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Waste it on me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Takeomi Akashi x f!reader
Genre: Crack, SMAU
Word count: 1.4k
Warnings: Canon divergent, profanity, ooc, sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship, age gap (both are consenting adults), suggestive, mentions of drug abuse
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Tumblr media
“Wakasa may look like a bitch, and that’s because he is. Benkei seems intimidating, but he’s nice.”
“Yes, yes.” You nodded enthusiastically, almost buzzing in excitement from your spot in the car.
Takeomi didn’t really plan to bring you along, but you perked up like a dog when at the mention of having to pick up Senju from work, and who was he to tell you no?
He wasn’t that mean.
“Don’t touch anything. They love that gym like it’s their child.”
“Ah yes, of course, I’ll just fucking levitate around. Good plan.”
Takeomi rolled his eyes.
“I’m just excited to see Senju,” You clapped your hands, smiling, “She is so nice!”
Takeomi gave you a look as if you’ve gone insane, pulling up in front of the gym.
“Are we talking about the same person? My sister is a menace.”
“Your sister is an angel.”
“A tiny demon.”
“A sweetheart.”
Takeomi just shook his head as he exited the car, you right behind him, already linking your arms with his.
Pulling open the gym doors, he ordered you to find Senju, while he himself went to the other part of the gym, to greet Wakasa and Benkei.
Nodding and doing a small salute, the two of you parted ways, him going down the hallway, and you to the left.
You did plan to find Senju, you really did, however.
There was a slight problem.
The gym was fucking huge, and you really had to wonder if the maze-like design was intended so that whoever wanders in, can never get out and just has to work out forever.
The fuck were they tryna do, trap the Minotaur in here?
You searched in the cardio room, tennis room, one room that was just a basketball court, there was even a pool.
Is this gym a fucking Tardis? it definitely didn’t seem this huge from the outside.
You’ll really have to ask Senju if this should technically classify as a sports centre.
And why in the fuck is nothing labeled?
Peeking into one of the rooms that was apparently meant for weights, you searched for a mop of white hair, but to no avail.
The room was empty safe for another familiar face, who apparently just finished whatever the fuck he was doing, wiping his face with a towel.
You grinned.
Sneaking up to him, careful so he won’t hear you, you jumped on his back, wrapping your arms around his neck, and he yelped, trying to throw you off, losing his balance in the process and sending you both sprawling to the ground.
He landed on top of you, and as he breathed a heavy sigh, staring at your smug face, his hands caging your head and his knees on both sides of your body.
He scowled, clearly unamused.
“Funny seeing you here.” You grinned, tucking the bit of hair that has fallen out of his ponytail behind his ear.
“I always go here.” Baji playfully stuck his tongue out at you, sitting up on your hips so he was trapping you underneath him, “The better question is, what are you doing here? I don’t think you have exercised since I met you.”
You crossed your arms on your chest, still on the floor.
“Some of us have shit to do.”
He grinned, pinching your side.
“Exercise is important, you fucking sloth.”
You rolled your eyes, patting his stomach.
“Just you keep doing that, bestie. Tora and Fuyu might leave you if you lose your precious abs.“
He crossed his arms, clearly offended.
“That is just fucking rude.”
“ESTP Scorpio men deserve no respect, babe.”
He dramatically gasped, putting his hand on his heart with a feigned hurt expression.
Leaning closer to your face, he looked around, as if to see if anyone was listening.
“Is it because I’m gay?” He whispered, eyes wide, and you had to roll your own, smacking his shoulder.
Bad idea.
Now your hand hurts.
“We’re both bisexual, dumbass. Now get off me, you’re heavy and dripping your sweat all over me.”
The bastard laid down on you fully as the only response, and you fake gaged, trying to push him off.
He only clung to you further.
“You are so disgusting.”
“I’m not even that sweaty. And you love me,” He nuzzled his nose into your neck, “And you literally ate my cum, but this is where you draw the line?”
He rolled his eyes.
“You are so fake.” His tone turned more serious, and he propped himself up to look at you, a concerned frown now adorning his face, “Why didn’t you tell us you’ve been having nightmares again?”
Oh, fuck.
“Who snitched?”
Baji shook his head.
“Doesn’t matter.”
“Yuh-uh, it does.”
“It really doesn’t.”
You pulled him back down to avoid looking into his face.
“How am I supposed to live, laugh, love in these conditions?”
“Don’t girlboss too close to the sun, bitch.” He chuckled, planting a small kiss on your shoulder, “Be honest with me. Besides what you take with me or Tora or Chifuyu, have you started using again?”
You shook your head swiftly.
He nodded, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Okay, good.”
“Hakkai snitched, didn’t he?”
“Yeah.” Baji laughed, and you only huffed, “But we’ll ignore ‘Snitched get stitches’ just this once.”
“Uh, no the fuck we will not? I will hunt him down and revoke his bestie card.”
“Not the bestie card!”
Someone cleared their throat from the entrance of the room, and you looked up, finding Takeomi.
Baji waved, but made no effort to get off you.
You breathed a sigh of relief.
“Finally, get this fucker off me please?”
Baji sat up, still not off you.
“You’re making it seem like you hate me!”
“I do!”
“My feels are hurt, y/n.” Wiping off a fake tear, he got up finally, grabbing his belongings, “Drop by sometime, or Fuyu might actually just assume you dead and plan a funeral.”
Flipping him off as he walked away, you got up, smiling apologetically at Takeomi.
His face was blank, something akin to anger hiding behind his seemingly stoic eyes.
You furrowed your eyebrows, but whatever it was, it disappeared before you could truly identify it.
“I assume you haven’t found Senju?” He sighed, shaking his head.
“Sorry, that was a friend, and no. This place is like a fucking maze.” You dusted yourself off, skipping towards Takeomi.
“It’s fine. Wakasa sent her a text that we’re here for her.”
Nodding, you stepped with him into the hallway.
Your eyes widened, and you stopped in your tracks, interrupting the smaller man’s attempt at an introduction.
“There is no fucking way you’re almost 40.”
Takeomi facepalmed next to you.
“Well, trust me, I am.” The man tch’ed, his bored eyes passing over you.
“Sir, I’mma need to see some ID. And drop that skincare routine.”
The man’s bored look didn’t change as he opened his mouth to say something, but the taller man cut him off, sending him a warning look.
“Benkei, pleased to meet you. This is Wakasa.” He cleared his throat, nodding shortly, and you smiled at them.
Before you could open your mouth for a response, a flurry of white hair shoved Wakasa out of the way, throwing themselves at you.
You almost fell down, for the second time today, and really, you had to wonder if all your friends wanted to give you a fucking concussion.
“Y/n!” The small girl lifted you in the air, spinning you around easily, and Jesus fucking Christ, was she strong.
“Hello Senju!” You hugged her back, giggling after she finally put you down.
“Hello, sister dearest, who I definitely did not put through school and took care of for all of her life.” Takeomi scoffed from beside you, glaring both you and his sister down.
Senju rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue out at him.
“Your girlfriend’s cooler.”
Your heart fluttered, and really, you had to bite back a smile.
“Bye small boss and big boss, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Senju waved to the two very unamused men, before turning to Takeomi, “We’ll wait for you in the car while you talk about whatever the fuck old people talk about.”
Takeomi tch’ed, fishing out the car keys and handing them to Senju.
She smiled, and before you could as much as try to turn around to walk towards the car, like a normal person, she picked you up, throwing you over her shoulder like a mere bag of rice.
“Bye Wakasa! Send me the skincare routine! Bye Benkei!” You waved at them as Senju carried you out, slamming the gym doors behind her.
You could swear to God you could hear Takeomi sigh.
Tumblr media
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Your Babies | 42
Tumblr media
Sano Shinichiro x f!Reader
Word Count: 2.3k
Genre: Established Relationship, Fluff, Angst
Warning: Spoiler warnings
Synopsis: Drabbles of your life being Sano Shinichiro's girlfriend.
Chapter 41 Chapter 42 Chapter 43
Tumblr media
Removing his hands from your face, you can’t help but let out a giggle with every kiss he presses against your face, your arms unconsciously wrapping around his neck as you feel yourself falling on top of him, giggling as you do so when you hear him yelp against your lips.
He continues to kiss you, lips pressed against yours which leaves you breathless.
You can feel every touch he places on your body, fingers trailing up and down your back while you straddle his waist, your hands planted on each side of his head as you feel him gently pull away, head turning to the side when you try to give him another kiss. It leaves you pouting, hands clutching his shirt as you give his cheeks a few pecks while he shakes his head, giggling to himself as he cups your cheeks, pushing your face away from him.
“Lovely star, my dear star… we can’t.” He giggles out, eyes crinkling into crescents as he boops your nose which makes you furrow your brows in frustration.
Huffing, you watch as he sits up from the couch, his thumb starting to caress your cheek as he gives you another kiss on the edge of your lips. “You need to go, my star…” he whispers against your ear, his breath tickling your skin.
“Go where-”
“You need to wake up, my star. The kids are waiting for you. You can’t stay here with me forever.” Furrowing your brows, you shake your head at him, eyes squeezing shut when your head starts to ache.
Rubbing your temples, you face Shinichiro, about to ask him to help you but as you open your eyes, you’re met with thin air, the headache intensifying the moment you’re made aware of his absence.
“Shin-Shinichiro?! Where are you?!” Stumbling to your feet, you make your way to the door, shaking hands quickly turning the knob but then, just as you open the door, you feel yourself fall.
Tumblr media
Gasping out, you sit up from the couch, chest heaving as you try to breathe in as much air, your lungs burning while your head spins, unable to focus on anything with your blurry vision.
Your hand grips onto your hair as you rest your head on your hands, hunching over as you seat on the couch. Squeezing your eyes shut, you can feel the tears prickling your eyes but you wipe them away, chest still heaving as you try to calm your heart.
For a few more seconds, you slowly feel yourself start to calm down, sight stabilising now that you’re aware of your surroundings.
Squeezing your eyes shut once more, a tired chuckle leaves your lips, mouth dry from the dream that you just had.
“You can’t do this to me, Shin… can’t keep visiting me in my dreams… that’s just not fair.” You speak to no one, body slumping against the couch as you look around the break room that’s been in use for merely a week ever since you’ve opened up the shop by yourself.
Closing your eyes, a sigh leaves your lips when you feel a tingle running up your arm. Like a ghost of a fingertip trailing up your skin, subtly tracing patterns on it before disappearing.
Ever since you opened up the shop after almost a year of it being abandoned, you’ve been getting these dreams about Shinichiro. Whether you’re sleeping at home or taking a nap here in the breakroom, you always see Shinichiro in them. And everytime, he tells you to wake up, to live on, to keep going.
It had driven you to tears the first time you experienced it. Making you visit Shinichiro in the late hours of the night just so that you can clear your mind and talk to him. But after it’s become a usual occurrence when you rest your eyes, you’ve grown used to it. Now, you mostly just wake up in a cold sweat, unable to breathe for a few seconds before you regain your composure. Or if the dream feels a little to real, you end up crying for a few seconds, finding yourself talking to him as you hold onto the necklace that you’ve started wearing everyday.
Most of the time, now that you’re running the shop by yourself, you tend to hang your engagement ring on the necklace just so that it wouldn’t get dirty as you work your way through the motorcycles. You find that being able to catch a glimpse of the accessories while in the middle of working puts your mind at ease, especially when you’re having a really busy day, where it feels like there’s no end to the machines that you need to tend to, new parts to order or new customers to accommodate though it does nothing to eb away the weariness in your body at the end of the day which usually leads to you falling asleep in the breakroom after you’ve closed the store for the day, much like right now.
Standing up from the couch, you stretch your body, hearing a few loud cracks before you check your phone, clicking your tongue when you see that it’s already 8pm.
You’ve missed dinner.
Grandpa and the kids must be waiting for you.
Sucking in a breath, you start turning off all of the electronics in the room, hurrying yourself out of the room just so that you can come home as soon as possible. But then, just as you’re about to finish checking in on the counter, you hear knocking on the back door before the metal door is pushed open, two sets of footsteps making their way to where you are.
Instantly, your body freezes up, hands finding their way under the table where your fingers immediately wrap around a wrench hidden under the counter while your other hand makes its way to the emergency button, ready to press it the moment the person shows themselves to you.
With bated breath, you can feel your blood run cold the longer it takes for the intruders to show themselves.
“Y/N-nee! There you are!”
You almost drop the wrench on the floor when you’re met with Manjiro and Keisuke, the two preteens both littered in wounds and bruises that’s being illuminated by the hallway light. Letting out a sigh of relief, you put the wrench back where it was and walk over to the two, immediately leaning down in order to hug Manjiro and pat Keisuke’s head as a greeting.
“What are you two doing here? It’s late.” You murmur against Manjiro’s hair before you detach yourself from him, gesturing for the two to follow you over back to the breakroom so that you can tend to their bruises before going back home. You can see one pretty bad wound on Manjiro’s cheek and another on Keisuke's forehead.
It makes you let out a tired sigh, reminded of the times when Shinichiro was still active in Black Dragons back in the day. When the two of you weren’t dating yet, he’d walk in on class with bandages just barely clinging to his face and arms. You remember reluctantly offering to help him with dressing his wounds before class starts in the morning, always trying to tune him out as you bandage his arms and fix his face, all the while, he tells you stories of just how he got those wounds.
Back then, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes, unable to actually find any of it amusing but now that you’re sitting on the couch, hands expertly cleaning up each and every wound and bruise on Manjiro’s body as he tells you about the impromptu fight that Toman got into earlier, you can’t help but nod along, a small smile on your lips as you mutter your own comments under your breath which makes Manjiro excitedly nod his head while Keisuke quietly sits on the opposite side of the couch away from you.
“Yeah! I kicked them right in the head and they all fell so quickly! You should’ve seen it! Remember the kick that you taught me years ago with Waka?! I did that!”
Huffing out a laugh, you nod at him, recalling the time when Manjiro had begged you and Wakasa to teach him some other form of martial arts just because he was getting bored of always training alone in the dojo.
Safe to say, Shinichiro wasn’t very happy with it.
Patting Manjiro’s cheek after finishing up the last of his bruises, you give him a kiss on the forehead before moving over to Keisuke who reluctantly looks in your direction.
“Y/N-nee, do you have the stickers ready for Babu?” Manjiro asks after peeking outside of the room.
“Yep, it’s by the counter, usual box, you know where it is.” You absentmindedly yell as you take out a new set of bandaids and bandages for Keisuke. Facing him once more, you gently reach out for him, fingers barely able to touch his skin before he pulls away.
“I-... I can do it myself…” You hear him mutter, voice so small and timid while his eyes are downcasted, staring right on his lap, avoiding your gaze.
It makes you frown a little, already used to his new attitude when it comes to you. He’s not the same Keisuke that’s always so excited to see you, he never runs up to you anymore, never holds your hand, never comes over to the house when he knows you’re there.
He’s been avoiding you.
“Keisuke, I can do it for you… It’ll be difficult if you bandage your own face and arms. Just let me do it.” You firmly say, hands gently pulling him closer to you as you start cleaning up his wounds, making sure to be gentle though he still flinches everytime your skin makes contact with him.
This goes on for a few more seconds before you let out a sigh, hands putting his arm down. “Keisuke, if you want, we can talk about this… You can’t keep on distancing yourself from me.”
Placing your hand on his shoulder, you give him a reassuring squeeze which makes him slowly turn to you, eyes starting to water as he shakes his head. “It’s… it’s not that… I just… I just don’t want to hurt you anymore, Y/N-nee… I don’t know what you’re going through right now but I know that losing your husband is really hard… I hear mum cry occasionally in her room when she thinks I’m sleeping. She’s always crying because dad isn’t here anymore and I know that you must feel the same way… I just don’t want to make it even harder for you… since I’m the reason why you lost Shinichiro… Manjiro doesn’t talk about it but I know that he’s still angry at Kazutora and I.”
You watch as Keisuke’s hands balled into fists, trying his best to stop the tears from falling as his shoulders shake.
Scooting closer to him, you gently wrap an arm around his shoulder, pulling him closer to you, wrapping him up in your ars for the first time in almost a year.
The moment he’s in your arms, he starts to sob, forehead pressed against your shoulder as he clutches onto your shirt.
“I’m sorry! We didn’t mean to do it! I-I-’m so so sorry, Y/N-nee!” His sobs get muffled in your shirt as he pulls you closer, hands desperately clutching onto you as you try to pull away in order to get a look at his face.
It tears at your heart, seeing him cry so hard, babbling out apologies to you. It seems as if he’s had this thought weighing him down for months. You just hope that confessing to it made him feel better.
Cooing at him, you lightly pry his hands away from you, your own hands grasping onto his tightly as you make him look up. You can see his tears glistening on his cheeks as his lips quiver. “No need to cry, Kei… You’re not making it hard for me, so please don’t think that I don’t want to see you… I don’t want you to distance yourself anymore, okay? There’s no need for that.” Wiping his tears away, you press another kiss on his forehead when he starts to calm down.
Once his tears have fully stopped, you squeeze his cheeks, a smile on your lips when you’re reminded of the time when you first met Keisuke. He almost looks the same as he did years ago.
“Y/N-nee! I think we need to go home! It’s getting late!” You both hear Manjiro shout from the shop which prompts the two of you to stand up from the couch, his wounds and bruises now all dressed.
“C’mon, let’s go home, Kei.”
You watch as Keisuke gives you a smile, his eyes bright despite having just cried a few minutes ago. It puts your heart at ease, the weight lessened as you hear Keisuke and Manjiro bicker from outside.
“Did you cry?!”
“What?! Of course not! Why would I?!”
“You’re such a baby! Couldn’t even get your wound cleaned?!” You watch as Manjiro teases Keisuke from the hall as the two start running out of the shop through the backdoor.
Chuckling, you turn off the lights in the shop, locking the doors before heading out as well, your hand unconsciously making their way to your necklace, palm making contact with your engagement ring as you wrap your hand around it, a smile blooming in your face when Manjiro gestures for you to hop on the bike that Shinichiro once used.
It seems surreal.
Being able to ride his bike once more but now, instead of Shinichiro driving, it’s his younger brother.
A teary smile makes its way to your lips, eyes watering up as Shinichiro flashes right before your eyes, replacing Manjiro for a split second before disappearing once more.
“Are you ready?” Manjiro looks at you over his shoulder, the grin on his face turning into a soft smile when he notices the look on your face.
Like he knows just what you’re thinking.
Nodding your head, you wrap your arms around him. “Yes. I’m ready.”
Tumblr media
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𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬
𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬
Tumblr media
𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘: idk nearly all of them
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: crack, fluff, someone fights a child, mentions of drugs
𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘: inspired by my first kiss scenarios and again trauma therapy for all the horrible dates I've been on.
Tumblr media
Plan the whole day out, from the perfect place to casually lean against to when you can start holding hands but get so nervous that they forget what they wanted to do and drag you through the city without a real destination.
Chifuyu, Takemichi, Hakkai, Angry, Kakucho, Senju
Have very romantic ideas and take you out on a perfect date. But also bring along their best friends/brothers casually. They don't see the problem.
Baji, Draken, Shinichiro, Ran, Smiley, Hakkai, Izana
Never asked you out. They just wrote you to meet up to get food together. You will never know that it was a date. Actually, you don't know you two are dating at all for at least three other 'dates'.
Mikey, Izana, Hanma, Rindou,
Think letting you sit next to them with a free drink at their job and watching them work counts as a date.
Kazutora, Mikey, Inui, Kokonoi, Wakasa, Akashi
Everything is over the top. The place where you eat, the bouquet of roses you receive, the staged kidnapping so they can show off while saving you?
Sanzu, Shion, Kisaki, Ran, Emma, Kokonoi
Ask you out to a nice late night drive out of town. Won't tell you where you go but promise it will be fun. After one hour you realize you're on your way to buy drugs.
Hanma, Kazutora, Sanzu, Smiley
Get some plans mixed up and invite you to a family dinner. Awkward at first but you're now part of the family.
Mitsuya, Akashi, Emma, Yuzuha, Baji, Senju
Start a fight with a child for unknown reasons. Lose.
Mikey, Takemichi, Taiju, Shinichiro, Rindou
Borrow someones car to drive to the beach but end up in traffic jam the whole day. It's still fun though. You eat and make up stories about the people in the cars next to you.
Inui, Chifuyu, Kakucho, Wakasa, Yuzuha,
Get drunk by accident and monologue how much they love you before passing out cold on the sidewalk
Kokonoi, Hinata, Takemichi, Akashi, Shinichiro, Hanma, Angry
Plan to ironically watch bad reality shows with you to make fun of it later but you both get super invested and end up watching all 10 seasons on one weekend
Rindou, Smiley, Kazutora, Draken, Emma, Wakasa, Izana
1 hour into the date you start falling for them. Hard.
Hinata, Mitsuya, Inui, Draken, Ran, Kakucho
Forget to drive you home and leave you alone in the dark
Sanzu, Izana, Hanma, Kokonoi, Rindou, Ran, Mikey, Baji
Tumblr media
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demeto-anima · 18 hours ago
Mikey: Can you guys at least try to see
this from my perspective?
Baji: *crouches down*
Mitsuya: *kneels down*
Draken: *sits on the floor*
Mikey: I hate all of you.
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- tokyorev, various characters, fluff <3
Tumblr media
Back hugs, the sweet kind that make you melt into their arms.
↳ Baji, CHIFUYU, Mikey
As hard as they can at any given moment. You never know when to expect it, and they often make you stumble.
↳ MIKEY, Takemichi, Kazutora, HANMA
Firmly enough to keep you in their grasp for a while, but with a certain lovely gentleness.
↳ DRAKEN, Mitsuya
Gently, like they’re scared you’ll break.
↳ Draken, Chifuyu, Mikey
Rarely, but they knock the breath out of your lungs every time.
↳ Kisaki, Naoto
Tumblr media
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is0frog · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
> 🫀< You Have Stolen My Heart❕
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softbajis · 2 days ago
Baji Keisuke would be the type of boyfriend who'd say he's trying to pat your head but does it too hard and it feels more like a slap.
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poena-et-peccatum · 2 days ago
real life footage of mitsuya takashi eating ur p*ssy /.\ ‼️
Tumblr media
/.\: keisuke, tora, chifuyu, draken
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cuz-like-why-not · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
He stands there and makes you stand too, so still; unmoving—holding that camera in his hands while he clicks the 15th photo. It’s been so long- you could swear he was obsessed with you but oh for the future to hold you wrong; smile it will as do you posing for him as he clicks away. Smile broader, he commands and captures that little smile he does, laughs as the camera captures the pretty face perfectly and amuses you a little he does. But that is all for the frustration grows on you quick, face aching and hands begging to be dropped; the smile drops too—for while you stood posing for that which seemed ages he did none but click away photos of his own—making it appear as if he took yours— and laughing away he goes; louder than ever.
With eyes narrowed and brows furrowed you shout at him and proceed to flick him away too- and it is then that he captures your cute little features with his eyes- instead of his own face; taking in every detail before laughing again.
Gojo Satoru, Miya Atsumu, Nishinoya Yu, Bokuto Kaotaro, Kuroo Testuroo, Toru Oikawa, Yuji Terushima, Manjiro Sano, Keisuke Baji, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Ran Haitani, Nahoya Kawata, Shuji Hanma, Dazai Osamu, Ranpo Edogawa, Michizo Tachihara, Nikolai Gogol, Mahito.
Tumblr media
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gojosmoochi · 2 days ago
Tokyo Revengers how they met fell for you 💌
⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑
- It was love at first sight, he just saw you and he just couldn't look away, Mikey just thinks your beauty was beyond and truly it takes his breath away.
- You have a thing for maybe bad boys, and it was surprising how everyday in Shibuya you see this tall guy every time you two bump you would apologize, but for Draken he was praising himself for looking cool or maintaining it, he plans it strategize it on how he's gonna get your attention, it ofcs it works for him.
- You and Mitsuya have a lot in common, you two have been friends ever since and you loved playing with him when you two were young only by then you would occasionally visit him to see Luna and Mana you always loved them you might have even said you would want a baby, and Mitsuya have already fallen in love with you ever since then. It was no lie for him that he thinks he has found his soulmate.
- That one guy you get stuck with in the classroom because you were also cramming for school work, you sit beside him but never had a time to talk to him. Your hair is all messed out but you felt a hand fixing your hair you looked up to see a guy with thick framed glasses and slicked back hair in a ponytail, nerd. You thought but you knew Baji Keisuke. He wasn't a nerd since you accidentally saw him changing up his looks. Baji has liked you since then, you were always his seatmate.
- He saw you petting the stray cats outside, he was just walking home but he stopped when he saw you, you were talking to them with a baby voice which makes him smile. It warms his heart, he has no idea who you are but he sees you everyday when he comes home from school or after Toman meeting, he was even surprised when he saw Peke J in your arms you told him how you keep him company and it makes him happy telling Peke J was a genius because he even got to know you more.
- You see him all by himself in the swing you saw how badly he had bruises on his face so you came to him, it warms Takemichi how someone like you came to him usually they would back off since he looked like a bad person or bad news but you didn't care about that because that time you patched him up you got his heart.
- The only way to be in his heart was when you stayed, you were loyal to him and he loves it. It was you who stayed even if he was sane or even if he was lost in his own mind you stayed and you help him out and it makes him happy to have you in his life, you were his friend but he was falling and you were aware because you felt the same.
- It was always you who make the first move, you aren't Yuzuha so he chickens out with you but slowly with time he'll get use to you, he's just shy but he would soon realize how patience and kind to him, it swells his heart with love and that's how Yuzuha sees it he likes you because his ears are red and his eyes are filled with hearts in it.
- 20 rejects, 1 accept. He was jumping, singing and all giddy that he finally got a yes from you, he was dressing up looking good as he was excited about the date, you always admire Shinichiro and how patience and persistent he can get. But Mikey can't handle a happy Shinichiro when he smother him with kisses on his cheek he would wipe them off or whine while he's doing it but Emma is all giggling, Shinichiro is a best boyfriend.
- You both throw insults to one another, how you bicker how annoying and loud he can get. His music was on his loud ass speaker while he works out, you knocked on his door but he didn't heard it again and again until you barged in and saw him shirtless, but after all these little fights you two end up dating when you admit you like him after he made you jealous and he likes you the moment you became his housemate.
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xheartoffantasyx · 2 days ago
New Hyperfixation: Tokyo Revengers
So here is a Hanma Headcanon for you
Hanma is the type of guy that would drink milk straight from the carton and put it back in the fridge.
(He would leave it there if it was empty too.)
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Blame it on me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pet shop trio x f!reader, Hanma x f!reader (platonic)
Genre: Angst with cracky elements
Word count: 1.3k
Warnings: Canon divergent, ooc, profanity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suggestive, implied cheating, reader is a terrible person
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | next | playlist | original story
Tumblr media
You were woken up by a soft buzz of your phone, vibrating in the pocket of Hanma’s white jacket you borrowed before you went out last night.
Letting out a soft groan, thanking whatever prankster of a God was out there that you don’t get hangovers, you untangled yourself from the sheets and limbs of the strangers from the night before, careful to not awaken them, and as your feet touched the soft carpet by the bed.
Your legs almost gave out from the sudden weight on them, but you gritted your teeth, catching the edge of the bed.
The phone stopped buzzing.
Your legs were shaky as you walked over the pieces of clothes strewn around on the floor, falling to your knees once you finally reached the jacket, pulling your phone with a cracked screen out.
You cursed when you saw the time and the 18 missed calls on the display.
You promised Hanma you’ll come home by sunrise after you were done with your bender, but you fell asleep after your hook up.
The clock above the numerous missed calls read 1:36 p.m.
Sighing, you pressed call, putting the phone to your ear.
“Where are you?” Hanma demanded, the amusement usually coating his tone replaced by a hushed worry, and you could almost see him in your mind’s eye, toying with his earring as he paced around the tiny apartment, “You said you’d come by 6 a.m. Where are you?”
You felt irritation rising in your throat.
“Shi, calm the fuck down. Had a one-night stand, fell asleep.” You huffed, pinching the bridge of your nose as you turned to glance at the two men on the bed, and you furrowed your eyebrows.
You remember there being three of them.
But you couldn’t recall their names, you never bothered remembering names of women and men you slept with.
Just how you never bothered walking away when they had a ring on their finger, or how you never bothered walking away when their kids call them crying in the middle of the night.
Just how you never bothered with anything.
“You could have sent me a fucking text.” Hanma sighed, the sound of a couch creaking in the background, “I was worried.”
“Well, I never fucking asked for your worry, did I?” You spat out, starting to grab your things off the floor to cover your nude form, “Fuck off, Shi.”
“I’ll come when I wanna.” You hung up on him before he could continue, pulling your clothes back on haphazardly, rage boiling inside you as you picked up your purse and slipped on the jacket.
It’s been a year since you moved in with Hanma, and he’s been nagging you the entire time, always acting like a worried father, a look which very much did not suit the Shinigami that man pretended to be.
He was just a sad, lonely man self-medicating on the daily now.
As did you.
Carefully closing the creaky bedroom doors behind yourself, you tiptoed through the apartment all too well lit for your taste, almost tripping over a bag of cat food.
“Leaving us so soon?” A voice called out, and you looked up from where you almost fell, gripping the doorway.
Ah, there he was.
You knew there was a third guy.
His large, golden eyes observed you as you regained your balance, a few strands of his bleached hair mixing with his natural colour having fallen out of the bun he had his hair in.
“Figured you’d want me out of here as soon as possible.” You shrugged, dusting off some dirt that was visible on the jacket.
The man’s eyes narrowed.
“Where did you get that jacket?”
You looked up back at him, scowling.
“None of your fucking business.”
The man only gave you a curious glance as he flipped the pancake he had cooking on the pan.
“Sit your ass down. Stay for breakfast.”
You gave him a surprised look, your mouth already opening to reject the offer rudely, but you stopped yourself, the smell of coffee mixing with the smell of pancakes just a tad too enticing.
Fuck it, Shi will have to wait.
The man nodded in satisfaction.
“Would be rude to kick you out after we fucked. How do you drink your coffee?”
You snorted.
“Black, add like 3 spoons of instant coffee. No sugar.”
The man looked at you, scandalised.
“Jesus Christ, just do cocaine at that point.”
His eyes narrowed at your somewhat amused expression.
“I take that back. Don’t do cocaine.”
He rolled his eyes, handing you a mug of your awful concoction.
Your phone buzzed, and pulling it out of your pocket, seeing ‘Shi’ on the screen, you pressed decline, putting it screen down on the table.
“Your partner calling?”
You looked up at him over the mug.
“My roommate.”
You shrugged, lighting up a cigarette to complete your breakfast.
The man handed you an ashtray, a cigarette somehow finding its way between his lips without you noticing, letting you light his as well.
“Thanks, y/n.”
You nodded.
“No problem.” You looked at him through the smoke, observing the tattoo on his neck, “Sorry, your name?”
The man laughed.
“Wow, forgetting it so easily?”
Your expression was unimpressed.
“I’m Kazutora.” He smirked, leaning on the counter, “I’m sure we’ll be great friends.”
You snorted, looking over your shoulder at the shuffling noises coming out of the bedroom, the two other men all but crawling out to the kitchen.
“I doubt it.”
Tumblr media
By the time you finally made it back to the apartment, stumbling and almost falling multiple time, it was well past 6 p.m.
You couldn’t help but think to yourself that you probably should have asked your dealer what that pill he handed you was before you took it, but it’s not like you really cared.
Hanma was waiting on you on the couch, braiding and unbraiding a strand of his hair.
The furrow between his eyebrows smoothed over once you closed the doors behind you, unzipping your shoes and kicking them off, shrugging off the jacket to throw it over the edge of the couch as you plopped down next to him.
“Hello sunshine.” He smiled softly, his fingers extending to wipe away the makeup smeared from yesterday night.
No matter what you did, no matter what words you spat at him, he never got angry at you, never once got upset.
You were so bitter, and he was so gentle.
“Hi, Shi.” You slumped into his arms, drowsy, letting him wrap his arms around you, cradling you like a child as he pet your hair.
“Have you eaten yet?” He softly asked, settling his hands in between your shoulder blades.
You hummed in response, your eyes firmly closed as you breathed in the smell of cheap cigarettes and driftwood that seemed to cling to all of his clothes.
“Good.” Was his only response as he shifted underneath you, careful to not let you fall.
You peeked up at his face, at his golden eyes observing the main road outside the shitty apartment building almost falling apart you two resided in.
A while back, before you really got to know him, you thought he had a thing for you, thought that was the reason he let you stay in his apartment and went to your ex’s house to pick up the few belongings you had.
You tried to kiss him once, at about 6 months living together mark, high out of your fucking mind, thinking that was what he wanted, thinking that were his expectations, but he pushed you away, eyes wide and panicked as he stumbled away from you.
‘What the fuck, y/n? You’re a kid! You’re like my kid! Are you insane?!’
Now you knew better.
Now you knew he was just lonely, and saw something needing to be fixed in you, something needing to be saved.
You couldn’t help but think how stupid he was for trying to help you when he couldn’t even help his own downwards spiral.
He was just lonely, and you were a touch too cruel, a touch too angry at everyone, but he didn’t seem to mind.
He took everything you threw at him with a soft smile.
He was so pathetic.
But you were lonely too.
Tumblr media
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a/n: you know what. i’m tired of calling you guys english pet names 😤 i need something with more punch 🤧 introducing a bit of spice with ✨ slavic pet names ✨ get ready to be called ‘my little fish’, ‘my soul’, ‘gold’, ‘sunlight’ and ‘mouse’
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 12 of “My Insufferable Idiot” Series
MASTERLIST | previous — CURRENT — next
· · ────── · ·
- Izana’s plan backfired (on him), but he lives for the chaos sooooo 🔥
- Not gonna lie, YN got very worried when Rindou said Ran couldn’t even take care of a goldfish
- But she trusts Rindou to take care of Hoshi when she’s not there (and bestie cause she just knows bestie is gonna be over at the Haitani’s place a lot hehe)
- And look who makes an appearance again 👀
- Was Chifuyu’s reaction to his message justified? What do you think?
- As always, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments or in my ask box ♡
Tumblr media
© all works belong to sugusshi | DO NOT COPY OR REPOST
Tumblr media
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Do comment or send an ask if you want to be tagged in future updates and/or all future works ♡
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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demeto-anima · 18 hours ago
"As someone who has a long history of not understanding anything, I feel confident in my ability to continue not knowing what is going on."
—Le Keisuke Baji
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- tokyorev, various characters :p
Tumblr media
Snorer, sleep fighter, master at keeping you awake. They’re constantly too hot or too cold, and they tend to try and grab you in their sleep.
↳ BAJI, MIKEY, Kazutora, Hanma, TAKEMICHI
Relatively average, but they get a bit restless from time to time
↳ Chifuyu, MITSUYA, Draken
Completely, eerily silent. They rarely move, and are still cold even with layers upon layers of blankets.
Absolutely perfect. They’re the perfect temperature, perfect cuddling partner, and you always have the sweetest dreams when wrapped in their arms.
↳ Chifuyu, Akkun
Tumblr media
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Kazutora: I told Baji his ears flush when he lies.
Chifuyu: Why?
Kazutora: Look.
Kazutora: Hey Baji! Do you love us?
Baji, covering his ears: No.
Chifuyu: *blushes*
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introvert--weeb · a day ago
🐁//hi, I would love your work (*´˘`*)♡
I can request a draken, terano, taiju and Baji Seeing your s/o sad for not being accepted into college and these give her words of support , Hugs, Night walks, all to make your s/o feel good once again
Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you enjoy my work 😁
And of course!! Thank you for your request and I hope you enjoy the finished product!! ❤️
Draken, Terano, Taiju, Baji with sad!reader who doesn't get accepted into dream college
TW: mentions of manga spoilers and manga only characters (so far), boys not knowing how to deal with emotions but trying their best, alter in writing styles
Tumblr media
It had been a long day for Draken, dealing with all the customers at his bike shop. Thank God for Inui. If it wasn't for the other blond then Draken would have probably lost his cool at some point. But right now, all he could think of was coming home to his partner and winding down for the night. Maybe you could both watch some more of that anime you had suggested?
However, those plans were dashed from his mind when he entered the apartment only to notice you silently crying on the couch. At first, he was worried something drastic had occurred and that he would need to beat someone up for upsetting his love. But on further inspection, Draken had noticed the piece of paper you were clutching in your hands. It was as he caught a peak of the logo from a college that he realised what happened.
You had been rejected.
Now, Ken wasn't the best when it came to comfort. After all, he didn't grow up with it himself. But you can bet that he would try his damnedest. So, from his experiences with Mikey, his automatic response was to offer a bike ride. You looked towards your boyfriend with teary eyes, a soft smile on your face at the suggestion. Maybe that would help get your mind off the situation.
If the ride helped, great. However, you still were not completely over the rejection and Draken was trying to think of more ideas on how to raise your mood. What were the things you liked to have when you were upset usually? That is when an idea clicked in his mind. You liked comfort food when you were upset. And there was one place that instantly came to mind.
Ken parked up the bike outside of the twin's Ramen Shop, smiling softly at your confused expression. He was hoping that more ideas might pop into his mind while eating if this wasn't enough to make you smile. Sure, you would offer your boyfriend a smile every now and then tonight but he noticed how it never reached your eyes since he got home.
Greeting the Kawata twins, you both settled at a table and ordered your favourite type of ramen while Draken did the same. In all honesty, you were starting to feel better than you had earlier and had told your loving boyfriend. However, the blond wanted to make sure you were 100% back to your more cheerful self so continued to decide what to do next.
The meal itself was amazing, as it usually was when the twins made food. You promised that you would visit again soon before Draken had dragged you over to the park close by, leaving his precious Zephyr parked outside the ramen shop. Normally, you would argue that you both should head back but the weather was almost perfect and Draken seemed to really want to spend time together.
The walk itself was peaceful. Draken would tell you about the new models he was working on for clients while you brought up any topic that wasn't related to education. In fact, some of the topics included the newest show you had decided to start, as well as the phone call from your parents about something that had happened that week (good news of course). Everything seemed to be perfect for the young couple.
However, like all good things, the walk around the park must come to an end. You seemed to be back to your usual self and that in itself made everything worth it for Draken. He had accomplished his mission for the evening. So why not celebrate his success with a movie night? You seemed to agree with the sentiment as well. Even making sure you both stop at the convenience store on the way back to the shared apartment.
All in all, the college rejection was temporarily forgotten about and you were in fact feeling better than you had earlier. Thank whatever higher power for your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Being the leader of a gang was not an easy job. Even for the infamous South Terano. In fact, he had experienced a bad day with Rokuhara Tandai which seemed to becoming evermore common these days. At least, that was how it seemed. South would have one main thing to be excited for everyday and that was the thought of coming home to his beloved. So when he entered the small home you shared to find you curled up on the couch, tears rolling lazily down your cheeks, he wasn't happy.
Before he said anything, his eyes scanned across your figure. Mainly looking for visible injuries as it was pretty common knowledge in the delinquent world that you were his. Great for keeping competition away, not so great when you would become the target of enemy gangs wanting to get to Terano.
When he saw no signs of injury on you, South could let himself relax a little. He didn't particularly want to leave the home again to beat someone up as it would cut into his relaxing time. Although, it did mean that further inspection was needed to figure out why you were curled up and crying. It was only then that he came to realise the paper you had crumpled in your fist. That is when it hit him.
You must have been rejected from the college.
South quickly tried to think of all the things you enjoyed doing when you were upset. Surely having dated you for 3 years would have provided knowledge of what you did when upset. Something that could put that gorgeous smile back on your equally beautiful face. At last, an idea had popped into his mind.
"Why don't we go for a walk?" Sure, the giant seemed like he wouldn't recall simply things about your relationship but he prided himself in remembering how you enjoyed going on walks with him. Especially if there was no real destination. You would tell him that you didn't care where you were, as long as you had him by your side.
Smiling softly, you decided it would be a good activity to get the issue off your mind. As well as giving you some quality time with your boyfriend outside of the apartment. That is how the two of you would end up at the park, your small hand engulfed by his much larger one. Everything about the scenery soothed your mind and the issue was pushed to the back of your thoughts for now.
South wasn't one for public displays of affection, however the situation seemed to call for it. And so, once the both of you were seated on one of the many benches, his muscular arms circled around you to bring you closer to himself.
The night would be spent talking about anything and everything under the starry sky. Soft kisses and sweet words would be exchanged before the two of you would begin the venture back home. With some persuading and pouting, you are able to get the gang leader to stop at the store and buy snacks. All in all, everything about the rejection would not have left your mind but at least your spirits were raised.
Tumblr media
Taiju is not used to being a comforting presence to anyone. The past with his siblings was enough proof of that. However, since leaving the Shiba home and meeting you, he was making more of an effort. So when he came home to your shared apartment to find you in tears, he struggled in knowing what to do.
The first idea that enters his mind is to take you to your favourite restaurant and hope food will cheer you up. After all, it would cheer him up if he was ever upset. Good food, a glass of good booze, and he would be sorted. He would let you order as much or as little as you wanted, even offering dessert as sweets are a known smile-inducer.
If that didn't seem to work in lifting your mood, Taiju would take you for a walk around Tokyo for some retail therapy. Anything that seemed to catch your eye and made the frown lessen, was bought without a second thought. Anime figure of your favourite character? Consider it yours. This man would definitely think that this is how to make the sadness go away.
The issue with Taiju is that he would not know the reason why you were sad in the first place. His brain short-circuits when faced with a situation which requires empathy from himself. Feelings and comfort is something he is unable to fully understand, and so his solution is spending money. Pay the sad away. However, if you need to talk about it, pull him to the side and bluntly explain the problem.
You won't get an empathetic Taiju. Simply expect a lot of money thrown around and some possible threats towards the object of your sorrow.
Tumblr media
Baji is not the sharpest tool in the box. Whoever tells you different has either never met the First Division captain, or has been scared into saying it. However, while he was below average when it came to academic smarts, he knew people. He may be violent but he is also very good at understanding emotions and whatnot. After all, he was Mikey's best friend.
So when he noticed how down you seemed that day, his need to make you happy again kicked in. Especially as the situation seemed big enough to alter your future plans. Every trick in the book would be used if necessary.
First things first, he would wrap you both up in blankets and put a movie you loved on. This method had worked on occasion beforehand and so it was a good go-to. Sweet words would be whispered to you, Baji letting you know how great he thought you were.
If by the end of the movie, you were neither asleep nor happy again, the next plan would be executed. Peyoung(?) Yakisoba. Keisuke would start up his beloved bike, you sat comfortably behind him, as he drove to his favourite eatery. Sharing a yakisoba was enough to develop friendships and should definitely lift your lowered spirits.
Munching on the noodles, a suggestion of burning cars would be thrown out casually. You weren't sure whether your boyfriend was serious in that suggestion and so simply laughed it off. Besides, neither of you had a lighter handy at that moment.
By the end of the yakisoba, you would more than feel better. Perhaps all you needed was your crazy delinquent of a boyfriend with you to forget about the sorrow. After all, you could apply to other colleges and still follow your dreams.
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asuka-twisted · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mulletmitsuya · 2 days ago
Toman groupchat
Warnings: swearing, suggestive, dark humor
Mikey: homosexuals of Toman
Mikey: what was your gay awakening
Mitsuya: ....
Mitsuya: why did you have to start it like that
Mikey: so that all of you could get online
Baji: so everyone who likes men or??
Smiley: wtf does homosexual mean you dumb bitch🤨
Mikey: yes and straights have to answer with who they'd fuck with if they liked dudes
Smiley: I simply cannot imagine myself being homo
Hakkai: what's the point of this tho?
Mikey: social experiment
Mikey: ok and go!
Baji: ngl mine was Shinichiro
Baji: he was pretty cool, like he was musty but the cool type of musty
Baji: I could imagine our future together😍❤️
Smiley: killed off that imagination real quick huh
Baji: ........
Hakkai: I-
Mitsuya: you did not
Draken: that's.......
Chifuyu: outta pocket 🤕
Baji: you always running that big mouth of yours
Baji: you got no bitches
Baji: your lil bro can only catch hands when he's crying
Baji: you have ugly ass hair
Baji: you have big teeth
Baji: you straight up ugly honestly
Angry: Smiley apologize now that was too far
Smiley: for what??💀
Smiley: shouldn't have used Shinichiro as my emoji, my bad
Baji: ok that's it, let's go outside
Mikey: can y'all stfu please we were in the middle of something 😭
Chifuyu: mine was Baji-san but that was obvious
Hakkai: Taka-chan😊
Takemichi: Mikey-kun made me realize I was bi haha😅
Mikey: ONG?
Draken: yo chill
Mikey: I knew I was a homo when I saw Takemichi get his ass beat with no shame😍
Mikey: love at first sight
Takemichi: ..uhm😟
Draken: Mikey I know you think you're being romantic but stop 💀
Draken: oh and ig if I were I'd dig Mitsuya since we've know each other for so long and like ig he's attractive
Mitsuya: that's crazy
Mitsuya: unfortunately my awakening was you
Draken: HUH
Mitsuya: shut up I was having issues at the time and for some reason I thought you were hot 😕
Mitsuya: no??? did you not just read what I said🤨
Draken: it's okay to be embarrassed Mitsuya 😁
Mitsuya: before you even try making fun of me go tell Emma how long you spent in the arcade trying to win that prize for her
Draken: why can't you let me live
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