirk of a brow.
“Oh… Y/n…”
“I love you.”
Tumblr media
Sometimes, Chifuyu thanks whoever is up there that he was perfectly able and capable. He could feel, he could taste, he could hear, and he could see with both eyes.
Sometimes, he wants to gouge his eyes out.
It doesn’t happen often because Chifuyu loses all sense of self-awareness whenever he’s having fun with his friends meaning he doesn’t get embarrassed of himself or anything his friends do around him. No need to gouge his eyes out or let the ground swallow him up.
He wanted to gouge his eyes out for a different reason this time.
You were hugging. A boy. That he didn’t recognize. Outside the mall. A shopping bag in his hand that was probably yours. And oh- oh- you did just not-
You kissed his cheek.
Okay. Okay. He read this before, on some of his mangas. Sometimes, misunderstandings happen. Maybe he was just a friend?
But you told him that you were going to be busy today.
If he was just a friend, you would have told Chifuyu so. And if he was just a friend, Chifuyu should have recognized him. He knows all of your friends just like how you know all of his. It’s not debatable.
Chifuyu doesn’t know if he should start rolling his sleeves up and stomp over or if he should put on his hood and quietly walk away, mourning and crying himself to sleep with a somber atmosphere and melodramatic actions before his mother drags him out and makes him wash the dishes.
He chooses the third option.
Stalk you.
Just to be safe, you know. If this guy was your boyfriend or someone you’re cheating on him with, at least he can either confirm it or make sure that this guy wasn’t secretly a serial killer who was waiting for a chance to take you away. It’s always better to have more information before attacking, all the shoujo mangas he invested in had taught him.
(At least he learned something from manga! Takemichi had a whole collection of gangster mangas and he still didn’t know how to fight.)
Chifuyu soon finds out that if ever he chooses to be a police undercover, he would be done for in the first hour—first minute even.
Because before it even started, you already took notice of him, waving in excitement, eyes brightening (or was that just the sun?). “Fuyu!!”
He stills as you grab the man’s arm and drag him over with you. Chifuyu bemoans and looks up at the sky. What did he ever do to deserve this? Seeing you call his name with that voice, with that gaze, right before breaking up with him was the cruelest thing he’d ever experienced.
The boy was tall, confident strides and a small smile as he let out a little greeting upon stopping in front of Chifuyu. Even just from looking, Chifuyu could tell that he had healthy unbleached hair, and god, those eyes- he has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen on a man.
“Chifuyu,” you grin, holding onto the male’s arm and hugging it tightly. Chifuyu scrutinizes the action with a rueful gaze. “I’ve told you about him before but this is the first time you ever met each other, right?”
His eyes…
Chifuyu feels his world crash down and it wasn’t even because of the thought of you finally breaking up with him. No. It’s because the realization finally settles in.
“This is my brother!”
It’s the same as yours.
Chifuyu wants to gouge his eyes out and pour bleach into his head because thinking that you were cheating on him with your own brother nonetheless was the worst thing that ever passed him.
Tumblr media
[ coffee: sielouu ]
[ tag list: @ranisastripperpole | @primsonnn | @gommiswifey | @alllostone | @lazecchi | @manjiroarchiviste | @chibichab | @salsas-without-the-middle-s | @dai-tsukki-desu |  asawa-ni-senju | m4tsuch1 | chixkadee | rugbey | inu1gf | @gwynsapphire ]
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rin-haitani · 22 days ago
commemorative art for New Year 2022!!
Tumblr media
edit: since i was not sober, i didnt even notice the vice captains peeking ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ happy ny to everyone indeed.
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izzzanaluv · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
bajifuyu icons
art tw: sawaharu1776uk
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kiluvent · 21 days ago
✧ catching them checking you out ✧
ft. mikey, baji, chifuyu
[fluff, kinda suggestive, gender neutral, some cursing]
a/n: had to repost because deadass here low key forgot to add tags to their post 😃 anyways... just pretend y'all are at a party or whatever also happy new year!
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
the entire time you could've SWORN you felt someone's eyes on your back during the party you guys were at
thought he was being sooo subtle about it
when he got caught, he started attempting to totally play it off throwing it on you when you called him out. gaslighter.
"ME? checking YOU out? don't be crazy, y/n, you were checking me out if anything because you approached me AND looking at me-"
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
he's literally just standing there like "👁👁..." BUT AGAIN, THOUGHT HE WAS BEING A SNEAKY NINJA TOO
oh no, he forgot his pocket journal full of pickup lines (yes, at parties and stuff he carries it around) for emergencies like this! looks like he's not gonna be able to totally impress you with how smooth he is (whether or not he actually is up for debate
pretty nervous when you approached him, like "uh oh-"
"hey baji, my eyes are up here you know?"
"OH SHIT" *rumages through his pockets to find his pickup lines to save the situation* "NO I LEFT IT AT HOME-"
"u-umm, are you uHHHHH,,, grocery stores... wait no, libraries are checking are you out- wait no, that's not how it goes umm... W-WAIT DON'T WALK AWAY-"
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
really didn't know how to respond when you caught him looking you up. guilt, embarrassment... a little excitement??? needless to say he quickly became a nervous wreck and all over the place
stuttering, blushing mess, language and speaking comprehension GONE. no doubt baji made fun of him about it later lmao
the second embarrassment istg,, it was high key low key adorable tho-
"like what you see, matsuno?"
"i-i, oh my god i'm so sorry, it's not what you think, i swear- it's just you look really pretty tonight and... yeah... sorry for staring-"
"hehe it's fine, don't worry about it! you're looking pretty good yourself as well :)"
"I- THANK YOU WOW, I- jdhmngsjdfas,fhkjsfhkhjfkjfkwef"
Tumblr media
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